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    FAQ/Walkthrough by lunaradept

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    Walkthrough//DOWNHILL NIGHT 2
    Lunar Adept
    Ver. 1.0
    General Information
    Downhill Night 2 is a racing visual novel developed by Top and released by
    Jast in the US. As you have probably guessed, it is the successor of the
    first Downhill Night. The creators of Initial D also had a hand in it. That
    being said, as a VN, it also contains sexual themes not suited for children.
    Thus, if you are offended or disgusted by wet cunts, people getting hot and
    heavy, and cute lolis (or, you are under the age of 18), you have no need
    for this guide and should not play the game.
    Main Characters
    * Akito Tsuchida- The Protagonist this time around. As a college undergrad,
    you spend most of your time at the arcade playing racing games, and as such
    have accuired a broad knowledge of cars and racing strategies- although you
    don't have a license. Can you use these skills to grab the girl of your
    dreams, or will she along with victory elude you..?
    * Rinka Asahina- Your co-worker and friend, She's a lively girl and talented
    member of The Four Knights, an elite group of street racers in your town.
    After witnessing your skills in action, she takes you on as her racing
    navigator and together you tear down the streets of Yotsuya... in her car.
    * Reiko Toudouin- A polite girl from a very wealthy family, She learned street
    racing from her father, inheriting his skills as well as his tricked out car.
    Always accompanied by her faithful butler, she seems to have no real knowledge
    of the world outside of racing and her mansion.
    * Tomomi Asagiri- A reserved, shy girl who admires Suzukaze, but has trouble
    expressing herself to people. Because of this, she often gets pulled into
    misunderstandings due to her overprotective childhood friend.
    * Kei Narukami- A mysterious girl who sometimes appears on the ridge, looking
    down at the city below with a forlorn expression. Can you bring a smile to 
    her..? (Paws of bitches; I've got a plastic knife!)
    * Komachi- A mysterious lol--er, informant who suddenly appeared in town.
    Although a bit akward, she has the ability to see facts about your upcoming
    opponent. Whether these facts are helpful or not is another matter.
    * Yuu Suzukaze- Known as 'The Wind of Yotsuya', he's a former circuit racer
    and the leader of The Four Knights. A legend among racers both street and non,
    he rarely accepts race challenges, and doesn't have to- The Four Knights are
    always more than willing to battle downhill in his stead. And rightly so- he
    sees his crew as a family.
    * Shuuji Aikawa- Your best and worst friend. You know the one. He attends the
    same driving school and college you do, and the two of you have been friends
    since far back. A car junkie, if he's not gaming with you at the arcade, he's
    keeping up with the latest info or seeking out cute girls (often Rinka).
    Always there for you with the latest info on your upcoming opponents, his
    information network is one to be wondered.
    The System **IMPORTANT**
    Unlike most visual novels, the choices in this game are seperated into two
    categories: Map and Storyline.
    * Map/Route- Instead of your choices leading you to a girl's path, each girl's
    route choice takes place on the map that appears once or twice per chapter. In
    order to follow a certain heroine's story, all you need to do is click on
    their respective face on the map whenever it appears. If your chosen girl's
    face does not appear, that's fine, you can choose anyone.However, make sure
    to always pick your chosen heroine when possible.
    * Storyline- The majority of the choices in the game. These choices progress
    the game and will always appear no matter which route you choose. These
    choices affect the game as a whole, not the individual routes. It should be
    noted that at points in the game, a single wrong choice can lead to gameover.
    -Due to the route choices being a simple point and choose, the walkthrough
    covers the Storyline part of the game.
    -That said, in order to get Komachi's CG's you must click the question mark.
    Every time.
    -Alright, I'll do it!
    -Count me in!
    -Go Full throttle! Use the inner lane!
    -Concentrate on braking!
    -Break early from the outside lane!
    -Drift into the inside lane!
    -Research the 86
    -Show some guts! Follow them!
    -Brake! Don't follow their pace!
    -Use the inside lane!
    -Stay on their bumper!
    -Concentrate on accelerating!
    -Pass him on the outside lane!
    -The inside lane is empty! Use it!
    -Be careful! Keep your current position!
    -Stay at your own pace!
    -Keep cool and go at your own pace!
    -hit the brakes, then  punch it after the corner!
    -They're trying to kill us! Drift!
    -Tell Rinka everything
    -Slow down! That'll be enough!
    -Use the outside lane! Aim for the grip point!
    -Stay away from him! Keep up your own pace!
    -We'll take the lead! Use the inside lane!
    -It's a triple hair pin!
    -Get behind him! Slipstream!
    -Slow down a bit! You can make it!
    -Go into 2nd and turn rythmically!
    -Right turn! Side brake and drift!
    -Investigate that man
    -Try to overtake him!
    -Pull up next to him and get in his way!
    -Slide into the inside lane!
    -Take the inside lane! Ruin his line!
    -Let's see what she's got! Stay on her tail!
    -Concentrate on accelerating!
    -Brake, then drift into the inside lane!
    -Brake early and pass from the outside!
    -Follow the usual plan and watch him closely!
    -Stay calm and drift!
    -Break and drift!
    -Drift as hard as you can!
    -Leave it up to Rinka*
    -Came to watch for the car*
    -Out, in, out!*
    -Accelerate out of the corner!*
    -Keep your rythem and follow them!*
    -Inside lane, go!*
    -Watch Suzukaze's movements!
    -Accel off drift! Straighten out and go!
    -Drift! Don't let Suzukaze leave us behind!
    -Feel the wind! Enter Suzukaze's world!
    -Hit the brakes!
    * These choices are part of an extra scene and may not appear first
    play through.
    * Notes about Komachi the informant: Whenever you visit Komachi on
    the map, she will eliminate one option for each respective choice
    point in the upcoming race.(Most of the time, one of the really stupid ones.)
    If you find any errors or have a question or comment, feel free to contact me
    at Lunar.adept@yahoo.com Make sure you type "Downhill Night" or something
    similair somewhere in your subject, or my spam filter'll flame it. Thanks!
    Authorized Use & Copyright
    The only website authorized to display this guide, in part or in full, are 
    Gamefaqs. No other sites are authorized at this time. If you want to use it
    on your site, ask me first- I'm an open guy.
    Copyright 2010 Rick Brackett (Lunar Adept). It may not be reproduced in part,
    in whole, or in teeny tiny pieces without my explicit consent and permission.

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