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"Good but not the Best!"

Well its UbiSoft on the PC and they definitely have got something up their sleeves!

The story is one of the main aspect of any game and at this area Assassin's Creed does not fall back in any way. Basically there were killings of nine major symbol of the Third Crusade, who were greedy and were prolonging the war for their gain and benefit. This thing was to be researched and a company built a machine called Animus which kind of reads your DNA and because you have your ancestor's memory stored in your DNA, the machine access it and show it as a kind of video. You are a bartender whose ancestor was the assassin who did the bad stuff, and so you are called in for the research and at the time of entering the Animus you gain control of the assassin your ancestor and the story is well told and there many climaxes also! Almost perfect

Graphics --
Another muolding aspect of any game. This is where Assassin's Creed truly shines. With DirectX 10 compatibility and near perfect shadows and texture modelling, this game is a monster in the graphics arena. It's true that to play it in its full glory you will need a high end PC but I played it on max and really had a blast. From the reflections and to the shadows all is perfect. Even though it boasts of over 100+ people on the screen at any time, it still manages to do the human figures really well. Animation is fluid and your character really looks awesome while performing those high flying stunt. Flawless and mind numbing graphics

Game Play --
Ah finally the core of any game. Well put it this, Altair is basically a person got after mixing Prince of Persia + SpiderMan + BatMan + Sam Fisher. In the game, you can climb to anything which sticks out more than 2 inches. So, basically you can climb and go anywhere! Its very fun jumping from rooftops to rooftops unhindered. The combat is practically a button mashing and pressing the button at the right time game. Just press the button at the right time and Altair will pull off a cool looking move. That's all. Itt is fun at first but it gets repetative and boring with all the same things. One special mention is the fluid controls dispite all this high flying stunts and moves. Kudos to UbiSoft at that part. They might been a little innovative with the social stealth. You can only move with Scholars and not any other people in group. You do not get any info at the starting of the game but you have to collect it by doing rooftop races for informants or pickpocketting someone or evasdropping. But all this things are very easy and you do not have to find them! All you have to do is to get on a high tower and examine the sorroundings and the missions will be marked on the map. This makes the game a lot less realistic. All in all its fun but gets repetative and boring.

Another important part of a game and is drastically well done in the game. You hear the clashes as they should sound and the footstep sound of each citizen and Altair is very well done. Voice acting is a pleasant surprise too! With perfect sound and precise voice acting, its perfect here!

Game Play time and Replayability --
What can I say? Its long enough at first but by the time you complete it you will be too bored to play it again! Not enough.

If you like stealth with innovation or if you just like insanely jumping around rooftops then this is your best bet. Good for once but won't last long!

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 04/10/08

Game Release: Assassin's Creed: Director's Cut Edition (US, 04/08/08)

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