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    FAQ/Walkthrough by WhoGuru

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    The Elder Scrolls IV:  Oblivion
    Knights of the Nine Guide for the PC
    Version 1.00 March 19, 2007
    Written by: WhoGuru
    Copyright 2007 Karen Hoyt
    Table of Contents:
    1:  Hints, Tips and General Info
    2:  Starting the Quests
    3:  Pilgrimage
    # Shrine Locations
    4:  The Shrine of the Crusader
    5:  Priory of the Nine
    6:  Stendarr's Mercy
    7:  Wisdom of the Ages
    # Solution to Rodgar's Puzzle
    8:  Nature's Fury
    9:  The Path of the Righteous
    10:  The Faithful Squire
    11:  The Sword of the Crusader
    12:  The Blessing of Talos
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    1:  Hints, Tips and General Info
    ## If your Infamy is higher than 1 you're going to have a problem.  The relics
    are only able to be equipped if your Infamy remains at 1 or 0.  If you go over
    that, you'll need to visit all the Wayshrines again to reset your infamy to 0.
    Even after you complete the quests, if you gain Infamy, you'll need to do this.
    You can use the Wayshrines as often as you need to restore your rating to 0.
    2:  Starting the Quests
    Unlike the other plug-ins, this one does not hand itself to you in a
    conveniently delivered note.  In any city, once you've installed KOTN, speak
    to any NPC and ask about the attack on the Anvil Chapel.  It may take a few
    minutes for this option to appear.  Priests and Priestesses in the Chapels of
    each city will have this conversation option.  However, this part can be a bit
    buggy.  If the conversation option about Anvil does NOT appear, go directly
    to Anvil and ask anyone in the city.  They will have the option as they're
    directly involved.  The Guards are a good choice.  You'll be told the Chapel of
    Dibella was attacked, all the Priests and Priestesses slaughtered and the altars
    of the Nine defiled.  Head to Anvil and the Chapel.  If you talk to the
    Townsfolk and the guards outside the Chapel, they'll tell you of a Prophet
    who seems to know something.  You'll find the Prophet across from the
    Chapel in the Plaza.  You can enter the chapel if you like.  It's a bit macabre
    and worth a look.
    3:  Pilgrimage
    The Prophet is the man you're looking for.  During the day, you'll find him
    standing at the front of the plaza preaching to passers-by.  At night, he
    sleeps on a pallet at the back of the plaza.
    He'll tell you of an ancient Sorcerer Ayleid King who was caste into the
    wastes of Oblivion by a great crusader centuries ago. The king, Umaril, has
    returned and he destroyed the Chapel.
    You guessed it.  The Nine need another champion and you're it.  Well, you
    will be.  When the prophet asks if you are a worthy champion, reply "No, I
    have no claim to fame."  Humble is the way to go here.
    The first thing you'll need to do is go on a pilgrimage and visit the
    Wayshrines of the Nine around Cyrodiil.  The Prophet will give you a
    Wayshrines Map to show all their locations. Be aware, there are MORE than
    nine shrines scattered throughout the land but THESE are the nine you must
    visit for the quest.  The Map is actually very accurate.  Compare it to your
    world map as you work your way down the list and you wont have a
    # Shrine Locations:
    1:  Akatosh - Just South of Bruma off the North side of the Orange Road.
    Easy to spot.
    2:  Arkay - Midway between Kvatch and Anvil.  Due North of the "G" in Gold
    3:  Dibella - South of Chorrol.  Due South of the "D" in the Black Road.
    4:  Julianos - From the Red Ring Road, turn onto the Yellow Road.  You'll
    find it just off the North side as you walk East.
    5:  Kynareth - Look for a small lake next to the "Basin" in Nibenay Basin.
    It's off the East Shore between "S" and "I" in Basin.
    6:  Mara - From Skingrad's Stables, Leave West along the Gold Coast Road.
    At the turn, go offroad NW to find it just beyond the Cursed Mine.
    7:  Stendarr - Start in Leyawiin, going North on the Green Road.  Past
    Water's Edge a ways and the Shrine will be on your left on a rise.
    8:  Talos - Below the Imperial City, just West of the "NI" in Nibenay Valley.
    9:  Zenithar - From Bravil's Bay Roan Stables, stand on the road facing
    North and you'll see the Shrine in the distance on a hill.
    Upon praying at the final Wayshrine, you will recieve a vision.  Pelinal
    Whitestrake, the original Divine Crusader, will appear and tell you the
    location of his lost Shrine.  This is where you'll start your quests for the
    Divine Relics of the Crusader.
    4:  The Shrine of the Crusader
    You'll find the lost ruin of Vanua on the bottom of Lake Rumare.  Don't
    worry, you can hold your breath long enough to get down to it and inside.
    It's South East of the Imperial City.  Follow your map marker and it's very
    easy to find.
    Head inside and never fear, it's not as confusing as it seems.  In the first
    large chamber, find a Blue Switch on the left wall to open your way forward.
    Take the left corridor and up the stairs as you can't go the other way.  Head
    through the door, down the tunnel and take the door to the Shrine of the
    In here, turn to your right at the top of the tunnel.  There's a hole in the
    wall you'll have to jump through to continue on.  Follow this passage
    and through another hole.  Drop down to the floor below.
    On the center platform is the body of Sir Amiel, another crusader who
    perished on this same quest centuries ago.  VERY IMPORTANT!!  Take
    the JOURNAL, KEY and RING from his body.  The Ring is especially
    important, you WILL need this later.  You journal will update, telling you
    he was once a member of the Knights of the Nine and it will give you a
    new quest, Priory of the Nine, as well as the Priory's location.  But that's
    for later.  For now, onward we go.  Take the gate in the West wall,
    Sir Amiel's Key will open it for you.  In the next chamber, go through
    yet another hole to continue on and through the door into the Lost
    Head up the stairs and...you guessed it...through another hole in the wall
    on your right.  Follow these passages and take either door back into the
    Shrine of the Crusader.  Step up onto the platform and take the Helm of the
    Crusader.  Your journal will update and tell you your next step is the Priory
    of the Nine.
    To make your way back out, jump over the railing and take the passage
    straight across in the South wall and then the door back into Vanua's main
    floor.  When you reach the second large chamber, drop down and take the
    tunnel on your right.  Now just retrace your steps back out to Lake Rumare.
    5:  Priory of the Nine
    Check your map and you'll find the Priory of the Nine South East of
    Skingrad at the tip of the "W" in the West of the West Weald.  Reading
    Sir Amiel's Journal, if you haven't already, wouldn't be a bad idea.  make
    your way there now.
    On reaching the Priory, enter the Priory House.  Inside, you'll notice it
    looks disturbingly familiar...yep.  Same lay out as Weynon Priory.  Turn to
    your left around the wall and you'll see a circular seal on the floor.  Click on
    this and Sir Amiel's Ring will unlock it, revealing a set of stairs that lead to
    the Priory Basement.  You may find a couple pieces of Knights of the Nine
    Armor down here but it's the door to the Undercroft we're after.
    Once in the Undercroft, Stand in the middle of the Seal and wait.  Shortly,
    the ghost of eight of the Nine knights will appear.  You must do battle with
    each, one at a time, to prove your worth.  They don't attack in any order, so
    keep an eye on the knights behind or you'll get jumped from behind.  Once
    you've defeated them, take the Cuirass at the back of the chamber.
    Now, speak to each of the Knights to recieve clues and quests for the
    remaining relics:  The Gauntlets, Mace, Shield,and Boots of the Crusader.
    They'll also give you some interesting history of the order and it's missing
    member, Lord Berich.  For now, it's off to find the missing relics for us.
    Never fear, the ghosts of the Nine will be here waiting for your triumphant
    6:  Stendarr's Mercy
    Head to the Chapel of Stendarr in Chorrol and speak to Areldur, the Head
    Priest.  He will tell you the story of the Gauntlets of the Crusader.  It
    seems the last member of the cursed bloodline, Kellen, is in the Chapel Hall.
    he came to try and lift the curse and failed.  Head downstairs and speak with
    him.  Kellen is hopeless, waiting to die.  He is also convinced that Areldur
    knows more about the curse than he's saying.  Back upstairs to Areldur
    we go.
    Areldur has known all along how to lift the curse from Kellen's family.
    Someone else must pray at the Altar and take the curse upon themselves.
    He was not brave enough to do it so you'll have to.
    Click on Stendarr's Altar in the center of the church and choose to pray for
    the power to lift Kellen's curse.  You will be granted the ability to Lay
    Hands on Kellen.  Go back downstairs now to Kellen and find the spell
    "Lay Hands" in your inventory.  Cast the spell on him.  His curse will be
    lifted and transferred to you.  A Damage Fatigue effect called the Curse of
    the Consumed is added to your active effects.
    Kellen is overjoyed and takes off running around the hall like a five year old.
    Speak to him again to recieve his gratitude.  You can now retrieve the
    Gauntlets.  Head back upstairs and take them from the back of the chapel.
    7:  Wisdom of the Ages
    To acquire the Shield of the Crusader, head to Fort Bulwark.  You'll find it
    North East of Leyawiin, at the tip of the "D" in Blackwood.  Watch out for
    Conjurer's outside and in the ruin.  Reflect or Absorb spell will come in
    handy in here.  Enter the fort.  Follow this passage down and where it
    splits, turn left.  You'll find a wooden door on your right.  Don't pass the
    Further down this passage are a series of dart traps blocking your way.
    Go through the door. All you can do in this chamber right now is cross the
    bridge to the other side and go through the next door.  Follow this tunnel
    to the Conjurer's chamber and read the note on the table by the back wall.
    It will tell you how to access the lower levels.  Turn the Handle under the
    lamp before leaving. This will raise the gate just on your left as you leave
    the conjurer's chamber.  Follow this corridor to its end and turn the Handle
    by the railing.  Down below, you'll see a gate raise and bridges drop.  Head
    down to that chamber and cross the bridge into a short tunnel with a gate
    blocking your way.
    On the floor are a series of pressure plates.  Here's where that note comes in
    handy.  The candles are your guides, telling you which plate in each row of
    three to step on.  In the first row, step on the Left plate.  In the second row,
    step on the Center plate.  In the third row, step on the Right plate.  In the
    fourth row, step on the Left plate.  The gate will rise.  Head through to the
    Old Wooden Door to Fort Bulwark.
    In here, in the second cell on your right, you'll find Sir Thedret.  Turn the
    handle next to his cell to release him and speak to him.  He, too, came
    looking for the Shield and was locked up by the Conjurers.  He will give
    you a hint on how to reach the Shield before he leaves.
    Go through the old wooden door beyond his cell and up the stairs on your
    Through the door, down the stairs and you'll see another set of stairs on
    your right.  Go through the door and right again.  This passage lets you out
    into another large chamber.  Take the stairs on your right.  The switch for
    the bridge is next to it on your right.  Before you cross, look UP!  There are
    dart traps in the ceiling along the path of the bridge.  They fire in sequence
    so time your run right and you wont get hurt.  You'll need to turn a second
    handle halfway across.  If you mis-time it and get hit, watch your health.
    Take the stairs down and into the next large chamber.
    To get to the next door, you'll need to solve a bit of a puzzle here.  Thedret
    gave you the hint you need.  There are four statues, each with a handle, and
    a fifth on top of the platform.  At the base of the platform, in the center of
    the statues, is a circular seal on the floor.  You'll need to turn the four
    statues, using the handles until they are all facing the seal.  Then stand on
    the seal and a door will appear in the south wall.  Head down the tunnel
    and take the Old Wooden door to Fort Bulwark.  Follow this tunnel and into
    the next large chamber for yet another puzzle.
    In this chamber, you'll see eight statues along the walls, each with a chest in
    front of it.  There is also a larger chest up on the platform.  When you click
    on the chest, you will be given one of Rodgar's relics.  Each relic must
    placed in the chest of the correct statue below.  You wont get another relic
    until you place the one you already have.
    When you put a relic with the correct statue, the chest will glow and the
    statue will turn to face the room.  If you put the relic in the wrong chest,
    don't worry. Nothing happens and statues you have already turned wont
    #  Solution to Rodgar's Puzzle
    As you stand on the platform, facing the big chest and the back of the room
    we're going to number the statues on the Left side of the room and the
    Right side of the room.  From the Back wall to the door they are:  Left 1, 2, 3
    and 4 at the door.  Right 1, 2, 3 and 4 at the door.
    Left 1 - Gem
    Left 2 - Skull
    Left 3 - Hammer
    Left 4 - Book
    Right 1 - Stone
    Right 2 - Helm
    Right 3 - Goblet
    Right 4 - Sword
    When you've placed all the artifacts correctly, a door will appear at
    the top of the stairs.  Head inside and take the Shield from the Altar.
    To get out, you'll see two new doors in the north wall, either side of the
    Take either of these and the Old Wooden Door to Fort Bulwark.  Use the
    handle to open the gate, cross the bridge and turn to your right to head
    back outside.
    8:  Nature's Fury
    To find the Boots of the Crusader, you need to find the Shrine of Kynareth
    in the Great Forest.  Check your map and you'll find the marker just West
    of the Imperial City and Weye.  Make your way there now.
    When you arrive, speak with Avita Vesnia about the Boots to learn you
    must be tested by Kynareth first.  You'll have to travel to the Sacred Grove,
    just West of the Shrine.  Remember, all the creatures of the world are
    protected by Kynareth.  When you arrive at the Grove, be sure to remove
    any armor you're wearing that reflects damage.  A bear will soon appear
    and attack.  All you have to do is block and wait.  After a few moments, if
    you haven't attacked the bear, your journal will update and the bear will
    leave peacefully.
    A cave entrance has been revealed.  Head inside Kynareth's Grotto.  There
    are a couple Spriggans standing guard.  Ignore them and take the Boots of
    the Crusader from the altar, completing your quest.
    9:  The Path of the Righteous
    To find the Mace of the Crusader, head to the Chapel of Zenithar in
    Leyawiin.  When you enter the chapel, you'll be greeted by Carodus
    Oholin who wants to know if you're the one restoring the Knights of the
    Remember...Humble.  just tell him you're a servant of the Nine.
    Leave him for now and head into the Undercroft.  At the back of the
    Undercroft, click on the tomb of Saint Kaladas and you'll be transported
    to a Dark Void.  You find yourself on a precipice, overlooking the void.
    In the distance you can see the platform holding the Mace.  Equip the
    Boots of the Crusader and you'll be shown a safe path across the void.
    Stray from the path and you'll fall, to be returned to the undercroft.  Take
    the mace from the platform and you'll be returned.
    When you re-enter the chapel, minions of Umaril are attacking.  Help the
    chapel folk deal with them and be careful not to hit your allies.  When
    you've saved the Chapel from being desecrated, Carodus Oholin will ask
    to join your order.
    Upon returning to the Priory, having gathered all your relics, you'll find
    several people you have met along the way waiting for you.  They wish to
    join the Knights of the Nine.  The Priory House has also gotten a face lift
    and is livable now.  You'll also find a handy Armorer in the basement for
    all your repair needs.
    About your Fellow Knights:  Once you accept them as Knights, they will
    travel with you for the final battle.  If they fall, they'll be replaced by an
    anonymous 'Knight of the Nine'.  If you want to keep your original
    Knights safe, don't accept them as Knights until after you have
    completed all the quests.  They'll still be waiting.
    10:  The Faithful Squire
    Easiest relic quest yet.  In the priory, find and speak to Lathon, one of
    your would-be Knights and the Squire of Sir Roderick.  His master was
    also questing for the relics and fell while trying to retrieve the Sword
    of the Crusader.
    Sir Roderick was able to obtain the Greaves of the Crusader.  Lathon
    managed to escape with these and will now give them toyou.  Voila.
    Quest complete.
    11:  The Sword of the Crusader
    Lathon wants you to retrieve the Sword and help him avenge his master's
    fate.  If you accept Lathon as a Knight now, he WILL want to accompany
    you on the quest.  If you do accept him, but don't want him along for the
    ride, just talk to  him and ask him to "Wait".  He'll stay on guard in the
    priory house while you go off after the sword.
    To find it, you need to get to Underpall Cave.  It's North East of Skingrad,
    sitting smack in the middle of the words "The Orange Road" on your map.
    When you get there, the door is on the downhill side of a large boulder
    set into the hill.
    Once inside the cave, head through the creepy coffin chamber and into the
    uber-cool graveyard.  Definitely one of the coolest places in the game here.
    You can't miss the keep.
    Head inside and follow the passage into a large chamber.  As you enter,
    turn to your immediate left and you'll see a door right next to the one you
    came out of.  Go through there and follow the passage to an old wooden
    Watch out for a rockfall as you pass through the door and make your way
    into the Underpall Reflecting Chamber.  Follow this tunnel to find a huge
    underground lake.  There are a couple chests out in the lake, one on the
    bottom and one floating that contain a small amount of gold.
    What you're here for is the Undead Guardian of the Sword.  Yes, the
    undead guardian is, in fact, the twisted spirit of Sir Berich Vlindrel, the
    missing Knight of the Nine.  Once you've defeated him, pick up the
    tainted sword from where he dropped it.  Don't equip it yet or you'll get
    Lord Vlindrel's curse added to your active effects until the sword has
    been reconsecrated.
    Beyond where you defeated Sir Berich is a wood door, you'll find his tomb
    in here, the body of Sir Roderick and a back way out.
    Now, you need to take the sword to the Chapel of Arkay in Cheydinhall
    to have it reconsecrated to it's holy purpose and remove the curse.  When
    you arrive at the chapel, Umaril's minions are once again on the attack.
    Dispose of them and click on the central altar.  The cursed sword will be
    removed from your inventory and the true sword returned.
    Now that you have all eight of the Crusader's Relics, return to the Priory.
    12:  The Blessing of Talos
    As you arrive at the priory, Sir Thedret will approach and tell you the
    Prophet from Anvil has arrived to see you and is in the Chapel,
    preaching to your Knights.  Head into the Chapel.  Speak to the Prophet.
    You are almost ready to fight Umaril.  First, he will bestow on you the
    Blessing of Talos;  a Lesser Power you'll find in your spell list.  You must
    travel to Garlas Malatar to fight Umaril.  First you'll destroy his physical
    form and then use the Blessing of Talos to follow his spirit to Oblivion
    and finish the job.  Your knights, if you've accepted them into the order,
    will go ahead to the ruin to wait for you.
    The fortress of Garlas Malatar is North West of Anvil on the coast.  The
    easiest way to reach it, as the coastline is mostly cliffs, is to ride from
    anvil along the shore.  I opted to accept everyone and take my Knights
    with me.
    If you go alone, the Aurorans are tough.  Sneak attacks will help keep you
    from being ganged up on.  Your knights are good at taking on the
    Aurorans.  Just keep an eye on their health and heal them when you need
    to as some of them can't heal themselves.
    The best way to keep them all alive is to take the entire ruin at a dead run.
    Each time you change floors, the Knights are pulled with you whether
    they're in battle or not.
    This ruin is a bit big and very simple;  no confusing maze of passages here.
    When you enter the first chamber, down the stairs and on your left is a
    Blue Switch to open the three gates in this chamber.  It doesn't matter
    which one you take.
    All three lead the same place, a throne room of sorts.  The next door is up
    the stairs to the left of the throne.
    Enter the Ceysel.  There is a Blue Switch on the wall between the gates.
    Press this to open them.  In this chamber, you'll see a glowing orb above
    you.  That's where you need to be.  Go around the chamber to the right
    and take the stairs up at the back.  Hit the Blue diamond switch at the top
    of the stairs to raise the steps out front if you want.
    Click on the Orb to destroy it and the bridge to your left will open.  The
    Aurorans and your knights will disappear as well.  Don't worry, any
    knights that were alive when you destroyed the orb will be safely
    transported back to the priory.
    Cross the bridge and enter the Carac Abarwa.  You'll find Umaril at the
    back of the chamber and a couple more Auroran's waiting for you.  Deal
    with them and the stairs to his pedestal will raise.  Umaril likes using
    shock spells and his sword is long enough to reach you before you hit
    him.  Dance around him, go in for a hit after he swings.  Once you've
    defeated him, pick up his sword if you want.  It's almost as good as
    yours though it weighs a bit more.  There are also a couple Varla stones
    in here.  Now, cast the Blessing of Talos on yourself and you'll be
    transported to follow Umaril's spirit into Oblivion.
    You'll find yourself high in the skies above the Imperial City with Umaril.
    It's a hell of a view.  Try not to get killed while you're admiring the
    scenery. Umaril's attacks don't change here.  Once you've killed him,
    don't panic.
    You'll start to fall back towards Cyrodiil and a sticky end.  The gods
    wouldn't really do that to you.  You'll reappear in the Priory Undercroft
    where Sir Amiel's spirit has some words of wisdom for you before he,
    and the rest of his knights, disappear forever.
    You can now get temporary bonuses from clicking on the tombs of the
    Knights.  One effect will last until you click on another tomb.
    When you leave the Undercroft Sir Thedret will greet you, shocked that
    you survived after your disappearance in the ruin.  Tell him "The
    wonders of the nine are many".  Remember, Humble.  When he asks if
    Umaril is destroyed say "I have severed his very soul".  He'll run away
    to tell the others.  You'll find all your Knights outside the Priory,
    listening to Thedret sing your praises.
    Congratulations.  You've saved all of Cyrodiil and restored the Knights
    of the Nine.  Like the Adoring fan and Mages Apprentices, you can now
    ask one of your knights to some with you on your travels if you wish.
    If they die, they'll be replaced by nameless Knights of the Nine.
    Far as I can tell, the cupboard, chest and drawers in your room at the top
    of the right stairs are safe for storage.  Be sure to check this yourself
    Put something you wont mind losing into each and leave the Priory.
    Wait three days in game time and then return.  If your items are still
    there, then the containers are probably safe.
    If you don't want to use the Relics of the Crusader any more, you can
    leave  ithem in the Priory Undercroft.  There is a stand for them at the
    back.  Just click on it to place the relics.
    Coming Soon!
    Many thanks to my husband for testing all my directions and
    instructions.  He keeps me from sending anyone off a cliff.
    Many, many thanks to the Avid Alchemist's Alcove who's wonderful
    Obliv-O-Map keeps me from wandering the countryside for days.
    Thanks to the ElderScrolls forums.  A great bunch of ES addicts
    that can answer just about any question, no matter how stupid.
    Thanks to Gr33n on A.A.'s Alcove for pointing out that only Chapel
    folk have the Anvil attacked conversation topic.
    Please contact me at whoguru@hotmail.com with any questions,
    corrections, suggestions, additions, etc...  When you send an email,
    please put "Knights of the Nine" or "KOTN" in the title so I'll know
    it's not spam.
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances
    except for personal,  private use. It may not be placed on any web
    site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written
    permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of
    any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

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