error during startup...see log... Whats the log and how to fix this ?

  1. my game worked fine untill today i tried to play and it tells me ''There was error during startup. Please see the Log for more details. '' i don't know how to solve this, can anyone help ?

    User Info: nobody_move

    nobody_move - 6 years ago


    Go to and they will assist you there. Be persistent, and follow the instructions to the mark.

    It will tell you how to uninstall the game AND save your saved games, pictures, etc. Although, I have had to re-download all of my items (store and custom) again to use them. (I don't know about Create-a-Pattern or Create-a-World things, but, it is better, if you have them, to save copies to the desk top.)

    If you have one user on the computer you DO NOT need to complete these steps under each user name.
    If you DO have more than one user on your computer, you must complete the process of uninstall under ALL of the users.

    *IMPORTANT*!!! if you have a single username, for instance, "Bob" and you have a windows page where you have to enter a password and/or click on your name icon, you may need to uninstall under "administrator" in the computer.

    Hope this helps~~~!

    User Info: Animal_Hugger_1

    Animal_Hugger_1 - 6 years ago 0 0

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