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"Are you sure those are gorillas?"

I understand that in the year 1991, computers did not have the technology they have today. I understand that you had to use your imagination back then. I understand that you really had to use your imagination back then.


So would if they had limited graphics back on 1991 computers? The gorillas are not even gorilla-colored! For the limited graphics this game offers, don't you think that the designers would of at least had the decency to make a gorilla a purple, or black? Tan is probably the last color I think of when I am reminded of a gorilla. The only thing that makes the gorilla look anything different from a human are it's pectorals. If it didn't have its pectoral lines the gorilla would look like some nudist with one eyebrow and no mouth. They are also throwing bananas which makes the situation even more awkward.

On the other hand, the buildings look pretty nice with the graphic capabilities provided. There are building formations in each different game you play, which is a nice touch. The buildings are not shaped anything different from a rectangle or square, so don't expect the Burj Al Arab.

One last sprite in this game to put the cherry on the cake, is the sun. The Sun takes up a small portion of the screen and gives you a bright smile to cheer you up that you are playing such a mediocre game. When you hit the sun with a banana, it gives you look of surprise, which really hasn't sat well with me. How could a primate throw a banana throw a banana 93 million miles, touch the sun's surface, and have it come back down in perfect condition? Or better yet, how can a molten ball of gas have expressions?


To match the odd graphics, the game has gameplay to match it.

The concept of the game is to throw a banana at the other gorilla and have him explode. I find it kind of odd that a 1,000 LB+ gorilla's weight can be handled on top of a metropolitan building, but if a banana is thrown on top of it, it explodes. Anyway, you must type in a number into the Angle column between 1-360, and a number into the Velocity between 1-300. You can adjust the gravity of the city you're on by changing the meters per second your banana will fall.
In my opinion, the game, even with the limited technology in 1991, would be extremely boring. I hope there was never a kid who had to sit in his living room envying the kids who were embarking adventures with Link, or dominating the boxing world with Little Mac, playing this snooze-fest.

The only reason this game got a 2 not a 1 was because it kind of worked...sort of
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Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 07/01/08

Game Release: Gorillas (US, 12/31/91)

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