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"This is the North Pole's welcome. No marching band, no flags, no speeches."

While looking for new games to try out I came across this title and some footage. From the trailers people have said its a bioshock ripoff. It seems anytime a game tries something different its accused of being the same when its completely unrelated. I decided to acquire the game and see what it was as the trailers got my interest. A Russian horror title is not something you see every day, much less expect it to be published outside of the bloc.

You are a meteorologist that is finding out what happened to this doomed ice breaker. An old folk tale(a novel actually) is told along with the game you are playing as a representation as what is to unfold. The story intertwines nicely with the history of how the ship came to be and the folks tale of what the motives were. You relive people's last moments and try to change their fate of death to survive their unfortunate peril. The flashbacks present some interesting puzzles. They become actual problems a ship could suffer. Some are harder than you will realize. There is no hand to help you through the fight of figuring everything out.

Beyond the flashbacks, wander through the ship activating switches and buttons to open doors and turn on lights. Your health is your body temperature. You stay warm to stay alive. When a room is warmed up to a certain point, you can see the water trickle down the walls. Icicles fall from the ceiling and your body defrosts. Encounters with the crew are violent. Your beginning endeavors are with your hands. The fighting is visceral. You will soon find an axe, but later on you will get firepower. There are no explosives of any kind. This is a ship that is meant to survive in the North.

the game is about 10 to 12 hours long. Truly a blessing in disguise with the short length that today's games have *cough*gears of war 2*cough*. There is not a point to go back and play, maybe down the road in the future. It is rough in some ways graphically, and the balance of the guns in the end will make you forget the starting weapons. But it has a nostalgic feel of something you might have played before. A feeling of warmth in the cold arctic winds pounding on the ship you explore.

I suggest you pick it up.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/22/09

Game Release: Cryostasis: The Sleep of Reason (US, 04/24/09)

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