• Steam Achievements

    ‘Tis But a ScratchGet healed with 1 health point
    Adam SmithKill an enemy while defending an Extractor 10 times
    Air DefenseKill a Lerk
    Arcade ChampionSpent some time playing arcade game modes
    Asymmetrical CombatKill a Fade
    Barking DogDestroy 10 Extractors
    Battle ReadyEvolve one Kharaa Upgrade
    Big Game HunterKill an Onos
    BloodrageDeal 4000 player damage in 1 round
    Bomb DefusalKill a Marine who has a Grenade Launcher
    Burning CashDestroy 200 resources worth of enemy technology
    CheckmateDeal the Killing Blow to a Hive or Command Station
    Combat EngineerBuild 10 Extractors in 1 round
    CultivationBuild a Hive as Gorge
    DambusterKill 10 Harvesters
    Darwin AwardToo determined to listen to good advice.
    DemolitionsDeal 7500 structure damage in 1 round
    DisarmamentKill a Marine who has a Shotgun
    Eat Your GreensComplete all new player missions
    Economic SabotageKill a Gorge
    Economics 101Kill 5 Harvesters
    ExplorerUse Play Now
    FirefighterKill a Marine who has a Flamethrower
    First AdventureComplete the tutorial
    First Class PostUse a Phasegate
    Fresh LarvaComplete the Alien tutorial.
    I See Human ScumParasite 10 Marines in one round
    KharaaPlay a round as alien
    Long Term InvestmentsKill an enemy while defending an Extractor 5 times
    Mood LightingWeld a Power Node
    Most Valued XenomorphKill a Marine while defending a Harvester
    New RecruitComplete the Marine tutorial.
    No More Fancy ToysDestroy 100 resources worth of enemy technology
    No Tech For YouKill 15 Harvesters
    One Gorge's TreasureCollect all 15 drop-able items.
    Patron Saint of ResKill a Marine while defending a Harvester 10 times
    ProtipKill a Marine with 2 bites and a parasite
    Quality AssuranceKill a developer
    RecessionDestroy 300 resources worth of enemy technology
    RegicideKill the enemy commander
    RepairmanWeld 5 Power Nodes
    Rifles OnlyDestroy 15 Extractors
    Secure InvestmentsKill a Marine while defending a Harvester 5 times
    Security DetailKill an enemy while defending an Extractor
    SlimyUse a Gorge Tunnel
    Strategic ThinkingFollow 5 Commander’s orders
    Tag!Parasite a Marine
    Team PlayerDestroy 5 Extractors
    Terminal Velocity FacepalmFor when a regular facepalm doesn't cut it...
    The Doctor is InWeld your team mates 10 times in 1 round
    They Came From BehindKill a Marine after sneaking as skulk
    They Just Keep ComingKill a Skulk
    TravelerPlay on 3 different maps
    TSFPlay a round as marine
    Unfair AdvantageEvolve 3 Kharaa Upgrades
    UnleashedRattling the Cage reaps its own reward
    Unsportsmanlike ConductTaunt after killing a player
    UntouchableKill a Marine while having full health
    Wall Hacks!Parasite 20 Marines in one round
    You're Walking NowDestroy an Exosuit

    Contributed By: McMurphey.

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