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    Warrior FAQ by gundameisters

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    Warrior FAQ / Walkthrough
    By: gundameisters
    Email/Facebook: gundameisters@gmail.com
    Blog: gundameisters.blogspot.com
    Released Date: August 1, 2011
    Version 1.0
    Table of Contents
    1. Legal Information
    2. About the Author
    3. About the Guide
    4. Spells
    5. Usable Enemy Spells
    6. Strategy
    7. Final Set up
    8. Closing 
    1. Legal Information
    Before getting started, please read this first.
    This guide is copyrighted 2011 gundameisters.
    You can use this FAQ anyway you want as long as you do not reproduce 
    any of the contents and claim it as your own. It is also prohibited to 
    post this FAQ in other sites without my consent.
    Doing so will result in legal action.
    2. About the Author
    I already did FAQS on my previous account under the name of CloudyFF7. But 
    this is my first time doing a FAQ on this account, "gundameisters". As of the
    moment I usually do quick reviews on gundam games. Aside from that, I'm more 
    into rpg and fighting games. I never thought that I would play a puzzle game. 
    I became addicted to Puzzle Quest ever since I started playing it. I didn't 
    stop until I completed the game. It's definitely a great game. I can't believe 
    that a puzzle game could be this enjoyable and complicated. Simply put, it's a 
    combination of puzzle and rpg. I made this guide to show my passion for the 
    game and also to help other players as well. Take note that the things I've 
    put in here are based on my personal experience from the game.
    3. About the Guide
    This guide contains all the stuff you need to know about the WARRIOR class.
    Basically this will include the spells, enemy spells, equipments and skills.
    I will explain them in full detail and I've put ratings on some of them to
    indicate on how usable they are. However, my guide is not perfect. I will not
    mention how I got my equipments and enemy spells. You'll have to refer on 
    other guides for more information.
    Among the 4 available classes, I consider the warrior as the best class in
    terms of fighting power. The Warrior starts out slow, but will become a killer
    machine at the later part of the game. With the proper set of equipments and
    spells, the warrior can deal over 100+ pts. of damage in a single turn. You'll
    just need to have patience and a good strategy in using this character. Don't
    worry because I will tell you all the things you need to know in order to beat
    the game and become a Lv.50 warrior. I will even elaborate the strategy
    thoroughly by dividing into 3 parts: early, mid and late game plan.
    4. Spells
    The Warrior class has a total of 12 spells. I'll explain each thoroughly and
    include some comments on how effective their are. The rating will signify on
    how usable they are.
    4.1. Battle Cry (Lv.1)
    Cost: 6Red, 4Yellow
    Effect: Randomly creates a +5 Skull. Your turn does not end if Red Mana is 15+.
    Rating: 1/5
    Comment: This is not a good spell. I find it hard to use even if combined with
    Deathbringer and Berserker Rage. There's also a risk that the enemy  might be
    the one who will benefit from it. So I don't recommend on using this spell.
    4.2. Wild Lore (Lv.2)
    Cost: 8Yellow, 8Blue
    Effect: Destroys all Yellow and Blue Gems. Adds +1 to experience for every
    gem destroyed.
    Rating: 2/5
    Comment: Usable only on the early part of the game for fast level up. Just
    make sure there are lots of Yellow and Blue Gems on the grid.
    4.3. Spin Attack (Lv.3)
    Cost: 6Green, 8Red
    Effect: Destroys gems around a selected gem. You gain full effects for all
    gems destroyed.
    Rating: 3/5
    Comment: Effective spell in gaining mana of any color.
    4.4. Cleave (Lv.5)
    Cost: 9Red, 6Yellow
    Effect: Does 1pt. of damage for every Yellow Gem in play. All Yellow Gem in
    play are destroyed.
    Rating: 4/5
    Comment: Great way of damaging your enemy when there's an abundance of Skulls
    and Red Gems. Make sure there are lots of Yellow Gem before using this spell.
    4.5. Throw Axe (Lv.7)
    Cost: 6Green, 8Red
    Effect: Does 4 pts. of damage to enemy. Plus an additional +1 for every Skull
    in play.
    Rating: 5/5
    Comment: This is an early spell that you'll want to carry throughout the 
    whole game. It's one of my favorite spell in the Warrior Class. It will really
    help you out in damaging your enemy when there are lots of Skulls on the grid.
    4.6. Enrage (Lv.8)
    Cost: 2Green, 6Red
    Effect: Adds your Red Mana total Battle Skill for 8 turns. Your turn does not
    end after casting this spell.
    Rating: 1/5
    Comment: I find it useless at the early part of the game. It wastes mana and I
    could barely feel the effect. It might contribute a little to the lv.50 
    Revenant. But as far as I'm concern, I wouldn't recommend keeping this spell.
    4.7. Bloodlust (Lv.10)
    Cost: 5Green, 5Yellow, 5Blue
    Effect: Adds +12 to Red Mana. The turn ends.
    Rating: 5/5
    Comment: There are times when Red Gems are hard come by and it is bad for the
    Warrior since most of his spells rely on them. It's a good thing he has this
    support spell that gives him Red Gems in cases of emergency.
    4.8. Summon Tempest (Lv.15)
    Cost: 8Red, 5Yellow, 5Blue
    Effect: Destroys 2 random columns of gems. You gain full effects for all
    gems destroyed.
    Rating: 3/5
    Comment: Great way in gaining various mana colors. Keep it until you find a
    much better spell.
    4.9. Berserker Rage (Lv.20)
    Cost: 5Green, 8Red
    Effect: Turns Red Gems into Skulls. Your turn does not end if Red Mana is 15+.
    Rating: 5/5
    Comment: One of the Warrior's best spell. Depending on the order of the Skulls
    and Red Gems on the grid, the Warrior can inflict multiple damage in a single
    4.10. Deathbringer (Lv.30)
    Cost: 8Green, 16Red, 8Yellow, 8Blue
    Effect: Randomly creates Skulls equal to half your Red Mana. After gems are
    transformed, the turn ends.
    Rating: 5/5
    Comment: Most powerful spell in the Warrior's arsenal. With the proper set of
    equipments and high Battle skill, this spell can deal over 100+ pts. of
    damage in a single turn. There's also a high probability for an extra turn.
    Just make sure that your Red Mana reserve is full (atleast 40).
    4.11. Singing Blades (Lv.40)
    Cost: 8Red, 6Yellow
    Effect: Reduces your enemy's Mana Reserves by 4 whenever you do damage. Lasts
    for 5 turns, plus an additional turn for every 2 of your yellow mana.
    Rating: 3/5
    Comment: For a lv.40 spell I really don't appreciate it. I would rather go for
    the kill immediately and use my mana for Deathbringer.
    4.12. Revenant (Lv.50)
    Cost: 10Green, 25Red, 20Yellow
    Effect: Doubles your Battle skill. Your Battle returns to normal when combat
    is completed.
    Rating: 4/5
    Comment: This is only effective if you have a high Battle skill. That's why I
    recommend of having atlest 99pts. of Battle skill so that you would get 300%
    additional damage.
    5. Usable Enemy Spells
    Take note that this is not a complete list of enemy skills. Only those that I
    think are usable to the Warrior class. To learn these spells you must first 
    capture the monster and research the spell at your Citadel. Each spell has 
    it's own difficulty depending on it's effectiveness.
    5.1. Call the Horde (Orc Lord)
    >Difficulty: Very Hard
    >Effect: Destroys all Green and Red Gems. Adds +1 to Red Mana, Green Mana,
    and Life Points for every gem destroyed.
    >This is a great spell since the Warrior doesn't have any Life
    recovery spells and is in need of Red & Green Mana. There's also a chance
    for a pair-up.
    5.2. Charge! (Minotaur)
    >Difficulty: Hard
    >Effect: Destroys a selected row of gems and does 5pts. of damage. You gain the
    effects of every gem destroyed.
    >This is a good way of gaining mana while dealing damage to the enemy
    at the same time.
    5.3. Divine Right (Knight)
    >Difficulty: Moderate
    >Effect: Destroys all Purple Stars. You gain the full effects for all gems
    >I found this only usable if there's gonna be a pair up after casting the
    5.4. Bone Strike (Skelotaur)
    >Difficulty: Hard
    >Effect: Reduces your enemy's Green Mana to 0. Your turn does not end if their
    Green Mana is 10+.
    >A great spell to prevent your enemy from casting spells. Just make sure
    your enemy does indeed require green mana and the enemy should have atleast
    10+ green mana to gain the full effect of this spell.
    5.5. Stomp! (Hill Giant)
    >Difficulty: Hard
    >Effect: Destroys all Green Gems, and your enemy loses 1 turn. You gain full
    effects for all gems destroyed.
    >Another good spell in gaining mana while the enemy loses a turn.
    5.6. Death Gaze (Liche)
    >Difficulty: Very Hard
    >Effect: Does damage equal to half of enemy's current Life Points. Randomly
    created a Skull for every 5 damage done.
    >One of the best enemy skill you could learn. Your going to cause a great
    amount of damage to the enemy while getting the chance of causing extra 
    damage for skull pair-ups.
    5.7. Sword of Bane (Doom Knight)
    >Difficulty: Hard
    >Effect: Does damage equal to your Green Mana. Reduces your Green Mana to 0.
    >The Warrior make use of the Green Mana as it's secondary to Red Mana. So
    you will find this spell useful in dealing damage to the enemy.
    5.8. Fire Siphon (Fire Elemental)
    >Difficulty: Very Hard
    >Effect: Reduces your enemy's Red Mana to zero. Adds +1 to Life Points for
    >every Red Mana reduced.
    >Since most spells require Red Mana, you will find this spell effective in
    preventing your enemy from casting spells and gain Life Points during the
    5.9. Wall of Fire (Fire Elemental)
    >Difficulty: Very Hard 
    >Effect: Damage is applied to Red Mana instead of Life Points. Lasts until
    Red Mana is zero and reduces your Red Mana by 2 per turn.
    >From the name itself, you know it's a defense spell. You will find this
    beneficial since the Warrior has lots of way in gaining red mana.
    5.10. Petrify (Medusa)
    >Difficulty: Very Hard
    >Effect: Enemy loses 2 turns. Plus an additional turn for every 20 of your
    Green Mana.
    >Effective spell in making your enemy lose turns.
    5.11. Stone Gaze (Medusa)
    >Difficulty: Hard
    >Effect: Turns Green Gems into Skulls. Your turn does not end if Green Mana
    is 15+.
    >Usable only if there are a lot of Green Gems. This is a great backup
    for the Berserker Rage spell.
    5.12. Chaos Bolt (Arboleth)
    >Difficulty: Hard
    >Effect: Does damage equal to the mana of a random Mana Reserve. The respective
    Mana Reserve is reduced to zero.
    >Most effective if the enemy has lots of mana reserve. You will be dealing
    great damage and draining that mana as well.
    5.13. Flame Cannon (Dark Dwarf)
    >Difficulty: Very Hard
    >Effect: Explodes 4 random Gems on the grid, destroying other gems around
    them. You gain the effects of every gem destroyed.
    >Effective spell in gaining all 4 mana colors.
    5.14. Soul Swap (Arkliche)
    >Difficulty: Very Hard
    >Effect: Swaps mana reserves with your enemy. Does not end your turn.
    >Applicable only if your enemy has more mana reserves than you.
    5.15. Reinforcements (Imperial Guard)
    >Difficulty: Very Hard
    >Effects: All Gold Coins in play are destroyed. Adds +1 to Life Points for
    every Gold Coin destroyed.
    >Gold coins are your least concern in a grid. So might as well destroy them
    for Life Points.
    5.16. Conflagration (Fire Giant)
    >Difficulty: Very Hard
    >Effect: Turns all gems of the selected type into Red Gems. Any type can be
    selected, including Skulls or Gold.
    >This spell is highly recommended for the Warrior since his main mana is Red
    and there's also a chance for a pair-up.
    5.17. Channel Fire (Flame Dragon)
    >Difficulty: Moderate
    >Effect: Adds +5 to Red Mana. Your turn does not end.
    >Not that great. But good enough for a moderate spell.
    5.18. Vampirism (Vampire Bat)
    >Difficulty: Moderate
    >Effect: Does 5 pts. of damage to enemy and gives it to you. Plus an 
    additional +1 for every 10 Red Mana.
    >Good spell in stealing your enemy's Life Points.
    6. Strategy
    6.1. Early game (Lv.1-15)
    The first thing you should do is to familiarize yourself with the Warrior's
    spells and how they work. His playing style mainly compose of Red Gems and
    Skulls. As much as possible fight every enemy you encounter for early level
    up. In distributing skill points, you should focus on the Red Mana and
    Battle. Your sub Skills are Green Mana, Cunning and Morale. Don't mind the
    Yellow and Blue because the Warrior has little use for them. The earliest
    mount you could get is the Giant Rat and it's good since it will give you
    some Cunning skill. For equipments, just use those that increase damage,
    defense and red mana. Anyway their just temporary. We'll definitely change
    them later for better equipments. Just always check the shop for new products.
    Your Skull damage isn't that high yet. So you need to rely on the Cleave and
    Throw Axe spell for great damage. Remember that the one with the highest
    Cunning skill will always take the first turn. If your enemy goes first and
    your not happy with the result, just exit the battle and re-enter again.
    Continue doing this until you get a grid that you like.
    6.2. Mid Game (Lv.16-30)
    By now you should know how the Warrior fights. You will really feel the
    power once you get the Deathbringer spell. It could cause a lot of damage to
    the enemy and cause various effects on the grid. Use it in combination with
    the Berserker Rage for more effectiveness. Just keep bringing the Cleave and 
    Throw Axe spell to serve as your backup offensive spell. If you already have
    ideas on what are the best equipments, then that is good. But I would suggest
    getting equipments that has mana gain effect for red and green so that you
    could cast spells much faster. For the skills, try to get atleast 20pts. for
    the Green, Red, Cunning and Moral skill. Then most of the pts. should be given
    to the Battle skill until it's 99. It's time to start upgrading your Citadel
    to the fullest. So that you will be able to learn enemy spells, level up
    mounts, improve skills and forge items. As you open new areas on the map, more
    enemies will pop-up. So be prepared for frequent enemy encounters. If you want
    to travel fast, you could ride the Wolf or Griffon. Just change mount before
    you encounter an enemy. Also, it's important to take note that some enemies
    now has spell resistance. Use your spells cautiously.
    6.3 Late Game (Lv.31-50)
    It's near the end of the game and your Warrior should already have a
    powerful set of equipments. Your playing style should still focus on the
    combos of Berserker Rage and Deathbringer, with the addition of the Revenant.
    You will need to carry this set until the end. If you had problem getting
    runes at the early game, now is the time to gather them on every place and
    forge a strong rune weapon. I forged the "Edge of Poison". It has an effect
    that gives +7 additional damage for every 6 or more damage and gives 40%
    chance to cause poison. You should also get armors that gives you spell
    resistance. You could also get 1% spell resistance for every 20pts. of morale.
    You will notice that the experience requirement increases on each level. Just
    keep on taking quests until you reach the max lv50. I recommend the Wyvern
    for your final mount since it's Battle skill effect is a great contribution
    to the Warrior. Most of the monsters should already have been captured by now.
    Try to learn the enemy's spells that are usable to the Warrior. With the
    proper preparation, you will easily beat the final boss. After beating the
    game, there's nothing else to do but roam around the map and siege every
    7. Final Setup
    Before we end this guide, I want to share with you my Warrior's final setup.
    I wouldn't say it's the best. But it sure made my Warrior powerful. I hope
    this would help you out.
    7.1. Skills
    Your final skills should look a little bit like this. I believe you could do
    even better. Not all of this pts. were gained through level up. Some were
    improved from the Citadel.
    Earth Mastery - 20
    Fire Mastery - 24
    Air Mastery - 2
    Water Mastery - 2
    Battle - 99
    Cunning - 20
    Morale - 60
    7.2. Equipment
    >Helms / Crowns = Bonefire Helm 
    Adds +1 to Green Mana for every 2 Red Mana you gain.
    >Clothing / Armor = Armor of Minogoth 
    Protects against 1pt. of damage whenever you receive 2 or more damage,
    adds +15% to Earth resistance.
    >Weapon - Edge of Poison (Rune)
    Adds +7 to damage whenever you do 6 or more damage. Gives a 40% chance to
    cause poison whenever you do damage.
    >Miscellaneous = Phoenix Shield
    Adds +1 to Green and Red Mana for every 2pts. of damage you received.
    >Mount: Wyvern
    Effect: The Wyvern is a flying mount of average speed. It gives you the Rend
    spell and increases your Battle Skill by +2 (+1 more per 2 levels).
    7.3. Awards
    These are bonus skills given to you by completing difficult tasks during the
    main Quest.
    Royalty - Morale +5
    Elvenian Knight - Earth Mastery +2
    Dwarf-Friend - Morale +2
    Firewalker - Fire Mastery +4
    Master of the Axe - Battle +4
    Skullguard - Battle +2
    Iceguard - Water Mastery +2
    7.4. Companions
    You will gain allies as you go through the game. These allies will assist you
    in battle by giving you passive effects.
    Syrus Darkhunter - does 10pts. of damage to any Undead at the start of battle.
    Khalkus - Battle +10 when fighting against Citadels or Mechanical foes.
    Flicker - Air Resistance +10 when fighting Fliers
    Patch - 20% chance to backstab an opponent for 25pts. of damage.
    Princess Serephine - Battle +10 when fighting Good opponents.
    Elistara - Water Resistance +10 against Large opponents.
    Sunspear's Spirit - Red Mana +10 when fighting Undead or Minotaurs.
    Winter - halves the starting mana of any enemy whose Fire Mastery is 15+
    8. Closing
    Since I've already completed the game, I'm planning next on playing the 
    Puzzle Quest 2 and Galactrix. I'm expecting that it would be much better with
    a lot of new cool features. So look forward to my future walkthroughs.
    That's about it for the guide. I hope you find the warrior class
    appealing as much as I do. I also encourage you to try other classes as well.
    Each class are unique in their own way. 
    At the end, it's really up to you on how you play the game. Walkthroughs are
    made to serve as a guide only. If you have any questions and concerns, feel 
    free to email me at gundameisters@gmail.com or add me on facebook. You can 
    also see me on PSN.
    Check out also my game reviews and please support my blog:
    It's a blog made entirely for gundam enthusiasts.
    Copyright 2011 gundameisters

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