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"Theme Hospital 2... I don't think so"

~ Introduction ~

Dear fans of Theme Hospital, please do not buy this game as you will be eager to use the disc as a frisbee, crack it 2, burn it, put it in a microwave, ... everything except putting it in your beloved computer to play Hospital Tycoon. In fact, the game has gotten so many bad comments that, at least I believe, the developers have dropped support for this game... after only ONE month of existence.

Why is this game horrible? Is it because we all thought it would be a Theme Hospital 2? Maybe we had too many expectations of the game? That's all possible, but even if you've ever played Theme Hospital you will probably not like this game.

Let me explain why.

~ Game Play ~ 6/10

When you run the game, you can select either you want to play the "sandbox" mode, everyone knows that by now: No rules, no objectives, just have fun, yet I wonder how you can have fun with this game.
Anyways, there is also a story mode for this game. First let me ask you a question: Do you like those drama series on TV? No? Well then, I'm sure you'll *open sarcasm* enjoy this game very much *end sarcasm* I'll come back to this in the story section of the review.

Theme Hospital had a reputation as being a very humorous game with splendid gameplay (who doesn't love the shooting-mouse game?). Hospital Tycoon offers none of these, you start of with a series of tutorials to make you familiar with the gameplay, which is a good thing but not really a must since it's pretty obvious what you can and can't build.

Let's review the building aspect of the game. First of all, you cannot make custom sized rooms, there are pre-build sized ones you can select (for example 8x12 blocks or 12x16) which can be a pain to sometimes put machines in it. A good aspect of the game is that there's a wide selection of furniture and other items to place in your hospital. You will need this since the game also has a "star-ranking" system and beauty is one of those.

The staff of the game is weird, yes you heard it they're weird. You can build a staff room for them but even a small one will do and you won't hear them complaining. There are janitors, engineers, surgeons, ... all have their level of experience, mood & activity. As they cure patients their experience level will rise. You can have interaction between two staff members by clicking on them and let them shake hands, punch eachother & scold. This will not affect anything.

As in previous tycoon games, this will get broken, an engineer will be able to repair the machines. Although I wonder how an engineer can fix every single machine by hitting it with a hammer continuously for about 10 to 20 seconds...

Remember when your hospital was filled with people in the Theme game? It was satisfactory to see your home-made hospital full with happy patients. That was back then... seems today people don't need a hospital anymore! There will be almost no occasions when there are more than 10 people in your facility, this is even more clear as the buildings are always way too big and most of the corridors are just empty.

~ Story ~ 2/10

As I stated before, it seems the developers wanted to be funny by creating love stories you also find in those Television Drama series. Fun for your average mother maybe but what if you're a gamer who expects to find a good storyline such as a junior doctor climbing to the top as you progress in the game... nope, sorry folks. They even treat levels as episodes of a television show, this is a videoGAME not a videoTELEVISION program!! There are several episodes but you can complete the game in about 3 hours, it took me maybe 10 minutes per episode, more or less.

~ Graphics & Music ~ 4/10

Xbox360! Playstation 3! Wii! PC's with GPU's people could only dream of 2 years ago. Games with marvelous graphics, effects, splendid character facial motions, non-repetitive behaviour.. I wonder if the graphics team of Codemasters has even heard of these things. What you get is a cd-rom, a game which is 600mb and your worst 3D experience ever.

I like 2D games, really, some are even better than 3D. And I say, this game should have been in 2D. The graphics are bad, the polygon count is abysmal and people with diseases tend to repeat their actions over and over. Also the camera is horrible, sometimes it takes ages to put it where you want it.

The music is repetitive, nothing compared to any other Tycoon game.

~ Conclusion ~ 3/10


- 3D Hospital game
- Plenty of furniture to place in your hospital


- Lame humor
- Bad graphics
- Bad gameplay
- Short story mode
- Too few diseases
- Repetitive

If you'd like a fun game in this genre I advice you to buy Theme Hospital, it might be 10 years old but you'll enjoy it more than this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 07/19/07

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