Review by Skittles

Reviewed: 03/11/08

One of the BEST space RTS games

I was strolling through wal-mart one day, and I stumbled upon Sins. At first, I thought, here we go again, with another wanna be space RTS.

Im my book, sorry to say, but the only decent Space RTS is the Homeworld series. Or so I thought.

I did a little more research before I picked it up, Im just ashamed I didnt sooner.

Imagine if you will for a moment, combining 2 RTS games; the Homeworld series and Star Wars: Empire at War. That is what you get with Sins, only much more deeper and intense.

Homeworld's space battles, are still are above this. However, what makes this a better game, is the inclusion of a complete conquerable randomly generated galaxy, that you play in.

In reference as to why I say combining Homeworld with Empire at War, is simple. In Sins, you have epic space battles between fleets (sometimes on 2 to 3 or MORE planets) at a time. At the same time, you are also concerned with the economy of your empire; spreading your culture; defending your capitol planet and your empires boarders; expanding your empire. The list goes on. Not to mention not one, but 2 tech trees to research through.

Sins has an elegant and easy to use interface. Ships are moved with a selection and a click. Unlike Homeworld, that turned many people away with its complex game play and very steep learning curve; Sins makes running a galactic empire a piece of cake.

Sins has 3 main resources; Credits, which you earn from taxing the population on planets and planetoids ( you can start colonies on large asteroids, though they cannot support a large populous). The other 2 resource s are Metal and Crystal; both which come from 2 types of asteroids.

The galaxy of Sins is made of objects; planets, asteroids, stars, comets. You start with a home planet, somewhat developed and a small fleet of ships. You then begin construction on mining facilities to begin your income of resources.

After, it is totally up to you what you choose to do. Do you spend your resources on Ship building and try to conquer the galaxy through military might? How about economics and control planets and all the income? Diplomacy? Your the emperor sir.

Sins has a large variety of ships, everything from small fighters and bombers, to huge battlecruisers. Dont forget support ships. Oh, and space structures, such as huge turrets, trading outposts, shipyards, and much more.

The fun thing about Sins, is that it is very easy and simple to pick up and play. Everything is explained in a little subtext. So even if you do not complete the tutorials (though I do suggest you complete them), the game is straight forward enough that things just make sense.

The sense of scale that this game provides is truly in a league of its own. Truly amazing and in my mind, the best selling point. After Sins loads the galaxy initially, the entire game is played with no loading screens. You can zoom down on your home planet, build a shipyard and some planet upgrades, zoom thousands of light years out, then zoom back in to another planet that you are attacking. Zoom back out, and then back down down to one of your frontier planets, select your large battle group of ships, and set them out to explore another new planet in a COMPLETELY different star system. ALL of this in real time. If you are exploring and upgrading, all the while your battle group is crushing space pirates 7,000 light years away in a different star system, nothing stops.

Music, is decent enough to get the mood across. Again, I was more impressed with Homeworld's music, but this is still a quality piece of work.

Graphics are very good. For a game that has so much scale, the details are there. Specular lighting, shadows, particles. Turrets that move and track, small agile fighters, space junk.

Each of the 3 playable races has its own unique feel and look, which adds depth and replayability. Each races ships are clearly different and you will have no trouble identifying who's are who's.

Multiplayer. Now, this is a debated area of the game. I will say, IF you have the time and commitment to sit down for SEVERAL hours, with someone who is willing to do the same, you will love it. Games will last for hours. Thats what it was made for. The developers were smart when they created this section of the game, allowing for saving of multiplayer games. Just make sure you and your opponents and partners have a time when you all will log back on and resume the game, because you must have all previous players before you can start again.

Sins is an amazing game, that will consume massive amounts of time if you are not careful. With its endless game play, huge open galaxy to explore and conquer, any fan of RTS should play this.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Sins of a Solar Empire (US, 02/04/08)

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