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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ralebeau

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    Gray Matter
    Walk through for Jane Jenson’s Gray Matter, formatted to help locate trouble 
    spots before too many spoilers are read. Written during a second play 
    through by Richard Le Beau, I will do my best to list the triggers I noted.
    Since this game will show all hot items when you press space, there is no 
    reason not to examine everything you may have missed with a pixel search.  
    The progress key P will also give clues as to what story parts are not yet 
    done to end the chapter, as well as map location highlights to indicate 
    where everything is completed.  Remember to examine items again after they 
    are picked up, some documents will even zoom and drag to make reading easier,
    or may contain their own hot spots to find and advance the story.
    		After the stormy night opening the tutorial starts with a rabbit 
    find Houdini	The eating noise and moving Plant leaves give the rabbit 
    		away, he is at the base of the plant just above the bed sheets, 
    		use the hand cursor icon to pick him up.
    	feed Houdini	Now in his cage, find food and water for him.  There 
    		is a water pitcher on the nightstand near the plant but that 
    		won’t do by itself.  Find the backpack mentioned in the tutorial 
    		frame which is located at the foot of the bed, left hand side.
    	open backpack	The backpack has the examine magnifying glass icon 
    		which will bring up a close up view and is a telltale sign for 
    		important items or story triggers.  Inside the backpack take all
    		the items that can be removed and get the descriptions for those
    		remaining behind, the towel is only important for hitchhikers 
    		(Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy reference for those older folks 
    		like me).  The cage and water pitcher icons have now shifted to 
    		the combine item cursor with the water bottle and carrot in 
    		inventory.  Open the inventory by moving the cursor to the top 
    		of the screen until they appear and can be looked at or examined,
    		now select the carrot as an item to combine by right clicking on
    		it and will move to the right end of screen ready for use.  Left 
    		click on the cage while the combine icon is showing to feed 
    		Houdini.  For water, select the water bottle for use by right 
    		clicking on it then left click on the Water Pitcher while the 
    		combine icon is showing to fill the bottle, and repeat the use 
    		process with the full bottle on the cage to finish the first part 
    		of the tutorial.
    	magic book	Take a moment to inspect the other things in the room and 
    		inventory, the magic handbook opens so you can become familiar 
    		with the different tricks that will be needed at points in the 
    		game, right click to turn pages.  Sam will not do the wrong trick 
    		for the occasion but be on the lookout for the different items 
    		many tricks need, as these will limit the ones that can be done 
    		at any one point in the game.  Do not try to prepare for tricks 
    		until after they have been selected from the book, Sam will give 
    		the time needed to get things ready before the trick gets going. 
    	Upstairs hall	Look at the items here, but Sam won’t go into David’s 
    		bedroom so go to the Foyer.
    	Foyer		Examine the Portrait and look at the other items here, Sam 
    		won’t use this phone much but David will later, examine the note 
    		for the new assistant, but Sam has not taken the job quite yet so 
    		it will stay put for now.
    	Dining room	Sam hears someone in the Kitchen and won’t go in, look at 
    		the items in the dining room, examine the portraits and stereo but
    		no luck for what Sam needs.
    	Parlor	Examine the Portraits and Diplomas in the Parlor along
    		with the other items Sam can look at but don’t need now.
    	Front entry	Exit out the bottom of the Foyer screen to the Front Entry 
    		and examine the plaque Sam mentions seeing, this is a story trigger.
    		Sam will not leave the grounds yet through the exit on the lower 
    		right of the screen so look at the house then use the Back exterior 
    		exit to go to the garage.
    running		I did not see mention of this in the manual, but Sam walks 
    		everywhere and will take her time getting places.  With a double 
    		click on movement Sam will start to pick up speed to a run, and if
    		an action cursor is double clicked she will start the action 
    		before making her way all the way to the spot.  This will save some 
    		time when the areas get larger later.  Back exterior	Look at the 
    		different items in the scene.  The garage icon changes from just a 
    		look at icon to an exit icon, providing a game hint that not all 
    		look icons can be safely skipped.
    	Garage	Sam’s bike is here with the action icon so she can try 
    		and start it.  Look at the other items here then return to the
    		Front	entry and go back inside to the Foyer.
    Mrs. Dalton	Sam still has a quick escape on her mind but go into the Kitchen 
    		anyway to get the story started.  As always, ask everything on
    		the conversation list until goodbye is the only thing left, 
    		even if the same subject remains Sam always gets new information,
    		no repeating lines are given.  Look around the Kitchen and 
    		examine the notice board for the calendar and two business cards 
    		that are active.
    New Assistant	Take the note now from what is the basement door and read 
    		it, including the small flyers that are in back but can be 
    		brought in front with their examine icon.  There is no cell 
    		phone in inventory so go back and talk to Mrs. Dalton again in 
    		the Kitchen.  Now Sam has a cell phone with some useful numbers 
    		already there, though don’t bother with “Sissy” Mrs. Daltons 
    		sister.  Sam will get some more useful numbers later and add them
    		to the contact list so only extension numbers will ever need 
    		to be remembered or written down on some actual paper.  I can’t 
    		help with the snake game on the cell phone, but if Sam did 
    		read the magic handbook tricks, one calls for the cell phone 
    		on silent which is there in the options menu.  The two bar 
    		keys on the top of the cell phone key pad control the screen 
    		items above them, and the up down arrows scroll	through 
    		the lists.  The green circle key will place a call to the 
    		number selected from the contact list, the red circle will close 
    		the phone window just like the exit door on the lower left.  
    		Before leaving the house visit Houdini and take the picture from 
    		the backpack since this is Sam’s room now (bonus points).
    Oxford Centre	Use the Front entry exit then exit the grounds or open the 
    		map.  With the tutorial still active map legends will be explained,
    		grey lettering means all done there, white for only bonus actions 
    		left and gold for main story actions remaining, all of these are 
    		just for the present chapter.  The M key will bring up the map so
    		there is no need to run back to every area exit door, if the M 
    		key does not work some action scene is near so just use a regular
    	Carfax	Examine the plaques and that wisp of steam.
    	Cornmarket	Translation from English to American: Grainmarket  American
    		to English would give Mazemarket.  The Black Wand magic shop is 
    		just what Sam will need.
    	Black Wand	Browse through the shops wares, plenty of items on the 
    		shelves are needed for the tricks, but Sam has little money.
    		The Daedalus logo on the game machine will trigger in the shop 
    		owner, Mephistopheles.  Talk to Mephistopheles, asking repeatedly
    		about the Daedalus club, now the game machine parts will be 
    		active.  Sam needs 21, as in a blackjack game, to win.  Use one 
    		machine button until a face card, 10, or an ace is showing, then
    		use the other button until Sam wins.  The prize is a small card 
    		appearing near the bottom right side of the machine, take it and
    		look at the scavenger hunt riddle clues.  Ask Mephistopheles 
    		about the clues, the picture description has changed but Sam 
    		can’t buy anything here yet.
    	Carfax	Examine the tower plaque, the tower door is an exit now 
    		to the tower top.  The tower top has a nice view but what Sam 
    		is looking for is hidden behind the open exit door.  Operate 
    		the door to close it and reveal a red puzzle box.  Examine the
    		box for a close up view, and the Daedalus Club logo on the side.  
    		The box no longer shows the look icon except for the bottom, 
    		look there and a vent now displays the combine items cursor.  
    		The first element mentioned in the riddle is fire, use the 
    		Matchbook on the vent to open the bottom and take the next clue
    		and puzzle piece.  The torn puzzle piece is rotated by right 
    		clicks and dragged with the left, when Sam has more to put 
    		together.  Return to the coat-of-arms plaque to unlock the 
    		next map location by matching the clue to Christ Church.
    	Queen St	Look at the locations, the “Bulldog” won’t let Sam enter 
    		that college and the pub is closed so just the students on the
    		street are available to recruit for Dr. Styles experiment.  
    		The Boy and Girl prove that Sam has no easy task ahead, but 
    		the third is now available for talking.  Talk to the last 
    		potential recruit, same result but Sam will pick up the flyer
    		he drops while leaving that unlocks St Edmund Hall area.
    Christ Church	The Church hall can’t be entered yet, look at the sign 
    		and fountain items examining the Black box.  The Black box 
    		has the Daedalus logo, operate to open the top doors.  
    		Look at the paper covering and the cursor changes to 
    		combine, now Sam has to find the right combination.  The 
    		second element on the puzzle sheet is water, move past 
    		the edge of the box to the fountain water and take some, 
    		combine the water with the Litmus paper then use operate 
    		on the logo to fully open the box.  Take another puzzle 
    		section from the box, sections will combine now when matched
    		together and remain fixed to each other.
    Christ Church Garden	Earth is the third element mentioned in the 
    		puzzle, examine the flower beds.  The flower bed at the 
    		bottom of the screen has the most earth showing, look at 
    		the middle section of flowers to get the examine cursor 
    		and find the Daedalus flag.  Dig a few times for the bar 
    		coaster and puzzle piece.  That pub Sam saw is still not 
    		open, but go there for the coaster, Windy Dog, and air clue
    		to be connected for later.  
    St Edmund Hall	Time to find those freshmen.  The area opens 
    		with a scene between two students, look around at all the 
    		active things before talking to the students, a few Sam must
    		look at before talking becomes the action.  Examine the pay
    		phone, look at it close up and use the cell phone on its 
    		number near the bottom, now one trick is nearly ready.  
    		Use the cell phone options menu to place the phone on mute 
    		when the trick is needed.  
    	Harvey	Sam thinks Harvey is an easier mark so talk to 
    		him and get his blank tape cartridge, Lisa will now have 
    		the top hat magic trick cursor icon so click on her to 
    		select the trick.  The nearby leaf burner gives the clue 
    		that Up in Smoke is the trick to choose (left click) in 
    		the book, right click to turn pages.  Upon selection the 
    		magic interface shows where the steps must be listed 
    		correctly using the inventory (top) and environment 
    		(table) items plus other steps like misdirect.  The magic 
    		book can be opened for reference and followed as the 
    		steps are selected but must be closed to see the listed 
    		steps, Sam will not do the trick if the steps are wrong 
    		and there were only a few spots I found where the lists 
    		needed don’t seem to match the book or extra care must 
    		used so every step will not be listed until those 
    		locations come up.  Simply use the duplicate tape as the
    		duplicate deck from the book, and Harvey’s movie as the 
    		signed deck.  Lisa will leave but Harvey will have his 
    		tape and Sam her first recruit.
    	Angela	Sam thought Angela might not be that hard to
    		recruit so talk to her and indeed the trick cursor is 
    		showing.  Telephone psychic is the obvious choice after
    		listening to Angela, and afterwards Sam has another 
    	Helena	Talk to Helena, not an easy recruit but one
    		more chance appears and Sam can get two for one if one 
    		more trick works.
    	Charles	Talk to Charles, pretty shy indeed, now all
    		Sam can do is look at him and what is with him on the 
    		bench.  It does not always pay to just run the game 
    		with hot object names showing because the engine will 
    		not show overlapping text all the time but shift 
    		between the objects showing only a few at a time and
    		can lead to missing things anyway.  Look at Charles,
    		the letter and the book on the bench next to him to 
    		trigger a good conversation and a clue as to what 
    		trick is needed.  Talk to Charles about the book and
    		letter, he won’t recruit but that unopened letter is
    		just what Sam needs for a trick.  Charles now sports
    		the trick cursor icon, and The Ominous Mailbag is 
    		what is needed for this multi-part trick.  Only three steps 
    		now just getting the letter away from Charles.  Sam needs 
    		steam so back to Oxford Centre to work on the letter.  Use the 
    		letter on a steam vent and it will open for reading, examine 
    		the enclosed flyer and the plan comes together, use the New 
    		Assistant note on the flyer and Sam will switch out flyers.  
    		Sam mentions sealing but the letter icon remains in the opened 
    		state, return to Charles with maybe one last check on that 
    		Windy Dog pub.
    	letter return	Here is one place where the magic book instructions
    		do not match the steps Sam will accept and perform the trick.
    		The book says palm in the left hand, which makes sense 
    		considering which side of Charles she is working on, but Sam 
    		will only perform the trick if the letter is palmed with the 
    		right hand.  Take one last look at Charles and return to 
    		Helena.  Last chance to check for all the bonus points before
    		talking to Helena again, or maybe whom ever ends up being the 
    		4th recruit.  The Daedalus puzzle is continued in chapter 2.
    	Helena	Talk to Helena again and she will agree to be the 4th 
    		recruit.  Sam’s cell phone will ring and the story will move
    		on to the experiment that night and pick up Sam after breakfast
    		the next morning and Chapter 2.  
    Chapter 2	Mrs. Dalton mentions a newspaper, take it from the kitchen 
    		counter and Sam will also see that something weird occurred a
    		the Horspath Track last night, look at the paper for her 
    		reaction that she should check it out later.  
    	Basement	Take the Basement hall stairs from the Foyer, look at 
    		everything there and Sam can try and move the Floor grate, 
    		the Private is Lab locked so enter the Main Lab.
    	Labs	Take the Note of Instructions from the left hand bench, and 
    		look at it as a second letter will follow about some outgoing
    		files, read it too.  Look at the objects around the Lab, 
    		however Sam will start filing as soon as she examine the now
    		active cabinets beyond the right hand door, so be ready with 
    		the instructions even though the Dr’s filing system will be 
    		shown the first time the task is started.  Once everything is 
    		put away Sam can check all drawers for interesting information
    		and that receipt the Infirmary needs.  Pay particular 
    		attention to file drawers that show the take (hand) icon and 
    		not just the look eye.  FMRI should hold the Donation receipt
    		that is needed 	under F, getting files from  E, L, & N as 
    		well.  Walk back into the Main Lab and look at the active 
    		things here, Sam won’t touch the computer and just comments on
    		each item but the Restraining Straps are very difficult to find
    		with the cursor.  The space bar listing has curtains, beds, and
    		restraining straps all showing up in the middle of the room 
    		where there is little but floor.  The beds and curtains are 
    		easily selected anywhere on their surfaces, the only 
    		restraining strap I could find was on the right side of upper 
    		right hand bed located just under the square blue light near the
    		foot of the bed.  Turning off the active labels will help the 
    		search as only the label of the selected object will show, I 
    		doubt this is a trigger at any rate.
    Horspath Track	Look at the pattern and the worker Eddie, then talk to 
    		Eddie.  The time Eddie tells Sam will be needed later but by 
    		David Styles, she will provide it in a report as well but that
    		won’t be handy for that Main lab computer Sam has already seen,
    		easier to keep a note of the incident times so they are quickly 
    		found in the data runs later.
    Oxford Centre	Sam mentions that this might be some magicians illusion, 
    		and she will need supplies for more tricks today.  New to the 
    		area is a flower wagon, look and then speak to buy some.
    	Black wand	Sam will talk to Mephistopheles upon entering to see what
    		he knows.  Time to buy things, pick up the fake blood,  fake 
    		thumb, spirit gum, shredder noise maker, and hand magnet.
    	Windy Dog	The pub is open at last, inside look at the patrons and 
    		talk to the bartender.  Examine the Hunting Horn and try an 
    		action on the small end.  Talk to the bartender again and get 
    		the missing mouthpiece, use it on the horn end cap to blow the
    		horn and get another Daedalus clue and puzzle piece from the 
    		bartender.  The clue is for Christ Church once again.
    	Christ Church	The Cathedral Nave is open now enter, talk to the 
    		guide, and look at the Angel Window.  Exit to the altar.  Look
    		at the Baptism Pool, action won’t open it, try action on the 
    		wall Switch.  Examine the pool and take the baggie for the 
    		last puzzle piece.  Close the Baptism Pool with the switch 
    		again.  The puzzle solution is Carfax Tower Phone.
    	Carfax	Examine the phone booth, the phone receiver there can be 
    		used, and dial JUDAS.  The alphabet letters are small, but 
    		will be displayed as the cursor hovers over the button.  
    		Correctly dialed the Daedalus Coin will appear in the coin 
    		return slot.  For people who have never used a pay phone 
    		before, that’s the tray on the lower right of the phone.
    St Edmund Hall	The other lab rats have gathered here, waiting for Sam,
    		and once the conversation is done so is the area.  Using the
    		map button M can show when Sam is done with an area for that
    		chapter. but sometimes everything can’t be competed during 
    		the one visit.
    Bodleian Library	Sam needs a student ID to enter and do research, look 
    		at some of the nearby objects like the paper shredder for a 
    		plan.  Talk to Helena.  Helena will come over and show Sam 
    		her good and bad ID cards after refusing to let Sam borrow 
    		hers.  Say good things about the new and not so nice things 
    		about the old and she will sit back down but now has the 
    		trick Icon.  The Destroyed and Restored Ring trick should 
    		work here.  Sam can select it now and she will get time out 
    		to use the shredder noise maker on the paper shredder, then 
    		click on Helena again to start the trick.  Use Helena’s ID 
    		on the turnstile and enter the library area, look at the 
    		objects Sam was not able to reach before, then talk to the 
    		Reference Librarian.  Use the computer to the left of 
    		Helena and select each article the search for David Styles 
    Radcliffe Infirmary	Look at the items in the hallway, then enter the 
    		Staff Kitchen and look there as well.  Enter Susan’s Office,
    		Susan will talk to Sam upon entry reminding about the Donation
    		receipt.  Look at the other 		objects here then talk to 
    		Susan and Sam can give her the Receipt, this is the trigger to
    		get to go see Mr. Headley as Susan will not allow it before 
    		getting the Receipt.  
    	Experiment Plan	Once back outside Headley’s office talk to Susan 
    		again to try and get the Experiment Plan or an enemies list,
    		then try the coffee request.  That failed, look at the cup with
    		the keys and look at Susan to shift her icon over to the trick.
    		Select The Bottomless Cup to get the key and once Sam has it 
    		look at the filing cabinet again for an idea about getting 
    		Susan out the office.  Go outside the office to prepare The 
    		Super Gross-Out Self-Healing Wound according to the magic 
    		handbook.  Use the Fake Blood on the Fake Thumb then the Spirit
    		Gum on the Fake Thumb, and Sam will say she is ready.  Return 
    		to Susan and select the Wound trick, Sam is afraid that will 
    		not give enough time so return to the Kitchen and look at the 
    		First Aid Kit.  Sam needs to hide the Kit which has the action
    		icon now and Sam will hide it when selected.  Return to Susan 
    		and select her with the trick again to proceed with the Wound
    		trick.  Once Susan leaves use the key on the file cabinet to 
    		get the experiment plan then the plan on the copy machine to 
    		complete the mission.  Outside Susan’s Office Malik will pass
    		by and talk with Sam.  Take a moment to look at the Experiment
    Dread Hill House	The map should be dark now except for the House, return
    		there now, and Sam will answer the Phone in the Foyer as it 
    		rings.  Stop by the kitchen and talk to Mrs. Dalton for more
    		information about Dr. Styles.  Down in the Main Lab use the 
    		flowers on the vase with the dead one, then run up to Sam’s 
    		bedroom and do the same for the glass (bonus points).  
    	enemies list	Return to the Main lab, examining the file cabinets
    		again to figure the enemies list will trigger the end of 
    		chapter 2, drawer C is now active with condolence cards and Sam
    		can get her enemies list confirmed by using the Neurobiology 
    		staff list on the open card signatures.  Sam must select, thus 
    		marking out, each signed name from the card over on the staff 
    		list, two names should remain, Styles and Linkweller.  Upon 
    		exiting the cabinets the final cut scene of chapter 2 will play.
    Chapter 3	Chapter 3 starts as David wakes, look at the objects and examine
    		the Mirror.  Enter the Closet, look at the dress bag, the 
    		dresser can be examined, and close up the drawers can be opened
    		but no other interactions are possible inside them yet.  Leave 
    		the closet and enter the bathroom, look at the items here and 
    		examine the Cabinet looking at the Toiletry Products there.  
    		Exit the Bathroom and then the Bedroom into the Upstairs Hall.
    	Upstairs Hall	Look at the painting and spare room door, click on
    		the entry to Sam’s bedroom, he won’t go in.  Head down to the 
    		Kitchen, David will have a lot more to actually do in the Parlor
    		and Dining rooms once he starts on the days work in the Lab.
    	Kitchen	Talk to Mrs. Dalton a second time in the Kitchen, then 
    		head down to the Labs.  Look at the items in the Basement Hall
    		through David’s eyes then go into the Main Lab.
    	Main Lab	Look at the items here, and in the larger Main Lab, David
    		will start the FMRI program on the computer but won’t look 
    		further without another experiment session.  
    	Private Lab	Exit the Main Lab and enter the Private Lab by using the 
    		Private-Lab Key on the door.  Unlocking the door will trigger 
    		a doorbell ring in the Foyer.  Exit to the Foyer to collect a 
    		package, David returns to the private lab ready to set up the 
    		new equipment.  Examine the Whiteboard for sightings and the 
    		general plan for today, look at the bottom line and one of the
    		upper ones.  Look at the other items here but save the examine
    		ones for the main projects of the day.  The Tank Controls will
    		list all the items David needs to find yet to provide the cues
    		for the different senses.
    	Work counter	Examine the Work counter to bring the closer view,
    		look at the RNG Rolodex, examine the Letter, then the Manual.
    		Use the drawings on bookmark 3 to get familiar with the 
    		controls, then use the instructions at bookmark 2 to set up 
    		for Psi messaging.  Exit the book and activate the Work 
    		counter, the icon here really should change to examine instead
    		of look but look at the work counter and avoid the red 
    		activate button until the controls are set.  Each of 40 
    		possibilities 0-39 can have a % setting, 00 to 99 or the 
    		“remaining average” which is the two small o’s resembling % 
    		and is what all of them start with.  From bookmark 2, set 0, 
    		the space character, to 99 by activating the up/down buttons 
    		by each number display segment.  Characters 1-26, A-Z, must 
    		be left with the original % setting and characters 27 through 
    		39 must be set to 00.  As soon as the right numbers are there 
    		David will break in and say so, now activate the red button on
    		the right side of the Work counter.  Look at the RNG Rolodex,
    		if the look icon is not there exit and return or press space 
    		until the first part of the message is sent.  This message 
    		will continue to advance later on, examine and look again but
    		the buttons need not be pressed again.
    	Computer	Examine the Computer to bring up its desktop display and
    		start with My Files and open Brain Power, Published 2000 then 
    		Experiment Plan.  Play each of the 5 video logs.  Hit the Wine
    		Steward, David has a few clues to narrow the search for wine 
    		but more are needed.  Image shop and Scanner are used later.  
    Tank sensory inputs	Return upstairs to start collecting the items 
    	Parlor	Look and examine items here, note the Honeymoon location
    		from the Box of Photos, clue to the wine needed, and the 
    		Cottage photo is the visual cue.
    	Dining Room	Look at the items, examine the Watercolors, and then 
    		the Hi-Fi System for the audio cue.
    	David’s Closet	Back upstairs look at the dress bag again, then
    		examine the dresser to reach the drawers again. Looking at 
    		the Robe in the bottom drawer will remove it, take the swimsuit
    		that was underneath as the cue for touch.
    	David’s Bathroom	Examine the Cabinet and smell the items there, 
    		shampoo will provide the cue David is looking for.  On the way
    		back down stop and examine the bedroom Mirror Mrs. Dalton 
    		mentioned, look at the mirror itself for a comment that Laura 
    		is not here now but Mrs. Dalton may have indeed seen her.
    	Private Lab	On the way back down here look at the wine rack again for
    		a hint that David needs a bottle of wine for the taste cue.  He
    		has already mentioned dry and red, open the Wine Steward 
    		program on the Computer and select these choices, too many 
    		bottles match that, even adding the Loire region from the 
    		Honeymoon picture is not enough, a year is needed.  Select any
    		year and listen to David’s comment about the wine he needs, the
    		year of her birth is what’s needed.  The video log 8 Aug ‘05 
    		has Laura’s age for that year, 33, select the year 1972.  
    		Three bottles to taste, return to the wine rack in the Basement 
    		Hall which has the examine icon now and taste bottles from the 
    		three shelves until the memory is triggered, David will return
    		to the Private Lab.
    	Tank Session	Examine the Tank controls, the screen display is 
    		showing the function of the three buttons on the 
    		pad to the right, press the top button for the CD and use 
    		the Music CD on the tray near the bottom right of the screen.
    		David does not want the Basic Scents next to the Funnel under
    		the display, use the Shampoo on the Funnel for the scent.  
    		Activate the open tank button on the pad, exit the Controls and 
    		click on the Tank, with all cues in place the session will start.
    		There is another letter on the RNG Rolodex for David to look at,
    		now for the Blue Tiles and Cars clues.
    	Cars	Use the phone in the Foyer, David will call the Police inspector
    		if his card was already viewed on the Notice Board in the 
    		kitchen.  Take the cars clue outside to the garage so David can
    		see Sam’s Bike and the car, no new clues but return and talk 
    		to Mrs. Dalton so David will order the Bike repaired.
    	Blue Tiles	Not to be found in the Kitchen or Bathroom of the house,
    		return to the Box of Photos in the Parlor for that last picture.
    		Go down to the Private Lab and use the photo on the scanner, 
    		the computer display will show now so select scan, then edit 
    		icon.  Play with the editing options, though zoom and light 
    		beam don’t seem to help trigger the apparition resolving on 
    		those tiles.  
    	Psi events	Completing the last Psi event will trigger this evenings
    		experiment session and start Chapter 4, check the RNG Rolodex
    		or bedroom mirror for new comments if the photo edit did not.
    Chapter 4	Back playing Sam, time to check out that pool.  Stop by the 
    		Kitchen on the way out, Sam won’t stop for breakfast but there
    		is another newspaper on the counter to take.
    	Pool	St Edmunds Hall, enter the lobby now, the Guard will not let 
    		Sam go further, use Helena’s ID on him.  Look at the ID to find
    		out why it looks a bit more like Sam now.  Enter the door for 
    		the pool and look at the items here, the stopped clock has a 
    		better time than Sam can get from a witness, pick up the 
    		polaroids from around the far left bench.  After looking at 
    		the pool man, proceed to talk to him, twice before looking at 
    		him one last time.  Examine the Filters near the pool man, 
    		Look at them close up twice as Sam will ask the pool man about
    		them before making her conclusions.  Look at the pool in the 
    		close up as well for more information.  Exit the pool area and
    		examine the Resident Board behind the Bulldog guard, one of 
    		the swimmers from last night lives here, along with most of the
    		Lambs club as well.  Exit to the 1st floor undergraduate side 
    		and look at all the items here. Sam can take some toilet paper 
    		after looking at it first.  Helena’s room is 102 but she is not
    		there right now, try room 106 for Jeanie Smith.  Look at 
    		everything in the room before talking to Jeanie Smith as Sam 
    		will leave the room after the conversation is over, and get a
    		call from Helena to meet with the Lambs.  Join the meeting.
    	Black Wand	Time to ask some more questions and stock up for some 
    		tricks.  Sam can say she finished the Betrayers Price Riddle,
    		Mephistopheles suggests looking into each of the other students
    		in the experiment, and that there might be more in the game 
    		machine.  Get 21 on the machine again and a new riddle.  Take 
    		items for tricks, the flash powder, telephone spy, and cry for
    		help transmitter are available.
    	C Railer Swoll	Or, Lewis Carroll riddle, might as well start with
    		the Queen St Alice shop, Sam can enter the shop now to look at
    		the cards and history, spot the London map with the take sign 
    		and do so.  Examine the Cheshire cat and look at the Daedalus 
    		club logo.  The clue for the letter teeth is in the poster 
    		above the cat, SMILE.  First puzzle part and off to the new 
    		History Museum area.
    	Museum	Look at the items here, then examine the Dodo Egg.  The
    		action icon is there on the egg, once opens the door, and the
    		next turns the egg so a logo shows.  Look at the Logo and then
    		take the egg.  Look at the egg again in inventory for some 
    		clue how it will open.  The red bench now sports a combine 
    		cursor icon, use the egg on the bench and Sam will hatch it 
    		open.  The new clue is Hogwarts, maybe that Reference 
    		librarian would know more.  
    	Library	Talk to the librarian and she will direct Sam back to 
    		Christ Church Hall, which is closed today so return to 
    		investigating the Lambs.  
    	Angela	Angela is in Christ Church Nave, talk to her and 
    		receive a paper fairy from her.
    	Gym	Sam wants to catch who is doing the tricks and the Gym is the
    		location for tonight’s session, assemble the flash powder 
    		traps by using the Flash Powder on the Flash Powder Traps, 
    		then the Traps on the Trigger Line.  The combine icons are
    		active on both doors, use a trap on each one and Sam says that
    		will work and she will rig them up later, but wishes she had a
    		camera too.
    	Helena	Up on the first floor, Helena’s room is locked, but there
    		is an action icon on the transom above the door.  Sam can’t 
    		reach the transom while standing on the floor, click the action
    		icon on the bucket and Sam will crawl through the transom and 
    		pick up a key inside Helena’s room.  Look at the items here but 
    		save examining the box under the bed for last,  Helena enters 
    		the room and will let Sam borrow the camera.  Another look at 
    		the Residents Board, Charles 204, Harvey 302, Angela 322, and 
    		Malik 326 with those last two on the graduate side.
    	Charles	Second floor, the numbers above the doors can be read 
    		and Sam knows which room Charlie is in, the door to 202 is open
    		however with an examine icon so Sam can see how an open door 
    		can be prevented from locking.  Look at Charles’s door and Sam
    		will see if he is in, Talk to the Proctor, sad as it is Sam 
    		must try each appeal before the Proctor will sport the trick 
    		icon.  He was playing cards earlier, giving a clue as to which
    		trick Sam should select, choose Divide and Conquer and use the
    		rules from the handbook to beat him 3 times and she’s in.  
    		Look at all the items and then examine the Magazine and the 
    		Photo, Sam will take the Photo with her, and now use the cell 
    		phone on Mummy’s stick up note to log the phone number.
    	Harvey	Third floor, numbers over the doors are active, Harvey is
    		in 302.  Sam should look at the fuse box if it is active, the 
    		Proctor, and try door to the graduate wing with its red light 
    		on.  Try Harvey’s door, now the Proctor has a talk icon 
    		showing.  Talk to the Proctor twice, now the trick icon is 
    		showing, not that many tricks left for Sam now,  be sure she
    		has seen the door lock button on the second floor.  select 
    		trick on the Proctor and choose The Locked Door Mystery, 
    		Sam won’t start since that trick needs preparation.  Use the
    		toilet paper on the Help-Me noisemaker, then the wrapped 
    		noisemaker on Harvey’s door # 302.  Move Sam a bit away from
    		the door and activate the transmitter, Sam will find a good
    		spot to stand and the noisemaker will call for help.  Once 
    		the door is open and the examine icon showing, Sam needs to 
    		examine it and activate the lock button.  After the Proctor 
    		leaves Sam is free to enter the room.  Look at the items in
    		the room and examine the Screenplay Notes.  Look at the 
    		Screenplay up close, just as suspicious as everyone else.
    	Linkweller	At the Infirmary Linkweller is in his office, Sam needs
    		him to come out of there.  Enter Susan’s office and examine 
    		her phone.  Use the cell phone on the office phone number, 
    		and look at the different extension numbers, Linkweller’s is
    		11.  Talk to Susan, Sam will ask about Malik and learn 
    		something interesting right away.  Return to the hallway and
    		call the Neurobiology number from the contact list, when an 
    		extension is asked for enter 11 and send him out of the office.
    		Sam does need to hurry while in Linkweller’s office,  I believe
    		she could call again if she has to leave before using the 
    		Telephone Spy on the Phone, but once the bug is installed she 
    		will not call Neurobiology again so be quick while looking at
    		less important items in the office.
    Dread Hill House	Upon entering the Foyer Sam sees a woman on the stairs 
    		and then heads for the sound of trouble in the basement.  
    		Talk to David, see if Houdini is safely back in his cage then 
    		go to St Edmunds Hall.  Choose the Fruit Basket trick to get 
    		a stay vote and Chapter 4 ends.
    Chapter 5	David has a Psi shower, return to the bathroom and look at 
    		the shower.  Check with Mrs. Dalton in the Kitchen then enter
    		the Private Lab.  
    	Labs	Examine the RNG Rolodex for more letters, and the Computer for
    		the Incident reports Sam has added to the files.  Examine the
    		whiteboard, look at the top lines for the Psi events and 
    		lower ones for the days schedule.  Move to the Main Lab, go 
    		inside and activate the FMRI computer.  Select one of the 
    		experiment runs, David says he needs the incident times to 
    		narrow his search, what he just saw in Sam’s reports by the way,
    		Experiment 1 - 11:30 and Experiment 2 - 11:42 (Narrowed by the 
    		clock Sam saw stopped instead of the witness).  Step through 
    		the 1s, 15s, etc. to find all red scans, then select an 
    		individual head.  For fun, return to the main picture and move
    		the clock to a normal scan and select Sam’s head.  Repeat this
    		for the other Experiment to find the abnormal scan, note that 
    		scans before and after the “flare” are normal.  Return to the 
    		Kitchen and talk to Mrs. Dalton again after they greet each 
    	Dining Room	Examine the Watercolors, and look at an individual 
    		painting.  Leave the house for Ramusskin’s. David will talk 
    		with Dr Ramusskin and then return to Dread Hill House, 
    		travel to Timmons Park.
    	Timmons Park	Look at the Entry Plaque and enter the park.  
    		Look at the bench, and note that the screen does scroll here.
    		Examine the trees for the one they carved.  Look at the signs 
    		and continue through the park.
    	Fountain	Look.
    	Paved Path	Look at the scene.
    	Gardens	Look at the items here, the Gardenia icon will change to
    		take, attempt to do so.
    	Playground	Look at the objects here, might try ice cream on the 
    		little girl so buy some from the vendor.  Talk to the little
    		girl to try and get the flower, David gives up and Laura beans
    		him with an apple.  Pick up some apples and use them on the 
    		little girl, now pick up the Gardenia.  David still has the 
    		ice cream so go ahead and taste it then smell the Gardenia.
    	Boat House	Look at the objects, and the people, talk to the 
    		Accordion Player and have him play a song.  Talk to the boat 
    		rental man now to rent one.  Return to Dread Hill House now.
    	Dread Hill House	Look at the Appointment book in the Private Lab,
    		David wants to talk to  Dr Helborn, need to examine the 
    		Kitchen Notice Board and look at Dr Helborn’s card.  Use the
    		 Phone in the Foyer, then go to Dr Helborn’s house.  When the
    		hypnosis session starts try to guess the right answers for 
    		David, he will say no until the right one is picked then 
    		later scenes will give clues to the correct answer and speed 
    		things up.  Upon Returning, speaking to Mrs. Dalton in the 
    		Kitchen will trigger the chapter end so check now for any 
    		points or bonus remaining to search for.
    Chapter 6	Houdini escaped again, once he is back in his cage Sam can head
    		out.  Check the Kitchen but Mrs Dalton is not here this morning.
    		Go down into the basement to find Mrs. Dalton, Dr Helborn, and 
    		another task for today.  The Private Lab is still locked, David
    		is in the big Main Lab but will not talk.  Go up to the Kitchen
    		and find out that your Bike is fixed from Mrs. Dalton, talk to 
    		her again.  
    	Ghost hunt	Look around the Upstairs Hall for where the “ghost” went.
    		As Sam steps outside the telephone spy listens to one of 
    		Linkwellers calls.  Head to the Back Exterior, enter the Garage
    		and look at the repaired Bike.  Exit the Garage and look at 
    		the Tower, no entry yet Sam needs to find a key, look at the 
    		Window Ledge and Vine.  Look at the Door Frame and the Statue
    		to find the key, use the key on the door at the Bottom of The
    		Tower.  Inside the tower look at the Path on the Stairs, then
    		climb the tower.  At the top look at the chair and then 
    		Examine the window.  Look at David’s Bedroom, then at the 
    		Smudge here on the tower window.  Return to the Kitchen and 
    		talk to Mrs. Dalton after the greeting.  There is a sack of 
    		flour on the far counter, take some.  Take the Flour back up 
    		to the smudge on the tower window, use the Flour on the Smudge.
    		Time to head back into Oxford.
    	Black wand	Mephistopheles gives Sam a Magic Lantern, Talk to him 
    		again about the incidents, and take the Disappearing Ink from
    		the shelves.  After leaving the Black Wand Sam will get cell 
    		phone call but no connection and an in game scene will play,
    		Helena and Mephistopheles?
    	C Railer Swoll	The last clue pointed back to Christ Church Hall, 
    		which is open now so go in.  Look at the Painting, not much 
    		else here, but walk right to see if there is more to the room,
    		and there is.
    	Firedog	Examine the Certificate and the Firedog.  The riddle 
    		lines mentioned dogs on fire, pixel search is better here as 
    		the two labels are so close to each other and Sam needs to 
    		look at the Hat of the right hand Dog.  Look at the Hat one 
    		more time, now the action cursor shows on the Firedog, so 
    		turn the head a few times.  Take the Piece of Gold, but there 
    		is no other clue here.  Return to the Portrait on the other 
    		side of the room, and look at it again. The examine icon 
    		shows so Examine the Portrait.  Look at the Title along 
    		the bottom of the Portrait, and the logo at the bottom, twice,
    		as well.  Look at the Book in the Portrait, twice, now the 
    		combine icon is showing on the Book.  Use the Swiss Army 
    		Knife on the Book until Sam has the Piece of Gold, not really
    		all that delicate by the look of the painting but it’s Daedalus
    		Club stuff anyway.  Assemble the puzzle pieces to work out the 
    		location of the rabbit hole, Christ Church Meadows.  
    	Rabbit Hole	Exit the Hall and enter the Gardens.  Charles is here, 
    		hiding from Helena, so grill him about all the things Sam has 
    		seen.  As a warning, the game can’t be saved in the Meadow or 
    		at the Rabbit Hole, and the puzzle is tricky.  Enter the Meadow.
    		The interface here shows a view of the ground in the upper left 
    		of the screen, walk Sam around in a search pattern to find the 
    		Rabbit Hole.  Not too far inside the fence in the background, 
    		and close to the middle of the scrolling scene.  Examine the 
    		Rabbit Hole and Sam will dive on in, where is Houdini when we 
    		could use him?  Look at the Rabbit phone, and now Sam must enter 
    		the “name of the mage” from the riddle.  The answer here is 
    		LewisCarroll, just a bit of a stretch but the biggest one I 
    		remember in the whole game and no trying every inventory item 
    		on every puzzle here.  If nothing seems to work, reset by 
    		exiting the hole and re-enter it.  
    	St Edmund Hall	Sam has to confuse the Bulldog to avoid his 
    		database check then runs up the first floor stairs.  Not 
    		tested but I believe that if the step below in Linkweller’s 
    		office is done before the rooms are searched that Malik will 
    		be on the third floor and Sam won’t have to make two trips 
    		up there.
    	Helena	Use Helena’s key on her door, 202, and Sam will listen 
    		before entering.  Look at the new objects that were not here
    		earlier, Sam can take the Program and Hairpin after looking 
    		at them, look at the Program a second time.  Look at the 
    		items that were here before, like the Drawer and examine the
    		Box again, get the Hairpin ready for use, look at the box 
    		and then use the hairpin on the box.  Exit the room, there is
    		nothing new in Charlie’s room, and Harvey’s room is locked, 
    		time to get over to the graduate side.
    	Angela	Look at then take the cups and ball outside Harvey’s 
    		door, materials for another trick.  Look at the Maintenance Man
    		and examine the Fuse Box.  Sam won’t touch anything while the 
    		Man is there working, but click the actions to find the switch
    		for the alarm on the door to the graduate wing, the red label 
    		marks the one Sam needs as well.  The Maintenance man now has 
    		a trick icon showing but the one to use is not as obvious as 
    		those cups on the floor were.  Each trick is used just once 
    		in the game and most are used up by now.  Choose Cup and Ball 
    		Psychic as the trick but be sure you remember the instructions
    		from the manual before starting, and Sam will not get a chance
    		to mark a cup per the instructions so look for the thumbprint 
    		on one of the cup faces as she describes their positions and 
    		this will be the marked cup.  I had Sam select the coffee as 
    		a prize, then examine the Fuse Box and turn off the Alarm 
    		Switch after the Maintenance Man leaves.  Enter the graduate
    		wing, Angela is in 322, Malik in 326.  Malik is not in his room,
    		try Angela’s room.  Angela is not there either but Kelly her 
    		roommate will let Sam in and answer some questions, look at 
    		those items that are available but Sam won’t examine anything
    		with Kelly there.  Look at Kelly to get the trick icon.  
    		Disappearing Ink on that sweater is pretty mean, but that’s what 
    		Sam wants.  With Kelly gone examine everything Sam could not 
    		before.  Look at both the Magazine and the Records in the 
    		drawer.  Look at the Photos and Hair Dye while examining the 
    		Photo of Angela’s Father.  Exit the room.  Sam won’t go down 
    		the stairs in the graduate wing so head back over to the 
    		undergraduate side.  The Alarm Switch is no longer active in 
    		the Fuse Box, and the others are just for lights.
    	Gymnasium	Sam can look at both doors she had trapped the night 
    		before, the lights, weights, clock, and man, for new 
    		information.  Too bad only Mephistopheles gets to see that 
    		picture she took.
    	Library	Harvey is there so use Helena’s ID on the Turnstile 
    		and go look at him, then talk.  Harvey is ready for a 
    		trick now and The Shredded and Restored Newspaper is ideal,
    		Sam won’t take that stack of papers from the librarians desk
    		early though so start the trick.  Once selected Sam says she
    		needs something so take the papers from the desk, and click 
    		on Harvey again to proceed.  This is another spot where Sam 
    		will not do the trick if only the numbered steps seen in the 
    		manual are followed 1.2.3.  The manual says prep and load the
    		copy in the left sleeve first, then have Sam follow the 
    		numbered steps.
    	Linkweller	Time to confront the man, enter his office.  Now that 
    		the phone bug is gone Sam can call Charlie’s Mother about that
    		photo that didn’t seem to match, well that finished the Christ
    		Church area too.
    	Dread Hill House	In the Foyer by the phone is an Invitation for Sam.
    		Read it in Inventory, the London map now has the action icon, 
    		click that after reviewing the 4 locations on the Daedalus 
    		riddle coins.  Those locations have action cursors so click 
    		each one.  Sam will remark about the area being a large one to
    		search, so click opposing landmarks then Sam will draw a line
    		between them and form an X on the map.  
    	Main Lab	Talk to David in the Main Lab by the Computer.  For 
    		bonus points return to the Black Wand and talk to 
    		Mephistopheles, now Sam can change the time for everyone else
    		she wants to and make a trip to London later on.
    	Horspath Track	Talk to Eddie, and have Sam take a Discus, after 
    		getting hit by the weight one would think Sam should be looking
    		for ping-pong balls instead of something equally heavy.
    	St Edmund Hall	Head back up to look into Malik, he is outside his
    		room on the 3rd floor, graduate side so talk to him.  Now Sam
    		just needs to change the time of the experiment, head back 
    		outside St Edmund Hall.  If the Maintenance Man is back, talk
    		to him to show how the cup and ball trick works.  Outside Sam 
    		will set up the new time with the Lambs there, now call 
    		Helena on the cell phone leaving her with the old time and 
    		head back to Dread Hill House.   
    	Dread Hill House	Return to David in the Main Lab and talk to him,
    		this will trigger the end of the chapter.
    Chapter 7	David outside ready to leave, go to St Edmund Hall, and enter
    		the Lobby.  Enter the Dining room.
    	St Edmund Hall	Look at the damaged items, and Detective Paiser, 
    		Talk to Paiser.  Examine the Hole in the Wall, look at the 
    		Hole, then use the Discus on the Hole.  Return to the Lobby.
    		David meets Angela Here and Sam’s charade is uncovered, talk
    		to the Bulldog to confirm what Angela said.
    	Dread Hill House	David can pick up the phone and he will try and 
    		call Sam.  Stop in the Kitchen and talk to Mrs. Dalton.  
    		Upstairs David will enter Sam’s room, and put Houdini back in
    		the cage one more time.  Look at the Photo of Parents, Bed, 
    		Lamp, and Drawer.  Examine the Backpack, look at the book and
    		take the Letter.  Return to the Foyer and pickup the phone 
    		again to call the Foster Care Office.  
    	Main Lab	Activate the Computer and look at Experiment 3.  The 
    		time needed to narrow the search was on Sam’s watch that night
    		in the gym, look at 11:30 and step through the seconds as 
    		before.  When David says “There!” stop and look for a different
    		scan on someone.  Select Angela, and look at the colored area, 
    		return to the scans and advance the seconds again and the all 
    		red scans should return.  Angela’s scan does look different 
    		here 	too so select it, then go back to the previous time in 
    		seconds and Angela again.  Go back to the first page and look 
    		at Experiment 4, time 4:30, while Angela’s scan is selected 
    		look at the colored area in the center.  David will say he 
    		is not sure what that area is.  Go to the private lab and bring 
    		up the file Brain Power Published 2000, let David finish 
    		talking before clicking on anything else and he will explain 
    		what he needs.  Pull up the page until the diagram is showing 
    		and select the print option in the upper left of David’s 
    		Computer.  Look at the diagram in inventory.  Examine then look
    		at the RNG Rolodex, and examine the Whiteboard then proceed to 
    		the Main Lab Computer.  Return to the Main Lab.  Activate the 
    		Computer and look at one of Angela’s abnormal scans just before
    		they all turn red, use the diagram on the scan, select again 
    		with the look icon making sure David mentions the area of the 
    		brain it is in.  
    	Oxford	Meet with the Lambs there.  Go to the Black Wand and 
    		examine the store.  Take the Poster.  Look at the Samantha 
    		storefront next to the Black Wand, and look around at the 
    		other objects here.  For bonus points take another look at 
    		the Photo of Parents in Sam’s Bedroom.  Return to St Edmunds 
    		Hall Dining room and talk to Detective Paiser.  David can 
    		now travel to the Daedalus Club, everything else should be 
    		finished now so go there.
    	London	The Coffee Shop does not look the part, go to the door
    		with the club label.  Use the Poster on the Trickster.  David
    		will enter and see the show ending the chapter.
    Chapter 8	Sam starts between the auditorium and Public Bar, have a look
    		around and proceed to the Bar, she will not go back into the 
    	Club Bar	Talk to the Bartender, look around examine the Newspaper
    		near the two Patrons on the left.  Talk to the Patrons, look 
    		at the Zoltan then talk to the Trickster.  Return to the Club 
    		Front Hall.
    	Devil Machine	Examine the Devil Machine on the near left.  look 
    		at the plate on top, the horns on either side of the symbol 
    		wheels will spin the two closest wheels and Sam needs 3 
    		devils.  It is not that hard because the two wheels on the 
    		right always show the same result, spin the left until a 
    		devil shows on the left side, then the right until there are 
    		two devils there.  Now the dots light up and spin around the 
    		main dial, pull the lever on the left side to stop the spinning
    		however it does not stop until about 1/3 of the dial past the 
    		lever pull.  Sam needs the light to stop below the Hell section
    		of the dial.
    Card Maze	Do not use any Exits until all the objects have been looked
    	Hearts	 at or examined.  The hearts section, and Queen of 
    		Hearts door, is the final one in the maze, keys from the other
    		three playing card suits must be found.  There are 5 doors 
    		on each side of the card rooms, most just lead right back to 
    		the room Sam is in already, one on each side will lead to 
    		another room with the opposite color card suit theme, and a 
    		third door can lead to a swamp room with the key for the 
    		clubs card suite but the center of the swamp is only 
    		reachable through the end door of the room of Clubs.  If 
    		mazes are not a favorite thing the doors are listed here 
    		numbered from near left as one to near right as 10, the end 
    		doors are not included since each of them is special.  When 
    		Sam finds that light from the clue many doors will have card 
    		values too but not all are readable.  One door to avoid is 
    		# 1 in the Diamonds room, which will put Sam back out on the 
    		London sidewalk.  Door # 1 goes to Clubs, # 8 to Spades.
    	Clubs	Door # 1 from Hearts takes Sam to the Clubs room.  Look and 
    		Examine but avoid the doors for now, this Zoltan has a 
    		message, hope it’s true.  Examine the Classical statues by 
    		the end door, which is the Queen of Clubs door, Sam can 
    		take a look at the swamp and Clubs key but won’t be able 
    		to reach it yet.  The door on the left leading to the 
    		Diamonds room is # 4, # 10 goes back to Hearts.
    	Diamonds	Look and Examine some more, look at the Switch in the 
    		center of the room, now go ahead and activate it.  Card 
    		numbers now show on the doors but some are just too small 
    		to read, that 6 of Diamonds door is still the one to avoid.
    		The light has changed things in every room, start with the
    		painting here and re-examine it.  Which set of directions 
    		to follow?  Enter the end door, Queen of Diamonds and try 
    		to get Sam a key, use the directions from the woman in the 
    		painting and look for the mirror door showing the smaller 
    		of the two pedestals.  This should lead Sam to the Orange 
    		Key.  Use one of the mirror doors again and Sam should see
    		Helena trapped here too, one in each mirror.  Use the same
    		rule and go to the smaller Helena each time to reach her, 
    		she will talk to Sam after a few doors, tell her to stay 
    		still and continue as before.  Sam and Helena will return 
    		to the Diamonds room, and Helena will exit the maze through 
    		that 6 of Diamonds door.  Door # 2, Ace of Diamonds, leads 
    		to Spades and # 7 leads to Clubs.  
    	Spades	Look around, the Iron Maiden informs of the Maze exit 
    		door, and the woman in the painting a clue to the maze.  
    		Examine the Handcuffs, might as well try and take them like
    		the painting showed.  Sure wish Sam would take that Gun, 
    		Door # 3, 8 of Spades, leads to Hearts and # 9, or Ace of 
    		Spades, goes back to Diamonds. Now let Sam try that end 
    		Door, well that didn’t work too well and the ceiling was 
    		painted like the world, and this is a trigger for the Statue.
    		Go to Clubs next to look for changes, door  # 7 from Diamonds.
    	Clubs	Examine the Painting, well the woman has a gun, maybe Sam 
    		should change her mind about the one in the Spades room.  
    		Use the end door to enter the swamp again.  
    	Swamp	Examine the Planks, touch the planks, then use the handcuffs 
    		on the Planks.  Use them again on the Planks so Sam can move
    		to the center island and take the Green Key.  Return to the 
    		Clubs room, and Sam will recover the handcuffs on the way.
    		Enter the Hearts room again, Door # 10.
    	Hearts	Examine the Painting again, the woman holds Atlas 
    		Shrugged and there was a statue of Atlas in the Clubs room.
    		Return to the Clubs room.
    	Clubs	Examine the Statues again, the Statue of Atlas has an action
    		icon now so select it again and Sam will push it out to 
    		prevent that ceiling from lowering.  Return to the Spades room.
    	Spades	Should be safe to enter the end door now.  After the 
    		ceiling stops look at the Statue, then Examine it to find the
    		Purple Key.  Return to the Hearts Room.
    	Hearts door	Use each of the three keys in turn on the lock panel to 
    		the left of the door, enter the door.
    	Club Room	Now Sam wants something to force Mephistopheles to talk,
    		return to the maze and the Spades Room. Take the Gun and return
    		through the Queen of Hearts Door.  Use the gun on 
    End Game	Cut scenes take over now but there is one last trick, when 
    		Angela is holding both Sam and David at bay in the Christ 
    		Church Nave Alter with lightning and a ring of clouds.  Have
    		Sam use the Paper Fairy on the Magic Lantern, then the 
    		Magic Lantern on Angela.  When Angela moves over the 
    		Baptismal Pool have David activate the Switch on the far 
    		wall to drop Angela into the water.  End game scenes follow.

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