How do you get the ingredients for ambrosia and angel food cake?

  1. Are there any cheats for it? I wanna get it as fast as possible. But if there's none can you explain it to me step-by-step?

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  1. Ambrosia:
    -1: Get to level 10 fishing
    -2:Read the book to catch it (See Bookstore)
    -3:Catch Minnow
    -4: Catch Angel Fish with minnow as bait
    -5: Go to Graveyard after midnight
    -6: Fish with Angel Fish as Bait.
    -7: Repeat as many times as necessary
    Life Fruit:
    -1: Ascend up the Science Career Track to level 10 (Mad Scientist)
    -2: Max out Gardening, Fishing, Handyness for best future results.
    -3: Plant Life Fruit. (You'll thank me later)
    -4: Harvest and repeat 3 until your Life Fruits are of Perfect Status.
    -1: Max out cooking, and read "Ambrosia" Cookbook. Easy to do with Deathfish study shopping.
    -2: Gather ingredients.
    -3: Select : Have Dinner : More : Ambrosia. (The food of the gods, made only once with the items.)
    -4: Eat. It gives +75 mood for 7 days, and turns back the body clock to the first day of that stage of life, or, if fed to the dead, brings them back to life.

    Fire Fruit:
    Simply send your Sim to work until it gets the opportunity to get a fire fruit, and plant it. All foods are better when perfect ingredients are used, to boost mood, and overall life. Holding it in your inventory gives +15 mood, as well as eating it, but it lasts for 4 hours.They don't stack. Seeds work as well, and you have to have level 10 gardening and cooking, along with ingredient recipes learned.

    These items are hell to make, but the work is worth it if you like your sims. If not, look up on killing them in other answers.

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  1. First to get ambrosia ingredients is: To get the deathfish you need to have at least level 8 of fishing skill. And then you go to the graveyard( sunset valley ) after midnight, you need to use angelfsh to get the deathfish. For the lifefruits you need to look for a unknown special seed( you can search for it in the graveyard.) You also need level 7 of gardening skill.
    Second for the baked angel food cake you just need to search for flame fruit since the second ingredient is egg. You need to look for a unknown special seed. the unknown special seed have 4 probability:
    1.Money tree.
    2.Fire flame bush.
    3.Life fruit.
    4.Death flower.

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  2. Ambrosia Ingredients:
    -Deathfish - Capture an Angelfish and enter the graveyard and fish for the DeathFish.
    -Level 8-10 fishing skill - Fish at any fishing spots and maximize the time.

    -Capture fishes containing:
    ~Angelfish - Any of SunSet Valleys Fishing Spots.
    ~Minnow - Make a pond at you're house or visit a fishing spot and inspect the water.

    -Life Fruit
    -Fire Fruit

    -Buy a special book called "Ambrosia" to get started. It is found the D.'s Budget Books.
    -Get higher cooking skill. +8 cooking skill might be enough.
    -Gather the ingredients to get started. I suggest to make a garden which produces food to get food alot faster.

    Are there any cheats for it?
    Technically, no. Sorry, there are only simple cheats, but not too much as special as this one. Sorry...

    I wanna get it as fast as possible. But if there's none can you explain it to me step-by-step?
    If you want to get it as fast as possible, follow or read the ingredients or steps sent by the users here in GameFAQS.

    Good Luck!!!

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  3. What do angel food cake do??

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