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    Shadowrun FAQ/Guide/Waklthrough/Whatnot
    Version 1.10
    Now before you start reading you might be wondering, What is Shadowrun? Well
    Shadowrun is a PnP(Pen and Paper) RPG that was transformed into a FPS.
    Note: Use the Find Feature to get to sections easier
    (CTRL + F -> Whatever is in the brackets.)
    Make sure to copy the heading and click "match case".
    Table of Contents
    1. Basics [1BAS]
     i. Controls [1CTR]
     ii. Basic Tactics/Tips [1BTT]
    2. Races  [2RCE]
    3. Equipment [3EPM]
     i. Weapons  [3WPS]
     ii. Magics  [3MGS]
     iii. Techs  [3TCS]
    4. Builds [4BUD]
    5. The Game Itself [5TGI]
      i. Game Type Explaination
      ii. Map Explainations
    6. Achivements/How to [6ACH]
    7. Copyright Stuff [7CYS]
    8. To-Do List [8TDL]
    9. Version Info [9VER]
    10. Credits [0CDT]
    1. Basics [1BAS]
    Note: This information is mostly taken from the Manual.
     i. Controls [1CTRL]
    A - Jump
    X - Reload/(Hold to pick up the Artifact/other objects)
    Y - Change weapons/(Hold to pick up weapons)
    B - (Hold to access your radial menu)
    Right Stick - Move sight/(Click to zoom if available)
      Up - "Update"(Report Threats/Call for Resurrect)
      Left - "Help"(Call for...help)
      Right - "Move"(Tell people to move to the target area)
    Right Stick - Move around/(Click to Crouch)
    Back - View Scoreboard
    Start - Menu(Buy Menu/Settings/Leave Game)
    Right Bumper/Left Bumper/Left Trigger - 
    (Assignable for the various Techs/Magics)
    Right Trigger - Shoots
     ii. Basic Tactics/Tips [1BTT]
    -Hold B to access the radial menu(Pretty basic but whatever).
    From there you can access your Magics/Techs and assign them to the 
    Bumpers/Left tigger orHit right trigger to "Quick Cast"
     them from the menu without assigning them.
    -Generally, you should always have Resurrect as it sucks to be the jerkoff
    who is the last one up and causes the team to lose because he/she didn't have
    -Certain combonations work better than others. Be smart when picking
    -Don't go overboard on Techs if you're not Human or Magic if you're a troll.
    Your essence will be locked up quite quickly.
    -Don't get weapons first round unless you are sure you will live. Generally
    techs/magics are better as you retain them after death.
    -Always destroy corpses, you never know when the person might 
    come back from deathand kill you.
    -Gust can supress fall damage. Point it at the ground and cast
     before collidingto minimize damage.
    2. Races [2RCE]
    Humans don't really have any weaknesses, but they don't really have any 
    advantages.They are the most balenced out of the races. As their "Racial" 
    abilities, They get an extra $500 at the start of the game,
     and are not hindered by techs.
    Health 7 pips
    Essence 6 Pips
    Top Speed 8 Pips
    Strength 7 Pips
    They have fairly balenced stats, they don't take too much of a 
    speed reduction from heavy weapons and move fairly fast.
    Suggested Builds: Sniper (Smartlink,Sniper/SMG,Glider,Tree of Life)
    Dwarves are(In a nut shell), angry midgets. They make very great use of magic
    centered builds(Such as healers or summoners), and great ninjas
    (people overlook the short guys). They have a low health pool and die
    quite quickly when confronted in combat. Their racial is that they can
    drain essence from near by essence holding things(
    Tree of Life, Strangle, People,Minions, etc).
    Dwarves cannot be sniped in the head which makes them very hard
    to kill from a range, however they die quite fast to a shotgun.
    Health 6 pips
    Essence 10 pips
    Top Speed 7 pips
    Strength 9 pips
    As you can see, the dwarves have quite high stats, using big weapons barely
    affects them, and the only draw back is their tiny health pool.
    Suggested Builds: Healer (Resurrect,SMG/Shotgun,Tree of Life,Teleport/Smoke)
    Trolls are the giant scary "monsters" of the game. They are huge, and strike
    fear into many people. They're great fighters however. They have the largest 
    health pool in the game and are not slowed down by large weapons. They are,
    however, the slowest race in the game, but they make up for it with their
    Racial. Their Racial causes their skin to harden as they take bullets, and as
    it hardens, they slow down and take less damage, as well as their essence
    begins draining. SMGs or Miniguns against trolls are a bad idea as their skin
    will harden before you kill them, and they'll be taking little or no damage.
    Health 10 pips
    Essence 6 pips
    Top Speed 6 pips
    Strength 10 pips
    The giant heavy weapon is great in any group, a troll can take damage aswell
    as dish out a fair bit aswell.
    Suggested Build: Monster 
    (Tree of Life,Shotgun/Minigun,Smartlink,Wired Reflexes)
    Ah elves, the pretty boys. They have pointy ears that make every Legolas
    love cream their pants. They're the quick moving annoyances of the game.
    can you tell I don't like elves?). I guess I should say something 
    positive eh? Hmm, they have a large essence pool and are the fastest race out 
    there. They have a lower health pool than the dwarf, and have the lowest 
    Strength. They make up for their low health pool with their racial. 
    Whenever they're not taking damage, they slowly regnerate their own health
    making them great for hit and runs.
    Health 5 pips
    Essence 8 pips
    Top Speed 10 pips
    Strength 6 pips
    I hate elves.
    Suggested Build: Don't know, never play as an elf but this is the most common
    build Ninja (Smoke,Katana/SMG,Wired Reflexes,Gust/Teleport)
    3. Equipment [3EPM]
    Here I will discuss the various equipment options and rate them in my
    opinnion. This does not mean that if I give something a low rating, it sucks, 
    I just don't find it usefull.
     i. Weapons [3WPS]
    No Readable Stats or Price
    Mag Size: 12 Bullets
    Works well for what it's designed to do: be a decent free gun. You
    spawn with this gun every time you die. Works wonders against trolls as the
    gun is stronger than the SMG and doesn't bring up the armor as fast as the
    Rating: 8/10
    Stats(For some reason, the game rates the guns in each area on a scale of 7)
    Price: $500
    Damage: 1/7 Pips
    Accuracy: 3/7 Pips
    Rate of Fire: 7/7 Pips
    Ideal Range: 3/7 pips
    Mag Size: 50 Bullets
    Great weapon, cheap and effective. Works well both early on and late on.
    Pretty worthless agains a troll.
    Price: $500
    Damage: 2/7 Pips
    Accuracy: 6/7 Pips
    Rate of Fire: 5/7 Pips
    Ideal Range: 6/7 Pips
    Mag Size: 15 Bullets
    Zoom: 1
    I never really liked this gun, the extra 1 damage never really did it for me.
    I don't use it much and such, don't have much to say.
    Price: $750
    Damage: 6/7 Pips
    Accuracy: 2/7 Pips
    Rate of Fire: 3/7 Pips
    Ideal Range: 2/7 Pips
    Mag Size: 5 Shells
    I adore this gun, it's THE BEST weapon you can have in CQC
    (Close Quarters Combat). It has insane damage, and can drop most things 
    in 2 or so shots(Even trolls if you aim for the head).
    Price: $1000
    Damage: 3/7 Pips
    Accuracy: 2/7 Pips
    Rate of Fire: 3/7 Pips
    Ideal Range: 1/7 Pips
    Mag Size: N/A
    If you couple this with the Tech: Wired Reflexes, it makes some good fun, but
    overall, this weapon isn't that good. It's only usefullness is sneaking up
    behind people(snipers particularly) as it causes them to bleed out.
    Price: $1250
    Damage: 1/7 Pips
    Accuracy: 4/7 Pips
    Rate of Fire: 7/7 Pips
    Ideal Range: 4/7 Pips
    Mag Size: 100 Rounds.
    Picture the SMG, now add some steriods and you have the Minigun. This thing is
    great coupled with SmartLink as it makes the gun incrediablly accurate. Only
    downside is that it's the heavyest weapon in the game.
    Sniper Rifle
    Price: $2500
    Damage: 5/7
    Accuracy: 7/7
    Rate of Fire: 2/7
    Ideal Range: 7/7
    Mag Size: 4 Rounds
    Zoom: 2
    Great from a distance. Oneshot kill if used properly. 
    Only drawback is the slow reload.
    Rocket Launcher
    Price: $5000
    Damage: 7/7
    Accuracy: 1/7
    Rate of Fire: 1/7
    Ideal Range: 5/7
    Mag Size: 1 Rocket
    Zoom: 1
    If you have cash, pick it up. It's a bit innacurate, but great for killing, 
    it's a 1hit kill on anything, if it lands near or on them.
    Rating: 7.5/10
     ii. Magics [3MGS]
    Note: These may very depending on your race.
    Tree of Life
    Price: $2000
    Essence Used/Held: 3/0
    Use: Drops a tree that is used to heal near by people and can be used 
    as cover if needed
    Great for anyone. It sucks having to depend on somebody to drop a tree 
    for you when you're near death. The only race that has an excuse not to 
    get it are the elves as they can just regen.
    Rating: 10/10
    Price: $2000
    Essence Used/Held: 4/4
    Use: Resurrects near by allies providing that their corpses are in tact.
    One of the(if not the) best spells in the game. It can turn the tides from 
    6 on 1 to 6 on 6.
    The only race that has an excuse not to get it are the Trolls
    because their essence pool is low as is.
    Price: $2000
    Essence Used/Held: 2/2
    Use: Brings up Crystal-like spikes in the target area that slow down and injure
    anyone who comes through.
    This spell is fairly usefull on defense as it allows the defense time 
    to focus on the enemies and controls the flow of "traffic" to 
    and from the artifact.
    Price: $2000
    Essence Used/Held: 2/0
    Use: Gusts the target back a few feet. Can pull people out of smoke.
    Good for high maps like Maelstrom, and great if the other team has a
    lot of ninjas.
    Price: $2000
    Essence Used/Held: 1 and then 1 per second every second it's activated.
    Use: Makes you become immune to damage of all sorts. 
    However, your unable to attack and gust will destroy you.
    Great for quick escapes. However, gust will destroy you, and often(unless you
    jump off of a high ledge, whatever is attacking will persue you. But it's 
    still usefull.
    Price: $2250
    Essence Used/Held: 2/0
    Use: Teleports you in the DIRECTION you're moving(not looking.
    Can go through objects as long as you're in range.
    Not always usefull, only on large maps with a lot of floors/walls.
    Price: $3000
    Essence Used/Held: 4/4
    Use: Creates a minion that is very powerful. Tapping the button will
    cause the minion to patrol the area you're targeting. Holding it will
    cause the minion to chase after the nearest enemy to your target.
    Sa'll Right.  Great to guard an area, or to put a hit on a certain player.
    Once the minion is on the person, it doesn't stop until one of them dies.
     iii. Techs [3TCS]
    Note: Humans have 0/0 for all of these.
    Price: Free
    Essence Used/Held: 0/0
    Use: Throws a grenade at the target.
    Like the pistol, this does what it's supposed to do, and does it well.
    If thrown right, can be very deadly. You spawn with 2 grenades each round.
    Price: $2000
    Essence Used/Held: 0/2
    Use: Deploys wings that can give you an extra boost in height or slow 
    your fall.
    Good for large open maps, such as Maelstrom or Power Station. Helps when
    teleporting as you can slow your fall if you drop teleport into thin air.
    Enhanced Vision
    Price: $2000
    Essence Used/Held: 3/3
    Use: Allows you to see through walls and objects for 50 meters.
    Not really all that good, there are better things that could fill
    the slot.
    Anti-Magic Generators
    Price: $1500
    Essence Used/Held: 0/0
    Use: Throws a grenade that acts like a dwarf(Drains essence in the
    area that it detonates).
    I usually play as a dwarf so I can't really vouch for this
    Smart Link
    Price: $2000
    Essence Used/Held: 2/2
    Use: Allows all guns to gain +1 zoom, adds accuracy and removes 
    that ability to shoot teammates.
    Very Usefull when using the minigun and can be helpful to
     those snipers than need aim assistance.
    Wired Reflexes
    Price: $2000
    Essence Used/Held: Varies
    Use: Adds a passive speed bonus and allows you to deflect bullets with 
    the katana.  When you click the button,
    drains a bit of health and adds a small speed boost.
    Almost necissary for trolls as they move slowwww.
    4. Builds [4BUD]
    Note: These are the builds that I use and thought up. I'm sorry if it bares
    resemablance to(or is) one of your builds. If you would like credit, just 
    email me.
    Sniper (3/10 For Newbies. 10/10 For good snipers)
    Races: Dwarf/Elf/Human
    Weapons: Sniper(Of course), Shotgun or SMG.
    Techs/Magic: Teleport, Tree of Life, Glider, 
    Smartlink if you're bad at aiming.
    Follow A if you're Dwarf/Elf. Follow B if you're human.(note, Elves can skip
    A. First Round.)
    A. First Round: Get Tree of Life. 
    B. First Round: Get Sniper and don't Die.
    A. Second Round: Save. 
    B. Second Round: Save.  
    A. Third Round: Grab Tele or Glider. 
    B. Third Round: Grab Tree of Life. 
    A. Fourth Round: Grab either Tele/Glider(Whichever you didn't get last round).
    B. Fourth Round: Grab Tele or Glider.
    A. Fifth Round: Grab Sniper.
    B. Fifth Round: Grab either Tele/Glider(Whichever you didn't get last round).
    A. Sixth Round: If needed, Get Smartlink, or grab your Secondary Weapon.
    B. Sixth Round: If needed, Get Smartlink, or grab your Secondary Weapon.
    Only pick this build if you're confident in your sniping skills, as this build
    has very little room for failure.
    Healer (8/10 Newbie, 10/10 smart person)
    Races: Dwarf/Elf
    Weapons: SMG, Shotgun
    Magic/Tech: Teleport, Tree of Life, Resurrect, Smoke.
    First Round: Grab Res.
    Second Round: If you have more than 2k, Grab Tree, otherwise grab a weapon
    and follow B.
    A. Third Round: Buy a weapon( if you haven't picked one up yet.)
    B. Third Round: Grab Tree of Life.
    A. Fourth Round: Get Teleport.
    B. Fourth Round: Save or buy Teleport if you can afford it.
    A. Fifth Round: Grab Smoke.
    B. Fifth Round: Get Teleport.
    A. Sixth Round: Do whatever you want, build was done at Fifth.
    B. Sixth Round: Grab Smoke.
    This build is great, as resses give a fair bit of bonus cash. Smoke isn't
    needed, but is very useful as sometimes when teleporting into res somebody,
    you teleport into a group of enemies.
    Powerhouse (7/10 Newbie)
    Races: Troll
    Weapons: Shotgun, Minigun.
    Magic/Tech: Tree of Life, Smartlink, Wired Reflexes.
    First Round: Buy Tree of Life.
    Second Round: Save
    Third Round: Grab Smartlink
    Fourth Round: Buy Wired Reflexes.
    Fifth Round: Save/Minigun.
    Sixth Round: Minigun/Shotgun.
    Not much to say, this is the standard troll build. If you set up next to a
    tree, you can lay in some serious damage with the minigun taking very little
    damage. Wired Reflexes helps with awful reload time on the mini, and to
    flee if you need to.
    Ninja (9/10 Newbie, 10/10 Smart Person)
    Races: Human/Dwarf/Elf(Sorry, trolls are just too damn slow).
    Weapons: Katana, SMG
    Magic/Tech: Smoke, Enhanced Vision, Teleport, Wired Reflexes
    First Round: Buy Smoke.
    Second Round: Buy a Katana.
    Third Round: Buy an SMG.
    Fourth Round: Get Enhanced Vision.
    Fifth Round: Get Teleport.
    Sixth Round: Get Wired Reflexes.
    This hand is the easiest build to play, and the most used build. The main
    focus is to use Enhanced Vision to spot somebody, tele in behind them, and
    cut them in the back to make'em bleed out. If they notice you, pull out the 
    smg. Elves excell at this because of their speed, but fall short when the 
    person sees them. This build is easy to use, but somebody who masters it is a
    force to be reckoned with.
    5. The Game Itself [5TGI]
    This section will outline each game type, give tips for each game type and
     i. Game Type Explainations
    There are three different game types in "Shadowrun": Extraction, Raid and 
    Possible Maps: Favela, Lobby, Maelstrom, Nerve Center and Pinnacle.
    Goal: Pick up the Artifact and deliver it to the other team's spawn. Either 
    team can pick up the artifact and score it. The round ends when either: the
    artifact is scored(That team wins), time runs out(Team with the most kills) 
    or all of the players on one team are dead(The team still living).
    - Do not rush the Artifact at the beginning, it will be crowded and you 
    have a great chance of dying. Instead, hang back and watch where the other 
    team is coming from, and try to either shoot at them, or lob grenades in that
    - Take sharp turns, and avoid open hallways.
    - Don't Hesitate to drop the Artifact to defend yourself, it's much easier to
    get the artifact back than to play man down.
    - Don't Hesitate to drop in the Artifact. This is not Rainbow Six: Vegas, you
    do not get extra points for holding the Artifact longer. 
    Possible Maps: Dig Site, Power Plant, Poco and Temple Grounds.
    Goals: Grab the Artifact and score it. Very similar to Extraction except one
    team is always on defense depending on the map. The round ends when either:
    Artifact is Scored(Assault Team), Time runs out(Defending Team), or
    all of the players on one team are dead(The team still living).
    - Get Strangle, can really help slow down the artifact carrier.
    - Watch all possible enterances to the Artifact room.
    - Watch all possible enterances to the capture point.
    - Teleport is one of the best spells for the assault team. Being able to tele
    into the Artifact is very helpful.
    - Don't take the Artifact the same way each time. Generally people will figure
    out where you're going and try to stop you.
    Possible Maps: All of the Maps.
    Goal: This is the basic deathmatch game type. There is an artifact, but all it
    does is allow you to see where all of the opposing team is(like an enhanced 
    enhanced vision). The round ends when: time runs out(Team holding the artifact
    wins), or when all of one team is killed(living team).
    - There is no reason to not have Ressurect, as bodies cannot be destroyed.
    - Play smart, work as a team.
     ii. Maps Explaination
    6. Achievments/How to [6AHT]
    Note: Copied the list from the Gfaqs, and added the how to.
    100 Wins (100)	Win 100 games during your Shadowrun career.
    Simple Enough, Just win 100 times...
    3 for the Price of 1 (25)
    	Kill three enemies with one grenade.
    Plan your grenades, throw 2 or 3 at a cluster of enemies, pretty easy too.
    Assistant (20)	Get a 5:1 damage-to-kill ratio.
    Make sure you don't kill too much,
     just damage them and let somebody else kill them.
    BFF (20)
    Play Public Match in a Party with players on both XBox 360 and Windows Vista.
    Kinda hard if you have no vista friends. Otherwise pretty straightforward.
    Blowhard (10)	Gust 5 enemies to their deaths.
    Simple on big maps such as Maelstrom.
    Brother From Another Mother (20)
    	Perform a cross-platform Resurrection.
    See Bff
    Chapter 1 Training (10)	Complete Chapter 1 Training.
    Chapter 2 Training (10)	Complete Chapter 2 Training.
    Chapter 3 Training (10)	Complete Chapter 3 Training.
    Chapter 4 Training (10)	Complete Chapter 4 Training.
    Chapter 5 Training (10)	Complete Chapter 5 Training.
    Chapter 6 Training (10)	Complete Chapter 6 Training.
    Self Explanitory.
    Dwarf Player (10)	Play as a Dwarf for one hundred games.
    Just play dwarf, fairly easy.
    Dwarf Scourge (10)	Kill one hundred enemy Dwarves.
    Just kill dwarves, fairly easy, but time consuming.
    Elf Bane (10)	Kill one hundred enemy Elves.
    See Dwarf Scourge.
    Elf Player (10)	Play as an Elf for one hundred games.
    See Dwarf Player.
    Godlike (25)
    In a 6vs6 or 8vs8 match kill all of the enemies without being hit and 
    not allowing them to resurrect anyone
    This one is pretty tough, I suggest being a sniper and playing on an open map.
    Healer (10)	Save your allies with the Tree of Life.
    You need to heal 50 pips of life in one round,
     find a few people who are bleeding out and drop a tree.
    Heavy Smoker (10)	Ignore a great deal of damage using Smoke.
    Be smoked for 60 minutes total. Just time consuming.
    Human Player (10)	Play as a Human for one hundred games.
    See Dwarf Player.
    Lead Hose (20)	Kill one hundred enemies with the Minigun.
    Couple this with the Smartlink achievement. Just takes time.
    Master Blaster (10)	Kill one hundred enemies with the Rocket Launcher.
    Hardest of the "Kill one hundred enemies with..." 
    as the Rocket Launcher is expensive. Just try to get 2 or 3 kills with it
    a game.
    Master Gardener (25)	Kill 5 enemies with Strangle.
    Shoot'em, and then drop a strangle before they die.
    Master Ninja (100)	Inflict one hundred mortal wounds with the Katana.
    One of the, if not the, hardest achievments to get. 
    They have to die to the mortal wounds, and nothing else. I really have
    no tips for this one.
    Master Thief (25)	Deliver the Artifact untouched despite heavy defense.
    You must score it 4 people within 20 meters of the extration zone. This is
    east on "Power Station" as the Extraction point is in the center of the roof.
    Mine Is The Superior Platform (50)
    	Kill 100 players on the opposite platform.
    Kinda hard, as I don't know many vista players. 
    But again, it'll just take time.
    Popgun (20)
    	Kill one hundred enemies with the Pistol.
    Pretty easy, the pistol is a great gun.
    Resurrector (10)	
    	Bring back one hundred allies from the dead.
    Really, easy, just get res first round for a few games and you're golden.
    Runner (10)	Carry the Artifact all the way to the delivery point.
    Self Explanatory.
    Shadowrun Fever (25)
    	Kill and squat on a player that already has the achievement
    Tea Bag everyone you kill.
    Shotty (20)	Kill one hundred enemies with the Shotgun.
    Pretty easy.
    Small World (20) 
     	Play Public Match with players on both XBox 360 and Windows Vista.
    Easiest of the Cross-Platform ones. It's all luck.
    Sniper (20)	Kill one hundred enemies with the Sniper Rifle.
    Pretty easy.
    Special Delivery (20)	Kill one hundred enemies with Grenades.
    Pretty easy.
    Street Samurai (20)	Kill one hundred enemies with the Katana.
    Pretty easy.
    Summoner (10)	Kill one hundred enemies with your Minions.
    Just sick the minion the artifact and you'll get the achievment soon enough.
    Target Lock (10)	Kill one hundred enemies with SmartLink active.
    Do it with the minigun.
    Tatter Tatter (20)	Kill one hundred enemies with the Rifle.
    Kinda Hard because the rifle isn't that good.
    Teleporter (10)	Teleport one hundred times.
    Very easy, do it in one game.
    That Was Close (20)
     Kill the Artifact carrier less than ten meters from the delivery point,
     and win the round.
    Just wait near the extration point and then BAM with the shotty.
    That's One Frustrated Sniper (10)
    	Block ten sniper shots with Wired Reflexes.
    If you see a sniper, pick up wired reflexes and the katana. Win.
    Triple rez (10)	Resurrect three allies simotaneously
    Just luck really.
    Troll Player (10)	Play as a Troll for one hundred games.
    See Dwarf Player.
    Trollhammer (10)	Kill one hundred enemy Trolls.
    See Dwarf Scourge.
    Unstoppable (50)	Kill ten enemies in a row without being killed.
    Very hard, it's currently bugged so you cannot die even after you get the
     10 kills. You need to get the 10 kills and then
    survive for the rest of the game. Kills of people who 
    were resurrected do not count.
    Well-Rounded (20)	Win a Public Match game as each race.
    Pretty easy.
    Well-Traveled (20)	Play a Public Match on each map.
    Prety easy.
    Winning Streak (10)	Win ten consecutive rounds.
    Find a group of people, and just roll 2 games for an easy achievment.
    You're Coming With Me (25)	Avenge your own death!
    Kill your killer after being resurrected.
    Zombie Scores! (20)	Deliver the Artifact while bleeding out.
    No strat to this, just pray that your rezzer dies while you're near the 
    extration zone.
    7. Copyright Stuff [7CYS]
    Copyright 2007, Ramza789. Please don't steal this.
     It's only allowed to be posted with my permission and at the moment
    can only be used on Gamefaqs.com or Neoseeker.com. 
    If you want permission to use this, send me an email at 
    8. To-Do List [8TDL]
    To do...
    Add Map Explainations
    Add more Builds
    9. Version Info [9VER]
    Verion 1.1 - Added "The Game Itself" section. Updated the "To Do" list.
    Version 1.06 - Fixed information in the magic section and the achievment 
    section. Added the credit section.
    Version 1.05 - Added to-do list, the build section, and elaborated on my
    "suggested build" segment. Submitted 6/18/07
    Version 1.01 - Added "What is Shadowrun" and the Version Info.
    Submitted 6/17/07
    Version 1.0 - Barebones Guide. Submitted 6/16/07.
    10. Credits [0CDR]
    Thanks a_fir3_inside@hotmail.com for correcting some of my Acheivment how tos,
    and telling me about varying essence use on magics.

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