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    FAQ/Walkthrough by reno385

    Version: 1.33 | Updated: 09/28/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                               Tomb Raider Anniversary
    Author: reno385
    E-mail: reno385@hotmail.com
                            Table of Contents
    *note- for quick access, if you are looking for a particular section or level,
    press CTRL + F and enter the code to the right of the section you're looking
    for. If the code doesn't take you anywhere, that means I haven't made that
    section yet.
    Similarly, if you're looking for a specific artifact or relic, put in the code
    of the level, highlight all the text for that level, then put in "artifact" or
    "relic" into the search thing.
    *note- depending on which website you accessed this FAQ from, it might say
    "artifact" and "relic" in the paragraph above rather than
    actual quotes. If so, just remember that whenever you see the word quot it
    represents the double quote symbol.
    I.     Legal Info..................................(A1DISC)
    II.    Version History.............................(Y8VERS)
    III    Introduction................................(B2INTR)
              A. TR1 vs. TRA...........................(C2AINT)
              B. New Moves.............................(D2BINT)
    IV.    Walkthrough.................................(E3WALK)
              A. Croft Manor...........................(FCM1)
              B. Peru..................................(GL1P)
                    1. Mountain Caves..................(HP1MC)
                    2. City of Vilcabamba..............(IP2CV)
                    3. The Lost Valley.................(JP3LV)
                    4. Tomb of Qualopec................(KP4TQ)
              C. Greece................................(LL2G)
                    1. St. Francis Folly...............(MG1SFF)
                    2. The Colosseum...................(NG2C)
                    3. Midas' Palace...................(OG3MP)
                    4. Tomb of Tihocan.................(PG4TT)
              D. Egypt.................................(QL3E)
                    1. Temple of Khamoon...............(RE1TK)
                    2. Obelisk of Khamoon..............(SE2OK)
                    3. Sanctuary of the Scion..........(TE3SS)
              E. Lost Island...........................(UL4LI)
                    1. Natla's Mines...................(VLI1NM)
                    2. The Great Pyramid...............(WLI2GP)
                    3. The Final Conflict..............(XLI3FC)
    V.     Afterword...................................(B12AFT)
    VI.    Background Info.............................(X7BACK)
    VII.   Cutscene Mishaps............................(Y9CUTS)
    VIII.  Time Trials.................................(Y4TIME)
              A. Croft Manor...........................(ZTTCM)
              B. Mountain Caves........................(ATTP1)
              C. City of Vilcabamba....................(BTTP2)
              D. The Lost Valley.......................(CTTP3)
              E. Tomb of Qualopec......................(DTTP4)
              F. St. Francis Folly.....................(ETTG1)
              G. The Colosseum.........................(FTTG2)
              H. Midas' Palace.........................(GTTG3)
              I. Tomb of Tihocan.......................(HTTG4)
              J. Temple of Khamoon.....................(ITTE1)
              K. Obelisk of Khamoon....................(JTTE2)
              L. Sanctuary of the Scion................(HTTE3)
              M. Natla's Mines.........................(ITTLI1)
              N. The Great Pyramid.....................(JTTLI2)
              O. Final Conflict........................(KTTLI3)
    IX.    Rewards.....................................(L5REWA)
              A. Special...............................(MR1S)
              B. Cinematics............................(NR2C)
              C. Art Galleries.........................(OR3AG)
              D. Character Bios........................(PR4CB)
              E. Outfits...............................(QR5O)
              F. Relics................................(RR6R)
              G. Music.................................(SR7M)
              H. Credits...............................(TR8C)
              I. Commentaries..........................(UR9C)
              J. Cheats................................(VR10C)
    X.    Diagrams.....................................(A11DIA)
    XI.   Questions and Answers........................(Z10FRE)
    XII.  Contact Info.................................(W6CONT)
                              I.   Legal Info               (A1DISC)
    This FAQ is to be used only for personal use; it can be put on websites other
    than gamefaqs only with my expressed consent. Please do not reproduce it and
    call it your own because I spent a lot of hard work on it and you didn't.
    This FAQ is permitted to be only on the following sites:
    If you see it on any other website, that means they flat out stole it.
    Copyright infringement biotch.
                            II. Version History             (Y8VERS)
    6/26/07- about 23% complete
    -walkthrough submitted
    -includes walkthroughs + secrets and supplies for Croft Manor and first 3
    -background info on Peru and Greece
    -includes tested time trials/speed runs for Croft Manor and first 4 levels
    6/28/07- about 27% complete
    -walkthru for The Lost Valley complete, also started walkthru/time trial for
     St. Francis Folly
    -added all rewards to my knowledge, sorry but there are still some ???'s
    6/29- about 32% complete
    -detailed walkthru made for Tomb of Qualopec instead of redirecting it to the
    time trial checklist
    -added cutscene mishaps section
    -added FAQ section
    6/30- about 38% complete
    -after a lot of work I finally completed the damn St. Francis Folly, map and
    everything. Also did The Coliseum, which was a breeze compared to the level
    before it.
    -added a few more questions to the FAQ.
    -after investing quite a few hours into this in the past week and a half or so
    I think I'll take a break from writing this now...
    7/3- about 60% complete
    -been pretty sick lately so I have put more time into this and got two more
     levels done, finishing out Greece: as of now there are detailed comprehensive
     walkthroughs of the first 9 of the total 15 levels, including all relics and
     artifacts, and all pick-ups to my knowledge.
    -completed the relic list, and also added an outfit to that list as well
    -when all levels are finished, I will consider that version 1.0 and after that
     time trials, rewards, and other miscellaneous things will add past that.
     Contrary to before, where I counted everything as totalling to version 1.0,
     in case you're curious how the version jumped from .38 to .60 in just a few
    7/4- about 67% complete
    -hey everyone! hope you had as good an Independance Day as I did. Unless
     you're not in the US in which case I hope you just had a good day :)
    -completed Egypt lvl 1 with all artifacts and the relic, and lots of goodies.
     Just 5 levels to go...
    7/6- still 67%
    -didn't do much just added legal info and diagrams section. The next level is
     coming along, I promise.
    7/8- about 75% complete
    -finished Obelisk of Khamoon, finally
    -put in all commentary locations to my knowledge for the first 6 levels, plus
     an art gallery
    -I'm hoping to have the main walkthru done before the 23rd because that's when
     the movers are coming to take away my precious computer. I usually only work
     on this at night when I should be in bed anyway, but I might have to do some
     during the day although I don't want to neglect time with my friends since I
     won't see any of them for a long time. Basically, my goal is to finish the
     walkthru section but if it's not done by the 23rd, it won't be continued
     probably until late August or September.
    7/11- about 83% complete
    -finished Sanctuary of the Scion, plus added the cutscene to cutscene mishaps
    7/12- about 87% complete
    -almost done with Natla's Mines
    7/15- about 94% complete
    -finished Natla's Mines and Great Pyramid, just barely touched on the last
    -put in a few more Rewards. Once I get all the artifacts in the last level, I
     should be able to finish all the Rewards except for about half of the cheats.
    7/16- 100% complete
    -finished all the levels
    -if I so choose, which I might not I'm not sure yet, tested time trial
     run-throughs will be added including shortcuts that I omitted from the main
     walkthrough. Those plus other additions to the FAQ other than the walkthrough
     will count as above version 1.0.
    7/23- version 1.3
    -finished all Rewards except for commentary locations for Obelisk of Khamoon
     and after, also Music and Credits because I'm too lazy to do those.
    8/24- version 1.31
    -after about a month or so, I've received some e-mails with advice about one
     of the relics in Midas Palace.
    9/28- version 1.33
    -hi guys just so you know I'm still alive... only made a few changes, fixed a
     few typos I happened upon and added a question or two to the Q+A. As for the
     time trial section, it always seemed a bit superfluous to me... I think I'll
     cut it out and replace with a similar yet smaller, more simpler speed run
     section or something like that. And everything else, well I think this FAQ is
     complete as can be except for half of the Background Info section but I doubt
     there's too much demand for that lol.
    -so with that being said, I also want to say I'm thinking of rewriting the FAQ
     in French (yes, French) because I've been studying french in high school for
     more than 3 years now and I think I'm at the point where I construct
     documents in french if I so choose to do so and there are no French FAQs for
     this game on Gamefaqs so I figured why not. ONLY IF time permits... now that
     school has started back up I'm swamped in fact there's a list in front of me
     right now of about seven assignments due on Monday...
                            III.  Introduction              (B2INTR)
    Hey this is my first FAQ :) I've never written a document this long but I hope
    it helps.
    ===========|                                                         |========
    TR1 vs. TRA|                                                         |(C2AINT)
    ===========|                                                         |========
    For those of you who didn't know, this game is actually a remake (well, in the
    words of the developers, reimagining) of the original Tomb Raider. It's a bit
    different from Legend and I think the people who enjoy the most are the nerds
    who have played TR from the beginning (me, for one).
    This time around there are many differences from the original.
    -obviously the graphics are better
    -you now have interactive sequences, which are less fun than in
     Legend because the only buttons you press are up, down, left, or right.
    -fighting enemies is a little more interactive than draw and shoot, look at
     New Moves section for details.
    -you have all the same weapons, but magnums and uzis are now called 50 caliber
     pistols and SMG's. just because it's easier and because I'm a stubborn mule
     they'll be herein refered to as magnums and uzis respectively.
    -as well as a ton of new moves
    =========|                                                           |========
    New Moves|                                                           |(D3BINT)
    =========|                                                           |========
    I played all previous TR's on the PlayStation and I'm not sure if the controls
    are the same as they were before, so here they are.
         Up:        W/up key           Jump:           Space
         Down:      S/down key         Crouch:         Shift
         Left:      A/left key         Aim:            right mouse button
         Right:     D/right key        Shoot:          left mouse button
         Grapple:   Q                  Cycle Weapon:   middle mouse button
         Action:    E
    *of these commands, Grapple, Crouch, and Cycle Weapon were not in the original
    TR. In addition to those, the following commands were also not in TR1:
    -aiming and shooting: when an enemy or target is in range, a gray cursor will
    appear on them. Press the right mouse button to draw your weapons and aim and
    then the cursor will turn red. Press the left mouse button to fire. You have
    limited clips so if you're clip is partially full when you've killed an enemy
    press the R button to reload.
    -dodge roll: when an enemy comes at you, press shift + up, down, left, or
    right to dodge the enemy.
    -adrenaline dodge/head shot: when an enemy is angry, it will flash red, then
    charge at you. When it is close enough, the game will go into slow motion and
    you must dodge roll or you will be badly hurt. Also, if you're locked on when
    you dodge, a gray cursor will appear on the enemy. When it turns red, fire
    your weapon and the enemy will die, regardless of health.
    -camera change: just move the mouse to change your camera angle.
    -recover balance: when Lara is on a bar, stepping column, etc., she may lose
    balance. Press E repeatedly to regain her balance, or she will fall.
    -horizontal bar: sometimes you need to swing on horizontal bars to traverse
    certain areas. Just jump onto them and press Space to jump again.
    -vertical pole: you can slide up and down vertical poles. To jump off, just
    press the Space bar and she will jump backwards away from the pole.
                               IV. Walkthrough              (E3WALK)
    As always you have the option of going to Croft Manor to train, or skip
    straight to the storyline. If you choose to do the latter, skip to the Peru
    section of the guide. Otherwise continue here.
    Also, I did this walkthru playing thru Normal mode; I don't know the
    difference between Easy, Normal, or Hard mode. My guess is it changes how many
    enemies they are, how hard it is to kill them, etc.
    On another note, for time trials or speed runs where you don't care about
    secrets or supplies, use the time trial section.
    ===================Croft Manor===================
    The house is the same one as in Legend, but with a few differences. This time
    around, Lara is having the maintenance done in the house, which has
    apparently screwed things up because A) the ruckus has alerted the security
    system, locking one of her various random treasure rooms from the inside and
    B) the maintenance people have altogether shut off all the water to the house.
    That's right, no more skinny dipping for Winston. Lara, of course, takes it
    into her own hands to fix these problems...
    |                Croft Manor              |
    |=======Artifacts: 8======================|
    |=======Relics: 0=========================|
    First off, head straight right. Where in Legend there was a lot of computers
    and stuff, there is now a pile of crates in a dank corner of the, shall we
    say, "living room". On the right hand, you can climb up the boxes to the very
    top. Now jump on the painting. Yes, on the painting. She will grab the top and
    you can shimmy your way across and jump onto more boxes. At the end you can
    grab a STATUE GEAR from a broken box.
    Now drop down and look for a movable crate, which you will grab and pull out
    into the middle of the room where you will see a yellow pressure switch on the
    floor. Drag the crate onto the switch, which opens a compartment behind the
    fireplace. There is another item in the compartment, but the fire is blocking
    your way so just leave that crate there for now.
    Just a note: around the house there are open books with random pointless
    tidbits of information. They're supposed to serve as clues to the puzzle of
    the house, but that's why I'm here isn't it. Read them if you so choose, but
    this isn't necessary.
    Head for the stairs on the other side of the room and take a left. There are
    two doors down this way. The last one is Lara's bedroom, which contains, as in
    Winston's note, Lara's JOURNAL, plus more random books. You can also change
    outfits there, but if you're just starting or haven't gotten any relics yet,
    you don't have any other outfits besides what you're wearing. So if you want
    to go in there, be my guest, but to continue the puzzle you will need to go
    into the first room down this way, which is that one guy's office from Legend.
    Now it's just some random room.
    You will find that once you enter this room, it locks. No matter though. On
    the wall to the left of Lara when she enters, there is a red book jutting out
    from the shelf. How cliche... push it and take the MAZE MAP from the secret
    compartment it opens. Now go up the stairs where there are two more books to
    push in. Pushing in those opens another compartment with the DUAL PISTOLS.
    Time to shoot stuff.
    On the way out of this room, turn left and jump onto the painting. When it
    slides down, push the direction button facing away from the painting
    (depending on the camera angle it's probably left) and jump back onto the
    walkway. Quickly climb up, turn around, and shoot the target behind the
    painting. A secret passage, eh? Figures...
    Before going into the passage, shoot out the glass display case that you
    passed on the way to the room with the pistols, and take the artifact from
    behind it.
    Go down this passage, making sure to pick up the EMPTY BUCKET in the nook in
    the wall. On the other side of the passage is an almost parallel office. Again
    go up the stairs, and in the room up there shoot out the glass and take the
    SUNDIAL GNOMON from behind it.
    Go to the door below the stairs and press the red button next to it to unlock
    this office and the one adjacent. When you exit you will find yourself on the
    other side of the stairs in the living room. Now go down the stairs and go out
    the door to the right of the front door.
    Anyway, head outside and go to the big-ass sundial in front of the gate. Here,
    you can place the gnomon on it and once you do that you can rotate it around.
    Go to the back of the sundial and move it so that the arrow is facing towards
    11 (XI). Once the block rises from the ground, move the arrow towards the 2
    (II) to rise that block as well, and then the 7 (VII). Doing this will open
    the gate to the hedge maze.
    Once inside, you will see on the other side of another gate, the GRAPPLE HOOK.
    Also, that statue on the right is holding an item above its head. This item is
    the one you need to open the door to the locked room, and for some reason or
    another, Lara felt that rediculously out of reach was a good place to put it.
    I would have just put it under the doormat or something, but whatever.
    There are a total of three artifacts in various gardens in the hedge maze.
    Look at the map for a plus-shaped garden near the bottom left of the maze and
    make your way there. After you get that artifact look for the circular garden
    near the bottom right, where there is another artifact. After that one look
    for a bar-shaped garden with four pillars around it on the map, above the
    central garden. The last artifact of the maze is in there. After that, it's
    just a short path to the central garden where you can snatch the GRAPPLE HOOK.
    Use the grapple to open the gate to the way out, then head back inside. Long
    trip, I know. Now on either side of the fireplace, there are two doors. The
    one on the left leads to the gym and the one on the right goes to the pool.
    You can do them in either order, but I just did the pool first.
    Before you do that though, go back into the first door on the left up the
    stairs. This is the room where you got your guns. You may have noticed that
    there is a ring on the bottom of the chandelier. Grab it with your new grapple
    hook and pull it down to open yet- another- secret door, this one with an
    artifact behind it.
    Once you enter the pool room, look for the red bin with miscellaneous crap in
    it and move it to somewhere in between the scaffolding to the left and to the
    right of when you walk in. Also to the right of where you walked in, use the
    grapple to grab the spear the statue is holding out and pull it down to a
    horizontal position. Head to the back of the room, shooting out the target in
    front of you on the way. In the back, go to the right and jump on the stuff
    under sheets. Jump on the pole and swing to the bottom rim of the balcony,
    which you can shimmy. On the other side jump onto the scaffolding and shimmy
    to the other side so you can jump onto the spear and swing to the ledge
    of the little area above the door you came through and climb up. Go to the
    other side of this area and jump above the random blocks strewn around the
    place and you will see a target there. Shoot it.
    Move the red bin to the circular pressure pad and rotate it and the statue so
    that the statue's arrow and the big pipe protruding from the bin are facing
    towards the middle. This will open one of the doors blocking the winding,
    claustrophobic passage between the gym and pool. Now you get to jump down and
    start over. Yay!
    This time, on that last piece of scaffolding, don't go to the last side to
    jump on the spear, but stay on the wide part and jump backwards onto more
    scaffolding. Hop onto the dangerous Final Destination-esque metal pole
    protruding from the mess. Now jump to the other side of the scaffolding. If
    you couldn't traverse from one side to the other you will have to reposition
    the large red bin so that you can. Then use the grapple hook to make your way
    to the other side. Push down the movable crate so you can use it to get back
    up if you make a mistake and fall. Now go to the small area above the wall
    like the one on the other side of the room. Use the grapple hook to pull out
    the ring on the Atlas statue until he drops the globe, then watch it roll
    conveniently onto the pressure pad, opening the second of the two doors to the
    pool passage. Save that for a little later, though. Look for another target
    like the one on the other side of the room and shoot it.
    Now go to the diving board and jump onto the teetering planks. Try to land in
    the middle so as not to unbalance it too much. You should try to dwell a
    little on the right side so that it rises on the left side, but not too much.
    When you think it's high enough, run up it and jump to grab the wooden planks
    there. This will probably take a few tries.
    Now shimmy around the corner and jump backwards. She will grab the planks
    perpendicular to the ones you were on and shimmy until you can jump onto the
    balcony. Now shoot this target to drop the dangling statue into the pool,
    crushing it beyond recongnition. If she really wanted to get into the pool I
    think a simple saw would have sufficed, but... whatever. Go into the pool and
    grab the BOW sitting on top of the rubble. After that, go into the now open
    passage way and go down until you find an artifact. Don't bother trying to
    open the door; the switch can only be pulled underwater.
    Now turn around and this time go to the gym. It's not too different from the
    last game, except for there being no water. There is a particular order things
    should be done here.
    First, from the no. 1 mat, use the ledges and revolving bars to get to the
    ledge with a switch and a SMALL MEDIPAK. Press the switch to raise four
    stepping columns in the middle of the room.
    Then go to the 2 mat and climb up the rock column. When you can't go any
    higher, shimmy around to the left and jump backwards onto a stepping column.
    Jump to the one behind that and from there jump onto the ledge of the rock
    protrusion. Shimmy to the left until you hit the wall, then jump backwards to
    grab a ledge. Pull up to snatch the artifact and get back down.
    Go to the 3 mat and jump up two ledges, then shimmy left and jump up another.
    Here jump backwards and use the grapple hook to run on the wall. At the top of
    the forward swing, jump
    and grab the ledge. Shimmy left (I like that word... shimmy) until you can
    shimmy no more, then drop and from there jump onto the ledge to the right. Hit
    the switch, then go back down. Now comes the fun part.
    Do the same thing up to the grapple hook, but this time, try to jump away from
    the wall about a second or so after she gets to the top of the forward swing
    and starts to go back down. You're aiming for the slope behind her, and if you
    can get to that, jump to the slope in front of it, then jump onto the rotating
    bar. After the bar swings 90 degrees, turn around and swing into the nook
    there to get the artifact.
    All right, so after that's done, go back to the 3 and this time go right. Make
    your way to the point where you have to jump from one metal ledge to another.
    Drop down and shimmy around the rock protrusion until you get to the wall,
    then grapple. Jump to the ledge above the pool, but be careful, for if you
    miss it could be a nasty fall. Work your way across to the nook with a LARGE
    MEDPAK and switch. Push the switch, then jump onto the green rocks to the
    right to get down safely.
    Go all the way back to 3 and get to that ledge again, but instead of dropping
    to the lower one, jump to the bar behind Lara and swing to the next bar,
    then swing to the vertical pole. Make sure that you climb as high as you can
    on the pole and that the other pole is directly behind Lara before you jump.
    Otherwise, you will again make a nasty fall. On the second one, do the same
    thing to get on the stepping column. Now hop onto the raised walkway and get
    the item at the end of which is- ta dah!- a WRENCH. Drop down and now head out
    like your going to the garden.
    Once outside, turn right down the paved part and go straight until the hit the
    hedge, then turn right and on the machinery there place the wrench, and pull
    it clockwise until all three red lights turn green. Now the water is working.
    Go to any fountain out in the garden and select the empty bucket, to give you
    the BUCKET OF WATER. Now go all the way back to the living room, douse the
    fire in the fireplace, and take the ARROW from behind it. Now go allllll the
    way back to the garden and go to the fountain. Put the arrow in his right hand
    and the bow in his left. Now grapple the small hatch at the base of the
    fountain, put the statue gear in, and pull the lever. Watch the "display of
    violence" and take the MUSIC BOX he dropped, which would have been a bit more
    convenient if she had put it under the doormat like any other key. Now go
    alllllllllllllllllllllllll the way back to the living room, and this time go
    up the stairs and take a right. Go through the last door and at the end of
    that hallway, put the music box in the slot and walk through the door. Yay!
    You beat the level. And now your prize for doing all that is... a room with
    instruments. Congratulations. I'm sure this room was worth the trouble to get
    it. Now, to get things rolling...
    *note- for background info on Peru, go to the Background Info section of the
    guide. It may be considered a spoiler by some so you might want to finish all
    the levels in an area before looking at the background info of that area.
    |             Mountain Caves              |
    |=======Artifacts: 3======================|
    |=======Relics: 1=========================|
    At the beginning of the level you find yourself on a snowy mountain. Lara, who
    apparently left her coat at home, has come with a guide. Gosh I sure hope
    nothing bad happens to him... anyway. At this point the game will be
    spoon-feeding you the way up but I'll go over it anyway. Go straight forward
    and grab the ledge. Shimmy shimmy shimmy across and make your way up to the
    higher ledge. Then use the grapple hook to swing across to the ruined walkway.
    Don't try to talk to the guide because all he'll do is babble in Portugeuse or
    whatever language. Go up the rocks to the left and climb your way up to the
    top where you can push the button up top to open the door.
    From here it's pretty routine compared to the original game. Wolves come out
    and eat guide, Lara jumps down and shoots wolves, then goes into the cave. Now
    you control her again. Make your way down this passage, but mind the dart
    traps that you inevitably activate. They are dangerous and just two could take
    out Lara with full health. Go down the way to the wooden bridge and jump over
    the gap there. On the paved stone, jump to another wooden part. Here, turn
    around and look for a ledge above the part you just came from. Jump up there
    and work your way around the little path up there. At the end you'll have to
    slide down the slope and jump at the right time to grab the last ledge. Climb
    up and grab the artifact there. Then, jump to the ledge on the wall in front
    of you and shimmy to the left until you can drop onto the raised part.
    Get your guns ready because there are a few pains in the butt, I mean bats, up
    here that will come pretty fast. To the left there is a hidden cache with a
    large medpak in it. You will have to jump from the large rock to reach the
    Back on the path, take a left around a corner to enter a large chamber. Kill
    the bats from up ahead. Now, run onto the slope, then jump quickly to grapple
    the ring above. Swing forward and jump to the ledge. You can move yourself up
    the wire if you're too low to reach. Jump to the ledge above that, and then
    the ledge behind that one, on the stone column. From there drop down to the
    ledge below. Shimmy ALL THE WAY to right, then jump backwards onto the rocky
    ledge. Pick up that artifact then drop down, using the ledges to get down
    safely. Drop into the lower section and be weary of the bats coming at you
    from behind. Go to the lever to open the door.
    Go down a ways to get to another large chamber with two bridges. This is the
    wolfs' den. Once you step on the lower part, two wolves will ambush you. When
    you go across the bridge, it will break. So I would suggest finding a spot
    where you can get down to trigger the wolves then quickly back up. They can
    grab you and drag you down by the ankle so be quick about it. Then you can
    snipe at them from there. If you do get stuck down below, use dodge rolling by
    pressing shift + a direction. Refer back to the New Moves section of the
    Introduction for details.
    After that, climb up the broken bridge and jump up the two ledges to the
    right. For a small medipak, traverse across the columns to get the the ledge
    opposite the one you just climbed. Then go across the second bridge. Don't
    worry, this one won't break.
    The next room has a fissure across it that you can't jump, but the Incas were
    wise enough to put a convenient rope there for such an occasion. There is a
    large medipak to the left you can get by swinging there. Drop down into the
    fissure but watch out for the bear that will come out and maul Lara. After you
    kill it go to the place it came out of and open the door there. Continue along
    to get the artifact. Jump down back into the bridge chamber then work your way
    back to the rope, and this time swing straight across to the other side.
    Now go through the random passages and caverns. When you get to the last big
    room with a door at the end, be careful not to get hit by the darts. Try to
    have at least 3/5 of your health just in case. When you get to the end you'll
    see that the pressure pad won't open the door. You need to put up the locks.
    Go up the ledges to the left. When you do, a wolf will come out. After you
    kill it, go up the ledges in front of you and shimmy around until you can jump
    onto the big stone precipice. Now you're timed to go around and get the other
    one. As you go, in each new room a new wolf comes to get you so be ready.
    Vault on the bars in the middle, over the way you came in and then go back up
    to the end. Here, get onto the revolving bar and from there swing and grab the
    precipice. Once you have done that, drop down (don't jump down) and step on
    the pressure pad to open the door.
    Before you go through, though, work your way around back to the end. When you
    go up the two ledges, jump on the revolving bar like before, but this time
    /immediately/ jump again to grab a ledge that you couldn't reach before.
    Whichever arrow key you pressed to jump off the ledge onto the bar, keep that
    button pushed down and jam jam jam that Space bar until she gets across to the
    other ledge.
    Shimmy across and jump onto the bar. Then jump onto the ledge on the other
    side. Hop up one ledge, then jump backwards onto a bar and again to the ledge
    on the other side. Climb to the top to get a the Killer Whale Bottle.
    "Ceramic bottle from approximately AD 700 depicting a mythological killer
    whale. Such vessels were most likely used for drinking fermented chicha."
    I'm not sure if this is true, or they just pulled that out of their butt, but
    now you've unlocked a new outfit. But for now you can only wear it around the
    house. Outfits don't affect your performance or anything so it doesn't really
    matter. Drop down and go through the door to end the level.
    |            City of Vilcabamba           |
    |=======Artifacts: 1======================|
    |=======Relics: 0=========================|
    After just a few steps, a bear will ambush you so be ready. After that
    continue on to the gaping hole in the floor. You'll need to jump onto the pole
    and slide down before you drop off so she doesn't get hurt on the way down.
    Jump on the ledge to the right, then take two more ledges and jump backwards
    onto the second pole. Climb up almost to the top and jump with your back to
    the floor above. Cross through the doors ahead.
    There are a few piles of bones scattered around. Ooh, spooky. Well at least
    this place looks cooler than it did in the original Tomb Raider... go down two
    sets of steps, and two wolves will ambush you. After that, go down one more
    set of stairs to the bottom, and when you go near the bottom you'll hear a
    bear roar. It'll come out shortly from in front of you.
    Now jump into the water from the side you're facing when you get down from the
    steps. There is a tunnel right in front of you. Swim all the way through it.
    When you get to the end, don't try to surface because there's a door there.
    Instead go straight to the lever across from you and pull it, then surface.
    Pull the lever to open the door. Now turn around and go up the stairs. Jump
    across the gap into the other building. The wooden planks will fall but if you
    don't get the medpak don't worry about it.
    First things first shoot out the doors to the left. Now take the crate with
    the half a dead guy in it and if you didn't reach the medpak get it now. Now
    push the box into the hole you found it in until you can enter the room behind
    it. Now go pick the SHOTGUN SHELLS and VILLAGE KEY. Also use the crate to
    reach the second floor and pick up the goodies up there.
    Now take the crate back, out the doors you shot open. Pull it past the little
    hut until you see the pole next to the larger hut on the other side of the
    area. Position the crate so that you can jump from it onto the stand the pole
    is on and then the pole itself. Climb up and jump onto the ledge, but be quick
    because two pain in the ass bats will come torment you. Once you get on the
    ledge there kill the bats and then use the horizontal pole to reach the upper
    ledge. From there grapple across the clearing onto a narrow ledge on the other
    side. Use the two horizontal bars to the left to land on the small pond above
    the town. Kill the two bats that come from behind and snatch the artifact.
    Drop down and go to the door between the two large huts across the way from
    where you first entered. Use the key to open the door and go in. Once you
    enter, three wolves will come from the room beyond. Kill them and go into the
    chamber they came from.
    Now, on either side of the main door, there are two side doors. Each one leads
    to a room dealing with using a lot of narrow ledges to get to the exit (the
    paths are pretty straightforward), which in turn leads up a winding corridor.
    At the top, the corridor leads over the respective room but there is a gap and
    some bats will come attack you once you get there. After you kill the bats, go
    to the other end and jump onto the wooden horizontal bar in front of you. This
    will open one of the two locks on the big door. use the ledges over the small
    doorway to drop down safely then do the same thing for the other side. This
    will open the big door which you can walk through. Think you're done? You've
    only just now gotten inside the citadel that guards the actual palace or
    whatever where Qualopec, the apparent ruler of this freaky civilization,
    A way down you get to a room with a gigantic hole in the ground. Your supposed
    to jump across, then slide halfway down the slope, the grab the bar and swing
    to the piece of floor in the middle of the room. There are shotgun shells on
    under the floor, but also a wolf. It's your choice. If you do drop down use
    the crate by the shells and push it to the narrow ledge under the way you came
    in. Otherwise use the stepping column to get to the other side.
    At the next hole in the ground, drop down and go down until you get to the
    part where you can grab a ledge on the right side. Shimmy all the way down,
    then jump backwards onto a bar, then jump again to grab another ledge. Go
    around the corner to the left. Without jumping up onto the piece of floor,
    shimmy left until you can jump backwards onto the stepping column. Then jump
    to the other side. Go down the rest of the corridor to end the level.
    |             The Lost Valley             |
    |=======Artifacts: 2======================|
    |=======Relics: 1=========================|
    Start off by going forward, running off the platform, then going back on. This
    will coax two wolves which you can now snipe (unless you're too slow and they
    get you). Then go into the water where, in the direction you came from, there
    is a tunnel that leads to a little air pocket. Get the small medpak then
    There is a COG over by the rocky steps to the left of the waterfall. Pick that
    up then use the rocks and ledges to make your way up the cliff. Once you get
    to the top, jump go down and jump over the stream. Don't sweat if you fall in;
    you'll just have to start over from the bottom.
    Go up and shoot out the target across the stream, then use the ledge to get to
    the "makeshift" bar and then after that use the grapple hook to get to the
    wooden platform. Climb up via the ledges to get the doorway above, then cross
    the bridge and get another COG. Kill the bats that come from behind, then
    shoot the target above the bridge. Now go to the other end of the platform
    you're on and grab the bar spinning on the big wheel.
    Swing to the random but convenient wooden and stone contraption and use that
    to jump to a narrow ledge on the other side of the waterfall and use those to
    climb to the doorway above. Go in and pull the lever. Then go out that way and
    drop down two ledges to get back to where you were.
    Retrace your steps up to the bridge that is now broken. Now run off the edge.
    That's right, run off the edge. She will grab the bridge as if it were a
    ladder. Now go down until you are adjacent to a hole in the wall to the right.
    You can jump and grab the edge and climb in. The passage leads around to
    behind one of the waterfalls where you can grab a large medpak and your handy
    dandy SHOTGUN. Now you can take a fun little ride down the stream into the
    pool at the bottom.
    Once you get out of the water, three wolves will come out from the mess on the
    other side of the area. If I were you I would save the shotgun for, uh...
    later. You could actually try to outrun them if you go straight to the ladder
    opposite the rocky steps where you found the cog.
    Up the ladder, put the cog on the thing and pull the lever. By this point in
    the game you should be familiar enough with how the game works so that I don't
    have to hold your hand ledge-by-ledge. That being said, get to the wooden
    platform above where you are now, and jump to the ledge next to the one you
    jumped from.
    At the end of this ledge, go to the very right. If you drop down you can grab
    that ledge and climb into a nice like house with a large medpak. But if you do
    that, you're only way out will be dropping practically on top of the wolves if
    you didn't kill them. Also you'd have to climb all the way back up. Again,
    it's your choice.
    If you do go down come back up to that ledge and jump up to the ledge above,
    then onto the rope. If you don't get to the upper ledge first before jumping
    you will plummet to your death. Now spot the ledge on the precarious house to
    the right, swing until you get full momentum, jump and grab it. Again, if you
    miss, you die.
    When you get to the wooden platform, the ladder will break and make a
    horizontal bar. Convenient? Too convenient... oh, well. Ignore it for now and
    go through the small tunnel there. When you get to the open chamber, a bear
    will come out from the other side of the room. If you're quick, you can beat
    it to the ledge on the left and climb up to safety. Try to kill it from above.
    Now go to the highest wooden part and grab the MAGNUM CLIPS. Well, technically
    50 mm caliber pistol clips, but I prefer "magnum." Now, if you killed the bear
    that's good, if you didn't, don't mess up on this next part or you'll fall
    practically into his mouth.
    On that platform where you got the magnum clips, look down from an overhead
    view to spot a small piece of a ledge that wraps around the corner. Make sure
    you're right above that. Then jump down onto the wooden slope and jump from
    there to the ledge. You'll lose a little health, but unless you're health
    critical don't worry about it. Go to the end of the ledge and jump backwards
    into the hole there, grab the artifact and book it out and go back up to the
    Look for a part of a wall overhanging with two ledges on it and climb up. Jump
    backwards onto a vertical pole, then go across all that to the next room. Use
    the two wooden poles to make your way into the opening on the wall to the
    right. In there, drop down to get a small medpak, then go back up and make
    your way back past those two poles.
    Pick up the shotgun shells, then jump onto the slope sliding away from you,
    not the one going towards you. You will die if you fall so be careful to jump
    at the right time to grab the ledge. Jump right and grab the floor there, pick
    up more shells, then use the horizontal bar to grab more ledges and up onto
    the raised part.
    Here use even more ledges to traverse across the crevace. Kill those pesky
    bats that show up then look for three ledges in a row going down the wall into
    the hole of death. Go down these ledges until you get to the bottom, then jump
    backwards into a small opening where there is another large medpak. Go back up
    and into the green tunnel until you hit the wooden floor which just happens to
    break, dropping you into the valley for which this level is named.
    Those of you who have played TR1, you know what's coming. For those who
    haven't, just wait. This time around the raptors are a bit harder to kill, but
    a lot less scary. Maybe I just think that because I was only 7 when I played
    the first TR... well anyway constantly dodge roll away from them and when they
    rage dash at you try, oh try to jump at just the right time to head shot.
    Remember to wait for it to go to slow motion, because the raptor will
    sometimes come at you and be on top of you for two or three seconds before it
    goes into slo-mo, and if you dive early you will be biten.
    The raptors will come in two groups of three one after the other, and when
    you kill those, your first interactive cutscene occurs.
    In the scene the only keys you press are down, up, up. If you have the
    patience, you can miss them on purpose because messing up on the cutscenes is
    easily the most violent part of the game.
    Boss Fight: T-Rex
    After all that, you fight the T-Rex. It's a whole boss fight and everything.
    There's a health pack and two magnum clips around the outer parts of the
    "arena", grab the health if you need it but leave the clips for now. He
    doesn't kill you in a single chomp like the original but he can still beat a 
    lot of health out of you by biting you, stepping on you, or hitting you with
    his tail.
    All right here's the plan: there are three big wooden mechanisms with sharp
    spikes on them- two on one side, one on the other. I have no idea what the
    hell they are for, but they're there and if you can coax the T-Rex into
    running into them, he'll take quite a bit of damage.
    Always dodge, dodge, dodge. Keep a distance! You've got guns, he doesn't. Use
    your shotgun; the rage meter should go all the way up in two shots. Reload
    often, usually after you've busted the rage meter and he roars. When the rage
    meter is up, turn around to make sure you're directly between him and one of
    the mechanisms, then turn around again and LOCK ON to the T-Rex (but be quick
    about it). You have plenty of time to dodge, when the screen goes into slow
    motion dodge LEFT or RIGHT but not back or forward, and head shot. If he hits
    the mechanism, about 1/3 of his health is gone. If he doesn't, his health
    still goes down, but at a slower rate.
    After you finally kill it, go around and pick up all the supplies you missed.
    Then go into the temple in front of which the T-Rex lay, and go inside. The
    last cog is in there, after you pick it up turn left and dive into the water.
    There is an underwater tunnel which you'll go thru to get to a little chamber.
    There are raptor nests all over the place here but don't worry, there aren't
    anymore quite yet. Climb up to the top of the temple. On the lower part there
    is a small medpak that you can go and pick up if you mind not to fall. Then
    turn around and go back up the higher part. Traverse across that to a series
    of ledges. Make your way down to a vertical pole, a small walkway, and a ledge
    which wraps around a building. Don't go to the very end, stop a few yards
    short and jump backwards onto a wooden walkway. Go down that way and to
    another vertical pole, over a wall and into another nest. There is a small
    medpak there.
    Take the time to safely drop down to the ground where you fought the raptors,
    then go and pick up the supplies around the walls. There should be one magnum
    clip, two small medpaks, and a large medpak. When you're done find a series of
    platforms near the broken bridge above that you can climb up to continue
    Next go across the broken bridge and go into the nest where there is a large
    medipak. These Incans were big on staying healthy I suppose and it seems they
    also used magnums for protection. Go back to the ledges along the wall and use
    them to get to the top. Here there is a fallen column you can slide down, but
    jump over that for now onto a platform on the other side of it. From there,
    look down and spot the artifact, then jump down and get it. Now go around and
    back up, this time go down the column.
    Be careful here to jump at the right time to grab the bar. Go up to the hole
    in the cliff to another green tunnel, go through there to end up back at that
    Retrace your way to the waterfall room. Jump down into the water then climb
    back up. Redundant, yes. At that wooden platform on the top, now cross that
    giant spinning wheel with the wooden planks in the middle to get to the
    platform on the other side. Put the last cog in and pull the lever.
    Now the waterfall has been mostly blocked and the stream will no longer suck
    you down. Now jump into the water and go back up to the path along the stream.
    Jump into the water and look for a side branch in the water where you can swim
    up and grab the second Peru relic, the Kero Mug.
    "An ancient drinking vessel primarily used for liquids like fermented chicha.
    A common sight in Andean feasts, the kero was also frequently employed as a
    ceremonial vase by the Incans in important religious ceremonies."
    Interesting stuff I tell you. Damn interesting. Go and drop into the water
    (you can go to the end of the stream by the waterfall and climb up a ledge
    there). Go into the doorway behind the waterfall to enter the palace of
    |             Tomb of Qualopec            |
    |=======Artifacts: 2======================|
    |=======Relics: 0=========================|
    Make your way through the corridor into the main room. Because the directions
    are a bit confusing, I've made a diagram of the room.
    Also a side note from here on out: depending on which website you accessed
    this FAQ from, the arrow tips in the diagrams such as the one below might have
    been coded wrong (or whatever I don't understand a damn thing about web
    design) so that left arrows appear as > and right arrows appear as <. If
    so, just keep in mind that whenever you see those next to a series of dashes,
    it represents an arrow.
                  |   |
      _____-_-_-_-|   |_<-------to Qualopec's chamber
      |           |///|           |
      |           |///|           |
      |    Y      /   \           |                              _______
    __|          |     |          |__                           |__Key__|
      <-----to   |     |  Z    Z     <-------to switch #2       _
    __ switch #3 |     |           __                          |_| small movable
      |      _   |     |          |                                  block
      |     |_|   \   /           |                   N         x  magnum clips
      |  x        |///|           |                   |
      |_______-_-_|///|___________|                W-- --E     - - - ledges
                  |   | <-----entrance                |         ///
                        <-----switch #1               S         ///  breakable
    For all intense and purposes or whatever the hell the expression, we'll say
    up, left, down, and right are north, west, south, and east respectively. The
    way you came is from the "south". Go down the central path there and go into
    the corridor ahead, but turn around immediately and get out of the way of the
    boulder that you triggered.
    Notice that the northern portion of breakable floor has now been broken, and
    the large movable object under it is now free. Jump down and move that to the
    position of Y on the map. The map is not really proportioned correctly but
    place it in a spot where you can access both the ledges to the north and the
    corridor to the west. To get back up, move the small movable block so that you
    can reach the south ledges. Don't forget to get the magnum clips (marked x).
    Once you get back up, jump onto the large movable object. Then jump to the
    ledge at the north. Make your way up to the platform above the northern
    corridor. Shoot the target across the room to knock out the other part of
    breakable floor. Then grapple across to the little nitch above the southern
    corridor. Pull the lever in there to open the first gate.
    Go back and this time jump to the western corridor. Quite predictably, the
    floor here has given way to another hole of death, but on the up side the dart
    traps still work to full capacity. Wait, that's bad isn't it... anyway grab
    the shotgun shells then jump to the horizontal bar, mindful of those pesky
    darts, then jump to the ledge in front of you. Now there's a lot of ledges
    here and I don't really feel like diagramming it so just follow this rule: go
    left until you can't go right anymore, then jump back and then go right until
    you get to the end. Jump backwards, then hop to the end. Was that so hard? Get
    the two small medpaks along this hall and go past (MORE) darts and turn the
    corner to see (EVEN MORE) darts.
    Now go into the dart-free run at the end and grapple up onto the central
    platform there. To the left is a pole, a bar, and a couple of ledges you can
    use to get up to the path above. Get the magnum clips at the end, then jump to
    the ledge above the lever, then drop onto the lever itself.
    This will open gate number 3. Now the simple task of retracing our steps to
    the main room... what's this? Those few dart traps that didn't do anything are
    now shooting twice as many darts as the ones that were. As if that wasn't bad
    enough, when you turn the corner you find two downright horrific axes swinging
    across the hallway. If you manage to get through all that, you still have to
    deal with the raptor waiting for you around the bend.
    Go along all the same ledges here: i.e., go left until you get to the ladder,
    jump back, go right until you get to the end, then back onto safe ground. In
    the main room, move both of the large movable objects to the Z positions. Then
    you can skip from the middle part to the eastern corridor. Now this hallway
    also has a pit, but you can drop in without dying. So do that and go the end,
    when you turn around you will see an artifact hiding in a cute little corner.
    After you get that climb back out and make your way across the hole to the
    other side. Ignore the bar there; that's for the way back.
    As you can see when you enter, there are no traps here, first pick up shotgun
    shells to the left of Lara and then go pull the switch.
    Well the whole damn floor just happens to break as you do so, dropping you
    onto a couple of wolves. Kill them, then go up a ramp on either side of the
    room, take out the crate and move it next to the ledge to the left (if you're
    facing the nitch the crate was in) so that you can reach the ledge there.
    Jump onto the hanging pole, CLIMB AS HIGH AS YOU CAN, and then jump to the
    next one and make your way around all the way to the high ledge where you can
    jump backwards onto another hanging pole. Now this next part may be tricky so
    bare with me. Climb to the top of that pole, then locate the little closet
    to the left (if you're facing the big switch). Once you're AT THE TOP of that
    pole, jump backwards into the closet to get the artifact there. Then jump back
    onto the pole, then onto the ledge above the switch, and then to the switch.
    After the last gate opens, jump right and use the ledges and the adjacent
    closet to get back on sturdy ground. Ignore the other hanging pole, you don't
    have to try to jump and grab it.
    Around the bend another raptor is waiting. Kill him, then at the hole in the
    ground, jump onto the pole, then use the bar to swing to the other bar, then
    onto the ledges to climb up to the other side. As long as you don't fall in,
    the raptor down there can't hurt you.
    Now make your way up the northern corridor and into Qualopec's boudoir to
    trigger a cutscene.
    Wow that was creepy how he started moving... anyway... just like the original,
    get the hell out of there back into the waterfall room where you rendez-vous
    with none other than Mr. Larson. Do the cute little interactive thing then
    once she's done scrapping with him over the next piece of the Scion, the level
    ends. Congratulations! One piece down, two to go.
    |            St. Francis Folly            |
    |=======Artifacts: 6======================|
    |=======Relics: 0=========================|
    *note- due to how rediculously non-linear this level is, I've made a diagram
    of the large part of the level to which you can refer to help you move quickly
    thru this level.
    First go forward and kill the lions that show up with the shotgun, or the
    pistols if you're feeling lucky. Once you do that a boring cutscene occurs
    with Pierre.
    After that, go to the last column on the right and use the cracks to climb to
    the top. Then hop to the column across from it and climb to the top of that.
    Jump to the ledge on the side wall, not the one with the closed door on it.
    Make your way down that wall into the room above where you started. Step on
    the pressure pad to turn off the lights, then shoot the following targets:
    -the two feet
    -the lower back
    -the hand holding the sword
    When you do this, the door behind you will open. Now step on the pad, then off
    again, and then shoot these targets:
    -the two feet
    -the right knee
    -the lower back
    -the right eye (to your left)
    -the sword and
    -the hand holding the sword
    Doing this will unlock a gate on that higher ledge you were on before, behind
    which you can find the first artifact of the Greece levels. When you get that,
    come back and go through the first door you opened. Use the grapple to remove
    the rings from either side of the spherical object so that it comes loose,
    then push it off the edge and onto the circular pressure pad below. This opens
    the door on that ledge up there.
    Now go up and thru that door, then look for a grapple hook to the left. Get on
    that and then look for a little cache under the floor you were just standing
    on. If you can reach that ledge, go in and get the large medpak, then drop
    down and pull the lever. When you go out, kill two more lions then move the
    big sphere to the pressure pad in the smaller room you just came from.
    Now go down the winding stairway into the folly of that damned Francis... OK
    this room is HUGE and it consists of 6 floors. There are four shrines to four
    Greek gods or legends, and four switches that open each door. The only
    problem is, over centuries of disrepair the place has turned into a towering
    death trap. With BATS.
    The exit is on the bottom and if you can get there without smashing into the
    ground, you'll see that the door is locked not once, not twice, but four
    times. You'll need to pull each switch to open each door, go into the shrine,
    get the key, and come out alive. Good luck.
    You can use the maps to figure out how to get to each switch or door, but I'll
    explain how to do the puzzle in each shrine. If you're really stuck and need
    a help, the time trial section has a step-by-step list of what to do here.
    ___________6th Floor___________                             W-- --E
    | /  -  - |_|     |_| -- - / <---to Atlas      _________       |
    |/                 G          |               |___Key___|      S
    ||        ___     ___         |                              
    | |       | |     | |         |                 /  switch
    |---      | |     | |      ---|             [ or ] ladder
    |  |      | |     | |      |  |
    |P/|      | |_____| |      |H/|                  |_| grapple platform
    |  |      |         |      |  |              ___  G
    |---      |_________|      ---|              | |   |---|
    |                             |              |_|   |---|    grapple column
    |                             |               G      G
    |        ____________         |              - -\/| _ mark-up for ledges
                                                    x   supplies
                                                    a   artifact
    ___________5th Floor___________          ___________4th Floor___________
    |                             |          | / - - _  - |_A__| - - -_-\_<---from
    |                             |    to---->/                            |  6F
    |                             | artifact |                             |
    |            _____            | and Damo-|            __________       |
    |---       __| __|            | cles     |---         |        |__   |x|
    |  |       | __|              | switch   |  |         |          |---|<----to
    |H |       |_|    ___         |          |a |         |         _|---| |Hepha-
    |  |              | |         |          |  |         |________|   G  \|estus
    |---              |_|         |          |---                          |switch
    ||                            |          |                             |
    |\                            |          |                             |
    |\_       ________            |          |                             |
    |__-__-_-_|target|____________|          |_____________________________|
    ___________3rd Floor___________          ___________2nd Floor___________
    |                             |          | _- -        |_| - - - --_   |
    |                             |   from--->/             G           \ <------
    |                             |   Atlas  ||                          | |to Po-
    |     _____                   |          |            ____             |seidon
    |     |___|                ---|          |---      ___|  |___          |
    |                          |  |          |  |      |        |          |
    |         _______          | P|          |D/|     [|__    __|          |
    |         |     |          |  |          |  |         |__|             |
    |         |_____|          ---|          |---                          |
    |           | |               |          |                             |
    |           |_|               |          |                             |
    |         ___G___  /_ <--------to        |           ______            |
    |______x__|_____|_-_x_________|Damocles  |___________|_D__|____________|
    ___________1st Floor___________
    |__|||||||||| A/ |||||||||||__|
    |__         \____/          __|
    |__                         __|
    |__      ___       ___      __|
    |__     |   |     |   |     __|
    |__     |___|     |___|     __|
    |__                         __|
    |__      ___       ___      __|
    |       |   |_    |   |       |
    |       |___|x|   |___|]      |
    |                  |_|        |
    |                             |
    |_____                   _____|
    * note- concerning the little thing with the two blocks on the south part of
    the 3rd floor. After you cross the column, pull the block to your right slowly
    until it won't go, then drop down on the ledge and jump right to the other
    side of it and get the small medpak there.
    Then go to the other block and push it to the spot so that it is as far right
    while still being under the ledge directly above it. Now jump onto the block
    to the right and up onto the ledge that wraps around to the left. Drop down,
    then using the block as footing jump to more ledges to the right. That's how
    you get that medpak, and that's also the way to the Damocles shrine.
    Alternatively, you could just stand on the column and jump to one of the
    ledges below and to the left and hope she just happens to grab it.
    ** another note- in the hallway leading to each of the shrines, there is an
    antechamber with a funky door which looks like it can only be opened
    simultaneously from both sides. Since there is only one Lara, it would seem
    that the Greeks have outsmarted her, but also for no apparent reason they put
    a random nitch above each door which goes right over it. Each door is
    different and will be explained as you come to it.
    |        Hephaestus         |
    |______god of forging_______|
    Or so says Wikipedia... anyway. At this door, just go in and look for ledges
    at the back of the room which you can use to get to the nitch above the gate.
    Don't even try to ride the gate because it will crap out and fall on top of
    At first I thought he was the Greek god of disco because once you walk in,
    there is a room with a device that looks like a disco ball, only it shoots
    lightning. Okay. In the original TR you just had to run across and hope it
    doesn't shoot you, but this time around it's easy to predict: there are tiles
    on the floor that go up or down after each shot of lightning. The tiles in the
    up position can be shot, the ones of down position cannot. I.E., if you are on
    a low tile you won't be electrocuted. If you're on a high one you WILL be.
    There are four switches near each corner. Step on each switch to depress it.
    When all four are depressed, the gate will open. But if you get shocked, if
    you fall onto another raised tile you will get shocked again because she won't
    get up in time, so be careful.
    In the next room, take the statue (of Hephaestus, I'm guessing) and put it in
    one of the three depressions in the floor and face it towards the middle.
    Get the movable block and put it on the pressure pad under the big hammer
    (which was a lot bigger in the original TR btw) and it will break the block,
    freeing another statue. A bit cartoonish but whatever. Move it onto another
    depression and face it towards the middle.
    Now run across the pressure pad from right to left to coax the hammer down.
    When it is down, climb on to the top of it and then jump onto the high
    ledge and grab a large medpak up there. Drop down, then run across the pad
    from left to right. Now go to the top but don't jump on it, instead jump
    backwards onto another ledge. Grab the shells there, then use the bars to go
    across to other side of the room. After the first bar you land on a ledge that
    goes into sort of a closet. There is an artifact in there. Get it then
    continue to the other side. Now take the block and push it off the edge,
    smashing it. Take the statue and now put it into the last depression and face
    it towards the middle.
    If all three statues are facing the right direction, the pressure pad will pop
    up. Now run across it one more time to coax the hammer, this time it should
    open the gate to the small nook where you can grab the KEY OF HEPHAESTUS.
    Congratulations! 1 down, 3 to go. On the way out, there are no ledges at the
    gate. Instead, pull the lever, grab the seal, then count 3 clicks. Directly
    after the fourth click the gate will fall, so jump at the right time so you
    can grab onto the nitch.
    |         Poseidon          |
    |______god of the sea_______|
    But everyone knows that, right? Anyway I found this particular part to be a
    bit boring but that's just me. Probably because I wasn't able to think of too
    many jokes for this part. First kill the rats and look for a small medpak
    behind one of the columns. Then dive into the water and when you get to gate,
    pull the lever to the left of it to open it, then go through. When you get out
    of the water and into the tall room with circular walls (or I guess, the one
    wall), dive back in and find a lever on the back of that central column. Pull
    it to open a door in the wall above the water, go to it and grab an artifact.
    Now to the right and left of where you came in are two dry parts: one with a
    small medpak on it and another with a fish spitting water. Go get the health
    pack then climb up the central column. There are two more floors identical to
    the ones below. One has another fish statue with a block in front of it. Pull
    out the block to raise the water. Then go in and pull the lever that you saw
    before because suddenly now it's underwater she decides she can pull it. Doing
    that will open a gate below with a wooden raft which shoots up and hits a
    Now go to the other dry floor and push the block into the water. Then go back
    to the fish and push the block there back in front of it to lower the water.
    You know something about the physics of this room bothers me... oh well. That
    other fish statue now has a block you can push in front of it, again lowering
    the water level to the bottom. Go to the bottom.
    Now there are two walkways on the level above you that have not fallen apart.
    The wooden raft is under one of them, you need to use the grapple to drag it
    PAST the other one so that when you raise the water level it will be on the
    other side. Now look for a large disc-shaped object which has been smashed
    against the wall. You can use it to jump to the second level. Pull the block
    on that level to raise the water, then go to that empty piece of floor where
    you found the health pack earlier. Pull the raft with the grapple so that it
    rests between the two walkways on the level above. When you do that climb up
    top and raise the water again. Now you should be able to get on the raft and
    reach the ledge that leads to the room behind the gate.
    In there snatch the KEY OF POSEIDON, pull the lever, and make your way out to
    the exit. You know how some groups of friends have a loser that no one really
    likes but they just let him come along anyway? I think Poseidon is the loser
    of the Greek gods. Anyway on the way out you'll have to grab
    |           Atlas           |
    |_____god of the world?_____|
    I'm not sure what Atlas' title is per se, but in Greek mythology his job is to
    carry the weight of the world on his shoulders, hence the expression. Remember
    that little statue in the pool house at Croft Manor, where you pull the
    grapple ring and the guy drops the ball onto the pressure pad? Well the
    version here isn't quite as cute, also it will flatten you like a pancake.
    Go down until you get to, for lack of a better word, spinny lever. Push the
    spinny lever until you can get across thet floor. On the way up, grab a ledge
    to the left and climb up, get the magnum clips, and pull the lever to the
    Save it now because there is a good chance you will die a horrible death here.
    Go up to the top of the path, but don't touch the spears coming out of the
    ground. Shoot ONE of the two targets. This will make Mr. Atlas bend over,
    precariously balancing that ball on the edge. Now go back to about where that
    ledge you climbed on is and aim at the other one.
    From this far away her aiming sucks (like, really sucks) so just keep shooting
    while slowly inching forward, constantly shooting at the target. When you hit
    it, the ball will fall, and you have to book the hell into the other
    direction. When you get to the pit jump and she will grab the long bar going
    from wall to wall, then immediately tap the space bar until she jumps safely
    to the other side.
    Now push the spinny lever again and go across to the other side. Go down the
    way and get the shotgun shells and KEY OF ATLAS. Then go down and find a
    broken column to your left. Hop up and get the medpak and go up to the higher
    ledge to get the artifact up there. Now pull the switch and cross the floor
    before the hole gets too big to jump over.
    |         Damocles          |
    |_________some guy__________|
    Ah... Damocles. My personal favorite. He's not a god but he's part of legend,
    or so says Wikipedia. He traded spots with a king for a day and was having the
    time of his life until he saw a sharpened sword hanging by a hair over his
    head the whole time. The expression "sword of Damocles" hence refers to the
    constant danger that political figures may be assassinated or something like
    that. So just keep that story in mind as you come in here.
    In the antechamber, grapple the block in the nitch above, but don't let it
    crush you as it falls. Pull the lever, then quickly put the block under it so
    that when it falls it stops halfway down. Now you can climb up to the top.
    In the main chamber, just run through and grab the key at the end. Oh yeah and
    the chandelier above you is made of swords and picking up the key triggered it
    to fall in about two seconds so you might want to move. On the floor there is
    a small health pack and magnum clips, but if you've picked them all up so far
    in this walkthrough then she won't pick them up, meaning you've already maxed
    out the ammo capacity for the magnums (which you don't even have yet).
    A prompt should come up saying something like 'Press Alt to walk'. You should
    probably do that as you make your way out. When you go out go straight right
    and stay close to the wall. The sword in the ceiling above you will fall but
    if you don't stray to close to the spot where it will hit you should be fine.
    Now at the end here you hit a dead end where you have to cross the tiles with
    swords coming in and out of them. There is a certain sequence to them.
    It's easy to remember; a white tile and a red tile next to each other withdraw
    their swords. The red one comes back up but the white stays down, so get on
    the white. Two more tiles go down, you have to run across the red one to the
    second white one because the first white one will come back up again. Do that
    again, then on the last two run across to safe ground.
    Here there are more swords that will fall on top of you and kill you if you
    stray under them. So turn left and STAY CLOSE TO THE COLUMNS until you get to
    the end, then turn left and go down to the end. Get up on that short column
    and climb onto the wall, then up to the ledge there with a lever on it. Pull
    the lever then jump down to where you started.
    Find a ramp in the back of the room, jump back then grapple. Pull up, then
    swing to the floor at the top. From there jump to the C-shaped walkway and
    then go to where you saw the artifact earlier, when you pulled the switch.
    Back in the main room, you can now bypass the tile thing, and as long as you
    stay close to the columns you can safely make your way back to the ledge with
    the lever. Now hop onto the marble pole, climb to the top, then hop back onto
    the column. Go to the next column and then to the ledge with a large health
    pack on it. Jump on the wall and onto the grapple ring. Now this next part is
    tricky because you need to jump away from the wall at the top of the forward
    swing so you can land on that column.
    Press forward and backward to get her swing to the fullest, thing on the top
    let go of the forward button, hold down left, then jump. Now hop across the
    columns and the ledges on the far wall to get to the ledge with another spinny
    switch on it. Push that, drop down, and go through the door.
    Congratulations! You finished one of the hardest levels in the game. Don't
    forget to get that artifact in the main room if you haven't yet, and make your
    way down to the door at the bottom, put in the keys, and go through the door.
    |              The Coliseum               |
    |=======Artifacts: 1======================|
    |=======Relics: 0=========================|
    Go through the door and kill the rats. Go up on top of a ledge then turn
    around and jump on top of the column with a small medpak on it. Then go back
    down and use the columns and ledges to make your way around to the area behind
    the rubble. Go down and pick up the shotgun shells at the end, then dive into
    the water.
    Keep tapping E through here because if you don't you'll drown. If you jumped
    in from the side with the shells, turn left at the bottom. If you jumped from
    the side you came from, turn right. At the next intersection turn left, and on
    the next turn right and go up to the surface.
    This place seems to be some kind of room where they held prisoners. As if the
    skeletons in the cage didn't give it away... hop onto the box next to the
    water and climb right on the wall until you get to the end where you pick up a
    large medpak then drop off and get back on the small box.
    Now jump left to the ledge above the water, on the other side jump to another
    ledge then backwards onto the pole. It probably goes without saying by now,
    but try to go up as high as you can then jump backwards onto the large box
    with two skeletons. From there hop over the fence then up the way there into
    the colosseum.
    Once you're in there you'll be greeted by a pissed off King Kong and his
    buddy. Gorillas are probably harder to kill than any other enemy you've come
    across so far so be careful with them. When they are dead pick up shotgun
    shells at the far end then look for a little ramp that you can jump off of
    onto the sidelines above.
    Pierre will shout at you from nowhere. What an idiot. Climb up to the top of
    the sidelines to meet two bats. Kill them and then jump onto the column and
    hop over the rubble. Then you can get onto the box seat and pull the lever
    there, opening another door below.
    Once you drop down you'll get ambushed by two gorillas and two lions but with
    your handy dandy shotgun you can put them down with no problem. Go into the
    room you opened and turn right. Pick up the shotgun shells in the corner then
    continue over the wooden part and get onto a small box at the end.
    Shoot your grapple hook at a box above a large cage nearby, and pull it off.
    Then push it up and over the wooden part. It's a little tricky so it might
    take a few tries. Then push it past the way in to the large cage with a
    BALCONY KEY on it.
    Now go back up to get attacked by more lions. Then go back up to the box seat
    and put the key into the door behind the lever up there. Climb up the ladder
    and kill the bats, then jump onto the rocky outreach to the left. For a small
    medpak you can drop down from the other side and get it but you have to get
    down and go back up the box seat.
    When you get back up to the outreach jump and grapple the ring on the ceiling.
    Now press E and go down as far as you can. Aim for another grapple ring in
    front and to the right of you. Swing until you get full momentum then jump and
    try to grapple the second ring. When you do that, turn left until you see a
    little nook with an artifact in it. Swing and jump to grab the ledge. Pull up
    and get the artifact then go allllllll the way back around to the first
    grapple ring.
    This time, turn a little to the right, then swing forward and try to land on
    the rocky outreach above the second grapple ring. Now look for a column in the
    back with a big crack on it. Jump onto the crack. Now slide as far to the left
    as you can then jump onto the ledge back there. Here you can finally pick up
    those elusive MAGNUMS that you've been picking up ammo for.
    Get back onto the column then shimmy around to the farthest right and hop
    backwards onto a ledge and up to the ledge there. Pick up a medpak then hop
    down onto the slope, jumping near the bottom but don't fall down because you
    will have to start ALL. OVER. AGAIN.
    Now go up the column and onto a ledge and run over the roof of the second box
    seat. On the other side look down for a flat rock and drop onto it, then jump
    into the box seat. Her face will hit the wall dead on, but she doesn't really
    From the name of the next level, I'm guessing this is where the mayor of this
    city, apparently named Midas, sat to watch the colosseum games. Pick up the
    magnum clips if you can then go down and take a left to get to the next level.
    And FYI, the magnums in this level were a LOT harder to get in the original.
    If memory serves me, it involved lots of jumping and a timed door.
    |             Midas's Palace              |
    |=======Artifacts: 1======================|
    |=======Relics: 2=========================|
    Once you enter this pretty little room, you're attacked by gorillas from the
    left, right, and front. They're pretty choreographed actually. This place is
    gorilla central by the way. But you got your handy dandy magnums now to take
    care of that. To the right of where you came in you can get up to the high
    ledge. When you get up there is a large health pack directly in front of you,
    grab it then pull the switch.
    In case you didn't notice yet, there's a big statue in front of you and I'm
    guessing, as if the level name and the big-ass letters on the statue didn't
    give it away, that his name is Midas. If you're familiar with the story of
    King Midas, keep it in mind. If you're not, jump on that hand next to his left
    foot and see what happens...
    Anyway, jump into the water (because dropping down will hurt you) and go
    through the door you opened. When you enter the next room, turn left (mindful
    of spears) and look for a bunch of stones above you with a randomly convenient
    grapple ring. Pull these down. Turn around and go to the opposite corner
    where, behind a flat white block, there are some shotgun shells you can pick
    Go into the corridor opposite the one you came in and go behind the stairs.
    Pull out the box, go in that little room and pull the switch to open the gate.
    Wouldn't it have been easier to just not have a gate at all? Up the stairs get
    a small medpak to the right then continue up and pull the switch.
    What you need to do go across these platforms to get to the lead bar at the
    end. It's pretty easy to start with but follow the numbers that correspond
    with the platforms and you should get across just fine. You can also get to
    the artifact on the ledge to the "southeast". The ledge to the "northeast", on
    the other hand, requires you to be very quick and you have to try to control
    the stupid camera so be patient, for it will probably take more than one try.
    This is a rough diagram but you should be able to follow it, using the key.
    The path to the artifact is marked by the dollar sign $ and the path to the
    relic is marked by question marks ?. Otherwise, follow the arrows and slashes.
    Now you are timed, for most of the blocks will start to go back down after you
    step on them. You will often find yourself fighting the camera. All I will say
    is, don't rush, and don't blindly jump without lining yourself up because if
    you do that, you're bound to land Lara in a nice pit of spears.
                 |  lead  |
     ____________|___bar__|_________                 _________
    |r |            ^               |               |___Key___|
    |__|????        ^    10x<----999|
       |   13s     11b<-/        999|               a  artifact
       |     ?                    ^ |
       |      ?                   ^ |               r  relic
       |      ?                  888|
     __|   -->5x      /--->7s--->888|__             b  white block
        44/     \-->6b           $     
     __ 44                       $   __             x  block w/ spikes
       | ^                       $  |
       | ^                       $  |               s  sloped block
       |3s                     12b  |
       |3s <--2x<--\             $  |__             (no letter)  platform
       |            \             $ |  |
       |             1b            $| a|
                 | switch |
                 |        |
    *note on artifact- the diagram makes it look like an impossible jump from
    platform 8 to white block 12, but again it's out of proportion, it's much
    *note on relic- I received a few e-mails on advice about an easy way to go
    about this (which I haven't tested so I don't really know quite what I'm
    talking about). Go up and pull the switch to raise the blocks, then drop down.
    Go to that block in front of the small closet next to the stairs in the next
    room (left entrance in the diagram above). Slide it out next to nitch on the
    corner of block 13s in the diagram, then from there jump to the crevice in the
    wall. Thank you to Ky Kiske and J.C. Lavoie for this useful tip.
    There's that way, and then my unnecessarily difficult "improvised" way to go
    about it (altho now it's pretty much obsolete compared to the first way):
    1. IMMEDIATELY AFTER pulling the switch, jump straight to 2x, on top of it.
       The spikes won't come up yet.
    2. About HALF A SECOND after you see platform 4 move out, jump to slope 3 then
       grab onto platform 4.
    3. Jump ON TOP OF block 5x. You will have to move the camera quickly after
       step 2 so don't rush it, but still be quick.
    4. The spikes on 5x will come up any second, and they won't kill you but
       they'll knock you off. Look to slope 13 and when you think you can reach
       it, jump and land on slope 13, then jump and grab the crack in the wall.
       Then you can get the Athenian Owl Figurine.
    "The sacred bird of the goddess Athena, owls were associated with her
    characteristic trait of wisdom."
    So anyway after you do that you get one of three LEAD BARS. Drop down and go
    back the way you came. When you get to the fork in the road, two gorillas will
    come at you (probably from the left), and this will be tough because you're in
    a cramped spot and if you haven't figured out yet gorillas HURT. A LOT. I've
    never been attacked by a gorilla, except for vicarously through Lara Croft and
    Ratchet the lombax, but I would imagine it stings. So you have two choices:
    run backwards while shooting, and hope you don't put yourself in a corner, or
    try to dart past them into the main room so you can fight them in a bigger
    space. Your choice.
    Well back in that main room climb up Mr. Midas via the ledges on his right
    side (to your left) and pull the switch behind him on the upper level. Then go
    on top of that block and pick up the shotgun shells behind his head.
    Go through the door you opened. In the room with the big column in the middle
    go down and turn right at the end. At the end of that corridor you will see a
    gorilla and a lion. Kill them then use the grapple hook to pull the three
    supports on the base of the column. Pick up the LEAD BAR. Wow that was a hell
    of a lot easier than the last one... but, the hard part is still to come.
    Go back to that hallway you came from and turn left up the stairs. Switch to
    the pistols because when you get to the ledge a few bats will come at you.
    Turn left and jump on two blocks, then grab the ledge above you. Jump left to
    a slightly higher ledge and get the large medpak there. Jump back to the first
    ledge then hop to the ledge to the right.
    Now work your way down the wall and around the corner to the rope. Then look
    for a dark column sticking out of the wall down that same wall. Swing and jump
    to it. Climb to the top crack and shimmy all the way left, then jump backwards
    onto that insanely precarious rocky ledge.
    This next part is a bit crazy... jump to the large white column in the middle,
    then while sliding down hop again to the piece of column in the sand. Turn
    around and jump and grab the crack on that white column, shimmy all the way
    left then jump backwards. Here jump over the crack on the way to the wall
    because you can easily slip through, although it doesn't look like it.
    When you get to the grapple hook, at the top of the forward swing, jump away
    from the wall to land on a flat surface, then jump to the nook with the small
    medpak. Get back onto the flat surface then jump onto the ledge. If you mess
    up on the jump from the grapple hook to the flat surface, don't sweat because
    you'll just end up on the ledge below.
    When you go down this corridor, whip out that shotgun and get ready to fire
    fire fire because when you see a blue light around a bend, two gorillas will
    come at you and you got nowhere to run but backwards. Just be sure you don't
    dodge yourself right off the ledge and have to work your way around the
    column room all over again.
    When you get to the end get the magnum clips and pull the switch to open the
    door behind Midas. Now jump into the water then out and go in Midas's back
    door... heh heh heh heh. (LAME)
    I like the room in here because it's rather colorful and I enjoy that. However
    I don't like it because... well step on that pressure pad in front of you and
    you'll see.
    After that little display, go down the stairway either left or right and drop
    into the water but stay near the dry land. Stay in there until you see a red
    arrow pointing off screen, and by that time you will have noticed the demonic
    crocodile barreling at you through the water. I don't like these things
    because, for one, they're hard to see, and secondly when they get close to you
    they do this ugly hiss. Well anyway lure him in then hop back onto land when
    he gets close but don't let him get you. If he stays close, shoot him with the
    shotgun, if he swims away, shoot him with the pistols or magnums until he's
    out of range. When he's dead, jump into the water and look for an underwater
    switch on the column to the right of the room (facing the room as if you would
    coming through the entrance).
    Then go back up to the switch that turned on the fire and jump forward. Now
    Lara won't actually catch on fire (sadly, to keep the game rated T), but she
    can get hurt bad so stay away from the fire. Jump to the column to the right.
    Wait for the fire to pass you, then follow it around until you get to the
    cracks that you can climb up. On the top crack, shimmy all the way left then
    jump backwards. Pull the switch then drop back down and jump onto the
    structure you raised.
    From there jump to the next column and she will grab a narrow ledge. Go left
    until you can jump backwards onto the block. Go up the ladder and pull the
    switch, then jump towards the column and she'll grab onto something, but be
    careful to avoid the fire. Now make your way left until you can go up, then
    climb up to the top.
    Jump to the next column, making sure you don't land in the fire. Go clockwise
    around to the crack and shimmy right until you can get up to the next. Shimmy
    right again until you can get to the next crack, then when you're adjacent to
    the ledge, jump backwards and climb up. There is a large health pack in front
    of the farthest column, get that then grab the last LEAD BAR. Jump down and go
    back to the beginning.
    If you want to get the relic here it takes a lot of time and patience. Also
    it's a pain in the ass. Go back to where that first switch is. There are two
    outcropping ledges. Go to the far one and look for a grapple ring you can use
    to get to the other side. At the top of your swing jump forward. Although it
    seems like there is nothing there she will find a ledge to grab. Drop down and
    jump to another ledge.
    Then jump right, and up. Hop backwards onto the slope and up onto the bar. Now
    line yourself up with the stepping column down the wall. Swing to it, then hop
    onto the slope, then into the nitch. Before you pull the switch, save it. Once
    you pull it you only have so much time to get to the relic above so BOOK IT.
    Again I made you a nice little list.
    1. Drop down and swim (while tapping E) and go to the nearest stairway on the
       other end (there are two, but one is much closer than the other).
    2. Go onto the first structure, then the second, then go straight to the third
       one that you raised out of the water. Ignore the fire; just press the V or
       B button when your health is low.
    3. One the fourth structure, she will grab the lowest ledge. Shimmy all the
       left, then up when you hit the end.
    4. At the top, jump to the next one and run clockwise (to the left) and keep
       jamming the E button until the yellow sign pops up and she grabs the
       Griffin-Head Protome.
    "Griffin heads were fitted on bronze cauldrons or drinking vessels in archaic
    Greek art ca 700 BCE and served as talismans to ward off evil spirits."
    Retrace your steps. After 3 turns, a couple of gorillas will come ambush you.
    They come out of literally nowhere and they scared the shit out of me. But
    after you get past them, go down to the hand of Midas next to his feet. Put
    each lead bar on it to turn it to gold, then put each GOLD BAR into a spot on
    the base of the statue. When you put the last gold bar in its spot, the level
    |             Tomb of Tihocan             |
    |=======Artifacts: 2======================|
    |=======Relics: 0=========================|
    Before you go into the water, if you haven't yet, for kicks you can hop onto
    the hand of Midas and watch her turn to gold. After you go into the water,
    keep jamming that E key because you need to swim fast. Go forward (the left or
    right paths don't go anywhere) until you get to a split, then turn right and
    surface for air. Then go back down and go the other way and continue until you
    get to the surface.
    Push the block in and to the left so you can get on it to reach the switch.
    Kill the rat then hit the switch. Drop down and kill a few more rats then go
    into the sluice room. Once you enter Pierre will shout to you again... how the
    hell does he keep beating you? He must be using this walkthrough :P okay, lame
    I know.
    To the left of where you came in, there is a bar. After that is a grapple ring
    so jump forward on the swing to grab a ledge. Get the magnum clips on the
    bottom of that hole in the wall, then grab the ledge to the right and hop
    across to walkway. Climb up and get UZI CLIPS (mini SMG), then swing on
    another grapple hook to the walkway in the corner. Jump the gap the go down to
    the opposite corner. Pick up the shells then swing across the bars. Push the
    box down. Now use the ledges to make your way down.
    Now climb to the top ledge and work your way down the other side of the wall.
    When you get to the ledge with the block, push it down then jump to the right
    and use the ledges to make your way down. Grab a small medpak in the corner,
    push the box into the water, then go past the water and hop over another wall.
    Pull the spinny switch there to lower the water. Now go the way you were going
    and look for a large medpak behind a fallen piece of walkway. Continue to the
    next corner where another crocodile (or alligator?) is waiting for you, but
    their not as intimidating on land. Locate the box nearby and push it into the
    Now drop down and pop some caps in those crocodiles then push the boxes onto
    the two pressure pads. Look for a small medpak behind the rubble in one of the
    corners near the part where you dropped in and get it.
    Now the path the developers intended is to work around the wall to the ledge
    on the other side, but I found a shortcut. There is brick slope under the
    aforementioned ledge. Run to the ledge as if you're going up it then press
    Shift to roll. If you do it right she will roll right to the top of that slope
    and you can jump onto the ledge.
    Go up and raise the water, then go to the part where the water extends under
    those big walkways. Use the grapple hook to pull the raft all the way in. Go
    clockwise around the water and hop over the wall. There are ledges that you
    can use to climb on the wall and the column in front of you to get to the top,
    then go to the spinny switch up there and push or pull it to raise the water
    to the top.
    There are grates around the walls of the sluice room that are part of various
    sewers. Some of these grates are broken and have an item stashed behind them.
    1. The large grate under and to the right has a large medipak.
    2. In the corner to the left of the high ledge that you need the raft to reach
       there is a grate with a small medpak in it.
    3. To the right of said ledge, there is a grate with ammo in it.
    All of these can only be reached when the water is at its highest level..
    Now you may have noticed the artifact under a gate in the floor at the bottom
    and I'm sure you're just eager for me to tell you how to get it. So here's
    what you do: again the water level must be at its highest. Then, look for a
    switch on the side of the column directly in front of the aforementioned high
    ledge. Pull it, then surface. Then go down and get the artifact and the
    magnum clips. Keep an eye on your breath; when it's about 2/5 down, you need
    to resurface.
    Get on the raft (which should be locked inside the wall and the walkway) and
    use it to reach that higher ledge. You can move it around by using the grapple
    hook if you need to. As you can see there is a pool that a bunch of faces in
    the wall are puking in... so go in there. I'm sure Lara just sick of the water
    now but, you're almost done. Go in and let the current suck you through the
    sewers (again, she must be just SICK of this) and down a small waterfall into
    a neat little cave. Get the shotgun shells on the shore then hop right back in
    through the little passage to the right.
    Surface when you can, then go straight left. There are magnum clips and
    shotgun shells on that shore. Tread in the direction of the burial chamber
    ahead but stay close to the wall. When you see a passage below, dive in and
    quickly grab the artifact inside, then resurface. Now go along the inner ledge
    until you see another passage below. It leads to a tiny air pocket with a
    switch in it. This switch opens the door above, so make your way back up and
    go through.
    A nice little tomb to raid... there is a cutscene here where Lara reads that
    Tihocan was one of the triumvirate (which means group of three) and led
    Atlantis when it was lost beneath the waves... well after that Pierre FINALLY
    decides to show up then there is an interactive sequence.
    After that he leaves, then the two guards outside come to life. He gets scared
    and says, "On second thought, you have it." He throws it to her and then says,
    "Bonne chance!" which means good luck in French. Shortly after the Atlantean
    guards stomp the living shiznit out of him.
    Well the French were never good fighters anyway... now you have to fight these
    demonic centaurs by yourself.
    Boss Fight: Centaurs
    This part is somewhat of a pain. OK first off never stand still, always keep
    moving because these guys are fast and they don't mind smashing you to pieces.
    Shoot one of them until their rage meter is maxed, then a green beam will
    appear between you and the centaur. When this happens roll left or right and
    just keep rolling because at a point the beam will turn you to stone if you're
    in the way. If this does happen, tap left and right quickly to break free;
    otherwise they will kick you and you will smash to pieces.
    Someone also told me that if you turn the camera so that the centaur is
    off-screen, the beam can't hurt you. I've tested it and it works and I got
    good feedback about it, so try it if you keep getting petrified. This info is
    thanks to Lychee Lycheru Lycheolla Lychee.
    After that, bust up the rage meter again to make them charge. Dodge roll, then
    head shot. When you do they will be stunned, and you can shoot the grapple
    hook at their shield and yank it away from them.
    Now you'll have to bust up the rage meter /again/ to make them charge for the
    stone shot. In this case stay close to the shield, because you can pick it up
    and she'll use it to deflect the beam back to the centaur so that he'll turn
    himself to stone. When he does taht drop the shield by pressing E then blast
    the hell out of him until he shakes out of it. Do this to them until their
    health is depleted, in which case they will break apart. In general, it's best
    to use the pistols to get the rage meter up. When they turn to stone, if
    they're far away, use the magnums, and if they're close by, blast them with
    the shotgun.
    When all this is done, she will put the two pieces of the Scion together then
    have a funky dream where she sees the "Triumvirate". The guy with the sharp
    things on his back and that awesome hat is Tihocan; the other guy in the
    spider-leg machine is our friend Qualopec as seen in Peru, but who is that
    third one...?
    Well things didn't go well obviously. After that scene she has a vision of
    where to find the last piece of the Scion, then she hits the ground with her
    face. Shouldn't have eaten those special brownies...
    I think I remember from history class that in the Roman empire, whenever they
    had a Triumvirate one of them always ended up screwing over the other two...
    heh, small world I guess. On to Egypt! :)
    Now your job is to get the last piece of the Scion at the temple of Khamoon.
    Perhaps Khamoon was that third person Lara saw in her freaky mushroom dream?
    Guess we'll just have to wait and see.
    Those of you who have played the original TR might remember this place as
    being pretty colorful with vibrant brown and orange sand and oasis-like areas
    with trees and stuff. Well they've sort of done away with that here... most
    everything is made of gray stone now. I actually prefered the Egypt in the
    original to this one, but oh well.
    |             Temple of Khamoon           |
    |=======Artifacts: 3======================|
    |=======Relics: 1=========================|
    Go down the passage and drop into the hole in the ground. In the two corners
    in front of you, grapple the stuff off of either column. Then pull out the
    block to the left and grab the stuff inside the hole there. Get on the fallen
    piece of the column and work your way up and around to the opposite end of the
    room. The strange scarab/bird thing in the wall will slide down when you get
    on it so quickly hop onto it and then onto the upper ledge.
    Once you slide down the slope in the next room, a panther will attack you from
    the left. Kill it then grab the shells in the corner it came from. When you
    get on the ledge to the outside there is a little ledge to the left to use and
    go along to a nitch above where you came in and get a large health pack up
    there, then drop down and go outside to the temple plaza.
    This next cutscene I found to be rather amusing... you will need to use the
    head shot to kill these guys because they will rip you to pieces. Also they
    shoot fireballs so be wary of those. When they are dead pick up the magnum
    clips where you came in and the medpak to the right of there. Down in the
    water there is also a medpak behind one of the small columns. Now go and get
    some shotgun shells in a corner down the way from the way you came in.
    Now near those shells is a column shorter than Lara that you can get on. There
    are two crappy looking beat up columns to the left that you will climb up to
    get to a high ledge up above. Here there is a target in the wall you have to
    shoot to pull out the bar to swing, but be quick because it will go back in.
    Go to the end and get on the column to the left. Then hop onto the half of a
    column below. Go up the ladder and onto the sphinx head. There is a room next
    to the sphinx head that you can climb into. To the right there is a hole in
    the ceiling that you can climb up. It leads to a room with your first artifact
    in it.
    Now get onto the grapple ring and then the ledge on the other end. Cross the
    gap via the grapple rings then at the end hop onto a slope. Under this slope
    is a medpak. Get it, then on the back of the sphinx there is a switch that
    opens a door to the inside of the temple.
    At the end of this unnecessarily winding corridor there is a large room where
    two panthers are waiting for you at the end to the right. Also notice there
    are two room near you where more panthers are sitting and waiting for you to
    unwittingly open the door...
    The switch for said unwitty act is next to the open door at the end. Pull it
    then kill the kitties that attack. Get a small medpak in one of the rooms then
    go back and pull the switch. Now go back again and get on the last platform on
    the left by getting on the block next to it then jumping on top.
    Jump forward, left, and forward to end up on the last one on the left. Then
    get on the grapple hook and use the ledges to get around. The gate you have to
    get on will fall so quickly hop to the ledge above when you get on it.
    When you must drop down kill the three rats. Then get the block out from under
    the part you came from and pull it out, and push it to the other side. Grab
    the medpaks behind it, and along the way to the end, then get on it and climb
    On the next hole, get the ammo below then climb back up. The bar will
    alternate in and out of the wall so time your swing. When you hit the wall
    mechanism, if you have to press E to regain her grip you will fall too far
    down. However, if you pull it all the way down, get on the ground then wait
    for it to get about halfway up you can get onto the ledge above by quickly
    jumping twice.
    When you get to a pretty little room with water, hang over the ledge but don't
    drop down. This will coax a gator (yep, they're back). Then shimmy all the way
    left (or right). Then climb up and peg it with the pistols until it dies. Drop
    down and go forward and another gator will ambush you. This one kill quick
    with the shotgun or magnums. Go in and get a medpak down where the first gator
    came from then hop into the water.
    Go down and pull the lever then quickly turn left and get through the gate
    before it closes. Surface, then go look for a medpak in the far right corner,
    outside the inner wall near the floor.
    Surface then get on the wall mechanism and then on the ledge above. Here, you
    must quickly run across the walkway that pulls apart, jump and grab the other
    side. Then grab a ledge above you and hop to the left. Wait for the ledges to
    come back in from the wall before you jump backwards and grab the wall
    mechanism at the end, then jump to the ledge above. Finally jump to the ledge
    to the right.
    In this room get the medpak to the right. You need to climb up the stepping
    column, climb up the wall, then hop onto said stepping column, and hop to the
    pole on the ceiling. Get the goodies in front of the gated wall, then get to
    the switch and pull it.
    Go back down to the second floor. It won't go into the wall this time, I
    promise. Move the block across the walkway and look for an unreachable ledge
    on the wall to the right. Position the block so that you can stand on it and
    get onto the wall.
    You have to be quick again as you climb the wall to the highest ledge. When
    you do that you can jump either left or right. Go left. Get to the ledge with
    the gated wall. Now grapple the door across the room, not the ring on the
    ceiling. Pull it down as far as it will go, then quickly grapple across using
    the ring to get to the room behind the door. Pull the switch in there then go
    back out and climb as high as you can on the right part of the door. Then hop
    backwards onto a bar, and again onto safe ground.
    Why didn't the Egyptians just put a god damn elevator in that room instead? I
    mean they built giant pyramids but can't figure out a stairwell? Anyway pull
    the switch to open part of the floor downstairs. Now the average raider of
    tombs is done here, but you're not the average tomb raider, are you. So you
    need to get on that grapple ring to your left. Don't swing too much because if
    you do you'll jump right over that ledge there and to your death. So let her
    settle down in the middle, then start to swing until you can jump to reach the
    ledge there.
    Jump backwards to get on another grapple ring. As you can see there is a chain
    of grapple rings you can use to get to the roof of that shrine-like place and
    get another artifact. Now look down to see if that blue part is still open. If
    it is, hop into the water and go inside (there are gators but you can easily
    outrun them if you don't want to waste your ammo), but it might have closed,
    in which case you'll have to backtrack along the grapple rings to get back to
    the switch.
    When you go through and get to the next room, pick up magnum clips on either
    side of the doorway. Snipe at the panther below then drop down... to fight
    with three more. To make things really exciting, pull the switch next to the
    gate holding two more panthers behind it. Unless your crazy, though, wait
    until you kill the first three first. But you do have to open that gate
    Inside the room to the left is a medpak so go get it. And if by this time you
    start to hear bodiless demonic snarling, don't worry. That's perfectly normal.
    There are two ledges next to the gate you opened manually. Go up those, then
    hop right, then backwards. Get onto the revolving bar, and when it's done
    turning, jump left to another ledge, then up and onto the high ledge. Turn
    left and shoot the target. Go get the goodies then come back. On the opposite
    wall is a corridor that you go through and kill a panther at the end. In the
    next room you see a big trapdoor in the ceiling. Go through the doorway in
    front of you and up the ladder.
    Another monster-like mummy will attack up here so watch out. Go up another
    ladder to get above a room you were in earlier. Pull the switch then jump
    forward, left, forward, right, then forward twice. Pull the switch at the end,
    then go back down the ladder. Go to the end, climb up the rocks then grapple
    across the wall. At the end, jump away from the wall onto a ledge. It's tricky
    but as long as you let go of the up key and you are holding down the key of
    the direction away from the wall, she should jump and grab the ledge. Shimmy
    quickly across the breakable ledge, then go left onto the bar down there to
    open the door in the floor.
    Now go back to that ledge which is now two ledges. On the first one, hop
    backwards onto a stepping column, then make your way to a skinny column. There
    are three skinny columns and a ledge on the wall. You have to get onto the
    highest ledge on the middle column to get to one on the wall, then wall run
    across to the ledge on the right and get the artifact up there.
    Drop down through the trapdoor onto a pile of sand, then get through the
    doorway next to it and go through to the final room. Figures the last room
    would have the hardest puzzle...
    In this room there are blocks that you move to get to antechambers. The letter
    next to each x relays what is in there. You must move the blocks to release
    the four pressure pads.
             ___e_|exit|gpe__                    _________
           r|   x        x   |                  |___Key___|
           g|x   o      o   x|
            |      o  o      |                   x  block
            |                |                   o  obelisk
          ep|x              x|e                  g  goodies
            |___x__    __x___|                   p  panther
                g  |  |  g                       e  pressure pad
                 entrance                        r  relic
    All right now look at the spot marked g, p, e, and move the block there so
    that you can reach the crack on the left of the column above. Go around to the
    highest crack on the column near it with no mark. Then hop backwards onto the
    obelisks which you can hop across to get to more cracks, and onto a ledge that
    leads to a room with a medpak and the Mummified Cat relic.
    "With the cult of the cat goddess Bast (also known as Bastet), becoming
    popular in late period Egypt, cats were often mummified and sold to pilgrims
    who presented them as offerings to the goddess."
    Drop down and go to the columns now. In some of the rooms here there were
    clues as to how to arrange these columns. There are four pictures, and you
    must match a particular picture to a particular column and face it towards the
    door. Look at the colored symbols on the columns.
    -on the column with the yellow marking, rotate the cylinder so that the
     picture of the guy with the yellow and black hat holding a smaller guy on a
     plate is under it, facing the exit
    -the next column, with a bird, should have the guy with the blue hat holding a
     blue ribbon and a container of green liquid
    -the red one will have a guy with a black hat holding a blue and yellow
    -the blue one will have the skinny guy with the black hat holding two cups or
    If you put every picture in the right spot, the door should open, taking you
    to the next level.
    |           Obelisk of Khamoon            |
    |=======Artifacts: 4======================|
    |=======Relics: 0=========================|
    This level is rather a pain in the butt...
    Go down and turn right to pull the switch. Get the medpak behind the column
    next to you. Now cross the bridge to get to the titular obelisk. There's a
    cranny here where you can pick up the EYE OF HORUS. This is one of four items
    you will need for that obelisk that you might have noticed at that plaza near
    the beginning of the level.
    Drop down into the water and get the magnum clips on the floor below. Then get
    a medpak on the floor on the other side of the water. Then find a doorway in
    the wall just above the water. In there, the corridor has a few smashing wall
    traps, but that's pretty novice for Lara. At the end is a rediculously tall
    chamber, and you know what that means...
    Go to the ruined stairway and jump on the wall mechanism. Quickly get off and
    get on the column that it lowers. Make your way up to the piece of floor in
    the corner, then hop over a large gap to another part. It looks far but she'll
    make it. Here you can hear the vengeful dart traps... perhaps the Egyptians
    have been conspiring with the Peruvians.
    Hop to the other end. Now to get the artifact here, you're timed (of course).
    If you can do this next part fast enough, you can get it. You will probably
    have to do a practice run first though. So pull the switch on the ledge you're
    on and go up. If, when you get to the very top, the bar to the right is not in
    the wall, hurry up and swing across it to get the artifact. But first, here's
    how you get to the top.
    Jump across to a piece of floor in the middle, like the one you jumped from
    but it's on the other wall. Go across to the other floor opposite it and use
    the columns to get to the top of the one on the far right so you can get onto
    the ledge, then swing on the bar to a high ledge.
    Go to the end and climb up over to the higher piece of floor in the middle of
    the room. Drop down and hang onto the ledge on the side away from where you
    came, then shimmy left until you stop. Jump to the ledge above, then go around
    the pillar. Jump backwards over the gap, then drop down onto the floor, shimmy
    around to the right, then get up.
    Jump to the ledges to the right, and go around the wall to hop back on that
    skinny pillar. You can climb up to the top of the middle pillar, however don't
    get on the first pillar because the darts will hit you. Then climb up to the
    piece of floor above the tallest pillar. Here you can go left onto a big
    ledge or go right if you outran the timer for the bar to go back into the
    wall. On the left, get the medpak at the end, then go into the corridor. In
    the next room kill a mummy then go down into the hole and get the goodies at
    the end. Turn around and go up the ladder.
    Now they even got weight-triggered bars... well use those to get around to the
    end and go up the stairs. Past a few more wall traps, go pull the switch to
    the right, then go back around to another corridor on the left. Here you go
    through a few lovely wall blade traps to come in to another large room, but
    now you're at the top and you go down. Kill a mummy at the bottom, then pick
    up the shotgun shells and two medpaks down on the ground floor. Then pull the
    switch to open a gate. Don't go in, though.
    Find the block on the other side of the room, pull it out, then get the health
    pack behind it. Jump on the ledges then grapple onto the high ledge to the
    left. Here there are stone steps where you can pick up a medpak and uzi clips.
    Then get on the wall to the right and jump backwards onto a grapple ring, but
    time it so that you don't get hacked by the spinning sawblades coming out of
    the wall...
    Once you get on the wall you'll have to grapple across a precarious spot again
    but this time it's a bit tricky: you swing across, then when you swing back
    jump to get to the ledge above the one you were just on.
    Now go to the higher one and hop backwards and go across to the other side;
    however this time you have two blade traps to pass and if you hit either one,
    you die. On that ledge, hold the down key so that she's ready to jump until
    the screen slowly pans so that you can see both traps. Wait until the second
    one goes in, then as soon as the first one goes in jump back. If you have to
    wait more than about a second and a half after the second one goes in, time it
    Now get up on the top step and attach onto the grapple ring. At the end, jump
    away from the wall onto another ring. On this one, let her rest at the bottom,
    then tap the right key. When she starts to come down on her short swing, press
    Shift to drop onto the step below and pick up an artifact. Then jump back onto
    the large steps and start over, this time on the second ring jump to the
    platform to the right and get up to the corridor above.
    Through here pull a switch and go out back into the obelisk room. Drop down
    into the water and go up the ladder to the ledge where you started. Go across
    the bridge and jump to both of the adjacent bridges to the left and right,
    where you can get the ANKH OF ISIS and the SEAL OF ANUBIS.
    At the end of the bridge to the ankh go through the corridor past the various
    traps into my "favorite" room of the level. And by favorite, I mean I hate it.
    There is a yellow wall mechanism to the left. But for the love of God, DON'T
    PULL IT. You'll be royally pissed if you do.
    Below the second step down to the left is a lower step you can drop down onto.
    Then drop down to a piece of floor below, then grapple across to a square
    platform in the corner. Here you can shoot down the three mummies on the
    Now go to the other side of the room and climb up a few crevices to a ledge
    above and go through the doorway. Here you're supposed to dive under the upper
    blades and then jump over the lower ones, but don't sweat it if you get nicked
    once or twice. Then next part is what you have to worry about: hop down onto
    the first stepping column, then quickly make your way across to the other side
    without getting smashed. Go and pull the switch.
    Now this is the really hard part... instead of trying to outrun the wall traps
    you now have to run through them. Hop onto the first column, then when the
    wall in front of you closes and opens, hop onto it before the wall trap
    around you closes in. Do this again and climb up the ledge.
    Back in this room, hop onto the crevice to the right and go across to the
    ledge. Then go around as far left as you can, then drop down. She will grab a
    ledge. Shimmy left and up to get the artifact.
    Now start over, but on that part don't drop down, instead go up and through
    the corridor. Then grapple on the wall to the other side to get the goodies
    there. Now get back on the grapple, but this time stay still. Hold down the E
    button and then go up until Lara's left foot is parallel with the red thing on
    the yellow hat in the mural. Face the camera towards the wall, then press left
    or right to get her going; if you don't do that she sometimes tends to go up a
    step before she starts swinging, in which case if you try to do this next part
    she will fall and die a horrible, horrible death.
    Swing until you have full momentum. Then, on the right, when she's on the top
    swing, jump away from the wall and she should grab the ledge. Climb up, then
    get on a crevice to the right. Swing onto the bar, then qonto the next ledge.
    Get the uzi clips and artifact then drop down onto the ledge below.
    Make your way back through to the main room and grab the SCARAB OF OSIRIS on
    the bridge to the left. Now go down into the water through the gate that just
    opened and swim through to the surface. Grab the goods then pull the switch.
    Go back through the temple to the open plaza, where a pesky centaur will
    ambush you from the right, but you can kill him easily; just watch out for the
    fireballs and head shot when you can. Now put each of the four items in their
    respective spots on the obelisk to open the door to the Sanctuary of the
    |          Sanctuary of the Scion         |
    |=======Artifacts: 2======================|
    |=======Relics: 1=========================|
    This one is personally my favorite of the Egypt levels. Go up the stairs and
    kill two mummies waiting at the top. Now this next puzzle was a pain in the
    butt for me, especially now that I need to figure out the sequence to explain
    to you all. However this time around it took me about a minute to figure out
    although the first time I played through, it took a good ten minutes at least.
    Go to the FAR LEFT pillar and move it twice in either direction. Now move the
    NEAR RIGHT one (i.e. the one farthest from the pillar you just moved) and turn
    that twice in either direction. The central column should rise now. Pick up
    the items in the back of the room before continuing up.
    Above, go across the abyss. On the depressable wall mechanism, jump backwards
    when it goes down, then immediately jump up on the second one. Through the
    corridor you end up in a cool little cavern with a sphinx in it. You need to
    get under that sphinx, but first, you need two keys to get in.
    Go down the ladder to the left, and nearby on the floor there are uzi clips
    and shotgun shells. Opposite the sphinx, on the other side of the cavern,
    there are stairs leading to two doors, which I'm guessing is the intended
    entrance. Why the hell didn't she go through those doors to start with? Anyway
    there is a ladder between, so go up that. Go to the right and up another
    ladder. There are two rocky ledges with a medpak and shotgun shells on them.
    Then go back down the ledges and then go up the ramp, crossing the gap by
    climbing on the crevices in the wall. Then look for a crack in the near column
    and jump to it, then climb up the column.
    This is pretty high up... good thing those horrible ugly creatures can't fly
    eh? Ah bloody hell... well just blast the hell out of these two guys that come
    from the right and don't let them knock you off, and when she falls over from
    getting shot by fire, jam the Space bar until she gets up, or else they'll get
    her multiple times before she can even get up.
    After you kill them, go to the end of the ledge then look for a grapple ring
    that you can use to get to the top of the sphinx. When you get on pick up the
    UZIS. Congratulations! You now have all four weapons. Now the hard part is
    getting back down. This probably isn't the "right" way to do this because you
    have to lose some health, but that's OK. Go to the side of the hat where you
    can drop down the hat onto a slope next to the sphinx's head. From there you
    can just make your way down to the ledge above the entrance below the sphinx
    head, then drop down.
    Now go back and this time keep going along the wall until you get to the end,
    then drop down and pull the switch. Now go into the doorway next to you.
    Pardon my french, but this part is just a bitch...
    For one, Lara the moron will grab the bar ahead of you only if you do a
    running jump from the beginning of the lining on the ledge. Try to jump when
    the bar is out, when the wall trap in front of you is closed, about a second
    before it opens. Then quickly hop to the next one and onto the ledge.
    In the next room, look for a ledge to the right of you on the wall. Grab it
    then go around down the ladder. On the bottom of the ladder, jump to another
    ledge on the right and go across around the corner and drop down. Grab the
    artifact then drop into the water.
    Get up onto the dry floor then go across the stepping column and go up on the
    wall. On the higher ledge, hop to the brown part to the left. It will go down,
    so quickly hop as high as you can go, then jump onto a ledge to the right.
    When the brown part goes back up, hop back onto it, then up one, then quickly
    hop to the ledge to the left. Now jump left to the next brown part and let it
    lock into place, but keep hopping up so Lara doesn't go into the water. Now go
    and do the same for the first brown part.
    Jump backwards onto the obelisk and go up onto the walkway, which is only
    halfway out. As a side note, sometimes Lara won't grab the ledge when you try
    to go up an obelisk; don't worry, just jump again and she'll grab it. Go to
    the brown part across from the one you just pulled down and pull that one down
    too. Now go back onto the walkway and hop onto the end of the first obelisk
    that you raised up. Go around and hop onto the platform at the top of the
    brown part and jump to the left to the left.
    Stay on the right side of this ledge, then press the down key and jump. Just
    keep the down key pressed down and keep jamming the space bar until she gets
    to the other wall. Now hop to the last brown part to your left, and pull it
    down. Jump backwards to the obelisk, then onto the platform on top of the
    brown part. Climb up the wall and around to the entrance, then go down the
    stairs and pull the lever. Drop down into the room.
    Once you enter, the door will close and a pesky mummy will come at you from
    the side. I wasn't expecting that... oh well. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool
    me twice, shame on you. Kill the thing then take the ANKH KEY to reopen the
    door and the gate below. When you go through the gate you end up back at the
    sphinx room. You will then be ambushed by... some dumb ass rat. But that's
    probably just to distract you from the demonic centaur from hell charging at
    you from the left.
    When you kill him, climb up the ladder between the two doors, but this time go
    left and make your way up to the ramp on the side there. When you get to an
    uncrossable gap, turn around and look at the columns to your left. Climb up
    the cracks to the highest crack on the far column. Go as far left as you can,
    then go right two steps, and jump backwards onto the ledge behind you. Go up
    the wall to the ledge above, then continue along until you get to a switch
    like the one on the other side to raise up the missing part of the stairway.
    The wall traps ahead can't touch you as long as you're crouching. So go to the
    ledge, crouching, and when the traps open spring over the gap and keep running
    through. The next one's a tad more complicated, but just follow the crouch,
    jump, crouch routine, just like Sally O' Mally. (Saturday Night Live
    reference lol)
    Well anyway you end up in a room like the last one. Yep, there's more. Take a
    dip into the water then get up on the dry floor below. Get on the rubble and
    hop onto the brown slide thingy, and keep going up that until it locks into
    place. Then go up on the obelisk and onto the platform on top of the brown
    thing. Go pull down the brown slide thing next to the one you're standing on.
    Get back on top of the first brown part then get onto the crevice to the left.
    Hop backwards onto the bar, but no matter how the camera shifts keep the same
    direction key pressed down and keep jamming that Space bar. When you get to
    the other side, pull down the brown part. Now go up the obelisk onto the
    walkway and use the grapple ring in the wall near the last brown part, and go
    pull it down.
    Get back onto the first brown thing you pulled down, then go up the two
    side-by-side ladders to the ceiling, then go across the wall and down the
    stairs to pull the switch. Go into the room and... whoa holy crap! Another
    mummy. I wasn't expecting that either. All right, fool me twice shame on you,
    fool me three times, shame on me. Grab the second ANKH KEY and go back to the
    sphinx room. I'm sure you're expecting another centaur to be waiting for you
    here. Well, you're wrong. There's two.
    When that's all said and done put the keys in place on the sphinx and go
    through the door. There's a bunch of rats in here, you can shoot them or if
    you feel like being particularly mean you can just smash them with that
    convenient boulder there. On the ledge at the bottom, grab a medpak to the
    left then hop into the water.
    Now I'm not sure but I think the rediculously big-ass statue on the left is
    Set, and the big-ass statue on the right is Ra. Swim to the end, between the
    statues, then dive straight down. It's kind of cool because it looks like
    you're going down into an alleyway between two skyscrapers. Pull the switch at
    the bottom to drain all that water.
    There's a ledge near Set's right foot (to your left) so climb up it and go up
    and around to a narrow ledge on the left shin. Grapple down that wall to a
    ledge above the lever you pulled to drain the water. Go up the ladder and back
    down the wall to end up back on safe ground. Go to the center and look at the
    pictures of the four scarabs on the floor. Match up the scarabs on the wall in
    front of you to the corresponding pictures on the floor by shooting to rotate
    them. If you're having trouble getting her to aim at the right, press Z to aim
    Go in and pull the switch to raise the water, then go up the ladder just
    outside the little space you're in and climb down the wall and around to a
    yellow mechanism on Ra. This will open a gate which is now underwater. Make
    your way to it quickly, for it will close after a certain amount of time. Go
    up to the surface and climb up. Push the block below into the water and then
    hop in yourself. Go back to the lever between the two structures that lowers
    the water to its lowest point. Go to the feet of Horus and push the block so
    that it's against the wall, so you can quickly climb up through the gate.
    Work your way back up Set and across to Horus to pull that lever that opens
    the timed gate on Ra. Jump down and quickly go through it and to the upper
    level. Here you can hang over the ledge you pushed the block off of, and
    shimmy all the way right, drop down, and shimmy all the way right again to a
    yellow mechanism on the wall. Pull that down to open a gate above.
    So drop down and now go all the way back up to that mechanism that opens the
    gate on Ra. Drop down and go through it /again/ back to the upper level
    Now for this scarab puzzle the pictures are in the water, so
    for your convenience here is the directions they must face.
          up ^    > left         All right, well the switch in here will raise the
                                 water even higher, even above you. Swim out up to
        down <    v right        the surface for air. Then, in the space with the
                                 lever above the first scarab puzzle, there is a
    passage where you can surface in a room. Go through that room. You can climb
    up the wall to the right. Go across here, past the yellow wall mechanism, and
    get to the gate to the right of Ra's head. There's a room here, symmetrical to
    the one you just came from, and in there you will find a tasty little
    artifact, the Horus Idol.
    "The Egyptian god of the sky, Horus is portrayed as a falcon or a man with a
    falcon's head. As the god of the sky, he became associated with Upper Egypt.
    In a battle against his brother Set for control of Egypt, Horus lost one of
    his eyes."
    Climb back up to that wall mechanism you passed and pull it down, raising the
    water so high that you can reach the entrance to the sandy corridor above the
    two structures. Through here is a room with many columns, and once you step in
    you will be ambushed by two four-legged mummies and two centaurs. You will get
    knocked around a lot, and you will need to constantly replenish your health so
    keep an eye on that.
    Now in this room, you need to put both of your Scion pieces into the
    out-of-reach slots to the left and right of the door at the other end of the
    room. There is also an artifact in here. Usually you'd be stuck, but the
    various columns have been eroded in such a fashion that you can climb across
    the cracks to get to all three of these objects. Here's a picture to
    illustrate the various jumping and crap that you must do in this room. I've
    taken a liking to drawing pictures for y'all... they're crude but, they're
    certainly better than Rukia's. That was a Bleach reference, and chances are
    99% of you didn't get that joke, and also I bet about 80% of you thought I was
    talking about the stuff you put on your clothes.
                            exit                      _________
                 __     |Q_|    |_T|                 |___Key___|
                |a_|     ^ |    | ^
                    O<---Oc|    | O<---O             g  grapple ring
                         ^ |    |      ^             a  artifact
                         ^ |    |      ^             Q  Insert Scion of Qualopec
                    O    O<-\   | O    O             T  Insert Scion of Tihocan
                           | \  |       \            O  column
                           |  g |        \           bO go left for Q and
                    O    O |   \| O    O  g             artifact, go right for T
                           |    \        /           Oc go left for aritfact, go
                           |    |\      /               forward for Q
                    O    O |    |bO--->O
                           |    | ^
                           |    | ^
                    O    O |    | O    O
                           |    | ^
                           |    |START
    I would suggest getting the artifact before Q, because you can get back on the
    column and backtrack without having to drop down and start all over. After you
    open the door and get the last piece of the Scion, Lara puts the whole kitten
    caboodle together and it turns out *gasp* it was Natla!!! *ominous organ
    When the dream is over she meets none other than Natla herself, plus the big
    guy, the retarded gangsta kid, and Larson. What the hell? Wasn't there a
    cowboy hat guy here before...? Well just do the cute little interactive
    sequence and be done with this dreadful level... the last level is hard, I
    won't lie. But hell, I think it'll be easier to make a walkthru of that level
    as compared to this one.
    On to Atlantis biotch!
    ==================Lost Island====================
    |              Natla's Mines              |
    |=======Artifacts: 4======================|
    |=======Relics: 1=========================|
    Swim forward and through the waterfall to the right. Go up this passage and
    you end up above where you just were. Go along the wall and hop onto the
    hanging crate. Jump to the next one, then jump to the right to get the medpak
    there, and go back. Now swing across the rope to the left and onto the ledge
    next to the waterfall. Shimmy around the corner and hop through the waterfall
    to the ledge on the other side. Go through to the next room.
    This place would be a lot easier if you had guns... but you don't. Follow the
    train track to the left, and go all the way to the end. Watch out for rats
    that you can't do anything about. Strange... she just took on three armed men
    using martial arts, yet she can't defend against a helpless rat?
    On the cart at the end of the track is a RED FUSE. Go back to the first room
    and go up the stairs to the operator box above. Here there is a green slot, a
    blue slot, and a red slot. Put the fuse in the red slot and press the button
    next to it.
    When you leave that room, look for a green box stacked on another box ahead
    with a medpak sitting atop. Grab it, then go down and grab the movable yellow
    box to the left of the booth in front of you.Push it so you can climb on said
    booth. When you do, look for two poles that you can jump across to the right.
    When you jump across them, grab a metal ledge on the wall, then jump left and
    up. Jump backwards onto a pipe that you can swing across to a sloped conveyor
    belt, then jump onto another part of conveyor belt and grab the aritfact.
    Go back on top of the booth and go through the hole in the wall. Go through
    the mine shaft to the other end, and push the yellow box off the edge. Drop
    down and push it to the overturned conveyor belt, then hop on it and on the
    belt above. Now jump to a metal ledge to the right, then jump to the belt to
    the left. Now continue down this conveyor belt until you get past the fence,
    where you'll drop down and snatch the GREEN FUSE.
    Grapple across the wall, and jump away from it at the top of the swing to grab
    a ledge. Now go to the ladder, over the fence, and back to the operator box.
    Put the green fuse in, then press the button. Now press the button next to the
    red fuse. Get back on that green crate where you got the medpak, and grab onto
    the blue crate in front of you. Shimmy left until you are under the middle
    pipe, then jump backwards onto the conveyor belt. Go down this tunnel, taking
    a right and dropping down into the pit. Go to the end and get the BLUE FUSE.
    Getting down was the easy part. Getting back up is the hard part. But we can
    make it easier with this awesome shortcut I found. Remember how I said if you
    roll while running right before you get onto a slope, she'll roll all the way
    up it? Well go back to that slope you dropped onto, and position yourself
    under the ledge on the gray air vent, then roll up the slope. If she does it,
    you can jump and grab the ledge from the side. Yay! Shortcuts rock.
    Shimmy right until she can get a foot on it, and look at the pipe behind her.
    When steam shoots out, it will hurt her, but only a little. Time it so that
    you can jump on it and scoot up before she'll get hurt. Also don't get too
    close to the one above. But, again, I wouldn't put too much worry into getting
    steamed unless you have critical or near critical health. Jump back onto the
    air vent, shimmy around to the front, then jump backwards onto a ledge.
    Climb to the little nook, then turn around and jump to the entrance to the
    tunnel on the other wall. Go up and through to the operator box. Put the blue
    fuse in but don't press the accompanying button until you press the red and
    green ones first. This should cause it to bust out the ceiling to the booth
    below. Hop onto the yellow crate and go through. Pick up your trusty DUAL
    PISTOLS and shoot your way out of the booth.
    Now go back up the path you came from, back to the waterfall room. Recall
    there are two crates hanging from the rafters; shoot the rope of the one on
    the right. Go down and grab the relic inside. Now get on the boat on the water
    and shoot the rope tying it to the ground. Let the boat take you back until it
    is under a ledge, then jump and grab it. Go around the ledges to the other
    side, where an artifact awaits in the back of the tunnel.
    Be careful, for the boat will float past the ledge and if you don't grab it in
    time the artifact will become... dare I say... INACCESSABLE. *another ominous
    organ trill*
    Make your way back to the mine, and take a left on the rail, back to where you
    got the red fuse and see that there is overlooking booth above. Jump and shoot
    out the glass, then grap the edge and climb up. Press the button inside. Now
    get on the back of the drill and activate it by pressing E when the yellow
    sign pops up.
    Back at that room she is confronted by Larson, do the cutscene in which she
    kills him and then pick up the shotgun that he drops. What a shame. Go up to
    the operator box, put in the fuse, and press the button. Then take the drill
    to the end to grind away the wooden roadblock. Awesome effects. Must be
    Spielberg's work.
    Once you get in here, hop on a column to the left. Hang off the edge, then
    drop down onto the ledge below just above the lava. Shimmy around the left
    onto a beam just protruding from the lava, and across to the rocky floor with
    the MAGNUMS. You had to fight a guy for these in the original game, but I
    guess they got lazy with it? Go back to the wrap-around ledge and go around
    the corner. Hop backwards onto the pole, go as far up as you can, then hop
    backwards onto another beam coming out of the lava, and from there grab the
    ledge in front of you. Shimmy left and jump back onto a rocky platform.
    Grapple down the wall, and on the slope jump onto the revolving bar. When it
    does so revolve, turn around and swing onto the rock floor at the bottom,
    under the exit. Get the artifact and the medpak, then use the beams in the
    lava to get back to that slope and onto the revolving bar. This time, swing
    onto the slope and then jump onto the ledge on the column. Climb up to the top
    then turn to your right. You can grapple on the ceiling to a nice little nook
    with a medpak and two uzi clips.
    In the next room, jump on the slanted rock, then onto the ledge on the other
    side. Climb as high as you can, then jump to the other side and climb back up.
    You might notice old man Kold waiting for you in the next room. Jump onto the
    slope, grab the ledge, and climb up.
    Every time you screw up this cutscene, Lara gets shanked by Kold, and each
    shanking is worst than the last. I have to say, this part is kind of a
    disappointment, because in the original you had to fight Kold, Kid (that's his
    name... retarded right?!) and the cowboy hat guy to get each weapon. Larson
    was dead by now; you kill him in Egypt before you get the Scion. The fight
    with Kid was especially cool because you fight him in a room with all kinds of
    weird gray walkways and there was lava at the bottom and he was on a
    skateboard. And he didn't look like the guy from Malibu's Most Wanted. But, I
    suppose they had to get rid of all that to keep a T rating...
    Anyway. Go get the UZIS from Kid (hey he has the same underwear as me) and go
    find a yellow crate on the left side of the room. Push it under the nearby
    ledge above so that you can reach it. Go along those ledges until you reach
    the side of the pyramid. Now turn around and look for a nook with goodies in
    it. Once you get those, it's time for the arduous task of opening the door.
    Get to the top of the big rock structure you're on, there's a ledge around the
    corner from the goodie nook you can climb up. Now as you can see, there are
    weird things protruding from the pyramid that you can hop on. Some are gray,
    some are black with orange symbols. The black ones are pressure switches, and
    they will go into the pyramid when you step on them. When you step on all the
    black ones, the switch above will be activated. Then you can go and pull it to
    open the door below.
    I actually didn't feel like making a picture for this one, but either way I
    tried to explain it it just came out as gibberish. So enjoy.
                               o   ______   o
                                   \ XX /<----switch
                        o           |__|
                                 o   ||  m   l
                            d  3     ||        k
                        1     c    f ||      o    j
                           b     e   || 4   5   i
         start here---->a     2      ||  g  h     6   ___
                                     ||              |
                                o   _||_   o         |artifact
                                   /    \
                                  / exit \
    *letters are gray steps, numbers are black steps.
    sequence of jumps: a--b--1--b--2--b--c--d--3--d--e--f--4--f--g--h--i--5--i--6
    All o's are gray steps you don't step on. They're just there for reference.
    And if you miss the artifact, don't worry; when you pull the switch above, all
    the numbered steps will pop back up so you can try it again.
    Once you pull the switch the level is done. Next up, everybody's "favorite"
    level, the Great Pyramid!
    |           The Great Pyramid             |
    |=======Artifacts: 1======================|
    |=======Relics: 1=========================|
    Slide down the pyramid and go down the corridor into the lovely egg room. At
    the end, there are two uzi clips to the right. Then go through to the tall
    lava room to see Natla screwing around at the top. Lara goes back into the egg
    room to meet a flying mutant and two four-legged ones. They all shoot
    fireballs so if you get hit you'll have to jam the Space bar so that she hops
    back up on her feet. The weapon of choice for the flyers is the uzis, but for
    the runners it's best to use a different weapon, because in this level you
    will need to shoot a lot of flyers, and you don't want to run out of ammo.
    When they're dead, go down to the end and take a right. Go up the ladder and
    to the second floor of the egg room, to see that two more flyers have hatched.
    Be careful that they don't knock you down to the first floor. Pick up the
    goodies in the middle, then go to the other side and go right.
    Once you get back into the lava room, there are more goodies to the left. Now
    there's something you must know about this room... it WILL make you mad. You
    might even consider qutting the game, or I at least have heard of quite a few
    people that said they quit because of this room. Not to mention the camera is
    working against you when you need it to stay put the most.
    I know a couple of video walkthroughs that might be useful here. I've listed
    them below at the end of the room in case you need them after you've perused
    this walkthrough and it doens't help. They just might help you through this
    dreadful, dreadful room.
    So here's what you need to do. Switch to the pistols, then shoot out the
    target to the right until all the lights light up. When the grapple ring comes
    out, immediately switch to uzis then blast the mutant that comes at you. Press
    shift to dodge the fireballs and make sure you stay away from all edges of
    this precarious ledge. In fact, you might want to retreat into the doorway
    while you shoot it.
    When that's done, wait out the ring until it retracts into the wall, if it has
    not already done so, thens shoot out the target again (switch to pistols, DONT
    WASTE UZI AMMO). Now grab onto the column in the corner to your right and
    shimmy around. Jump back to grapple across, then grab the next column. Go
    around another platform. If you enjoyed that first part, you'll love this one
    because after you shoot out the next target, while you fight the flyer the
    floor slowly retracts.
    Same procedure as before: kill the flyer, shoot the target, then go up and
    around to the next platform. Here you get a Checkpoint (all right!). For this
    next target, you have to fight two flyers. Around this time, you should be
    running out of uzi clips. When you run dry, switch out to magnums, then
    shotgun after that, then pistols.
    This next part is easily THE HARDEST PART in the whole game.
    After that shoot out the target again, then jump onto the slope on the column
    to the right. Immediately jump again to the bar, then the next one. Now turn
    around, and swing onto a crack on the column. Go around and grapple across,
    jump onto another slope, jump again, then grapple across to the next column.
    Go around to the platform above. Needless to say, this takes some work, but I
    found a trick. On that second bar, you should have already been pressing the
    down key. Once you get on, immediately press the up key while still holding
    the down key. She should do an insanely acrobatic move where she hand stands
    on it, turns around, then she'll swing back down in the direction of the
    On this next target, you will jump onto the slope on the column to the right,
    onto a bar, onto another slope out of the wall, another bar, then onto a ledge
    on the next column. The final target, then, is pretty standard too. Slope,
    grapple, slope, grapple, platform.
    If you still need help, refer to the following videos:
    -For a guide that covers the whole ascent, go to Youtube and type in Tomb
        Raider Anniversary- Climbing Guide 12 of 12. The first sequence starts at
        00:01, the second at 00:17, the third at 00:45 (but again don't waste Uzi
        ammo like she did in the video and no, sorry but I don't know how to do
        the flip she did on the second bar), the fourth at 01:17, and the fifth at
    -For a shortcut on the 4th jump sequence, go to Youtube and type in Tomb
    Raider Anniversary: Great Pyramid Jumps.
    To get the artifact at the top, go into the pain-stakingly obvious hole in the
    wall in front of you when you climb onto the platform (not the doorway to the
    right), by climbing across the pillar (same as before). Once you jump out of
    the hole, however, the egg above you will hatch. I suggest you run into the
    doorway and turn around to see if it follows. If it does, blast the hell out
    of it.
    Congratulations! You just finished arguably the hardest obstacle in the game.
    Go down this corridor and past the wall traps and fireball traps. This next
    room is the doppelganger room. A doppelganger, in case you didn't know, is
    like an evil version of yourself or something like that.
    Once you go down the slope you will be encounted by four mutants: three
    runners and a humanoid mutant. Don't shoot the humanoid. Once you kill those
    three runners and the room quiets down, you'll see that the remaining mutant
    runs when you run, stops when you stop, and scratches its butt when Lara does
    so. This is her doppelganger, and it's a spitting image other than not having
    any skin.
    If you'll notice, the second half of the room is like the first half, rotated.
    That yellow thing in the middle, the doppelganger will always be on the
    opposite side as Lara of that thing.
    The doppelganger is not harmful, and will not hurt Lara unless Lara hurts her
    (again, mirror image). However, the way the room is set up just so makes it
    inconvenient, because whenever you try to get to the exit, the doppelganger
    will step on a pressure pad which closes it. The only thing to do is to
    eliminate the doppelganger.
    First, pick up two Uzi clips in two corners of the room. Now go to the yellow
    thing in the center of the room and rotate it counterclockwise, with the help
    of ole' Doppy. This will make two platforms to slide out, go get on the one on
    the wall opposite from the open door above.
    Go up the ladder and onto the ledge. This ledge is lovely because if you stay
    on it for too long, it shoots some sort of gas at you and makes Lara fall
    down. So quickly jump backwards onto a grate with lava under it. Go down the
    walkway and quickly kill the mutant that hatches from above. At this
    proximity, one blast from the shotgun should kill it before it can even think
    about shooting any of those-- annoying-- fireballs.
    Pull the switch here, then try to get onto the ladder to the right. If you
    miss it, that's okay. You'll just have to hurry up and rotate the thing in the
    middle again, and get onto the ladder that you didn't get on before.
    If you're on the gas-blowing ledge and jumping backwards puts you in a hole of
    lava, you went up the wrong ladder. If there's just a pressure pad behind you,
    go for it. The doppelganger on the other side, will stupidly plunge right into
    lava, screaming in agony as she falls in. Lara then says, "Talk about being
    your own worst enemy."
    Which is like the corniest thing she's ever said.
    Go down and kill the flyer, pull the switch, and go back around and through
    the exit. In the next room, there are two switches to pull; one to bring out
    the walkway, and another to open the door on the other side of this lovely pit
    of death.
    On the left, simply step between the big stone things shooting out of the
    wall. When you pull the switch, a flyer hatches from across the room. On the
    right, try to jump onto the middle stone thing and then onto the other side,
    as if the lower two weren't there, because if you try to step on them you'll
    take too much time and they will retract before you get across. Another flyer
    hatches when you pull this switch too.
    Now go down the walkway and, just before you enter the doorway, shoot out a
    target above. Drop down into the hole and slide down the slope, but jump and
    grapple before you fall in the lava. Go across to a hole on the other side.
    Get the medpak and go up the ladder to get the last relic of the game, the
    Torc of Embitterment. The hell is a torc...? Go back up and over the hole to
    end the penultimate level of the game.
    |              Final Conflict             |
    |=======Artifacts: 4======================|
    |=======Relics: 0=========================|
    The last level... phew. Okay we just need to kick Natla's ass and high-tail
    out of here (yeah I said high-tail so what). Go forward into the crib of Natla
    Tihocan and Qualopec to trigger a cutscene. This cutscene I enjoyed, as it
    goes beyond the original cutscene in that Natla's is imploring Lara to join
    her. Then she gets that "Oh crap" expression like when she killed Larson, then
    decided to destroy the Scion. Natla attacks Lara and they fall down the lava
    room, but she grapples on to a large platform while Natla plunges to her
    Once she gets on, that big-ass egg sac hatches, producing the fattest, ugliest
    most horrific sack of crap. No, it's not Dick Cheney... it's a boss known as
    the Monstrosity.
    Boss Fight: Monstrosity
    OK the main thing you have to worry about here is don't fall down. This could
    potentially take a while to do, but there's is a quick way to get him without
    having to take out all his health by pegging him. What you need to do is
    position yourself close but not too close to the edge of the floor. Bust up
    the rage meter then when he comes at you headshot, diving to the left, to the
    right, and sometimes forward works, but don't roll backwards because you'll
    fall right off.
    If you do it right, he will fall over the edge and hang by one hand. Shoot out
    the hand with all you got. When you shoot it enough, he will fall down into
    the lava below and be dead.
    Chances are you will need to knock him over the edge a few times, and it will
    probably take more than one try to do it right. Most of the time he will
    probably just get his hand stuck in the floor. You can shoot it, but not too
    much, because you don't want to shoot off his hand until he's hanging off the
    edge. When his hand is stuck in the floor, he will bang his other hand three
    times on it. The shockwaves won't hurt you, but they'll knock you down unless
    you're in the air.
    Alternatively, if his hand gets stuck in the wall, he will jump and slam his
    whole body into the ground.
    In addition to all this, he swipes at you a lot and you will get hurt a bit if
    he hits you. Also, if you're too close to him, he'll pick you up and straight
    out swallow you, dropping Lara into the lovely stomach of his. If this happens
    immediately switch to your shotgun and blast him from the inside, and he will
    spit you up.
    Keep all this in mind and you can knock him over the edge into the lava below,
    opening the door. Pick up all the items in the corners and in front of the
    door that you haven't gotten yet then go through.
    Hop across the floor parts onto the stepping column. Jump straight to the next
    column then onto the platform. Quickly kill the flyer in front of you, then
    pull the switch to the right. Jump onto the platform ahead then go down the
    corridor. When you see an unreachable artifact above, there will be a centaur
    around the next corner. I would advise using the magnums, to save shotgun and
    uzi ammo. Switch back to uzis, then pull a switch on the far wall in the next
    room. Kill the flyer then go through the open door.
    When you enter the pool room, a flyer and a runner will hatch, so whack them
    then pick up the ammo around the room. In the two corners of the room opposite
    the way you came in are stone slabs that you have to grab onto to pull them
    down, revealing a target behind them. Jump back and quickly shoot the target.
    Once you do this, it sets a trigger for one of the two eggs on the walls so
    that when you run past it, it will hatch a flyer. That's why I suggest
    shooting one target, triggering the egg on that wall, then killing the flyer,
    and then shooting the other target so as not to run the risk of having to
    fight both of them at once.
    Now drop into the water. There are two stone columns, behind the one on the
    left is a switch. Pull that, then resurface and climb up the ledge that came
    out of the wall. When you go near, a runner will hatch but try to get on the
    ledge before it pulls you down so you can shoot it from safety with the
    In the room above, get up and push the cage out. Then turn around and jump to
    the ledge behind you to get the artifact. Now drop down into the room below
    and push the cage to the stone column ahead so you can get on it. Kill the
    flyer that hatches in front of you, then get on the ledge with the lever and
    pull it.
    Push the cage through the newly opened door so you can get the artifact from
    before then put the cage back so you can get on that rock column. There are
    three narrow ledges in front of you, so climb across them, but be careful
    because if Lara is shot with gas from them she will fall into the lava below.
    On the last ledge, jump left onto the ledge on the corner. Now go around and
    up to the small room above like the one you got that first artifact from.
    Go through to a small isolated corner of the pool room, where there is another
    target behind a stone slab. This target you might have to jump to reach. When
    you shoot it dive into the water then go until you see a medpak, then surface
    for air. Continue through to a hallway with lava flowing through it. At the
    end, before the big lavafall, make sure you're standing to the left of the
    lava stream, then jump onto the ladder to the right. Go up, and look above so
    that you can get on the gas-blowing ledge and then to the narrow crevice above
    without getting burned by the fire shooting out of the wall.
    On that ledge, stay to the left of the fireballs shooting down. Hop up to the
    gas-blowing ledge above, then quickly to the ledge on the right. Go across to
    the other side, then drop down when you are above a ledge with a medpak on it.
    Climb up and get the medpak, then drop to the ledge below.
    This part must have been particularly fun for Lara... go left until she gets
    footing on the rock wall practically under the lavafall, then jump backwards
    onto a ledge behind you. Drop down to safe ground.
    Hop onto the piece of floor in front of you, but quickly jump to the next one
    because it will sink into the lava because Lara is too FAT. Poor Lara... she
    might've lived if said no thanks to butter on her crumpets. Or, that's the
    case if you get sunk.
    On the second sinkable floor, there is a secret passage to the right, behind a
    lavafall. Go around to get the artifact at the back but don't touch the big
    lavafall or you'll die on the spot. Go back out, and this time hop onto the
    sinkable floor and onto a crevice that wraps around the corner. At the end of
    that, hop backwards onto a couple of stepping columns, onto a bar and then
    swing to another breakable floor. Quickly get onto safe ground, then go around
    and up the ladder.
    Atop the ladder, go a few steps forward then turn around. The place shakes a
    lot here so don't let it mess you up. Jump and grapple across to a corner
    above the part you came from below. Pick up a medpak, then get another one on
    a ledge in front of you. To the right of this ledge is a cranny with the last
    artifact of the game in it. Continue on past the ladder to a room with four
    columns. Judging by the shaft in the ceiling, I would say this is the highest
    part of the pyramid buried at the core of the lost island.
    And who comes shooting through it, little Ms. World Domination apparently
    survived her lava-ey grave.
    Boss Fight: Scorched Natla
    People say they found the centaurs and the monstrosity to be annoying, though
    I personally didn't have trouble with them and it only took me, collectively,
    about 15 minutes to kill those bosses. But this fight for me was the biggest
    pain the ass in the hole game.
    Unload all your ammo on her because this is THE end. There are three targets
    on Natla: her body, her left wing and her right wing. You need to target the
    wings, not the body, because you're just wasting ammo if you shoot it. I think
    there's a way to cycle targets but I don't know what it is. If you do, good
    for you, use that because Lara will target Natla's body half the time.
    To tell what target she has, if you see two orange targets and a gray or red
    one, you have the body targeted. If you see only one orange target, you have a
    wing targeted. Congrats, blast away.
    After you have one wing down, there will be only one orange target. Therefore,
    if you can see orange, you have the body targeted and if you don't, blast
    away. All the way, by the way, she will zip around the place and shoot fiery
    missiles at you that are hard to dodge, but don't sweat it as long as you have
    plenty of medpaks because you won't need them after this fight.
    The following advice is again thanks to Ky Kiske. Again I didn't test it but
    I'm sure it works. "The missiles are easy to dodge. When she shoots them a
    side jump should be enough. Backward and forward jumps aren't that safe, but
    still may work. After you take the wings down and fill her rage meter, Lara
    has to adrenaline dodge and shoot Natla IN THE BACK! So when Natla charges at
    you, you have to start running back, away from her.You also should start the
    dodge half a second later and shoot when she is turned with her back to you.
    The chances Natla to hit you are very low. After you hit her she will be
    stunned and you can shoot the hell out of her."
    After this a cutscene occurs where she says "I cannot die, you fool. Sooner or
    later you'll run out of bullets." Which would be kind of cool, except she's
    wrong, because Lara has unlimited ammo.
    Anyway, she will still shoot missiles at you but you need to bust up the rage
    meter. It takes a really long time to deplete and you will get the chance for
    five or six head shots. But, when you dive roll away, you need to dive
    backwards, otherwise her crazy wings will slice and dice you. After a few
    headshots, she will crouch in exhaustion, and when she does get behind her and
    blow the crap out of the green orb in her chest. Just do this until her health
    is all gone.
    When you do that, do the interactive cutscene then watch the game end. Hooray!
    If nothing else but a bunch of worthless artifacts and relics, she got a free
    boat out of this whole experience. I don't get why at the end she looks at her
    hand and smiles though... does that mean she enjoys killing people now? Well
    that's gonna help her in TR2, where she is going to kill a LOT of people. But
    they're all bad guys so no biggy.
    Congratulations! You beat the game. And, if you followed this guide and got
    all the artifacts and relics, you have now unlocked Style Units (see Rewards
    section for details).
                              V. Afterword                  (B12AFT)
    Gosh... it took me a long time to write this thing. A long time... a lot of
    work too. But, I enjoyed it. Staying up in the wee hours of night burning the
    midnight oil beats sleeping anytime lol. Well I hope you all enjoyed the game
    as much as I did, or even more. Needless to say, after all this... I really
    need a long break from Tomb Raider. I probably won't even think about it until
    Legend 2 comes out...
                            VI. Background Info             (X7BACK)
    I made this section because people often ask, what is the deal with a level
    as in what is the theme and what is it supposed to represent. This here
    is my interpretation of the themes and ideas of Peru, Greece, Egypt, and the
    Lost Island. I'm not quite sure what the story was that the developers
    intended, if there even was one, but to me trying to figure it out is half the
    fun of Tomb Raider.
    I am open and eager to hear other interpretations and if you have
    any feel free to mail them to me and I will post them here if you wish.
    my interpretation:
    OK your goal here is to go in and retrieve the Scion. Easy, right? The Scion
    is guarded in the sultanate chamber of the palace of Qualopec, the ruler of a
    lost Peruvian civilizations. As if finding the way into the palace wasn't hard
    enough, the semi-tropical valley in which it lies is guarded by a large
    citadel, which in turn is guarded by mountains all around. Oh yeah, and almost
    the whole thing has buried by centuries of rockslides and sedimentary
    build-up. Miss Natla was kind enough to locate the door into a cave system in
    the otherwise inaccessable mountains, but the rest is up to Lara. Good luck.
    someone showed me an article on Wikipedia entitled "Atlantean Scion" and gives
    the following information on the Peru area:
    "Qualopec created a temple high in the Andes, in Peru. This temple was placed
    under a city created by the Incas, called Vilcabamba. Beneath this city, a
    lost valley laid where Qualopec had apparently animated a group of dinosaurs.
    In order to reach the entrance to Qualopec’s temple, an intruder would have to
    encounter these vicious dinosaurs."
    my interpretation:
    Lara has decided to work solo to get the second piece of the Scion. She is now
    working againt Pierre DuPont, a treasure hunter hired by Natla. Didn't he used
    to have hair? Hmm. The second piece of the Scion is to be found in the burial
    chamber of Tihocan. This little house is in a tiny obscure cavern waaaaaaaay
    deep under a Greek city. This city, over hundreds of years, has been mostly
    buried underground, limiting Lara's choices for a path.
    First she must go through a religious oracle, which has fallen into dangerous
    disrepair. From there she makes her way through to the Coliseum, a popular
    location where many sporting events of the time were held. The Coliseum is
    directly connected to the palace of Midas, the apparent governor of this city,
    for easy access. It is through the sewers under Palace Midas that Lara finds
    the entrance into the underground cistern, and thus the Tomb of Tihocan under
    from the same Wikipedia article as above:
    "Tihocan traveled to Greece and placed his temple beneath the Earth’s surface,
    but inside a cylinder-like mountain. He hollowed out the mountain and inside,
    just under the summit he placed a gigantic chamber that contained 4 rooms each
    containing a key of a god. Each god’s mythological power was simulated to stop
    anyone from reaching the keys. After obtaining the keys of Thor, Atlas,
    Neptune and Damocles (Thor and Neptune were changed to Hephestus and Poseidon
    respectively for the remake, as the rooms were orginally named after the Roman
    gods by mistake), one could enter a Coliseum within the mountain that was
    guarded by many wild animals. At the center of the Colosseum was placed 
    tunnel, that lead to the Palace of Midas. This could only be passed through
    when three lead bars were placed on the Midas statue’s hand and turned into
    gold. The statue was intended that one would have to climb on the inside wall
    of the mountain to reach the open palm of Midas' hand, but because of aging,
    the statue had since fallen apart, and only its legs remained standing. The
    hand laid on the floor of the caved-in chamber, ready for easy use. After
    passing through the palace, a drain was placed which lead to where a large
    Cistern was situated. Here, three keys had to be found to finally open the
    secret entrance to the Tomb of Tihocan, underneath the mountain. After many
    years, a group of monks built St. Francis’ Folly on top of this mountain, soon
    learning what laid beneath, but knowing they could never possess it. However,
    they one day hoped someone will, therefore, they dug into the large god
    chamber, so that it was accessible from the Folly.
                          VII. Cutscene Mishaps             (Y9CUTS)
    As per popular request, I have made a list of the various gruesome deaths that
    Lara will meet if you mess up the interactive cutscenes.
    Cutscene #1- T-Rex chase
        1st input- the T-Rex will eat her in a Jurassic Park-esque manner.
        2nd input- a raptor running from the T-Rex lands on Lara, suddenly forgets
                   that it's being chased by a larger creature, and decided to
                   take a juicy bite
        3rd input- Lara is crushed by the dead raptor and is eaten by the T-Rex
                   before she can get up
    Cutscene #2- after T-Rex boss fight
        1st input- The T-Rex catches Lara in its teeth, throws her into the air,
                   then gobbles her up.
        2nd input- (and a particularly gruesome one if this game was rated M) The
                   T-Rex catches her in its teeth and throws her at a very high
                   speed into a stone wall like a pancake.
    Cutscene #3- scrapping with Larson (these quotes may be off a word or two but
                                        nothing important)
        1st input- Larson tackles Lara and says, "I'm beginning to think you're
                   not that interested."
        2nd input- Larson throws sand in her face and punches her, knocking her
                   out, and says, "Now this ain't no way to start a relationship."
        3rd input- Larson shoots her with his shotgun and says, "I didn't want to
                   have to do that."
    Cutscene #4- fighting with Pierre
        1st input- Pierre shoots her and says, "You foolish girl."
        2nd input- He shoots her then says, "Au revior mademoiselle."
    Cutscene #5- fighting outside of Khamoon
        1st input- Lara gets shanked by the big guy, he says, "Nothing like the
                   smell of fresh meat." Ergh, demented...
        2nd input- Lara gets shot to pieces by the gangsta kid, he says, "You see
                   that, Kold? It was all me."
        3rd input- Larson conks her over the head with his beloved shotgun and
                   says (basically the same retarded thing he says in every
                   cutscene), "Damn, and just after we were gettin' to know each
    Cutscene #6- duking out with Larson
        1st input- Larson kills Lara and says, "It didn't have to be this way.
        2nd input- He shoots her and says, "What a waste."
        3rd input- He shoots her and says, "Damn."
    Cutscene #7- duking out with Kold and Kid
        1st input- Kold shanks Lara and says, "You were good, but I'm somethin'
        2nd input- He royally shanks her and says, "Finally, some quiet."
        3rd input- Lara gets the shanking from Hell, then Kold says, "I've been
                   waitin' to do that."
    Cutscene #8- rubbing out Natla
        1st input- Natla tackles Lara, which apparently kills her for some reason?
        2nd input- Natla impales Lara with her wing.
        3rd input- Lara gets fried.
        4th input- Lara gets zapped.
        5th input- Natla pushes Lara into a column, crushing her. Damn that
                   sucks... she survived the whole game and then died at the very
                           VIII. Time Trials                (Y4TIME)
    Time trials are optional playthroughs of each level, in which you are given a
    set time limit to complete the level. Time trial is only available when you
    have unlocked the Replay Level feature. Here are tested lists I've made of
    tasks to do in order to complete the level in the fastest time. It might seem
    redundant to make walkthroughs and time trials, but some levels are very
    non-linear and it's good to have a checklist so you don't backtrack or go the
    wrong direction.
    |     Croft Manor: 18 min     |
    1. Climb up the boxes to the right and grab the GEAR.
    2. Move the moveable box to the pressure pad.
    3. Go to the unlocked office (up the stairs, take a left, first door). Get the
    DUAL PISTOLS in the room up the stairs. Leave the map, you don't need it.
    4. Open the secret passage by shooting the target behind the painting. Inside,
    get the EMPTY BUCKET.
    5. In the second office, go up the stairs to get the SUNDIAL GNOMON. Open the
    door simply by pressing the red button and then opening the door.
    6. Now run to the garden to put the sundial gnomon onto the sundial and
    putting in the code ll-2-7.
    7. Follow these directions: right, left, forward, 2nd right, 3 lefts to get to
    the central garden and pick up the GRAPPLE HOOK. Don't forget to open the gate
    so you don't have go back around.
    8. Go to either the poolhouse or the gym. If you go to the poolhouse, all you
    have to worry about is shooting the targets to knock down the suspended
    statue, don't worry about opening the doors in the pool. Go down and get the
    BOW when all that is done.
    9. In the gym, first go to the 3 mat and make your way to the switch above the
    empty pool. Now go to the 1 mat and get to the switch to raise the stepping
    columns. Then go back to the 3 to get to the suspended walkway and get the
    WRENCH at the end.
    10. Go back out to the garden and go to the machinery. Use the wrench to turn
    the water on.
    11. Go to one of the fountains and fill up the bucket.
    12. Go douse the fire and take the ARROW.
    13. Go back to the fountain in the central garden and put in the BOW and
    ARROW. Also put in the GEAR and then pull the switch.
    14. Take the MUSIC BOX to the lock, set it in, and enter the room to complete
    the level.
    |    Mountain Caves: 6 min    |
    1. Make your way into the caves as described in the walkthrough.
    2. When you activate the darts, just run through and you probably won't get
    hit. If you do, though, press V immediately twice.
    3. When you get to the wooden walkway next to the stone wall in the next part,
    grab the ledge at the end of it and shimmy around the corner, then climb up.
    4. Go straight ahead, killing the three bats, then in the big room, slide down
    the slope then take a left into the hole where the lever and door are. Don't
    worry about the bats here, just run.
    5. In the room with two bridges, run across the first bridge until it breaks.
    Take out the two wolves, staying close to the broken bridge which you will
    climb after they are dead. Don't bother trying to climb it before they die
    because they will drag you back down.
    6. Climb up the ledges to the right, cross the bridge, and make your way into
    the next room. Jump straight onto the rope and jump off on the initial forward
    7. In the large room, rush thru the darts but keep an eye on them. Stop if you
    have to but don't waste more than ten or so seconds by stopping.
    8. Go left and climb up. Kill the wolf then use the ledges to get the stone
    9. Make your way around, killing all the wolves. At the end jump up the two
    ledges to the right, then jump backwards onto the pole. From there swing onto
    the second precipice.
    10. Drop down using the ledges, unless you have only 30 seconds or less, in
    which case just run right off onto the pressure pad. When the door is open run
    |  City of Vilcabamba: 5 min  |
    1. Drop down into the hole, then climb up the ledges to the right. Jump
    backwards onto the second pole and jump to the high ground.
    2. Go down two stairways to kill two wolves. On the third stairway, jump or
    dive straight into water.
    3. Go through the tunnel; don't forget to pull the switch at the end before
    trying to surface.
    4. Run up the stairs and jump the gap into the next hut. DONT shoot out the
    doors just yet. Pull the crate back until you can get through, then run
    through and get the VILLAGE KEY at the end to the left.
    5. When you go back, now shoot out the doors and run straight to the door
    where you put the key. Avoid the bear but if he starts mauling you you'll have
    to take him out. If he pushes you into the middle of the area, avoid the pool
    because you can't get out unless you swim the whole way again.
    6. In the next part kill three wolves in that chamber. Go in one of the two
    side doors and do the ledge thing there. Be sure you know where you're going
    so you don't end up dropping straight into the pool. On the top part, take the
    time to kill the bats unless you're running 2:00 or less, but if that's the
    case just try to cross without killing the bats and hope they don't knock you
    down. Repeat for the other side.
    7. Remember to cross the gap and jump halfway down the slope onto the
    horizontal bar and make your way across.
    8. In the next room, drop down and grab the ledge to the right. Make your way
    up, keeping in mind not to jump up on the piece of floor in the middle, but
    just jump backwards onto the stepping column. When you jump to the other side
    jump towards the left side because it's a little closer.
    9. Run thru the corridor to finish the level.
    |   The Lost Valley: 15 min   |
    *note here- pick up any medpaks that cross your path because you will need
    1. Run straight across to the COG, pick it up, and go up the cliff. FORGET the
    2. When you get the second cog, dive or jump straight into the water.
    3. Get out of the water at the point nearest the ladder, and run straight to
    it. I cannot stress that you must AVOID the wolves here.
    4. Put in the cog, pull the lever, and get on the bar as it comes down. Try to
    be quick on this part but don't be careless for you will fall and if the
    impact doesn't kill you, the wolves will.
    5. Put in the second cog, and jump on the piece of ledge NEAREST to the
    platform you're on.
    6. At the rope, make sure you're in full momentum because if you're not you
    will fall when you jump and die, and that's a waste of precious time.
    7. In the room with the bear, run right past him.
    8. Get to the outdoor area by using
    9. Try to provoke the anger charge from the raptors so you can use head shot
    to kill them off quickly.
    10. Use the shotgun to bring up the T-rex's anger charge quick and reload when
    you can. Try to coax the T-rex into the sharp wooden mechanisms to kill him
    off faster.
    11. Get the last cog and get back to the cavern as described. Take the time if
    you must to not fall, for if you do, your only chance to beat the time is to
    somehow kill youself without invoking another checkpoint on the ground.
    12. Back in the waterfall room, jump straight into the water, and again to the
    ladder while avoiding the wolves. Go up and put in the cog, then again jump
    straight into the water. Go through the door behind the waterfall.
    |   Tomb of Qualopec: 13 min  |
    1. Run straight into the large doorway with the boulder in it. Only when the
    ground shakes, turn around and drop down onto the ground.
    2. Move the freed movable object next to you halfway between the middle part
    of the room and the doorway to the left part of the room. Also put it close
    enough to the side of the room the boulder came from so that you can jump to
    the ledge near there.
    3. Find the nearby small movable object and push it to the ledge near it, and
    climb up.
    4. Use the larger movable object to climb on the ledge on the side of the room
    where the doorway the boulder came from is, and climb up to the platform over
    it. Shoot out the target across the room but DO NOT jump to grapple until she
    puts her guns away. Then use the two grapple hooks to make your way across and
    hit the switch.
    5. Now go into the doorway on the left of the room. Quickly make your way up
    so you can come down on the lever from above. Don't drop down until after the
    cutscene where the gate opens.
    6. Run past the raptor in this part, he just wastes time.
    7. This next part does take some time so don't panic. Go back to the big room.
    Then move both of the large movable objects to the other side so that you can
    hop from the middle part to one then the other, then onto the ledge.
    8. When the floor breaks quickly kill the wolves, then make your way up and
    pull the switch, then go around to the sturdy ground.
    9. On the way back, again pass the raptor.
    10. Finish the level by getting the Scion and going back to the waterfall
                                IX. Rewards                 (L5REWA)
    Rewards can be unlocked in a number of ways: by discovering artifacts or
    relics, doing time trials, or just finishing levels.
    =======|                                                               |======
    Special|                                                               |(MR1S)
    =======|                                                               |======
         Note to the Fans- a note by the makers of TRA about the inspiration for
                           the game and stuff like that
         Style Units- bonus level available after getting 100% completion (beat
                      the game plus artifacts all and relics). It's just a mix of
                      some of the art designs from all four levels of the game.
                      When you start go down the left path and back around. It's
                      painfully small, only taking about four minutes to get
                      through. There is a little commentary from the art director
                      at the beginning.
    ==========|                                                            |======
    Cinematics|                                                            |(NR2C)
    ==========|                                                            |======
    When you finish a set of levels you unlock all the movie sequences in those
         The Awakening                       Retrieving the Scion
         Introducing Natla                   The Banishment of Natla
         Vilcabamba                          Ambushed!
         Wolf Attack                         Motorcycle Pursuit
         The Tomb of Qualopec                Island Arrival
         Unexpected Company                  The End of the Line
         A Heated Interrogation              Larson Dies
         Late Night Reconassance             Kold and Kid
         Arrival at St. Francis Folly        The Power of the Scion
         Business Banter                     Doppelganger Demise
         The Tomb of Tihocan                 A Tough Choice
         Pierre's Demise                     Time to Leave
         Shadow Figures 1                    Final Confrontation
         Shadow Figures 2                    Down But Not Out
         Arrival at Khamoon                  Island Escape
    =============|                                                        |=======
    Art Galleries|                                                        |(OR3AG)
    =============|                                                        |=======
    Unlockable by finding a certain amount of artifacts in certain levels or by
    finishing the game.
         Origins of Lara Gallery             Doppelganger
         Box Art Gallery                     Natla
         Peru                                Atlantean Creatures
         Kid                                 Items and Artifacts
         Kold                                Other Characters
         Egypt                               Promotional Materials Gallery
         Pierre                              TR1 vs. TR:A Peru Gallery
         Game Gallery                        TR1 vs. TR:A Greece Gallery
         Greece                              TR1 vs. TR:A Egypt Gallery
         Lost Island                         TR1 vs. TR:A Lost Island Gallery
    ==============|                                                       |=======
    Character Bios|                                                       |(PR4CB)
    ==============|                                                       |=======
    Unlockable by finding a certain amount of artifacts. The first one you unlock
    is Lara Croft, then it goes down the list.
         Lara Croft              Kold                 Natla
         Larson                  Pierre               Doppelganger
         Kid                     Winston              Richard Croft
    =======|                                                               |======
    Outfits|                                                               |(QR5O)
    =======|                                                               |======
    The first nine outfits are unlockable by finding a relics throughout the game
    (except for Anniversary, the default). The final one, Scorched Natla, is
    unlockable by getting all the relics and thus unlocking all other costumes.
         Annivesary              Golden               Wetsuit
         Legend                  Croft Manor Sport    Catsuit
         Doppelganger            Classic              Scorched Natla
    ======|                                                                |======
    Relics|                                                                |(RR6R)
    ======|                                                                |======
    To unlock these tidbits of info, find each relic throughout the game. Relics
    are a bit deeper than artifacts in that it takes more work, effort, and
    cunning to get them, but each one you get unlocks an outfit to use at Croft
    Manor or in Replay Level.
         Kero Mug                Athenian Owl Figurine Torc of Embitterment
         Killer Whale Mug        Horus Idol            Chalice of Torment
         Griffin-Head Protome    Mummified Cat
    =====|                                                                 |======
    Music|                                                                 |(SR7M)
    =====|                                                                 |======
    Er, the way I see it there's no point in writing down the names of music
    because the rewards is actually hearing it, so I've omitted this part.
    =======|                                                               |======
    Credits|                                                               |(TR8C)
    =======|                                                               |=====
    Again, this isn't really a reward because you don't need to unlock it and if
    you really want to know you can look on the game.
    ============|                                                          |======
    Commentaries|                                                          |(UR9C)
    ============|                                                          |======
    Commentaries are available in an area after you beat all the levels in that
    area. You can activate them by going to Options, then Display, then turn
    Commentary Markers on. Now in levels where you have unlocked commentaries you
    may come across blue crystals (as seen in TR3 and some versions of TR1) where
    if you approach them and press E you get a little bit of commentary by the
    makers of Tomb Raider.
    Here is a list of markers and where to find them. I have only just figured
    this out myself actually just today and have checked only a few levels.
    I personally enjoyed these commentaries because none of my friends are into
    Tomb Raider, at least none of them have ever mentioned it, so it's kind of fun
    to hear people talk about the game for once.
         Croft Manor: -"living room"        | Mountain Caves: -beginning
                      -on the stairs        |                 -snowy corridor with
                      -garden               |                  bats
                      -music room           |                 -wolf bridge room
                                            |                 -dart gate room
         Vilcabamba:  -stairs into town     | The Lost Valley: -waterfall room
                      -entrance to citadel  |                  -path along stream
                                            |                  -outside @ raptor
                                            |                   part
                                            |                  -at the T-Rex fight
         Tomb of Qualopec: -room with       | St. Francis Folly: -beginning
                            breakaway floor |                    -columns room
                                            |                    -main room, 6F
                                            |                    -also each of the
                                            |                     four shrines
         The Coliseum: -two in the colloseum| Midas's Palace: -statue room
                                            |                 -one in each of the
                                            |                  three gold bar
                                            |                  rooms
         Tomb of Tihocan: -beginning        | Temple of Khamoon: -beginning
                          -on tall walkway  |                    -central plaza
                           in the cistern   |                    -just before Bast
                          -in the corner of |                     shrine room
                           the burial tomb  |                    -room with sand
                           cavern           |                     trapdoor in the
                          -in front of the  |                     ceiling
                           burial tomb      |                    -final room with
                                            |                     four obelisks
    ======|                                                               |=======
    Cheats|                                                               |(VR10C)
    ======|                                                               |=======
             _____cheat name____               ____unlockable by____
          -Show enemy health: shows        complete all Peru Time Trials
             enemy health and rage
          -Infinite magnum ammo            same as above
          -Infinite shotgun ammo           complete all Greece TT
          -All weapons                     same as above
          -Infinite uzi ammo               complete all Egypt TT
          -Infinite health                 same as above
          -Golden shotgun: gun has         
             2x ammo capacity and is
             a lot stronger                complete all Lost Island TT
          -Silver uzis: has 2x ammo
           capacity and stronger,
           a.k.a. weapon of the gods       same as above
          -Textureless mode: turns
            everything white and
            smooth                         finish the game
          -Sunglasses                      finish the game
          -Infinte breath                  finish the game
                              X. Diagrams                   (A11DIA)
    This is a compilation of the various diagrams I have made for the walkthrough
    for easy perusal, uh perusation, perusing... whatever the hell it is.
    *note- depending on which website you accessed this FAQ from, the arrow tips
    in the diagrams such as the one below might have been coded wrong (or whatever
    I don't understand a damn thing about web design) so that left arrows appear
    as &gt; and right arrows appear as &lt;. If so, just keep in mind that
    whenever you see those next to a series of dashes, it represents an arrow.
    Tomb of Qualopec- main room
                  |   |
      _____-_-_-_-|   |_<-------to Qualopec's chamber
      |           |///|           |
      |           |///|           |
      |    Y      /   \           |                              _______
    __|          |     |          |__                           |__Key__|
      <-----to   |     |  Z    Z     <-------to switch #2       _
    __ switch #3 |     |           __                          |_| small movable
      |      _   |     |          |                                  block
      |     |_|   \   /           |                   N         x  magnum clips
      |  x        |///|           |                   |
      |_______-_-_|///|___________|                W-- --E     - - - ledges
                  |   | <-----entrance                |         ///
                        <-----switch #1               S         ///  breakable
    St. Francis Folly- oracle room
    ___________6th Floor___________                             W-- --E
    | /  -  - |_|     |_| -- - / <---to Atlas      _________       |
    |/                 G          |               |___Key___|      S
    ||        ___     ___         |                              
    | |       | |     | |         |                 /  switch
    |---      | |     | |      ---|             [ or ] ladder
    |  |      | |     | |      |  |
    |P/|      | |_____| |      |H/|                  |_| grapple platform
    |  |      |         |      |  |              ___  G
    |---      |_________|      ---|              | |   |---|
    |                             |              |_|   |---|    grapple column
    |                             |               G      G
    |        ____________         |              - -\/| _ mark-up for ledges
                                                    x   supplies
                                                    a   artifact
    ___________5th Floor___________          ___________4th Floor___________
    |                             |          | / - - _  - |_A__| - - -_-\_<---from
    |                             |    to---->/                            |  6F
    |                             | artifact |                             |
    |            _____            | and Damo-|            __________       |
    |---       __| __|            | cles     |---         |        |__   |x|
    |  |       | __|              | switch   |  |         |          |---|<----to
    |H |       |_|    ___         |          |a |         |         _|---| |Hepha-
    |  |              | |         |          |  |         |________|   G  \|estus
    |---              |_|         |          |---                          |switch
    ||                            |          |                             |
    |\                            |          |                             |
    |\_       ________            |          |                             |
    |__-__-_-_|target|____________|          |_____________________________|
    ___________3rd Floor___________          ___________2nd Floor___________
    |                             |          | _- -        |_| - - - --_   |
    |                             |   from--->/             G           \ <------
    |                             |   Atlas  ||                          | |to Po-
    |     _____                   |          |            ____             |seidon
    |     |___|                ---|          |---      ___|  |___          |
    |                          |  |          |  |      |        |          |
    |         _______          | P|          |D/|     [|__    __|          |
    |         |     |          |  |          |  |         |__|             |
    |         |_____|          ---|          |---                          |
    |           | |               |          |                             |
    |           |_|               |          |                             |
    |         ___G___  /_ <--------to        |           ______            |
    |______x__|_____|_-_x_________|Damocles  |___________|_D__|____________|
    ___________1st Floor___________
    |__|||||||||| A/ |||||||||||__|
    |__         \____/          __|
    |__                         __|
    |__      ___       ___      __|
    |__     |   |     |   |     __|
    |__     |___|     |___|     __|
    |__                         __|
    |__      ___       ___      __|
    |       |   |_    |   |       |
    |       |___|x|   |___|]      |
    |                  |_|        |
    |                             |
    |_____                   _____|
    Midas's Palace- lead bar room with spikes and platforms
                 |  lead  |
     ____________|___bar__|_________                 _________
    |r |            ^               |               |___Key___|
    |__|????        ^    10x<----999|
       |   13s     11b<-/        999|               a  artifact
       |     ?                    ^ |
       |      ?                   ^ |               r  relic
       |      ?                  888|
     __|   -->5x      /--->7s--->888|__             b  white block
        44/     \-->6b           $     
     __ 44                       $   __             x  block w/ spikes
       | ^                       $  |
       | ^                       $  |               s  sloped block
       |3s                     12b  |
       |3s <--2x<--\             $  |__             (no letter)  platform
       |            \             $ |  |
       |             1b            $| a|
                 | switch |
                 |        |
    Temple of Khamoon- puzzle of four obelisks
             ___e_|exit|gpe__                    _________
           r|   x        x   |                  |___Key___|
           g|x   o      o   x|
            |      o  o      |                   x  block
            |                |                   o  obelisk
          ep|x              x|e                  g  goodies
            |___x__    __x___|                   p  panther
                g  |  |  g                       e  pressure pad
                 entrance                        r  relic
    Sanctuary of the Scion- Ra scarab puzzle
          up ^    > left
        down <    v right
    Sanctuary of the Scion- room with many pillars
                            exit                      _________
                 __     |Q_|    |_T|                 |___Key___|
                |a_|     ^ |    | ^
                    O<---Oc|    | O<---O             g  grapple ring
                         ^ |    |      ^             a  artifact
                         ^ |    |      ^             Q  Insert Scion of Qualopec
                    O    O<-\   | O    O             T  Insert Scion of Tihocan
                           | \  |       \            O  column
                           |  g |        \           bO go left for Q and
                    O    O |   \| O    O  g             artifact, go right for T
                           |    \        /           Oc go left for aritfact, go
                           |    |\      /               forward for Q
                    O    O |    |bO--->O
                           |    | ^
                           |    | ^
                    O    O |    | O    O
                           |    | ^
                           |    |START
    Natla's Mines- opening the door to the Great Pyramid
                               o   ______   o
                                   \ XX /<----switch
                        o           |__|
                                 o   ||  m   l
                            d  3     ||        k
                        1     c    f ||      o    j
                           b     e   || 4   5   i
         start here---->a     2      ||  g  h     6   ___
                                     ||              |
                                o   _||_   o         |artifact
                                   /    \
                                  / exit \
    *letters are gray steps, numbers are black steps.
    sequence of jumps: a--b--1--b--2--b--c--d--3--d--e--f--4--f--g--h--i--5--i--6
                         XI. Questions and Answers          (Z10FRE)
    If you have any questions that you want to ask me, I'll post them here. I have
    no problem with foul language personally, but the sites that host this
    walkthru do so I will sensor your messages before I post them.
         "I'm thinking about buying this game. I've played Legend and I want to
    get Anniversary but I'm not sure if my computer can use the program, also I
    hear installation is a pain in the butt. Any pointers?"
         Sorry, but I don't know anything about computer requirements or
    installation. I have Gametap so I could download Anniversary without having to
    install it like I would if I went out and bought a copy. If you played Legend
    on the same computer, I'm guessing the computer should be able to handle
    Anniversary because they use the same engine and stuff like that. As far as
    installation, I have also heard that it quits out on some people, but I don't
    think it's that bad. If it causes a problem for you, I'm sure you could find a
    better answer on another FAQ or on the Message Board.
         "What is style units, and how do I unlock it?"
         Style units is a level unlockable if you get 100% completion on the game.
    It's just a scenic level, no enemies or items or puzzles, just run through and
    enjoy the scenery.
         "In the tomb of qualopec in the room with the breakaway floor I get onto
    the piece of wood at the bottom part and I jump to the next one but she goes
    right thru it. Is this a glitch and if so how can I fix it?"
         This isn't a glitch; you just need to climb as high as you can up that
    pole, and then try and that should do it.
         "i was in st francis follie and i fell a long ways but she survived with
    a little health but when she hit the ground she started screaming and she just
    wont f--king stop! what did i do?"
         I think I've heard of this before. It's probably a glitch. I don't know
    the first thing about fixing glitches, but you could look for a savegame on
    the Internet somewhere, download that, and use it instead.
    Q: (in Croft Manor pool room)
         "After reaching the other side of the red bin and balancing on it, some
    sort of blue target emerges, but the grapple will not reach its target and I
    am stuck. HALP! Thank you."
         First make sure you got the grapple hook because she doesn't have it to
    start with. if you do have it, maybe you're just trying to use it at the wrong
    time or you jump at the wrong time, you might just need more practice. If
    after that it still doesn't work, it might just be a glitch, in which case I
    wouldn't know what to do except to restart the Croft Manor level.
         "I have a question about the camera controls. Sometimes it feels like
    Lara turns around to slow. How do you suggest I have my camera controls?"
         If you want to change the camera setting, go to Options > Display >
    Camera, you can change the mouse to camera controls from direct to inverted.
    Just do whichever is more comfortable. As for turning around, I don't think
    Lara can roll, but if you're running in one direction and you press the key of
    the opposite direction without letting go of the first key she will pivot on
    the spot.
         "Can [outfits] be worn in the main game or only in Croft Manor?"
         When you unlock a set of levels, like all the Peru levels, you can go to
    Play Game > Replay Level and you can choose which outfit to wear between the
    ones that you've unlocked.
         How do you quickly jump from a horizontal bar shortly after grabbing it.
         Here are a couple tricks to do it:
    1. Whatever direction button you were pressing when you jumped onto the
    pole (like W for example), keep that pressed down until after she jumps from
    the pole.
    2. As soon as you get airbourne, just keep jamming that Space bar until
    after she jumps from the pole.
                             XII. Contact Info              (W6CONT)
    For any questions or comments, you can e-mail me at reno385@hotmail.com. I'll
    get back to you or update the FAQ with your contribution as soon as possible.

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