Traits Needed For Rock Star Lifetime Wish?

  1. Alright so my Sims had a girl a little while ago and she's now a teen. I wanted to make her become a rock star but the only lifetime wish I get is the Symphonic branch. So what traits do I need for the lifetime goal to be a rock star one?

    The traits my Sim currently has are: Genius, Virtuoso, Perfectionist, Nice, and Charismatic. I still have an extra slot but I guess that one comes in when she grows to a young adult.

    I already checked the change lifetime wish thing and it didn't show up.

    User Info: PhantoxNG

    PhantoxNG - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Nice isn't one of the traits, so I'm not sure if your referring to the friendly or good trait here. Also the maximum number of traits is five. Rock star will show up as a lifetime wish if you have Genius, Virtuoso, Perfectionist, Charismatic and Artistic.

    These combinations also work: Artistic, Charismatic, Good, Perfectionist, Virtuoso
    Artistic, Charismatic, Genius, Good, Virtuoso
    Artistic, Charismatic, Genius, Snob, Virtuoso
    Artistic, Charismatic, Perfectionist, Snob, Virtuoso.
    Artistic, Friendly, Perfectionist, Snob, Virtuoso
    Artistic, Friendly, Genius, Perfectionist, Virtuoso

    Im sure there are more, but it seems you would need artist as well as virtuoso for it to show.

    User Info: silverhowl89

    silverhowl89 - 8 years ago 0 0

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