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"Sin of a Solar Empire: Sloth"

Sins of a Solar Empire is a part of a rare genre of game being both an RTS (although real time should be taken with a grain of salt with this game) and a 4X game. It combines the diplomacy, research and population management of a 4X game with the combat of an RTS and manages to fairly spectacularly fail at both.

Graphics- No real complaints here, the graphics are sufficient if not spectacular. 7.5/10

Sound- Similar to graphics, there are no problems here but nothing to make it particularly noteworthy either. 7.5/10

Controls- Hmm the parts of this game that are actually acceptable are the parts that are generic and have been done dozens of time in the past. Standard Controls, standard score 7.5/10

Gameplay- This is what completely ruins the game. Gameplay problem number one, combat is incredibly slow. It seriously takes about 45 seconds for a capital ship to take out a frigate. Combat takes forever and it really feels like you're not accomplishing very much. This gets even worse if pirate attacks are turned on as by the time you've finished the first pirate attack of ten or so frigates, another wave has arrived. Luckily they added a patch to turn the pirates off but that can't make up for the game's drawbacks with regards to combat.

Gamplay problem number 2, research seems to largely be pointless. Increases in combat efficacy are minimal and with the resources that research takes up it's better to just build more ships. The only topics worth anything are those that allow you to colonize new types of planets and ones that increase your resource harvesting.

Something I actually liked was the black market as being able to trade resources for other resources with the prices fluctuating based on how much you buy or sell was a nifty feature. It's just too bad that the ships built with resources from this ability will likely contribute next to nothing.

Gameplay 2/10

Overall 4/10 I suppose if you like playing a game while reading a book or watching a movie the game might be okay for you. The major problem is that the only ways the game is not generic are in the ways that it is absolutely terrible. If not but you want a hybrid RTS 4X game I'd recommend instead
Petroglyph's excellent Star Wars: Empire at War or while this is an old game Digital Reality's, Imperium Galactica 2.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 06/09/08

Game Release: Sins of a Solar Empire (US, 02/04/08)

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