How do I move?

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  1. if by Move you mean move out of one house and into another or an empty lot... there are 3 ways you can start the process with your sims. 1 use the computer, 2 use your sims cellphone or husephone, or 3 read the newspaper. all 3 of these objects have the move option available when you click on them. the moving process is really quite simple, have your sim use one of the above mentioned objects and select Move from the option wheel. a screen popsup asking you who wants to move out and automatically selects the sim who started the proccess, their icon and name will appear on the right side of the popup window while other sims available to move with the starting sim will be listed on the left. there will be 2 arrows in the center between the lists of sims you select the sims you want to move out then click on the arrow pointing towards the right side of the popup to join the sim that is moving out. once you have chosen the movers you then have a few choices to make. if moving whole household, do you want to move out to a different house or to an empty lot? if only moving a few sims out but some are staying, do you want the sims that are leaving to be the active (group you are playing with) household, or do you just want them out of the house? if you just want them to be out of the house click the checkbox or button marked kick out after which you will be given another popup asking if you want them moved to an available empty house or lot or just to the library of sims, as they are not the active household the game puts them in a random house or lot that they can afford or into the library if you so choose. if you choose the movers to be the active household mark the checkbox at the top of the popup that says make active household and then yourchoices became the same as if you were moving out the whole household, either to a new house or empty lot of your choosing, just click the appropriate button on the lower right of the moving popup and choose which house or lot you want them to move to, you can preview the houses by clicking the button when you choose a house from the map. other options on the moving popup regard disbursement of household items, if whole household moving. any avaiable house can be purchased furnished or unfurnished, and you have the option to sell off your furniture and stuff when you move or to take it with you. if you take it with you it will appear in the family inventory in buy mode( 3rd option in buymode looks like an open box icon). there is another way to move but that involves the edit town function and does not allow you to choose who gets to move from the active household and is much more involved, but it does allow you to move other families out of their respective homes so you can use them yourself, or so you can bulldoze their lots and make use of them how you wish. the one drawback is you are limited on the lots you can choose from as there is no way to add more lots to the neighborhoods. you can add more houses from the housing bin but they have to be built or placed on an existing empty lot. hope this helps

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