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"Conquer the Cosmos"

Have you ever wanted to raise a mighty fleet of starships to kick the ass of another galactic empire? Or how about sneakily paying off a group of space pirates to do it for you? Maybe even unite the galaxy with your amazing propaganda? Sins of a Solar Empire can do all of this and more delivering an awesome strategy game experience which rivals such games as Civilization and Warcraft. Actually, mix those two together and throw in a science fiction setting and you got the basic image of the game.

Basically, the game is designed as a mix between a turn based game and a real time strategy game. You collect resources around your planets in order to develop fleets and research technologies. Each of the three factions have unique starships, structures and research which makes the decision as to what to spend your resources on a challenge. This creates a simple, yet complex, game with nearly limitless strategies.

There is also a “hero” system with your capital ships. This means that you can only create a limited number of capital ships but each one can level up to become more powerful as the game goes on by developing new special abilities and increasing basic attributes. It's these ships that will lead the charge deep into enemy territory.

In Sins you also need to develop relations with other empires which could be pleasant or intimidating. Your allies, and prospective allies, will give you missions for you to do in order to cement your alliance. However, your so-called “friends” may very well be putting an anonymous bounty on your head so space pirates can swarm your empire and weaken you to their advantage. If the alliance turns out well however, the AI in the game is smart enough to help you if you're in trouble (only if you help them of course!) and they will end up be indispensable in your quest for galactic domination.

The introduction to the game shows an awesome science fiction story where a certain Trader's Coalition suddenly begins to fight a war on two fronts from two different alien species. The introduction leaves lots of plot hooks and lines, but in the game you are sadly never to see that utilized. The game is mostly about picking a map and duking out with other empires on the map. It's just annoying when they create such a deep intro and never utilize it inside of the game.

On the presentation front, the game doesn't look too shabby. The planets and stars are all well detailed and the laser blasts from the ships look great. The soundtrack is also a good addition to the action.

All in all, this game is a time sucker. You sit down and start playing and soon realize that two hours have already passed. This game is dangerously fun and addictive and before long you'll be having dreams in your sleep about finally offing those space pirates who are raiding yours planets and gaining revenge on the jerk who sent them.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 10/16/08

Game Release: Sins of a Solar Empire (US, 02/04/08)

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