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"How can you hate this game?"

Overlord is essentially a game where your the big evil dude that will be the one to kill the corrupted heroes. This is one thing that makes you feel special because it's a fight fire with fire situations. Anyways onto the review.

Game play: 8/10
This is the base of Overlord. You have minions who will die for you and do
anything you wish. Even charge a Dwarf with a flame thrower. Yes, that will happen. Anyways the controls take a little while to get used to and I had to adjust the options a tad to make game play feel easier. But after you adjust the game feels familiar. I perfer the Mouse and Keyboard set up more than the game pad, But it's your choice. Now, let's talk minions. You get four kinds of minions.

Browns, the warrior who is the most basic. These little buggers pick up anything and use it as a weapon, even a rolling pin. They also wear anything they find, such as Chef's hats, pumpkins, and even the dead body of a rat......I'll let that set.

Then you have Red minions. These guys throw fire balls, and at first I had high expectations. But then I say what the fire balls did and how big they were, and my hopes flew away with the wind. The red's throw fire balls around the size of ball? Maybe. Around that size. Well if they threw bigger ones it'd be more exciting but I know what your thinking. Size doesn't really matter does it? It's the fact that they can damage from afar right? Wrong. They can damage crap from afar but the aim at one target at once. It's annoying when your surrounded by things and you really need them to be splitting their attention towards single foes when all they do is fire at one guy that you probably have a horde of brown's beating on already. I personally don't like them but it's an opinion.

Now let's move on to greens. These guys are called the stealth guys. Psh yeah right. The only stealth they have is when you set them on guard points, which they turn invisible and jump stuff. It can be pretty entertaining seeing thirty green lizard things jumping onto the back of a sheep and snapping it's snapping like a twig. But overall they come in handy against bigger foes, who are slow and can't really turn around to keep the greens from jumping on their backs and stabbing into their flesh.

Now last and probably least are the blues. Blue is one of the best colors right? Well in this game I think they're the worst. They're weak, they die easily, and only bring minions back from the dead if you have them on guard points or you have a clear route to the dead minion, which is unlikely since it probably died in the middle of combat, where a blue minion gets killed by a touch. If the AI for these little annoying blues was fixed maybe they'd be better but they really are kind of pointless.

Now that I've covered minions let's move on to the Overlord himself. In the beginning you suck. Your a little coward that can't even break the fence to a sheep's pasture within three hits with your axe. Pathetic. But as you get better smelters for your forge you can upgrade your armor and weapons so you don't get killed by those annoying little bugs. After a while you become a god, with your fully upgraded armor and weapons and you kind overpowered magic in hand.

You control your minions in one of two ways. A) Send them forward and let them kind of guess what you want them to do, or B) Sweep them around in a sort of difficult way to control to tell them specific stuff and maneuver them around stuff. I myself perfer A at most times but some times your required to sweep you minions.

Graphic: 8/10
This part rules. Your armor looks really cool in the beginning but just wait till the last armor. Awesome. The grass looks good the sky is pretty cool. The shadows are well done. The minions look well detailed (even though they look pretty comical at the same time) and the graphic overall just are good.

Sound: 7/10
Not much here. I did notice it kind of sets the tone of the current domain your in but otherwise it's pretty average. But the sound effects make up for that. Nothing like hearing your minions yelling and grunt in delight as the murder those annoying halflings. Also I like the sound that your spells make when you scroll through them, my personal favorite is the Beserk sound, which is a tad bit like "WAAAAH!"

Story: 7/10
Pretty basic story, points for the fact your evil though. Many games focus on an evil person fighting good or a good person fighting evil. In this game it's different. It reminds me of the Riddick series "fight evil with evil". The story is that your trying to take out the seven heroes that have been corrupted with their fame and glory. Each one represents a deadly sin from the seven deadly sins. The characters are funny and pretty much easy to remember. The jester will always have a place in my heart for the funny things he called me and the entertainment he brought me by getting hit in the face by my armored coated foot every time he talked.

Replay: 6/10
I'm not sure if I'll play this game again. It's fun but The story never changes and other such things. But I might pop it in every now and then.

Overall: 8/10
This game is fun. Try it if you want a good game that I feel is more comfortable on the PC.

Monkey, signing out.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/18/07

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