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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ningyouhime

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 11/05/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Walkthrough by ningyouhime [Mara @ GameFAQs] v.1.00 - November 2006
    Contact me at ningyouhime@yahoo.com.
    Welcome to my entirely unofficial walkthrough of the 15th installment in 
    Her Interactive's Nancy Drew series.  
    Please note that because you play as Joe and Frank Hardy as well as Nancy 
    and can switch between characters and locations throughout the game as you 
    wish, the order of events outlined here may differ somewhat from what you 
    encounter in your game!
    Also note that some plot elements may be spoiled as you read through the 
    walkthrough, which is why you should try to play the game without one! Never
    read ahead of wherever you are in the game, and you hopefully won't be spoiled.
    Background music, sound effects, and character voices can all be individually 
    adjusted from the Game Setup screen.  You can also choose to disable Auto Move 
    if you want all of your movements to be point-and-click.  Finally, you can 
    change the background of the interface with the 'Interface Design' option as 
    well as whether or not you want closed-captioning on the screen.
    Your cell phone [accessible by clicking on the Phone icon] will automatically
    index every number you'll have to call in the game, so there is no need to
    dial numbers manually if you find new ones.  Access numbers with the DIR 
    button, and call them with the DIAL button.  If Nancy, Frank, or Joe refuse 
    to make a call, it is probably because you're standing too close to another 
    character [or a close-up task interaction].  Back up a step, and you should 
    be fine.
    The phone's in-game help menu will suggest that you press the phone's CAM 
    button to take pictures, but there is no CAM button.  Nancy's phone doesn't
    take pictures in this game!
    The Tool & Wrench icon brings up the inventory screen, and the Case Journal
    icon brings up notes on the case, which record important names, numbers, 
    and events that you'll want to reference in order to complete various tasks.
    If you're playing as a Junior Detective, you'll also get a nifty task 
    checklist so that you'll always know what should be next on the agenda.
    If you are able to move or look in any direction, an arrow will appear on-
    screen. If you are able to more closely examine something, your magnifying
    glass will turn red.  If you're able to pick something up, a red hand icon
    will appear.  If you're able to converse with another character, a speech
    bubble icon will appear over them.  Click if you see any of these icons to
    perform the interactions.
    To switch between Nancy and Joe or Frank Hardy as playable characters, just
    call each other on the phone.  You can change between them freely for most of
    the game, regardless of whether or not it is necessary.  It's fun to switch 
    more often than necessary and sometimes gives you a few more conversation 
    You'll want to explore as many conversation options as you can to gather the
    most information possible, but always remember to be tactful, because if you
    are too nosy or introduce a touchy subject, a character may stop talking to
    you.  In most cases, you can catch up on missed questions later, if the game
    hasn't progressed too far.
    "Big Island Bucks" is the currency you earn and spend at Big Island Mike's 
    Immersion Excursions.  There are two ways to earn them and several ways to 
    spend them.  To earn Big Island Bucks, you can either make necklaces or catch 
    fish, both of which can be handed over to Pua Mapu in exchange for Big Island 
    Bucks, which enable you to do several things at Big Island Mike's.
    Find shells on the beach or while snorkeling.  Small shells can only be found
    on the beach, and most [but not all] of the large shells can only be found 
    while snorkeling.  The shell supply will replenish itself throughout the game,
    but you may have to wait a few minutes for the tide to wash in replacements.
    There are five locations on the beach where you'll regularly find shells.  
    First check the pond at the edge of the shore, where you'll find two shells.  
    Move forward to a dark patch of sand where you'll find one shell.  Move 
    forward again to examine the area of the boulder for another shell.  Turn 
    completely around and move forward to examine the teetering stack of rocks 
    near the shoreline for another shell.  Move forward twice more and notice the 
    piece of driftwood beneath the pier.  You can examine this either by going 
    directly toward it from here or else by heading right and walking beneath the 
    pier.  You'll find a shell here as well.
    If you're snorkeling, keep to the right when presented with movement options.
    On the first underwater screen, find a shell spot on the left side of
    the screen.  Be aware of your breath meter if you dive for a shell, and come
    up for air before you drown!  Move forward and find a shell on the right of
    both the second and third screens.  Find a shell on the left of the fourth
    screen.  Turn right on the fifth screen, and move forward until you see a
    turtle.  Dive twice to find the final underwater shell.
    Shark teeth can only be acquired by winning the Wiki Tiki video game inside of
    Big Island Mike's.  Wiki Tiki is like Rochambeau with a catchy theme song.
    Press the 'wiki' and 'tiki' buttons on the left in rapid succession to enable
    character selection for battle.  Wai defeats Ahi.  Pohaku defeats Wai.  Ahi
    defeats Pohaku.  The computer's character selections are random, so it's
    purely a chance game.
    Kompang Seeds, Sea Beans, Kukui Nuts, Polished Palm Seeds, and Dichroic Glass
    are always available for sale at the Souvenir stand.
    Aloha Necklace
    The simplest and only FREE necklace you can make, as it only uses seashells.
    Requires: 4 white cowrie shells, 4 brown bubble shells, 1 large spotted cone
    Cost to make: 0 Big Island Bucks
    Value: 4 Big Island Bucks
    Bird of Paradise Necklace
    Requires: 2 Kompang Seeds, 8 Sea Beans, 4 Kukui Nuts, 1 large striped cone
    Cost to make: 4.67 Big Island Bucks
    Value: 6 Big Island Bucks
    Shark Bite Necklace
    Requires: 1 Shark Tooth, 4 Kompang Seeds, 4 white cowrie shells, 6 Sea Beans
    Cost to make: It varies, depending on how many times you play Wiki Tiki to win 
                  the Shark Tooth.  At least 3.91 Big Island Bucks.
    Value: 6 Big Island Bucks
    Thunder Cloud Necklace
    Requires: 2 white chula shells, 4 Polished Palm Seeds, 4 white cowrie shells,
              2 brown ark shells, 1 large black murex shell
    Cost to make: 1.33 Big Island Bucks
    Value: 8 Big Island Bucks
    Dance of Pele Necklace
    Requires: 4 Kukui Nuts, 2 brown bubble shells, 6 Dichroic Glass, 1 large orange
              marble cone
    Cost to make: 6.33 Big Island Bucks
    Value: 10 Big Island Bucks
    Dancing Lizard Necklace
    Requires: 2 white chula shells, 6 Sea Beans, 6 Polished Palm Seeds,
              2 Dichroic Glass, 1 brown spindle shell
    Cost to make: 5.92 Big Island Bucks
    Value: 12 Big Island Bucks
    There are three bait varieties in the game and 16 pieces of bait in each
    container.  The yellow, brown, and silver fish will eat anything, but ulua
    are picky eaters.
    Goo EZ Bait
    Stocked for the entire game
    Ulua don't like goo, and who can blame them?
    Cost: 6 Big Island Bucks
    Zippy's Wiggle Bait
    Stocked once you catch 6 ulua for Big Island Mike
    This is the preferred snack of ulua.
    Cost: The first container is free. The rest are 8 Big Island Bucks.
    Red Herring Super Bait
    Stocked once you catch 6 ulua for Big Island Mike
    Ulua will eat this, but they prefer Zippy's!
    Cost  12 Big Island Bucks
    The only fishing accessory is the Fish Attractor, sold at the Souvenier Stand
    for 19 Big Island Bucks. This reduces the amount of time it takes for you to
    get a bite and lasts for the entire game.
    Yellow and Brown fish can be sold for 1 Big Island Buck. Silver fish
    can be sold for 2 Big Island Bucks, and Ulua can be sold for 4 Big Island
    Nancy travels to Hawaii to work as a research assistant to entomologist Dr. 
    Quigley Kim.  Also performing research on the island is the secretive Hilihili
    Research Facility, which is being blamed by locals for destroying the local
    pineapple crop with their work.  This has apparently angered the legendary
    creature Kane'Okala, who has been going on angry and destructive rampages over
    Volcano National Park.
    Dr. Quigley Kim - An excitable and absentminded entomologist who has a tendency
    to digress.  She wants to be rich and famous, and she really, really, really 
    loves to watch bugs.
    Mike Mapu - The owner of Big Island Mike's Immersion Excursions.  He loves his
    island and enjoys customizing vacations so that each and every visitor
    experiences Hawaii in a personally fulfilling way.
    Pua Mapu - The daughter of Big Island Mike and a world-class surfer.  She helps
    run the business and spends every moment of her leisure time surfing or
    teaching others to surf.
    Malachi Craven - The highly temperamental director of operations at the Hilihili
    Research Facility.  He's very secretive about his work and possesses no social
    skills whatsoever.
    In the introductory sequence, you'll find yourself in Nancy's bedroom, where 
    she'll help you with gameplay and the game interface if you want to poke around
    the room.  If you're impatient, you can immediately click on her plane ticket
    to Hawaii to start the game.  Otherwise, you can read the "How to be a
    Detective" book on her desk for gameplay instruction or her scrapbook to catch
    up on the events of previous Nancy Drew games.  The case file in the center of
    her desk contains information relevent to Nancy's upcoming working-vacation
    with Dr. Quigley Kim, as well as where she should go and what she should do
    upon arriving, so you might want to take a look at it now, although you'll be
    able to look at it once the game begins, as well.
    Again, when you're ready to begin, pick up her plane ticket.  You'll be given 
    the choice between Junior and Senior Detective.  Junior Detective gives you a 
    checklist of tasks to perform, incorporates hints as to how you should proceed,
    and has slightly less challenging puzzles.  The gameplay is otherwise
    The game begins with an FMV of Dr. Quigley Kim's basecamp being torn apart by
    someone [or someTHING?] on a destructive rampage.  Note the mini-cassette 
    recorder being hurled to the ground, because you'll want to listen to that 
    Nancy arrives at Big Mike's Immersion Excursions, where she'll begin her 
    working vacation.  If you haven't yet read the case file from her bedroom, 
    you can [and should] read it now.  It's in her inventory.
    Feel free to look around or else go right inside and talk to Big Island Mike 
    Mapu.  If you talk to Mike first, you'll still have a chance to look around, 
    so do whatever you like!
    As you know from reading the case file, Dr. Kim left vehicle keys with Mike 
    and orders for you to meet her at her base camp.  Talk to Mike, and you'll 
    find him reluctant to hand it over!  He's convinced that you'll find one of 
    his Immersion Excursions far more fulfilling than looking for bugs in the 
    jungle.  To prove it, he's forcing you to head down to the beach to search 
    for shells; if you make him an Aloha necklace, he'll give you the keys, if 
    you still want them!  Expire all conversation options and look around, 
    assuming you haven't already.
    Learn from the newspaper near the door that something mysterious is 
    destroying the local pineapple crop and that there was recently a security
    breach at the Hilihili Research Facility, which specializes in horticulture.
    Note the Wiki Tiki video game and the Immersion Excursion terminal in the 
    room, but you won't be able to use them, as they require Big Island Mike's 
    special "Big Island Bucks" to operate.
    On the patio outside, you'll find a Shave Ice stand, a chest with a 
    combination lock, a necklace-crafting stand, and a souvenir stand where you 
    can also purchase fishing and necklace-crafting supplies with "Big Island 
    Bucks".  You might want to check out the instruction booklet on the 
    necklace-crafting stand to see the necklace you'll be making.  Flip through 
    the pages until you see the Aloha Necklace.  It seems you'll need 4 white
    cowrie shells, 4 brown bubble shells, and 1 lettered cone shell.
    Head down the path behind Big Island Mike's, and you'll encounter a surfing
    hut, but there's nobody around at the moment.  TO reach the beach, make a 
    left once you reach the pier and head down the stairs.  You'll see a fishing
    rod at the end of the pier, but you can't fish without bait, and you can't 
    buy bait without "Big Island Bucks"!
    As you approach the beach, Ned will call, but your conversation will be 
    interrupted as Nancy catches sight of Frank and Joe Hardy.  Don't worry, as
    you'll be able to call him and apologize whenever you like.  Converse with
    Frank and Joe, and learn everything you can about their assignment and the
    local gossip.  Once they depart, start searching for shells!
    As you'll need 13 shells for your Aloha necklace, and you can only find a
    maximum of six on the beach at once, you may have to wait a bit for some more
    to wash ashore, depending on what you'll have in your box already.  If so,
    you can waste a minute or two talking to Mike or looking at stands before
    coming back to the beach to gather the remainder of the shells you'll need.
    Once you have your shells, head back to the necklace-crafting stand and flip 
    through the pages until you see the Aloha Necklace.  Open your shell box and 
    select your shells one at a time, dragging them over to the necklace to thread
    them.  Once your necklace exactly matches the necklace in the instruction 
    booklet, Nancy will let you know when you're finished, and you'll be able to 
    head back to Big Island Mike's for your vehicle keys.  He reluctantly hands 
    them over in exchange for the necklace.
    Walk out front and climb into the "Big Island Mike's Immersion Excursions" 
    vehicle in the parking lot.  Your GPS navigation screen will load with three 
    pre-programmed locations: Big Island Mike's, the Hilihili Research Facility, 
    and Dr. Quigley Kim's camp.  Once you leave Big Island Mike's, a bridge will 
    collapse, and Nancy will be prevented from returning for the remainder of the 
    game.  You can go to either of the other locations, but security at Hilihili
    is tight, and you won't get though the front gate at this time.
    Arrive at Dr. Quigley Kim's camp, and you'll promptly find your vehicle stuck 
    in a ditch!  On top of that, Nancy received a missed phone call from Joe, who 
    was trying to warn her about the washed out bridge.  As if things couldn't be 
    worse, it seems Dr. Quigley Kim's camp has been completely destroyed!  
    [For the remainder of the game, you can switch freely between Nancy and Joe or 
    Frank Hardy as playable characters with only a few exceptions.  This 
    walkthrough will stick with Nancy for now, but you can call Joe Hardy if you'd
    like to work on their assignment for a while!]
    As Nancy, have a look around Dr. Quigley Kim's camp.  Right in front of you,
    you'll see a non-functioning solar panel.  Moving forward, you'll see a winch
    and cable used to lift the solar panel overhead.  If it can lift the solar
    panel, it may be able to lift your jeep out of the ditch, so let's look for a 
    way to hook the jeep to the cable.
    If you back up, you'll see a small mini-cassette recorder in the grass to the
    left of the solar panel.  Grab it, rewind the tape, and press 'play' to get
    an idea of what has been happening lately.  On the tape, take note of a strange
    sequence of sounds as Dr. Quigley Kim speaks: BLEE BLAH BLIH BLUH BLUH BLAH 
    Head inside the tent and find that the doctor is missing.  You'd better try 
    and find her.  If you examine the table with the radio on it, you'll see a 
    small note sticking out of a binder, with instructions from Dr. Quigley Kim to 
    call her at the frequency 18.305.  Sadly, the radio is solar-powered, and the 
    solar panel is currently not functioning!  It looks like getting your vehicle 
    out of the ditch is all you can do for now.
    Turn around and find the large green trunk with the 'interesting lock'.  It has
    six buttons, which make the following sounds when you press them.
    1.BLUH	2.BLOH	3.BLUE
    4.BLAH	5.BLIH	6.BLEE
    We heard the doctor opening the chest on the cassette tape, BLEE BLAH BLIH 
    BLUH BLUH BLAH BLAH BLUE, so we already know the combination.
    If the chest won't open with that combination, it's probably because you
    stopped the cassette player too soon! Make sure you listen to the combination
    on the tape before you try to open the trunk.
    Read Dr. Quigley Kim's journal, making note of her comments on Dr. Malachi 
    Craven at the Hilihili Research Facility.  Nancy will read the important 
    details out loud.  You'll find a Chicago phone number in the back of her 
    journal that you can call, but as soon as the woman who answers realises that
    you're not Quigley, the call will be aprubtly ended no matter what you say to
    her.  Beneath her journal, you'll find a hook for the winch cable outside as
    well as a Level 3 Security Pass for the Hilihili Research Facility.
    Before you head outside, you might want to examine the remainder of the tent,
    but there's nothing else to do here just yet.
    Outside, fasten the hook to the end of the winch cable and hook it to the
    front of your vehicle.  Press the red button on the machine, and you'll be
    lifted out of the ditch.
    If you re-examine the solar panel now that you've examined the radio, Nancy
    will note that some photovoltaic cells are missing.  You might also remember
    from Dr. Quigley Kim's notes that Dr. Malachi Craven at the Hilihili Research
    Facility is big on solar power.  Now that you have an access card, it might be
    a good idea to check it out.
    Head back to your vehicle and select the HiliHili Research Facility on your
    GPS screen.
    No matter what you say or do at the intercom, you'll be promptly apprehended by
    security and taken to confront the very tempermental Malachi Craven.  You 
    should already be familiar with him from Dr. Quigley Kim's notes, so let the 
    flattery flow, and he'll warm up to you somewhat.
    Once you get around to asking for the photovoltaic cells you need for the solar
    panel, he seems more than happy to provide them, if you'll return the favor by
    harvesting 12 viable seeds from the plants he's cultivating on the ground
    floor.  He's terribly allergic to them and can't wait to get rid of them, and 
    like everyone else in the game, he won't waste any opportunity to get free 
    labor out of Nancy!
    The task is simple.  Head downstairs and read the note he has posted to the 
    right of the plants.  Viable seeds are rich brown with a white splotch.  
    Non-viable seeds are striped.  Pull pods and select only the spotted seeds from
    them.  Nancy will let you know once you've finished, at which point you can 
    head upstairs and trade the seeds for your photovoltaic cells.
    You may have noticed a note sticking enticingly out of Dr. Craven's lab coat
    pocket on the garment rack.  Unfortunately, there's no way to read it yet.  
    Exit the facility and head back to Dr. Quigley Kim's camp.
    Now that you have spare cells, you can reassemble the solar panel.  Each 
    section of the panel should contain cells numbered 1-9.  When cells are 
    inserted correctly, green lights will indicate connected pathways.  The correct
    configuration of cells is:
    327  189
    456  654
    981  723
    195  861
    628  374
    743  529
    Once it's assembled, attach the winch cable hook to the solar panel and press
    the red button to lift it overhead.  Now you can use the radio!
    Head inside and look at the radio.  Press the power button and enter a 
    frequency of 18.305.  The first dial will select each digit, and the second 
    dial will move the selector to the next digit.  Once the frequency is set, pick
    up the microphone and speak to Dr. Quigley.  The signal is terrible, and the
    only thing you can manage to understand is that she is at ***ee ***ger Rock.
    Nancy doesn't know what that could be [Green Trigger Rock???], so let's call
    Joe Hardy at Big Island Mike's and see if he can find out.
    As Nancy learned earlier on the beach, Frank and Joe have been hired by Richard
    Aikens, the CEO of Aikens Biotech, to investigate Pua Mapu and her father Mike.
    Aikens Biotech would like to use Pua in a major marketing campaign, but only if
    there are no embarrassing skeletons in the Mapu family closet.  In addition to
    helping Nancy find her way, Joe's first order of business is to search Mike's
    office, but Mike unfortunately never leaves it.  
    If you speak to Mike, you'll find that he has never heard of 'Green Trigger
    Rock', but he'll helpfully explain the Try It & Trade It System and provide you
    with Nancy's seashell collection box and some complimentary Zippy Bait, the
    preferred food of uluas.  If you manage to catch six uluas, Mike will drive
    into Hilo, and you'll be able to snoop around his office.  It's time to
    experience the Try It & Trade It System!  If you ignore any opportunity to ask
    Mike about Pua's mom, you'll be able to ask Pua the same question, and her
    answer will be more informative.
    Walk outside and enjoy the earthquake before heading down toward the beach.
    Stop at the surfer shack along the way to talk to Pua, Mike's daughter.  It
    seems that she really doesn't care about anything but surfing!  Once you've
    sufficiently made fun of Frank, head down to the pier to catch some fish.
    To fish, pick up the rod, attach your bait, and choose the general area in
    which you want to cast your line.  As soon as you see a tug on the line, pull
    on your rod before you lose your fish.  All fish can be caught in all areas,
    although it's to your advantage to catch as many different fish as you can
    before you catch six uluas, as your complimentary bait will only last until
    that point, and you can trade all of your excess fish to Pua for Big Island
    Bucks.  Once you've caught your six ulua and are out of bait, head back to see
    Big Island Mike.
    Mike glady takes your ulua and promises to stock Zippy's Wiggle Bait from now
    on.  Once he takes the ulua, leave his office, perhaps to trade your other
    fish to Pua.  Any time after you hear his vehicle drive off, head back to
    snoop around.
    Note the Post-It note on his calendar reminding of a delivery from "JK" on
    March 5th. Remove the key from the calendar nail and use it to open the closet
    to your left.  In the forth drawer from the top, you'll find a map of the
    island, and although there's no 'Green Trigger Rock', there's a 'Three Finger
    Rock', which may just be what Nancy meant!  Call her with the coordinates:
    North: 19 degrees - 24 hours 42 minutes
    West:  155 degrees - 9 hours - 1 minute
    Joe then has an unexpected encounter, and we're back in control of Nancy.
    Climb back into your vehicle and enter the coordinates into your GPS.
    At Three Finger Rock, follow the path.  You can ignore the flags and frass
    traps for now.  Once you find a tree blocking your path, glance upward to
    discover that the doctor is safe, after all.  Listen to her talk and digress
    for a while and learn that you were supposed to bring her clipboard.  Oops.
    Quigley is an enthusiastic talker and a poor listener, so don't feel too badly
    about being unable to contribute to conversations or defend yourself against
    her accusations.  Even if you found the clipboard in her tent, Nancy wouldn't
    have brought it along, so you've no choice but to go back and get it.  You'll
    find it nestled between two crates inside the tent, near the exit.  Once
    you've retrieved it, return to Three Finger Rock and give it to Quigley.
    She's an odd one, isn't she???  In any case, the data she originally had
    recorded onto her clipboard is now missing, and you have to gather it all over
    again.  As you should have expected after listening to her oral journal, she's
    been eager for this opportunity to make you do all of her more tedious work
    while she watched bugs all day! This next task is pretty tedious, too.  Flip
    through all of the pages on her clipboard, reading carefully.
    You will have to completely fill out her Environmental Analysis Table to 
    confirm her original findings.  That means you'll have to collect samples from
    six different frass traps to analyze.  Four of the traps are along the path at
    Three Finger Rock, and as you read in her clipboard notes, two are at Kapu
    Cave, coordinates:
    North: 19 degrees - 20 hours - 30 minutes
    West:  155 degrees - 05 hours - 33 minutes
    Nancy notes that she must also record the vegetation around the traps!  To
    save some time and effort, call the Hardy Boys now for assistance on plant
    It seems Joe is in the clinic with a concussion, and Frank has no idea who is
    responsible.  Have Nancy ask for help on plant identification before she hangs
    Frank should have a few Big Island Bucks if Joe traded his extra fish to Pua.
    If he didn't, Frank can do that now, as well as ask her about Joe's encounter.
    You'll need at least 1 Big Island Buck to operate the information console 
    inside Big Island Mike's, which is the only way to get the information Nancy
    needs. You'll need 30 more to rent snorkeling equipment, which you won't need
    just yet, but you can get it at any time, so keep it in mind!  You can earn Big
    Island Bucks by fishing or making necklaces, and you can consult the 'Big
    Island Bucks' section of this walkthrough to see which options are most
    financially advantageous.
    Head inside Mike's office, and take note of the white piece of paper on the 
    floor near his desk.  Pick up and read it, finding it to be a receipt to
    Davey's Pawn Shop.  The phone number of the Pawnbroker will automatically be
    stored in your phone.  You can confront Big Island Mike about the receipt [and
    about Joe] now or later, but while we're here, we'll get the information Nancy
    Head over to the information console and insert 1 Big Island Buck.  Most of
    the selections help flesh out the story and enhance the game, but the only 
    one necessary in order to complete the game is 'Hawaiian Plants'.  Scroll 
    through the screens by clicking on the turtle icon at the bottom right of 
    each screen, and when you're ready, call Nancy with your findings.
    Now that Nancy has been educated in plant identification, she can get started.
    Beginning near Nancy's vehicle, head down the path until you reach the red
    flag. Turning toward the frass trap, pull the red baggie and take a sample from
    the trap.  The vegetation around the trap consists of three-veined leaves that
    are green on the top and purple on the bottom, which according to Frank are
    Miconia.  Consult the bottom of the Environmental Analysis Chart and record
    '10' as the vegetation code for the Red frass sample.
    Continue to the next area and take the test baggie and a sample from the blue
    frass trap.  The vegetation around the trap is clearly bananas, so write down
    '08' as the vegetation code on your chart.
    Head toward the bridge and take a test baggie sample from the yellow frass
    trap, noting the shrubbery with white flowers that appear to have been torn in
    half.  According to Frank, these are Naupaka, so record '06' on your chart as
    the vegetation code.
    Continue toward where Quigley is up a tree and take a baggie and sample from
    the purple frass trap.  The trees around the trap are tall with sickle-shaped
    leaves, which according to Frank are Kia.  Record '04' on your chart as the 
    vegetation code for the purple frass trap.
    You're done now for here, so head back to your vehicle and enter the
    coordinates for Kapu Cave into your GPS:
    North: 19 degrees - 20 hours - 30 minutes
    West:  155 degrees - 05 hours - 33 minutes
    You'll immediately see the green frass trap on your left.  Take a green baggie
    and sample, and move ahead to the orange frass trap to do the same.  There's
    no vegetation here, so record 11 for both on the environmental analysis sheet.
    You can peek inside the cave to note the odd webbing and an idol, but there is
    research to do back at Camp Quigley, so head there next.
    Head into the tent and look into the microscope.  It seems the lens is broken,
    and there won't be any frass analysis without it, so you'd better head over to
    the Hilihili Research Facility so see if Dr. Craven has a spare.
    Dr. Craven has grown somewhat fond of you and is more than happy to give you a
    new lens, provided you fertilize some of his plants.  Once he gives you the
    key to the enclosure, head downstairs to the terminal situated before the
    experimentation room and insert it.  Turn the key, and you're confronted with
    seven valves over five plants.  One of many combinations that will succeed in
    fertilizing them is to flip valves 2-1-6-2-1 [aqua-green-orange-aqua-green] to
    the right, pressing the green button to spray after each valve is flipped.
    Tell Dr. Craven you've fertilized his plants, and he'll keep his promise by
    giving you a microscope lens.  On your way out the door, overhear a phone call
    resulting in the dismissal of Mr. Fiderman.  That's some temper!
    Finally, you can analyze the frass samples!  Yay?  Install the lens in the
    microscope, and examine it to find that it has a built-in scale.  You'll want
    to record the frass weight, number of seeds, and deritus predominace of each
    sample.  The frass weight can be determined by removing everything but the
    frass from the scale, so consult the diagrams beneath the environment analysis
    chart to determine what frass, seeds, and insect parts all look like.  Empty
    a test baggie on the scale and move the seeds and insect parts to the left,
    separating them.  Note the frass weight and record that number.  Then count the
    number of seeds, and record that number.  Then count the number of frass vs.
    the number of seeds vs. the number of insect parts and consult the Deritus
    Predominance table on next-to-last page of Quigley's notes to record the
    appropriate number for that combination.
    When you've analyzed all six frass trap baggies, you should reach the following
    RED       10          99          12       405
    BLUE      08          108         8        505
    PURPLE    04          119         9        105
    GREEN     11          44          3        505
    ORANGE    11          37          5        305
    YELLOW    06          150         9        105
    Turn to the Formula Analysis Machine to your right and insert the clipboard.
    If you've entered the proper numbers, you'll receive the number 119,456.
    Report to Quigley at Three Finger Rock.
    Talk to Quigley until you can tell her what she wants to hear, that you've
    confirmed her earlier findings!  She's so excited that she can barely contain
    herself, and she sends you to perform yet more tests on bug feces.  You did
    know that frass was bug feces, right?  You have to find out what her beloved
    norsobeta odorata have been eating, which may very well be whatever secret
    plant Dr. Craven is developing at the Hilihili Research Foundation.  You'll
    have to steal a sample for your test, so head back to Hilihili.
    If you haven't made any extra trips back here since borrowing the
    microscope lens, then Dr. Craven greets you when you arrive.  Either walk
    downstairs or leave and return, and you'll find him asleep.  It seems that
    he finally took the antihistamine that he feared would make him drowsy!  Seize
    the opportunity to check that piece of paper that has been sticking out of his
    lab coat pocket all of this time, and you'll find that it wasn't an angry
    Kane'Okala who destroyed Quigley's camp.
    Head over to Dr. Craven's desk, and you'll find a bottle of antihistamines as
    well as a very noisy electronic clipboard.  Unless you want another
    demonstration of his temper, you'd better open the 'settings' tab and mute his
    clipboard immediately.
    Scroll through the 'employees' until you find Mr. Fiderman, who was fired
    earlier.  Note his employee number of 14-667-93 and search the 'lockers' tab
    to learn that his locker #13 has a combination of Right-4, Left-2, Left-7, and
    Head down to the locker room, and open Fiderman's #13 locker using that
    combination, pressing the green button over the dial afer you turn the dial to
    each number in the specified direction.  Take his protective yellow suit.  Head
    out into the greenhouse area, and navigate it until you reach the small office
    on the other side.  Log on to the desktop computer using Mr. Fiderman's
    employee ID without the dashes, 1466793, and check the 'shipping' records as
    well as the 'extract codes'.
    It seems FER-c21 has been recently shipped to Richard Aikens, who hired Frank
    and Joe to investigate the Mapus!  Check the extract codes to learn that
    FER-C21 is being cultivated in bed HH333.
    Oh no!  It seems as if your impersonation has been detected.  You'll have to
    sneak out of the Hilihili facility without being seen, which will be tricky
    with everyone in the greenhouse looking for you.
    Head out of the small office and turn immediately left to find bed HH333 and
    take a sample of the top-secret plant.  Turn completely around and walk to the
    outer wall, opposite the bed.  Move forward with the outer wall on your right
    until you reach the perpendicular wall at the end.  Turn left now and move
    cautiously forward behind the patrolling employee, turning left at your first
    opportunity and continuing until you reach the opposite corner.  Turn right
    again and face the main outer wall of the Hilihili complex.  Just ahead of
    you and on your right, an employee is spraying the plants.  Wait for him to
    start spraying in another direction and move forward until you reach the outer
    wall, turning right and cautiously following the patrolling employee until the
    door into the facility is on your left.  Turn and enter the door to the locker
    room. Whew!  
    You might want to call Frank and let him know that Dr. Craven is working for
    Richard Aikens.  If you've looked at the idol in Kapu Cave and haven't yet told
    him about that, then Nancy will tell him about the idol rather than Aikens when
    you call.  In order to tell him about Aikens, you'll have to call a second
    time!  If you have been working on Frank and Joe's investigation into the
    Mapus and have already updated Richard Aikens on your progress, you will have
    lost the opportunity for Nancy to tell Frank about Aikens, which is really
    unfortunate, because you'll miss out on an enlightening conversation between
    Frank and Aikens!
    When you're ready, have Nancy return to Camp Quigley for more fun with frass!
    You'll find instructions for this set of tests on the final page of Quigley's
    notes.  Approach the lab table, and Nancy will put the FER-C21 clipping and 
    the red frass baggie onto the table.  Click on the clipping, and she'll put it
    into a test tube.  Click on the Bq19 chemical solution, and add a drop to the
    test tube.  The sample will turn yellow.  Click on the frass baggie to add a
    frass sample to a test tube, and add the Bq19 chemical.  The sample will turn
    blue.  It looks like the norsobeta aren't eating Dr. Craven's plants, after
    all.  You'd better tell Quigley.
    Inform Quigley the Hilihili plant and the norsobeta frass didn't match, and
    she'll send you back to Camp Quigley with her canopy samples for even more fun
    with frass!
    You're performing the same test with the Bq19 chemical, still trying to find
    out what the norsobeta odorata are eating.  Place her container of hibiscus,
    mosquito, bread fruit, fritillated flag beetle larvae, dung beetle, and kukui
    leaf samples on the lab table, and add a sample of each to a test tube, along
    with a drop of the chemical.  You're looking for a blue solution, and you'll
    find it with the fritillated flag beetle larvae.  You'd better tell Quigley.
    Inform Quigley the norsobeta are eating fritillated frag beetles, and she'll be
    perplexed.  She'll have to think about this one, but in the meantime, you can
    head back to Kapu Cave to experiment with an equally perplexing 'ring' she
    found there.
    Return to the cave and insert the ring into the nose of the idol at the end
    of the cave.  This will allow Nancy to move its teeth, which have pictures
    of animals on them.  Maybe Frank has seen something like this around.  Give him
    a call.
    Converse with Big Island Mike about Joe and the receipt you found earlier.
    The conversation isn't particularly enlightening, so call the Pawn Shop, the
    number of which was on the recipt and is now in your cell phone, and talk to
    the friendly Pawnbroker.
    It seems that you're not the only person looking for whoever dropped the
    receipt, freelance thief Johnny Kuto, whose initials should look familiar.
    Ask the Pawnbroker for his phone number as well as any other questions you
    like.  When that call ends, call Johnny Kuto and leave a tough-talkin' message!
    If you head for the beach, Johnny Kuto will return your call, but he won't stay
    on the phone for long.  The conversation will last longer if you pretend to
    know all of the details of his scheme. As soon as he feels otherwise, he'll
    hang up.
    As it is your assignment to investigate the Mapus, you'd better confront both
    Pua and Big Island Mike with this information, noting their reactions.  Mike is
    as unhelpful as before, but Pua is very helpful, sharing hersuspicions
    regarding her father's secretive activities in 'The Chamber', an underground
    area accessible by navigating lava tunnels and strong currents.  There's a
    map with instructions located in the chest on the patio with a combination
    lock, but she doesn't know the password, which is what her father calls his
    favorite flavor of shave ice.
    Before you ask Mike what his favorite flavor of shave ice is, you should
    probably call your current employer, Richard Aikens, and update him on your
    new discoveries.  He may be impatient for developments!  This conversation will
    be lengthier and far more enlightening if Nancy has already checked the
    shipping records at the Hilihili and informed Frank that Dr. Craven is working
    for Richard Aikens.
    Head back inside and ask Mike what his favorite flavor of shave ice is, and
    as might be expected, he isn't going to just tell you; you're going to have to
    make shave ice, paying 1 Big Island Buck for each cone, until you get the
    right combination of flavors.  Each time you get one of the three flavors
    right, Mike will tell you.  If you're going to do it honestly, a simple method
    is to take cone after cone of solid flavor, narrowing down the three individual
    flavors.  If you just want to make one and be done with it, try combining lime,
    coconut, and mango!  Honi'awa, he calls it, which is Hawaiian for "sour kiss".
    Head out to the patio and enter the password into the chest.
    Frank finds the map of which Pua spoke and immediately calls Nancy.
    Now, you would think the order of the animals on the idol's teeth would match
    the order of the animals on Frank's map, but the first two are swapped for some
    reason.  Position the teeth as follows:
    SHARK            EEL   TURTLE   OCTOPUS
    A passageway is revealed!  After Nancy leaves a message for Frank, head inside
    the tunnel and move forward until there is a statue in front of you with a
    tongue you can pull.  Pull its tongue and jump left onto the new platform.
    Continue down this new tunnel and note the *sound of trickling water*. Move
    forward and note the *sound of whistling wind*.  Continue and note the *sound
    of sizzling fire*.  Climb the stairs until you're confronted with the *sound
    of crumbling rock* and a plaque representing the elements.  Press the images
    representing the elements you just experienced in order: WATER - WIND - FIRE -
    EARTH.  If you do it properly, you'll fall down a stone chute and land in
    another cavern.
    Cross the suspended bridge and examine the story-puzzle.  You'll want to put
    the panels in chronological order by inserting the numbered stones.
    Panel #1 - A small tree sprouts near a volcano.
    Panel #2 - The tree matures. A turtle arrives.
    Panel #3 - The tree has matured. The turtle resides.
    Panel #4 - The volcano erupts. The turtle lays four eggs.
    Panel #5 - The lava flows toward the tree. The four eggs mature.
    Panel #6 - The lava destroys the tree. Two eggs hatch.
    To convey this story, number the panels as follows:
    3 1
    6 5
    4 2
    Before you insert the final stone, be prepared to run quickly to the right, as
    solving this puzzle will release a boulder that will promptly crush you!
    Once the boulder safely passes, the game will switch to Frank's scenario.
    Frank will receive Nancy's message.  If you haven't yet bought snorkeling gear
    from Pua, you'd better start earning Big Island Bucks so that you can.  Once
    you have it, head for the dark patch of sand on the beach and turn to face the
    ocean.  Walk into it, and Frank will put on his snorkeling gear and dive under
    the water.  
    Keep to the left to reach the entrance to the tunnels.  [If you visited before
    Nancy solved the story-puzzle, you would have found an eel blocking your way.]
    Strong currents will carry you through the tunnels, so you'll only have a
    moment to choose a direction before you're swept away.  Follow the sequence of
    animals on Frank's map, beginning with the eel at the entrance when choosing
    the direction you want to be swept.
    1. EEL
    2. SHARK
    3. TURTLE
    4. OCTOPUS
    6. CRAB
    7. URCHIN
    8. MANTA RAY
    You'll surface underground.  Walk forward until Nancy's rolling boulder
    destroys the suspended bridge in front of you.  Climb across the bridge, turn,
    and continue back along the path bypassing the bridge until you reach the
    story-puzzle Nancy solved earlier.  Climb over the story-puzzle and find a
    carved panel with a round stone set into the left of it.  Press the stone, and
    climb through the opened passage.
    Head down to the octagonal platforms below and examine crates covered in
    fritillated flag beetles.  Who is responsible for this???  You'll find out in
    a second.
    The objective is to reach the opposite side of the platformed area before your
    adversary does by leaping onto the platforms, which will rise, fall, and
    resituate as you navigate.  If you don't make it across on your first attempt,
    select 'second chance' from the main menu, and it should be less difficult.

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