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"Missing the Plot in the game"

Missing On Lost Island by Mayhem studios was released 13 years ago. It's an adventure-point and click game, with many alternate and unimaginable ways to take on, I still LOVE it so I have also written a FAQ for it.

Game-play is pretty good, you can examine anything which looks special, combine things, Talk to unusual characters, Do stupid things etc. Like any other point and click game it's fun to click anything when that little SKELETON mouse pointer turns into a Skull with an eye popping out!

MUSIC 6/10
The music is great with 2 varied classes for you to choose from- Pirate or Modern. The Pirate music makes you feel like you are really fighting the naval battle. The effects for the players actions are good but not great, That's what has lowered its the score for the game by 1 point.

SPEECH 10/10
The speech in this game is sure to tickle your funny bone more often than you would have expected, but you might need to understand the plot to catch hold of some of the jokes. Tim knocks out one of the Pirates golden tooth and says --With a few more of these, I can open a jewel store.

PLOT 3/10
The game revolves around Tim, who with his girlfriend Diana were zapped to the Pirate island where the time has gone bonkers and Tim has to rescue his girl from the bad guys out on the lost island ready to get the Beautiful Redheaded Diana for themselves. But the plot is bad and can not be understood after the first few scenes, it leaves many questions unanswered. Why did the Wolf-men want Diana? What's with that amulet? Why did the pirates betray Tim? and the list goes on and on. And this is the most important reason for the low overall score I have given.

The game has so many alternate cut-scene and areas that next time you go halfway through the game you might make an error by using the other tunnel than the one which must be used, you end up in a new area with new puzzles!! There are 4 endings to the game at both extremes . You get an ending where Tim dies and you may even get an ending where Tim and his girlfriend reach home safely. So you must replay it to see the other endings.

Great game, though very old, has many challenging puzzles which are still loved by adventure game lovers.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 02/25/13

Game Release: Missing on Lost Island (US, 12/31/00)

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