How do I beat dragon?

  1. How do u kill the dragon and what level should u be at. My armor is at 747 but I die so quick help

    User Info: DCK0254

    DCK0254 - 5 years ago


  1. I managed to kill the dragon with no harm at all. :-)
    When the dragon was getting on the ground I immediately started to run back downhill on the path. It followed me and after the stone bridge it stopped before the left bend. I guess it stuck there due to the pathfinding algorithm because I was already well ahead so it could not decide where to follow me.
    I went back till the starting point of that bend on my side and could hit the dragon with fireballs from that distance...

    User Info: kawataki

    kawataki - 5 years ago 0 0
  2. Ranged attacks are actually makes the game much harder if you use close combat..

    User Info: Dimon101

    Dimon101 - 3 years ago 0 0

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