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So, a long time ago when this game was first being released onto the PS2, I read the magazines showing previews of the new X game that would soon arrive. I have always loved the X series, even since I played them on the original SNES back when I was a child. Ever since then, I have followed the series as it evolved, from its jump onto different consoles and then some... but who would of thought that the X series would of turned to 3D movement? Well, Capcom thought that they would try, and the results weren't that great. I haven't touched the PS2 release for a long time, and all it serves now is a dust collector or a paper-weight. So, a couple of years later, I decided to give the game another chance, but I wanted to try the PC version instead (with the english patch of course). Was my mind changed this time around?

The PC game is basically an exact port of the PS2 game, and that's about it. It seems that the ones who produced this PC game put very little effort into making it unique for a PC game. What I mean by that is, what you got in the PS2 version is EXACTLY what you got in the PC version, nothing else. This presents a lot of major problems to begin.

A) For one thing, the game doesn't have gamepad support. You use the keyboard, and the keyboard alone. You can map out different keys, but not to a controller (you'll have to use Xpadder if you want to use a gamepad). Because there was no gamepad support, you have to go through the game running in eight directions, instead of using a joystick and moving him in all directions possible.

B) Abigger complains is that there is no resolution changer, or a way to change the game into Windows mode like the previous games before it. I believe the default resolution they give you is either 640x480 or 800x600, so if you have a fast computer with a large supporting resolution, you are out of luck on this part.

C) Another big complaint is that the only way to exit the game, is to press "Alt+F4" on the keyboard. Sometimes the game will freeze on you when doing this, and you'll either have to bring up Task Manager (Alt+Ctrl+Del) and close it down manually, or force a shut down by holding in the power button for five seconds.

Other than that, it is a straight-forward copy of the PS2 version, except I feel that the graphics have been dumbed down a bit. The black outline from the characters don't work as it should (disappearing half of the time), but mostly everything else works fine.

Like the PS2 version, it has all the quirks and problems too. Too many "Invisible Walls" and instances where your characters are wall-jumping on air, or are forced to stop even though there is clearly more wall. When the game is in 2D mode, it is actually quite fun... but because the game was going into 3D, that's what you'll be in most of the time. Only a few bosses are fought in 2D mode, the rest are basically 3D. Other problems with the game is collisions with walls, wall-jumps not working properly in both 2D and 3D, and frustrating camera controls.

But I will say that I do often have fun with the game... but only as X. The bad thing is, X isn't available at the beginning of the game. No, you have to rescue enough Reploids on the various stages (the annoyance that was kept over from X5... one reason why I liked X8 was because it finally got rid of them) to finally unlock X.

Now I'm just beginning to ramble, so I'll wind this up. If you are a X fan, you probably won't like this game since you'll most likely be expecting a 2D sidescroller like the previous games. You won't find your classic X style here, though the ride is fun while it lasts. If you do get it though, get the PS2 version as it is a bit more reliable. The PC version is nice, but only resort to that as a last-ditch effort.

- Music is nice at least... nothing really memorable, but nice.
- You get to play as your favorite Maverick Hunter! Yes, I'm trying my best to come up with a pro of this game...
- Hey, at least in this version, there are Japanese voices. Flame Hyenard is much more bearable now without his constant "BURN! BURN BU-BURN! BURN TO THE GROUND!" Every 0.5 seconds.

-No way to change the resolution, no Game Pad support, no Option to Exit, etc
-Clunky Camera and sometimes difficult to control characters or keep the enemy on screen. If you do gain control of the camera, you can only shift it left or right.
-Silly story. The game seemed to be made for X and Axl... you might have too hard of a time with Zero.
-You're "Automatic Targeting System" is a pain in the butt.
-Dashing is an absolute pain. If you are moving a certain direction, you ain't stopping until that dash is complete.
-Now enemies can, if they hit you hard enough, knock you on your back. You'll be down for a good 3 seconds... and on levels with pits, they can knock you down a hole and there won't be ANYTHING you can do about it.
-Just seems very amateurish.

I thought they did pretty well with "Mega Man Legends". The way the 3D moved in that game was done pretty well... could of been better of course, but it was alright. Why didn't they take an example of that game, or better yet incorporate the 3D system of Legends into X7? You would of thought Capcom would of learned by then.

Regardless, it is an X game, and I have fun playing it every now and then. It'll definitely go down as probably thee worst X game created, but it can still give you a good time or two... if you have the patience.

Or 2.5/5 stars

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 04/20/09

Game Release: RockMan X7 (KO, 12/31/03)

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