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    FAQ/Walkthrough by JaggedJim

    Version: 0.1 | Updated: 03/18/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                     |    The Dark Eye: Drakensang Walkthrough    |
                     |               By: JaggedJim                |
                     |            Date: March 18,2009             |
                     |               Version: 0.1                 |
     This is my walkthrough for The Dark Eye: Drakensang. You can always find the
     latest version of this guide at:
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    |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||Table of Contents|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
    Version History [001]
    Introduction [002]
    Walkthrough [000]
     -Avestrue [000.1]
    |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||Version History [001]|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
    0.1 – 3/18/09 - Initial release. Walkthrough covers the prologue area.
    |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||Introduction [002]||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
     The Dark Eye: Drakensang is a computer role-playing that is based on a German
     pen and paper ruleset. This game is a bit of a throwback, trying to evoke the
     same type of gameplay you found in Bauldur’s Gate or Ultima, and for the most
     part it succeeds. If I had to compare it, I would say it reminds me most of
     Neverwinter nights.
     Anyway, that’s enough rambling out of me, on with the show!
    |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||Walkthrough [000]|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
     If you are familiar with my previous guides you should know that I dislike
     constantly holding the reader’s hand through the game. Therefore this guide
     will only point out the important thing like quests and treasures while
     leaving it up to the reader to do the exploring and fighting. Also forgive me
     if I misspell some names in this guide, I do try to copy them down correctly,
     but I am only human.
    SPOILER NOTE: Although this walkthrough is more or less spoiler-free, it is 
                  NOT totally free of spoilers. So if you are trying to avoid
                  spoilers, don’t read ahead of the spot you need help in.
                  You have been warned.
    ===============================|Avestrue [000.1]|==============================
     After creating your character you start the game in the middle of a journey
     to meet with your old friend Ardo in Ferdok. You soon run into a town guard
     who tells you that there’s a checkpoint ahead, and to get through it you will
     need to have recommendations from two influential people. Great.
       The Diadem and the Lover
     As you go through the town there will be a scene with a woman named Salina
     yelling at a guard. After the scene is over talk to the woman and she’ll tell
     you that her Diadem has been stolen. On top of that her lover Dranor has gone
     missing as well. If you offer to help her find the Diadem she’ll give you a
     recommendation for the checkpoint. (Oh, and you should probably go find
     Dranor while you’re at it too... I guess...) She’ll direct you to Runkel
     Bagthumper, one of Dranor’s colleagues who might know more. You find Runkel
     hiding out (in the middle of an open field...) nearby. He’ll say that a
     mysterious stranger seems to have been after the Diadem and that he might
     have something to do with the bandits recently plaguing the area. He suggests
     talking to the Innkeeper of the Jagged Blade for more information. Talk to
     the Innkeeper and he’ll tell you that bandits are probably hiding out at Bald
     Mountain, which is your next destination.
     When you reach Bald Mountain you arrive just in time to see Dranor give the
     Diadem to the mysterious stranger. The stranger then sets some bandits on
     Dranor before escaping. Help him out and after the battle you can either send
     him back to Salina or let him join your party. (You need all the help you can
     get right now so I would take him on board) Either way head back to Salina
     and despite returning, as it were, with just the booby prize she still gives
     you her recommendation.
       The Missing Magician
     As you cross the eastern bridge that leads out of town you will be stopped by
     two novice magicians. They will tell you that their master has wandered off,
     (again) and they ask if you can look for him.
     You can find Rakorium inside the Old Mineshaft. (The game simply lists it as
     ‘Cave’ on your map) As you go deeper you may notice several strange rocks
     scattered around the cave, but ignore them and continue on through the cave.
     You eventually find Rakorium in the deepest part of the cave, despite
     being... uh... “eccentric” you can convince him to let you escort him out of
     the cave.
     Remember those strange rocks that you passed on your way here? Well it turns
     out that those were creatures that Rakorium had turned to stone, and that
     spell has just worn off. This means that you’re going to fight your way out.
     Fortunately they’re only some weak Wolf Rats and a couple confused bandits.
     Make your way out of the cave and when you reach daylight he will teleport
     back to town. Go back to where the novices were to find Rakorium who will
     give you a recommendation. With Rakorium’s and Salina’s recommendations you
     can continue on with the story, but before that let’s see what else we can do
     in Avestrue.
       Rhulana the Amazon
     If you head to the Jagged Edge Inn you’ll see an woman having conversation
     with the Innkeeper. She wants to know the location of a bear that has been
     causing trouble but the Innkeeper is reluctant to tell a damsel such
     information. (P.S. Important safety tip, never call an Amazon a “damsel.”)
     Talk to the woman and offer to help her out. Despite her initial reluctance
     if you’re persistant you will eventually convince her to join your party.
     She’s a pretty good warrior, so I would definitely enlist her help.
       The Examination
     When you talk to Runkel he will mention that he came to Avestrue with Dranor
     for a mission. If you ask him what the mission is he’ll say that he’s
     actually here to take his entrance exam for the Thieves Guild, but he needs
     Dranor’s help to pass them. (Wait, is that legal?) Offer to help him out and
     he’ll say there are three tasks he has to do to pass the test. The first is
     simply to unlock a chest near the Aves Shrine. Go to the Aves Shrine and
     you’ll have to pick the lock on the chest. When you do you will find a note.
     Take this note back to Kunkel and he will decipher it for you.
     Your next target is the chicken coop in a nearby house. Head there and you
     will find a dog guarding the chicken coop. To get past it you will need to
     pickpocket Binga Meadowbolt and take the Dog Bone she has. Initiate a dialog
     with the dog and you will be able to give it the bone. This will allow you to
     get to the chicken coop where you will find another note along with a key.
     Runkel tells you that you need to go to the Old Mill for your next task, So
     head there and enter the Old Mill Cellars. Go through the cellars, breaking
     down the wooden wall blocking your path until you find a chest at the end.
     The chest is trapped, so you will have to disarm it first before you can use
     the key you got at the chicken coop to open it for the final note. You will
     have to deal with a pack of Wolf Rats in the final room but if you’ve
     recruited Rhulana and/or Dranor they shouldn’t give you too many problems.
     Take the note back to Runkel and he’ll say that this note contains direction
     to a thieves guild contact at the Wagoner’s House in Ferdok. With that this
     quest is over for now.
       A Tasty Delicacy
     If talk to Gallo Frantric at the Jagged Edge Inn he’ll mention that he seems
     to have misplaced a parcel of his and asks if you can find it for him,
     offering four whole Thalers as a reward. If you ask him about what the parcel
     contains he’ll be evasive, but if you press him he will admit that the parcel
     contain a rare (and expensive) delicacy.
     Unfortunately he has no idea where the hell the parcel is. To find it look
     for a man near the checkpoint named Brewin Rattlestone. Next to a cart you
     will see some rocks, the parcel is hidden in those rocks. Take the parcel
     back to Gallo and he will try to short-change you by only giving you two
     Thalers as a reward. You will have to “remind” him of your deal if you want
     the full four Thalers. If you know the contents of the parcel, however, you
     can try to get a Ducat out of him instead. He’ll try to offer you four then
     six Thalers, But if you hold out you can finally get him to cough up the
       Berry Hunting
     As you go around town you will notice man named Bredo Bento wandering about
     town. If you talk to him you will learn that he is a traveling peddler. As
     you leave he will ask if you can get ten Oneberries for him. Fortunately
     there are plenty of Oneberry bushes located around the river, more than
     enough to get enough berries for Bredo. Do note that to pick berries you will
     need to use the Plant Lore skill, (if your character doesn’t have that skill
     Rhulana does) also, you will need that skill to be at least five to have a
     decent chance of actually getting anything from a oneberry bush. (How hard is
     it to pick a berry? Jeez...) When you have ten of them take them back to
     Bredo for your reward.
       A Boundary Dispute
     As you make your way to the checkpoint you may notice a couple of farmers
     having an argument about an apple tree. It seems that the apple tree is
     growing on the boundary between their lands and one of them wants to chop it
     down while the other wants to keep it. Talk to Banabas Goodbeet who will ask
     you to mediate their disagreement. There doesn’t seem to be any immediate
     consequences of your decision, so unless there’s some kind of long-term
     consequence to your decision (which my danger sense is telling me there more
     than likely is) it doesn’t really matter what you decide.
       Owlstone the Hunter
     If you talk with the Innkeeper of the Jagged Edge Inn he’ll mention that he
     hasn’t seen Owlstone in a while. If you offer to check up on him the
     Innkeeper will mark the location of Owlstone’s cabin on your map. Go there
     and you’ll find Owlstone trying to fight off a wolf. Help him out and he’ll
     thank you. He’ll then tell you that the reason he hasn’t been back in town is
     that he has his hands full with a couple of beasts that are causing problems.
     Offer to help him out to open up a couple of new Quests.
       The Wild Wolves of Dark Forest
     The first beast that Owlstone wants you to take care of is a white wolf named
     White Fur. Head to the location that he marks on your map and you will be
     attacked by White Fur along with two regular wolves. This isn’t a terribly
     difficult fight, as White Fur is only marginally more powerful than a generic
     wolf. When she’s dead take her pelt back to Owlstone for a 20 Thaler reward.
       The Bear in the Dark Forest
     The other beast that’s causing problems is a bear. You can find this bear in
     the Old Mineshaft. He’s a bit powerful, but as long as you hit him with all
     you’ve got and keep it away from any squishy mages you might have in your
     party you should come out on top. Take it’s head back to Owlstone for your
       The Hunting Trophy
     It turns out, however, that Owlstone does not want the bear’s head. He
     suggests selling it to the Innkeeper of the Jagged Edge Inn. Go to the Inn
     and the Innkeeper will gladly buy the Bear head from you.
       Random Stuff
     This is some minor stuff that doesn’t really warrant an entire section.
     If you talk to Woodcutter Knebon near the Jagged Blade and use Human Nature
     on him he will give you two pieces of Elm Wood
     If you talk to Prancelot near the checkpoint to Ferdok You can hear his
     story. If you listen to the entire thing you get some AP.
     You can take those Bandit Emblems you loot from dead bandits to Nandor and he
     will give you two Thalers each for them.
     If you talk to Erna Goodbeet she will ask you for a password. Unfortunately I
     have no clue what this password is or where you can find it. (Or, for that
     matter what the hell this password is for anyway.)
     If you talk to Mercenary Humbold you will have the opportunity to challenge
     him and his partner Gondwin to a little sparring match. I you can win he’ll
     give you a pretty nice sword as a prize.
       Journey to Ferdok
     Once you have both Salina’s and Rakorium’s recommendation You can go to
     Nandor and he’ll finally give you the pass you need to reach Ferdok. So with
     that, you can finally leave this charming little pit stop and make for Priaos
     Square in Ferdok.
    -WARNING: Once you leave Avestrue you will NOT be able to return. Make sure
              that you’ve completed everything you can do before leaving.
     Run faster, damn it!
    Please don’t put this walkthrough up on any website without my permission. 
    This document is Copyright 2009 James “JaggedJim” Ramsey.
                                   In loving memory
                                 Mae Vanek: 1930-2002

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