Review by kckkryptonite

"Lifeless, Flawed, and Boring"

So, the game starts out with some nice CGI. Plays similarly to Diablo, except your cursor is a fairy that acts as a light source in dark places and gives helpful/annoying/funny comments from time to time. It's one of the more innovative points of the game, err... the only innovative thing in the game that I will remotely remember in a week.

The story is almost non-existent, that would be forgivable since it is a hack n' slash, but that part of the game is almost non-existent as well. You can only hotkey the three buttons on your mouse and one of them has to be "move" limiting you to only two others. Otherwise, to change it you have to click the icon and select another talent, hardly feasible in battle. Needless to say, I went through the game using only 2-3 beefed up talents, which is really all you need anyways. I wouldn't know if there was some secret faster way to use talents, the game offers nothing as far as instructions. The only guidance you receive is the gold marker on your map indicating your next objective.

The gameplay IS basically Diablo, but with much less depth and so much more boring. One of the few cool things in the game is that, at the beginning, you could choose two specialties that would determine your talent trees and class. The talent trees are simplistic and the spells less-than-unique. Oddly, while playing the game I felt as if I were playing some sort of unfinished experiment, rather than an actual game that should stand on it's own. The game lacked any sort of flow in story and difficulty; the bugs didn't help either.

There is supposedly two extra levels of difficulty after the first completion, but I was too bored by the end of the game to start another. I finished the game in two days, and there were only a few times I felt challenged by it at all; I went mage/healer and maxed lightning, chain lightning, the mp shield, mana regeneration talents, and went full intelligence. Paired with talent increasing equipment I was invincible and the mobs died in 1-2 hits of lightning. The monsters couldn't get past my shield because my mana regenerated too fast. Overall, it was a bit tough at the beginning, but pathetic once I leveled a few times. This game is of such low quality that you can tell development team didn't really care, and seemed to just want to get something out there. In turn, the player isn't going to care.

The good: The fairy, pretty environments, rotatable camera
The bad: Everything else
The verdict: Not worth actual money, maybe twent-... no ten monopoly dollars

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 12/18/08

Game Release: Legend: Hand of God (US, 08/01/08)

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