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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Bahakitty666

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 02/10/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Alien Shooter: Vengeance FAQ
    by: Bahakitty
    Version 1.0
    Table of Contents
    I. Intro
    II. Version History
    III. Basics
        i. Primary Controls
        ii. Secondary Controls
        iii. Options
        iv. Characters
        v. Stats
    IV. Weapons + Ammo
        i. Handguns
        ii. Shotguns
        iii. Machine + Sub-Machine Guns
        iv. Grenade + Rocket Launchers
        v. Flamethrowers + Power Arms
    V. Armor
    VI. Implants
    VII. Equipment
        ii. Restoratives
        iii. Miscellaneous
    VIII. Walkthrough (Campaign Mode)
        i. Mission 1
        ii. Mission 2
        iii. Mission 3
        iv. Mission 4
        v. Mission 5
        vi. Mission 6
        vii. Mission 7
        viii. Mission 8
        ix. Mission 9
        x. Mission 10
        xi. Mission 11
        xii. Mission 12
        xiii. Mission 13
        xiv. Mission 14
        xv. Mission 15
    IX. Miscellaneous
       i. Survival Mode
       ii. Multi-Player
       iii. Cheats
       iv. Enemies
       v. Items
       vi. Endings
       vii. Game Script
    X. Credits + Copyrights
    I. Intro
    Hi again readers! I'm back with my 3rd installment onto the wonderful site
    known as GameFAQs. This time I'm doing a full guide for Alien Shooter:
    Vengeance. Although I haven't found everything in the game, I've found enough
    to write a guide for it, and surprisingly there isn't one available already. I
    am trying to find all the little stuff that I wasn't able to find in this game
    so that I can make this a full completion guide, but for now it will get you
    from the beginning to the end. If you have any questions, concerns, or
    information to give me, my e-mail is bahakitty666@yahoo.com. Be sure to
    include something with "Alien Shooter" in the subject or I will most likely 
    delete it. Also, this guide will contain spoilers, but I will try to keep it to
    a minimum.
    Okay as for the game itself, the title really says it all. There's aliens and
    you shoot them. If you are looking for more than that then this is not the game
    for you. There are 8 different characters you can play as, tons of weapons and
    other junk to buy and find, cars to drive, and tons (litterally TONS) of shit
    to kill. They added a bit of stat building to your characters so that you can
    build of their stats to be able to use bigger and better things. This is
    basically a FPS (first person shooter) except from a bird's eye view. The
    story is rather limited. From what I could figure out, this research facility
    called M.A.G.M.A (no clue what it stands for) was messin around with some
    inter-dimensional stuff and summoned a crapload of aliens that completely
    overrun the base. It's up to you and your team mates to stop this alien threat
    and protect the human race. Sounds like fun right? Graphics are not state of
    the art, but they are done well enough to make it enjoyable to watch. They
    threw in some rad music for action scenes as well. Overall this game is pretty
    fun if you like mass murdering aliens with lots of fire power.
    II. Version History
         Version 1.0 - June 2007 - Found out about alien shooter from X-Play and
    decided to give the game a try.
                     - 7/24/07 - Beat the game on easy mode and by cheating. Maybe
    I'll go back and play it without cheating.
                     - 7/25/07 - Started making this guide. Finished the opening
    part of the guide and managed to add handgun and shotgun weapons.
                     - 7/26/07 - Finished weapons, armor, implants, and equipment.
    Starting on the walkthrough whenever I get a chance. Stupid work...
                     - 7/27/07 - Managed to complete Mission 1.
         Version 1.1 - 7/28/07 - Since I sent the file for upload yesterday, I'm
    deeming this as 1.1. I fixed a couple of my flaws that I noticed a little later
    and added missions 2-4, plus made a note of what enemies I've come across. An
    yes, they are my custom names, based on what they sorta look like. If you think
    they look like somethin else, let me know via email. Since I don't have any 
    descriptions yet you won't know what I'm talking about.
         Version 1.2 - 8/5/07 - That was a long break. But now I'm back to writing.
    I added mission 5 today, but I won't publish this yet because I don't think I
    added enough. Once I add another mission or 2 then I will put the update up.
                     - 8/6/07 - Finished Mission 6. I also updated my weapons
    section to restate what I said about weapons before. When I cheated I relied
    mostly on shotgun and machine guns since I had enough money to buy whatever I
    wanted. Without the money I chose a different path and find that machine guns
    aren't that useful and that the handguns help me out way more than I gave them
    credit for. Though I still use the shotgun primarily since those are still by
    far the best weapons to use.
         Version 1.3 - 8/7/07 - Completed missions 7, 8, and 9. And yes Mission 9
    is one really one paragragh because there are no breaks for secrets since
    everything is locked until you deactivate the system. I started to include what
    weapons I am using since at this point in the game I am using the strongest
    equipment I can.
         Version 2.0 - 11/9/07 - After a long break, I finished the Walkthrough, as
    well as the extras section and added in everything else that I thought needed
    to be added in.
                     - 11/19/07 - So Mario Galaxy sorta happened. I finished
    everything that was important for this but I wanted to add in the game script
    just cuz. Will upload after I finish it.
    		     - 2/10/08 - Yeah I kinda forgot about this after my video game
    rampage. I never got around to finishing the game script but thats ok. Happy
    near year everyone <3
    III. Basics
    If you want to read them, here they are.
        i. Primary Controls
    These are the absolutely necessary commands needed to play through the game.
    W,S,A,D Keys: Used for movement. The character moves based on the screen, not
    on which direction he/she is facing. So if you hit W, your character will move
    up, even if he/she is looking right. This is why I said earlier it's like a
    FPS. actually, it feels more like playing asteroids if anyone has played that.
    Mouse: Changes which direction your character is aiming at. It also moves an on
    screen target to where you wish to fire.
    Left-Click: Fires your weapon.
    Mouse Wheel: Scrolls through your available weapons. You can only have one type
    of each weapon equiped at one time so it will only scroll through the 5 weapon
    classes. If for some reason you do not have a mouse wheel, the numbers 1-5
    perfom the same function. Also the E and Q keys scroll through the weapons,
    but it's much easier to use the wheel.
    R key: Reloads your weapons. Your weapons auto reload on their own after each
    clip is emptied, so this is useful when you are idling and your clip is half
    F key: Turns on/off your flashlight.
    I and C keys: Opens up your inventory. the C button takes you to your character
    status, which you are prompted to use after you level up.
    Spacebar: Exits a vehicle.
        ii. Secondary Controls
    These are the other commands you can use that are not as important to the main
    Right-Click: This sends your character to the spot where you clicked it. It's
    not very useful since you could walk right into trouble if you click somewhere
    and walk automatically. You are better off using the wasd keys.
    0 (zero) key: Selects your fists. If you really wanna punch the alien scum in
    the face, go right ahead. but I don't think your fists will help you much when
    you are facing several hundred aliens at once.
    L key: This checks your logbook. If you wanna see your conversations, mission
    updates, etc, look here.
    Tab key: supposedly hides the interface. I guess that means it takes your
    mission objectives off the screen. I never used it so I dunno.
    F9 Key: Takes a screenshot of the massive carnage or whatever else you feel
    like snapshotting.
        iii. Options
    This is the options menu, where you can change your graphics, audio, controls,
    and game settings.
    Graphics settings: You can select how high you want the details, size of
    resolution, and the color of blood (red or green). You can also select if you
    want shadows or not. I turned off the shadows cuz it kinda hurt my eyes.
    Sound settings: SFX, music, and voice volume. Enough said.
    Game settings: Change the difficulty setting, text delay, enable/disable
    subtites, and show your name on a network.
    Controls: default is keyboard + mouse but you can also select a gamepad if you
    have one. You can set up 3 sets of controls, the defaults are listed above.
        iv. Characters
    Alright you have 8 different characters to choose, 4 male and 4 female. I
    totally didn't realize this at first so I went with the first female character
    that popped up, which is alright if you wanna start out with nothing. Each
    character has their own stats and equipment. I'm not gonna list out their bios
    because they are way too damn long. All chars start out as lvl 1 mercenaries.
    They also have a pocket flash light to start with, except Sammy, who has a
    flashlight X2.
    - Drake McMannis
    Sex: Male
    Age: 28
    HP: 77
    Cash: $520
    Stats: Health: 30  Strength: 34  Speed: 7  Accuracy: 5  Intelligence: 5
    Special Ability: 10  Armor: 30  Handgun: 15  Shotgun: 32  Machine Gun: 15
    Grenade Gun: 15  Power gun: 13
    Equipment: PM-5 Handgun with 100 bullets
    - Erik Kamisi
    Sex: Male
    Age: 35
    HP: 76
    Cash: $550
    Stats: Health: 32  STR: 25  Speed: 8  Accuracy: 10  INT: 8  SA: 10  Armor: 25
    Handgun: 12  Shotgun: 16  MG/SMG: 30  Grenade Gun: 17  Power Gun: 16
    Equipment: Shotgun Fabarm SDASS with 100 shells
    - Julius Kriger
    Sex: Male
    Age: 38
    HP: 69
    Cash: $1100
    Stats: Health: 30  STR: 19  Speed: 10  Accuracy: 15  INT: 14  SA: 10 
    Armor: 20  Handgun: 30  Shotgun: 15  MG/SMG: 15  Grenade Gun: 15 
    Power Gun: 15
    Equipment: Shotgun Mossberg 500 "Cruiser with 50 shells, Grenade Launcher
    M-79 with 50 rounds 
    - Vincent "Dove" St.Clair
    Sex: Male
    Age: 18
    HP: 87
    Cash: $500
    Stats: Health: 35  STR: 35  Speed: 5  Accuracy: 8  INT: 8  SA: 10  Armor: 30
    Handgun: 15  Shotgun: 15  MG/SMG: 15  Grenade Gun: 30  Power Gun: 15
    Equipment: Beretta GL-15 Handgun with 100 bullets, SPMG 10-234 Booster
    - Nina Rossow
    Sex: Female
    Age: 28
    HP: 53
    Cash: $1500
    Stats: Health: 22  STR: 18  Speed: 10  Accuracy: 10  INT: 35  SA: 10  
    Armor: 18  Handgun: 15  Shotgun: 10  MG/SMG: 34  Grenade Gun: 15 
    Power Gun: 31
    Equipment: PM-5 Handgun with 100 bullets, SPMG2 10-096 Booster Implant
    - Sammy Swearengen
    Sex: Female
    Age: 23
    HP: 36
    Cash: $3500
    Stats: Health: 15  STR: 12  Speed: 10  Accuracy: 6  INT: 40  SA: 10 
    Armor: 15  Handgun: 17  Shotgun: 17  MG/SMG: 18  Grenade Gun: 17 
    Power Gun: 19
    Equipment: Nail Gun with unlimited ammo, Leather Armor S1
    - Jennifer Williams
    Sex: Female
    Age: 32
    HP: 35
    Cash: $1000
    Stats: Health: 15  STR: 10  Speed: 25  Accuracy: 35  INT: 10  SA: 10 
    Armor: 13  Handgun: 20  Shotgun: 22  MG/SMG: 30  Grenade Gun: 16 
    Power Gun: 15
    Equipment: PM-5 Handgun with 50 bullets, Leather Armor S1, SPMG 10-234
    Booster Implant
    - Elena Nesser
    Sex: Female
    Age: 23
    HP: 43
    Cash: $1500
    Stats: Health: 17  STR: 19  Speed: 17  Accuracy: 17  INT: 15  SA: 10 
    Armor: 18  Handgun: 20  Shotgun: 18  MG/SMG: 17  Grenade Gun: 16 
    Power Gun: 18
    Equipment: PM-5 Handgun with 50 bullets, Plates DF10 Armor
        v. Stats
    When you start a campaign, you have the option of selecting 1 of 8 special
    abilities that will help aid your character in some way, shape or form. They
    are as follows:
    - Self-Treatment: Basically it determines how fast you can regenerate your
    - Learning: Increases your learning capabilities, as well as your hindsight to
    spot hidden objects.
    - Economist: Allows you to gain more cash.
    - Night Vision: Allows you to see better in the dark without a flashlight,
    though I still recommend using one just in case.
    - Vampire: Sucks health from your enemies and regenerates yours.
    - Hypnotist: Gives you the ability to control an alien, if you're lucky I
    - Observer: Helps you find hidden places easier.
    - Boxer: Gives you better melee skills.
    Besides these abilities, you also have the basic stats:
    - Health: determines your HP
    - Strength: Determines how much stuff you can carry. It also increases your HP.
    - Speed: Determines how fast you are.
    - Accuracy: Without it, you're likely not gonna hit much.
    - Intelligence: Mainly used to determine what implants you can wear.
    - Special Ability: Increase this to make it more effective.
    - Armor, Handguns, etc.: Increasing these determines which weapons and armors
    you can equip and use.
    -Money: Increases your money. This option is only available at the start
    IV. Weapons + Ammo
    If you're gonna go out hunting aliens, you're gonna need some weapons and ammo
    to go along with it. Here I will list each weapon for each class as well as
    the price in which they can be bought/sold in the shop. So far, all but one of
    the weapons I found can be bought in the shop. Also I am not aware when all
    the weapons/armor/etc become available in the shops, but obviously they are
    all available by the end of the game. There are also variations of some
    weapons found throughout the missions.
        i. Handguns
    *UPDATE* Handguns are highly underestimated. They are crap to start with but
    later you get some really powerful handguns that actually have a good fire rate
    so you aren't stuck reloading while getting beat down. If you are gonna have a
    handgun, have one that's strong and fires fast. The layout is basically gonna
    be name, skill level required to use the gun, how much damage it does,
    accuracy, and price, plus the description since it's short. Here is a list of
    all of them from the shop:
    - Nail Gun
    Handgun: 2
    Damage: 2-3
    Accuracy: Low
    Price: $180
    Unlimited ammo. Good for pincushioning things.
    - Flash Pistol
    Handgun: 1
    Damage: 3-6
    Accuracy: Normal
    Price: $250
    Uses small flares to lighten dark areas. Has unlimited ammo.
    - Colt .45
    Handgun: 7
    Damage: 3-4
    Accuracy: Normal
    Price: $350
    Also known as "Peacemaker," the .45 is one of the most popular and legendary
    pistols in the world. Produced for over 200 years and still very popular.
    - PM-5
    Handgun: 8
    Damage: 3-7
    Accuracy: Normal
    Price: $450
    A Russian Handgun, called "Makarow PM." Simple, sound, and inexpensive, this
    is one of the best compact pistols around.
    - Sig-Sauer P250 DCc
    Handgun: 10
    Damage: 7-9
    Accuracy: High
    Price: $780
    A reliable German handgun with high fire accuracy and easy handling.
    - Beretta GL15
    Handgun: 12
    Damage: 9-12
    Accuracy: Normal
    Price: $950
    Combines the best concepts of combat handguns in one easy design. It is
    powerful, easy to handle, and reliable. The Beretta is the leading pistol for
    personal defense as well as law enforcement use.
    - Bittler g2
    Handgun: 15
    Damage: 10-18
    Accuracy: Normal
    Price: $2050
    A secret weapon, utilized only by Special Forces types.
    - Beretta L5
    Handgun: 17
    Damage: 21-27
    Accuracy: High
    Price: $3550
    This is the Gendarmerie variant, adopted by French National Gendarmerie. It
    is manufactured in France by GIAT Industries.
    - Magnum 44
    Handgun: 19
    Damage: 33-52
    Accuracy: Low
    Price: $4350
    A fast and easy to use pistol, making it a good choice for beginners.
    - Sig-Sauer Sig PRO
    Handgun: 25
    Damage: 58-90
    Accuracy: Normal
    Price: $6250
    Used by the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) as well as numerous
    other law enforcement agencies worldwide.
    - Desert Eagle
    Handgun: 38
    Damage: 74-96
    Accuracy: High
    Price: $8920
    Designed as a sport pistol. Used in numerous movies, giving it something of a 
    reputation. This is one of the few gas-operated handguns ever produced, as well 
    as the most powerful.
    - GLK P5
    Handgun: 42
    Damage: 120-144
    Accuracy: High
    Price: $10850
    A modern design, using a barrel cooling system that enables it to have a very 
    high rate of fire.
    Ammo: 600 bullets for $240
        ii. Shotguns
    A necesssity later in the game. The starting shotguns take a bit to get a shot
    off, but the do a lot of damage and they have spread shot. There is a double
    barrel shotgun that you pick up in one of the missions that's very good and
    fires two shots at once. This is so far the only weapon I have not seen in
    the shops. Here's the list:
    - Shotgun Mossberg 500 "Cruiser"
    Shotgun: 5
    Damage: 2-7
    Accuracy: Low
    Price: $290
    One of the most versatile US-made pump action shotguns.
    - Shotgun Beretta 1201 FP
    Shotgun: 10
    Damage: 5-11
    Accuracy: Normal
    Price: $550
    A smooth-bore shotgun developed at the end of the 1980s by Beretta.
    - Shotgun Fabarm SDASS
    Shotgun: 13
    Damage: 5-14
    Accuracy: Normal
    Price: $1250
    An Italian shotgun with a folding front sight and built-in weaver-style rails
    on the top of the receiver. Overall, and easy shotgun to handle.
    - Shotgun Slibert DM5
    Shotgun: 20
    Damage: 13-18
    Accuracy: Low
    Price: $5550
    The next generation of pump action shotguns; the DM5 uses and eight-round
    magazine and a short barrel. This is an optimal weapon for close encountes.
    - Craft S-100
    Shotgun: 23
    Damage: 163-208
    Accuracy: Low
    Price: $19150
    Light version of Craft SP200 gun. A special nozzle neutralizes this shotgun's
    - Double Shotgun Ruin S2
    Shotgun: 28
    Damage: 55-67
    Accuracy: Low
    Price: $10500
    A home-made sawed-off shotgun with two shortened barrels. Good for clearing
    rooms in short order.
    - Shotgun Slibert DM50
    Shotgun: 30
    Damage: 31-40
    Accuracy: Normal
    Price: $18550
    A modified DM5. It has a prolonged barrel and cooling radiator, which provides
    a high rate of fire. High quality optical sights enhance accuracy.
    - Jackhammer MK3A1
    Shotgun: 40
    Damage: 124-137
    Accuracy: Low
    Price: $33500
    A gas-operated, fully automatic shotgun with a floating barrel and revolver-
    type detachable clips, called "Ammo Cassettes".
    - Craft SP200
    Shotgun: 45
    Damage: 250-290
    Accuracy: Low
    Price: $120150
    A special nozzle neutralizes this shotgun's blast. It has a high rate of
    fire thanks to a reinforced barrel and a trigger modification.
    - Ammo: 600 shells for $600
        iii. Machine + Sub-machine Guns
    *UPDATE* Surprising to me is that these are not as great to use as one would
    think. They do fire constantly, but the shots themselves are weak hitters. They
    are good for wiping out masses of lesser enemies, but when you come up against
    larger aliens like the Brutes these don't stand a chance. Here is a list of the
    - Interdynamic KG-9
    Machine gun: 5
    Damage: 1-3
    Accuracy: Low
    Price: $350
    The ultimate in slug-based firepower, so much so that it's manufacture was 
    restricted by the US Assault Weapons Ban of 1994. It's unique looks, huge 
    magazine capacity, and low price have made it very popular.
    - Mini Uzi
    Machine gun: 10
    Damage: 3-7
    Accuracy: Low
    Price: $550
    A shortened ("bullpup")version of the venerable Israeli submachine gun. A high
    rate of fire makes up for its lack of stopping power.
    - HK MP5
    Machine gun: 12
    Damage: 7-11
    Accuracy: Normal
    Price: $1200
    An outdated submachine gun, but very popular among anti-terrorist squads.
    - Vikhr SR-4
    Machine gun: 15
    Damage: 9-15
    Accuracy: Low
    Price: $1550
    A compact assault rifle intended for concealment; used mostly by special VIP
    protection teams and State security operatives.
    - Heckler UND Koch G11
    Machine gun: 18
    Damage: 13-19
    Accuracy: Normal
    Price: $3450
    A German assault rifle noted for its use of caseless ammunition. A reliable
    weapon with high accuracy.
    - Steyr AUG
    Machine gun: 20
    Damage: 25-31
    Accuracy: High
    Price: $6800
    A universal rifle designed on a bullpup principle, enabling it with high
    accuracy and easy handling.
    - Assault Rifle M16A1
    Machine gun: 23
    Damage: 30-39
    Accuracy: Normal
    Price: $8550
    The well-known American M16 assault rifle, a weapon with a good range of
    - AKM
    Machine gun: 28
    Damage: 43-49
    Accuracy: High
    Price: $12800
    The classic Russian assault rifle. Reliable, especially in harsh conditions.
    Easy to use and maintain.
    - Heckler-Koch XM-29 OICW
    Machine gun: 30
    Damage: 51-68
    Accuracy: High
    Price: $16300
    A good weapon, with high accuracy and excellent ability to pierce armor.
    - Machine Gun M240G
    Machine gun: 30
    Damage: 67-84
    Accuracy: Low
    Price: $20300
    A lightened machine gun utilized by the US Marine Corps. It's high stopping
    power is balanced by a low rate of fire.
    - BT-3 Rifle
    Machine gun: 32
    Damage: 65-127
    Accuracy: High
    Price: $35500
    An assault rifle with tremendous firepower.
    - Volcano G2000
    Machine gun: 35
    Damage: 51-68
    Accuracy: Normal
    Price: $45500
    A hand-held machine gun with a high rate of fire and excellent damage.
    - Disembowel H240
    Machine gun: 35
    Damage: 140-166
    Accuracy: Low
    Price: $73000
    The most powerful assault rifle in its class. Very effective against large 
    crowds of charging enemies.
    - Volcano GP5500
    Machine gun: 45
    Damage: 89-98
    Accuracy: Normal
    Price: $129300
    An enhanced model of the Volcano hand-held machine gun. This model is equipped
    with batteries, giving it a high fire rate, high velocity and dealing large
    amounts of damage.
    - SLRK Atom S100
    Machine gun: 75
    Damage: 161-205
    Accuracy: Normal
    Price: $235300
    The latest model of the popular machine gun series.
    Ammo: 1500 Rounds for $1000
        iv. Grenade + Rocket Launchers
    I never picked up anything for my 4th slot until way late in the game. Even
    then I did not use a launcher once. *SMALL UPDATE* Got a grenade launcher once,
    but it's not that useful to me. Too slow to explode and I was getting mobbed in
    the face anyway. For those of you that want to throw grenades into a room
    filled with aliens, then these launchers are the way to get it done:
    - Grenade Launcher M-79
    Grenade/Rocket: 5
    Damage: 12-23
    Accuracy: Low
    Price: $2550
    An outdated but cheap and reliable hand-held grenade launcher.
    - Rocket Launcher FLY-2
    Grenade/Rocket: 10
    Damage: 35-51
    Accuracy: Low
    Price: $5450
    An outdated yet cheap and reliable hand-held rocket launcher.
    - Rocket Launcher RPG-7
    Grenade/Rocket: 18
    Damage: 80-92
    Accuracy: Normal
    Fire Rate: Normal
    Price: $18650
    A compact rocket launcher, effective against enemies with some level of
    - Grenade Launcher RG-6
    Grenade/Rocket: 17
    Damage: 32-37
    Accuracy: Normal
    Fire Rate: Normal
    Price: $9550
    The latest in grenade launcher technology.
    - Rocket Launcher SL-1
    Grenade/Rocket: 18
    Damage: 152-184
    Accuracy: Normal
    Price: $27650
    A compact hand-held rocket launcher, effective against unarmored enemies.
    - Rocket Launcher DSx4
    Grenade/Rocket: 25
    Damage: 140-161
    Accuracy: Low
    Price: $65250
    A multiple-rocket launcher; has a high rate of fire but a long reload time.
    - SLR 500 Auto R5
    Grenade/Rocket: 45
    Damage: 271-287
    Accuracy: High
    Price: $89550
    A modern hand-held launcher model with auto-aiming system. An optical device
    enables target locking.
    - RPG-29 Vampir
    Grenade/Rocket: 45
    Damage: 327-373
    Accuracy: Very High
    Price: $120650
    The weapon is intended to engage hostile tanks, including those outfited with
    explosive reactive armor, and other armored vehicles. It is also used to
    supress fire weapons and manpower in buildings and hardened bricks or
    concrete strucures as well.
    - Rocket Volcano TF5 "Rain"
    Grenade/Rocket: 55
    Damage: 751-874
    Accuracy: Low
    Price: $188550
    A hand-held rocket launcher with an infrared aiming system. A triple barrel
    provides a high rate of fire.
    - NTR-40 S1
    Grenade/Rocket: 65
    Damage: 2038-2242
    Accuracy: Normal
    Price: $235500
    A hand-held rocket launcher with nuclear charges. Has a large destruction
    radius but a slow reload rate.
    Ammo: 300 Grenades for $1200, 500 Rockets for $4000
        v. Flamethrowers + Power Arms
    These qualify as "the big guns", aside from rockets and grenades. Basically,
    these are your laser weapons. They are kinda flashy, as well as potent. They
    can aid you in the tight spots by wiping out the huge aliens in a matter of 
    seconds. The flamethrowers, oddly enough, require you to have rocket skill
    points as opposed to power arm points. Here's the list:
    - Ligther-Blast GF1 Pistol
    Power: 15
    Damage: 9-13
    Accuracy: Low
    Price: $2550
    A standard light pistol, popular in armies worldwide.
    - Burner
    Rocket: 5
    Damage: 52-78
    Accuracy: Very High
    Price: $1350
    Used for welding metal, but can weld flesh in a pinch.
    - Laser Pistol S50
    Power: 15
    Damage: 15-23
    Accuracy: Low
    Price: $3350
    One of the first laser pistols. Not very popular due to its old construction.
    - Flamethrower GH5
    Rocket: 20
    Damage: 10-19
    Accuracy: Very High
    Price: $22150
    A home-made flamethrower, jury-rigged from whatever materials are at hand.
    Simple, but effective.
    - GP53 Laser Rifle
    Power: 25
    Damage: 124-183
    Accuracy: Very High
    Price: $24500
    A standard infantry laser weapon with high accuracy. It can pierce most modern
    body armors.
    - G200 Ion Rifle
    Power: 32
    Damage: 69-104
    Accuracy: Low
    Price: $36550
    The Ion Rifle is one of the lastest weapon industry designs. It has a strong
    beam that can pierce the thickest of armors.
    - T5 Reducer Blaster
    Power: 30
    Damage: 10-15
    Accuracy: Low
    Price: $9150
    The lastest achievement of modern play-with-nature science. It shrinks the
    molecules of the target, making them smaller.
    - Plasma Desintegrator 5G
    Power: 35
    Damage: 386-445
    Accuracy: Normal
    Price: $110500
    The lastest in the line of the heavy power guns.
    - SGP53-L1 Laser Minigun
    Power: 30
    Damage: 171-183
    Accuracy: High
    Price: $140300
    The most powerful close combat weapon available. This monster has excellent
    accuracy and deals maximum damage.
    - Plasma Minigun SL2000
    Power: 45
    Damage: 250-275
    Accuracy: Normal
    Price: $195000
    The next generation of plasma guns. Can deal incredible damage to anything in
    its path.
    - G5000 Ion Cannon
    Power: 60
    Damage: 1023-1244
    Accuracy: Low
    Price: $253000
    An ion gun prototype. Its thickened barrel and new cooling system provides a
    more powerful energy focus.
    - FR-Z5 Freeze Cannon (custom weapon)
    Power: 12
    Damage: 26-35
    Accuracy: Low
    Price: $15150
    This cannon shoots a special chemical that transforms aliens into alien
    sickles instantly.
    - PR-1500 Pulse Rifle
    Power: 20
    Damage: 81-117
    Accuracy: Normal
    Fire Rate: Very High
    Price: $22550
    A test pulse rifle model developed by the M.A.G.M.A Energy Corporation.
    Ammo: 1500 Gas tanks for $2250, 1000 Charges for $1500
    V. Armor
    Alright. You got some tough weapons to blow your opponents away. Now you need
    something to protect your butt. These are all the armor items available in the
    shop. As far as I know, you don't pick up any armor that you can't buy. The 
    list will go by the skill required to wear the armor, the defense, how many 
    hits it can take, and price of course. They are as follows:
    - Leather Armor S1
    Armor: 3
    Defense: 41
    Durability: 300
    Price: $330
    The simplest of body armor made with studded leather. Capable or barely
    protecting the wearer, but it's better than nothing.
    - Leather Armor S2-R
    Armor: 10
    Defense: 45
    Durability: 400
    Price: $650
    An enhanced model of the S1 leather armor. Metal plates are infused within
    this model, increasing durability and survivability of the wearer.
    - Plates DF10
    Armor: 15
    Defense: 56
    Durability: 600
    Price: $1300
    Lightweight body armor made of plastic and metal plates. Gives an average
    amount of protection.
    - Plates SPN10
    Armor: 25
    Defense: 52
    Durability: 700
    Price: $1850
    An enhanced model of the DF10 body armor, with interwoven plates and ceramic
    armor reinforcement.
    - Defender G1
    Armor: 20
    Defense: 60
    Durability: 1000
    Price: $2650
    The most effective lightweight body armor around. Its plates are made from
    plastic and a durable iron alloy.
    - Bayonet SL-G105
    Armor: 30
    Defense: 71
    Durability: 1300
    Price: $7550
    The standard middleweight class of body armor with good all-around protection.
    - Defender Blue G200
    Armor: 34
    Defense: 83
    Durability: 1500
    Price: $10150
    An enhanced model of the G1 series, infused with solid titanium plates.
    - Bayonet2 SL-P550
    Armor: 37
    Defense: 83
    Durability: 1800
    Price: $16550
    The most durable body armor in the middleweight class, designed especially for
    elite soldiers.
    - Blocker SG32-50
    Armor: 40
    Defense: 90
    Durability: 2500
    Price: $45450
    Based on the Bayonet series of armor, this model is designed to protect its
    wearer from severe damage. Hydraulic boosters minimize the armor's heavy
    weight, but movement speed is decreased.
    - Battle Suit SMR-25
    Armor: 50
    Defense: 95
    Durability: 4000
    Price: $80550
    Designed for special operations during the Third World War. Provides the best
    protection in the heavy armor class.
    VI. Implants
    Implants are, well, implants in your brain I assume. They increase certain
    stat point by a huge amount, allowing you to sorta "cheat" around the
    parameters to wear/use a weapon or armor. You can buy a bunch in the store, 
    as well as pick them up along the way. They require intelligence to use and
    you can wear up to 3 at a time. The boosts for each one are completely random 
    at the beginning of each mission that has a shop. There are only 9 types of
    implants, each with a certain number of boosts on them,  but tons of different
    possibilities. Since it isn't possible to list out every possible generation,
    you'll just have to check out the shops when you get the chance. Also, what
    type of boost on the implant directly affects the price, meaning that the
    better the boost, the more it's worth. This is what each model will look like:
    - SPMG 10-234 Booster
    Intelligence: 3
    Boost: Health +7
    Price: $1550
    This implant released in SPMG series, and is the simplest and cheapest of all
    available models.
    - SPMG 20-100 Booster
    Intelligence: 8
    Boost: Rocket Launchers +8
    Price: $1130
    New from the SPMG implant line.
    - SPMG 30-177 Booster
    Intelligence: 15
    Boost: INT +21 Armor +10
    Price: $8180
    The thirtieth (and latest) SPMG implant series
    - SPMG2 10-096 Booster
    Intelligence: 20
    Boost: Accuracy +16 Shotguns +14
    Price: $3840
    This second-generation implant increases basic abilities considerably, which
    boosts the price as well.
    - SPMG2 20-367 Booster
    Intelligence: 25
    Boost: Health +28 Flame/Power +16
    Price: $18890
    An SPMG2 series implant.
    - SPMG2 30-351 Booster
    Intelligence: 33
    Boost: Health +31 Handguns +32 Rocket +30
    Price: $31580
    An SPMG2 series implant.
    - SPMG3 10-008 Booster
    Intelligence: 40
    Boost: Handguns +83
    Price: $14490
    A third-generation implant. If these were not so cost prohibitive, modern
    armies wouldn't need to arm their soldiers anymore, as this implant stimulates
    the body so much that the user becomes almost invulnerable.
    - SPMG3 20-101 Booster
    Intelligence: 50
    Boost: Health +59 Shotguns +67
    Price: $46330
    A third-generation implant.
    - SPMG3 30-235 Booster
    Intelligence: 60
    Boost: Health +62 Shotguns +52 Machine Guns +54
    Price: $76100
    The thirtieth release of the third-generation implants.
    The good news about these implants is that if you chose an implant to use on 
    a mission, but didn't like it, you can go back to that mission and choose a 
    different implant since the list remains the same after you complete the
    VII. Equipment
    Just because you have a ton of weapons doesn't mean that you are invincible.
    Therefore, you need medical supplies to keep you alive when you are being
    bombarded by countless aliens. Under this tab, you can pick up a couple of
    other things as well.
        i. Flashlights
    The majority of this game takes place in the dark, so you are gonna need a 
    light to carry around with you, even if you have the night vision ability.
    - Pocket Flashlight: A typical pocket flashlight. Price: $50
    - Flashlight X2: All-purpose flashlight. Provides good visibility. Works for
    a long time. Price: $250
    - Floodlight: A special compact floodlight that provides excellent visibility.
    Price: $950
    - Night Glasses S1: An older series of night vision glasses; has a small field
    of vision but it's useful in dark places.
        ii. Health
    The important category. All the medipacks you can buy are automatically used
    when your health gets down to a certain level. If you don't have any medipacks
    left and your health drops down to 0, you have a certain respawn number
    represented in the top right hand corner. When these run out, it's game over.
    Either way, it's better to have the medipacks:
    - Small Medkit: The simplest of medkits, with minimal set of drugs. Price: 3 
    for $2100
    - Medkit: Has a more diverse package than the Small Medkit, allowing the user
    to heal severe wounds. Price: 2 for $7000
    - Mega Medkit: The ultimate in field body repair. This medkit restores full
    health instantly. Price: $10000
        iii. Miscellaneous
    Besides health and flashlights, you can also buy a few extra things to help 
    you out:
    - Dron M50
    Damage: 5-6
    Durability: 70
    Price: $3050
    The simple model of battle drones. A powerful CPU enables quick aiming and
    - Dron M50
    Damage: 14-20
    Durability: ? (I'll say 200, he takes a lot of hits before dying)
    Price: $8250
    The lastest model of battle drones. Equipped with G5255 blaster, which can
    inflict lots of damage. A powerful CPU enables quick aiming and firing.
    - Radar G12: A personal radar set, used to monitor enemy positions. Price: 
    $2850 (I strongly recommend buying this when you get the chance. You can see
    how much of a mob is left in a room and where enemies are located around you.
    Plus, it's fairly cheap.)
    VIII. Walkthrough (Campaign Mode)
    The whole point of this guide, the walkthrough. Each mission will be separated
    into its own section. At the beginning of each mission I will tell you all the
    stats you should receive at the end of the level. Monsters numbers will be a
    rough estimate, as it's hard to tell exactly how many are supposed to be in 
    the level, at least in the later missions. Directions will be based on where
    your character is on the screen, not on the character itself. WEAPONS, ITEMS,
    and KEY ITEMS will be in caps, ammo and money will not, and *SECRETS* will be
    written as such.
        i. Mission 1 (Infiltrate Underground Base)
    Monsters: 62
    Objectives: 1
    Secrets: 3
    Completion reward: 0
    This is the beginning, no cinemas or cutscenes or anything like that. You are
    prompted with the controls of the game as soon as you get past your character
    creation and mission briefing (if you read it, which I didn't >_>). Hit any 
    key to begin.
    It's raining outside, so you'll want to head indoors. Walk forward and follow
    the arrow. Inside this shack is a button that opens the gate to let you go 
    forward. You gain some exp for for pushing the button. Also, this wooden crate
    can be shot open for some ammo. These crates are everywhere so be sure to open
    them for some goodies.
    - Find an entrance to the underground complex
    Walk forward, following the green arrows to the question mark. You'll be
    stopped by a huge gate and some guy called General Baker will tell you that 
    you need to blow the gate open with some explosives, and that they can be 
    found somewhere nearby.
    -Locate explosives
    If you walk back some, you'll notice a target on a barrel. Shoot this and it
    will explode, but make sure you stand back some or you'll be damaged by the
    *SECRET* Before moving on though, across the street from these barrels, follow 
    the path down through the trees. You'll come to a junkyard with a red truck.
    Shoot the pile of crates to reveal a ladder going down to the sewer. Follow
    the path, blowing up the barrels in your way, to a T-intersection. Straight
    is some money, as well as an IMPLANT with a single Boost on it. You'll likely
    be auto equipped with it since you shouldn't have more than 3 implants at this
    point. Follow the left path from the T, shooting open the wooden crates for
    some money, up the stairwell, and you'll have entered the base. IF YOU DO
    There is a bunch of stuff that you should still get, which is outside the base,
    so follow the path back out the way you came in, until you get back to where
    you blew up the barrels. From here, follow the path to the warehouse.
    *SECRET* Before going inside the warehouse, follow the outside of it around 
    the right to the back. There will be some money stashed away. When you 
    collect it, return back to the entrance of the warehouse.
    *SECRET* There is also a secret stash of crates with a SHOTGUN BERETTA and 
    some ammo to the left of the warehouse. After collecting it, return back to 
    the entrance of the warehouse.
    With those out of the way, enter through either door to get inside the 
    warehouse. There is a stash of pistol ammo in the back, as well as an elevator
    to the right. Blow up the explosives blocking the elevator and take the 
    elevator down a level. There are some crates and explosives in here if you're
    interested in blowing them up. Follow the path to the back and pick up the 
    DYNAMITE pack from the ground. After that, head all the way back out to the 
    main road and place the dynamite in front of the gate. You have a few seconds
    to get out of it's blast radius.
    Once inside this area, wander around the outside of the area, both left and
    right, to collect some money and ammo lying about the base. Important items
    include a SMALL MEDKIT, an IMPLANT, which are together in an area on the
    left side of the screen upon entering, and the COLT .45 on the table to 
    the left of the doorway into the base.
    -Find the elevator
    Once you're inside the base, Baker tells you to find the elevator. Follow the
    green arrow to the end of the walkway and you'll find that the door is locked
    due to security reasons. Baker then tells you to find the access key to open
    the door.
    - Find the access key
    Go through the open door to the left, where the arrow is pointing, and go down
    the stairs into a larger room with crates scattered all over. Go through the 
    door that the arrow is pointing and go to the back of this larger room to pick
    up the SHOTGUN MOSSBERG, some ammo, a small health kit in the crate on the 
    right of the desk, and the ACCESS KEY. After you grab the access key, the
    lights will go out and you'll be attacked by a few spiders. Shoot them away
    with whatever weapon you choose, and continue back to where you found the
    elevator, killing the spiders along the way.
    For some reason, if you activate the level gain by taking the secret path, less
    spiders appear after you get the key, which is why it says you only killed 49
    at the end. If you don't take the secret path, you can kill them all.
    -Enter the elevator
    There will be an arrow pointing to the corridor to where the elevator is. Wipe
    out the remaining spiders from this corridor, enter the doorway, and enter the
    elevator at the back to complete the mission. You gain a little exp for
    accessing the elevator.
        ii. Mission 2 (Secure Survivors)
    Monsters: 1480
    Objectives: 1
    Secrets: 17
    Reward: $1000
    -Locate General Baker
    The mission starts with some eerie music. The building starts to shake and the
    lights go out, plus a bunch of hideous monster growls and such. Your first 
    task is to locate General Baker, who is defending a fort off to the right.
    Follow the green arrows to the ? to initiate a conversation with him. He'll
    tell you that you need to go to Base's quarters to help his men out. He gives
    you an ACCESS CARD that allows you to get to the weapons shop. You can go into
    the adjacent room to pick up a FLASH PISTOL and a POCKET FLASHLIGHT plus some
    ammo to sell in the shop. Buy/Sell what you need here. I recommend carrying
    only your equipped strongest weapons for the time being and getting rid of 
    the rest to conserve what little space you have. You'll likely be picking up
    more ammo and weapons as well. If you have the money for it, buy the radar.
    It's a one time purchase and it helps to see where the enemy locations are.
    -Proceed to the Personnel Sector
    Follow the green arrows to the base quarters.
    -Locate the Dining Room
    Walk straight ahead.
    *SECRET* Shoot the wall with the stone on it next to the vending machine and
    it will break open, revealing some cash.
    Pick up the shotgun shells from the dead soldier and shoot a couple of spiders
    while proceeding down the stairs. Pick up some more stuff, including a SMALL
    MEDKIT from the other dead body, then go through the door.
    *SECRET* There's a hole in the right hand wall. Blow it open to get a big ammo
    pack plus some money.
    Kill more spiders, pick some ammo up from the dead guy, and go down the stairs.
    Use the explosive barrels to help you clear out this area. When you go through
    the next door, Baker's men will be calling for help, but they will likely die
    before you can help them.
    *SECRET* In the upper corner to the left of where Baker's men are/were there
    are two explosive barrels in front of a hole. Blow them up to reveal an
    extrance to an office with a SMALL MEDKIT, 2 health regen packs that stay on
    the wall, and a dead guy with a STAFF ACCESS KEY, which will come in handy
    Continue through the open doorway on the right. There's hoards of spiders in 
    this corridor. You'll come to a 4-way intersection.
    *SECRET* This little door above your character before the 4-way is the Staff
    Quarters (possibly one of many since the card doesn't disappear). You can get
    a nice piece of PLATES armor off the desk in the back, as well as some ammo. 
    There is an IMPLANT in the box on the left next to the desk with the armor.
    *SECRET* Another Staff Quarters is off the right path in another small doorway.
    There's money and some power ammo in this one. There is a second doorway out on
    the left, but watch out for the spiders and prickly plants.
    The bottom path is a dead end so the only way to go is up. The two doors on
    the left and right lead back into the Staff Quarters so you'll want to
    continue up, wiping out the spiders and plants. These plants fire spines in
    multiple directions so be sure to sidestep them if you can. This next room has
    two doorways and a dead body with ammo. The red door is locked so you can only
    go right. Pick up more ammo off the dead guy near the pool table and continue
    *SECRET* There's a secret hiding place against the bottom wall here. Walk down
    through the hidden opening to get some health, ammo, and cash.
    Pick up the MP5 Machine gun and some ammo from the dead body. This is a BIG
    hint for what's to come. Past this table there are 5 or 6 plant pods. As soon
    as you step near them, all hell breaks loose. Spiders swarm from the doorway
    to the left of the pods AND from the pool room from before so you'll be
    attacked from both sides. What I recommend doing is backing yourself into the
    corner opposite the tipped table where you picked up the machine gun so that
    you only shoot in front of you, preventing you from being attacked from
    behind. If you can, eliminate the spiders coming from the pool room first so
    that you can proceed forward. Stand in front of the doorway where you haven't
    been yet (after the pool room spiders stop spawning) and just flood the doorway
    with machine gun bullets. When the action there stops, you can pick up the
    *SECRET* The green number pad like thing in the right corner of the northern 
    wall opens a room on the right with a SMALL MEDKIT and 2 regen packs.
    This second secret doorway can't be accessed yet so continue on through the
    open doorway on the left wall. When the door here opens, it will explode some
    plant pods so be ready to dodge left or right before the door opens. Get rid 
    of the rest of the pods and go through the open door north. Clear out some 
    spiders and go to the question mark. A man will tell you that keypads are 
    useless so you'll have to restore the power to this sector.
    -Find the Communications Switch
    Go down through the dining hall, killing any spider/pods left and follow the
    green arrow down the stairs. Follow this path to a storage area where you can
    pick up cash, all kinds of ammo, and another SHOTGUN MOSSBERG. Have your
    machine gun equipped before proceeding to where the arrow is. Once you turn
    power back on, a flurry of little bugs come swarming towards you from where
    you came from. They run up to you and explode, causing minimal damage. Use
    your machine gun to take out the mass of them. With the bugs out of the way,
    head back upstairs.
    *SECRET* Now that power's restored, you can access some of the secret areas,
    like the one on the northen wall between a couple of benches. There's tons of
    pods and spiders in here, as well as a few slugs. If you have the space for 
    it, pick up the MINI UZI, as well as the STAFF ACCESS CARD.
    *SECRET* Before leaving this room, there is another weak stone wall on the
    north wall right near where you picked up the card key. Blow it open for some
    mega health and cash.
    When you are done here, go back out to the dining area and go to where you
    found the guy and the question mark. The soldiers have already left the room,
    but there is still some cash and stuff left over.
    *SECRET* Against the left wall is another weak wall. Blow it open for some
    more cash.
    -Protect Nicholas
    Once you're done, go back to the south door to meet up with the soldiers. You
    then get attacked from all sides. Your goal is to protect nicholas from the
    hoards of enemies. He's the scientist guy that helped you before. Once this
    mob of enemies is gone, he'll start hacking the keypad on the left wall. A 
    couple of larger aliens with sickle claws come out to attack. Have the 
    soldiers help you in taking them out. 
    *SECRET* After you take out the two bigger dudes, there's an idle moment while
    nick opens the door. On that north wall next to the door it's hacking there's a
    hole there. Blow it open and get the health inside.
    Once Nick hacks the door, you'll be in a hallway where you'll be attacked on
    both sides. Just pick one side to attack and keep firing your machine gun until
    all the enemies are dead.
    *SECRET* Before following the soldiers back, the left door of the two doors 
    on the left wall can be opened. There's cash in this room.
    *SECRET* There's a hold to the right of the door mentioned above. Blow it to
    get some more cash and ammo.
    *SECRET* If you walk north, the door leads to a bathroom, where you can find
    cash in the toilets. How appropriate O_o
    From the door you came out of, walk south and go right into a lounge room. 
    There's a KEY CARD on the couch. Walk back out to the previous hallway.
    *SECRET* The remaining locked door on the left wall can be opened with this
    key card. There's cash and an IMPLANT on the bed.
    Go to the south end of this corridor to find a box against the wall. You'll
    notice that this is where you found Baker's men when you first came in here.
    There is a SHOTGUN FABARM in the box. If you are running low on space due to
    weapons, equip the best ones, and carry the ones that are worth more, and
    leave the rest. Go back up the corridor and go right through the first
    doorway. You should be back to where you found That guy's card key on the
    *SECRET* Before following the green arrow down to join your soldiers, go
    straight across to the pool table room. Follow this path back to the tipped 
    table and go through the door against the north wall, which should now be open.
    It's another restroom with a 1-UP in the toilet and some cash in the left most
    Head back to where the green arrow is and follow it down. You'll rejoin the 
    soldiers and meet up with a female. She says to get the hell out, but the 
    lights go out. The girl sends Nick to go check out what's going on and he says
    security is being controlled from somewhere else and he'll try and fix it. 
    When this happens, 3 Brute aliens will come out. They take a lot of ammo to 
    kill so you'll need your buddies to help. After they die, aliens of all sorts
    come out; spiders, slugs, some of those sickle clawed monsters, and aliens
    that drag themselves with their hands. You'll have to hold them off until Nick
    is done fixing security, then you are ready to leave.
    *SECRET* Before leaving, grab some ammo and a SMALL MEDKIT off the shelf in
    the room that your soldiers fell back to. There is a computer monitor here as
    well. Go up to the computer and it opens up rooms 1 and 2, which are back down
    the stairs where the alien hoard was. Room 1 is on the left side and room 2 is
    on the right.
    In one of these rooms I picked up a pack of MENTHOLS. You give it to the
    soldier near the command center in the next mission. When you're done 
    exploring, follow the green arrows to the circle to exit the mission.
        iii. Mission 3 (Clean Sections 1-4)
    Monsters: 897
    Objectives: 2
    Secrets: 15
    Reward: $2000
    - Speak to the Baker
    I dunno why it's "the" Baker. Anyway, if you picked up the Menthols, one of
    the guards outside the doorway will have a ?. Give him the Menthols and he'll
    give you an IMPLANT. Head for the shop next to dump any extra crap you might
    be holding and buy some better equipment and some Implants. Remember that the
    Implant choices vary with each mission so it's good to see if they have
    anything good. Once you're done shopping, go into the room opposite the shop
    to pick up some pistol ammo and go out of the room and to the right side,
    where you first met Baker and blow open a crate here for some shotgun ammo.
    You'll also spot an alien feasting in the corner, but he'll run off before you
    can do anything about it. Once that's done, go speak to Baker in the command
    center. He'll tell you that the base is in bad shape and that he wants you to
    go with Kate to find out what's been going on.
    - Follow Kate
    - Find a Stabalizer
    Before leave, go see what Nick has to say. He'll give you a second mission to
    do while you're out and about, as well as give you some exp. He needs a
    stabalizer from the office sector, which you can find along the way. I'll let
    you know when you can find it. For now, head out and find Kate via the green
    arrows. You'll find out that she's the chick that helped you in the last
    mission. Follow her through the doorway and she'll open up the hatch. She's
    disgusted at the wreck. She'll open the next door but there will be aliens in
    there. She'll hit an explosive barrel likely killing them all. She will go to
    a computer terminal and tell you she will open each section one by one so you
    don't get overrun.
    *SECRET* There's a terminal behind her. Talk to the computer and you'll see a
    door in the hallway open up. Grab the ammo and the MEDKITs from in here. You
    can also get some ammo in the adjacent room.
    - Proceed to the Office Center
    *SECRET* There are some explosive barrels in this bow-ish hallway. Blow them
    to reveal a hole in the wall with some cash.
    Continue out to the main area and be prepared to kill off some aliens in here.
    Kate will open the first sector, which is on the left wall. A few more aliens
    may pop out.
    - Secure Office 1
    *SECRET* Before proceeding, there are quite a few secrets in the walls here.
    The first one is to the right on the door that you first came in, against the
    south wall. It's a hole in the wall with some money.
    *SECRET* There's another hole in the south wall to the left of this same
    doorway with more cash in it.
    *SECRET* There's a weak wall to the right of the new doorway to sector 1. Blow
    it away to reveal a 100 health pack.
    - Secure Office 2
    With those cleared, continue to section 1, clearing out the little alien
    spiders. There's some ammo in the very back to the right. Once those spiders
    are killed, Kate will open section 2, letting out more spiders in the main
    lobby. Head back there and wipe them out. Section 2 is up and to the left.
    Follow this little corridor, wiping out spiders along the way.
    *SECRET* There's a hole in the left wall with cash in it.
    -Secure office 3
    Continue into the north room to clean out the rest of the enemies. Kate will
    then open Section 3.
    *SECRET* There's a keypad on the right side of the big table. Press it to open
    a room with some sickle-clawed brutes and some cash.
    Go back out to the main lobby. Office 3 is directly across from where you are.
    Proceed with caution, as there are a plethura of alien spiders in here.
    *SECRET* In the dark room in the back of this office are two secrets. One is
    straight from the doorway. It has cash inside.
    *SECRET* The other is on the north wall. Blow the weak stone away to get some
    more cash and some ammo.
    - Secure Office 4
    Once this office is secure, Kate will unlock sector 4. She warns you that it's
    dark in there so be careful. Head back out to the lobby and head down then
    right to office 4.
    *SECRET* To the right of the doorway is a keypad. Press it to open the
    restrooms hiding against the right wall outside in the lobby. In here is some
    cash in the toilets, again.
    As you walk to the center doorway, the office complex will shake and you will
    be cutoff from the lobby. Kill the spiders as they run out towards you and
    watch out for the plants.
    *SECRET* Before going into this center office, there is another weak wall
    against the north wall towards the right. Shoot it to get some more ammo.
    Proceed into the office and work your way right, killing everything in your
    *SECRET* towards the south end of the right wall is a hole with some money in
    it. Walk against it and you'll eventually walk in.
    - Secure Office 5
    Open the door on the north wall, but watch out for the pod blocking the door.
    There is a LEATHER ARMOR here, so pick it up if you need the armor or if you
    have the space for it. Kate will compliment you on your skills and unlock the
    manager's office. The door that was locked before is now unlocked, so head
    back out to the lobby. You'll meet up with a couple of soldiers, who will 
    guide you to the office. But wait! The door suddenly closes and Kate says
    she's lost control. You know what this means. Spiders start popping out of the
    ground slowly from all sides. They are easy enough to take down with the help
    of your soldiers. Then the lights go out when they are dead and Kate says
    she'll try and fix it. You hear some smashing from behind you as more alien
    emerge from the spider holes. Then a large brute smashes through the doors and
    lets loose a bunch of aliens from behind him and they come from all over the 
    place. You may want to use your shotgun against the brute to kill him quicker.
    After he's dead (and hopefully your soldier dudes lived) use the machine gun 
    to mow the rest of the aliens down. Once they are dead, Kate will congradulate
    you for surviving and says to report back to Baker.
    - Find a Stabilizer
    We still have a second objective to take care of here. Go into the manager's
    office (where that big brute came out from) and grab the ACCESS CARD off the
    table, as well as the money from the shelf. Now run all the way back to where
    Kate was running the computers (follow the arrows). It's the room against the
    left wall before the lobby with the computers in it. Remember that room
    adjacent to it? There's a terminal in there with a glowing gear over it. Go
    talk to it to open another corridor to the south.
    *SECRET* Enter the corridor
    *SECRET* Against the left wall is an explosive barrel. Shoot it and break the
    weak wall to get some cash.
    *SECRET* Head down into this plus shaped room and go straight down. Before you
    get to the doorway on the left side there is yet another weak wall blocked by 
    an explosive barrel. Break the wall to reveal a secret storage. There's ammo,
    cash, and another SHOTGUN FABARM stashed in here.
    That's it for secrets. Follow this room all the way to the end and go through 
    the door at the bottom right. You'll see a gear floating over a PC so talk to 
    it to get the stabilizer. Grabbing it, however, knocks out power and engages 
    combat with spiders and the like again. Wipe them all out and make your way
    back to the original hallway with the green arrows and follow them out to
    finish the level.
        iv. Mission 4 (Switch on Main Generator)
    Monsters: 742
    Objectives: 2
    Secrets: 7
    Reward: $3500
    - Speak to General Baker
    - Give Stabilizer to Nick
    Back at home base, you should know where Baker is at, as well as the shop. The
    arrows point the way. Buy/Sell what you need and de-brief with Baker. He's 
    proud of your work and wants you to find out what these scientists were
    working on. Your goal is to get to the main computer, but it's heavily secured
    and there's power shortages all over the base. Your current task is to get to
    the backup generator through the sewers to activate the main generator.
    Also give the stabilizer to Nick and he'll make a dron for you. He's quite
    helpful in watching your back and he takes quite a few hits before being
    destoryed. Nick also asks that while you're down in the sewers to bring him a
    transformer block. Get to it.
    - Find reason behind generator's malfunction
    - Find transformer block.
    Once again, you'll get the block way late in the mission so don't worry about
    it for now. For now, follow the arrows out and to the left and down the
    corridor. As you walk through this hallway, the power will go out again, but 
    no aliens this time. Blow up the crates in the corner, then continue down the
    *SECRET* You'll notice on the wall next to you there is a spark. This is
    actually a weak wall, but it takes a shitload of bullets to blow it open. You
    get some ammo and money for your efforts.
    Continue from here through the winding corridor to the elevator and take it
    down. Baker will note that the sector is flooded and that you have to activate
    the water pumps in order to start the generator. There are new fish aliens that
    spit acid at you. Your new dron will likely make quick work of them. Go through
    the doors to the right and you'll have a wave of enemies in here, new and old.
    Wipe them all out of this room. 
    -Activate the Backup generator
    If you go to the north or south wall, you'll find a pump, but the pump is off.
    Baker tells you to find and activate the backup generator. Against the right
    wall there is another doorway out of here, which leads to the room with the
    main generator, but the room's flooded so it will not work. Kill all the
    enemies in here, pick up the ammo/cash from the shelf next to the generator,
    and go north to a ladder. On this floor you will be attacked by spiders, as
    well as scorpion-like aliens that spit toxic gas at you. Your health will
    drain quickly if you get caught in this wave so avoid it as much as possible.
    Go south through this narrow corridor, killing off whatever is in your way.
    *SECRET* To the left is a hole in the wall with some money.
    Go right here and you will be attacked from in front and behind so be careful.
    I would advise going backwards to avoid a giant mob of enemies coming after
    you, as well as to prevent having your back to the enemy. I would use the
    shotgun here, as you will be overrun by the scorpions, making it difficult to
    avoid their poison breath. If you can get them all to follow you to that
    narrow hallway where you came from, you can blast them away one by one as they
    come through. Once the mob is gone, continue to the right, then up a corridor 
    and up the stairs. Kill the aliens blocking the generator and turn it on. 
    Power will now be somewhat operational.
    - Launch the pumps
    Work your way back to that large hallway where tons of scorpion aliens 
    attacked you. There are now more spiders, scorpions, and one brute here. 
    Clear them all out and keep going left.
    *DOUBLE SECRET* On the north wall there is a doorway. Open it with the green
    pad and pick up the cash. There is a second doorway on the right, but don't
    stand too close to the door or it will crush you for some reason. Go into this
    room and pick up the cash in the crates. An explosive barrel in here helps
    open the boxes.
    Go back out to where you were and continue out, blowing up the aliens left
    over. Go back down the ladder to the flooded area and take out the alien fish
    that have respawned. You'll want to go left a couple of rooms to get back to 
    those pumps that were not active before, but they are now. You can start with
    either pump. Once you activate a pump, a million bad guys come out to attack
    you, including a couple of brutes. Use the rails and surroundings to cut the
    brutes off from the other aliens so you can solo it, making it easier to kill.
    Once that set of aliens is dead, activate the other pump and deal with the
    same mess. By the way, somewhere in this room you pick up the MAGNUM 44, a 
    very powerful pistol, but poor accuracy.
    - Switch on the Main Generator
    Once the pumps are activated, all the water will be gone, allowing you to
    switch on the main generator. Go right a set of rooms to be where the
    generator is. Go to the red screen in front of it and touch it to turn it on.
    You've now restored power.
    - Find the Transformer
    Before you leave here either by walking out or the spacebar, you may wanna take
    a look around this place now that power is restored. 
    *SECRET* You'll notice to the right of the generator the steam is orangish.
    Walk up to it and you'll actually walk down a ladder. In this squarish room
    you'll find cash, ammo, and the TRANSFORMER BLOCK on the center shelf on the
    If you want to leave now without finding the rest of the secrets, press the
    spacebar to complete the mission. If you want to find the rest, read on.
    Get out of this chamber via the ladder you came in. Go left all the way back
    to the entrance room of this place, with the giant MAGMA circle in the center.
    *SECRET* To the north is a door hiding between two large crates. With power 
    restored, the door will be open. There cash and ammo of all sorts in here, as
    well as a dead guy in the upper left corner with a BERETTA Handgun. Leave this
    room and go back to the center room.
    *SECRET* There is also a door hidden against the south wall of this room. Walk
    against it almost opposite the little stairs and the door will open. There is 
    ammo and cash in here, as well as a BAYONET armor piece which you may or may
    not be able to pick up. It's worth taking since it's a sturdy armor.
        v. Mission 5 (Get Access to the Computer)
    Monsters: 2490
    Objectives: 2
    Secrets: 5
    Reward: $4000
    - Talk to Baker
    - Give transformer block to Nick
    There's a crapload of crap in this level, as well as two objectives again.
    First things first is to dump all the useless crap you got from the last
    mission, as well as buy some new stuff to help you out. At this point in the
    game it would be a good idea to choose which weapon is your primary weapon as
    the monsters will continue to get bigger and stronger. When you are done, talk
    to Baker. He'll tell you that the floor with the main computer is still blocked
    because the access codes were dumped with the generator reboot, you you need to
    find a way to get the new codes. He opens up a new sector where you can find
    them. Before you leave, give the transformer block that you picked up in the
    last mission to Nick and he'll say that he needs a cooling block to make his
    project complete. He'll also give you an IMPLANT, as well as some exp for your
    troubles. Off you go.
    - Find the access computer
    Once again, when the time comes I'll tell you where to find the block. For now,
    follow your soldier friends through the center doorway going up. As soon as you
    enter the room you'll be flung into battle with all kinds of monsters. Use your
    soldiers as backup and blow the suckers away. As you move forward, monsters
    come out from behind to maul you to death. You'll likely be overwhelmed so you
    may wanna backtrack to avoid being eaten alive. Once they are dead, you can
    continue forward to the 3 way intersection. Here, the green arrow tells you to
    go up, but if you go to the right you'll find a crapload of enemies guarding
    shelves with cash, ammo or all kinds, and an MP5 machine gun, which is pretty
    weak so I would not recommend carrying it around as it takes up space, and in
    the upper section back here you can find the SLIBERT DM5 shotgun, which is
    quite powerful and worth taking.
    *SECRET* In the upper section to the right there is an invisible hole in the
    wall on the south wall next to a blue barrel. Inside has a bunch of cash.
    When you are done here, go back out to the 3 way and this time take the left
    path. There are more bad guys to kill and this room is much bigger.
    *SECRET* Before going into the larger part of this room, there is a secret
    walkway behind the big crates on the left as you walk in. you'll pick up some
    ammo and a RG-6 Grenade Launcher.
    Check out all of the little side paths in this area to find crates with cash 
    and ammo in it. When you go farthest back, a small group of enemies come out to
    attack you. Blow them up and go back to the 3-way. now it's time to follow the
    green arrow. Follow the path north through some doorways until you see a ? in
    front of a window. This is where things get kinda fun. There's a massive hoard
    of enemies behind that glass window. Lucky for you, you get a gattling gun to
    easily mow them down. this could take several minutes. If you bought the cheapy
    radar you can see how many little dots are in this room and when they are
    cleared you are free to move forward. Also, be aware that the gun does have a
    life limit before it's unusable. There are some crates behind the right stone
    walls with some cash and ammo.
    *SECRET* If you follow the outside of the enclosure to the green door to the
    north, directly opposite that is a small alcove with some hidden cash. 
    Go through the green door to the north and you'll get a truck. Sweet. This
    baby is equipped with a 360 gattling gun, as well as the ability to run over
    your enemies. If there was any game that you can say "I did donuts in alien
    blood", this is your game. For vehicle controls, the forward button is what
    makes you accelerate in whichever direction your car is facing. Use left and
    right to steer and back to back up. Space bar exits a vehicle, as stated at the
    bottom of the screen. Anyway, wipe out everything in this room with your truck.
    The enemies you have to kill first are the armed aliens. They stand still and
    shoot you from a distance. They will gangbang you if you do not take them out
    quickly. Once you clear out this main room, drive to the right to a hangar like
    area, where there are more aliens hiding. You cannot maneuver well in here so
    don't try or you'll get stuck. Just drive straight through with guns blazing. 
    Go all the way to the back and wipe everything out, then go back out to the
    main room (hopefully keeping your truck). Get out of the truck here if
    everything is dead and walk north to the ? in front of the door.
    - Find the Access Computer key
    The door is locked, so you need to get the key card. Head to the only open door
    down the left corridor. Obviously there are a bunch of aliens waiting for you,
    but you wont have your truck to help you out cuz it won't fit through the door.
    Do what you can to wipe out the opposition and keep following the room left,
    but stay along the south wall.
    *SECRET* If you follow the south wall, you'll reach the hangar on the left side
    of the buggies. There is a narrow path that leads to some cash.
    Go to the north and go through the doorway, blasting the glass outta the way
    first, and grab the key. Baker radios and says he'll cover you while you get to
    the doorway. YOu can either go to the doorway or you can help fight the aliens.
    I would go with alien killing for the exp. Plus, you got a truck so what are 
    you worried about? When ready, open the door. By the way, I picked up an
    IMPLANT from somewhere. When you open the door, your buddy Kate will hold the
    fort (from nothing) while you get the computer codes. Baker will say congrats
    and you are free to go. But, before you can leave, the power goes out, Kate
    makes some disturbing noises, and a fellow soldier unlocks the door for you.
    They are shocked at what happened, but Baker could care less. Your first
    objective is complete.
    - Find the cooling block
    Before you leave, you may want to pick up the cooling block for good ol Nick.
    Head back down the right path, where you went into the hangar and blew up the
    aliens with the truck. Go all the way to the end and head up. There is a 
    doorway here that was previously locked.
    *SECRET* Open the door and you'll have the final secret place. There is ammo,
    cash, and the COOLING BLOCK in this storage room. Grab it all and hit the
    space bar for an easy exit. Also, picked up a MEGA MEDKIT somewhere as well
        vi. Mission 6 (Find the Main Computer)
    Monsters: 522+
    Objectives: 2
    Secrets: 9
    Reward: $6000
    - Speak with Baker
    - Give Cooling block to Nick
    Okay this mission will be kinda hard to write a guide for because it's a self-
    destruct mission. You have a time limit and I don't think I'll have much in the
    line of time to write at the same time so bear with me. Also, the monster count
    will vary due to the teleportation units you come across later. Anyway, talk to
    Baker, who is waiting for you as soon as you enter. As you might have guessed,
    he says someone has tampered with the self destruct sequence and you have to
    stop them. Don't fret yet, though. You still have time to dump your gear and
    get new stuff. Also, Nick has moved to the room opposite the weapons shop. Give
    him the cooling block and he will give you a FREEZE CANNON. This is really good
    at freezing your opponents, then using a different gun to shatter them. You
    only get this once so don't sell it unless you really don't want it anymore.
    - Find the host computer
    When you are ready, follow your soldier buddies through the door which you just
    came through. It's rather eerie in here with the lights being out.
    *SECRET* In the north room there is a weak wall with some explosive barrels and
    crates in front of it. Blow it to receive a wad of cash. There is also a SMALL
    MEDKIT here.
    Go through the doorway with all the barrels in front. You do not need to blow
    them up so avoid doing so to keep yourself in good health. Keep following the
    corridor to go through another door and then a third door after that. This is
    where all the aliens are hiding out so let er rip! This is also a good place 
    to try out that new freeze cannon.
    *SECRET* Against the south wall is a hidden doorway. Inside is a small group 
    of spiders and a load of cash and ammo, as well as an IMPLANT and the BURNER
    Go back out to the main 4 way. You came in from the right side and the south
    side is the secret door so you have 2 choices, north or left. I would go north
    first since left takes you to the main computer, which in turn activates the
    self destruct. So going north there is a small group of spiders and one brute
    guarding a storeroom full of cash and ammo. When you are done here, go back out
    the the 4 way and head to the left through a door. You'll be greeted by heavy
    opposition from all kinds of aliens, as well as being attacked from behind.
    Find a place to stand where they don't overwhelm you from both sides. Once this
    room is clear, you'll notice that two doors are locked in here, so for now you
    can only continue to the left. Open the door and small waves of alien spiders
    and Brutes will try to stop you as you follow the corridor to an office complex
    that is in disarray. You'll have to navigate through here to get to the other
    side. First take the south-left branch to grab some cash off the table, then
    go to the north-right branch to grab another wad of cash. Then go through the
    broken window and follow the broken desks back to the hallway. Go into the
    second south-left branch and blow out a window to get into the third south-left
    branch. From here go across the way to the north-right branch, killing some
    aliens from the room above. Once here, go furthest in and go down into the
    second north-right room to collect the goodies, which also includes an AKM
    Machine gun. This machine gun is worth a lot so I would take it with you if you
    can simply for the sell value. Afterwards, go up two rooms, taking the goods
    off the desk, and go across to the last south-left office to get some cash.
    Finally go up the corridor, killing aliens, past the green tanks, until you
    come to a 3 way.
    *SECRET* The rest room on the left has some cash in it.
    The rest room on the right also has some cash in it. Only place left to go is
    north. This is where things get tricky. Two Teleportation Units pop out of the
    ground. This is, by far, one of the hardest situations to survive. These things
    each summon up to 5 monsters at a time of random monsters that you've already
    encountered. These monsters not only hurt you, but provide a shield for the
    units since you have to waste the aliens to hit the units. The units also have
    a high defense. Only thing I can reccommend is either go in a circle around
    both units, hitting each one as you pass while avoiding the aliens, or try to
    find a way to take out one unit at a time. Once you manage to kill them both in
    a firey explosion, the door to the left opens, allowing you to keep going. Now
    things get even worse. You'll see a huge alien messing with the computer and
    there's nothing you can do about it. He activates the self destruct and warps
    - Destroy Processing Unit 1
    You have 7 minutes to deactivate it, but you are stuck between two doors.
    Lucky for you, Baker comes along to save your ass, only to tell you to find the
    two units in control of the sequence. He gives you two sets of dynamite to blow
    the units up with. From this room you can go either north or south. Let's go
    north first. You'll be warped up a level with a crapload of aliens. Wipe them
    out and go south. There is a storage room here with ammo and cash that you
    might need, as well as a DEFENDER G1 Armor. Grab it and go left and up. You'll
    encounter a Missle Turret Alien, a real bad ass that takes a lot to kill, as
    well as firing a constant barrage of missles in your face. Easiest way to kill
    it is to use the freeze cannon to freeze it and use a pistol shot to blow it
    up. To try and kill it any other way in such close quarters would be suicide.
    Anyway, once they are dealt with, keep going forward and you'll find the
    computer with a slightly visible spot for the dynamite. Place it and run out of
    the blast radius and unit one will be destroyed. 
    - Destroy Processing Unit 2
    Now backtrack all the way to where baker met you and this time take the south
    path. The layout is roughly the same, cept the room has a few thermal reactors
    in it. This actually makes it easier to kill the aliens since they likely will
    get stuck behind these reactors. Also, the Missle Turret is easier to take out
    cuz his fat ass is stuck behind the door. Just use your shotgun to play duck-
    and-shoot with it and his missle turrets will explode, making him like a
    regular brute that will chase you down. Finish him off and continue up to the
    unit and place the dynamite as before.
    - Return to the Host Computer
    With both units destroyed, the countdown is deactivated and you can breathe a
    bit. Baker summons you back, but we aren't done here yet. Go back to the room
    with the thermal reactors in it and you'll notice two doorways opposite each
    other. There's ammo and cash in here. Collect it and return back to the main
    level. Before taking to Baker, we need to backtrack a bit so go to the right
    past the green containers, through the office maze, up the stairs, and back
    into this lit room with the MAGMA square in the middle.
    *SECRET* The north door is now unlocked so head on through. There are craploads
    of aliens hiding out here so head down the stairs and fight off everything that
    is thrown at you. When you get a moment of peace, take the north path of the
    two paths, continuing to wipe out everything.
    *SECRET* There's a weak wall at the end of the path here. Blow it to get a
    thousand bucks.
    Head back out two where the path split and take the left path this time. Wipe
    out the remaining enemies in this complex and walk up to the ? at the end. The
    computer tells you about some unknown weapon and who it was given to, then it
    shuts itself off. Leave this place and go back out to the MAGMA Square.
    *SECRET* This area is almost the same as its northern counterpart. This time
    when you reach the 4 way just go left instead of south since there is nothing
    to the south in here. 
    *SECRET* There is a weak wall to the north behind a computer station. Blow it
    to get another thousand bucks.
    Go to the ? go get a similar computer narration as the one before before the
    comp shuts itself off. Unbeknowest to you, you completed your second objective,
    whatever that may be. Perhaps it was to find out about whatever this MAGMA
    place was working on. Whatever the case is, you can now go talk to Baker. He
    thinks that the aliens have some kind of leader controlling them and that MAGMA
    is hiding something that they don't want you to know about. He also says that
    Nick has some important info for you and he's waiting in the car. 
    - Talk to Nick
    This is gonna throw you for a loop, the last secret IS NOT EVEN IN THIS AREA!
    You would think that pressing spacebar would end the mission, but it does not.
    It takes you outside of the base completely. This part here is very important.
    Before talking to Nick, you should take care of everything you need to for this
    next mission because you will not get to buy any more equipment for an entire
    mission so finish up what you need to and then talk to him. When you are in the
    shop, BUY THE JACKHAMMAR SHOTGUN! If you have been getting all the secrets up
    to this point then you should have more than enbough cash for it and hopefully
    you have enough shotgun skill to use it. It will save your ass in these
    upcoming missions.
    *SECRET* The last secret of this mission is actually off to the left, behind
    the truck and the helicopter. Up in the northen corner behind the crates is a
    small amount of cash, as well as a manhole that leads to some more cash.
    When you finish everything, talk to Nick to get some blab about the cool
    assault truck and saving Kate. Walk into the green circle to end the mission.
        vii. Mission 7 (Locate 'ME2' Base)
    Monsters: 830
    Objectives: 1
    Secrets: 8
    Reward: none
    - Find the ME2 base
    Well I hope you are well equipped because you are gonna be without a shop for a
    while. For this mission you are driving for the most part. Hop into the car and
    drive forward. Wipe out the spiders and keep going north. A ways up on the left
    side of the road is a gas station with some crates filled with ammo. Continue
    forward and the enemies will start to get tougher. You'll notice some flying
    aliens. These mainly just hover in the air and spit acid at you. Continue up
    the road and you'll come across a barracade. On the left side is some crates
    with ammo and a little cash. When you reach the end of the road you'll be
    blocked by a tanker truck. Approach it to trigger a green arrow that points off
    to the side. Watch out for the urchins in the bushes as you drive around the
    *SECRET* Before returning to the pavement on the other end of this path, there
    is a small outcrop with cash in the bushes.
    *SECRET* Behind the tanker, which is now south of you, is a bunch of hidden
    ammo and armor.
    If you continue north, you will find that the road is once again blocked. A
    green arrow points to a side path on the right. They hid a bunch of urchins in
    the bushes here so try to avoid the spines as much as possible. My advice is to
    inch forward while shooting the sides of the path to blow up any pods that are
    hiding while leaving yourself plenty of distance between the spines. Keep
    following this path and you will come across 2 missle turrets.
    *SECRET* After taking out the turrets and the aliens guarding this particular
    area, you'll will come across a hidden 3-way, 2 ways are secret and 1 is the
    right way to go, which is lit of by a green arrow. The first secret path is to
    the left of these missle turret aliens. Get out of your truck (if it's safe)
    and follow this path into the bushes to find a ton of cash and a few pieces of
    *SECRET* Just before the green arrow there is a path to the south. Shoot up the
    urchins with your car gun, then follow the path. There is a small building on
    the left side that is being guarded by 5 or 6 urchins. In here there is cash,
    ammo, and the DOUBLE SHOTGUN RUIN, which is a nice gun that has a double shot
    before reload, but hopefully you will have a better shotgun by now.
    Keep following this area to the right and you'll be greeted by multiple missle
    turrets. If you can try to take them on one at a time or get them all together
    so that you aren't being hit by one while you are attacking another.
    *SECRET* If you keep going right, there is another small building to the south,
    also being guarded by exploding pods. Once they are dealt with, take all the
    cash and ammo stored here, as well as get a glimpse of the rad mazda parked
    near your location. zoom zoom!
    If you keep going north, you'll find that you are back on the main path, but a
    little further up than where you went down into this small circle. Keep
    following this path to the right, which is heavily guarded by urchins. Try to
    keep your distance while blowing them up. The path eventually curves north,
    then back left again. Keep blowing up the millions of plant pods and other 
    aliens until you make it back to the pavement again. There arrow tells you to
    go up, but actually head down first.
    *SECRET* Follow the paved road south, blowing up all the flying and shooting
    aliens. Once they are dealt with, you will eventually come across the blockade
    from before, but there are cop cars here. On the side of the south-left car is
    a box and a crate. The box has some ammo and the crate has a 1up in it. There
    is also a bit of cash hidden next to the car.
    Head back up north, following the green arrow and blowing shit up. From this
    point on you are gonna be dealing with flyers, plasma shooters, and the missle
    turrets in mass. Eventually you will see a green arrow pointing off to the left
    *SECRET* Before following the green arrow, go straight to the end of the
    pavement and there will be a parked car with the trunk open. Inside is a wad of
    Follow the green arrow into the bushes to once again be dealing with the
    millions of exploding urchins and other aliens. In case you didn't notice
    before, the spines hurt the aliens as well. A couple is enough to take out the
    flying ones. With your gattling gun with infinite ammo, however, it's not that
    important to know. Anyway, the path curves left so keep going and you will
    eventually come to a blockade of at least 6 missle turrets. Have fun blowing
    them all up and hopefully you'll take minimal damage if you can manage to
    gather them all together. Now here's the fun part. Before getting that secret
    off to the left side, you should take out the pulse rifle aliens first. They
    are the biggest badasses so far and I think they are the biggest non-boss enemy
    in the game. They take a lot to take out, even with your powerful gattling gun 
    and their shots do quite a bit of damage to your vehicle.
    *SECRET* With those two out of the way, you can now explode the alcove off to 
    the left side. The secret is in the upper corner, but there are also a few 
    things to get in the lower room like ammo and cash.
    With this last secret discovered you can now continue on the main path and exit
    the mission.
        viii. Mission 8 (Enter the ME2 Base)
    Monsters: 970+
    Objectives: 1
    Secrets: 6
    Reward: $10000
    - Find the main entrance
    Well this mission is pretty much the same as the last one, but you are closer
    than before and you are on foot, making this a tough mission to beat. From your
    starting point, blow up the crates which contain some ammo for you and a MEDKIT
    which you will likely need later on. Take out the spiders and continue on
    north, taking out the giant mob in the way. The suicide beetles are back from 
    one of the earlier missions. They are quick and they run up to you and explode.
    Anyway, follow this winding path and you'll come across more aliens. Follow the
    green arrows up to the doorway, watching out for the urchins. The spines are
    easier to dodge now that you are on foot. Genius Baker radios you and says the
    main door is blocked so you have to find another way in.
    - Find the Reserve Entrance
    With the main doors blocked, you have to find the other way in so head back
    down and take the path off to the right. There's a giant urchin nest here so 
    watch your step and take care when blowing them up. If you take the right path,
    you can find a crate with some ammo of all sorts next to a broken gun. Now take
    the south path and this is where things can get heavy. Walk down, blowing up
    the urchins in the bushes, and go over to the left side to pick up some ammo
    and a SMALL MEDKIT. Eventually you will trigger 3 teleportation units in this
    area. One pops up where you came from and two will pop up on the path you need
    to take. It may seem overwhelming, but I bought the JACKHAMMER SHOTGUN before 
    taking on this mission and this easily blew through them. Now you see why it's
    so good. It also takes out the missle turret aliens in a few blasts. Anyway,
    once you are done here, move on to the right, through a narrow pathway, and
    into a larger area with more alien scum. In the north area are some crates with
    ammo, as well as a path that goes up. If you follow it and go to the left
    you'll find those crates that were on the other side of the barracade with the
    broken gun. This may trigger a bunch of enemies to follow you up here. Follow
    the path straight across then go up to a small area with a broken building.
    Crack the crates open for some health and a ton of ammo.
    *SECRET* Inside this broken building is a manhole. In here is a generator which
    I have no idea what it does other than summon a crapload of enemies above
    *SECRET* There is a weak wall in here but be careful when blowing it up cuz
    there are explosive barrels in here as well. I blew those up too and took quite
    a bit fo damage. Follow this new path to boxes with a crapload of money.
    When you get everything head back out and go south to the large area that you
    came in. Once here, go backwards some and head to the south to a glob of aliens
    that are guarding a small area with a helipad platform in the middle. You may
    notice your health dropping quickly since the flying alien's acid does a good
    deal of damage. When you clear out these enemies, walk in a little to trigger
    a giant ambush from behind you. Another massive mob blockes the way out, but
    they make easy targets if you use the shotgun to mow them down. When they are
    gone it is safe to explore this area.
    *SECRET* On the left side of the H there is a set of boxes shaped like an X.
    Blow them up to uncover a manhole, as well as some health. Down the hole is a
    ton more ammo, as well as a DEFENDER BLUE armor set for you to wear.
    Back out on the helipad area, there are some crates in the bottom left corner
    with some cash and ammo.
    *SECRET* On the right side of this area is some bushes. In the corner some of
    them appear to be on fire. Walk to them to fall down another hole with another
    giant cash hoard. The two rooms under the helipad are connected by a weak wall.
    When you are done here, head back north to the giant area and continue to the
    right. THe path curves north then right again. You'll encouter a bunch of
    flyers and missle turrets along the way, as well as those nasty urchins.
    *SECRET* You will notice a black hole on the wall next to a light. In here is
    a little cash and a SLR 500 AUTO R5 rocket launcher. If you can use it great,
    if not it's worth a crapload of cash.
    Back on the main road you will be in front of the reserve exit, finally. Enter
    to get a radio from Baker telling you to find the elevator.
    - Find the elevator
    Walk forward and make a left and follow this path. These silver boxes are the
    new form of crate for this area. Shoot em open to get some ammo and a MEDKIT.
    Head down the stairs and you'll find the scrap remains of some robot. This is a
    hint of what awaits you in this large room. When you try to head for the door,
    the security locks you out and you will be attacked by 2 security robots, one
    after the other. They are no pushovers so you will need to hit them with
    everything you got or else they will kill you. When they are destroyed, the
    main door opens.
    *SECRET* The door where the second bot came from on the south side of the room
    has a bunch of cash against the wall.
    When you are ready, go through the door to the left. There are also boxes in
    each of the corners of this room full of ammo and health if you need them or
    can carry them. Follow the corridor to the elevator to end the mission.
        ix. Mission 9 (Deactivate the Defense System)
    Monsters: 858+
    Objectives: 1
    Secrets: 4
    Reward: $12000
    - Find the Security Computer
    Baker tells you that the security system is not under MAGMAs control anymore
    and you have to deactivate it. Lucky you. There is a shop to the right, so now
    would be a good time to sell your crap, buy more crap, and get going. If you
    can afford it, buy the CRAFT SP200. It's the last shotgun you'll need. It has
    excellent firepower and it fires very quickly. Also the implants may be better
    than what you have as well. When you are ready, go thorugh the doors on the
    right wall. The droids most likely have wiped out the aliens, but you have to
    wipe out the droids since they are against you too. When the two of them have
    been taken out, head to the south-left doorway to deal with alien brutes and
    shooters. If you bought that Shotgun I mentioned, they get blown to smitereens
    in just 1 shot! Keep following this hallway and you'll find a doorway at the
    end. To the left is a group of crates with ammo in it. In this room you will
    encounter another alien, the Bio-Spider. These things are like the suicide
    beetles, but they spit out an acid puddle that remains in the room for several
    seconds. Stand in these and your health will drain fast. They take quite a few
    shots to take out, but if you have the shotgun I told you to get, pretty much
    everything in this level will die in 1 hit. When you go through the doorway at
    the bottom, you'll be ambushed from behind as well as in front. Take to a
    corner and blow the crap out of everything. Keep going south, picking off
    aliens and crates along the way, until you reach a corner, where you will once
    again be attacked from both sides. Best thing to do is kill the enemies coming
    from where you just came from, then continue on. You'll come to a bigger area
    with all locked doors for the time being so follow the green arrow north. The
    path bends left and you will be attacked from behind again. Take care of it and
    keep going. You'll see the green arrows pointing right so follow them into
    another alien-infested complex.
    *SECRET* Finally a break in that longass paragraph. On the south side of this
    complex is an open door that leads to a bunch of crates with ammo, cash, and a 
    Continue up into another area with aliens of all sorts, then go through either
    doorway to reach the security computer. Wipe out the droids first then
    deactivate the system. Now the bots will magically ressurect themselves and
    they will be working for you. Out of nowhere a few teleportation units appear
    in the room above. With the help of the droids, go take them out.
    - Go to the main elevator
    With this threat dealt with, Baker says that MAGMA needs some data from the 
    research labs. You need to go to the main elevator to get there, but we aren't 
    done with this level yet.
    *SECRET* Now that all the doors are unlocked we can find everything we need to.
    There's room off ot the right side of this room with the units in them. Follow
    the corridor and take a right into the doorway. ther is an IMPLANT on the desk.
    From this room keep going right all the way to the bottom, then take a left at
    the corner and follow this corridor until you reach the large area with the
    previously locked doors.
    *SECRET* The door on the right is now unlocked so go on in. There's some mega
    aliens in here, including 2 Pulse Riflers. Take them out and take the power 
    ammo and the PULSE RIFLE off the desk. This is a very handy gun to use, and a 
    good replacement for the now useless freeze cannon. Just make sure you have 
    power cells for it. There is also a MEDKIT on one of the desks in here.
    *SECRET* When you are done in that last room, go back up and take the north
    door, which is also unlocked. In this little section are some crates with a big
    health and ammo and a very good IMPLANT. It is a single booster, but very high
    stats. Hopefully you get what you want on your first try, otherwise you'll have
    to redo the whole mission to get what you want, and I know I don't wanna go
    through that crap again.
    That was the last secret for this mission so head on back to the beginning of
    the level and head to the shop for one final buy/sell before ending your
        x. Mission 10 (Save Corporate Data)
    Monsters: 890+
    Objectives: 1
    Secrets: 1
    Reward: $20000
    -Download info from 5 computers
    Right when you start this mission, Baker tells you that the bots are now
    helping you out and they will help mow down the alien mobs. First thing you
    should do while the bots hold the aliens at bay is stop by the shop and either
    pick up some new implants or a new armor piece. You shouldn't need any new
    weapons if you are using the CRAFT SP200 shotgun. When you are finished,
    proceed down the hallway where you'll likely find a mass of alien blood. These
    bots don't follow you, and all but the left hallway are blocked off so proceed
    left. Go down this hallway and through the security gate at the end. Baker 
    gives you some useless info about how the researchers tried to open gates to
    other dimensions and succeeded. Move on towards the south and a bot will meet
    up with you from a eastern hallway and go down into the room below. In here is
    1 of the 5 computers to download from so do that while the bot takes on the
    aliens. You have to stand still in the ? for the data to download. If you move,
    the data will stop downloading, but will pick up where you left off when you
    move back. 
    - Find the remaining computers
    After that's finished, follow the security bot out to the east. There is
    another computer in here so download the next set of data either before or
    after picking off the remaining aliens. Follow the green arrow to the south
    afterwards to the next computer, as well as a computer to give you extra data.
    When you're done here, go back up to the previous room and head east. There is
    a teleportation unit in here so kill that first then kill everything else
    before downloading the computer data. After that move north to find another
    regen unit with a crapload of aliens. There is nothing in this room of any
    importance so finish the aliens and move to the left.
    *NOTE* If you noticed throughout the level there are metal crates that can be
    broken by gunfire. In one of the boxes I picked up a DESERT EAGLE, but by this 
    point there are more powerful pistols that you can buy at the store, like the
    GLK P5 (current handgun)
    In this room in the bottom there is a generator with a target sign. Blow this
    up to deactivate the security gates. You gain exp for blowing it up, as well as
    knocking out all the power in this area.
    *SECRET* The only secret in this level is to the left of the generator machine.
    Go thorugh the open doorway (not the one with the arrow) and take a right into
    the northern room. In here is a LASER RIFLE as well as an IMPLANT on the dead
    body. This rifle fires a laser in short intervals, but for me the PULSE RIFLE
    is a better choice.
    When you are done here, take the north door out and head to the right. You'll
    see a green arrow pointing the way. The door that was blocked off before at the
    very end is now open and blocked by two missle turrets. Your bot friends likely
    won't survive against them so you'll have to take them out. In this next area
    to the right is another regen unit. Blow up the aliens and keep on going to the
    right. There's only one way out of this next area and it's to the right. You
    may be accompanied by a few bots along the way. When you get to an area where
    you can go into a north/south room, go north to pick up a MEDKIT. To the south
    is a wall health pack that you can use to regenerate your health. Keep going
    right to take on a Pulse Rifler blocking access to the last computer. When the
    data is finished, you can press spacebar to end the mission.
    *NOTE* This DATA DISK you are carrying stays in your inventory until the end of
    the game.
        xi. Mission 11 (Destroy Experiment Capsules)
    Monsters: 1163+
    Objectives: 1
    Secrets: 5
    Reward: $30000
    -Switch off electric power
    Head to the shop to get rid of extra stuff as well as browse the inventory.
    Baker says that MAGMA wants you to get rid of any trace of this disaster by
    blowing up their 5 capsules. Head to the south and you can go either left or
    right, they lead to the same area. All the doors are locked so head into the
    center room, grab the MEDKIT off the table to the right, and you get to take
    control of the security bot in the room to the south. Fun beans. As a drone,
    you cannot pick up any items and maneuverability is a bit weird. You move via
    the jet pack and it moves kinda like the ship in asteroids. Anyway, go south
    and to the left since the right is blocked off. After this it's all north
    moving. There are lots of aliens in this stretch, but you have a rapid fire
    machine gun so it's easy to mow them down, but proceed slowly anyway so you
    don't end up floating into a mob. Also, the bio-spiders fire acid from a
    distance so be careful not to float in the puddles. When you get to the
    northern most room there is a generator in the north corner guarded by a missle
    turret. Blow them up and proceed to the right, then go south. Keep going south
    until you get to a room with two generators. Blow them up to knock out the
    power and control will go back to you.
    *SECRET* Upon exiting the room, go south to where the drone started and there
    is a cache of ammo and a LARGE MEDKIT in the right corner.
    *SECRET* Follow the drone path south, left, then north and there will be two
    doorways, one left and one right. You'll also be ambushed by a crapload of
    bio-spiders. Take the right doorway for some cash.
    *SECRET* Take the left doorway for an ION RIFLE. You may not be able to use it
    if you don't have enough skill points.
    Back on the main drone path, continue to the north and go right one room to be
    completely bombarded by missle turrets left and right, as well as plasma
    shooters and bio spiders. Fight your way to the north and blow up the two
    capsules. After that, go back down to the south and head right. Keep fighting
    right and blow up another capsule against the right wall. From here, take the
    southern path and go down two rooms.
    *SECRET* There is a doorway to the right. In this room is a DEFENDER BLUE armor
    and a BT-3 RIFLE.
    Exit the room and continue to the south. You'll come across another missle
    turret. Go to the right and blow up the last capsule. Baker is proud of your
    success and give you info about Kate's location. Remember her? He says she's
    deep within a mine facility with all these other aieln bastards and he asks
    that you save her. There is one more secret to find so don't exit the mission
    *SECRET* Okay this may be a little confusing to follow but from your current
    location, go back out of the capsule room to the hallway and go north through a
    doorway. Then take a left and go through to the next room. There is a cache of
    weapons and whatnot all over the floor, including a GRENADE LAUNCHER RG-6.
    *NOTE* If you can, walk back to the shop before you leave the level. There 
    won't be an opportunity to dump your stuff for a while.
        xii. Mission 12 (Make Your Way Through the Mine)
    Monsters: 1519+
    Objectives: 1
    Secrets: 5
    Reward: $40000
    -Locate the Main Gate
    Had to redo the last mission because I didn't go to the shop before I exited
    and ran out of space. Anyway, if you head north from the start, Baker says to
    find the main gate and he'll provide backup. Also to the north is a green arrow
    pointing right. Follow it to a warehouse.
    *SECRET* Before going inside the warehouse, head around to the left side.
    There's a pile of cash towards the back.
    Inside the warehouse is a tank. I strongly suggest you take it before
    continuing north. It is armed with only one weapon, and that is a nuke. It
    takes a while to reload but it does a LOT of damage. You can also just run
    everything over as well. Head out of the warehouse and follow the tire tracks
    to the north. When you get to a couple of parked trucks, you will be ambushed
    from behind by all kinds of aliens, including missle turrets.
    *SECRET* Past this truck area is a small bend to the left and straight up.
    There's a small building here. Leave your tank and explore the back to find a
    bunch of ammo.
    Back in your tank, proceed to the right. You will once again be ambushed from
    behind. Follow this path around and up to the northwest, past a small house and
    a broken backo. This tire track path is straight forward without many places to
    go off the path.
    *SECRET* Continue following this tire path until you pass through what looks
    like a gate. There is a small path to the right and a hole in the fence with a
    cache of boxes full of ammo, and a FLAMETHROWER GH5. It has very poor attack
    power, but it's fun to set your enemies on fire.
    *SECRET* Just north of where you left your tank is another cache of ammo.
    Get back to your tank and proceed forward to trigger a massive ambush. As you
    move forward, the alien hoards get bigger. You must be close to where you need
    to be. Unfortunately, this junkyard is as far as your tank can go. There is a
    fence blocking the way so that you have to leave your tank to continue. The
    path left is closed off, so head right. Baker says you need to get a battery to
    use the platform on the track. Lucky you the battery is just inside this
    *SECRET* Before grabbing the battery, shoot the pile of boxes to reveal a pipe.
    Follow the path underneath, picking up the gold bar along the way, to get to an
    ammo cache.
    Head back to the battery, grab it, and use the platform to complete the mission.
        xiii. Mission 13 (Explore the Mines)
    Monsters: 1224+
    Objectives: 1
    Secrets: 3
    Reward: $50000
    -Explore the Mines
    Baker informs you that this is the core of MAGMA's research and a bunch of
    other unnecessary crap about how they plyed God and it didn't go unnoticed.
    Also Kate is depending on you to get her out, if she's still alive. There's
    also a shop here. When you are ready, follow the narrow path to the right. Go
    to the right side of the coal carts and continue south, triggering a massive 
    alien attack. This place is rather weird since you can go multiple ways. For
    guide purposes I'll start with the south path. Hug the wall and you'll move to
    a larger area to the south.
    *SECRET* In the southern most corner there are some cash piles.
    Head to the right since this is dead ended. There is a regen unit here so take
    care of it and head down to the south. Follow this twisty path down and to the
    right to come across an alien barracade in front of a small arch. Take the 
    right path to come up to a room full of aliens as well as 2 regen units. (the
    left path from the arch is actually where you would come from if you chose the
    upper path at the beginning of this mission) 
    *SECRET* Keep going to the right in this area with the regen units and in the
    southern corner next to a rock drill is a cash cache.
    If you keep following the path right, it will loop upward to a central room 
    with all kinds of aliens, as well as multiple regen units. Head north and 
    around a rock pillar to the west.
    *SECRET* There is another rock arch with a bunch of aliens, including missle
    turrets, blocking the entrance. There is also a regen unit in here. Once you
    kill everything, your reward is a bunch of ammo.
    From the central room again, head to the right to find a green arrow, as well
    as 2 Pulse Riflers guarding the exit. Kill them to find an alien like door.
    Baker tells you this must be the main entrance and you need explosives to open
    the door. From this area, head south through a small gap to another room filled
    with alien spiders. In the upper corner there is some ammo in wooden crates.
    The dynamite is in the bottom part with a bunch more ammo and an IMPLANT. Go
    back north and place the dynamite. Baker tells you that you're heading into 
    hostile territory, but that's a given.
        xiv. Mission 14 (Rescue Kate)
    Monsters: 2406+
    Objectives: 2
    Secrets: none
    Reward: $70000
    -Find the first Ant Queen
    -Destroy the eggs
    From now on you will be prompted at the beginning of each mission with the shop
    so this will be your only chance to get and dump stuff. Anyway, once you leave
    the shop, the army guys that followed you in will start shooting at aliens.
    This mission has two objectives, the secondary being shoot the eggs. You'll 
    find mounds of these all over this area. They also show up on your radar (if 
    you bought one) as yellow dots. The first area of eggs is off to the right in
    the south. When you are done, follow the green arrow to the north. Your army
    friends may either die or leave you in the dust if you don't keep up with them,
    either way they are quite useless. There is an ammo cache here, as well as a 
    plethora of the exploding beetles that we haven't seen for a long while. They
    are all over this area as well. If you continue to the north, you'll find more 
    of the alien eggs, as well as the Ant Queen. This is the first real boss. 
    Basically she either spits acid pools at you or sends out some of the exploding
    beetles. She also swats you if you get too close. I reccommend using your most
    powerful weapon against her and focus on her, not the beetles. Also, scattered
    about the area are ammo crates, a MEDKIT, as well as a super health and an
    armor regen so no need to worry about running low on whatever. When she goes
    down, blow up the eggs in this area and head back out to the west. Move over to
    the south side and you will notice some spiked rocks in the ground, these
    retract so you can continue on.
    -Find the Second Ant Queen
    In this next area, there is an ammo cache to the south of you location, as well
    as a bunch of eggs. There are also huge quantities of aliens in this area.
    Moving on to the right you will run across a Pulse Rifler, backed up by 2 or 3
    missle turrets and multiple plasma shooters. Shoot the eggs and move right 
    until you reach a spiked gate, which will lower for you to move on. To the 
    right is an ammo cache, as well as a few other weapons/armor you can pick up 
    like the LASER MINIGUN, and a BLOCKER armor. There's a MEDKIT here as well if
    you are running low on health. Continue on to the north to be ambushed from 
    behind by exploding beetles and in front by all kinds of turrets and plasma 
    shooters. You can't continue to the right because the path is blocked so head
    north to face a barrage of enemies. There are also hundreds of the beetles that
    swarm you from in front and behind, and they bring a whole line up of turrets
    with them. To the right is where the ant queen is, as well as 2 or 3 Pulse 
    Riflers. Kill the riflers first and then kill the ant queen. When you are done,
    take out the eggs and move back to where the spiked gate was.
    -Find the Third Ant Queen
    When you get to the spiked gate, it will lower, allowing you to move on through
    the narrow winding path to the south. It's easy to mow down the enemies because
    of the narrow gap. When you get to the open room, there are a few egg clusters
    to the right and to the left, as well as a spiked gate. The arrow points south,
    which is where the third queen is. She's accompaied by a few pulse riflers. a
    bunch of missle turrets, and an ambush from behind. Take them all out to lower
    the spike gate.
    -Find the main gate
    That's the last of the ant queens. All that's left is to find the main gate, as
    well as the last of the alien eggs. Proceed to the spiked gate. Past it is the
    last small cluster of eggs. Shoot it for a crapload of exp. Upwards towards the
    north is another huge cache of weapons, ammo, etc. There is also a CRAFT S-100
    shotgun here. This is the second best shotgun in the game. If you haven't been
    carrying the SP200 then this should be the shotgun to use (if you are using
    shotguns). Past the spiked gate is the alien's last attempt to stop you. Finish
    them all off and head to the right. The leader of the aliens says he wants the
    data disk, but Baker doesn't want you to give it to him. Now you hvae to make a
    choice: Save Kate, or give Baker the disk.
    *NOTE* You can choose the ending you get right here. If you go back to where
    you came from, you'll see a ? on the ground. If you step on it, Leader gets 
    pissed and send a plethora of regen units to kill you. There are at least 8 of
    them that spew out all kinds of enemies. After you manage to wipe them out,
    you'll be prompted again to either give the disk to the alien Leader, or to
    Baker. If you choose to give it to Baker, aka going back to the ?, the game
    will end with Baker being proud that you gave the disk to him. This is actually
    the bad ending of the game so if you want the good ending then go through the
    cave to save Kate.
        xv. Mission 15 (Rescue Kate Lia)
    Monsters: 547+
    Objectives: 1
    Secrets: none
    Reward: $300000
    -Rescue Kate Lia
    Baker is totally pissy now that you've decided to defy him and keep the data
    disk. He takes it anyway, but he reveals that he wants to control the massive
    alien army. You can't let him get away with that can you? Up ahead is a bunch
    of crates full of ammo and stuff, as well as a super health. Past that is where
    you find Baker, and he wants to kill you! Kick his ass, or else you get the bad
    ending again. He has a fast triple fire pistol that can do some serious damage
    to you, but if you are using the CRAFT SP200 he goes down in about 5 shots.
    Kinda pathetic. Anyway, your objective is to save Kate. There is a spiked gate
    that lowers to allow you to face the Alien Commander.
    This is it! The final boss fight. It's really not that much different from any
    other part of this game. Hundreds of aliens of all types swarm you as the
    Commander laughs at your pitiful attempt to stop his army, and he wants your
    data disk. Only advice is don't get overrun by the missle turrets, try to take 
    them on one at a time to minimize damage. The Commander is in the eastern most
    corner of this area and boy is he big! At first he is just an enlarged version
    of the Pulse Rifler, but it takes a while to take him down. To make matters
    worse, when you wipe out the lesser aliens in the area, he summons a bunch of
    regen units to usher in another huge mass of aliens. They eventually stop
    coming if you manage to wipe them all out. After you take down the Commander's
    health about a third, he switches to close combat mode by changing his arms
    into claws. When you take down his health again, he gets really pissed and
    turns into a tank. His attacks do massive damage to you so try to finish him 
    off as quickly as possible while doing your best to dodge his bullets. Once he 
    dies, you're asked to find Kate, who is waiting for you back where the
    commander was first at. Follow the path behind the spiked wall, which leads to
    Kate's dead body. Congrats, you beat Alien Shooter: Vengeance!  
    IX. Miscellaneous
    Here's where all the "after game" stuff is at.
        i. Survival Mode
    For survival mode, you are thrown into a given environment and you have to
    fight off the aliens until you die. There are two modes.
        A. Career Mode
    In this mode you start out with basically nothing except a pistol and some 
    ammo, as well as 3 lives. The enemies come at you in small groups, like 1 or 2
    at a time, and they start with the weakest ones first. As you kill them, you
    gain experience, which gives you a x3 to add to your skill traits, which are
    quite limited here. You get health, accuracy, speed, self heal, fast shooter,
    and defense. As you increase your level, you can use more weapons like shotgun,
    machine guns, etc. Depending on your level determines how good the weapon is.
    As you kill more, the aliens come in bigger groups and more difficult to kill.
    There are also a slew of items to help you, which the aliens drop randomly
    after you kill them. Mainly they are health and ammo. The unique items are:
    - Nuke: It looks like a bomb. Pick this up to drop bombs on the location where
    you picked it up.
    - Minimize: Shows an alien with arrows point at it. This shrinks all the aliens
    on screen.
    - Freeze: Looks like a snowflake. Freezes all the aliens on screen.
    More to come if I get farther than level 2.
       B. Stand Firm Mode
    This mode is completely different from Career Mode. You only get one life, and
    enemies come at you from many directions. You earn way more points for kills,
    but you only get one weapon to start with. To get more weapons, you must defeat
    the large enemy that comes on screen, which turns red to indicate a boss enemy.
    With your measly weapons it will take a while to kill. There is also unlimited
    ammo, which may not help you much if the enemies gang up on you. For each boss
    you kill, you get a firearm from each category, and each time you kill a boss,
    more enemies appear on the screen. Also, the smaller enemies stop spawning when
    a boss is present.
        ii. MultiPlayer
    Not much to say here. You basically find a server to play on with other people, 
    or create your own and have people play with you. It's survival mode with other
    players, or a deathmatch against your teammates.
        iii. Cheats
    For those of you that want to take the easy road. There aren't that many that
    I know of but from what I've seen on some websites, these are the ones you can
    use ingame:
    - cheata: Gives 1000 ammo
    - cheate: Skips a level. Type it out while in the game to make it work.
    - cheatm: $50k money, only one I've used ingame.
    - cheats: Run faster.
    - cheath: Gain 1000 health
    - cheatw: all weapons
    There is also an out-of-game cheat as well. This is thanks to
    BladeRunnerCutter's FAQ. 
    Basically you can open your character file text in the program folder where 
    your alien shooter vengeance game is saved at. You need at least 1 save file 
    for the files to edit to be present. The location of the files is as follows 
    (assuming you installed the game to your C drive):
    C Drive >Program Files >Alien Shooter: Vengeance >Run >Saves >Profile(#)
    When you get to this point, there will be a lot of files in the folder
    depending on where you are. The files you are interested in are the .cfg files
    that have the lone number, no added text to the name. Next thing you should do
    is make a copy of your highest number, just in case you want to go back. This
    file is your character's traits, as well as the inventory you have at the point
    of the mission start. You can edit any of your skills; health, armor, shotgun,
    machine gun, and so on. The max number is 200, and only edit the number, not 
    the name. It also lists the 8 perks you can get. Only edit the one you are 
    using, and the max number is also 200. You can give yourself x amount of money
    as well. The last part is a bit trickier. There is a line that says INV_WEAPON 
    1. You can plug in a handgun here, and make an INV_WEAPON for each weapon slot.
    you can also add INV_ARMOR and put what armor piece you want to have. An
    example is Inv: INV_WEAPON_1=Pistol_GLK<0,0>. This will put the GLK Handgun in 
    your inventory. Just replace the number with 2, 3, 4, or 5 to indicate which
    weapon slot, and replace the text with a shotgun, minigun, Rocket/Grenade, or 
        iv. Enemies
    This is a list of all the enemies and bosses in the game. Also note that for
    the most part, you fight these enemies/bosses in large groups so expect to have 
    more than the one type of enemy against you.
    - Spiders: These are the weakest enemies in the game. They die after one or two
    shots. They come in small, medium, and large.
    - Urchins: These are plant pods that explode when you get too close. They fire
    spines in random directions. Take about 2-3 shots to kill. They fire spines
    when you shoot them.
    - Slugs: They are the slowest enemies in the game, but they have a good 
    defense. They take 2-3 shots to kill. They come in small, medium, and large.
    - Beetles: Annoying little bitches. They are small, fast little buggers that 
    run up to you and self destruct at your feet. They come in red and green. Die
    in 1 shot, or by self destructing.
    - Crawlers: These guys crawl up to you and try to bat you with their spiked
    tails. Come in small, medium, and large. Die in 3-4 hits.
    - Sickle Slashers: They walk on two legs and try to slash you apart with their
    sickle arms. Come in Small, medium, and large. Die in 5 or more hits.
    - Brutes: These are the larger aliens. They take quite a few hits to take out
    and come in small, medium, and large. Die in 15-20 or more hits.
    -Fish: Found only in the flooded base level. They come in red and green, and
    spit acid at you. Die in 3-4 hits.
    - Scorpions: Similar to the Crawlers, except they come close to you and spit a
    toxic gas at you that can drain your health quickly. Die in 10 or more hits and
    come in red and green.
    - Plasma Shooters: These are the first of the arsenal based aliens. Sickle
    Slashers armed with plasma cannons. They come in small, medium, and large. Die
    in 10 or more hits.
    - Missle Turrets: Brutes armed two with missle launchers. These are among the
    toughest enemies in the game because of how long it takes to kill them, as well
    as how many there are in one place. Using a powerful weapon, it takes about 30
    or more shots just to destroy their missle turrets and armor. It takes and 10 
    to kill them.
    - Bats: Aliens that fly over you and spit acid. It may take 10 or more shots to
    blow them out of the sky depending on how accurate your shot is.
    - Pulse Riflers: Strongest non-boss enemy in the game. They are oversized
    aliens armed with two pulse rifle cannons. They are also more durable than the
    Missle Turret aliens. They are usually found by themselves, sometimes partnered
    up. Takes more than 50 shots to knock out one cannon, and another 20 to kill
    - Bio-Spiders: These mechanic arachnids are armed with a toxic spit that
    creates an acid pool on he floor that quickly drains your health if you stand
    in it. The puddle also lingers for a good 2 minutes. Takes 10-20 shots to kill.
    Comes in small, medium, and large sizes.
    - Teleportation Units: These don't attack you, but they spawn 5 random enemies
    at a time. If there is more than 1 in a room, then multiple enemies will spawn
    and there is no end until you destroy these things. They are blue pods with a
    spider-like look and a light in the middle. They take 30 or more shots to
    - Ant Queen: First Boss you come against way late in the game. She spawns the
    exploding beetles from her abdomen, as well as create multiple pools of acid
    that are hard to avoid. There are 3 altogether in the second-to-last mission.
    They take 30+ shots of the strongest shotgun to kill.
    - General Baker: Yes it turns out that Baker had his own plans from the very
    beginning, which don't include you. baker is the only guy you fight against one
    on one. He is armed with a triple shot GLK pistol, which can do serious damage
    if you aren't careful. Good news is he dies rather quickly. It only two about 3
    shots of my strongest shotgun to off him.
    - Alien Commander: The final fight. He is like the Pulse Rifler, only much
    bigger. He is also armed with multiple weapons. His first form really is an
    oversized Pulse Rifler. It takes 30 or more shots from my strongest shotgun to
    take him down a third of his health. When he drops a third, he switches to
    melee combat, growing claws of steel on his arms to beat the crap out of you
    with. Another 30+ shots to drop him down another third. In his last form, he
    turns into a tank, armed with a very powerful turret with a high rate of fire.
    Another 30+ shots to kill him.
        v. Items
    Other than the ammo, weapons, and other items that you can buy, there are also
    a few items scattered about the field that can help you out that don't appear
    in the item shop.
    - 1-up: Gives you an extra life in case you die. You can have up to 5 of these.
    - Ammo Crate: Gives you multiple ammos.
    - Small Health: Gives you 10 health.
    - Medium Health: Gives you 50 health.
    - Super Health: Gives you 100 health.
    - Armor Shield: Boosts your current armor piece back to 100%.
        vi. Endings
    This game has two endings. Don't read if you don't want to be spoiled.
       Bad Ending
    You have the opportunity to choose your ending at the end of mission 14. The
    DATA DISK you carry from mission 10 plays a major role in what ending you get.
    When you reach the end of mission 14, the Alien Commander wants the data disk
    in exchange for kate's life. Baker says that you can't let the disk fall into
    enemy hands and that you should give the disk to him. If you choose to give the
    disk to Baker, he's proud that you gave the disk to him and wants you to go
    kill the alien scum.
    Unfortunately, your game ends here. You don't get to fight the Alien Commander.
    This ending tells you that Baker tried to escape the facility with the data
    disk, but was unable to get out alive. With the Alien Commander still in
    charge, it wasn't long before he and his army took over the planet and
    annihiliated the human race.
       Good Ending
    In mission 14, the alternate choice is to go through the cave to save Kate. 
    This pisses Baker off and he wants to forcefully take the disk from you in 
    Mission 15. You end up killing him, and fighting the Alien Commander, who
    doesn't think you stand a chance. When you kill him, you can go and find Kate,
    who actually does end up dead. The Commander was using her as bait to get you
    to give him the data disk, even though she would be dead if you gave it to him
    Despite Kate dying, this is actually the good ending. With the Alien Commander
    dead, the human race stood a chance at breaking up the alien armies that were
    left over. The Data Disk ended up being destroyed so that no one person could
    organize an army of this magnitude again.
        vii. Game Script
    For the hell of it, I decided to put the game script in as well. If you are
    interested in the storyline of the game, then this will be what it's about. 
    It may not be in order. NOTE: I got bored with writing it so its only partially
    complete. Here's a rough sketch of what is said throughout the game:
    This is the memo you get before the game starts:
    From: M.A.G.M.A. Energy Corporation
    To: <PlayerName>
    Date: 2027.09.11
    M.A.G.M.A. Energy Corporation, leader of many things energetical, is
    pleased to inform you that your presence has been requested at a 
    situation in our California offices. 
    Recent, very large and severe openings in our staff has demanded that we 
    acquire your services immediately. One half of the fee you indicated 
    previously has been deposited in your bank account, with the other half 
    delivered upon you surviving. By "you surviving," we mean job completion,
    of course.
    Consider yourself to be an employee of M.A.G.M.A. Corporation, in an 
    'at-will' state; you may terminate your employment at any time, and
     your work with us reserves the right to terminate you as well. 
    M.A.G.M.A. Energy Corporation has enclosed directions to our scenic 
    facility where you will be working. General Baker, on loan from the US 
    Army, will meet you there with his team and will introduce you to your 
    first assignment with us. Good luck, and welcome to M.A.G.M.A. Corporation!
    NOTICE: The information contained in this e-mail & any accompanying
    attachment(s) is intended only for the use of the intended recipient(s) 
    and is confidential and privileged. By opening this e-mail, you refuse
    the right to indemnify M.A.G.M.A. Energy Corporation in any situation
    that results in your death, mutilation, dismemberment, disembowelment,
    burning, disintegration, or frying; the act of being digested or swallowed
    by any living or non-living entity; and any allergies you may have
    to internal fluids or organs.
       Mission 1
    *At the Front Gate*
    General Baker via walkie-talkie: "This is General Baker. Good to hear you after
    all this time, wish the circumstances were better. My men are inside the base,
    but the entrance gate is blocked."
    "The M.A.G.M.A. team that was here earlier operated from a garage back off the
    main road behind you. They told me they left a cache of dynamite there."
    *After getting the dynamite*
    General Baker: "Alright. Place the explosives at the gate and blow it up. Don't
    forget to fall back a safe distance."
    *After getting into the base*
    General Baker: "Good job entering the base, now head for the elevator."
    "Damnit! The elevator is blocked. Try to activate it. We need you in here!"
    *before activating the elevator*
    Computer voice: "Security system: Status, active. Access denied."
    *after activating the elevator*
    Computer: "Security system: Status, active. Access open."
       Mission 2
    *Entering the base*
    General Baker in person: "About time you showed up. My boys are in trouble in
    the base quarters. Get down there and do what you can to extract them." 
    "Take this access card. It will get you into the arsenal."
    "If you need more weapons, use the TLS-Computer to buy anything you want; but
    for Christ's sake, get what you need quickly and don't window shop!"
    "The base quarters are down the corridor on the left side."
    *Upon entering the base quarters*
    Soldiers: "Come in base! Get us the hell outta here now!!"
    *Upon finding Nicholas*
    Nick: "God! It's good to see another human being. I thought nobody would find
    me in here."
    "Forget the keypad. These...things have somehow shorted the system."
    "Find the transformer area behind the dining room."
    "Flip the main switch to restore power in this sector."
    *After flipping switch*
    Soldier: "The door's unlocked. Everybody inside!"
    *Meeting up wiith Nick*
    Soldier: "Base wants us scarce. Get the hell out!"
    "Keep it together damnit! Hold your ground!
    "Nicholas has to get back alive. Form around him and keep these bloody things
    "There's too many!"
    "Move it! Let's roll. Move move move!"
    Nick: "I'll try to open it." (the locked door)
    Soldier: "Oh...Oh my god! We're picking up a big ass push on the scope. There's
    too many of these damn things to count!"
    "This sector's clear. Let's go!"
    *Escaping the base*
    Kate: "Good to see you alive. Let's get the hell out of here."
    "Stay where you are!"
    "Nicholas. Check the security system."
    Nick: "Okay."
    "Crap. Someone's blocked the sector controls and is operating the system
    "I need a little time to block the signal. Wait here."
    *Attack begins*
    Kate: "Get back. Get back!"
    Nick: "Almost there."
    *random quotes*
    Computer: "Room 03, open."
    "No access."
    "Access denied. Access card required."
    "Access denied. Personnel access card required."
    "Access denied. Andrew Varapayev's access card required."
    "Access denied. Dario Argento's access card required." (the txt document says
    something else)
    "Room #1, open. Room #2, open."
       Mission 3
    *Back at base, before meeting Baker*
    Soldier: "Psst. Hey. I can't take it much longer."
    "Got a smoke?"
    *give cigs*
    Soldier: "Thanks pal. This will keep me warm and healthy."
    "Here. It looks like you can use implants. Take this one I found, I can't use
    it anyway. Thanks again mate."
    "Thanks again! You saved my ass. *cough cough*"
    *Meeting room*
    General Baker: "Excellent work!"
    "The base looks like a slaughterhouse. We have to know what the hell is going
    on. I need you to do recon work for me."
    "Go to see what you can pry out of the office sectors here. There should be
    plenty of administrative computers around. Whatever hit these people hit em
    fast and hard."
    "Kate Lia, one of my computer experts, will accompany you on this mission.
    She's waiting for you in the hallway. Good luck."
    *Talk to Nick*
    Nick: "Thank you. That improves our situation considerably."
    "We just managed to finish when the damn doors closed, trapping us. Hope
    there's another way out."
    "I'm Nicholas, one of general Baker's engineers."
    "Listen, there's a generator complex in the office area."
    "If you can find a reserve generator stabalizer, I'll be able to make something
    for you that will kick some serious ass."
    "I think the stabalizer is somewhere in the left part of the office sector."
    Kate: "Hey there! Name's Kate. Follow me."
    *Office Complex*
    Kate: "Open." (door)
    "Look what those maggots have done with the place."
    "Watch out!"
    "I'll open this gate through the security terminal."
    "The doors inside can only be operated from here. I'll open them one at a time
    so they don't run you down in there."
    "Once clear, head straight for the main office. Good luck."
    *Going thorugh the office complex*
    Kate via walkie talkie: "Watch yourself. I'm opening the first sector."
    "Nice work. I'm now opening the second sector."
    "What a freakin mess. Alright, time for the third sector."
    "Okay. I'm opening the door to sector four now. Watch out in there. The lights
    aren't working."
    "Wow! That's one way to clear a room. Now, there's just the manager's office
    left. Enter it from the main corridor."
    "Kill the rest of the aliens so we can get the hell outta here."
    X. Credits + Copyrights
    Before I forget, this guide is copyrighted to me since I wrote it. If you wish
    to use it on your website, please ask me first via my e-mail. This guide is
    meant to be used to help you through the game, so don't sell it or pass it off
    as your own. Credits go to whoevermade this awesome game. That's it for now!

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