How do I increase my research stat?

  1. Recently my Sim required a research skill when she became a medical intern. However, I don't know how to increase the research points as I am required to. Does anyone know how?

    User Info: p0tat0_phun

    p0tat0_phun - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. to improve the research trait from the medical profession you have to read the medical books that they send home with you after work. just check your Sim's inventory

    User Info: BaleFire77

    BaleFire77 - 8 years ago 1 1

Other Answers

  1. The maximum level of research status is good. It will never go more than that. Since we just given a book a day. You can search for it in inventory, it will always new every time you go home from work.

    User Info: hylm

    hylm - 8 years ago 0 0

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