How To Get Gems/Bugs/Rocks/Seeds?

  1. The question basically says it all; how do you get gems and rocks and bugs and seeds? I can never find them!

    Also, what can you do with them when you find them?

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    GAMER_GIRL2009 - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Well, rocks, gems and seeds are just laying on the ground. They're all over the place and aren't that hard to spot. You can just pause the game, zoom in and scroll around the map in the more out-of-the-way places to find them. There are some spots that are pretty obvious to look around though, like the Science Lab and Cemetery for the high-grade seeds or abandoned mines for metals. For the really big space rocks, the best thing to do is look through the telescope for a chance to see one crash land, then it'll be marked on the map. Rummaging through trash cans can also get you space rocks and seeds. Also, trips through the Catacombs, at the Graveyard, can get you gems/seeds.

    Bugs are a bit harder to spot since they don't show up on the screen right away, and instead fade into view when the game is not paused. Searching for them, you'll want to pause and unpause the game while scrolling around the map to see them.

    The best and easiest way to find everything though, is with the Collection Helper lifetime reward, which costs 40,000 points. You can click on it and select which type of thing you want to find and they'll be marked on the map plus give off a glow when zoomed in.

    As for what you can do with them, basically they're just for decoration, collecting or to be sold. Gems can be cut to make them worth more and look better. Higher quality cuts increases the price more. Metals can be smelted to increase their price, and you also have a chance to get a Mysterious Mr. Gnome mailed back to you instead of an ingot. Rocks can be analyzed, which can either increase or decrease their sell price. Bugs can be named, then put in a glass case to decorate your house or sold to the Science Lab. Seeds, you can obviously plant, or sell.

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