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    Walkthrough by benlyd

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         [1] Introduction ........................................... [inters]
    Welcome to my guide on how to complete Nancy Drew's 14th mystery, Danger
    by Design, currently exclusive to PC. To search for a term in this guide, press
    the ctrl and F buttons at the same time and enter a search term (found in the
    table of contents, below this paragrapgh). To contact me and suggest
    improvements to my guides, email me at guide.benlyd@gmail.com.
         [1] Introduction ........................................... [inters]
         [2] Walkthrough ............................................ [wlkthu]
          [2.1] The Beginning and First Set of Chores ............... [teamod]
          [2.2] Back at the Moulin and Cooking for JJ ............... [minttt]
          [2.3] Second Round of Chores and Dieter's Secretssssss .... [roundt]
          [2.4] The Rest of the Game: Diving and All That Stuff ..... [sighhh]
          [2.5] Oooh, Juicy, The Climax! ............................ [climat]
         [3] Version History ........................................ [yeayea]
         [4] Legal Stuff ............................................ [legalz]
         [5] Credits ................................................ [cradit]
         [2] Walkthrough ............................................ [wlkthu]
    The walkthrough is designed for the Junior Detective difficulty. Some puzzles
    differ slightly on Senior Detective mode. I also try to minimize spoilers,
    but there may be some after this point!! After installing the two discs,
    click the new desktop icon!
          [2.1] The Beginning and First Set of Chores ............... [teamod]
    In Nancy's room, you should read "How to Be a Detective" if this is your
    first Nancy Drew game. You can play with stuff on her desk and read up on
    her past cases as well. Click the [CASE FILE] and read it to get the story's
    premise. Then, click the [PLANE TICKET] and choose the difficulty mode to
    After the opening scene, talk to Heather fully and then go into Minette's
    office. Talk to her completely, then head to the tea station. Add the
    herbs Boojum, Breland, Callicula, Fennellery, Gibbering, Hog Bone,
    Macrophylla, Phyrigia, Pipsweet, Varvaine, and Yellow Buttons to the mix.
    Exit the room. If done correctly, Minette with call you back in. Talk to
    her fully and you get a [BAG].
    Now you can explore Minette's office. Look at the paint smeared dials and
    read the magazine on the coffee table fully. Go back out to the main room
    of the Moulin and to your work station. Look at the list of chores on your
    computer. Look at the drawer beside your desk and look through the
    sketchpad. Then, go to the printer-like plotter.
    Examine it and set the H setting to 2 and leave the others unchanged. It
    prints, so that's done. Now the phone rings. Answer it and talk to the
    woman fully. Head to the exit. Read the note that slips under and put it
    in the "Dodo Box" after talking to Heather completely. Read the magazine
    on the coffee table in here, then exit and ride the subway to Rue du Bac.
    Talk to the man, Dieter, fully. Head to the dark room. Here we have a
    ~hard~ puzzle. To make it easy, flush to toilet ten times to get an
    [EASTER EGG]. Hold the egg in front of the developing equipment to win
    the puzzle. Exit the dark room. Talk to Dieter fully. Examine the table
    to his left. Play with his toy and take his [CAMERA]. Before you exit,
    look at the indentation in the wall to the left of the exit. Head to
    Pont Neuf.
    There's three shops here. In the one to the left of the entrance, buy
    [GREEN RINGS]. In the middle, buy the [MOVIE CANISTER]. At the far end,
    buy the [TRAFFIC CONE] and [LAVA LAMP]. Now ride the subway to Hotel de
    Not much to do here. Head forward and talk to John Michel completely.
    Now ride to Place Monge.
    Talk to your roomate, JJ Ling, fully. Read the newspaper on the kitchen
    table and the magazine beside the phone, then ride the subway to
          [2.2] Back at the Moulin and Cooking for JJ ............... [minttt]
    The phone rings. :I Talk to Prudence completely. (Oh goody goody gumdrops!
    xD) Talk to Heather fully and head to the design table. For the Summer
    outfit, she needs to wear pink fuzz shoes, pink boa, pink top, green pants,
    green hat, black glasses. For the Cruise outfit, put fluffy white shoes, 
    pineapple purse, fluffy white top, orange pants, bunny ears, and bunny mask
    on her. The Fall outfit needs green galoshes, black purse, purple/plaid
    coat, white pants, yellow wig, and yellow mask.
    Attempt to go talk to Minette, but she's busy. T_T Go to your computer and
    click the hampster. The login is "Carol" and the password is "Rude." Choose
    to play Model Match. Not too hard of a game to get 1000 points on. Just
    "MIX IT UP!" often. Now go talk to Minette when you when. Yay, happy
    Minette!! ^_^;
    Leave her office and she's ...peeved again. Head to Place Monge and tell
    JJ about Minette. She leaves byebye and you have to make cookies without
    mint and brown sugar. Grab [MOLASSES] from the cabinet and note the books.
    There's two ways to get the mint you can get it from the leftmost vendor
    at the park for an absurd price, or you can go to Cafe Kiki and get ice
    cream (Creme de Glace) and take the [MINT]. Head to JJ's and bake the
    cookies (using 1/2 cup of white sugar and 1 teaspoon of molasses instead
    of brown sugar). After you do it right, JJ calls. Tell her the cookies
    curl up. Well that's done. Head to the Moulin.
          [2.3] Second Round of Chores and Dieter's Secretssssss .... [roundt]
    Someone calls. I think that's gonna be a standard thing at the beginning
    of sections from now on, huh? ?_? ANYWAYZ, talk to the guy fully. Read
    the note from Heather on your desk. Go to Heather's desk and read her
    fashion notebook. Head over to the Dodo Box and click the egg on it. Now
    you have a couple of fun, easy puzzles. Try to figure them out for
    yourself, shouldn't be THAT vexing. Read all the notes.
    Go to the park and go to the left merchant. Buy the [ICHIDO BOOK]. Go to
    the middle vendor and buy the [PARROT] and ask about the machine (M380
    Decoder). See Dieter and try to talk to him. He runs away but leaves
    a [SMALL CLOCK] and a [NEWSPAPER ARTICLE] for you to pick up. Go back
    to Minette's.
    xP She's at it again, or should I say the [COCKROACHES] are. Not too hard
    to catch them all, just click fast. You get some juicy info along the
    way in the form of a letter from an historian and one from Heather. Hmm,
    looks like we found our culprit?! When you have all nine, talk to Minette.
    You don't have to throw them out in the park, they can be your little
    companions all game long. :D
    Call the historian, Lynn, and talk to her completely. Head to Dieter's.
    Talk to him completely (he's in the dark room). Talk to him again. Take
    the [PICTURE LIST] from his desk. Now put the clock into the indentation
    on the wall. In this puzzle, just turn all the clocks to 3:00. Enter the
    passageway. Turn right and take a picture of the spider. Head to the end
    of the passageway and enter 1945 on the lock. Pick up the [JOURNAL] and
    read it fully, including the letter at the end. You can also take the
    [GRAPH PAPER] from it, which is a seperate item. Leave here and go to
    the park.
    Take a picture of the cross. Head to the Moulin. Take a picture of the
    teapot you made tea in earlier and of the stapler on your desk.
    Confront Heather about the threatening note. If you choose to tell
    Minette about this, Heather is kicked out and the ending is effected
    for the worst. Call Zu on the phone. Talk to him completely. Go to JJ's
    and choose to play Hangman. Choose the letters "zu my love jing" and keep
    the [PAPER]. Go to Denfert Rochereau. Head in and open the skull. :I Put
    the "autograph" inside and take pictures of the skull and candles. Head
    to Dieter's.
    Talk to him fully and get the [POSTCARD]. Flip over the postcard and
    put the graph paper from the journal on it. Click all the green eyes,
    as well as all red eyes that are looking left. Head to the park.
    Near the middle left are three mouths. Turn the handle near them ten
    times. Head to the pinwheel (middle right). Turn it to purple, and a
    squirrel messes it up. Buy a [PIE TIN], [STRING], [STAKE], a
    [FLASHLIGHT], and a [WETSUIT]. Put the stake by the pinwheel. Attach
    the string to the stake and the tin to the string. No more squirrel!!
    ~_^ Put it on purple again. Head right from here and click the button
    on the fishy (lol) water fountain. A passageway opens up. Climb down
    and use your flashlight to make it all the way through. Open up a
    treasure? No, just a lousy [KEY]. Head to Minette's.
          [2.4] The Rest of the Game: Diving and All That Stuff ..... [sighhh]
    Phone up Zu (close, right?) and talk to him fully. Go to the catacombs and
    lift up the skull. Click the button and head through the passage. Go
    forward across the plank and right. When (if?) the police come, go into
    the left tunnel. Now head through to a left area where a water area is.
    Head into the water. Swim forward and diveeee. Now swim forward, forward,
    right, forward, forward, forward, right, and forward. Pick up the bottle.
    Swim back to the entrance for air. Now dive and go forward, forward,
    forward, forward, right, forward, left, forward, forward, right, forward,
    left, and forward a lot. Up the ladder and enter the code 3724. Get a
    [WINDMILL?]. Now backtrack (ugh, I know right :P) and get your stu...hey!
    Today's just not our day, huh? Pick up what's left and go to the park.
    Trade the wine bottle for the [M380 DECODER] at the middle vendor. Now
    go to Cafe Kiki and talk to Jean Michel fully. Make some parfaits (easy)
    and get the image you need! ^_^  Now set the M380's dials to IX/9, V/5,
    and III/3, respectively. Now zoom to the keyboard and type in:
    Now head to Minette's.
    Oh freakkkk! You need to defuse this thing on her door. THIS IS A TIMED
    PUZZLE!! An answer to this sort of puzzle is sort of hard to put into
    writing, but thankfully there's several very nice guides out there with
    pictures of the solution. Throw out the taboo item and head into the
    studio. Go straight and put the windmill-like item onto the indentation.
    After a scene, realize you are at the point of no return. Finish any
    unfinished business and save your game. Head down the secret passage
    and unlock the door with the key from the park. Open the door.
          [2.5] Oooh, Juicy, The Climax! ............................ [climat]
    Head through and open the pedestal and read the letter. Feeling victorious?
    ;3 Then bad things happen. Type in the code 2157. This is a good time to
    study your Ichido book if you haven't already. Head up the stairs and
    listen to the conversation. Open the door and watch the scene. Now the
    criminal will attack you. Use the defense skills from the Ichido book to
    deplete the criminal's stamina. When it's gone, congrats. You've won. ^_^
         [3] Version History ........................................ [yeayea]
      1.0 - (1-13-11)
          - Complteted guide.
          - Submitted to GameFAQs the first time.
         [4] Legal Stuff ............................................ [legalz]
    This guide may only be showcased on GameFAQs.com. It is illegal to show
    it on any other website without my permission. You may print this for home
    use and show it to your friends and stuff, but it is illegal to sell this
    FAQ for a profit or put it off as your own work.
        [5] Credits ................................................ [cradit]
    Thanks to:
     - GameFAQs, for hopefully accepting this guide.
     - You, for reading my guide.
     - Her Interactive, for making these awesome games.
     - Want to be part of this section? You'll have to contact me via email
       (guide.benlyd@gmail.com) and contribute new info (spelling errors, 
       something I missed, things you'd like to see in a future update of 
       this guide).
    Thanks for reading! Hope it was useful!

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