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"Fusion Fall Review -Post- becoming Free"

Overall, gameplay has remained the same since FusionFall beta. The game has a plot that involves preparing your character to fight the ultimate threat to the world, which is the primary antagonist called Fuse. As you play, you encounter numerous Cartoon Network characters and a few non original characters in the game. New NPCs are added based on CN's programing. You gain level by collecting Fuse Matter which is used for your experience and for changing nano abilities you use in the game.

The game is heavily mission based in which numerous NPC assign you a mission that you complete, report, do errand boy stuff, and basically be the gopher of various Cartoon Network characters. Missions include various jumping obstacles, defeating evil copies of CN characters, defeating specific amount of monsters, collecting items, or just interacting with other NPCs. As you play through the game, the story advances and you will notice that each NPC has a background story that reveals what they are doing and what characters they are involved with. The game becomes slower when your level becomes higher and it takes longer to level up because new missions become available when you reach new levels.

Some of the missions tend to be quite annoying when you are in a string of missions that have you running around the world. Luckily, there are faster ways to travel such as the Monkey Minion Skyway and a few warp points offered by KND NPCs to make traversing the world easier.

As for batting, it is pretty straight forward. One click to shoot or slice the monster. You inflict a certain amount of damage, which can be manipulated by the use of boosts found in shops. Nanos put a twist on battles by allowing the character to have nanos that help them heal, do extra damage, stun the enemy, run faster, jump higher, etc.

The graphics remained as stunning as ever since the beta. Vibrant colors, details in the characters, landscape, monsters, and even the sky. It is pretty fluid with very little graphical errors other than lines in the sky and mountains. Some characters are just plain creepy, like the ever motionless and overly realistic Jake that stare at you with his an animated body.

Monetary System:
The game's money system is called Taros. You gain money based on missions and defeat of monsters.Taros are currently worthless to most players since item hacks and taro glitches result in unlimited or maxed out Taros. As a result, Taros become pointless if everyone has a lot of money. If everyone is rich, items loose value. Because of this, item trading has increased since 2011. Specific item drops and sets have become the basis of trades for other items.

Socializing is not practical since Cartoon Network placed in a overly strict censorship to the chat system. It will censor words like names, places, words that sound like swears, common pronouns and spelling errors. Apparently even "censor" is an inappropriate word to use in the game. Simple things like "Hey, are you coming to Eternal Vista's?" becomes "Hey, are ### ###### ## ###### #####?" It becomes annoying when your trying to trade an item or making a statement how much you want when words and numbers are blocked.

Game Changes:
This most obvious change in the game was the removal of the Future of the world and its replacement which is now called the Academy. I found this to be a poor change and drastic change to the storyline. As of December 2011, most remnants in the main portion of the game that relates to the future are now gone. Missions and several items were lost or completely removed and replaced by missions in the academy. The academy is a faster tutorial that can be accomplished in about 10-15 minutes. It shows newer characters and some that never appear in the main game. New nanos are introduced, which are also obtainable through code if the player was from beta or Jan 2010 and earlier. Nanos are now being implemented through codes, while the majority of item and mission codes have been removed since the update to the code system in 2011.

Technical Support:
Unfortunately, the game is plagued by a variety of problems that are not always addressed quickly. Since the the game was made free, the FusionFall forums were closed down since it required paid membership. The developers are not as active as they were in the past. CN took over technical support and replaced the old support system them their own forum on CN and an email address to report bugs. Problems such as, lost characters, frozen spots, or endless falling can take a week or more to be remedied by the developers now. You need to rely on the email address as the CN forum has no guarantee of a response by the developers as it mostly user response. All questions and reports of bugs and fix reports are lumped in a messy unorganized thread.

Aside from the decline of technical support, the game still has problems that plagued it during the beta run in 2008. For instance, the unity web browser the game runs on will crash unexpectedly, stall or never load the game at load up, and will loose connection to the server for unexplained reasons. Another issue that is experienced is the character endlessly dying for no apparent reason, or the game crashing and your Cartoon Network account being logged out despite being in the game less than five minutes.

Other common glitches include: frozen monsters, multiple monsters attacking from the same sprite, monster invincibility/increased strength/ or 1 hit ko to the player despite the player's level. No joke, I have encountered level 4 spawns that were able to KO me in one or two hits when I was level 27. I even had lower level monsters not even take a single hit after about a minute of battle, while my character took damage. Also, there are times when your settings will reset, your nanos will not appear on the gameplay screen, and your items will vanish from your inventory. Most of these problems are remedied by either dying, exiting the game and closing the browser, or even changing characters and switching back to the character you were playing.

All in all, the game sticks a lot to its roots and slowly changes as cartoon network does. I would like to see more support for the game, but since it is free now I doubt that would ever happen again.

Gameplay: 9/10
Graphics: 9/10
Socialization: 2/10
Monetary System 5/10
Game Updates: 8/10
Technical Support: 5/10

Overall Score from reviewer: 7/10
If the chat system and tech support was better it would have been an 8.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 01/06/12

Game Release: Cartoon Network Universe: FusionFall (US, 01/14/09)

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