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    FAQ/Walkthrough by tarbandu

    Version: 1.5 | Updated: 12/21/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    This walkthrough (v. 1.5, December 2009) for Spellforce 2: Dragon Storm is 
    solely the work of the author tarbandu (J. A. Higgins) and is not 
    endorsed or supported by Phenomic, JoWood, or Aspyr. The author assumes 
    no responsibilities for any versions of this walkthrough posted on sites 
    other than Game FAQ !
    If you want to update the walkthrough with your own comments, 
    corrections, or alternate strategies, send me an email at 
    tarbandu12@juno.com with your username (or real name) for attribution 
    Getting the Game
    [Obviously you need Spellforce 2: Shadow Wars to be able to play the 
    Dragon Storm expansion pack.]
    Spellforce 2 player Brian Pemberton reports that both Spellforce 2, and 
    the Dragon Storm expansion, are available from Steam as of late August 2008.
    The price for the individual games is $19.99 each, or $29.99 for both in
    a 'Gold' edition.
    I've also seen the Spellforce 2: Gold edition for sale as a retail box at
    GoGamer.com and amazon.com, so check these out if you prefer to have the CDs
    in your hands.
    WARNING: Some posters to the Spellforce 2 Forums, such as elgreco and 
    bhelliom,  have reported a gamestopping bug in Spellforce 2's Crystal 
    Forest map (the tone puzzle needed for access to Malacay's laboratory at 
    the mountain top) when Dragon Storm is installed on an in-progress 
    Spellforce 2 game. They recommend you finish Spellforce 2 before 
    installing Dragon Storm !
    As always, if there is a question that isn't answered in this 
    walkthrough, or you want to see if other strategies are available, go to 
    the Dragon Storm Forum at: 
    Below is a list of the chapters in this walkthrough, played on 'normal' 
    difficulty. Note that many of the side quests can be completed in an 
    order different from that listed here.
    Listing of Contents
    1. Winterlight Peak						
    2. Alluvyan
    3. Sevenkeeps
    4. Defeating the Pact Army
    5. More Sevenkeeps Side Quests
    6. Ghostwatch: The Inner City
    7. Eastern Area of Ghostwatch
    8. The City Ship
    9. On Board the City Ship
    10. The Citadel: Prologue
    11. The Thought Storm, the Guardians, and the Codestone Puzzle
    12. The Thinker's Two Quests
    13. Side Quests to Sevenkeeps and the Ghostwatch
    14. Dragh' Lur
    15. Side Quests in Dragh' Lur
    16. Back to the City Ship
    17. Winterlight Peak Again
    18. To Alluvyan, Yasha's Rune Stone, the West Wind, and the South Wind
    19. The Citadel: Eliminating the Guardian and Building a Base
    20. The Citadel: Destroying the Satellite Bases
    21. The Citadel: Clearing a Path to the Library
    22. The Godeland and The Refuge
    23. The Soul Carrier
    24. Defeating Riddengard's Boarding Party
    25. Defending the Westguard
    26. The Blessed One of Fire
    27. The Blessed One of Storms and the Blessed One of Night
    28. Side Quests in Sevenkeeps
    29. The Misty Coast: The Five Islands
    30. The Misty Coast: The Shaper
    31. The Misty Coast: The Lord of the Tides Side Quest
    32. The Memories of Eo Side Quest
    33. The Blessed One in the Palace
    34. The North Section of the Palace
    35. The Battle with the Shaper
    1.  Winterlight Peak
    -Shutting the gate
    After the opening cutscene you'll find yourself in a courtyard of the 
    Dwarf city of Winterlight Peak. The area is under siege from Warbeasts 
    and other undesirables, and to make things worse, the forces of evil 
    have arranged for an unusual spell of severe winter weather to hamper 
    retreat to a Portal elsewhere on the map.
    What seems like 6 or 7 Quests will immediately pop up on your screen and 
    once you start in on conversation with the people nearby, including the 
    lightly clad Yasha, things get more than a little confusing in terms of 
    the plot. Just go ahead and spend your first batch of experience points, 
    talk to those individuals with "!" symbols hovering over their heads, 
    then open the chest nearby and equip yourself with what items you 
    qualify for.
    After a cutscene, some of the bystanders will run out on you, leaving 
    you and Whisper, the elf Hero, to try and help with the last-ditch 
    defense of Winterlight in order to permit dwarf civilians time to escape 
    to Sevenkeeps, the last safe outpost in the world of Eo. The immediate 
    task is to find two moonsilver springs that can be used to close the 
    city gate to the south, and prevent more Warbeasts from coming into the 
    city. Head off to the two quest areas (indicated on the minimap by 
    yellow circles) associated with the springs. The chests containing the 
    springs at these locales are guarded by Warbeasts, but you and Whisper 
    should be able to take them down without too much trouble. The 
    liberation of one chest causes the half-elf mage hero Wind to spawn; 
    she'll join your party, and she also has one of the springs. The other 
    chest contains the other spring.
    As soon as you have the two springs, see the dwarf captain in charge of 
    the city, Skjadir Bloodaxe, who tells you to insert the springs into the 
    gate. Do this promptly, as Warbeasts will now come running to attack in 
    increasing numbers. The gate mechanism (as with all quest-important 
    locations, it is indicated on the minimap by a yellow circle) is not too 
    far away from Skjadir; it's indicated by a 'gears' symbol, just click on 
    the symbol and you'll trigger a cutscene of the gate shutting. 
    -Running the Gauntlet with the Dwarf Workers
    The next quest involves the Portal located in the NE corner of the map. 
    You need to get a minimum of 20 Dwarf workers from the outer entrance of 
    Winterlight to the Portal, from which they can (presumably) escape to 
    Sevenkeeps. The problem is, the trail to the Portal is infested with 
    Warbeasts, Giants, and snow cats, among other monsters. To make things 
    harder, the severe cold means that the workers will die unless they get 
    a chance to briefly warm up at each of the three fires stationed along 
    the Portal route. Of course, each fire has a Giant or two standing by 
    My philosophy here was to try and take out as many enemies as I could at 
    the first fire and the second fire. To do this, first group all the 
    Dwarf workers into one cohort, assign them a grouping number (Ctrl+1, 
    for example) for convenient handling, and stash them in a safe area of 
    the city, out of range of the entranceway. Keep Whisper and Wind near 
    this entranceway, in proximity with Skjadir and some Dwarf troops (who 
    you cannot control directly). Now send your avatar solo up the trail and 
    to the first fire. Have him or her lure as many enemies as they can back 
    down the trail to the entranceway to the city and let Skjadir, the Dwarf 
    soldiers, and your party members wipe them out. Just make sure your 
    avatar doesn't get encircled by so many enemies on the trail that he / 
    she can't move freely and becomes trapped.
    Now it's a matter of sending your avatar out on another of these 
    'baiting' runs, to again try and lure a healthy batch of gauntlet-
    keepers to their doom. I suspect these enemies are continuously spawned 
    by the AI, but just keep Saving at intervals and grind out the combat. 
    When Skjadir announces that the city gates are about to give way to the 
    assault of the Warbeasts in the south,  you will hopefully have the 
    trail area from the first to the second fire reasonably depleted of 
    monsters. You're now ready to have the workers run the gauntlet. Save 
    the game, and send all the workers running to the first fire. Once they 
    get there, keep clicking on the area around the fire so the workers are 
    in continuous motion, and whatever Giants or other monsters are there, 
    can't close for melee combat. Since you have a lot of workers, you can 
    overwhelm the enemy with the sheer quantity of targets presented by the 
    hapless Dwarves.
    As soon as the health bars of the workers recharge get them running to 
    the second fire. Again, keep right-clicking on the immediate vicinity of 
    the fire and keep the workers dancing around so the monsters can't close 
    with them.  Do a Save, then proceed to the third fire, and as soon as 
    the Dwarves are healed, send them all up the rest of the trail to the 
    Portal. With a bit of luck you may have lost only 3 or 4 Dwarves en 
    route, and at least 20 survive to pass thru the Portal. This ends the 
    Winterlight map, and you'll be treated to a cutscene.
    2. Alluvyan 
    -The Blocked Entrance 
    You and your party arrive in the island of Alluvyan, which is also under 
    attack by the forces of evil. Things are very chaotic here. Just a short 
    distance north of the Portal you arrive from, is the city of Alluvyan; 
    it is comprised of a series of concentric neighborhoods that are closed 
    off from one another by formidable gates. The city is filled with troops 
    of the orc Clan, and they have no intention of letting anyone through to 
    the Portal to Sevenkeeps in the northern part of the map. The gate at 
    the entranceway to the city proper has been closed, and is further 
    sealed by a magic barrier. The barrier is immune to damage from the 
    trebuchets of the Realm located in the southern area of the map. Orcs of 
    the Clan are clustered around the entranceway, including archers on the 
    walls above, and these Clan troops are preventing Treants of the Realm 
    from coming up and forcing the magic barrier. So no one can get into 
    Alluvyan, and on to the Portal to Sevenkeeps, until the Clan are 
    expelled from the city.
    [While this map is chock-full of Realm troops, the fact is you can't 
    control them, and all they are there for, is to defend the Realm base.]
    I had my party go straight north to the barrier; en route you can talk 
    with a nearby Scout and give him some commands to either join your 
    party, or instruct the trebuchets to open fire on the entranceway. I 
    chose the latter option and had my avatar, Whisper, and Wind engage the 
    orcs near the barrier. Use your spells and keep bashing away at the Clan 
    troops here, and the archers on the walls will direct their attention on 
    you. This will allow the Treants to come up and destroy the magic 
    barrier. This now makes the gate at the entrance vulnerable to 
    trebuchets, and before too long the gate will be destroyed. You'll get a 
    new quest to eliminate the Clan camps just inside the entranceway.
    -Eliminating the Clan Camps
    You will have to create some (new in the Dragon Storm expansion) Shaikan 
    units to assist you in this task. This mission is essentially a 
    refresher lesson in the RTS gameplay of Spellforce 2. Go to the 
    Headquarters to the south and get busy cranking out workers. As soon as 
    you have the necessary stone and silver create some smelters and 
    stonemasons (I ignored any lenya gathering for the moment). There is no 
    real pressure here, so if you first want to build and then upgrade the 
    Practice Ground to have fire-arrow Marksmen, and double-blade 
    Blademasters, prior to actually producing those units, go ahead. Keep in 
    mind that you have 30 troop 'slots' and the actual quantity of upgraded 
    troops you have may be smaller than this ceiling. Also, you'll need to 
    have several Stores constructed to increase your unit numbers.
    When you're ready to go for the Clan camps, I recommend leaving Whisper 
    and Wind behind at the HQ...they are too easily killed and then you have a 
    major headache trying to revive them while 20 orcs are swirling around 
    you. [You'll also want to leave 2 - 3 troops behind at your headquarters 
    along with Whisper and Wind,  to handle an upcoming attack].
    Save the game, and send your avatar and troops running up the 
    entranceway to the city and select a Clan camp for attack. Focus on 
    destroying the Armory and ignore the Clan troops all around you. If you 
    are getting too badly depleted, just retreat to the HQ and heal everyone 
    up. The Realm troops stationed near the Portal area will take on any 
    pursuing orcs and wipe them out.
    As soon as you take down one Clan building, you'll get a cutscene of 
    Clan forces attacking the Realm base from the south and a message in 
    your Quest log to defend your headquarters (lose it and the mission 
    ends). Hopefully the 3 - 4 troops you left behind to defend your HQ, 
    along with Whisper and Wind, will be sufficient to take care of the Clan 
    assault until your avatar and army can run away from the city area and 
    assist in the defense. There are two waves of Orc attackers here in this 
    "The Second Attack" quest. MAKE SURE YOUR AVATAR PARTICIPATES 
    IN ELIMINATING THE ATTACKING ORCS. I found out the hard way that if 
    you just let your 'guard force' and the AI-spawned Realm troops handle 
    things here, you will NOT complete this segment of the main quest. Your 
    Quest Log will continue to have "The Second Attack" recorded as 
    unfinished and you will not be able to get access to the city interior.  
    You'll know you completed "The Second Attack" when the yellow circles 
    on the minimap associated with the Realm castles and your HQ vanish, 
    after the Orc attackers are destroyed, and your Quest Log places it in the 
    'solved' column.
    With the Orc foray repelled, you can create reinforcements and go back 
    to the job of taking out the Clan camps in the city. Have your avatar 
    and troops run back in, and destroy the armories and bowyers. Save 
    several times here so that if you lose your avatar, you can reload and 
    make another attempt. It may take a few iterations, but once you 
    succeed, the spawning of Clan troops will cease and you'll get a 
    voiceover from the Realm paladin saying that "the outskirts of the city 
    are ours !".
    -Investigating the Secret Passageway
    Another voiceover will clue you in to the next segment of the main 
    quest: the west and east gates to the city interior are closed and 
    cannot be forced; you'll have to see if there is a 'secret passage' 
    available that will let you enter the city behind the closed gates, 
    after which you can throw open the gates and let the Realm forces rush 
    in and take down the Clan. [There are actually two ways to accomplish 
    the 'secret passage' quest, but investigating both can earn you some 
    nice loot, whatever option you ultimately choose.]
    While you can now ignore the ongoing battles near the city entranceway 
    (ever-spawning Realm troops will preoccupy the surviving Orcs), make 
    sure you loot the corpse of an "Old Greenskin" orc in this vicinity for 
    his Skin- it will come in handy soon.
    Assemble your party and surviving troops (you'll probably be depleted of 
    silver by now, so creating more will have to wait for the moment). Head 
    to the northwest section of the map. You'll need to take out some Orc 
    troops in a village here. A man named Weyland the Builder is imprisoned; 
    free him, enter the dialogue tree with him, and you'll learn he built a 
    secret passageway to the interior of the city. The entrance to this 
    passage is located in the western area of the outer city, near a below-
    ground sump. In the village with Weyland are some chests and corpses 
    with apparel and loot, including the book "Stories from Liannon", of use 
    in a side quest.
    Have your force clean out the area of orcs and wild wolves, and then 
    bring up some workers and have them harvest the silver field here.
    Now send your army northeast. As you make your way along the trail 
    you'll encounter an orc raiding party; kill them and loot another 
    Greenskin skin. At the end of the trail you'll come upon a small 
    clearing with the Haldor's Exile Journey Stone, an unoccupied elf 
    building, some orcs, and an imprisoned Cult member named Haldor. Kill 
    the orcs, loot the nearby chest, and free Haldor and converse with him. 
    He admits he knows nothing of a secret passage, but if you provide him 
    with 3 orc skins he can cast a spell on your avatar, Whisper, and Wind 
    that will disguise them as orcs for a short period.
    You should hopefully have 2 orc skins in your inventory. To get one 
    more, just head back up the trail to the Realm camp and the AI will 
    helpfully spawn another orc raiding party for you to eliminate; it 
    should include a Greenskin you can get the 3rd skin from. Now head back 
    to Haldor.
    (note: if for any reason you find you can't trigger these 'secret 
    passageway' conversations with Weyland or Haldor it's very likely you 
    have failed to complete a main quest segment- left an armory or bowyer 
    intact, some orc troops are still alive in the vicinity of the gates, 
    Speak with Haldor and he'll tell you he will cast the camouflage spell 
    on you and your party when you are in front of the east gate to the 
    inner city.
    Send everyone back to the city; there may be some stray orcs still 
    present near the ruined entrance gate, so wipe them out. There will 
    probably be some orc archers and a catapult on a promenade overlooking 
    the gate area so have your archers take them out. Replace any fallen 
    troops, and select your option for forcing the gates:
    -Haldor Option
    Send your force to the vicinity of the eastern gate, and have your 
    avatar, Wind, and Whisper come closer to the gate. Enjoy the cutscene, 
    and then get ready for a sharp little fight, that may get Whisper and 
    Wind killed. As soon as the fight ends you'll get an exasperating 
    warning that an orc raiding party is attacking your HQ. Resurrect any 
    fallen party members and send everyone back to the Realm camp and take 
    on the orc raiders. Once they're down, you'll get word that completion 
    of the quest requires you to take down the last two Clan camps in the 
    city. Reinforce as needed and head back to the city.
    -Weyland Option
    Go to the west gate, and you'll see a grate covering an underground sump 
    (near the Journey Stone). Activate the nearby lever and the grate will 
    open and reveal a swirling blue field. Send your avatar into the field 
    and he'll emerge behind the gate. Have him open the gate and send your 
    troops through to join him. You'll quickly be attacked by two squads of 
    orcs, so be ready to fight. When the attackers are downed, you're ready 
    to eliminate the last two camps.
    -Eliminating the Last Resistance in Alluvyan
    It may be helpful to bring up some workers and construct a new HQ here 
    in the inner city, before you take on the remaining orc camps, so that 
    your reinforcements won't have to run such a long way.
    Destroying the last two camps isn't that difficult and you should be 
    able to do it without losing more than a few troops. Once the camps are 
    gone, you'll get a cutscene of Skjadir and the dwarf civilians ready to 
    run for the Portal to Sevenkeeps, then a scene of some mages conjuring 
    up a Titan named 'Ragefire', level 10, to prevent this. You'll also be 
    tasked with saving Satras, who is imprisoned near the Titan. You'll need 
    to eliminate Ragefire, and a squad of orcs assisting him, to get access 
    to the Portal to Sevenkeeps located at the far northern point of the 
    Replace any fallen troops and take on the enemy. This can be a tough 
    fight, but use healing spells as needed and you should eventually win, 
    with the loss of some troops. Free Satras and speak with him; far from 
    being grateful to you, he'll disparage you for caring too much about 
    non-Shaikans. Oh well....you'll get word the Dwarf Refugees are now 
    eligible to pass thru the Portal, so take control of them and do so. 
    Ignore the southeast and southwest areas of the Alluvyan map that are 
    currently inaccessible; they figure in upcoming side quests. Have your 
    party pass through the Portal to Sevenkeeps and the next mission.
    3. Sevenkeeps
    -Taking Down the Siege Towers
    When you arrive in the northern outskirts of Sevenkeeps you'll discover 
    the city is under siege by the Pact's armies of dark elves, all anxious 
    to get access to the city granaries. The elves have erected lightning-
    blasting Towers all over the peninsula linking the Portal to the outer 
    gates of the city, and there is no way the Dwarf Refugees you are baby-
    sitting can survive exposure to them. Skjadir mentions some black powder 
    at a nearby mine can be used to take down the towers, so go a short 
    distance past the nearby Altar of Life and find the powder. There are 
    some animals around this area you can kill for 'meat rations'- these 
    will come in handy later on.
    After finding the powder return to Skjadir, who tells you to run up to 
    each Tower and blow them up with the powder. Since this is suicidal, 
    you'll need to go see Haldor, who (having come thru the Portal from 
    Alluvyan along with everyone else) mentions he can conjure a Shadow 
    Slave to distribute the powder; as a Shadow, he is invisible to 
    detection as long as he doesn't engage in combat. Haldor needs a dark 
    elf skin to conjure the Shadow. A short distance away from the Journey 
    Stone and Altar you should find a (helpfully) lonely elf sentry; kill 
    him and bring the skin back to Haldor. Be careful not to alert the other 
    dark elves in the vicinity, or your party will have a major fight on its 
    After speaking with Haldor he'll summon a Shadow. This next section of 
    the mission is fun, if a bit tricky, and nothing like what you had to do 
    in similar situations in the Spellforce I "Breath of Winter" or "Shadow 
    of the Phoenix" expansions, i.e., laborious and difficult hack n' slash 
    thru a mob of equal-level enemies....
    Within each Tower outpost is a 'swirling circle' icon on the ground; 
    just have your Shadow stand in the circle for a moment and a barrel of 
    powder will spawn inside the circle. You only have a few seconds before 
    it detonates, so get your Shadow moving away as fast as possible. 
    Proceed to have your Shadow blow up all the Towers on the peninsula. The 
    only concern here is making sure you don't inadvertently click on an 
    enemy and get an 'attack' cursor instead of a movement cursor...provoke 
    any combat, and your Shadow will be killed very quickly !
    At the end of this foray, have your Shadow destroy the outer gate to the 
    city and then park him there for the time being. Now send your party 
    down along the southern shore of the peninsula and take down the lone 
    dark elf sentry still around, as well as a surviving Tower or two. Then 
    send them up to join the Shadow.
    -The Dwarf Refugee Sprint
    Now you're ready to have the dwarves run to safety into the city. Group 
    the Refugees, and carefully bring them up along the south edge of the 
    peninsula to the destroyed outer gate and park them there. Send your 
    party and the Shadow up the road a bit, to where some dark elves are 
    manning the trebuchets bombarding the city. Kill them, but take care you 
    don't draw in the larger dark elf squad located nearby - unless you're 
    spoiling for a heavy fight.
    Save the game, then move your party right up to the closed gate, just 
    beyond the trebuchets, and you'll trigger a voiceover by Skjadir (who is 
    probably still back near the Portal). Immediately bring up the Refugees 
    alongside your avatar and that should trigger the opening of the gate. 
    Some firebolt-tossing Pact gargoyles will be attracted to the gate area 
    and begin harassing you. Since you fail the mission if you lose too many 
    Refugees, ignore your party, and instead focus on getting the Refugees 
    thru the gate and up the ramps and road to the NE, where your old friend 
    Jandrim Windhammer awaits in the Dwarf Quarter. Once the refuges arrive, 
    you'll get a cutscene featuring Jandrim, and then another cutscene in 
    which your party is present at the courtyard of King Ulf. Mission 
    accomplished !
    -Exploring Sevenkeeps: Dwarf Quarter
    After the cutscene featuring Tor Helicos, Riddengard, and King Ulf, 
    you're at leisure to explore Sevenkeeps. Many of the NPCs from 
    Spellforce 2 are here. You'll want to examine chests for loot, activate 
    Journey Stones, and get some sidequests. Note that some sections of the 
    city are inaccessible for the moment. Also note that there are plentiful 
    patches of lenya with 'gear' symbols to click to harvest; this stuff is 
    necessary if you plan to resurrect your avatar or heroes at the Altar of 
    Life in the far NE corner of the map. 
    I first went to the Dwarf Quarter; talk with Lt. Falida and she'll give 
    you a side quest involving an elf named Idara over on the north-central 
    area of town. Talking with Falida spawns the spirit of the dwarf deity 
    Niethalf, who delivers a pep talk of sorts and grants a side quest 
    involving the 'Book of the Eternal Warrior' and its assorted tests of 
    manly vigor. Head over to the mining area and speak with Skjadir, who is 
    anxious to get back to Winterlight Peak and expel the occupying 
    beastmen; however, with all Portals in Eo nonfunctional, there is no 
    means of transport there. You'll get a side quest to find him transport.
    At the market you'll find the traditional collection of merchants 
    selling stuff that, with my avatar at level 14 and my heroes at 11, I 
    couldn't use even if I could afford to buy it. There are some Farmers 
    here who you can help later on, when you begin to assault the Pact bases 
    outside Sevenkeeps; see the 'The Farmers' Missing Belongings" section, 
    below, for details.
    Head on to the north-central portion of the city and speak with Idara; 
    she needs water from a particular well to nourish a sickly willow tree. 
    Both well and willow are in the far NW corner of the map.
    Finally, if you like you can investigate the area around the eastern 
    entrance to the city; following your destruction of the Towers, some 
    defenders from Sevenkeeps will have come here to finish off the dark elf 
    forces. Kill any they left unmolested, as well as the Magma Forge if 
    it's still operating (these spawn the fire gargoyles). There may be some 
    nice loot lying around with the elf corpses.
    When you're ready to deal with General Redmond, travel to the Garrison 
    of the Militia via Journey Stone.
    -Feeding General Redmond's Army
    Redmond will tell you that his army is too weak from hunger to join you 
    in a sally out to eliminate the remainder of the besieging Pact forces. 
    He recommends that, since only your avatar can teleport using the 
    Stones, you retrieve food for him either by hunting animals, or raiding 
    Pact supply trains. If you've been diligent in collecting 'meat rations' 
    from previously killed animals, you can turn it over to him now to spawn 
    some troops. Redmond will give you a total of 20 men, so you'll need to 
    get more food.
    Conversing with Redmond instantly activates quite a few Journey Stones 
    on the southern and western areas of the map, as well as giving you an 
    idea of the size and number of the Pact camps in these areas.
    I recommend teleporting to the Stone in the SE. There may be some 
    animals around the Stone here; kill them, collect the meat, then Summon 
    Whisper and Wind (be aware that if there are enemies nearby you cannot 
    Summon until the enemies are removed). Even with your heroes at your 
    side, the Pact troops around here guarding the Supply Trains are pretty 
    tough to take on. 
    I simply worked my way west along the southern border of the map; there 
    are plenty of animals here and they respawn after you pass on 
    (this meat-harvesting aspect of the gameplay is a variant of that in 
    Phenomic's best-selling 'Settlers' series of games, if you're curious). 
    Keep an eye out for chests with side quest items, and stay away from Pact 
    When I had 20 meat rations I returned to Redmond, handed it over, and 
    got my remaining balance to arrive at a total force of 20 troops. You 
    are now able to open closed gates, and go forth to eliminate the Pact 
    4. Defeating the Pact Army
    -Eliminating the Pact Camps
    Note that there are four 'main' Pact camps on the map, and in addition 
    to these, smaller camps that consist of some tents. These smaller camps 
    are waystations for the supply caravans. You can eliminate all the dark 
    elf defenders in these waystations, but troops spawned in the main Pact 
    camps will reoccupy them sooner or later, until all the troop-spawning 
    buildings in the Pact camps are eliminated.
    Also take note to kill any animals you come across and collect their 
    meat ! You can replace fallen soldiers by returning to Redmond at the 
    Militia Garrison and telling him you 'bring food'. Just watch out how 
    you have these newly spawned replacements join up with your forces 
    elsewhere on the map; they can outrun animals easily, but if they 
    collide with a Pact patrol en route they'll be eliminated before they 
    reach your force.
    You might as well start with the Pact camp closest to the Garrison. 
    Remember that the dark elves are poor melee fighters and use your party 
    to lure the enemy away from their camps to face your archers. The Towers 
    at these camps are not plentiful enough to really harm your force; 
    ignore them and focus on the troop-spawning buildings. Be sure to check 
    for loot from fallen enemies. As each camp goes down you'll get 
    approving voiceovers from King Ulf  (and snide remarks from Riddengard). 
    After the camp close to the garrison went down, I chose the one in the 
    SW for my next assault, and then worked my way to the north and the Pact 
    camp there. The last camp I attacked was in the SE.
    The camps are well-defended, and you'll probably have to take them down 
    using several forays, with retreats in between to heal up and import 
    replacement troops. At some point in this campaign your party should 
    level up (my avatar reached level 15) and get some valuable new spells 
    with area effects for healing, and dealing damage to the enemy. This 
    should make things a bit easier.
    As you go about taking care of the Pact camps there are some side quests 
    you can engage in, or, you can simply wait until all the dark elves are 
    eliminated and you can wander the map without worrying about dealing 
    with them:
    -The Well and the Willow
    If you strike out along the western edge of the map you'll encounter 
    Pact supply trains which you can wipe out easily, animals, and 
    eventually, a dying willow tree associated with the 'Idara' side quest.  
    A little further north on the trail you'll come upon the well and the 
    Sacred Grounds Journey Stone (the nearby NPC, Ainur,  is inactive for 
    the moment). Before you trigger the well, make sure your army is back at 
    the willow. Activate the well and grab some water. This causes an army 
    of skeletons to spawn on the trail down to the willow and around the 
    willow itself. 
    Get your avatar running back down to the tree (he has a little over 3 
    minutes to water it). Let your army and heroes deal with the skeletons, 
    and focus on getting the tree watered within the time limit. If you're 
    successful, you'll get a cutscene and the side quest will now revolve 
    around finding a mage named Galius back in Sevenkeeps. The fight with the 
    skeletons is a tough one, so don't be surprised if you have to resurrect 
    fallen heroes (and go see Redmond for replacement troops) before you take 
    out the last of them.
    Spellforce 2 player David advises:
    "Having previously failed to water the Willow Tree, it was much easier to 
    go back and do it at the end of this level. In Sevenkeeps you can't 
    replenish your troops after the main battle is over. With your army you can 
    go into the supply camps if you want to."
    -Freeing the Prisoners
    A little ways south of the willow tree is a Pact waystation and 
    imprisoned here are some male villagers from Sevenkeeps. Opening the 
    cage requires interacting with the 'gears' symbol alongside the cage. 
    NOTE: these prisoners may not be rendered unless your avatar is 
    physically inside the little wood 'cage' they are kept in. In another 
    smaller Pact camp in the SE, are imprisoned female captives from 
    I would caution against releasing the prisoners, until you've 
    eliminated all the Pact forces on the map, since you have to escort 
    these two batches of prisoners on foot to the Marketplace and stand each 
    batch of them inside one of the 'swirling circle' icons inset in the
    pavement there, to complete the quest. While the prisoners can be 
    commanded to stop and go, if any die en route, you fail the mission. With
    all Pact troops gone, it's just some relatively weak animals to deal with,
    and your avatar and party easily can do the escort duties and earn some
    -The Farmers' Missing Belongings
    Farmer Locke is near the Journey Stone in the Merchant's Quarters, and 
    Farmers Idling and Salios are in a neighborhood a little to the west. 
    They had to leave behind their belongings when the Pact army occupied 
    the areas outside the city walls. The belongings of the three farmers 
    are all inside partially destroyed houses outside the city walls in the 
    southern and western areas of the map. Just keep an eye out for these 
    ruined houses and loot the chests. Each Farmer will give you 50 gold 
    when you return the belongings to them. 
    -The Final Pact Camp
    As I was preparing to invade the last Pact camp in my campaign (it was 
    the camp in the SE) you'll get a voiceover from Riddengard; he is 
    impatient to share some of the glory for defeating the Pact, and he'll 
    Summon four level 15 mages, called the 'Blessed One of Ice', 'Fire', 
    'Earth', etc., to level the camp while you watch. After the cutscenes 
    play, you'll be given several new side quests here in Sevenkeeps.
    First you should poke around the ruins of the Pact camp destroyed by the 
    Blessed Ones for some loot. With the Pact forces no longer able to 
    spawn, the remainder of the map is relatively safe to wander around 
    in...now is a good time to do the 'Prisoners' side quest (above), for 
    5. More Sevenkeeps Side Quests
    As always, you can do these in any order you wish.
    -Aedar and Momentos for Wind
    Aedar is located a short distance from the Palace Journey Stone. Talk 
    first with Wind, who will ask you to talk to Aedar for her, but then 
    you'll need to inquire with the nearby elf woman Maira. Maira will tell 
    you that Aedar is almost deaf, but capable of understanding some speech; 
    she also tells you Aedar hates Dark Elves and Mages, but loves 'good 
    'elves and Rune Warriors. 
    Enter into the conversation tree with Aedar. There's no easy way to 
    complete the tree; just explore the various dialogue options and keep in 
    mind that expressing anger at the Mages and dark elves, and joy at Rune 
    Warriors and regular elves, will keep him talking. You may have to 
    exercise the 'begging' and 'sad' emotions as well to keep the old coot 
    engaged. Eventually you should persuade him to give up some info about 
    Wind's past (Tirganach is a city featured in the Spellforce I Breath of 
    Winter expansion pack, if I remember correctly). He reveals that some 
    mementos of Winds' past are buried somewhere in the western area of 
    Sevenkeeps, and this will be a new side quest. Aedar will drop a nice 
    set of Shaikan armor after the conversation is completed.
    To find the buried memento, go to a burning farmhouse just directly 
    south from the Silent Glade Journey Stone. There is a chest guarded by 
    Frost Elementals; these monsters are tough, so bring your army with you. 
    Inside the chest is an 'unreadable' letter as well as some nice arms and 
    armor. The side quest is on hold after this, as you must find someone 
    capable of deciphering the letter in your future travels thru Eo.
    -Continuing the Willow / Dream Stalker Side Quest
    The willow woman mentioned that you need to ask about Galius, who might 
    be in the Temple District in the north of Sevenkeeps. Travel there, and 
    if you have the cash and are of a high enough level, there are some 
    merchants here with interesting items for sale. Talk with High Priest 
    Alastar, who tells you that Galius is dead, having succumbed to some 
    unspecified misfortune in the Tuscari Desert. He gives you a scrap of a 
    letter Galius left behind. Now go back to the willow and she'll tell you 
    to keep your eye peeled in your future travels for something called 
    'psychometric oil', that can help in determining what Galius was trying 
    to write.
    -Scouring the Outskirts of Sevenkeeps
    There should be a few random bands of dark elves left for you to kill, 
    and also chests containing things needed for the 'memories of Eo' side 
    quest of your avatar, as well as loot or artifacts of one sort or 
    another. Near the Spider Lair Journey Stone is a man named Barubas, 
    whose main purpose seems to be annoying you and following you 
    around....nonetheless, remember that he can be found here....!
    When you're ready to continue on to the next Mission in the main quest, 
    see Askan at the University and ask to be teleported to the last 
    whereabouts of the 'Soul Carrier' (whoever that is).
    6. Ghostwatch: the Inner City
    -Judge Caine Joins Your Party
    After the cutscenes, gang up on Caine and kill him. Since he slurped up 
    some of Whisper's blood he's now eligible for resurrection via Shaikan 
    intervention. He reveals that he was sent to judge Riddengard and became 
    corrupted, hence his attack on Whisper. Caine is now added to your 
    party. Fit him out with the gear you think best and equip him with the 
    spells of your preference. Immediately after this, a batch of panthers 
    will attack your party and Whisper will reveal that at some point on the 
    map, he'll need to take on his invisible tormentor, a level 11 orc named 
    Haakh, in solo combat. 
    As you explore this area note the long causeway leading to a pier with
    a ruined ship, and the odd 'skull' symbol inlaid in the pavement at the 
    end of the causeway; these inlays are where you'll send Whisper when you're 
    ready for his Duel with Haakh. Whisper cannot duel with any assistance from 
    your avatar or other party members. I recommend holding off on this side 
    quest until you've leveled Whisper up at least once, and perhaps even 
    managed his stats to more of a melee combat direction, to make this side 
    quest easier.
    Explore the area around your spawn point, checking out chests of loot, 
    killing some monsters, and reading notes from Lya's archeological 
    expedition. You'll get a bunch of side quests here. 
    Eventually the road leads to an encampment of Imperial troops, led by 
    the Commander. Speak with him and he'll make you a deal: go into the 
    nearby city of Ghostwatch and retrieve information from some valuable 
    'codestones', and he'll detach some troops to help you out in your own 
    venture into the city for more info about dragons, Lya, and other 
    aspects of the main quest that I had trouble understanding (maybe it's 
    lost in the translation from German to English). Next speak to Ragna, 
    standing alongside the Commander, and she'll give you the first clue to 
    the mysterious Power Sources inside the city: "White Eye and Sword". 
    Poke around the camp here for loot, including "Dreamwine from Emporyia" 
    for another side quest (I believe it's 'Memories of Eo').
    -Reviving a Dragonling
    Ghostwatch is sort of a cross between Uram Gor and the Steel Shore from 
    Spellforce 2. It is full of monsters, and has some big camps in the 
    interior that you have to destroy. Much like the Steel Shore, it has 
    quite a few ancient Towers capable of killing the monsters with 
    lightning bolts; however, a number of Power Sources need to be activated 
    to bring the Towers online. These Sources all have an associated color 
    and symbol that you must select properly to complete the activation. 
    Scattered around the city are unique gravestones called 'codestones', 
    which Ragna can interpret, to provide you with the correct directions to 
    activate the Power Sources. Keep in mind that while the Towers are by no 
    means so powerful as to instantly vaporize any enemies in their 
    vicinity, they do serve to distract the monster population of the city, 
    and can serve as good places to cluster around for protection while you 
    heal up from various assaults.
    Whether or not you want to use the Commander's troops (which I counted 
    as 19 troops + two catapults) for your initial exploration of the city 
    is up to you. They will be needed later as you reach the Inner City. You 
    don't want any Skeleton cavalry forays, which issue regularly from the 
    Inner City, to slip by you and attack the defenseless Imperial base, so 
    arrange for some defense there accordingly before you set out - I left 
    behind most of the troops, and that was successful for me as I searched 
    the outer area of the city.
    Head into the city and after a short walk you should come upon a Power 
    Source. Interact with it and follow the dialogue tree to turn the dial 
    to "Sword" and the Source will be activated. Note that you can Journey 
    Stone back to speak with Ragna for more clues to activating future 
    Sources; sometimes she'll announce the clues in a voiceover; or you can 
    even ask her to run up and join you in the city, and tell you on site. 
    If at any time you lose track of what color goes with what symbol, just 
    converse with Ragna and she'll recite the options. 
    Just to the east of the entrance road to Ghostwatch is an area where Lya 
    was excavating; read the notes here, activate the Crystal, and you'll 
    spawn a Fire Dragonling. While the Dragonling is only level 7, it has a 
    nasty fire attack and, as a flying unit, is rarely targeted by the 
    undead roaming the city. With a summoned animal or two, Wind, Whisper, 
    Judge Caine, and the Dragonling joining my avatar, you have a rather 
    powerful force for the initial stages of the map. Also take note that 
    here in the east is a sizeable Troll camp; while you can't reach it at 
    the moment, it will come into play later in the mission.
    Poke around the city some more, killing bands of monsters, and you'll 
    come upon a corpse carrying a "Walkthrough Book to Master the Game" for 
    a side quest. More Power Source clues should come from Ragna: "Yellow 
    Eye and a Shield", "Blue Eye and Earth", "Green Eye and Air", "Red Eye 
    and Fire". Activate the Power Sources that you can, and get 200 XP for 
    each. Note that more than one Source may share the same color and 
    Spellforce 2 player David points out that some of the Power Sources are
    not that easy to see:
    "The symbol for the purple Power Source is Air. This is the only symbol 
    left. You have to set it then press escape and wait a moment before it 
    activates. There is a clue stone next to the Journey Stone in the Inner 
    City which is difficult to see as it is behind a wall. I had the same 
    problem with the power sources in the east. Only the top of the exclamation 
    mark was visible."
    Also in the outer area of the city you'll come across a Fountain 
    that offers the 'Courage' test for Niethalf's 'Book  of the Eternal 
    Warrior', but you can't perform the test until the campaign in 
    Ghostwatch is completed.
    If you go up a side trail along the hillside to the west, you'll come 
    upon the camp of Agathos, a former  comrade of Riddengard. As a 
    consequence of his rebellion against the evil mage, Agathos has lost 
    much of his memories. You should have accumulated quite a few of his 
    items in your travels, so there will be some dialogue options in the 
    conversation tree to return these to Agathos. He is so pleased that 
    he'll join your party as a non-controllable NPC. This is a mixed 
    blessing; as a level 15 mage he can deliver some decent spells and he 
    comes complete with three 'frenzies' called Munk, Mank, and Mink. 
    However, because Agathos is a non-controllable NPC,  he will trail your 
    avatar everywhere he or she goes, and this can trigger a lot of fights 
    that you may not want to get started in the first place, like in the 
    upcoming City Ship. 
    I actually avoided the Agathos side quest, until I had returned to the 
    City Ship after the first visit to the Citadel. Then I returned to 
    Ghostwatch and picked him up. And even after that I was uncertain if 
    having him around was all that helpful. It's up to you when you want (or 
    don't want) Agathos joining up with you. You will find more items of his 
    as the game unfolds, so just hang onto them if you prefer to see Agathos 
    much later in the game (remember you can always use the World Map and 
    Journey Stones to return to Ghostwatch at any time).
    [Player Zade Alban notes that having Agathos on board the City Ship (later
    on in the game) can be advantageous in terms of crafting some nicer
    weapons. Refer to the City Ship chapter 8, below, for more info.] 
    Note: as best I could tell once Agathos gets killed he cannot be 
    revived. This may or may not be a good thing depending on your attitude 
    towards him as the game unfolds, but losing Agathos will render some 
    items in your inventory worthless as well as breaking any more side 
    quests with him. Keep in mind he can be a real liability in combat since 
    he'll go off on attacks on his own. Just be prepared for some 'Agathos 
    micro-management'  if you decide to keep him !
    -Destroying the Camps in the Inner City
    As the road to the interior of the city comes to an end, you'll see two 
    Power Sources, and a bit further on two associated Towers, flanking the 
    entrance to a large courtyard with a sizeable Undead camp. To the west 
    of this camp is an even larger one. Activate the Power Sources and get 
    the two Towers up and running. Then, if you don't have them with you, 
    have all the Imperial troops and catapults come up to join your party. 
    Save the game, and make an attack on the smaller Undead base. Keep the 
    area-healing spells like Benefaction going, and concentrate on the 
    structures to eliminate the spawning of new Undead. If things are going 
    badly retreat to the safety of a Tower, and check back at the Imperial 
    camp, where new soldiers will spawn to replace those lost.
    Once the smaller camp is down, reinforce and prepare to go for the 
    larger one; there is a Journey Stone here for you to activate. There are 
    more structures here, so it may take two or three forays for you to 
    finally whittle everything down.
    When the camp is leveled you'll get 1,000 XP. Explore for loot, and be 
    sure to activate the excavation site nearby; this will spawn a 'Crystal" 
    Dragonling to join your fire model. 
    7. Eastern Area of Ghostwatch
    -Opening the Road to the East
    When you depart the courtyard, take care, because a nearby street that 
    leads to the eastern part of the city (though a gate blocks it for the 
    moment) has suddenly been occupied by some pregnant dragon spiders 
    (level 13) and the Ghost of the City (level 15). If you need to replace 
    fallen troops before battling these guys do so; the troops should be 
    able to sneak by them and meet up with your force. When you're ready, 
    have someone lure some spiders and the Ghost over towards your force and 
    a Tower. Let the Tower help out in the fight. This is a tough combat but 
    you should eventually kill the spiders and the Ghost; pick up the Bone 
    Key the latter drops. 
    Reinforce fallen troops and be sure to activate any more Towers in this 
    area if you haven't done so (I should point out that I never found the 
    Codestone with the instructions for the purple Power Sources... ?). Then 
    use the Bone Key dropped by the Ghost of the City to open the gate 
    leading east. Just past the gate are more Power Sources to activate. At 
    some point as you proceed east you'll trigger a cutscene in which 
    Mordecay arrive at the outer city and immediately recruits the Trolls in 
    their outlying camp, to attack the Imperial base. You'll also be given a 
    squad of Shaikan workers ('constructors'). It's obviously RTS time in 
    -Defending the Shaikan Camp
    This is a tough segment, and you may have to reload a few Save Games 
    before you learn how best to order your defense. You don't  have much 
    time before a sizeable squad of Trolls, and some level 15 Blessed Ones, 
    come at your base, so getting resources up and running and efficiently 
    moving the camera around from one area to another are definitely 
    required. Mordecay's army will easily wipe out the Imperial base back at 
    the waterfront, so you will not be able to replace those troops once 
    they're eliminated.
    Have everyone proceed up the ramp to the large courtyard where some 
    Shaikan buildings are already in place. Get some workers cranked out and 
    busy harvesting silver (for troops) and stone (for buildings). I ignored 
    harvesting  any lenya. There are some Power Sources along the ramps 
    leading to this area, so have your avatar attend to them.
    When you have enough resources, get teams of workers busy erecting 
    Shaikan Towers at the entrance to the courtyard; there is a narrow 
    section here where any attackers have to come through, if they want to 
    reach your base. Get the Imperial force and your party back a ways from 
    the Towers. With a bit of luck you may even be able to create 5 or more 
    Shaikan troops before the first few Trolls come wandering up the ramp to 
    your base. The Shaikan Towers should deal with them. Remember to do some 
    Saves here !
    After the first few Troll stragglers, the main assault force, complete 
    with Devastators and Hurlers, will rush the Towers. This is hectic and I 
    lost both my dragons, as well as a few party members. Keep your force 
    back, and let the Towers soak up as much of the attack as they can 
    before your party and infantry come to grips with the Trolls. To make 
    things worse, some Blessed Ones will go for your base while the Trolls 
    occupy you. I let the Blessed Ones burn down some buildings and massacre 
    some workers, and just concentrated on eliminating the Trolls.
    After a hard fight the Troll assault should be destroyed, and you'll get 
    a cutscene in which your avatar and Mordecay have an unfriendly 
    conversation about the Soul Carrier. After the cutscene your avatar and 
    party will be placed in yet another excavated area; a swirling circle at 
    one end is the portal to the next destination regarding the Soul Carrier.
    -Whisper's Duel
    I held off on going to the next map, and instead made sure no Blessed Ones
    were still marauding around my camp. You should have earned a Level Up by 
    now, and with Whisper at 15, I deemed him ready to take on Haakh. Send 
    Whisper by himself to a convenient 'skull pad' area and Haakh will spawn. 
    It should be an easy fight for Whisper. Make sure you pick up the Seal of 
    Ghul' Dan that Haakh drops.
    -The Test of Courage
    With Ghostwatch secure, head back to the fountain where you will 
    undertake the first of Niethalf's  tests. It's a good idea to have your 
    party, and maybe some Shaikan troops, there with you when you activate 
    the fountain, because it will spawn a batch of Imperial ghosts who will 
    attack a group of co-spawned orc workers. Wipe them out and then 
    activate the fountain again. Repeat the defense of the orc workers. 
    When you finish this second iteration the Courage test ends, you are 
    awarded a sword named Blade of the Dracon, and the next iteration of the 
    'tests' quest is entered in your questbook.
    When you're ready to continue to the next mission, activate the Journey 
    Spell (the swirling bluish circle) in the excavation near your Shaikan 
    8. The City Ship 
    -Freeing the Skerg
    After you arrive, converse with Judge Caine and get a side quest 
    involving Ainur, the man who was standing near the well back at the 
    Sevenkeeps map.
    Activate the Journey Stone nearby. This can be a confusing map. The 
    start point for this level is the 'upper deck' on which you spawn. 
    Nearby is a massive sculpture of stone figures surrounding a huge Globe 
    suspended in mid-air. There is a pedestal here, that is the Ship's 
    Navigator. Near the Navigator is another pedestal, and a damaged crystal, 
    that serves as the Ship's 'Thinker'. Also here in the upper deck is a 
    small area with a podium, and a book on the podium containing messages 
    from Lya and a 'Grey Key'; take the Key. 
    You have to figure out a way to activate the Navigator so the Ship can 
    be on its way to the Citadel where (presumably) the Soul Carrier is 
    Leading from the upper deck down to the lower deck of the Ship are 
    several ramps, passing thru stepped tiers of the deck. Located on these 
    tiers are a number of Codestones and associated logic puzzles. There are 
    several gated areas, with chests and other artifacts inside, on the 
    concourses and decks. Ignore these for now; many won't be accessible 
    until you carry out a number of other quests. Moving around the Ship  
    triggers the spawning of spectres that are level 13 and tough to handle- 
    you don't want to take on more than three at once. There are also metal 
    spiders called 'silver guardians' patrolling the area; these are 
    relatively non-aggressive and if you move away from them, they won't 
    pursue you. 
    If you don't know where to go beforehand, you can spend a VERY 
    frustrating time wandering the map and constantly battling the ever-
    spawning spectres, fiddling with the lever puzzles, killing some 
    spiders, and wondering what on earth is going on.
    First, explore the area near your spawn point and get the Grey Key from 
    the book on the podium. Now head down the ramps to the southeast area of 
    the Ship's lower deck  by the most direct route, to save you from 
    constant battle with the spectres. You will have to battle some spectres 
    on the way, just retreat and heal if necessary (they won't pursue you 
    too far). All over the lower deck are a number of recessed open-air 
    'cargo holds' containing all kinds of strange instruments and crystal-
    ball pedestals of Shaper origin, with grates covering the steps leading 
    down into these holds. Most of these holds are not accessible for now, 
    and will come into play later on in the main quest, and some side 
    You're looking for the cargo hold containing a powerful Spirit Mage 
    called Krypterius (level 16). He's got some other Mages (level 15) with 
    him and a lot of skeleton archers. Use the Grey Key to open the gate to 
    Krypterius's cargo hold. [Save regularly as you search for the 
    Krypterius lair, so you can reload in case you make a wrong turn and 
    wind up in protracted combat with the ghosts manning the other recessed 
    areas here on the lower deck of the Ship].
    When you've identified Krypterius's lair, be ready to fight him; this is 
    a tough battle. The archers can do real damage, and when you move around 
    you will inevitably trigger the spawning of spectres who will pile on 
    your party even as you try to deal with Krypterius. My advice is 'hit 
    and run' and try to whittle down the Krypterius crew a little at a time. 
    If someone in your party dies, retreat a bit and the enemy should leave, 
    so you can go back and do a resurrection. Once the archers are gone, 
    Krypterius and the Mages are a little easier to deal with. 
    When you finally destroy them, enter the cargo hold and you'll see a Skerg 
    (something like a Dark Elf worker with Yoda's voice) and a dragon, or 
    'wyrm', both suspended in blocks of ice in a small gated courtyard. 
    You should find a Blue Key among the chests in Krypterius's lair, as 
    well as a 'Glass Rattle" talisman (either in a chest or on Krypterius's 
    corpse, I can't remember which) that helps deter the spectres; use the 
    Key to open the gate to the Skerg pen. Approaching the wyrm will trigger 
    the spawning of a team of frost elementals. Kill them and investigate 
    the wyrm; reviving it means you have to feed it a special kind of meat, 
    which becomes a new side quest that you can't complete until later in 
    the game (i.e., the Dragh' Lur map).
    Go free the Skerg, who is named Urgi, and he'll tell you he needs a 
    potion to thaw him out; another, immediate side quest. A short distance 
    away from the gate to the Skerg pen is a cauldron; interact with it and 
    manipulate the blue and yellow ingredient choices to create a green 
    potion. Give the potion to Urgi and he'll feel better and tell you where 
    to find the Navigator responsible for powering the Ship.
    When you destroy Krypterius, another cargo hold here on the lower deck 
    will become open; it features a set of Codestones arrayed around a 
    chest. Also in this hold are some weird floating tripod-like objects, so 
    for lack of a better term I call this hold the "tripod hold". This room 
    contains a LOT of spectres, and while the Glass Rattle can deter the 
    spectres and allow you into the hold, clues needed for solving the 
    puzzle can only be received after completing some more of the Main Quest 
    (i.e., the Thinker crystal). I recommend doing this side quest later on 
    when you and your party have leveled up and have some more NPCs 
    available to help out. See "The Codestones and the Ear, Eye, Nose Chest" 
    section, below.
    -Activating the Navigator
    With the Glass Rattle in your possession it's a lot easier to explore 
    the rest of the lower deck, since the spectres will be zapped by the 
    Rattle. There are some Escaped Thoughts roaming the area who will not be 
    deterred by the Rattle; attack them and when you defeat them, they'll 
    humbly trail your party along with Urgi. There are 12 Escaped Thoughts 
    spawned by the freeing of Urgi, and you need to find and defeat every 
    one to complete the Escaped Thoughts side quest (below). Open what 
    chests you can, and you'll find some ores and crystals that can be used 
    for crafting later on in the mission. There are some nice arms and armor 
    to be found but only my avatar was of sufficient level to qualify to use 
    them. [There are no merchants around yet ,so just stuff everything into 
    your inventory].
    My avatar leveled up to 19, and the party member were at 15. When you're 
    done exploring, return to the Globe Plaza and the Navigator and interact 
    with it. The Ship ...doesn't .....move. Speak with Urgi and he'll tell you 
    to go to the Hall of Knowledge. This is one of the previously closed-off 
    rooms on the tier below the upper deck, containing a lot of 'Ten 
    Commandments'- style stone tablets. Nearing the entrance to this Hall 
    will trigger the spawning of some Ghost Vampires (18) and a Guardian of 
    Knowledge (19). Wipe them out and investigate the Hall. 
    Interact with the tablets and learn how to navigate the Ship. Another 
    tablet here can solve some sidequests about travel to Winterlight Peak 
    (for Skjadir) and travel to Sevenkeeps, all done using the City Ship's 
    navigation system. So whenever you need to take the Ship someplace in 
    future quests, you'll have to come back here and interact with the 
    various tablets in the room, in order to get the coordinates necessary 
    for the Navigator to guide the Ship to that destination.
    Trot back up to the Navigator and interact with it...the Ship... still... 
    won't.... move. Urgi tells you must repair the crystal power source, and 
    gives you a replacement crystal to be recharged in the Hall of Crafting.
    Run down to another section of the tier and the Hall will be open, but 
    it spawns a level 20 Bronze Guardian spider. Kill the spider and enter 
    the Hall. There are a number of work benches or 'creos' here. Some allow 
    for crafting of weapons, amulets, staffs, etc. Judging by the Dragon 
    Storm forums, not a lot of players really found the crafting portion of 
    this map to yield any thing that was extra-special...try it out yourself 
    if you're so inclined. One particular creo will solve a lot of 
    sidequests involving Wind and Whisper and interpreting various letters 
    and documents; it automatically spews out the necessary 'psychometric 
    oil' and something called 'Timesalt'. Somehow an elf woman who mothered 
    Wind and Whisper appears, and embarks on a long spiel that made 
    absolutely no sense to me (?!). In any event, this creo will create new 
    side quests as fast as it solves existing ones.
    Another creo will recharge the crystal Urgi gave you. It's another one 
    of those color + lever puzzles. I wasn't sure what combination I used to 
    create the bright white crystal, but it only took a few minutes of 
    On the topic of the creos and crafting, Spellforce 2 player Zade Alban has 
    this to say:
    "..about the crafting system, i dont think people are 'doing it right' 
    partially because i believe they are like you, and do not do much to 'save' 
    agathos, if you keep him alive, and bring him to the crystal room on the 
    city ship(where the escaped thoughts are crystalized, see section below) he 
    will stop there, and give you a creo enhancer, if you take this enhancer to 
    the creo room, and plug it into the statue between them, itll ask you which 
    table to 'enhance' i was able to make a pretty nice level 20 two handed sword 
    with it imo. i made a 'Glorious Iridium Sword of Darkness' it adds 600 hp, 
    200 mana, its 263-1047 damage, every 1.7 seconds, it has a 15% chance of 
    casting pain for 700 damage it uses the thunderblade model, so it matches the 
    special dawn armor that you can buy from winterlight after libterating it, i 
    made it with iridium ore, and a nightglow crystal".
    "Also, the power crystal you get from the chest on the other end of the city 
    ship(the one where you have to fiddle with torchs) also goes to agathos, and 
    he will give you another creo enhancer(unfortunately you can double charge a 
    table), i dont know what kind of accessories it makes, which is what i chose 
    for the second creo, or if you can get anymore from agathos, im only a little 
    into the game,(infact i just finished the city ship and have been mucking 
    around with side quests)".
    Make your way back up to the Globe Plaza, interact with the damaged 
    crystal 'Thinker' near the Navigator, and watch the cutscene.
    9. On Board the City Ship
    Before embarking on the main quest storyline you can solve some side 
    quests while on the City Ship.
    -The Escaped Thoughts Side Quest
    If you don't have all 12 Thoughts collected, seek out the remaining ones 
    and add them to your entourage. Note that sooner or later the Glass 
    Rattle that deters the spectres will break and then you'll be back to 
    the tedium of mixing it up with the spectres as you go about the Ship. 
    Hopefully with a couple of leveling-up steps under your belt, you'll be 
    tougher to take on. When all 12 Thoughts are with you, make sure Wind 
    has her best healing staff equipped, and your party members have some 
    Benefaction or other area-wide healing spells. Then make for the west 
    area of the lower deck, and a cargo hold / room that appears to be a 
    graveyard with lots of green statues and marble tombs. 
    When you get near the center of this area the dead priest Galius, from 
    the "Dream Stalker" quest with Idara back in Sevenkeeps, will spawn. 
    Speak with him and afterwards you'll have several flying demons spawn, 
    which start pecking away at your party. Shortly thereafter a succession 
    of Refugee Ghosts will start filing into the graveyard. The idea is to 
    ignore the blows from the demons, and occupy them enough to allow 15 
    Ghosts to successfully go to their tombs for a final rest. Have Wind 
    automatically wield her healing staff, and cast Benefactions as needed, 
    and ride out the demon attack. You shouldn't have too much trouble. When 
    15 Refugees are safely entombed the demons will vanish. Speak with 
    Galius and he'll provide some info about the Dreamstalker side quest, 
    mentioning Barubas, the strange man you ran into near the Spider Lair 
    Journey Stone back in Sevenkeeps - ! Galius will then vanish and leave a 
    Dreamstalker Garment behind.
    The next step in the Escaped Thoughts side quest is to go to 
    Krypterius's lair and have the Thoughts walk into the spiral pattern 
    embossed on the floor there. Each Thought will coalesce into a green 
    crystal. When all the Thoughts are 'converted' select the crystal in the 
    center of the spiral and place all of its shards into your inventory. A 
    nice axe called Crystalsaw will spawn nearby, so grab that as well. 
    -The Thinker's Quests
    With the crystal(s) in hand return to the Navigator area and interact 
    with the Thinker crystal. It will give you several dialogue options. 
    Check out the 'examine the flitting icons" option and go thru the 
    listing of M,V,O, and X and some gibberish about what these mean. These 
    clues relate to the Codestone puzzle in the 'floating tripod' cargo hold 
    The other options in the dialogue tree are in regard to red points and 
    'contamination' and crisis in the Ship's Hall of Fire; the Hall is down 
    on the lower deck and now has some Elemental Imps (11) and a Fire Golem 
    (13) infesting it. The other Thinker dialogue option about black points  
    reveals the presence of 5 Invisible Wanderers in the environs of the 
    decks. Some telescopes will spawn on the Globe Plaza to enable you to 
    detect the location of the Wanderers. 
    The problem is that addressing these quests will take you all around the 
    decks, and back into action with the ever-spawning spectres. The five 
    World Wanderers are all level 18 and have no scruples about ganging up 
    on your party even as you deal with the spectres and Fire Golem. To 
    avoid frustration, don't trigger these red and black side quests for now; 
    just make a note to come back and do them when you and your party have 
    leveled up some more, and can snuff out the spectres without too much 
    trouble (below).
    I suggest you return to the Journey Spell area and go on to the next 
    map, The Citadel.
    10. The Citadel: Prologue
    -Eliminating the Enemy Camps
    After the cutscene you'll need to explore the outer area of the half-
    submerged Citadel. There are quite a few monster-spawning structures 
    like Demon Portals and Bone Temples and of course lots of monsters. 
    However, these are level 12 and with my avatar at level 21 and party at 
    17 beating them down was not too taxing. To help things along, some Pact 
    Assassins will materialize and help you out.  There is lenya to collect, 
    and some chests containing a "Filigree Metal Piece" and a "Town Gate 
    When all the monsters are eliminated, open the gate with the key and 
    enter the courtyard where the Pact has set up a (deserted) base. Search 
    the chests for loot. Then try and attack the level 20 Gate Guardian. 
    This will trigger a cutscene with a Shadow Warrior, who tells you the 
    secret to defeating the Guardian requires a trip to Dragh' Lur. After the 
    cutscene you'll be teleported back to the Ship.
    11. The Thought Storm, the Guardians, and the Codestone Puzzle
    -The Thought Storm
    When you return to the City Ship the spectres will be there to greet you 
    again, sigh. Make your way to the Hall of Knowledge and when you enter 
    you'll trigger a cutscene with Urgi's effort to determine the location 
    of Dragh' Lur having bad consequences. After the cutscene Thoughts will 
    being wandering thru the Ship, heading for the previously closed area in 
    the west. The "Thought Storm" (level 23) is here, recruiting them. Urgi 
    advises you to kill as many of the wandering Thoughts as you can before 
    they merge with the Thought Storm, but this is easier said than done; if 
    you get too close to the Storm he'll zap your party dead without much 
    effort, and Agathos has an annoying habit of launching suicide attacks 
    on the Storm without your approval. To top this off, the spectres will 
    interfere with your actions.
    I recommend making an effort to kill two or three Thoughts if you can, 
    but don't worry too much. After the procession ends a cutscene will 
    play, and then it's time for the 'Guardians' quest.
    -Reviving the Guardians
    A previously closed area in the northeast is now opened; this is the 
    chamber of the Guardians, broken metal spiders immune to the Thought 
    Storm's attacks. Bash your way there thru the spectres. Inside the Hall 
    of the Guardians are 5 functioning Firelauncher Guardians (level 20) and 
    two broken smaller spiders. To activate the Guardians just select the 
    'push button' option in the dialogue tree and they'll come to life. 
    Group them and set them aside. 
    If you talk with Urgi he'll give you a long-winded side quest to repair 
    one of the small spiders. This involves five pieces of "Filigree Metal" 
    and a "Clock Generator". You may have picked up one piece of the former 
    on your forays around the Ship, and now more will conveniently spawn 
    around the Ship. As for the Clock Generator, the creo here in the Hall 
    will have one. Creating the mechanism to activate a small spider 
    requires interacting with the creo to solve a numbing series of 
    Fortunately, Spellforce 2 player Lord Denn has got the solution to the
    Ignore the bit about the clock in the first dialog tree and select option 
    '1'.  Click on 'Spring Setting' when it appears and make 'Spring tension'
     'Triple Power', make 'Spring Strength' 'Cog Size 2', and make 'Spring 
    Damping' 'Cog Size 1'.  Check it and then return to the main dialog tree
     and then go the 'Oscillation' one.  Set 'Primary' to 'medium', set 
    'Secondary' to 'short', and then set 'Tertiary' to 'short'.  Check it, 
    return to the main dialogue tree, and then it should tell you that the 
    device is working.  Save your game before you give to a small spider.  
    They aren't much help in combat and you can't order them around; they 
    follow you like puppies, but the Silver Spider gave me a decent bow for a 
    level 25, and an awesome heavy warrior helmet for a level 23, while the 
    Gold Spider gave me a great mage robe for a level 20, and a Wisdom potion 
    (which I do not know the function of.  It didn't appear in my inventory.)  
    Just wait for a question mark to appear over it's head after you've 
    revitalized it, and then talk to it, twice for both items.
    Whether or not reviving the broken spider is your thing, send the 
    Firelauncher Guardians over to the chamber in the west where the Thought 
    Storm lurks. Bring your party up and stash them some distance from the 
    chamber so Agathos won't go running in and get himself killed. Then send 
    the Guardians in to take care of the Storm. It will be a lengthy battle; 
    keep an eye on the health of the Guardians and if one looks low, move it 
    out to your party and heal it with some Benefactions spells and send it 
    back into battle. Needless to say, having the 5 Guardians in your employ 
    here on the Ship is a good thing for future quests.
    When the Storm goes down loot the nearby chest for some ore. With the 
    beefed-up party you now have, you can go do the side quest for the chest 
    in the 'floating tripod' hold if you so desire.
    - The Codestones and the Ear, Eye, Nose Chest Puzzle
    By now in your wandering around the Ship you may have noticed six 
    Codestones. Three are all in a row on one of the tiers just below the 
    top deck. One is located next to the wall near the hold containing the 
    marble tombs related to the Galius / Thoughts side quest. Another  is 
    alongside a wall close to Krypterius's lair, and the sixth is actually 
    in Krypterius's lair, next to the cauldron you used to create the potion 
    that revived Urgi.
    Each Codestone has a brazier associated with it and a designation for a 
    certain body part - ear, nose, eye, etc., and a weapon or armor piece  -  
    sword, shield, etc.
    To solve the puzzle, turn off all flames at all Codestones, and then 
    just turn on the one for the 'ear' Codestone, near Galius's chamber in 
    the west. This will entail some wandering around the Ship, but by now 
    your party should be able to shrug off the spectre attacks.
    With the 'ear' stone brazier flaming, now go to the 'floating tripod' 
    hold with its own set of Codestones. As mentioned above there are quite 
    a few spectres here, and even with the Guardians alongside your force 
    it's a tedious fight. When they're eliminated, walk up to the chest and 
    you'll see that all but one of the Codestones surrounding it are lit. 
    Open the chest and help yourself to the Spring, ring, amulet, ore, power 
    crystal, and 1000 XP.
    12. The Thinker's Two Quests
    Return to the Globe Plaza and the Thinker crystal. You're now powerful 
    enough to complete the two sidequests associated with the 'red' and 
    'black' points in the dialogue option with the Thinker. The red option 
    gives you a quest about Fire Golems intruding in the Hall of Fire in the 
    Head down to the Hall of Fire. Keep your Guardians back a bit because 
    their fire attacks are less effective against the Fire Golem and Elementals 
    infesting the Hall, but they can help with the ever-present spectres, 
    who will come running to the fight.
    The battle with the Golem isn't easy, since after dying he'll spawn 
    another, level 18 golem called Soranger. Grind them all down and be sure 
    to grab the fire staff Soranger drops, it's a good weapon.
    Leave everyone but your avatar here in the lower deck and teleport your 
    avatar back to the Journey Stone at the Navigator. Now investigate the 
    Thinker's black point option, this will give you the side quest about 
    the 5 Invisible Wanderers. Five telescopes will spawn here on the Globe 
    Plaza. As you look in one, it will give you a third-person cutscene 
    showing where a particular Wanderer is located on the lower deck. Have 
    your avatar go rejoin the party, and set off for the Wanderer. Of course 
    you'll have some spectres to deal with as you take on the Wanderer , but 
    at level 18 the latter aren't too difficult to kill. 
    Teleport back to the Thinker, look thru another telescope, and repeat 
    the process. When all the Wanderers are dead the quest is complete.
    [Note: by this time I noticed that Agathos had been killed some time ago 
    somewhere on the Ship during these adventures. I didn't feel all that 
    By now my avatar was about 80% of the way towards leveling up, so I 
    decided to avoid embarking on the main quest trip to Dragh' Lur,  and 
    instead do some side quests and get closer to leveling up. Also, my 
    inventory was quite full and it was time to see some merchants. So I did 
    the following sidequests.
    13. Side Quests to Sevenkeeps and Ghostwatch
    -Judging Ainur
    Teleport to the Sacred Grounds Journey Stone and you'll encounter Ainur 
    a little ways off, near the well. After speaking with him you'll be 
    given a side quest to research the matter of his guilt. You must examine 
    four people / locations in Sevenkeeps. I first went to Priestess Sephis 
    in the Temple District; then to Professor Undergant at the University; 
    to the Marketplace, where a book is located next to the gallows; and 
    finally to Guild Master Cardogan, who is a little ways from the Palace 
    Journey Stone (note these locations are all indicated on your minimap).
    Return to Ainur and render your verdict; my judgement earned me 900 XP 
    and some weapons.
    [While roaming Sevenkeeps I stopped by to see the merchants and sold 
    some loot.]
    -The Willow and the Dream Stalker Side Quest Continued
    Speak with the willow and she'll tell you it's necessary to interview 
    the ghosts of four children molested by Barubas (also called Sharad' 
    Naine). The first is Marcia, who can be found inside a ruined house near 
    the Spider Lair Journey Stone. After speaking with her you'll receive a 
    For the next two children's ghosts travel to Ghostwatch. Elyria is in 
    the northwest and provides you with a marble. Joshua is a short distance 
    from the Imperial Camp Journey Stone and gives you his wooden sword.
    That's all you can do for the moment, since the fourth ghost, Mo, is 
    somewhere you have yet to explore.
    I now decided to return to the City Ship and venture to Dragh' Lur. When 
    you arrive at the Ship, consult with the Navigator and select Dragh' Lur 
    as your destination. Then after the cutscene use the Journey Spell to 
    travel to the city.
    14. Dragh' Lur
    -Arrival in Dragh' Lur
    When you spawn in the city you'll have a cutscene with the Commander. My 
    avatar reached level 23, and my party 19, with their arrival in Dragh' 
    Lur. Your first task will be to eliminate the Shaikan Blade's leader , 
    who is carrying out attacks on the elves here in Dragh' Lur.  While 
    elves are spawning constantly here at their base and running off to 
    attack the Blade's leader elsewhere in the city, they aren't numerous 
    enough (or controllable) to allow just you and your party to go take 
    down the Shaikan leader (altho I think I saw some posts in the Dragon 
    Storm Forums about some players who actually did this ?!)
    There is no stone in the camp, and limited silver, so you won't be able 
    to create a huge force at the moment. Since most structures are already 
    in place, harvest the silver and create some Shadow Blades and 
    Sorceresses. I maxed out at 22 total before all the silver was exhausted 
    (in retrospect I created too many workers and wasted some silver better 
    used for troops, but that's no big deal).
    Head out of the camp and down the roads leading to the Shaikan Blade 
    leader. With the force at hand you shouldn't have too much trouble 
    dealing with the clusters of Shaikan destroyers and minions littering 
    the road. When you reach the leader take him down and then watch the 
    -Defending the Swamp Base
    So you have to defend the swamp base of the dark elves, and build up an 
    army capable of taking the fight to the renegade Blades and the 
    mysterious Shaikan mage who is guiding them. You have the assistance of 
    'traps' charged by an Obsidian Eye. Once the trap is detonated you'll 
    have to stick another Eye in it and recharge it. There are a number of 
    traps scattered around the swamps here; you'll have to decide which 
    traps are best suited for your defense because you can't utilize all of 
    Here's what I did. First, of course, activate the Journey Stone here at 
    the camp. Then have your avatar go to the trap to the west of the camp, 
    where two walls force incoming attackers to go thru a narrow gateway 
    where the trap is artfully located. Place the Eye in the trap and 
    station your avatar a short distance away. He or she will serve as the 
    'official trap setter' for a while.
    Take the available dark elf troops and your party and station them on 
    the narrow neck of land leading to the south. The majority of upcoming 
    Blade attacks will come in this direction. For this map you cannot build 
    defensive towers, so you'll have to rely on an infantry defense.
    Get some elf workers produced and begin harvesting the necessary stone 
    and silver and lenya. Soon groups of Blades will start coming to attack 
    your base. The detonation of the trap in the west will wipe out any 
    coming from that direction. When your southern force encounters 
    attackers, have Wind, Caine, and Whisper pitch in (use Agathos too if 
    you've managed to keep him alive this long ?!) along with the elf 
    troops, and you shouldn't have too much trouble repelling the Blades. 
    Caustic Cloud and other area-effect spells are very handy here. 
    Periodically a fallen Blade will drop an Eye, so have your avatar 
    regularly check his or her inventory and replenish the trap in the west 
    as needed.
    With some luck you'll never have to engage in any real melee combat in 
    the west due to the trap. And, as you crank out upgrades, send the 
    arachnis, necromancers, and death knights you are creating to assist 
    with the southern defense. The skeletons and spiders spawned by these 
    troops will really aid the defense.
    On the RTS front, keep a squad of workers constantly erecting new farms 
    so you can increase your troop limit. I personally wouldn't invest any 
    resources in a Shadow Crystal or Tower of Negation; Assassins and 
    Ravagers aren't all that useful in this constant melee fighting, and 
    they cost a lot of resources to create. But it's up to you. Note that 
    you'll probably run out of lenya long before you reach your unit cap so 
    you'll have to pad your army with cheaper units like shadow blades and 
    Keep an eye out on the south route, for a dinosaur or two will attack; 
    when defeated they'll drop the special 'saurian meat' you need to revive 
    the wyrm back on the City Ship. 
    -Eliminating the Blade Camps
    There's probably no 'right' way to go about this so I'll just relate 
    what I did. Keep in mind other strategies might work just as well. But 
    basically, you have to march all over the map wiping out smaller Blade 
    camps, before you get permission from the AI to take on the final, 
    largest Blade base behind the stockade walls in the south-central border 
    of the map.
    With my troop allotment maxed out at 70, I left 8 - 10 shadow blades and 
    sorceresses behind in camp, near the south entrance, next to the two 
    Towers, to handle any enemy Blades that tried to sneak past. I also had 
    some idle workers build an extra alchemists' hut or two near the gate 
    and trap to the west, so if any Blades got thru while I was preoccupied 
    elsewhere, they would waste their attention on the huts and leave the 
    more valuable structures elsewhere in my base intact, giving me time to 
    get a defense force en route to handle them.
    As my main army lurched around the swamps I kept an eye out for 
    notification that the trap at the west gate had been triggered and 
    needed recharging. I would then pause my main assault to send my avatar 
    via Journey Stone to recharge the trap, then Journey Stone back to 
    rejoin the army, etc. It wasn't too hard to find new Obsidian Eyes 
    dropped by the various corpses around the swamps. This strategy could be 
    a pain at times, but I never had a Blade that slipped into my camp get 
    within range to start whacking on my HQ or food stores.
    Finally, for convenience, I  ignored much of the side quest items and 
    locations until I had dealt with the Blade forces. Then I went back to 
    these side quests (below).
    With a force of 55 - 60 troops slots and my avatar and party, I headed 
    south from my camp. There are traps along the way, if you want to use 
    them; some more Journey Stones; some non- Blade enemies, such as 
    elementals, in their own little camps; and finally, the occasional 
    chest. You'll run into Blades as you proceed, so wipe them out. When you 
    get to the camps, they're generally pretty small and don't present much 
    of a problem.
    Sooner or later you'll trigger a cutscene in which Nightsong, your 
    scantily clad elf friend from Spellforce 2, arrives on the scene with 
    her own small force and joins you as a controllable NPC (but you can't 
    manage her inventory). You'll get a side quest to use broken Blade 
    components to craft a special sword called 'Ironcleaver'. With the 
    arrival of Nightsong you can probably send a party member or two back to 
    assist in the defense of your base.
    Methodically search the south for the Blade camps and wipe them out and 
    collect the three (I think ) pieces needed for Ironcleaver. You'll come 
    near the main base of the Blades and its stockade walls; stay away for 
    now, because you can't enter it. Always be ready to send your avatar 
    back to your base to recharge the western trap or assist with the 
    defense if needed. As you whittle away more and more Blade camps, the 
    forays at your base will start to lessen.
    I deliberately left one Blade camp to survive in the south, and then 
    turned my army all the way back to my base and had them go out the west 
    gate. If you explore the northwest corner of the map there are some chests 
    here, panthers, and a lenya field. Clean the area out, bring up some 
    workers, and you can harvest the lenya. Also in this area is a spider; 
    when killed it drops a peculiar piece of 'Dracon' armor. Don't sell this 
    armor if you want to complete the 'Test of Selflessness'  side quest 
    here in Dragh' Lur (below).
    By now you may periodically encounter 'Shaikan' elf troops such as 
    arachnis and sorceresses and necromancers. Just wipe them out as you did 
    the Blades. I never lost more than 3 - 4 troops in all my travels in 
    this section of the mission.
    Take your army back to your base, replace fallen troops as you see fit, 
    and then get ready for the final Blade camp, and the major Blade Base.
    -Destroying Yasha Ashir's Base
    I went south again and located the final small Blade camp and wiped it 
    out. This will trigger the spawning of a level 20 Titan in the main 
    Blade base; it will slowly emerge from the base and head out on the 
    trails, with the goal of destroying your camp in the north. With your
    army close by you shouldn't have any trouble catching it and destroying
    it rather easily.
    The spawning of the Titan means the main Blade base stockade doors are 
    now open. Gather all your troops and invade the camp. It's a large base 
    with a lot of Towers, and in the southwest corner, beside a brazier, is 
    the leader of this renegade Blade army, the sorceress Yahsa Ashir, who 
    you might remember ran out on you back at Winterlight Peak in the first 
    mission of the game. Yasha is level 24. It's a good idea to enter her 
    camp with all 70 troops slots (altho some Forum posters report subduing 
    this camp with just their avatar and party and Nightsong's squad !).
    Patiently fight your way thru the camp to her position and then have 
    your avatar and party pile in on her; with my avatar at level 24 it 
    wasn't that hard a fight to defeat her. After she dies you'll get a 
    cutscene, and then Yasha will join your party. Any remaining troops or 
    towers here in the base will cease attacking you.
    15. Side Quests in Dragh' Lur
    -Ghul' Dan
    Back in Ghostwatch when Whisper duelled one-on-one with Haakh, the 
    latter dropped a Seal of Ghul' Dan. You should have it in your 
    inventory. Ghul's grave is in the west area of the map. When you 
    activate it Ghul will spawn and attack your party.
    Ghul is TOUGH. He's level 26 and his attacks leech health off the victim 
    so it's not easy to whittle down his hit points. I tried to take him on 
    with my party of my avatar, Caine, Whisper, Wind, Nightsong, and Yasha 
    and they all died - ! I had to hastily erect an Altar of Life back at my 
    camp, resurrect my party, and send them down to take on Ghul all over 
    again. The second time around I did kill him. He drops some daggers, 
    gives Whisper an 'energy' skill (!?) and gives 1500 XP.
    If you're not too proud to have your dark elf army help you in killing 
    Ghul, go ahead and have them jump in. It will make life easier.
    -The Test of Selflessness
    This involves a Dracon corpse in the northwestern part of the map. When 
    your avatar first activates the corpse it will spawn an Archon and a 
    Sinistrim, representing the two clans of dark elves that you may 
    remember fighting in Dragh' Lur back in Spellforce 2. Only the Archon 
    can speak with you, and he's very arrogant and unpleasant. Go thru the 
    dialogue tree; no matter what you say he'll kill the Sinistrim and maybe 
    even your avatar. Then have your party and / or army kill him.  You then 
    should get a hint in your quest book that the Archon won't stoop to 
    recognize you unless you are wearing some kind of Dracon 'object'.
    Revive your avatar, if fallen, and look thru your inventory and see if 
    you have any Dracon item; I donned a 'Dracon's Robe of Regeneration' and 
    then went and activated the corpse again (this time make sure your party 
    and army are a good distance away). Again go thru the dialogue options, 
    and offer yourself as a sacrifice. After the Archon kills you, he'll 
    have a sincere change of heart (!) and decide to be buddies with the 
    Sinistrim. They'll both walk away hand in hand. Have someone in your 
    party resurrect your avatar to complete the quest (there is some armor 
    dropped for you where the corpse used to be).
    Now is a good time to scour the map and kill any remaining earth 
    elementals, stalkers, and mud golems, and loot whatever treasure they 
    have been guarding.
    When you're done, go see the Shadow Warrior back where you first spawned 
    in Dragh' Lur. He'll request the Ironcleaver, and in return promise that 
    the dark elf empress will assist you when you next visit the Citadel.
    Travelling to the Citadel starts a protracted RTS session. I decided to 
    try more RPG gameplay for the moment, and to do some of the side quests, 
    although of course you can do them whenever you prefer.
    16. Back to the City Ship
    - Yasha's Chat
    When you arrive Yasha will argue with your avatar and request a private 
    conversation. Go with her to the area in the Globe Plaza with a 
    'flashing circle' sign on the pavement and enter the conversation with 
    her. After lecturing her, she'll tell you the Rune Stone you want from 
    her was hidden in Alluvyan. You'll get a side quest to recover the 
    -Feeding the Wyrm
    Head down to the wyrm in Krypterius's former lair. Of course the 
    spectres will still be here on the Ship to mess with you. After you give 
    the saurian meat to the wyrm it'll revive and join your party here on 
    the ship. The wyrm is level 20 and has a good attack, so he's a better 
    NPC than Agathos ever was...
    These good deeds pushed my avatar to level 25 and my party to level 20.
    I decided to do the Skjadir and Winterlight Peak side quest next.
    17. Winterlight Peak Again
    (note: this side quest has an End Boss who, even with my avatar at level 
    25, puts up a very tough fight. You may want to delay it until you're 
    two or three levels higher....it's up to you).
    -Travel to Sevenkeeps to See Skjadir
    If you try to Journey Stone to the Dwarves' Quarter in the Sevenkeeps 
    map you'll find Skjadir is not 'active', since you have to take the City 
    Ship there. So, go to the Navigator first, select 'Fiara', and then 
    Sevenkeeps. After the cutscene, use the Journey Spell to teleport to 
    Sevenkeeps and the Dwarves' Quarters. Speak with Skjadir; he'll order 
    some Defenders to board your Ship.
    This is a good time to visit the merchants. You may still have on the 
    Dracon Robe from the Test of Selflessness, so it's a good idea to sell 
    it off. When you're done shopping use the Journey Spell to return to the 
    Speak with Skjadir, and then consult the Hall of Knowledge (and of 
    course the spectres are still here to harass you). Then back to the 
    Navigator, pick Fiara again, and then Winterlight Peak.
    After the cutscene use the Journey Spell to travel to the Peak.
    -The Five Beast Commanders
    You'll arrive on an icy peak in the top half of the map. A nearby chest 
    has a "Harp of Tirganach"  which (I think) is an Agathos item, or maybe 
    a 'Memories of Eo' side quest item. Your task here will be to find and 
    defeat the 5 Beast Commanders, and then the witch Ashuka. It's worthwhile 
    to equip your party with fire weapons and spells if you have them. I 
    grouped my avatar and party and went out on the westward path; at its 
    end is a promontory, and here Wind will call for the North Wind. The 
    North Wind will spawn, along with some Elementals. Kill them to solve 
    one of the "Wind's" side quests. The North Wind will drop a nice level 
    26 staff that causes freezing / ice damage.
    Then make your way around the northern section of the map. Each 
    Commander has a retinue of beasts, harpies, panthers, etc., so these are 
    not easy fights. You will not be able to replace fallen dwarves, so try 
    and keep as many alive as you can thru this section. Better to resurrect 
    Nightsong and Wind and Whisper several times than lose too many dwarves.
    In the northeast , at the end of a dead-end trail, you'll find a Giant 
    named Braga who will drop a red jewel; this is a component of the 
    ongoing "Memories of Eo" side quest.
    The last two Commanders are holed up in the city in the south-central 
    area of the map. Take one batch down. Now it's time to be careful about 
    the last Commander. Try and lure as many of her / his minions away for 
    solo killing as you can, especially flying monsters like harpies.
    When there are only a few minions left around the Commander, make a 
    Grouping for all your units, and Save the game.
    -Taking on Ashuka
    Rush the last Commander and wipe him or her out. IMMEDIATELY have your 
    entire force take off running - North, up the trail, and NOT South 
    (there is a Beast camp south of the city). You have less than 10 seconds 
    before the Ice Queen Ashuka materializes and begins summoning some very 
    tough monsters to attack you (you'll get a warning voiceover from 
    Skjadir). As soon as you whittle away all the monsters she'll spawn 
    another batch, and then another, after which your force will be entirely 
    wiped out. To make things even harder, Ashuka is usually surrounded by 
    her creatures and seeing her, much less striking her, is difficult in 
    the melee.
    By running, you'll avoid being crammed into a small area with Ashuka and 
    her monsters. With some luck, only one or two monsters will follow you. 
    Make sure Ashuka is not following, and turn and kill the monsters. Now 
    the key thing is to carefully creep back to within visual range of 
    Ashuka, and then launch a surprise attack on her. With a monster or two 
    from her entourage gone, you'll have an opening. Have everyone in your 
    party focus on Ashuka. She'll probably summon another monster squad 
    before you can get too many chops at her, but persevere ! I had only one 
    party member and maybe 5 - 6 dwarves still alive in the end, but I did 
    kill Ashuka, and this caused all her monsters to vanish.
    If this strategy is too challenging, an alternative is simply to reduce 
    the game's difficulty in the main menu options and then take on Ashuka, 
    or come back and do this mission when you've leveled up a few more 
    After the combat, there is a merchant named Stormgrim in the city who 
    has items to sell, but they were too advanced for my party to use.
    When you are ready to depart Winterlight, use the Journey Spell and 
    return to the City Ship.
    18. To Alluvyan,  Yasha's Rune Stone, the West Wind, and the South Wind
    [You can use the Journey Spell aboard the Ship to get to Alluvyan and do 
    these side quests.]
    -The Rune Stone
    This is in the SE in a previously inaccessible area of the Alluvyan map. 
    As soon as you approach the hiding place of the Stone ( a graveyard)  be 
    ready to run, since Yasha 'forgot' to tell you there are a bunch of 
    level 20 and 23 skeletons guarding the stone. Whittle them down one by 
    one and retrieve the Stone; the next stage of the quest involves the 
    Archfire, later on in the game's "Misty Coast" map.
    -The West Wind
    This is in the west of Alluvyan, in a small courtyard in front of some 
    cottages. Have Wind enter the courtyard and she'll call on the West Wind 
    to appear. He will summon some panthers to attack Wind and your party, 
    so be ready for a tough fight. After he's killed grab the bow he drops, 
    the "Wind of the West".
    -The South Wind
    Now Journey Stone to Ghostwatch. The spawning point for the South Wind 
    will be in the southwest, on the trail up from Agathos's campsite. The 
    South Wind will appear with some Fire Elementals. When all are disposed 
    of, the South Wind drops a staff called 'The Wind of the South" which is 
    a nice weapon.
    At this point I decided to continue with the main quest, and go on to 
    the Citadel.
    19. The Citadel: Eliminating the Guardian and Building a Base
    -Return to the Citadel
    Journey Stone to the City Ship and have the Navigator transport you back 
    to the Citadel. Use the Journey Spell to teleport to the Citadel. Walk 
    up to the courtyard where the Guardian patrols the gate to the interior 
    of the Citadel, and you'll see the promised troops from Dragh' Lur: 
    Groups of Fire and Frost gargoyles, and the Gargoyle Master. Speak with 
    the Master Iol' Thar and he'll order the Fire gargoyles to attack the 
    Guardian; after a brief fight, the Guardian will expire and the gate to 
    the interior (and the Library) will now be open. A number of quests will 
    now be given to you, and you'll see that enemy forces allied with 
    Riddengard are arrayed inside the Citadel. 
    A very large base composed of Realm forces is sprawled all over the 
    north-central and northeastern areas of the map; the main HQ is 
    positioned near the library entrance in the northeast. In the northwest  
    is a Clan camp, while in the east are Clan and Beast camps. Each of 
    these three 'satellite' camps is a formidable base in its own right. 
    You're going to have to go thru a protracted campaign to destroy all 
    four of these enemy bases, in order to defeat Riddengard and gain access 
    to the Library.
    Simultaneously with all these revelations, in an abandoned Shaikan camp 
    in the southeast, some workers and a trio of 'destroyer' Blades will 
    spawn. You will be given this camp as your own base.
    Soon a force of lower-level enemy troops will come rushing out from the 
    interior through the now-opened gate to attack the Pact camp; just have 
    your party meet them and you won't have much trouble with them.
    Much as with the 'Bulwark' map in Spellforce 2, here you have two 
    commanders - Khalidan and Iol' Thar - whom you can order to go off and 
    attack any one of a number of enemy camps here in the Citadel. These 
    pact forces are constantly-spawning and thus considerably less-expensive  
    to use than your own army. However, there are some peculiarities in this 
    map that are worth noting. First, the Pact ground forces under Khalidan 
    will stop to take down any enemy Towers in their path, and this can be a 
    pain because at least in the initial stages of your campaign against 
    Riddengard, these Towers spawn very quickly. It can be quite frustrating 
    to see that the destruction of an enemy base is delayed, because your 
    Pact allies are clustered around a Tower and hacking away at it, while 
    the enemy camp they're supposed to be attacking sits unmolested.
    Another issue is that Riddengard will send reinforcements to assist with 
    the defense against your attacks on any of the three 'satellite' bases. 
    These reinforcements usually include a level 27 Titan, and can really 
    hamper your Pact forces, and in essence prevent them from destroying the 
    enemy camp altogether. So you're going to have to be active in deciding 
    when and where to have your party (and army) join in with the Pact 
    forces in their attack.
    So, rather than talk with the two Pact commanders in the courtyard,  I 
    first decided to get my base up and running. Duos (and sometimes trios) 
    of flying units like Spiritists and Harpies will attack your Shaikan 
    camp rather quickly after the Guardian's death, so you'll want to get 
    your party armed with ranged weapons and stationed near your vulnerable 
    The camp in the southeast doesn't have a lot of silver at hand, so 
    you'll have to exercise some judgement in how large a troop slot you can 
    build; I eked out 36 slots, mainly upgraded Marksmen and a few 
    Vanguards. The 'depot' upgrade to your food stores can help increase the 
    unit cap, given the small confines of your base.
    Patiently build up a Shaikan or Blade army, fending off the enemy air 
    units, and when you've exhausted all the silver reserves, leave a few 
    Marksmen and some Towers (if you have the resources to build them) to 
    defend your base. Move your force back to the courtyard and the two Pact 
    -Exploring the Interior of the Citadel
    I used my party, and my own army, to do some scouting of the interior of 
    the Citadel and to see exactly where the enemy camps were located. I 
    found this enabled me to better plan my use of the Pact forces, and to 
    avoid having my forces overwhelmed by massive enemy attacks. It also 
    really helps to clear as many Towers as you can from the approaches to 
    the Riddengard bases in the Citadel interior. And keep in mind that once 
    you destroy the bases in the northwest  and east, you can plunder their 
    resources and expand your own army, for the final assault on 
    Riddengards' main base.
    So, head through the newly opened gate to the interior. There are enemy 
    towers lining the corridors here to either side so take them down. 
    Nearby carts have chests with silver, stone, and lenya so you can expand 
    your army as you see fit, or construct more defensive towers of your own 
    back at your base. Once the towers are eliminated open the gates at the 
    west and east, to the interior of the Citadel. Explore the interior, 
    activating Journey Stones and killing wandering Armored Drones for 
    'diary pages' that figure in the Scientist's side quest (below). There 
    are Crystal Lumps  to loot, as well as some nice pieces of armor and 
    some 'will o' the wisps'. Keep an eye out for attacking enemy flying 
    units. Try and stay away from the main Realm base in the northeast as 
    you explore. If you get their attention, quickly retreat and they'll 
    ignore you. 
    Also investigate the nooks and crannies of the map for strange creatures 
    (there are a total of five)  that will not attack you; simply detecting 
    them aids you in a side quest (below).
    -The Camp of the Scientists Side Quest
    In the southeast is a Journey Stone for the 'Camp of the Scientists' and 
    nearby, three skeletons. Activate them, and they'll get up and begin 
    arguing. Dr Widegant wants 12 of the Crystal Lumps scattered around the 
    Citadel. Master Birnbaum needs the descriptions of 5 unique creatures 
    for his compendium. And Scout JonJon asks you to return to him 10 diary 
    By the time you complete the Citadel map and wipe out all of 
    Riddengard's forces you should have quite a few of these items; if not, 
    just scour the city for them once the enemy is cleared. I already had 
    unwittingly discovered one of the creatures (a Raptor) by the time I 
    first talked with Birnbaum. In my subsequent wanderings thru the Citadel  
    I did record that the remaining four were: a Glittering Golem; a Time 
    Transformer; a Fish Hunter; and a Light Elemental. You'll get a 
    voiceover from Birnbaum when you come into proximity to these creatures.
    I didn't take note of the exact locations of these creatures, but if you 
    search all areas of the city you should stumble upon them.
    Upon returning to the scientists with your items they will give you 
    several options for rewards, such as items, a companion Elemental, gold, 
    an XP bonus, etc. Choose what you like and after exhausting the 'reward' 
    - related conversations, stick around and interact with all three again. 
    Ask them why they argue, and you'll get a new set of side quests 
    involving the animosity and jealousy all display towards one another. 
    Prompt JonJon to attack the other two and, after suffering a life-
    affirming beat-down (?!), he'll give you a "Snake Hunter" bow as a 
    reward. Converse with Widegant and he'll ask you to steal Birnbaum's 
    Crystal Folio for him; Birnbaum in turn tells you Widegant is an 
    imposter who knows nothing about science. 
    Return to Widegant and you'll go thru a quiz designed to test his 
    qualifications; answer 'five' for the number of sons/children, 'once' 
    for the subtraction of 9 from 52, and '17' for the number series, to 
    confirm that Widegant is indeed the scientist he claims to be. Whether 
    you want to kill Birnbaum and turn his Folio over to Widegant is up to 
    you, but you'll get a reward from Widegant for doing so. Spellforce 2 
    player Giseisha [who provided a correction to the incorrect number I 
    gave in a former version of the walkthorugh] notes: 'Widegant is a 
    traitor, and if you discover that, he'll attack you.You can then give 
    the book to Birnbaum and the quest is solved for all three skeletons.'
    20. The Citadel: Destroying the Satellite Bases
    -The Northern Base
    With my scouting expedition completed, it was time to order the two Pact 
    commanders to attack a target. Much as with the Bulwark map in 
    Spellforce 2, it's better to order both sets of Pact troops to go for 
    one target. This is because as soon as the assault gets underway, 
    Riddengard will send some reinforcements, including a level 27 Titan, to 
    help with the defense. This really makes destroying an enemy base a 
    protracted affair. Have your avatar and party ready to assist, but be 
    judicious in how you use your army and its costly units. With regard to 
    your party, if they get caught up in a big melee and all succumb, it may 
    be better to revive all of them in the Altar of Life in the south of the 
    city, rather than on-site, where they'll probably get killed all over 
    again. You should have plenty of lenya reserves to allow for 'Altar of 
    Life interventions' by now.
    I chose to attack the 'northern' enemy camp first (this is technically 
    more in the northwest in terms of location). With the Pact forces on 
    their way, have your party come along too. Pitch in on leveling 
    buildings, and if a Titan shows up, gang up on it if you like. This is 
    the easiest enemy camp to dismantle. Once all the enemy forces are 
    eliminated station your army here, and import some workers and get busy 
    harvesting the nearby silver deposits. They're not very large, but they 
    allowed me to cap my troop slots at 70.
    -The Eastern Bases
    There are two bases here, close together, one a Clan camp, and one a 
    Beast camp. En route to these enemy camps, your Pact forces will have to 
    pass down a ramp leading to the east; several enemy Towers will 
    continuously spawn here and distract the ground troops. I would station 
    my party here prior to the order to attack, and have them whittle away 
    the Towers as they spawn. That way your initial forces will go straight 
    to their targets. Be sure to leave at least half of your Shaikan army 
    back at the captured northern base, because sooner or later Riddengard 
    will send a small force to try and retake it. You'll also want to kill 
    any Riddengard workers that try to slip back in and re-establish the 
    base or harvest the resources located there.
    I asked my Pact commanders to go for the eastern Beast camp first. Sit 
    back and take care of the Towers in their path, and watch as things 
    unfold. When a Titan  intervenes,  you may want send your party (and 
    some of your own Shaikan / Blade troops) off to help your Pact allies. 
    If it looks like the Pact attackers are losing the race to kill the 
    enemy as fast as they spawn, then send your party into the Beast camp to 
    intervene. Focus on eliminating the buildings and any more Titans that 
    show up. This will be a tough fight, so be prepared to resurrect party 
    members more than once, as well as create reinforcements for your 
    Shaikan troops. With some effort you should gradually get the upper hand 
    and level the Beast structures. The outskirts of the main Realm camp are 
    only a short distance away from this Beast camp, so keep an eye out for 
    their Towers and troops. Try not to provoke the Realm troops if you can 
    help it. When all the Beast buildings go down, the Pact forces will 
    cease showing up and return to the Pact camp in the south.
    Send your avatar back to the Pact camp, and now ask the commanders to 
    eliminate the Clan camp in the east. Much as with the Beast camp, 
    patiently let the Pact guys do their thing. Have your party intervene 
    when necessary.
    With all three 'satellite' camps destroyed, the attacks by the Realm 
    forces, both aerial and ground, should diminish if not stop entirely. 
    Bring some workers up to harvest the resources in the eastern camps, and 
    prepare for the final assault on Riddengard's  big Realm base.
    21. The Citadel: Clearing a Path to the Library
    -Attack on the Realm Base
    This should be relatively easy, since Riddengard can no longer create 
    more troops. Just be aware that when you order your Pact allies to 
    attack the 'large Realm camp' it does not include the buildings in the 
    north-central area of the map, but only those near the Library entrance 
    in the northeast.
    While the Pact forces deal with the Realm Towers and troops, just have 
    your own army sneak in thru a side street and start in on the buildings. 
    You won't encounter much resistance. Once the area around the Library is 
    clear, send your party and army to eliminate the remaining Realm 
    buildings and troops in the north-central. They shouldn't put up a big 
    Once all the Realm structures are destroyed you'll get a text message 
    that Riddengard has been defeated and you'll earn 3500 XP. My avatar 
    leveled up to 26 and my party to 21 by this point.
    Poke around the north for creatures for the compendium, crystal lumps, 
    and diary pages, as well as chests with some nice weapons and armor.
    -The Battle With Mordecay
    When you're ready for the last section of the Citadel map, make sure you 
    have a tidy amount of lenya in your resources (remember it costs 500 to 
    resurrect your avatar at the Altar of Life, and 250 for each party 
    member). Give your avatar and party members the most powerful weapons 
    and spells they can use at their current level. Have your avatar step 
    into the portal circle in the northeast, and he or she will be 
    teleported to the Library. Summon all your heroes, and head for the 
    inner area where Mordecay, your former party member from Spellforce 2, 
    is now possessed by Riddengard's magic and bars the way to the Soul 
    Carrier. Mordecay is level 25, and he's got some level 22 Drones, and a 
    level 23 Blessed One, to help him.
    I needed two rounds of combat to subdue Mordecay. I first concentrated 
    on taking out as many of his henchmen as I could, and then revived all 
    my fallen party at the Altar of Life, back near the Journey Spell 
    portal in the south of the map. Heal up and transport everyone back to 
    the Library. Take on Mordecay again and you should defeat him with the 
    loss of one or two party members. Then watch the cutscene. When it ends 
    you'll all be teleported back to the Journey Spell; if you want to go 
    back to the Library and plunder whatever corpses are still there, you 
    can do so.
    You now have a number of new quests associated with the main quest, and 
    it's time to step into the Journey Spell and return to the City Ship and 
    pursue your search for the Soul Carrier.
    22. The Godeland and the Refuge
    -Travelling to the Godeland
    When you arrive on board the Ship Caine will give you a new side quest 
    involving a judgement on a merchant in Sevenkeeps named 'Ironbelly'. I 
    recommend delaying this side quest until after you travel to the next 
    mission, in the Refuge, because a side quest there will send you to 
    Sevenkeeps anyways.
    Send your avatar to the Hall of Knowledge and interact with the tablet 
    containing the sailing instructions to the Godeland. Return to the 
    Navigator and select the Godeland as your destination, and after the 
    cutscene step into the Journey Spell and travel to the Refuge.
    After the cutscene you'll find yourself in familiar RTS territory. 
    You'll need to build up an army and force your way thru the dragonlings 
    infesting the area in order to find the Soul Carrier.
    -Making Your Base 
    There are plentiful stone, silver, and lenya here so patiently build up 
    your army. There will be some powerful enemy flying units coming by to 
    attack your base, so you'll want some ranged units (upgraded Marksmen) 
    to counter them. A chest in the clearing where your HQ is located has an 
    axe that is particularly strong against beasts, so you'll want to have 
    your best melee hero armed with it.
    Level 14 dragonlings, as well as level 18 flying dragons, will 
    periodically attack your base from both ground and air so have your 
    party stationed a little north of your HQ, where the trail forks, to 
    handle these attacks.
    When you're ready to carry the fight to the enemy, select one fork to 
    stuff with Shaikan defense Towers; you'll head up the other fork to 
    destroy the dragonling spawning grounds. I decided to defend the 
    northeast fork in the trail, and take my army up the northwest fork. I 
    had 50 troops slots filled and a nice cluster of Towers around my HQ. In 
    retrospect, 60 troops (the max for the mission is 70) would have been 
    better. But you can do it with 50 for now if room for siting Stores in 
    your perimeter is a problem. It's a good idea to leave one or two weaker 
    party members behind to help with the defense of your tower 'chokepoint' 
    along the northeast fork; they can take down the level 14 wyrms without 
    too much trouble.
    -Attacking the Dragon Camps in the West
    Head up the northwest branch of the trail; pick off any wyrms coming 
    down it. You'll pass the "South" Journey Stone and a little to the north 
    of that, the first of the two Dragon camps on this trail. Try to have 
    one segment of your army destroy the Dragon Dens and stop the spawning 
    of the enemy while another segment deals with the dragons themselves. 
    This is a tough fight, so have Wind administer area-wide healing spells 
    (such as 'Holy Light') if possible.
    When the camp is eliminated have your avatar explore the surrounding 
    chests for some nice weapons. Off to one side of this area is a circular 
    courtyard; it contains two Troll Hurlers (?!) hiding in the bushes. Kill 
    them and pick up the figurines of 'Mugwa' they drop, for the 'Memories 
    of Eo' side quest.
    You may need to hold position here while you crank out reinforcements 
    back at your base. Also, keep an eye on the dragon attacks on your HQ; 
    have workers repair damaged buildings and erect more towers if you have 
    the resources.
    When your army is back up to full force, continue up the northwest 
    trail. It ends at a second Dragon camp perched among some lava fields. 
    It's another tough fight; just whittle away the Dens and the dragons and 
    when you're victorious, loot the nearby chests.
    I next sent my army back down to the vicinity of the South Journey Stone 
    and made sure there were no more wyrms or dragons infesting the 
    immediate area. As the silver and stone at my base were now exhausted, I 
    then brought up lots of idle workers to harvest the silver here. I also 
    erected some Stores to bring my unit cap up to 70. When I played this 
    mission, only one wyrm came around this satellite base the whole time 
    thereafter, and was handled by a few Towers. So you can harvest the 
    silver here without any molestation.
    -Side Quests 
    NOTE: after you eliminate the last of the Dragon camps the game will 
    automatically remove all your troops and troop-creating capacity, 
    leaving just your party to complete the middle segment of the 'Soul 
    Carrier' quest. You will be given a new force, composed  of dragons, 
    AFTER completing the Soul Carrier quest. The presence of THAT force can 
    make some of the side quests here in The Refuge (such as the East Wind 
    and the Mosaic of Death, below) quite a bit easier. So you may want to 
    hold off on these side quests until the end of the mission.
    I had my army assemble in my base, and then set out on the northeast 
    fork of the trail. Slaughter any wyrms coming in your direction. When 
    you arrive at the Northeast Journey Stone there is a dragonling camp 
    nearby that you'll need to destroy.
    -The East Wind
    If you go due east from the Northeast Journey Stone there is a trail 
    that leads to a small clearing with some chests; this is the spawn point 
    for the East Wind. It's easier to take on the Easy Wind (level 20) with 
    your army, or dragons, alongside you, because this is a tough fight; the 
    Wind will spawn a group of level 17 Storm Hunters to help her out. [I 
    took on the Wind after I'd eliminated all the dragon camps and triggered 
    the cutscene with Shea (below) and it was hard doing it with only my 
    party  ! If you intend to do this, make sure you have an Altar of Life 
    built back at your base-- prior to embarking on the last attack on the 
    dragonling camps-- in case the Wind kills your entire party.]
    The East Wind will drop a level 27 piece of armor, the Wind of the East. 
    A little further down the trail is another chest with a Crawler Fetish 
    for your 'Memories' side quest.
    -Mo and the Dream Stalker Side Quest
    If you send your party to the center of the map, near a lake, a will-o-
    the-wisp is present. This is Mo, the fourth child's ghost you need to 
    see about the Idara / Dream Stalker side quest. Speak with Mo and you'll 
    be given his slingshot and orders to return to Sevenkeeps for the next 
    segment of the quest.
    -The Mosaic of Death
    Ah, a beloved favorite of Spellforce fans: the 'Mosaic of Death' side 
    quest. The Mosaic is located in the West, among the ruins of a temple; 
    it has its own Journey Stone. It's patrolled by a force of skeletons. 
    You know the drill by now: kill the skeletons, one drops a 'Fragment of 
    the Mosaic' that you pick up, and then interact with the Mosaic to 
    insert it. This spawns another batch of higher-level Undead, whom you 
    must eliminate to get the Second Fragment of the Mosaic, etc.
    The first one, or even two, iterations of the Mosaic are bearable, and I 
    even handled them with just my party. But as always, the Third and 
    Fourth iterations feature some very tough monsters (levels 23 and 26, 
    respectively) and you're sure to lose most (all ?) of your party, so 
    come back here for the Third and Fourth Fragments when you have your 
    'dragon force' to help out. Even with their aid it's still a tough 
    fight, so don't be too embarrassed to retreat and heal up (the skeletons 
    won't pursue you too far out of the Mosaic area) in between combats.
    Note that here in the vicinity of the Mosaic are some chests that can be 
    opened with 5 of the 'Skull Coins' you may have been collected 
    throughout the game. There is some nice loot in the chests. After you 
    kill the Master of the Mosaic in the Fourth Fragment part of the quest, 
    he will drop some more Coins, so with luck you may be able to open at 
    least two of the three chests.
    -The Main Dragonling Camp
    Continue up the trail to the northeast and you'll come upon the main 
    dragonling camp, nestled among a volcano crater. With an army of 70 
    slots in my employ, killing the defending dragons and destroying their 
    nests wasn't very difficult. When you eliminate the last Den, it will 
    trigger a cutscene (that I found to be quite confusing). In any event, 
    your army and workers all disappear and it's just your avatar and party 
    (and Shea and the Shaper Woman) for the next segment of the mission.
    [Note that there is a corpse lying in a small clearing among the 
    volcanic terrain at the far northern tip of the map. This is associated 
    with the Test of Loyalty side quest (below), but you can't perform it 
    until the main campaign here on this map is completed.]
    23. The Soul Carrier
    -The Souls of the Dragons
    After the defeat of the last Dragon camp, go thru the gate in the 
    northwest that Shea came out of. Here among the volcanoes is the long-
    sought Soul Carrier ...a big blue dragon with a 'sophisticated' accent. 
    You have to redeem your killing of dragons in The Refuge by freeing the 
    Souls of the Dragons here in the crater. There are four Souls: Furyn, 
    Fyrior, Fangor, and Fonmyr. You need to give each his / her proper 
    collection of memorabilia (from the three chests located near them) by 
    going thru the dialogue trees and figuring out the proper responses. You 
    are warned that some of the Souls will lie to you. If you hand over the 
    wrong item, your avatar and party will be 'shocked' and lose health (or 
    even die).
    I suggest you talk with Fangor first, inquire about 'tell me about the 
    other dragons',  and follow his clues to give the appropriate items to 
    the other three dragons. Fyrior will be so happy with this that he'll 
    tell you he will not lie to you, so you can ask him about the other 
    dragons with confidence. Based on his instructions, go thru another 
    round of item-returning. Then talk with Furyn; follow his instructions 
    for another round of item-returning. Then use a trial-and-error approach 
    to find out the disposition of the remaining items in your inventory.
    If you don't want to plod thru this puzzle, I've listed the memorabilia 
    and artifacts that go with each Soul:
    Fonmyr: a Wyrm, black scale, symbol of the Tracker
    Fangor: a Crystal dragon, silver scale, symbol of the Guardian
    Fyrior: a Wind dragon, green scale, symbol of the Hunter
    Furyn: a Fire dragon, red scale, symbol of the Messenger
    After each Soul is properly compensated they'll depart. When the puzzle 
    is completed you'll get some cutscenes and a bunch of XP that brought my 
    avatar to level 27 and my party to level 21.
    You'll also get several more quests, and batches of beasts will spawn at 
    various locations along the northern edge of the map; a large camp of 
    them is in the NE.
    -Liberating the Dragon Dens
    You'll be given some dragons to help out your party, and as you 
    eliminate the beasts guarding each Den, these liberated Dens will spawn 
    more dragons to join your group as well. The main difficulty here will 
    be in controlling all your units; make use of the 'select all units' (=) 
    key as needed.
    Mobs of beasts and harpies and spellcasters will come down the trails to 
    attack the Refuge, so be prepared for chaotic situations as you make 
    your way up the roads along the northern border of the map. You 
    shouldn't have too much trouble with the beasts, just mow them down and 
    when you get to the beast camp, patiently destroy the buildings and stop 
    the spawning of more enemies.
    When the last structure goes down, you'll be treated to a cutscene 
    involving the Shaper couple and Riddengard. After the cutscene send your 
    army after Riddengard. He's level 28 and puts up a stiff fight , but 
    keep pounding him and eventually he'll give up. Watch the cutscene. 
    If you haven't already done so now is a good time to do the side quests 
    here in The Refuge (above). And, before you return to the City Ship, you 
    can do the Test of Loyalty.
    -The Test of Loyalty
    This is another of those tests of martial spirit sponsored by the Dwarf 
    'God of War ' Niethalf. In the far north of the map, at the dead-end of 
    the trail, is a corpse of a Dark Elf who was betrayed in battle. 
    Interact with it and it will spawn a batch of elves and a Ringleader. 
    Speak with the Ringleader; he'll offer dialogue options for you to spurn 
    his offer of material goods, or accept the goods. Since we're interested 
    in passing the Test, choose "you can't buy me !" The Ringleader and the 
    elves will attack you, but with your dragon force and party alongside 
    you, you can easily repel them.
    There are two more iterations of this interaction with the Ringleader; 
    each time, reject his offer and battle the spawning Dark Elves. After 
    the third batch goes down you'll get a timer in the upper left corner of 
    your screen; after it counts down (~ 16 seconds), two Ringleaders and 
    lots of elves will spawn. You should be able to handle them without too 
    much trouble. When all are dead, the Ringleader will drop a nice hammer 
    and shield and you'll get the next stage of the quest, the Test of 
    Now the Refuge map is complete. Head to the Journey Spell in the south 
    and return to the City Ship.
    24. Defeating Riddengard's Boarding Party
    -Boarders, and Another Judgement Quest from Caine
    When you arrive on the Ship you'll be treated to a cutscene showing 
    that, while you were off in The Refuge, Riddengard teleported some 
    boarders onto your ship. A formidable group of level 25 beasts and three 
    level 27 Blessed Ones are clustered around the Globe Plaza, and a 
    smaller detachment of beasts, led by level 25 Sadok, are torturing Urgi 
    down on the lower deck in a hold in the southeast. The good thing about 
    this is that the spectres are no longer able to spawn here on the Ship !
    Interact with Caine and he'll tell you there is one last Judgement to be 
    made, on a woman named Una who is hiding in the Temple Grounds back in 
    Sevenkeeps. Set this side quest aside for now, as you've obviously got 
    to regain control of the Ship in order to travel anywhere.
    Carefully make your way to the hold where Urgi is held captive (needless 
    to say, as you move about the decks you don't want to get the attention 
    of the big enemy force near the Navigator). Defeat the beasts and speak 
    with Urgi. He'll tell you can't beat the Blessed Ones on your own, and 
    you must recruit the Thought Storm you dealt with earlier, to aid you in 
    your battle with the enemy. After this revelation batches of Thoughts 
    will spawn all over the Ship.
    -Reviving the Thought Storm
    Make your way to the Hall of Dreams in the northwest. There is a row of 
    five pedestals, with gyroscopes swirling atop each. The goal is to 
    interact with each pedestal in such as way that the 'Opener' will call 
    out the name of a category of Thoughts (Hatred, Disgust / Loathing, 
    Fear, Wrath, and Madness). The Thoughts on the Ship corresponding to 
    that category will then travel to the Hall, and vanish once they reach 
    the circle inlaid in the pavement.
    This is an exasperating puzzle. 
    On this topic, Forum posters Phonemax and Delgado have this advice:
    pedestal (1) above is "MADNESS" and below is "LOATHING"
    pedestal (2) above is "HATRED" and below is "wrath"
    pedestal (3) above is "WRATH" and below is "FEAR"
    pedestal (4) above is "LOATHING" and below is "HATRED"
    pedestal (5) above is "FEAR" and below is "MADNESS"
    (pedestal 1 is on the left-hand side)
    "Just touch two pedestals with equal symbols, i.e. pedestal 1 and 5, to 
    activate Madness, then pedestal 2 and 4 to activate Hatred, pedestal 
    2 and 3 to activate Wrath, and so on".
    This should help you solve the puzzle; I note that some Forum posters 
    have killed the Blessed Ones without the aid of the Thought Storm - !?
    But my own efforts to do this were a real failure.
    So I dutifully played with the puzzle until I succeeded in calling all 
    five flavors of Thoughts back to the Hall. This resulted in the spawning 
    of the Thought Storm. Enter into the dialogue options with it; I chose 
    "Yasha" and summoned up enough hatred to activate the Storm. 
    -Battle With the Blessed Ones
    Carefully stash your army on one side of the Globe Plaza and send 
    Whisper to sneak up and launch an arrow at a Blessed One. Immediately 
    have him retreat to the rest of your party, because a boiling mob of 
    beastmen and Blessed Ones will attack you. Try to have your Thought 
    focus on the Blessed Ones. This is a tough battle, no doubt about it, 
    and you may lose most of your party and several spider Guardians just to 
    kill most of the beastmen and two Blessed Ones. However, if you retreat, 
    the enemy will resume their stance near the Navigator, and so you can 
    sneak back to the battlefield and resurrect fallen party members . Then 
    go for the Blessed Ones again.
    When the battle is over you'll get some healthy XP (enough to send my 
    avatar to level 28 and party members to 23) and instructions to consult 
    with the Hall of Knowledge about directions to the Westguard. Go the 
    Hall, interact with the tablet, and then return to the Navigator and 
    select the Westguard as your destination. After the cutscene use the 
    Journey Spell to travel to the Westguard; if you speak with Urgi, he'll 
    tell you he's sick of spending 30,000 years on the Ship (!) and would 
    like to retire to the Westguard.
    25. Defense of the Westguard
    -A Hectic 15 Minutes
    After viewing the cutscenes you'll have a LOT going on. Large forces of 
    enemy skeletons, beastmen, and flying units will start attacking your 
    structures all over the eastern half of the map. You'll have to defend 
    your HQ for 15 minutes, with the help of some friends and NPCs from 
    Spellforce 2, until elf and dwarf reinforcements can arrive and help 
    My strategy here was to ignore everything and simply defend my HQ. Use 
    the '= ' key to take command of all your units onscreen, and promptly 
    stash them by the HQ. There will be some workers in this area; send them 
    to the stone deposits just to the northeast of the HQ and have them 
    harvest stone (up to 550) so if your HQ gets leveled, you have the 
    ability to construct another. Once these workers are finished gathering 
    the 550 stone, try to stash them in a safe place out of harm's way (a 
    nook of the wall to the north of the northeast Journey Stone seemed to 
    attract little attention from the enemy).
    Be ready to spend a hectic 15 minutes fending off a CONSTANT stream of 
    attacks by mobs of enemy troops. These troops are not very powerful but 
    there are many of them. Needless to say, area-effect offensive and 
    defensive spells come in handy here. Keep an eye out for a level 22 Rock 
    Giant who likes to come wandering in from the south while you are 
    preoccupied with a batch of skeletons or beasts somewhere else around 
    the HQ. If your workers get killed, don't expend silver to crank out 
    more, unless your HQ takes so much damage it's in danger of being 
    [I had the game crash regularly during this level because of the all the 
    onscreen animations -  despite my having 2 GB RAM - so Save often !]
    When the 15 minutes are up, you'll get a cutscene of Ylia and Jandrim 
    arriving with reinforcements. Call them all to the HQ and prepare for 
    the next segment of the mission.
    -Building Up Your Base
    There are now three Blessed Ones at various points on the map. You're 
    going to need to eliminate them. Of course, the road to each Blessed One 
    goes thru a healthy-sized beast or undead camp, so you'll need an army 
    to help you out. And of course, you must build up that army while 
    fending off regular assaults by the enemy. In other words, time for some 
    protracted RTS gameplay.
    Things will still be touchy at your HQ, so have your forces ready to 
    deter attacks from three directions. To the NORTH, three skeleton 
    knights (later four) periodically will come thru the opening in the wall 
    to the north of the Journey Stone there. These are the weakest of the 
    attacks, and you will just need a small force of druids and infantry, 
    and maybe one or two towers, to keep them away.
    To the EAST, a group of enemy Undead cavalry will come rushing over the 
    bridge every now and then. A good-sized force of dwarf infantry, with a 
    Druid, and a tower or two can help here.
    To the SOUTH, a Giant, and some sorceresses, will be heading up the road 
    on a regular basis, with sizeable beast armies coming later on. These 
    are arguably the most powerful attacks, so I had my avatar, Caine, Wind, 
    and some troops stationed here. If you go further south you'll come upon 
    a little beast camp, but you first need to strengthen your base before 
    taking it out.
    Double-check that you've got all of Ylia's and Jandrim's reinforcements 
    out of the city and among your units. Check back at their spawn point 
    near the Journey Spell in the city all throughout this level, because 
    every now and then a dwarf Defender or two will spawn, so add them to 
    your force - every little bit helps.
    Get some workers up and harvesting the silver and stone close by your 
    HQ. You may not be able to afford many workers at this point, so it's a 
    long and sometimes frustrating crawl to get to the point where you can 
    start creating even five 'cheap' troops. But once you have some, have 
    them join your 'south defense force' and go down the road and eliminate 
    the small beast camp there. Station your defenders near the opening in 
    the south wall, and bring down some workers to harvest the stone and 
    silver here (by now you may have exhausted all resources in the 
    immediate vicinity of your HQ).
    You can also send some workers north, near the northeast Journey Stone,  
    to harvest the stone and silver there. Just have your 'north defense 
    force' interposed between the smelters and stonemason buildings and the 
    attacks of the skeletons.
    26. The Blessed One of Fire
    -Attacking the Southern Enemy Base
    Patiently crank out depots and troops, and build up your 'southern' 
    army. The max troops slots (as always) for this mission is 70 but of 
    course this can be expanded with the troops of Jandrim and Ylia and thus 
    can reach 80. Incorporating Druids into your force definitely helps with 
    healing spells, but remember you can't replace them when they're killed.
    I decided to eliminate the southern enemy base first; this is associated 
    with the 'Fire" Blessed One. It's best to take it on with as many troops 
    as you can afford - I found that more than 50 is a good idea, altho of 
    course you want to make sure your HQ is properly defended. The main 
    problem here will be 'Sky Claws', enemy flying dragons that drop earth 
    projectiles on your force. So, having 10 or more upgraded Marksmen in 
    your army is recommended. You can create your own flying dragon units, 
    such as fire and crystal dragons, but keep in mind these are expensive 
    units and occupy quite a few slots each.
    Taking down the Blessed One of Fire and the nearby enemy camps is an 
    incremental affair. I first made sure I had four or more Towers placed 
    at the bridgehead to the East, along with a small group of dwarves and a 
    druid, to take care of the Undead cavalry attacks while I was off down 
    south. Then I headed down the south road, wiping out enemy forays as I 
    went, and ignored the abandoned 'pentagram' structure at the 
    southernmost end of the road (this will play a role later in the 
    I then turned west, over the causeway. At the end of the 
    causeway I halted and brought up teams of workers. Have the workers 
    erect two or even three Towers here; upgrading them with the 'dragon', 
    'shaikan',  and / or 'blades' upgrades is useful. Behind the Towers 
    erect a Barracks or other troop spawning building, so you don't have to 
    wait for reinforcements to come running all the way down here to the 
    southern battlefield.
    When your Towers and Barracks are complete and you've got a force you 
    feel comfortable with, prepare to take on the Blessed One of Fire.
    -Eliminating the Blessed One of Fire and the Enemy Camp
    The Blessed One (level 27) is a bit to the west of the causeway, atop a 
    small hill in the middle of a cornfield. He has some monsters (Crawling 
    Terrors at level 19) along with him, particularly 4 - 5 Sky Claws (18). 
    Note that if you go west past the Blessed One's position there is a very 
    large, well-defended Beast camp...when provoked they will come running to 
    help the Blessed One, so keep an eye on them.
    Group your marksmen, and have them edge into the corn field and loose 
    some shots at the Sky Claws, then retreat. Whittle down the units that 
    come after you. The Sky Claws will spawn continuously from the beast 
    camp, so you'll have to constantly have your marksmen dealing with them. 
    With the Blessed One's bodyguards depleted, rush him. Have all your 
    troops pound him and he should go down relatively quickly. Be prepared 
    to deal with an onslaught from the beast camp as this happens ! When the 
    Blessed One goes down, quickly pull your army back to the area of the 
    causeway and the protection of your Towers. Heal up and crank out 
    replacement units as needed; the towers should help deter enemy attacks. 
    [When he's about to expire the Blessed One of Fire (like the other two) 
    will make a remark about summoning The Devourer, but don't worry about 
    it yet.]
    Depending on the size of your army, taking down the beast camp here in 
    the south may require two (or even three) successive assaults, with 
    breaks for healing and reinforcement in between assaults. The beast 
    structures can spew out annoyingly large batches of beastmen, raptors, 
    and Sky Claws, despite having just a few workers. You may have to do 
    some retrieving of fallen party members from the battlefield...if this 
    gets to be a pain, then I recommend you erect an Altar of Life behind 
    your lines to make things easier.
    Once the beast camp is destroyed, poke around the chests in this area 
    for nice loot, including some weapons that are effective against the 
    This is the hardest fight of the level. Now send all your troops (I had 
    now reached my maximum of 70 slots) back to your base and prepare to 
    kill the remaining two Blessed Ones.
    27. The Blessed One of Storms and the Blessed One of Night
    -Wiping out the Blessed One of Storms
    The Blessed One of Storms lurks atop a hill in the northeast. There is a 
    skeleton camp on the fields below him. With my army at 80 slots it 
    wasn't all that hard to wipe out the skeleton camp and then go for the 
    Blessed One. I then moved my army west and into town.  Be alert for more 
    Undead structures along the way; destroy them as you go. Note that some 
    of the Westguard buildings here are under bombardment from ballistas 
    (located near the Blessed One of Night in the west).
    There are lots of merchants in the town square, as well as Urgi, 
    enjoying his retirement.
    Continue to the west and ascend the mountain to where there is an Undead 
    camp and the Blessed One of Night. Kill them all. When the Blessed One 
    of Night succumbs you'll get a cutscene in which The Devourer, level 30, 
    spawns in the 'abandoned' pentagram circle in the far southeast. The 
    Devourer will stay put, so you can take your time moving your army down 
    to that area. My avatar leveled up to 29 at this point so expend your 
    points as you see fit....
    I had some workers erect two towers a little ways up the road from the 
    Devourer, and gave the towers the Shaikan upgrade, so my party could be 
    healed by them. I spaced my army out around the towers and had Whisper 
    go provoke the Devourer with some arrows. When the monster comes after 
    Whisper, have everyone pile in on him and he should go down with the 
    loss of one or two troops, no more. The 'spirit' of The Devourer will 
    escape thru a portal at the pentagram to the next level (the Misty Coast).
    Your own Portal to the Misty Coast will now be activated in the NW corner
    of the map. 
    First, there are some things you can do here in the Westguard, as well 
    as some side quests to tidy up over in Sevenkeeps.
    -The Test of Truthfulness
    This is the last of the Niethalf tests. Go to the statue of Dark Elf 
    chieftain Craig Un' Shallach, on the bridge connecting your HQ area with 
    the town. Interact with it and go thru some intense metaphysical 
    discussions with the ghost of Craig. He will ask two non-rhetorical 
    questions, one about suffering; the correct answer was "the woes of 
    others are a lesson to us", and another about combat; the correct answer 
    is "battle is our vice". If you answer wrongly he'll summon four 'Dracon 
    Elite' ghosts to kill you, so have your army around to back you up and 
    resurrect you if needed. 
    When you correctly answer all of Craig's questions you'll pass the test 
    (altho Craig makes a cryptic remark about your eccentric ally Professor 
    Twiddle from Spellforce 2 ?!). He'll also ask to speak with Nightsong. 
    When Craig departs he'll give you 1600 XP and leave a chest with some 
    weapons and the "Broken Blade" for your 'Memories of Eo" side quest.
    That's about it for combat in the Westguard level. Next I did some 
    shopping among all the merchants in the town. If you are really spoiling 
    for another tough fight, there is an enemy base located on the ridge 
    along the eastern border of the map. It's only accessible by air, so 
    you'll have to use flying dragons to eliminate it.
    -The Lord of the Tides Side Quest: Introduction
    Go speak with Tor Halicos about the next map in the Main Quest, the 
    Misty Coast. He'll tell you there was a Shaikan settlement on one of the 
    islands there, but contact with the settlement has mysteriously been 
    lost. For more information he directs you to Ylia, standing nearby. 
    Speak with Ylia and you'll learn that all inhabitants of the colony have 
    disappeared, and foul play - not related to the Shaper - is suspected. 
    She offers to accompany your party to the Misty Coast to investigate 
    exactly what befell the settlers. (Note that Ylia will automatically
    spawn in the Misty Coast when you first travel there).
    However, for the moment  I decided to do some more side quests in 
    Sevenkeeps. Have your avatar step into the Journey Spell at the ruins 
    where The Devourer spawned and he or she will be teleported to the Misty 
    Coast Portal in the far northwest corner of the Westguard map. From here 
    (without interacting with the Portal) you can Journey Stone to 
    28. Side Quests in Sevenkeeps.
    -The Dreamstalker Quest
    Head to the Willow and she'll tell you to go to the Spider Lair, where 
    Barubas (aka Sharad' Naine) hangs out, and to station a party member at 
    each of the four graves of the children abused by Barubas. The four 
    graves are all a short distance from the Spider Lair Journey Stone. Each 
    grave has an interactive 'gears' symbol associated with it. Send your 
    avatar and remaining NPCs to Barubas (if you have leftover troops left 
    here on the Sevenkeeps map, have them join you).
    Speak with Barubas and when he realizes his secret is exposed, he'll 
    attack you. He'll also call out for Marcia's suffering to help give him 
    power. Quickly shift the camera to each of your party members and have 
    them interact with their assigned grave via the gear symbol; when you 
    select Marcia's grave, you'll get a voiceover that she is no longer 
    under Barubas's power. Barubas will be weakened, but he'll keep fighting 
    (you may have to use some healing spells on your avatar and troops as 
    Barubas will next call on Elyria for power; again have your NPCs query 
    their graves and when Elyria's is activated, Barubas will lose more 
    power. He'll call on Joshua, then Mo. After you deny him all four 
    children's aid, Barubas will give up. Speak with him again and after the 
    cutscene pick up the items he drops, and arm yourself with the Mirror 
    Now send your avatar to the Silent Glade; Hazibelah is located to the 
    northeast of the Journey Stone. Speak with her and she'll see her 
    reflection in the Mirror shield. You have to kill her, even if a fight 
    between your level 29 avatar and a level 20 old lady seems unfair - ! 
    When she dies she'll drop a Dreamstalker ring.
    Now go see the Willow. She'll congratulate you on ending the quest and 
    provide a Staff of the Willow.
    -Judgement on Una
    Head to the Temple District and speak with Una. She is not very 
    cooperative.  You'll be given a task to research her background by 
    visiting 9 sites here in Sevenkeeps to either read documents about her, 
    or speak with people who know about her. Start with examining the book 
    on the podium near Una; it mentions that she has a weakness for 
    Continue thru Sevenkeeps; the people to speak with are Sephis, Professor 
    Undergant,, Magician Alyre, Guild Master Cardogan, Laudinia, and 
    remaining books are one near Alyre, one at The Palace, and one near the 
    Gallows near the Marketplace. When you finish you'll get a voiceover 
    from Caine advising you to use some ruse or bait to lure Una away from 
    the Temple so she can be judged.
    Find merchant Allohi in the Marketplace and buy a bottle of sweetwine 
    from her. Return to the Temple District and carefully look for the bench 
    alongside one of the ramps leading up to the Temple; it's close by 
    Merchant Marla. Interact with the bench and place the sweetwine on it. 
    Una will come to the bench where you can judge her. She drops a robe and 
    a dagger.
    -Judgment on Ironbelly
    Head to the Marketplace and speak with Ironbelly. He of course refuses 
    to submit to judgement. A voiceover from Caine advises our traditional 
    'research' mini-quest. There are 7 subjects: Laudinia, the book at the 
    Gallows, the book at The Palace, Professor Undergant, Guild Master 
    Cardogan, Sephis, and a book located near High Priest Alastar. After 
    this, another voiceover by Caine suggests you speak to Ironbelly's 
    Henchman in the marketplace. Do so, and in hopes of getting his hands on 
    some 'Dreamsand' Ironbelly will walk down a side street to a small 
    courtyard. Follow him and then pass your Judgement. Ironbelly drops an 
    amulet and a dagger. In an exchange with Caine your avatar will have an 
    amusing line, but do check the dropped items in your inventory; I 
    discovered I now had a 'Vestments of the Just' armor, helmet, and amulet 
    set that was pretty nice. Caine also get the 'Manhunter' ability 
    (whatever that is).
    With these side quests completed your avatar should be a bit closer to 
    level 30.
    It was now time to proceed with the "Misty Coast" mission and the last 
    big RTS segment of the game. Journey Stone back to The Westguard and the 
    Portal to the Misty Coast, and then step thru the Portal.
    29. The Misty Coast: The Five Islands
    -Clearing the Island of Elementals and Investigating the Fate of the 
    You'll arrive on a small island in the southwest where the abandoned 
    Shaikan settlement was located. Make your way down the trails, killing 
    all the elementals and golems and liberating the structures. Keep an eye 
    out for 'Clam Shells' scattered around on this island (and other islands 
    on this map) and pick them up (they will not be indicated on your mini-
    map and can take some careful searching to find). When the last enemy 
    detachment is destroyed a team of workers will spawn, and you'll get a 
    quest message that you will need to create flying units to take the 
    fight to the Shaper elsewhere on this map.
    Speak with Ylia, who has spawned here at the Shaikan settlement. 
    She'll tell you to examine the island for clues to the fate of the 
    settlers. A diary will spawn in the sand and be indicated on your mini-
    map; read it and return to Ylia. It seems you'll need to confront the 
    Lord of the Tides and secure the return of the lost settlers. For now, 
    set this side quest aside and come back to it (below) when the main 
    quest storyline is complete here on the Coast.
    Get the workers busy harvesting stone, silver, and lenya and when you 
    have enough stone, build a Practice Ground, then a Headquarters. 
    Completion of the HQ will trigger a cutscene and then the Soul Carrier 
    will join your party. Also, five Shaper outposts will be revealed on the 
    map; each outpost is located on a small island and contains a larger 
    version of one of those strange 'tripod' objects you might remember from 
    the hold of the City Ship. These tripods supply the Archfire power the 
    Shaper is using to deter the Soul Carrier from attacking him at his home 
    base on the northern island.
    Each enemy camp on the small islands is guarded by towers and troops. 
    You will have to use your dragons to fly to the island, beat back the 
    enemy around each island's Journey Stone, and thus allow your avatar and 
    party to teleport to the island and deactivate the Archfire tripod. When 
    all five tripods are deactivated, the Shaper's defensive power will be 
    crippled. Be careful, because if at any time the Soul Carrier gets 
    killed, you fail the mission.
    -Creating a Flying Dragon Force
    Base-building on 'your' island is a bit tricky since there is not a lot 
    of room for the placement of buildings and towers, but you should be 
    able to construct enough Food Stores (upgraded to Depots) to reach your 
    max troop slot of 70. Stone, silver and lenya are all very plentiful.
    Soon after your HQ is built waves of Fire Gargoyles will come at you. I 
    had some Marksmen (upgraded to Salvo Shot), three towers, and party 
    members with ranged weapons to help defend things at first. Then once I 
    had the capability to create dragons I put a fire and crystal dragon 
    combo into the mix, too. Plant Wind, or another caster equipped with a 
    healing wand, at the most heavily attacked location, and she can heal 
    the Marksmen and dragons on a regular basis. There were two areas on my 
    island where the gargoyle attacks were directed, so this Marksmen - 
    Dragon - Tower -Hero combination worked quite well.
    I wouldn't recommend creating a dragon Titan, despite the fact that it's 
    a cool unit, it's incapable of flying and costs quite a bit of lenya and 
    silver and occupies 5 slots. Too bad the one time in the game you can 
    create one, it's basically useless.... !
    -Liberation of the First Island
    When you are comfortable with your defenses and you've maxed your troop 
    slots, assemble a force of the Soul Carrier,  and five or more Crystal / 
    Fire dragonlings and carefully send them to the first island.  Scout 
    from a distance to learn the location of the Journey Stone, then have 
    them eliminate the elementals and other monsters clustered around the 
    Stone. The crystal dragons are pretty weak against structures, so when 
    the area is clear, have your avatar teleport over and then summon three 
    or four (or more) party members with good 'building-destroying' weapons. 
    Methodically work your way thru the island, taking down towers and the 
    Blood Fire that spawns the Fire Gargoyles. Have your dragons help out as 
    When you reach the tripod, if you have the Rune Stone from Yasha's side 
    quest in your inventory, you can interact with it to toss the Stone into 
    the Archfire to destroy it and complete that side quest. When you 
    deactivate a tripod, be aware that it will spawn a level 27 Blessed One, 
    so be ready for a fight. One down, five to go !
    -The Remaining Islands
    Check back at your own island base to see that your towers are intact 
    and your archers are holding off the attacking Fire Golems. Replace any 
    lost dragons and then send them to the second island, clear the Journey 
    Stone, bring over your avatar, summon heroes, and again go thru the 
    cleanup process. This island has some Frost Elementals that are nasty, 
    freezing your units in place, so if needed, retreat and heal and get 
    reinforcements. On this island is a chest with Rohen's Boots for your 
    'Memories of Eo' side quest.  Also on the second island, near the 
    Journey Stone, is a strange symbol inscribed on the beach; this relates 
    to the Lord of the Tides side quest (below).
    After deactivating the second island's Archfire my avatar leveled up to 
    30 and my heroes reached 24.
    On the third island, be careful because when the Blessed One spawns 
    after the deactivation of a tripod, he will now start summoning a 
    healthy batch of monsters to assist him, so be prepared to resurrect 
    fallen heroes after these combats.
    By the time you get to the fifth island the fire gargoyle attacks on 
    your base should start to decrease to just one batch at a time, so you 
    can now transfer troops to your dragon attack force.
    30. Misty Coast: The Shaper
    When all five islands are secure you'll be cleared to attack the Shaper 
    on his own island in the northwest. Needless to say it's the most well-
    defended island on the map, so get all your dragons together and make 
    sure you have a nice stock of lenya available. Send your dragons to the 
    island and patiently clear the enemy from the Journey Stone area. Then 
    teleport your avatar over. I wouldn't recommend summoning Nightsong, 
    since she dies too quickly in the latter stages of the mission here. 
    Carefully work your way into the interior of the island. The Shaper is 
    level 30 and he's got lots of elementals and gargoyles to help him out. 
    If you lose party members in battle it's best to revive them at your 
    Altar of Life back at your base, and then teleport them to your avatar's 
    side, rather than trying a 'battlefield resurrection'.
    You may want to send your dragons around the perimeter of the island, to 
    take out enemy units without intervention from the Shaper; he tends to 
    stay around the Archfire Tower at the island's center when he's not 
    Be ready to retreat and reinforce as needed. You should gradually 
    whittle away the Shaper's support troops and the you can sneak your 
    party in to destroy the buildings near him. When you're ready, pile 
    everyone on the Shaper and he should go down rather easily. However...it's 
    not really the Shaper, but a 'mirage' ! The true Shaper has fled thru 
    the nearby Portal to the next level, King Ulf's Palace back in 
    Roll your eyes, and search the island for some loot, including "Flink 
    McWinter's Survival Manual" for the Memories of Eo side quest.
    You can now complete the 'Lord of the Tides' side quest.
    31. The Misty Coast: The Lord of the Tides Side Quest
    -The Four Servants of the Lord of the Tides
    With a bit of luck you may have gathered the needed 20 clam shells as 
    you fought your way from island to island; if you didn't, you can now go 
    back to each island and search for them at your leisure. When you have 
    all 20 return to Ylia at your island base and she'll craft a Sea Shell 
    Horn for you. Now travel to the second island and step into the strange 
    symbol in the sand and blow the Horn. It will summon a group of skeletal 
    sailors who are not very impressed with your musicianship. Speak with 
    the lead sailor and he'll tell you must kill the four Servants of the 
    Lord of the Tide to learn the proper notes for the Horn.
    The Servants and their locations are:
    Windhowler on island 2
    Sprayspitter on island 3
    Saltgust on island 4
    The Servant of the Waves on island 5
    Teleport your avatar to the respective islands, summon your heroes, and 
    take down the Servants. These Servants are level 26 ghosts and you may 
    want to have your dragon force assist in destroying them. When all four 
    Servants are gone and you've learned the 4 notes, return to island 2 and 
    the skeleton sailor.
    -The Three Fighters
    The sailor will tell you the Lord of the Tides has three champion 
    fighters you'll need to defeat before any freeing of the abducted 
    Shaikan is feasible. These fighters are Stormfury, Deepbreaker, and 
    Waverider. After the conversation ends you'll note the appearance on 
    islands 2, 4, and 5 of inscribed stones  that provide hints on which 
    series of four notes to blow on the Horn to summon the respective 
    fighters. Examine each stone and its clue will be recorded in your log 
    and your quest book. After you activate these three stones another two 
    will be triggered to spawn on islands 3 (Stormgiants) and 5 
    (Ghostdragons); these are ancillary minions of the Lord of the Tides 
    that you can summon and kill for extra loot if you so desire.
    Return to the second island and the Horn-blowing circle inscribed in the 
    sand. Gather your party and dragons about you and blow the four notes to 
    summon each fighter. If you can't figure out the clues on your own, here 
    they are:
    Waverider (a skeleton): spray, spray, wave, salt
    Deepbreaker (a golem): salt, wave, wave, spray
    Stormfury (a dragon): wind, wind, waves, spray
    When the correct notes are blown, the fighter will spawn just off the 
    beach, and wade onto the island looking for a fight. Each of these 
    fighters is level 23 so you should be able to handle them OK. They drop 
    some good loot.
    After the third fighter goes down get ready to keep bashing away because 
    another three, even more powerful, representatives of the Tides will 
    successively spawn near the Horn Circle and attack you - ! These are the 
    Lord of the Storms, the Lord of the Waves, and the Lord of the Deep. 
    These are all level 24 so you'll have to fight a bit harder to take them 
    When the second set of Tide's fighters are eliminated the abducted 
    Shaikan will materialize in the Circle and thank your avatar for freeing 
    them from the curse. Be sure to loot the corpses of the downed fighters 
    for nice loot, including a 'Tides" armor set.
    To complete the quest, return to the Shaikan island and speak with Ylia, 
    who will tell you it's best that the Shaikan never permanently settle 
    the Coast, because sooner or later the Lord of the Tides will again try 
    to claim them for his servants.
    [I was pretty much sick of this quest by now so I didn't return to the 
    second island to try and summon the Stormgiants and Ghostdragons using 
    the Horn; the clues to summon these monsters are less helpful than for 
    the three fighters. But if you are greedy for more loot, you can try 
    figuring out which four notes are needed for these creatures.]
    On the topic of The Misty Coast and the Lord of the Tides, player Varga
    Ference / Palmazone has this to say:
    "Its a pity, that you didn't try to call the Stormgiant, actually it's 
    the easiest sign = 'Doubly strong in all, yet at heart they are only salt 
    in the wind' = 2 times salt and 2 times wind (2-2-3-3). I called him about 
    100 times and with the help of my dragon army (9 fire and 8 cristal dragons) 
    my Avatar was able to kill Stormgiant in just few seconds and call the next 
    one. The dead Stormgiant dropped approx 8 items for 10 kills. Sometimes 
    dropped nothing, but sometimes dropped really good items, mostly lev 24, 
    that was perfect to equip my partymembers and the rest I sold to merchants 
    and got a really lot of gold, so I could buy more good items.
    It is the best unlimited source for getting items. A pity its coming too 
    late, just before the end of the game."
    If you have any other side quests remaining to be completed, now is the 
    time to do so, although once you follow the Shaper thru the Portal to King 
    Ulf's Palace (the Palace is in Sevenkeeps) you do seem to be able 
    to leave its grounds.... ?!
    Dragon Storm player cadash has this to say:
    "You can journey stone out of king ulfs castle,I hadnt finished the 
    memories from eo quest while in ulfs castle and decided to see if it would
    let me j/stone out, i thought they would be red but guess what?,they were 
    black. Awesome, i have now found the last skull coin and the last memory,
    thanks to the walkthrough.and will come back for the shaper, ive left him 
    till last:-) "
    32. The Memories of Eo Side Quest
    I never did collect all the items needed for the "Memories of Eo" side 
    quest. kitnstar at the Dragon Storm Forums has kindly listed all of them 
    and their locations:
    1. Gemstone - Winterlight Peak (Braga) 
    2. Dwarven Brandy - Alluvyan, in east by wall, north of graveyard 
    3. Spider Trap - Sevenkeeps, in the spider lair 
    4. Broken Claw of Pickpocketry - Sevenkeeps, northwest in abandoned 
    camp, by the fence 
    5. Misty Crystals - Sevenkeeps, northeast of temple 
    6. Dreamwine of Empyria - Ghostwatch, Imperial Camp 
    7. Walkthrough book to Master Game - Ghostwatch, near one of the first 
    towers I think (didn't write down location) 
    8. Bone Knife - Ghostwatch, Agathos camp 
    9. Order Brooch from Greyfell - Sevenkeeps, south of university 
    10. Harp from Tirganach - Winterlight Peak, next to ether journey 
    11. Statue of Mugwa - Refuge, devastator drops it (north of southern 
    12. Crawler Fetish - Refuge, by east wind 
    13. Mauser Bear Whistle - Westguard, near southeastern attack route 
    14. Shard of Magnetstone - Westguard, Northwestern attack route 
    15. Craig's Broken Blade - Westguard, after completing test of 
    16. Painting from Mulandir - Sevenkeeps, just south east of the 'north 
    gate' Journey Stone (contributed by Z. Alban)  
    17. Head of Thar - Ghostwatch, south of inner city journeystone 
    18. Stories from Liannon - Alluvyan, in west just south of town, not 
    easy to find for me (missed it twice!!), hidden behind little house 
    19. Rohen's Boots - Misty Coast, don't remember who dropped em though
    20. McWinter's Survival Manual - Misty Coast, Island of the Shaper, just 
    northwest of journeystone, near big tower.
    kitnstar notes:
    "I won't say what happens after finally completing the collection, but my 
    personal opinion is it's not worth the hours of wandering looking for 
    It's also worth noting that Forum poster Shadowlord has a list of 16 
    of the 'Memories' items, too. Here is his list:
    1 Dwarven brandy from Windholme: East in inner city in chest against 
    outer wall 
    2 Spidertrap from Skye: In chest in spider lair 
    3 Orderbrooch from Greyfell: In chest south of University 
    4 Misty crystal from Leafshade: on side path north east of Temple 
    5 Broken claw of pickpocketing: northwest near supply train departure 
    6 Dreamwine from empyria: South in Army base 
    7 Walkthrough book to master game: @ 2nd tower on corpse 
    8 Boneknife: in Agathos' camp 
    9 Braga's gemstone: Dropped by Braga in east at end of side path 
    10 Harp from Tirganach: in chest @ether journey spell 
    11 Statue of Mugwa: dropped by troll north of 1st dragon camp on south-
    west path 
    12 Crawler fetish: in chest @ appearance point East Wind 
    13 Shard of Magnetstone: in chest @ skeletoncamp in west 
    14 Craigs broken blade: in chest after Test of Truthfulness 
    Misty coast:  
    15 Rohen's boots: on 2nd Island in chest near the Journey stone 
    16 McWinter's survival Manuel: In chest on Shaper Island on east side 
    near the tower.
    So between kitnstar's and Shadowlord's lists you should be able to find 
    all of the Memories !
    When you're ready for the end of the game, step thru the Portal on the
    Shaper's Island, and onto the grounds of King Ulf's Palace in Sevenkeeps.
    33. The Blessed Ones in the Palace
    -The Blessed One in the East Hall
    This is the endgame map and it's a bit more scenic and pleasant than the 
    Steel Shore map from Spellforce 2. After you and your party arrive 
    you'll get a quest message that you must eliminate the three Blessed 
    Ones (level 30) that are guarding the entry points to the Palace 
    interior. You also need to find a way to get to the Throne Room, where 
    the Shaper is holed up, in the northwest corner of the Palace. Needless 
    to say the Palace grounds are crawling with the Shaper's minions, and 
    they won't let you thru to him without a fight.
    There are sentries to King Ulf (level 19) spaced around the Palace but 
    they are little deterrent to your  avatar and party. I decided first to 
    deal with the Blessed One in the Eastern hall. As soon as you provoke 
    him he'll summon 'imitators' of your party; an evil Wind, an evil 
    Whisper, etc. These are level 24, so you can't just rush in and take all 
    of them on. Instead, loiter outside the hall and try and lure three or 
    four imitators out to attack you and eliminate them. When it's just the 
    Blessed One and two or three imitators left in the hall, rush in and  
    kill them all. The Blessed One dropped a war ruby and a dungeon keeper 
    key No. 2.
    -The Blessed One in the Prison
    This is a tough fight. First, head to the south part of the Palace. Be 
    aware that a Giant disguised (?) as a cook may wander around here; kill 
    him and he drops a gem. Enter the south hall - which is actually the 
    palace Prison- and kill some skeletons in the entryway. Note that the 
    Blessed One is stationed with some mid-20s level skeletons in one wing 
    of the Prison. When you get close to her you'll trigger a cutscene, 
    which demonstrates that the Blessed One has disguised herself as a 
    skeleton and vice versa. But she won't attack you unless you make the 
    first move. 
    When all skeletons except those with the Blessed One are disposed of, 
    exit the Prison and go back to the courtyard outside it and stand facing 
    the Altar of Life. Note that there are staircases to either side of the 
    Altar. Park Nightsong back in the East Hall and detach her from your 
    party (she tends to die too easily in this upcoming fight). Put the rest 
    of your party at the bottom of the east staircase.
    Arm your party with weapons that have effectiveness against the Undead, 
    and try and have three party members capable of casting 'Benefaction' or 
    other area-healing spells, and Save the game. Then send Whisper running 
    back into the Prison and have him approach the Blessed One and loose an 
    arrow at her. Immediately have him take off running back to your party. 
    All the skeletons and the Blessed One will follow right behind him.
    With some luck, when Whisper rejoins your party only two or three 
    skeletons will be on his heels. Save the game and have your party take 
    on the skeletons. You'll probably be so busy casting healing spells that 
    you'll have difficulty overseeing the fight, but be ready to retreat if 
    you are being overwhelmed. With some more luck, the skeletons and the 
    Blessed One will concentrate on attacking the nearby Altar, rather than 
    your party as it heals on the staircase. 
    Resurrect fallen party members if necessary and then launch another 
    attack on the Blessed One (who was single-mindedly whacking away at the 
    Altar, validating my strategy of placing my party in proximity to this 
    structure). After you kill 'her' the first time, the 'real' edition will 
    be revealed / re- spawn and you'll have to kill 'her' a second time. 
    Keep the healing spells going and although you may well lose two or 
    three (or four !) members, you'll ultimately be victorious. The 
    Blessed One will drop a gem and two keys, one is dungeon keeper key No. 
    1, and the other, a Key to the King's Bedroom. 
    Note that west of the Altar some of the Palace sentries will be out in 
    the courtyard immediately in front of the entrance to the west wing of 
    the Palace; ignore them for the moment.
    -The Prison Cells
    You can now have Nightsong rejoin the party, and go back into the 
    Prison. Behind the area where the Blessed One was originally standing is 
    a mausoleum door that can be opened with one of your Dungeon keys; there 
    are three tombs inside it, and two can be interacted with. One tomb will 
    yield a Central Prison Key; the other tomb spawns a level 30 skeleton 
    that you can take down easily.
    With the Central Prison Key in hand you can open the cells in the main 
    corridor. Some have criminals or monsters in them you can kill for gems 
    and weapons. One cell contains King Ulf; speak with him and he'll give 
    you an amulet you can show to General Karan, elsewhere in the Palace, to 
    enlist his aid in the fight against the Shaper.
    The other wing of the Prison has a locked door you can now open; behind 
    it are a group of skeletons lurking in the torture chambers. Eliminate 
    them and interact with the 'gears' symbol to open a cell here; it 
    contains Flink McWinter, beloved Spellforce con-man and thief. You have 
    a number of dialogue options with Flink, including one to have him 
    temporarily join your party and use his lockpicking skills to get you 
    thru the Palace. I suggest you exploit his skills.
    Explore the other rooms in this southeast corridor and you'll come upon 
    a gear symbol; open it and enter a kitchen. A 'will o the wisp' will 
    call out; proceed to a small store room with barrels in it. The wisp is 
    imprisoned in a barrel; release it and you'll be rewarded by an attack 
    by 'wine spirits' (!?). They'll drop a gem when you kill them.
    Elsewhere in this section is a small food storeroom with a chest of 
    armor and weapons, and a garden of lenya that will spawn some golems 
    when you attempt to harvest the lenya. Kill the golems and get the lenya 
    (2400 total); now your Altar of Life is quite capable of resurrecting 
    your fallen party members.
    When you've cleaned out the Prison wing, return to the courtyard and the 
    Altar of Life and prepare to investigate the west wing.
    -The West Wing
    The group of sentries near the entrance to the west wing will need to be 
    eliminated. Once in the wing, there is a door just past the entryway, if 
    you have the appropriate Key in your inventory enter this suite of 
    rooms. There are some chests and the King's bedroom in this suite. When 
    your party is in this vicinity and you have Flink with you, he'll 
    announce that he senses more loot nearby and urges you to 'knock on the 
    walls' for a secret passage.
    Proceed down the hall, and kill some more sentries. Enter the Audience 
    Hall, which you can do if you have the Key, and get some loot; your 
    presence in this area with Flink should trigger the appearance of a gear 
    symbol on the wall outside the Audience Hall. Interact with the gear and 
    some hidden doors will swing open revealing a large suite of rooms in 
    the southwest part of the Palace. Flink will take this opportunity to 
    flee, complaining that there is a stench of death / doom in the place.
    There is a 'treasure room' here with a lot of weapons and armor that are 
    largely useless since they are mainly upper-20's level stuff and only 
    your avatar qualifies to wear it, and selling it is not an option here 
    in the endgame. 
    If you look carefully there is a creo in this room with 
    a partially-completed amulet on it. You can interact with the creo to 
    insert some of the gems you've been picking up (such as the rubies, 
    emeralds, etc.) and complete the amulet and add it to your inventory. To 
    be honest I couldn't figure out what kind of amulet I made, anyways.
    Spellforce player Palmazone elaborates on the items you can craft
    with this creo:
    In the Secret room of the West Wing of the Palace You can make the best 
    Amulet (lev 30) of the game. Its a pity you didnt check, what you got. Its 
    called 'Star of the Highmark' and depending what gems you insert, you get 
    an amulet for fighter (War Ruby), or caster (Mana Sapphire) or bower 
    (Forest Emerald). You can also mix them, but I had a fighter Avatar  so I 
    inserted all War Rubies and I got an amulet with amazing stats = Armor 33 ! 
    Health 2376 !!! Mana 792 ! +20% Life Regeneration !! +20% Melee Combat 
    Damage !!
    I should mention, that in this Secret Room you can find also the best 
    'Royal' Set (lev 30) for your Avatar that consist of: 
    1. Royal Platemail Armor (Armor 204 !!! Health 2040 ! Mana 2040 !! +100 
    Life Recovery !!! +15% Mana Recovery) 
    2. Royal Plate Helm (Armor 102 ! Health 1360 ! Mana 1360 !! Raises Enemy 
    Aggression by 75% +10% Melee Combat Damage !)
    3. Royal Emblem Ring (Armor 17 ! Health 816 ! Mana 544 +8% Melee 
    Combat Damage ! +8% Ranged Combat Damage !)
    4. Royal Signet Ring (Armor 18 ! Health 540 Mana 820 ! +10% Healing 
    Power +4% Mana Regeneration +8% Life Regeneration !)
    Set Bonus if you wear all 4 items: Melee combat attackers freeze for a 
    moment in every attack !!! 
    Maybe the rings are not the best by themselfs, but its worth wearing the 
    whole set for the bonus.
    On this topic of the Star of the Highmark, Dragon Storm Forum poster 
    Skyreal has this to say:
    "Just a short guide to crafting your ultimate amulet.
    First, there are two mounts and three types of gems you can insert. 
    The inner mount requires only one gem and the outer mounting will 
    require 6 of one type of gem. The system is simple. The type of gem 
    you put into the inner mount determines the type of amulet you get. 
    The type of gem you put into the outer slow will determine the 
    secondary effect. So just put together your desired attributes - 
    choose one set from inner and one from outer - from the list below 
    to craft your ultimate amulet.
    Common to all amulets:
    Star of Highmark
    Neck. Required level 30
    Armor 33
    Inner Mount
    War Ruby:
    Health Points 2376
    Mana 792
    +20% Melee Combat Damage
    Mana Sapphire:
    Health Points 792
    Mana 2376
    Mental Power
    +10% Mana Regeneration
    Forest Emerald:
    Health Points 1575
    Mana 1575
    +20% Ranged Combat Damage
    Outer Mounting:
    6 War Rubies:
    +20% Life Regeneration
    6 Mana Sapphires:
    + 30% damage added to all spells cast
    6 Forest Emeralds:
    Recast time of all spells and abilities lowered by 20%
    If you can't find the gems you require, just make sure that you've killed
     all the monsters you can find and taken their dropped items. I don't 
    remember if the skeletons locked in the prison drop any gems, but in 
    case they do, you have to walk close to the corpse to get them to attack 
    you. Other sources of gems include drops from special monsters and from 
    the sides of the rooms (those not in chests)."
    When you've got the amulet of your dreams made, search the remaining rooms 
    here in the southwest and you'll come upon General Karan; speak with him 
    and he'll run off to aid King Ulf back in his Prison cell....and return to 
    aid you later, at a critical time in this level !
    34. The North Section of the Palace
    -The Blessed One in the Temple
    When you're done exploring the hidden rooms, return to the west wing. 
    Station Nightsong out of the way for now,  and proceed north into the 
    library; take down some Palace sentries here and use the Temple Key to 
    open the door. The third and final Blessed One lurks inside, with a big 
    batch of elementals, continuously spawned from four Nodes here in the 
    Temple, to assist him.
    Send your party rushing in and go for the Nodes. With some luck and 
    healing spells you should be able to destroy two Nodes before you have 
    to retreat and heal up (the elementals won't follow you too far). 
    Remember that if a party member dies in a spot that's dangerous to 
    resurrect them, you now have the Altar of Life at your disposal.
    Repeat the Node-destruction foray, again retreat to heal up, and 
    patiently eliminate all four Nodes. Then try and lure the surviving 
    elementals out of the Temple to where your party can gang up on them. 
    Then enter the Temple and deal with the Blessed One. When he is dead the 
    first segment of the Palace mission is complete.
    -The Ever-Spawning Golem Puzzle
    Have Nightsong rejoin your party in the Temple, and now head into the 
    northwest portion of the Palace. You'll encounter some various flavors 
    of golem. While they are only level 15 they spawn continuously, so you 
    have to turn off their spawn-points. Therefore, don't stop to engage 
    them, but have your party run into the first room to the side; all these 
    rooms are bare of furnishings and have plank flooring with both a portal 
    circle, and an inscribed circle with a symbol in it, on the floor.
    Have your party step into the portal circle and they'll be teleported to 
    a self-enclosed room in the northern edge of the Palace. These little 
    rooms have their own portal, and a symbol inscribed on a circle on the 
    floor; this symbol mediates the spawning of the golems. Have a party 
    member (for now, your weakest fighter other than Wind, i.e., Nightsong) 
    step into the 'symbol' circle and leave them there; this eliminates the 
    spawning potential of the symbol. Then have everyone else re-enter the 
    portal circle and you'll be teleported back to the room on the Palace 
    you departed from.
    There are six of these 'symbol' rooms here in the northwest wing and 
    each is tied to a corresponding smaller room containing the spawning-
    point symbol. Stash a party member on each symbol in these smaller 
    rooms. Try to have Wind accompany your avatar until the sixth symbol 
    needs a house-sitter, so she can assist in healing your avatar if 
    necessary (if Wind is indeed your designated Healer).
    There may be some combat needed to get the golems out of your way, but 
    you shouldn't lose any party members in this effort. When the six 
    symbols are all occupied  by a party member no more golems will spawn. 
    Have your avatar step into the seventh room and the portal there, and 
    you'll get a cutscene in which everyone is now spawned in a dining room 
    in the north section of the Palace.
    (NOTE: Dragon Storm Forum poster Chansuiho warns against casting any spells
    on these golems to make them your ally. Evidently the game AI recognizes ANY
    golem on this map as an enemy, and will refuse to open the seventh 
    room to your avatar unless ALL golems in the suite are dead. Since you can't 
    'force-fire' on your own ally, the presence of these friendly golems will
    essentially prohibit you from completing this mission and the game !)
    -The Northern Corridor
    Use the lever on the nearby wall to open a secret door that leads to a 
    corridor; there is a good force of sentries here that will need to be 
    eliminated. A door along this corridor should open out on the back of 
    the Altar of Life, so be aware of that option as the level unfolds. 
    Continue north, and you'll encounter another batch of sentries; one drops 
    a Key to the Throneroom. Once you open the Throneroom door the last section 
    of the game begins. This is a good time to send Nightsong back to the Altar
    of Life and station her there. Do a Save game, and then open the Throneroom 
    35. The Battle with the Shaper
    -The Blessed Ones of Healing
    After the cutscene plays lots and lots of Undead Kings of the Highmark 
    (level 19) will begin spawning from the statues lining the aisles of the 
    Throneroom. The spawning of these undead is controlled by the four 
    Blessed Ones of Healing (level 25) who also maintain the energy field 
    around the Shaper. These Blessed Ones are so preoccupied with their 
    mission that they won't defend themselves from attack.
    Ignore the Undead Kings and focus your party on any one of the Blessed 
    Ones up on the dais with the Shaper. With a little luck you should kill 
    at least one before your party starts to lose too much health.  Now send 
    your party running all the way back to the Altar of Life. Some Undead 
    Kings will pursue but not enough to cause any real trouble, and 
    Nightsong will be by the Altar to help out. If any party members die, 
    revive them at the Altar (try to keep your avatar alive, since reviving 
    him or her is the most expensive in terms of lenya).
    Save the game, and creep back towards the Throneroom. Cast Chromatic 
    Shield, if you have it, on your avatar, and make a run into the 
    Throneroom and target another Blessed One. After he /she goes down again 
    retreat to the Altar of Life.
    With two Blessed Ones remaining your strategy can change a bit. This 
    time group Nightsong with your party and when you return to the 
    Throneroom, after killing the third Blessed One, go right to the fourth 
    and start in on him. You'll lose some party members, but when the fourth 
    and final Blessed One goes down, you'll trigger a cutscene in which King 
    Ulf, General Karan, and some loyal troops enter the Throneroom and into 
    combat with the Undead and the Shaper.
    -Defeat of the Shaper
    After these cutscenes finish, four more Blessed Ones will spawn here in 
    the Throneroom; they are all level 22. While Ulf and his men deal with 
    the Shaper, have your party attack the four new Blessed Ones. Bash away 
    at them and they should go down without too much trouble. 
    Another cutscene will play and you'll discover the Shaper, now reduced to
    level 24, is standing alone in the Throneroom. Heal everyone up - or 
    resurrect if they're very close to terminally expiring - and take on the 
    Shaper. He should go down with only a brief fight. Enjoy the closing 
    cutscenes !
    Ongoing developments in the Spellforce games:
    In late March 2009 Phenomic released (in the US) the title they had been 
    working on for EA Games, called 'Battleforge'. The game combines
    card-playing, RPG-based gameplay with RTS gameplay. I'm not a big fan of
    card-based games, so I have not played Battleforge. Gamespot gave the game
    a reasonably good rating of '8.0', praising the graphics and open-ended
    Players have also given the game high ratings ('10.0'). However, some 
    player reviews have criticised the game for its short length and the need
    to continuously spend more money to purchase the cards (at the 'Auction 
    House') that are necessary to realistically advance in the game's 
    multiplayer arenas. 
    At the end of May 2009 EA Games released the basic Battleforge game,
    including two decks of cards, as a free download from their website: 
    In May of 2009 word came that JoWooD Entertainment AG was preparing another 
    Spellforce 2 expansion pack, tentatively titled 'Spellforce 2: Faith in 
    Destiny'. Some screenshots were posted to Gamespot in mid-December 2009. It
    is unclear when the game will be released in Europe and the US.

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