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Ran Online is a 3-d free to play mmorpg made by min communication of Korea.
Ran Online has unique setting of the game where game's setting where 4 campus is protected by force field from corruptions outside the campus
This game is mostly played by users who lives in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam or Phillipines.

*Graphics 3/10

*The Graphic seems to be outdated for a PC game, it looks similar to Dreamcast games or late-Playstation games which is ok but not really a good thing for PC games that are released in late 2000s.

*Game play 2/10

the game play is actually not that bad for free-to-play mmorpgs released from Korea, the leveling of the game isn't that hard compared to games like Flyff or Rose Online. However character stats is unbalanced due to how you would need to invest most if not all, to one stat to get a skill you like, this game is also far from hack and slash due to how game requires you to use a skill to deal more damage to an enemy, which can be good thing but also a bad thing due to expanse of the potions.
Like most free mmorpgs, you will spend most of time leveling up your character with low drop rate and low exp in ran online.

The game also requires you to pay to open a shops at market section of the game, which to me is absurd due to how most games don't require you to do so.

Also most items that are bought from the cash shops have expiration dates on them, which to me is ridiculous for free games like this.

*PVP system 1/10

PVP in Ran Online is ridiculous in my opinion, the reason why I think it is very ridiculous is because RAN is supposed to be a pvp-based game where 3 schools are competing each other, but instead when you pk a person you will get Yellow names or Orange names or even red names where penalties such as being unable to use the school locker to stash items, and your probability of dropping items on ground will increase as you pk your opponents.
Although you can clear your pk name at dormitory located in campus, that is very long walk unless you pay for a taxi card via cash shop.

*Music 5/10

The music is very good for free to play mmorpg, but that is if you like hard rock or doom metal type of music. Power up music and other various q-box music has nice slide guitars and distortion added to it... I do not recommend the music of this game to people who likes hip hop and rap though.

*community 1/10

There are many servers out there in Ran Online, such as Ran World and Gonzo Rosso, although RAN Online has its capability of being a good game due to everlasting struggles between English Speakers and non-English Speakers kill stealing each other and Player Killing each other and how there have been some hackers in a game.... I can't say this game has good community.

updates and new contents 1/10

The game don't seem to get updated so often due to lack of players and how game lacks popularity. Although game do gets updated once in a blue moon, it is usually a re-use of old mobs like hooligans and bandits as higher level mobs or it requires you to pay to play in new maps.

Story Line 5/10

Story line is very good in Ran Online, but after a while things gets very repetitive, and becomes more of an excuse of why things are happening and why things are the way it is without explanations.

Overall, the game has it's unique story line and capabilities of being a good game, this game lacks many things that are available to other games and due to how unstable the community and updates are, I don't really recommend this game to people.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 02/03/10

Game Release: RAN Online (AS, 02/01/05)

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