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"Been there done that"

In this day and age, what first person shooter players want most of all is a good, well-balanced game. We want it to have a good story that keeps you hinged on what will happen in the next 5 minutes. We want a good look to the game. We want a good feel to the game where everything runs smoothly. We want variety and we want originality. Alpha Prime fails to deliver on many of these counts.

Sure, it looks okay but it isn't as detailed as the more popular shooter's. Then again, those of us with less than perfect hardware may like this game because it does not need that much speed to play on high textures. There isn't anything altogether wrong with the levels or the textures, apart from the fact that they are repeated, and repeated, and repeated. One thing that bothered me was the lighting in this game. Many lights were far too bright, so much so that you could barely see the commandos shooting at you.

Variety, well...the levels are all pretty much the same. The battle sequences are all pretty much the same as well. The RCom, a system that allows you to manipulate some devices, does add an element of fun in the early to middle parts of the game. The long periods of time on the asteroid's surface with draining oxygen is something I haven't come across in a long while also.

On the weapon side of things, the weapons array in this game was as basic as you can get. A hammer, pistol, shotgun, machine gun, sniper, rocket launcher, flamethrower and grenades. Machine gun and grenades being the far too superior weapons. A tip I learned far too late in the game. Use leaning! Lean around the corners! You will find yourself dying very quickly if you enter a room with only 1 gun and 5 enemies.

The thing I liked most about Alpha Prime was its complicated and adult storyline, rarely seen in shooters these days. I also liked the music and ambient sounds. I felt the direct sounds such as weapons and AI noises were fairly basic however, but not too much so.

This game could have been so much more if it wasn't so mainstream. Hopefully, the creators can pull another game that rights all the wrongs in this game. I will be looking forward to their next publication. I recommend this game to another with an average system who wants to play on high settings or to someone who likes a good story.


Gameplay: 4
Graphics: 6
Sound: 7
Story: 8
Overall: 6

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 08/26/07

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