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    Gardening Guide by Xafine

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    |                        The Sims 3 - Guide to Gardening                      |
    |                          Version 0.5 (2009-06-21)                           |
    |                                                                             |
    |                           James Lambeth (Xafine)                            |
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                               ++ Note (Please Read) ++
    To anybody reading this guide:
    First of all, thank you for reading. This is my first guide, so I hope it's a
    good one! If you have any comments or queries, have a look at the contact
    section. I will endeavour to read all emails sent to me, and reply if
    Secondly, I have a favour to ask. As some of you may know (particularly any
    Australian's reading this), Electronic Arts is currently running a competition
    to find the 'Ultimate Aussie Fan'. As part of this competition, entrants are
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    If you're having trouble giving your support:
        1. Go to the URL provided above.
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        3. Complete the form, making sure you rate the page by clicking the moodlet
           icons (the right-most icon gives the largest score). 4.
        4. Click "Become a Supporter", and then verify your email address by
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    Thanks, everyone, for giving your support and reading this guide.
    |                         Table of Contents [S01.00]                          |
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    |   Table of Contents............................................. [S01.00]   |
    |   Revision History.............................................. [S02.00]   |
    |   Introduction.................................................. [S03.00]   |
    |   Becoming a Gardener........................................... [S04.00]   |
    |       - Choosing Your Traits.................................... [S04.01]   |
    |       - Changing Your Traits.................................... [S04.02]   |
    |   Basic Topics in Gardening..................................... [S05.00]   |
    |       - Levelling Up............................................ [S05.01]   |
    |       - Your First Garden....................................... [S05.02]   |
    |       - Interactions............................................ [S05.03]   |
    |       - Plantables.............................................. [S05.04]   |
    |       - Sprinklers.............................................. [S05.05]   |
    |   Advanced Topics in Gardening.................................. [S06.00]   |
    |   Contact....................................................... [S07.00]   |
    |   Acknowledgements.............................................. [S08.00]   |
    |   Copyright and Redistribution.................................. [S09.00]   |
    |   Appendices.................................................... [S10.00]   |
    |       - My Experiment With Bookworms............................ [S10.01]   |
    |                                                                             |
                               Revision History [S02.00]
        Version 0.5 (2009-06-21):
            First version of the guide submitted to GameFAQs.Com. Guide created
            using Microsoft Word 2007, and Notepad ++.
                                 Introduction [S03.00]
    Welcome to my first ever guide. Let me begin by answering a fundamental
    question: why am I writing this? Since I started playing Sims 3 almost a week
    ago I have noticed an obvious deficiency in the amount of information related
    to the game. The game did not come with a set of instructions, and third party
    guides do not seem to contain the kind of information I've be searching for.
    For a game like The Sims, I found this to be rather perplexing. After all, the
    game has been available (although, not legally) for a number of weeks. Why
    hasn't anyone written a solid guide yet?
    My solution is a simple one. From today I will be collecting as much
    information as I can in regards to the gardening skill; and developing a guide
    which is easy to understand and extremely comprehensive. I do this not because
    I care about the "gaming community", but because I have desire for perfection.
    Through writing such a guide I believe I can demonstrate a level of competency
    well above that of the casual gamer, and hopefully I can be the first one to do
    Another question – why gardening? Honestly, I find gardening to be the most
    complex skill within the game. Unlike many of the other skills within the game,
    it is not straight forward. Of course you can just plant a seed and wait for it
    to grow; but that is ineffective if you want to get the best out of the skill.
    The other obvious reason is that gardening is a great source of income within
    the game; provided you are persistent. At the highest level, gardening is
    fairly simple – it's making it to the top which is hard.
                             Becoming a Gardener [S04.00]
    Like all skills within The Sims 3, gardening can be performed by anyone – but
    there are certain things which can make your gardening experience more
    fruitful. This section attempts to identify some key areas to developing a
    "perfect" gardener.
    ----------------------- Choosing Your Traits [S04.01] -------------------------
    Much like you, Sims have a set of qualities which define their personalities.
    These qualities are known as "traits" and can be obtained at various points in
    the game – but most easily when you originally create your Sim. While I will
    not provide a comprehensive discussion of all traits in the game, I feel there
    are some notable traits which may assist you in your gardening, the first of
    which I consider to be the most essential:
        -- Green Thumb: "Green Thumbs are the best gardeners. They find solace and
        comfort in their gardens and can revive plants in the worst conditions."
        There are a number of advantages to possessing the Green Thumb trait. Your
        Sim will be able to develop the gardening skill much quicker than other
        Sims, and will have the added ability to revive plants. Furthermore, they
        can talk to plants (instead of people) to fill up their "social" need, and
        they start with a gardening book!
    There are several other traits which may help you to become an expert gardener.
    While you don't need them, they are certainly valuable. Here they are:
        -- Angler: "Anglers catch fish better than any other Sims. They also enjoy
        fishing more than anyone else."
        Great description... Not. Basically, we will be using Fish as our source of
        fertiliser. I am not sure whether or not the Angler trait really helps with
        fishing (i.e. increases the likelihood of catching a perfect fish), but I
        will assume it does. If anyone has any more information, with evidence,
        I would like to know. =)
        -- Bookworm: "Bookworms have a passion for reading that surpasses their
        other desires. They also tend to become good writers."
        The logic behind this is simple: bookworms can read faster than other Sims,
        hence they can learn (from books) faster than other Sims can. While you do
        not have to read to develop your skills as a gardener, it is generally an
        effective method to learn new skills, and thus beneficial.
        See my experiment on Bookworms (S10.01) for more information.
        -- Handy: "Hand Sims are the best tinkerers. They will never fail when
        repairing or upgrading a household item, which makes electrical objects far
        less dangerous."
        One of the functions we may be involved in as gardeners is the upgrade of
        our sprinklers. The Handy trait may be of some assistance to us, but I'm
        unsure as to how much of an impact it has. It is always useful to have a
        Handy Sim, though!
        -- Lonely: "Loners enjoy time spent alone more than time spent with others.
        Quite shy, they never approach anyone who isn't a close friend. They prize
        their solitude and get nervous around large groups".
        Since you'll be spending a large amount of your time gardening, this trait
        ensures that you can maintain full social. You can always talk to your
        plants to raise your social, but this skill is equally effective.
        Unfortunately, it also detracts from other areas of game play (in my
        opinion), so be careful choosing it.
        -- Loves the Outdoors: "These Sims love spending time outdoors and find
        special joy amid nature."
        As a gardener, you will be spending plenty of time outdoors; whether it be
        tending to your vegetable patch, or hunting for rare seeds. Loves the
        Outdoors is a great way to ensure your Sim stays positive and happy!
        -- Slob: "Slobs constantly leave messes in their wake. To make matters
        worse, they won't offer to pick up or clean. Luckily, common filth won't
        offend their senses."
        Extended periods of time gardening tend to reduce hygiene rather quickly,
        even after gaining the "Dirt Defiant" lifetime reward. Having the Slob
        trait can greatly reduce the impact of this, but I don't think it's worth
        it unless you're living alone. The negatives far outweigh the positives.
    There are also several traits which are detrimental to gardening:
        -- Absent-Minded: "Absent-Minded Sims get lost in their thoughts and
        occasionally forget what they are doing or where they are going."
        Gardening is quite simple in that you do not have to keep clicking away,
        but being absent minded could change all of that. There's nothing I hate
        more than having my Sims getting interrupted, so here's a trait I
        definitely won't be using.
        -- Clumsy: "Clumsy Sims muck up life with shoddy footwork and poor
        You don't want to be dropping all those fine fruits that you'll be
        producing, do you now? Honestly... I begin to wonder why these traits are
        in the game. I guess they'd make things incredibly interesting for some
        people. Once again, I don't know if this trait will actually affect your
        -- Couch Potato: "Couch Potatoes are perfectly happy sitting on the couch
        to watch TV and eat junk food. They'll need additional prodding to lead
        active lives."
        Gardening is a very active pastime. You don't want to be the kind of Sim
        who lazes about, do you?! Being a Couch Potato increases the amount of
        time your Sim spends sleeping, which means less time working on your
        -- Hates the Outdoors: "Sims who Hate the Outdoors despise being outside
        and will remain indoors whenever possible."
        Obviously if your Sim hates the outdoors, they won't like gardening too
        much. Enough said.
        -- Neat: "Neat Sims always fine the time to clean, regardless of their
        mood. They are easily devastated by filthy surroundings, but will never
        leave a mess behind."
        Like I've already said a million times, you're going to be spending a lot
        of time in the garden, and you will get messy! Being a neat Sim will just
        put you in a bad mood.
    That's about it for the traits – but you still have one more question, don't
    you? You want to know what I would pick. I wouldn't really be playing the game
    just to garden – so I'd generally make my Sims more well rounded, probably
    adding the Ambitious trait for those faster promotions! For the perfect
    gardener, I'd recommend:
        1. Angler
        2. Bookworm
        3. Green Thumb
        4. Loves the Outdoors
    That leaves you with one choice of your own!
    ----------------------- Changing Your Traits [S04.02] -------------------------
    I mentioned in the previous section that there are various points in the game
    where you are able to choose your traits – but you also have the ability to
    change them! First let me discuss when you can nominate them.
    Sims are restricted to the number of traits which they are allowed, with the
    maximum being five. The number of traits which a Sim is allowed to have varies,
    depending on the stage of life they are in, as follows:
        Baby/Toddler:               2
        Child:                      3
        Teen:                       4
        oung Adult/Adult/Elder:     5
    When you create your Sim you have the ability to nominate all of your traits,
    but once you've started you lose this privilege. In order to nominate your
    traits as you grow up (i.e. from baby to young adult), you must ensure that you
    maintain a positive mood for your Sim. When pregnant, you must ensure that the
    mother is in a satisfactory mood so that you may choose your newborn's traits.
    As a toddler, you must make sure you teach your toddler to walk, and as a
    child/teen you must make sure you're in a good mood, and that you complete your
    homework! If you don't meet these requirements, the game will automatically
    nominate traits for your Sim – which may be positive or negative.
    It just so happens that you can also change your traits. Your Sim has something
    known as "Lifetime Happiness". If you earn 20,000 lifetime happiness points,
    you can get the "Mid-life crisis" award, which enables you to reselect your
    traits – this is particularly useful if you want to get rid of some traits
    (such as "Bookworm") which you no longer need. As far as I know, there is no
    limit as to how many times you can use this reward.
                          Basic Topics in Gardening [S05.00]
    Gardening in itself is not a difficult skill to perform, but its complexity
    makes it a difficult skill to master. This section outlines some of the
    fundementals in gardening, hopefully to some level of detail.
    ---------------------------- Levelling Up [S05.01] ----------------------------
    Your level in the gardening skill dictates a number of things, including what
    kind of interaction you can have with your garden, and what kind of seeds you
    can plant. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you reach level ten
    gardening as quickly as possible, and the majority of this guide will assume
    you have already done so.
    Getting to level ten can be achieved in three ways: taking a class, reading
    books or creating and tending for a garden. I do not recommend the foremost
    option, as the classes are highly expensive (costing $400) and not really
    rewarding at later levels. If you want to take a gardening class, though, you
    can do so at the Landgraab Industries Science Facility (in Sunset Valley) or
    the Soil and Water Research Facility (in Riverview).
    The reason I do not recommend taking classes is that you don't need to take
    them in order to begin gardening - you garden or read a gardening book at level
    zero! Personally, I think the quickest experience can be gained by actually
    gardening, but you can't spend hours at a time doing this. The most
    time-effective way to level your gardening skill is probably to read.
    Reading, as with other skills, requires you to buy a few books. If you
    nominated the Green Thumb trait, you will start with "Gardening Vol. 1: The
    Watercan Chronicles", otherwise you have to purchase it, along with the other
    two books, from Divisadero Budget Books. The books you need are as follows:
        Gardening Vol. 1: The Watercan Chronicles       $350
        Gardening Vol. 2: Odor Free Fertilizer          $500
        Gardening Vol. 3: Gardening to Riches           $750
    Your Sim can read "Gardening Vol. 1" from levels 0 to 3, "Gardening Vol. 2"
    from levels 3 to 7, and "Gardening Vol. 3" from 7 to 10. Once you reach the
    maximum achievable level for each book, as with other skill books, you will no
    longer be able to read it. Put it on your bookshelf, and leave it for someone
    ------------------------- Your First Garden [S05.02] --------------------------
    As an amateur gardener you will be able to plant a few different crops, which
    give you some basic produce (I will use this term to refer to both fruits and
    vegetables). These crops can be planted from seedlings (conveniently, you will
    gain a few when you reach level one gardening); or from fully grown produce. I
    suggest growing from produce, as you can purchase it quite cheaply from
    EverFresh Delights Supermarket, and it is a reasonably high quality (always
    being "nice quality"). Here's a list of produce you can purchase:
        | Produce       |  Cost |  Level (To Plant) |
        | Tomato        |  $ 5  |         0         |
        | Lettuce       |  $ 5  |         0         |
        | Apple         |  $ 6  |         0         |
        | Grapes        |  $ 6  |         0         |
        | Onion         |  $11  |         5         |
        | Potato        |  $11  |         5         |
        | Lime          |  $14  |         5         |
        | Watermelon    |  $14  |         5         |
        | Bell Pepper   |  $18  |         7         |
        | Garlic        |  $23  |         7         |
    These ten items make up over half (~53%) of plantable crops, but you can only
    plant four of them at level zero. Once purchased, these items will end up in
    your personal inventory (which is inside your "Sim Panels").
    Planting your seedlings or produce is simple: with your inventory open, click
    the item you wish to plant, and then select the "Plant" action. You then have
    to nominate a spot to plant the item. Locations where you can plant the item
    will be indicated by a green square appearing around the item (as with all item
    placement), and locations where you cannot plant the item will be indicated
    with by a red square.
    You also have the option of planting multiple items by choosing the "Plant
    Many" option and then placing each item individually (meaning you don't have to
    go back to your inventory each time). Once you have placed your desired number
    of plants, you can press Escape or Backspace to release the item (if you have
    not placed all of the items in the nominated stack), and your Sim will begin
    planting. If you want to choose a specific item to plant from a stack, you can
    open the stack by clicking the left corner of the item to expand the stack, and
    then use the same interactions to plant the item. If the last sense doesn't
    make sense – don't worry. Your Sim will always try and plant the highest
    quality produce/seedling from a stack.
    As you plant items, your Sim will gain gardening experience – but there's more
    to gardening than just planting crops! You must learn how to take care of them
    as well. At level zero, the only thing you can do is water them (which you have
    to do on a daily basis, pretty much) to ensure they do not wilt. This is
    particularly important with more rare crops, as they have increased chance of
    dying! Watering crops is simple: click the plant and choose "Water Plant" –
    your active Sim will walk over to it and water it. As your Sim advances, you
    will unlock more interactions, described in the next section.
    Once a plant dies, you can get rid of it to make way for new (and hopefully
    improved) plants through using the "Dispose All Dead Plants" interaction. Your
    Sim will take collect all of your dead plants, and move them to the trash can.
    Keep in mind that your Sim can only carry one plant at a time, so this process
    could take some time!
    ---------------------------- Interactions [S05.03] ----------------------------
    In the previous section we were introduced to a few interactions which are
    available with your plant. There are far more interactions you can have with
    your plants, and here is a comprehensive list! Some of these interactions are
    not exclusive to the gardening trait, but they exist nevertheless.
        -- Dispose (Level 0): Throw a (living) plant in the bin, clearing a patch
        of dirt for some new plants. This can also be achieved through "Buy Mode",
        simply by selecting your plant and deleting it. I don't know why you would
        use this; presumably you have enough land to plant new crops anyway.
        -- Dispose All Dead Plants (Level 0): Remove all dead plants from your lot,
        clearing out space for new plants. This interaction is only available on
        plants which are either Barren or Dead. You can also remove these plants
        through "Buy Mode", by selecting your plant and deleting it.
        -- Harvest (Level 0): This will remove all fully grown produce from a
        plant, and place it in your inventory. Harvesting fruits can then be
        either sold, or replanted. Provided you cared for your garden adequately,
        harvested fruits will be much higher quality than the produce or seedlings
        originally planted.
        -- Talk to Plant (Level 0): A Sim who has a Green Thumb also has the
        ability to talk to plants, enabling them to increase their Social need
        without having their friends come over. This is a really useful
        interaction if you want to focus on gardening, as it means you do not have
        to spend time making friends! In order to use this interaction, your plant
        must be a Sprout (at least), and it cannot be dead.
        -- Tend Garden (Level 0): Perform a variety of maintenance tasks on every
        plant in your lot, including watering, weeding, and harvesting plants.
        Combined with sprinklers, this interaction allows you to manage your
        garden with fairly little effort; although, it must be noted that you still
        need to have unlocked each interaction (by meeting the minimum level
        requirement) before your Sim will perform the action as part of "tending"
        the garden.
        -- View (Level 0): This action can only be performed on plants which are in
        the Mature or Harvest growth state, and allows your Sim to stand in front
        of a plant for a few seconds admiring it. I'm not sure the purpose of this,
        as it does not seem to provide you with a boost in fun, social or any other
        of your needs.
        -- Water Plant (Level 0): This interaction allows you to provide your
        plants with much needed water, which your Sim can provide through the
        use of a watering can! There is, of course, a much more time-efficient way
        to water your plants: the sprinkler. This will be discussed in a later
        -- Weed Plant (Level 2): Remove those unsightly weeds from surrounding your
        plants. I don't really understand the point of this interaction, 'cause I
        do not know what weeds do. It seems that they inhibit the growth of your
        plants, so it's probably best you get rid of them!
        -- Fertilize with... (Level 3): While weeds inhibit growth, fertilizers
        enhance it – and this interaction allows you to use them! Different
        fertilizers work to different degrees, but I will explain this in more
        detail in a later section.
        -- Revive (Level 6): If you don't care for your plants, they will die.If
        you happen to have a Green Thumb, you can revive them! This interaction
        will bring plants back to life, but only if they die – not if they become
    A few of these interactions apply to all plants on the lot – making the
    gardening process simpler. If you choose to perform the action, your Sim will
    automatically do so on all applicable plants (e.g. they will water any plant
    which needs to be watered, if you choose "Water Plant"). This applies to the
    "Water Plant", "Weed Plant", "Harvest" and "Dispose All Dead Plants" actions.
    ----------------------------- Plantables [S05.04] -----------------------------
    In addition to the ten basic produce items, The Sims 3 includes nine other
    plantable items. Five of these items can be purchased quite easily – although
    they are special plants, and cannot be planted until you learn how. The other
    four can only be found as seedlings, on the ground. They can be found almost
    anywhere, and are almost too tiny to see without some assistance from the
    "Collection Helper" (a lifetime reward worth 40,000 points).
    Here's a full list of plantables:
        | Tree or             |     Level     |    Buy    |    Sell Price    |
        |  Plant              |  (To Plant)   |   Price   | (Pefect Quality) |
        | Apple Tree          |       0       |    $ 6    |       $ 17       |
        | Bell Pepper Plant   |       7       |    $18    |       $ 52       |
        | Burger Patty Plant  |       9*      |    $24    |       $ 70       |
        | Cheese Plant        |       8*      |    $ 8    |       $ 22       |
        | Death Flower Bush   |       7       |     -     |         -        |
        | Eggplant            |       8*      |    $11    |       $ 30       |
        | Flame Fruit Bush    |       7       |     -     |       $ 79       |
        | Garlic Plant        |       7       |    $23    |       $ 66       |
        | Grapevine           |       0       |    $ 6    |       $ 17       |
        | Lettuce Plant       |       0       |    $ 5    |       $ 13       |
        | Life Plant          |       7       |     -     |       $110       |
        | Lime Tree           |       5       |    $14    |       $ 39       |
        | Money Tree          |       7       |     -     |         -        |
        | Omni Plant          |      10       |     -     |         -        |
        | Onion Plant         |       5       |    $11    |       $ 23       |
        | Potato Vine         |       5       |    $11    |       $ 30       |
        | Steak Plant         |       9*      |    $30    |       $ 88       |
        | Tomato Plant        |       0       |    $ 5    |       $ 13       |
        | Watermelon Vine     |       5       |    $14    |       $ 39       |
        * These plants require you to complete the "Uncommonly Good" (for eggs
        and cheese) or "Outstandingly Rate" (for steak and patties) before can
        plant them. Omni Seeds can be planted before completing "The Omnificent
        Plant", but someone in your household has to have completed this
        opportunity so that you may order the seeds (from your letterbox).
    While the produce gained from the majority of these plants is used exclusively
    for eating, selling or replanting, some has special properties which we cannot
    neglect to mention! Here we go:
        -- Death Flower: If your Sim faces death from an unnatural cause (e.g. from
        getting electrocuted, or getting caught in a fire), having one of these in
        your inventory will help! Instead of taking your Sims life, the Grim Reaper
        will accept your Death Flower, and will spare your Sim. Make sure you're
        more careful in the future.
        -- Flame Fruit: Flame fruit gives your Sim the "Cozy Fire" moodlet, as long
        as you are holding one in your inventory. This moodlet grants you +5 five
        mood, and (unfortunately) you cannot the effects do not stack (holding
        multiple flame fruit will not give you any better mood). Flame fruit has
        another interesting property in that they will glow if you leave them on
        the ground. Pretty.
        -- Life Fruit: Eating life fruit "lengthens" your Sim's lifespan. In
        actuality, it makes your Sim younger! Each fruit you eat will make you one
        day younger (independent of quality) – and, to my knowledge, there's no
        limit to how much of this fruit you can eat! I do not think that you can
        eat Life Fruit to reverse the aging process, however, so if your Sim is in
        the elderly phase of life, you're stuck there!
        -- Money Bags: Money trees produce money bags, which cannot be sold or
        replanted. The money bags can be exchanged for a variable amount of money,
        by interacting with them through your inventory. When a money tree dies, it
        drops a seed which you can plant to produce a new tree! Cool, but these
        things are hard to find, and slow to grow money. The official Prima Games
        strategy guide says that you also risk having them explode into bills if
        you don't take proper care of them! Great.
        -- Omni Plant: The Omni Plant is perhaps the most interesting plant in the
        game, as it does not produce any particular produce. You can feed it (for
        lack of a better word) a variety of items, and the Omni Plant will grow
        this item. I will dedicate a whole section to obtaining and planting Omni
        Seeds in a future revision of this guide.
    ----------------------------- Sprinklers [S05.05] -----------------------------
    The process of manually watering your plants every morning is certainly a
    tedious one, which I definitely to not envy (particularly if your garden is
    rather large). If you are a serious gardener, I would recommend investing in at
    least a few sprinklers. These can be purchased in Buy Mode for $90:
        Sort by Room: Outdoors – Outdoor Actitivies – Schuper Schprinkler
        Sort by Function: Appliances – Miscellaneous – Schuper Schprinkler
    While sprinklers benefit you massively, they do waste a lot of water, and
    increase the cost of your bills as a consequence. If you want to reduce the
    cost of your bills, you have to upgrade your sprinklers to Auto Water.
    Requiring level four handiness, this upgrade will enable your sprinklers to be
    automatically activated sometime early in the morning – when watering is most
    effective. This will, of course, reduce your water consumption!
    When you place your sprinklers, it's important to note their coverage area.
    While they do have an annoying translucent semi-sphere covering them, this is
    not actually the area they cover! They will water anything in a five block
    area, theoretically enabling you to water one hundred and ninteen plants with a
    single sprinkler. In practice, this is not possible – your Sim must be able to
    physically access each plant in order to tend to it. I will add the most
    efficient sprinkler/plant placement in future revisions of this guide.
                         Advanced Topics in Gardening [S06.00]
    I plan on adding more advanced information in this section – including
    information about fertilising your plants and using the omni plant to maximise
    its effect. Please check back in a couple of weeks for this information – I'm
    currently busy with exams, which I have to prioritise.
                                   Contact [S07.00]
    If you have a comment, query or suggestion, please feel free to contact me:
        jlambeth [plus] sims3guide [at] gmail [dot] com
    Make sure you replace the content contained in square brackets with their
    literal characters, and remove the spaces! Everyone should know how to do that
    – if you don't, I don't really know if I want you to contact me.
    I will try to read all emails sent to me, but please understand that this might
    take some time – I'm often busy with other things. If your email warrants a
    reply, I will endeavour to send you one as soon as possible. Finally, I ask
    that you respect the following rules:
        1. No spam, please.
    That's about all. If you enter the email address correctly, there is no need to
    even worry about adding a relevant subject line – Gmail will automatically
    label your email!
                               Acknowledgements [S08.00]
    At this point, I don't really have any specific individuals to thank - but of
    course, there are still certain acknowledgements!
        1. Thanks to all of my good friends, for being my friends. None of you
           even play The Sims 3, but thanks anyway!
        2. Thanks to Electronic Arts for making such a good game.
        3. Thanks to everyone who has voted for me in "The Sims 3 Ultimate Fan
           Competition" - more information at the top of this document, for those
           who have not yet voted!
        4. Thanks to everyone who is reading this part of my guide!
                               Acknowledgements [S09.00]
    The contents of this guide, regardless of where posted, remain copyright to me
    (James Lambeth), and redistribution of this guide is limited to the following
        http://www.gamefaqs.com/    (GameFAQs)
        http://faqs.ign.com/        (IGN Entertainment)
    If you see this guide on any other site, please contact me! I do not mind use
    of this guide on other websites, but I would like to know where it is being
    posted. If you are running a website, and want to put this guide on it, please
    contact me first! I'm a reasonable guy – promise.
                                  Appendices [S10.00]
    -------------------- My Experiment With Bookworms [S10.01] --------------------
    I did not have any written source to verify my theory about bookworms, so I
    designed an experiment to see whether or not the benefit of being a Green Thumb
    stacked with the benefit of being a Bookworm. I've now done this experiment
    twice, and the result was quite interesting.
    I took four Sims and assigned them different trait configurations, representing
    each possible configuration which combined the Green Thumb and Bookworm traits.
    These are:
        1. Neither of the trait
        2. Bookworm trait
        3. Green Thumb trait
        4. Bookworm and Green Thumb trait
    Since a Sim has to have at least one trait, I assigned each of the four Sims
    the "Great Kisser" trait; which I have assumed to be neither positive nor
    negative for gardening. While I do not believe the lifetime wish has anything
    to do with the speed at which a Sim learns a skill, I also standardises this
    wish, nominating the "Heartbreaker" wish.
    After using cheats to change the Sim's needs to static, I paused the game and
    instructed each of the Sims read a copy of "Gardening Vol. 1: The Watercan
    Chronicles". The results of the experiment are as follows:
        |  Sim  |  Start  |  Finish |   Time  | Difference |
        |   4   |  10:35  |  18:14  |  07:39  |   +00:00   |
        |   2   |  10:35  |  19:20  |  08:45  |   +01:06   |
        |   3   |  10:35  |  20:07  |  09:32  |   +01:53   |
        |   1   |  10:35  |  21:32  |  10:57  |   +03:18   |
    To confirm that Sims read at the same rate in normal circumstances, I had all
    four Sims read "Handiness Vol. 1: Unplug It First!" Naturally, I expected the
    Sims with the Bookworm trait to finish first, and those without to finish
    later. These results were exactly as expected, with Sims 2 and 4 having
    identical times, and Sim 1 finishing 1 minute (game time) after Sim 3. This
    leaves me with the following conclusions relating to reading for skill
        1. A Sim with the Bookworm trait as well as proficiency in a particular
           skill (through nominating an associated trait) gains the fastest
        2. A Sim with the Bookworm trait will learn a skill faster than a Sim with
           a proficiency in the same skill.
        3. A Sim with proficiency in a skill will learn faster than a Sim with no
           proficiency in the same skill.
    Presumably these results can be applied to any skill which you can learn
    through reading, including: Logic, Cooking, Charisma, Handiness and Gardening.

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