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"This game is sure to drive you bananas."

Gorillas is a very primitive game which was "released" in 1991. The premise behind it is simply: your aim is to blow up your opponent with by launching explosives at them while taking factors like angles, wind, and velocity into account. However, Gorillas takes this commonly seen premise and adds a twist: rather than using a cannon and standard ammunition to attack another cannon like most other games in the genre, two players will fight it out as giant gorillas which use explosive bananas as weapons. It sounds ridiculous, but it can make for some decent fun.

Gorillas can be played with up to 2 players. Both players take turns having their giant Gorilla launch a giant explosive banana at their foe. To do so, the player who is in control at the time must set the angle and velocity of their tasty weapon and account for the wind before throwing it. Unfortunately, this is a tough task. Finding the correct combination of velocity and angle is largely trial and error. The wind does so little that you almost certainly won't notice it unless it is really strong. Fortunately, sharing the pain of the primitive "controls" of the game is a fun. Back in the day, computer multiplayer didn't get much better than this.

For a game released in 1991, it doesn't look horrible. That said, the gorillas look ridiculous (they look more like nude people if anything). Their animations consist solely of throwing of bananas and pounding their chests ala King Kong, but despite the simplicity they are funny to watch. The bananas look enough like the fruit they are modeled after, though they flicker oddly as they fly through the air. The sun is a nice addition to the game. It sits smiling around, but if hit by a banana it makes an odd face. The buildings look awful, but what were the programmers to do there? Finally, the explosions range in quality to impressive (after hitting the enemy gorilla) to pitiful (hitting a building).

As far as sound and music in the game goes, it is extremely primitive (in other words, awful). For a game as old as this, it is too much to ask for a quality soundtrack, so one must let it slide. There is no story, but with a simple game like this which was made solely for multiple players, details like that are too much to ask for. If old school action is the thing for you and your friends, try the game out. It came free on a wide range of past computers and may pleasantly surprise you.

Grading Scales:
LENGTH: 4/10
VALUE: 10/10
STORY (Not factored into average): N/A
FINAL SCORE: 6/10 <= 6.25/10

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 02/19/10

Game Release: Gorillas (US, 12/31/91)

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