How get omni seed?

  1. Can tell me about how get omni seed?

    User Info: 64m3125

    64m3125 - 7 years ago


  1. There's two ways.

    The first is to clear a series of Opportunities available to Sims with high Gardening. Clear "Uncommonly Good" to unlock "Outstandingly Rare" and the cheese and egg plants. (Not eggplants, plants that grow eggs.) Clear "Outstandingly Rare" to unlock "The Omnificent Plant" and steak and hamburger plants. Finally, clear "The Omnificent Plant" to earn your Omni seed.

    The other method is simply to get lucky. Omni seeds very rarely turn up while fishing or on the ground near a science building, and may be found by going into the past with a time machine created by an inventor. (Obviously, you'll need Aspirations for that last one.)

    User Info: Robber_Baron

    Robber_Baron - 7 years ago 0 0

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