Rapelay arousal meter in the train with the girl in blue, cannot get it go up?

  1. sssssssss sss Constantly, the blue dress girl is being aroused in the train but the arousal meter does not go up at all, and cannot get the train to stop to go to the next level, whats going on, very fraustrating purchases customers ?


    ZSSSSSSSSSSS - 8 years ago

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  1. During the first encounters with the girls you will not be able to max the arousal bars. For these grope the girl in various ways and keep trying to click ( grope ) right in front of the groin. When a hand appears over the groin ( not the thighs ) move the mouse down toward the hem of the skirt and click and drag upward to raise the skirt. With her panties exposed you can now grope the groin , moving the hand down and click ( and rub ) to make her arousal bar rise faster. After the girls are "broken" and training begins you will be able to bring her to orgasm on the train.

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  1. Well , u cant do it when you met her for the first time......
    Arouse and rape all of the girls then u will be taken to a screen called training mode,in which that u can do whatever u want wif those three.... Chikan mode(arouse mode) can then be fill till top bar but i am not sure wif rape mode......

    User Info: Kazekuiga

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  2. I finally found how u can maximize in rape mode. Simply keep raping in different style. It will eventually rise the bar up.....

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  3. In the very first encounters with Manaka, Yuko, and Aoi, their arousal bars cannot be maxed out. Once they are raised to a certain level (roughly half way between the half and the full), the scene changes automatically.

    After all of them have been raped, the game leads to the H-scene selection screen. From this point on, their arousal bars can be raised to the max, although it takes a bit of trial and error to get the hang of it. In the groping mode, fondling beneath the undies raises the arousal bar much faster than just petting the breasts without running the hand underneath the shirt. As for the 2P mode, a single sex act is not going to max out the arousal bar. Two or even three different sexual acts may be required before the girl goes over the edge.

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