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"One of the "Funnest" Games of the Year, though not perfect."

Sure it has it's minor flaws in the control department, but overall this game is just pure unadultrated fun plain and simple. It doesn't REAAALLLY let you become evil to the point of being sadistic or making you sit back and say "Wow that was extremely evil!", but it's simply a good fun romp into a fresh new style of gameplay. There are many parts in the game that WILL make you laugh due to some of the things the peasants and your minions will say.

There's a good amount of strategy to the game though it is not very difficult to accomplish the puzzles and boss fights on your first run through. I personally wouldhave preffered a harder difficulty setting or perhaps some sequences where you had to defend your tower. Most of the boss fights can be accomplished on your first try if you are a skilled gamer and a quick thinker. I'd be willing to bet anyone, even some less experienced children, would be able to get it on the third try no mater what. I almost found myself trying to die at some points just to see what it was like. That's all just a long way of saying the AI needs to be improved (which I say for essentially every game I review).

With regard to your "evil" tower, you couldn't really customize it's "evil" factor as much as I had hoped. It's very standard and essentially just a time suck, albeit a fun one to accomplish. Just selecting things from a menu and very boring. Pointless and not very evil looking to say the least. O well, at least YOUR character truly does look evil. The minions are pretty evil as well and will act accordingly. Great work on the minions, especially the brown minions who scavenge totally random weapons from the environment. I loved that touch.

I've heard many people complain about the controls, but it's really not all that hard to get use to once you reconfigure the buttons to something that works for you. Has a good amount of gametime associated with it and an interesting plot to follow. The graphics are very well done as are the characters and bosses. The voice acting is also top notch as is the sound. Those feature REALLY serve to suck you into the game.

The ending wasn't really that great, but then again I'm hard to please in that department. I haven't seen a good game ending sequence in a very long time now. So overall it was a fun game to pass the time until the next big thing comes out. They really do have something here, but to be perfect it needs to be refined into something like a mix of this and the Dungeon Keeper series of games which was far more difficult and more customized evil though less fun to play than Overlord (overall) in my opinion. So to summarize if you are looking for a good way to pass a few weeks of time this game is a good bet.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 08/02/07

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