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    Career Guide by cubbieco

    Version: 0.9 | Updated: 07/02/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    |					        			      |
    |				 The Sims 3				      |
    |									      |
    |				Career Guide				      |
    |									      |
    |			      By David Whipple				      |
    |			 www.sheerawesomeness.com			      |
    |									      |
    Version: 0.9
    Updated: 6/30/09
    Domain: sheerawesomeness.com
    Contact: feedback @ [domain listed above]
    License: Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 - Some Rights Reserved
    Table of Contents:
    [1] Introduction
    [2] Full Time Careers
       [2.01] Business
       [2.02] Criminal - Evil 
       [2.03] Criminal - Thief 
       [2.04] Culinary Arts
       [2.05] Journalism
       [2.06] Law Enforcement - Forensic Analyst
       [2.07] Law Enforcement - Special Agent Job
       [2.08] Medical
       [2.09] Military
       [2.10] Music - Symphonic
       [2.11] Music - Electronic Rock
       [2.12] Political
       [2.13] Professional Sports
       [2.14] Science
    [3] Part Time jobs
       [3.01] Book Store
       [3.02] Day Spa Receptionist
       [3.03] Day Spa Specialist
       [3.04] Grocery Store
       [3.05] Mausoleum Job
    [4] Painting
    [5] Writing Novels
    [6] Hacking on the computer
    [7] Gardening
    [8] Fishing
    [9] Collecting
    [10] Thanks and Credit
    [11] Copyright and contact
    -=-=-= [1] Introduction =-=-=-
    Thank you for reading my first guide.  I searched all over the Internet and I 
    was unable to find good reliable career information for the Sims 3.  So I 
    decided to do the research myself and create this guide.  
    I'm assuming that if you are reading this guide you are already familiar with 
    the Sims 3 and how to get the different careers.  There are other guides to 
    get you familiar with the traits and the general mechanics of the game.  This 
    is written to help you choose which careers you want for your Sims and what 
    the benefits of those careers are.
    -=-=-= [2] Full Time Careers =-=-=-
    The Sims 3 introduces 14 full time careers.  You can get a job through the 
    newspaper, the computer, and for the first time by simply visiting a place of 
    business and choosing a career.  Each career has 10 levels.  While previously 
    the Sims required you to have a specific skill level the Sims 3 allows you to 
    have a range of skill.  Also there is now a concrete performance counter.  
    Unlike earlier Sims games, once the performance reaches the top, you receive a 
    The Sims 3 now also allows you to choose how you work, business as usual, meet 
    coworkers, etc.  This can also have an effect.  If a requirement is 
    "Coworkers" then you naturally need to spend some time meeting your coworkers. 
     Once you have met them, you can call them like other residents and build a 
    friendship from there.  Your Boss is the same way.  All career levels require 
    you to be in a good mood.  As a result, I have left it off of the requirements 
    list in the charts below.
    There are also helpful traits that can help you advance in a career faster.  
    All careers can benefit from the ambitious trait and the workaholic traits.  
    The other traits vary by career and I will spell them out below.  In general, 
    if the traits lead that you can choose a lifetime reward for that career then 
    you have some of the proper traits.  Sometimes if you are creating a sim you 
    may need to go back and forth between choosing traits and the lifetime wish 
    because there are multiple wishes possible for a certain set of traits.
    As you look at the charts below,  name refers to the name of that level of the 
    position.  Schedule is the schedule that you work.  Hours are the number of 
    hours that you are paid to work.  Hourly is the base hourly rate you received 
    (you can receive raises).  Weekly is the base pay you will receive for a 
    week's worth of work.  The requirements are those requirements you need to 
    help your job performance (such as skills, relationships, and other 
    activities.)  Due to spacing limitations they are abbreviated and the key is
    at the bottom of the chart.  Any footnotes are marked to the right of the 
    [2.01] Business 
    Useful traits: Schmoozer
      |Name		 	|Schedule	  |Hours|Hourly|Weekly  |Requirements|
     1|Coffee Courier	|M,T,W,Th,F 8a-2p |30	| 27.00|  810.00|B	     |
     2|Filing Clerk	 	|M,T,W,Th,F 8a-2p |30	| 35.00|1,050.00|B	     |
     3|Report Processor 	|M,T,W,Th,F 8a-2p |30	| 46.00|1,380.00|B, C	     |
     4|Corporate Drone	|M,T,W,Th,F 8a-2p |30	| 59.00|1,770.00|B, C	     |
     5|Department Head	|M,T,W,Th,F 8a-3p |36	| 76.00|2,736.00|B, C	     |
     6|Division Manager 	|M,T,W,Th,F 8a-3p |36	| 99.00|3,564.00|B, C, M     |#1
     7|Vice President	|M,T,W,Th,F 8a-3p |36	|128.00|4,608.00|B, C, M     |
     8|CEO		 	|M,T,Th,F 8a-2p	  |24	|239.00|5,736.00|B, C, M     |#2
     9|Chairman of the Board|M,T,Th,F 8a-2p	  |24	|287.00|6,888.00|C, M        |
    10|Power Broker	 	|M,T,Th 8a-11a	  |9	|316.00|2,844.00|C, M        |#3
    Requirements: B = Boss, C = Coworkers, M = Meetings Held
    #1 - Meetings are held at your business during daylight hours.  They last 1.5 
    hours and you are paid $750.  This is a great chance to make lot of extra 
    money.  Meetings are held between 8am and 7pm.
    #2 - Lifetime wish level.  You have a Limo
    #3 - Total money is up to you.  If you do 2 meetings every day you go to work 
    then your work 18 hours for $7,344.00.  3 meetings every day you work is 22.5 
    hours per week for $9,594.00
    [2.02] Criminal - Evil 
    Useful traits: Evil, Athletic
      |Name	            |Schedule	      |Hours|Hourly|Weekly  |Requirements|
     1|Decoy	    |M,T,F,S,Su 10a-4p|30   | 17.00|  510.00|Ath	 |
     2|Cutpurse	    |M,T,F,S,Su 10a-4p|30   | 24.00|  720.00|Ath	 |
     3|Thug	            |M,T,F,S,Su 9P-3a |30   | 32.00|  960.00|Ath	 |
     4|Getaway Driver   |F,S,Su,M,T 9P-3a |30   | 32.00|  960.00|Ath, Acc    |
     5|Bagman (bagwoman)|F,S,Su,M,T 9P-3a |30   | 52.00|1,560.00|Ath, Acc    |
     6|Con Artist	    |F,S,Su,M,T 9P-3a |30   | 63.00|1,890.00|Ath, Acc    |
     7|Henchman	    |M,T,W,Th,F 9p-3a |30   |109.00|3,270.00|Ath, B	 |#1
     8|Evil Sidekick    |M,T,W,Th,F 9p-3a |30   |142.00|4,260.00|Ath, L, B   |
     9|Super Villain    |M,T,Th,F 9p-2a   |16   |240.00|3,840.00|Ath, L, B   |#2
    10|Emporer of Evil  |M,T,F 9p-2a      |15   |420.00|6,300.00|Ath, L,	 |#3
    Ath = Athletic, Acc = Accomplices, B = Boss, L = Logic
    #1 - Choose between Evil and Thief track
    #2 - Have a Limo
    #2 - Red glow in public.  Other sims will boo you and run away.
    [2.03] Criminal - Thief 
    Useful traits: Evil, Athletic, Kleptomaniac
      |Name	            |Schedule	      |Hours|Hourly|Weekly  |Requirements |
     1|Decoy	    |M,T,F,S,Su 10a-4p|30   | 17.00|  510.00|Ath	  |
     2|Cutpurse	    |M,T,F,S,Su 10a-4p|30   | 24.00|  720.00|Ath	  |
     3|Thug	            |M,T,F,S,Su 9P-3a |30   | 32.00|  960.00|Ath	  |
     4|Getaway Driver   |F,S,Su,M,T 9P-3a |30   | 32.00|  960.00|Ath, Acc	  |
     5|Bagman (bagwoman)|F,S,Su,M,T 9P-3a |30   | 52.00|1,560.00|Ath, Acc 	  |
     6|Con Artist	    |F,S,Su,M,T 9P-3a |30   | 63.00|1,890.00|Ath, Acc 	  |
     7|Safecracker	    |M,T,F,S,Su 9P-2A |25   | 96.00|2,400.00|Ath, Acc	  |#1
     8|Bank Robber	    |T,F,S,Su 9p-2a   |20   |122.00|2,440.00|Ath, Acc     |#2
     9|Cat Burglar	    |T,F,S,Su 9p-1a   |16   |225.00|3,600.00|Ath, Acc     |#3
    10|Master Thief	    |T,F,S,Su 9p-1a   |16   |525.00|8,400.00|Ath, Acc     |#4
    Ath = Athletic, Acc = Accomplices
    #1 - Choose between Evil and Thief track.  Will often take home paintings and 
    other valuable items
    #2 - Take home Speedinator Marketing poster
    #3 - Take home Mission at Noon poster, have a limo
    #4 - Take home The Fox
    [2.04] Culinary Arts
    Useful traits: Natural Cook
      |Name	            |Schedule	        |Hours|Hourly|Weekly  |Requirements |
     1|Kitchen Scullion |M,T,F,S,Su 3p-9p	|30   | 25.00|  750.00|Cook	    |
     2|Spice Runner	    |M,T,F,S,Su 3p-9p	|30   | 32.00|  960.00|Cook	    |
     3|Vegetable Slicer |M,T,F,S,Su 3p-9p	|30   | 39.00|1,170.00|Cook, B	    |
     4|Ingredient Taster|M,T,F,S,Su 3p-9p	|30   | 47.00|1,410.00|Cook, B, Cw  |
     5|Line Cook	    |M,T,F,S,Su 3p-8:30p|27.5 |	84.00|2,310.00|Cook, B, Cw  |
     6|Pastry Chef	    |M,T,F,S,Su 3p-8:30p|27.5 |108.00|2,970.00|Cook, B, Cw  |#1
     7|Sous-Chef	    |T,F,S,Su 3p-8:30p	|22   |124.00|2,728.00|Cook, B, Cw  |
     8|Executive Chef   |T,F,S,Su 3p-8p	|20   |150.00|3,000.00|Cook, B, Cw  |
     9|Chef de Cuisine  |F,S,Su 3p-8p	|15   |201.00|3,015.00|Cook, B, Cw  |
    10|Five Star Chef   |F,S,Su 3p-7p	|12   |350.00|4,200.00|Cook, B, Cw  |#2
    Cook = Cooking, B = Boss, Cw = Coworkers
    #1 - Receive Ingredient ciscerator 235X food processor
    #2 - Receive MinusOne Kelvin Refrigerator
    [2.05] Journalism
    Useful traits: Bookworm, Schmoozer
      |Name	                     |Schedule	       |Hours|Hourly|Weekly  |Req.   |
     1|Paper Girl (Paper boy)    |M,T,W,Th,F 8a-2p |30   | 38.00|1,140.00|W      |
     2|Aut. Spell Checker Checker|M,T,W,Th,F 8a-2p |30   | 44.00|1,320.00|W	     |
     3|Freelance Writer	     |M,T,W,Th,F 8a-2p |30   | 50.00|1,500.00|W, S   |#1
     4|Professional Blogger	     |M,T,W,Th,F 8a-12p|20   | 76.00|1,520.00|W, S   |
     5|Anonymous Source Handler  |M,T,W,Th,F 8a-1p |25   | 97.00|2,425.00|W, C, S|
     6|Investigative Reporter    |M,W,Th,F 8a-1p   |20   |126.00|2,520.00|W, C, S|
     7|Weatherman (Woman)        |M,W,Th,F 8a-1p   |20   |151.00|3,020.00|W, C   |
     8|Lead Reporter	     |M,W,Th,F 8a-1p   |20   |189.00|3,780.00|W, C, S|
     9|Editor in Chief	     |M,W,Th,F 8a-1p   |20   |236.00|4,720.00|W, C, S|
    10|Star News Anchor	     |M,W,Th,F 8a-12p  |16   |383.00|6,128.00|W, C, S|
    W = Writing, C = Charisma, S = Stories and Reviews
    #1 - For stories and reviews you need to interview people and go dumpster 
    diving in order to create stories about people.  You can also report on 
    sporting events, movies, and concerts to fulfill this.
    [2.06] Law Enforcement - Forensic Analyst
    Useful traits: Athletic, Brave, Computer Wiz, Artistic #1
      |Name	                 |Schedule	  |Hours|Hourly|Weekly  |Requirements|
     1|Snitch	         |M,T,W,Th,F 9a-3p|30   | 40.00|1,200.00|L 	     |
     2|Desk Jockey	         |M,T,W,Th,F 9a-3p|30   | 47.00|1,410.00|P, L 	     |
     3|Traffic Cop	         |M,T,W,Th,F 9a-3p|30   | 55.00|1,650.00|P, L	     |
     4|Patrol Officer	 |M,T,W,Th,F 9a-3p|30   | 55.00|1,650.00|R, P	     |#2
     5|Lieutenant	         |M,T,W,Th,F 9a-3p|30   | 77.00|2,310.00|R, P	     |#3
     6|Wiretap reader	 |M,T,W,Th,F 9a-3p|30   |135.00|4,050.00|R, P, L     |#4
     7|Crime Scene Technician|M,T,W,Th,F 9a-3p|30	|159.00|4,770.00|R, P, L     |#5
     8|Sketch Artist	 |M,T,Th,F 9a-2p  |20	|225.00|4,500.00|R, P, L     |
     9|3d Crime Scene Modeler|M,T,Th,F 9a-2p  |20	|265.00|5,300.00|R, P, L     |
    10|Dynamic DNA Profiler	 |M,T,Th,F 9a-2p  |20	|397.00|7,940.00|R, P, L     |#6
    L = Logic, P = Partner, R = Reports, Pai = Painting
    #1 - This is the hardest career lifetime reward to select.  You may need to 
    go back and forth between the "choose traits" screen and the lifetime wish 
    selection 5 or 6 times to pick it.
    #2 - For reports you need to interview people or go dumpster diving, then 
    type a report up on a computer.  The interview is in the "friendly" action 
    and it is very helpful if you have a good relationship with the other person.
    #3 - Gets a patrol car in your inventory
    #4 - Chooses between Special Agent and Forensic Analyst
    #5 - Receives a free laptop
    #6 - Can perform additional analysis on the computer for a reward of $600.
    You can do this as much as you want.
    [2.07] Law Enforcement - Special Agent 
    Useful traits: Athletic, Brave, Schmoozer
      |Name	                  |Schedule	   |Hours|Hourly|Weekly  |Req.    |
     1|Snitch	          |M,T,W,Th,F 9a-3p|30	 | 40.00|1,200.00|L 	  |
     2|Desk Jockey	          |M,T,W,Th,F 9a-3p|30	 | 47.00|1,410.00|P, L 	  |
     3|Traffic Cop	          |M,T,W,Th,F 9a-3p|30	 | 55.00|1,650.00|P, L	  |
     4|Patrol Officer	  |M,T,W,Th,F 9a-3p|30	 | 55.00|1,650.00|R, P	  |#1
     5|Lieutenant	          |M,T,W,Th,F 9a-3p|30	 | 77.00|2,310.00|R, P	  |#2
     6|Vice Squad	          |M,T,Th,F 9a-2p  |20	 |138.00|2,760.00|R, P, A |#3
     7|Undercover Specialist  |M,T,Th,F 9a-2p  |20	 |163.00|3,260.00|R, P, A |
     8|Special Agent	  |M,T,Th,F 9a-2p  |20	 |193.00|3,860.00|R, P, A |
     9|Triple Agent	          |M,T,Th,F 9a-2p  |20	 |284.00|5,680.00|R, A, L |
    10|International Super Spy|M,T,Th,F 9a-2p  |20	 |426.00|8,520.00|R, A, L |#4
    L = Logic, P = Partner, R = Reports, A = Athletic
    #1 - For reports you need to interview people or go dumpster diving, then 
    type a report up on a computer.  The interview is in the "friendly" action 
    and it is very helpful if you have a good relationship with the other person.
    #2 - Gets a patrol car in your inventory
    #3 - Chooses between Special Agent and Forensic Analyst
    #4 - Is able to raid criminal hideout and receive a reward for $350.  You 
    can do this once per night.
    [2.08] Medical
    Useful traits: Genius, Bookworm
      |Name	                       |Schedule	|Hours|Hourly|Weekly  |Req. |
     1|Organ Donor	               |M,T,W,Th,F 9a-3p|30   | 22.00|  660.00|L    |
     2|Bed Pan Cleaner	       |M,T,W,Th,F 9a-3p|30   | 25.00|  750.00|L    |
     3|Paramedic		       |M,T,W,Th,F 9a-4p|35   | 28.00|  980.00|L    |
     4|Medical Intern	       |M,T,W,Th,F 9a-7p|50   | 33.00|1,650.00|L, R |#1
     5|Resident	               |M,T,W,Th,F 9a-6p|45   | 78.00|3,510.00|L, R |
     6|Trauma Surgeon	       |M,T,W,Th,F 7p-3a|40   |102.00|4,080.00|L, R |
     7|Gene Therapist	       |M,T,Th,F 9a-2p	|20   |197.00|3,940.00|L, R |
     8|Infection Disease Researcher|M,T,Th,F 9a-2p	|20   |210.00|4,200.00|L, R |
     9|Neurosurgeon	               |M,T,Th,F 9a-5p	|32   |225.00|7,200.00|L, R |
    10|World Renowned Surgeon      |M,T,Th,F 9a-2p	|20   |480.00|9,600.00|L, R |
    L = Logic, R = Research
    #1 - To complete the research you are given a book to read every day or so.
    [2.09] Military
    Useful traits: Athletic, Handy, Brave
      |Name	           |Schedule	 |Hours|Hourly|Weekly  |Requirements |
     1|Latrine Cleaner |M,T,W,F 7a-2p|28   | 40.00|1,120.00|A  	     |
     2|Mess Hall Server|M,T,W,F 7a-2p|28   | 44.00|1,232.00|A	     |
     3|Grunt	   |M,T,W,F 7a-2p|28   | 49.00|1,372.00|A, H	     |
     4|Squad Leader	   |M,W,F 7a-2p	 |21   | 94.00|1,974.00|A, H, B      |
     5|Flight Officer  |M,W,F 7a-2p	 |21   |108.00|2,268.00|A, H, B      |
     6|Wingwoman	   |M,W,F 7a-1p	 |18   |145.00|2,610.00|A, H, B      |
     7|Fighter Pilot   |M,W,F 7a-1p	 |18   |167.00|3,006.00|A, H, B      |
     8|Squadron Leader |M,W,F 7a-1p	 |18   |192.00|3,456.00|A, H, B      |
     9|Top Gun	   |M,W,F 7a-12p |15   |265.00|3,975.00|A, H, B      |
    10|Astronaut	   |M 7a-1a	 |18   |334.00|6,012.00|A, H, B      |
    A = Athletic, H = Handiness, B = Boss
    [2.10] Music - Symphonic
    Useful traits: Virtuoso
      |Name	             |Schedule	         |Hours|Hourly|Weekly  |Requirements|
     1|Fan		     |M,T,Th,F,S 3p-9p	 |30   | 21.00|	 630.00|G	    |
     2|Roadie	     |M,T,Th,F,S 3p-9p	 |30   | 25.00|	 750.00|G	    |
     3|Stagehand	     |M,T,Th,F,S 4p-10p	 |30   | 30.00|	 900.00|G, B 	    |
     4|Band Manager	     |M,T,Th,F,S 4p-9:30p|27.5 | 48.00|1,320.00|G, B 	    |
     5|Music Talent Scout|M,T,F,S 5p-10:30p	 |22   | 57.00|1,254.00|G, B 	    |
     6|Quartet Member    |M,T,F,S 3p-8:30p	 |22   | 85.00|1,870.00|G, O 	    |#1
     7|Orchestra Member  |M,T,F,S 3p-8:30p	 |22   |111.00|2,442.00|G, O 	    |
     8|Orchestra Lead    |M,T,F,S 3p-8:30p	 |22   |144.00|3,168.00|G, O, L     |
     9|Conductor	     |M,T,F,S 3p-8p	 |20   |206.00|4,120.00|G, O, L     |
    10|Hot Movie Composer|M,T,F,S 1p-6p	 |20   |361.00|7,220.00|G, O, L     |#2
    G = Guitar, B = Band Members, O = Orchestra Members, L = Logic
    #1 - Choose between Symphonic and Electronic Rock
    #2 - Take home 85G Audio Explosion. Can use Limo 
    [2.11] Music - Electronic Rock
    Useful traits: Virtuoso
      |Name	             |Schedule	         |Hours|Hourly|Weekly  |Req.	|
     1|Fan		     |M,T,Th,F,S 3p-9p	 |30   | 21.00|	 630.00|G	|
     2|Roadie	     |M,T,Th,F,S 3p-9p	 |30   | 25.00|	 750.00|G	|
     3|Stagehand	     |M,T,Th,F,S 4p-10p	 |30   | 30.00|	 900.00|G, B	|
     4|Band Manager	     |M,T,Th,F,S 4p-9:30p|27.5 | 48.00|1,320.00|G, B	|
     5|Music Talent Scout|M,T,F,S 5p-10:30p	 |22   | 57.00|1,254.00|G, B	|
     6|Lyricist	     |M,T,F,S 6p-11p	 |20   | 97.00|1,940.00|G, B, P	|#1
     7|Backup Vocalist   |M,T,F,S 7p-12a	 |20   |126.00|2,520.00|G, B, P |
     8|Lead Guitarist    |T,F,S 8p-12:30a	 |13.5 |182.00|2,457.00|G, B, P |
     9|Pop Icon	     |T,F,S 9p-1a	 |12   |286.00|3,432.00|G, B, P |
    10|Rock Star	     |Varies 3p-11p      |N/A  |Varies|Varies  |G, P	|#2, #3
    G = Guitar, B = Band Members, P = Performances
    #1 - Choose between Symphonic and Electronic Rock. Drive everywhere in tour
    bus.  Can perform but not paid for performances.
    #2 - People ask for your Autograph.  Can use Limo (Pink limo if you are female)
    #3 - Now paid for performances.  No hourly wage.  Performance at the music hall
    is 2 hours and varies between $300 - $900.  Performance at the stadium is 
    4 hours and varies between $1,100 and $2,100.  Can do multiple performances 
    in an evening for more money.
    [2.12] Political
    Useful traits: Charismatic
      |Name	                   |Schedule	      |Hours|Hourly|Weekly  |Req.   |
     1|Podium Polisher         |M,T,W,Th,F 9a-3p  |30   | 24.00|  720.00|C 	    |
     2|Ballett Counter         |M,T,W,Th,F 9a-3p  |30   | 31.00|  930.00|C	    |
     3|Campaign Intern         |M,T,W,Th,F 9Aa-4p |35   | 33.00|1,155.00|C	    |
     4|Yes-Man	           |M,T,W,Th,F 9a-3p  |30   | 45.00|1,350.00|C, B   |
     5|City Council Member     |M,T,W,Th,F 9a-2:30|27.5 | 69.00|1,897.50|C, B, F|
     6|Local Representative    |M,W,Th,F 9a-2:30  |22   | 91.00|2,002.00|C, B, F|
     7|Mayor	           |M,W,Th,F 9a-2p    |20   |130.00|2,600.00|C, B, F|#1
     8|Governor	           |M,W,Th,F 9a-2p    |20   |160.00|3,200.00|C, B, F|
     9|Vice President          |M,W,F 9a-1:30p    |13.5 |267.00|3,604.50|C, B, F|
    10|Leader of the Free World|M,W,F 9a-1:30p    |13.5 |423.00|5,710.50|C, B, F|
    C = Charisma, B = Boss, F = Funding
    #1 - Can use Limo.  Also given opportunity to steal money.  Amount varies 
    depending on how much you have raised.
    [2.13] Professional Sports
    useful Traits: Athletic
      |Name	               |Schedule	         |Hours|Hourly|Weekly  |Req. |
     1|Rabin Fan	       |M,T,W,Th,S 3p-9p	 |30   | 13.00|  390.00|A    |
     2|Snack Hawker	       |M,T,W,Th,S 3p-9p	 |30   | 25.00|	 150.00|A    |
     3|Toddler Sports Coach|M,T,W,Th,S 3p-9p	 |30   | 33.00|	 990.00|A    |
     4|Minor Leaguer       |M,T,F,S 3p-9p		 |24   | 43.00|1,032.00|A, T |
     5|Rookie	       |M,T,F,S 3p-8p, W,Su 3p-6p|20   | 77.00|1,540.00|A,T,G|#1
     6|Starter	       |M,T,F,S 3p-8p, W,Su 3p-6p|20   |134.00|2,680.00|A,T,G|
     7|Team Captain	       |M,T,F,S 3p-7p, W,Su 3p-6p|16   |201.00|3,216.00|A,T,G|
     8|League MVP	       |M,T,F,S 3p-7p, W,Su 3p-6p|16   |241.00|3,856.00|A,T,G|
     9|Superstar	       |M,T,F,S 3p-6p, W,Su 3p-6p|12   |385.00|4,620.00|A,T,G|#2
    10|Sports Legend       |M,T,F,S 3p-6p, W,Su 3p-6p|12   |462.00|5,544.00|A,T,G|
    A = Athletic, T = Teammates, G = Game Record
    #1 - You now have games on Wed. and Sun.  You are not paid for these so they 
    are not included in the weekly hours.  Your employment bar doesn't improve or 
    suffer, but your teammate relationship and game record will improve or suffer 
    depending on the games.
    #2 - This is the lifetime wish level
    [2.14] Science
    Useful traits: Green Thumb, Handy, Computer wiz
      |Name	                     |Schedule	   	 |Hours|Hourly|Weekly  |Req. |
     1|Test Subject		     |M,T,W,Th,F 9a-2:30p|27.5 | 44.00|1,210.00|G    |
     2|Lab Tech		     |M,T,W,Th,F 9a-2:30p|27.5 | 53.00|1,457.50|G    |
     3|Useless Contraption Manip.|M,T,W,Th,F 9a-2:30p|27.5 | 63.00|1,732.50|G, H |
     4|Fertilizer Analyst	     |M,T,Th,F 9A-2p     |20   | 97.00|1,940.00|G, H |
     5|Carnivorous Plant Tender  |M,T,Th,F 9A-2p     |20   |117.00|2,340.00|G, H |
     6|Aquatic Ecosystem Tweaker |M,T,Th,F 9A-2p     |20   |140.00|2,800.00|G,H,F|
     7|Genetic Resequencer	     |M,T,Th,F 9A-1:30p  |18   |187.00|3,366.00|G,H,F|#1
     8|Top Secret Researcher     |M,T,Th,F 9A-1:30p  |18   |224.00|4,032.00|G,H,F|
     9|Creature-Robot CrossBreed.|M,T,F 9a-1:30p     |13.5 |269.00|3,631.50|G,H,F|#2
    10|Mad Scientist	     |M,T,F 9a-1:30p     |13.5 |404.00|5,454.00|G,H,F|#3
    G = Gardening, H = Handiness, F = Fishing
    #1 - Receive a Death Flower
    #2 - Receive a Flame Fruit
    #3 - Can perform experiments on objects
    -=-=-= [3] Part Time Careers =-=-=-
    Part time jobs are good for students and those you don't need to work full 
    time.  You can only have one job at a time, so they will never be a second job,
    but you can get pretty good money from them if you try.  You can get part time
    jobs by going to the appropriate location and applying for a job. 
    [3.01] Bookstore
     |Name                    |Schedule        |Hours|Hourly|Weekly  |
    1|Cash Register Specialist|M,T,W,Th,F 4p-7p|15   |30.00 |  450.00|
    2|Book Genre Sorter	  |M,T,W,Th,F 4p-7p|15   |50.00 |  750.00|
    3|Book Club Moderator     |M,T,W,Th,F 4p-7p|15   |80.00 |1,200.00|
    [3.02] Day Spa Receptionist
     |Name               |Schedule         |Hours|Hourly|Weekly  |
    1|Beverage Consultant|M,W,Th,S,Su 3p-6p|15   |33.00 |  495.00|
    2|Intake Specialist  |M,W,Th,S,Su 3p-6p|15   |55.00 |  825.00|
    3|Ringer Up-er       |M,W,Th,S,Su 3p-6p|15   |88.00 |1,320.00|
    [3.03] Day Spa Specialist
     |Name              |Schedule         |Hours|Hourly|Weekly  |
    1|Clothes Folder    |W,Th,F,S,Su 3p-6p|15   |33.00 |  495.00|
    2|Fitting Room Guard|W,Th,F,S,Su 3p-6p|15   |55.00 |  825.00|
    3|Spa Package Seller|W,Th,F,S,Su 3p-6p|15   |88.00 |1,320.00|
    [3.04] Grocery Store
     |Name                         |Schedule        |Hours|Hourly|Weekly  |
    1|Produce Quality Assessor     |M,T,W,Th,F 4p-7p|15   |30.00 |  450.00|
    2|Blue Light Special Designator|M,T,W,Th,F 4p-7p|15   |50.00 |  750.00|
    3|Shopping Music DJ	       |M,T,W,Th,F 4p-7p|15   |80.00 |1,200.00|
    [3.05] Mausoleum Job
     |Name                |Schedule        |Hours|Hourly|Weekly  |
    1|Burial Specialist   |M,T,F,S,Su 6p-9p|15   |33.00 |  495.00|
    2|Overseer of the Dead|M,T,F,S,Su 6p-9p|15   |55.00 |  825.00|
    3|Epitaph Writer      |M,T,F,S,Su 6p-9p|15   |88.00 |1,320.00|
    -=-=-= [4] Painting =-=-=-
    As in earlier sim games you can paint a picture and sell it for money.  The 
    amount you receive depends on the type of painting and the skill of the painter.
    In my painting experiments I found little difference in time or money between
    an artistic sim and a sim without the artistic trait.  The artistic trait does
    help you reach level 10 painting faster, but doesn't seem to have any
    discernable differences in paint times or sale amounts.  There is however a
    better chance of painting a masterpiece with the artistic trait than without.
    In my experiment I painted each type of painting at least 10 times and averaged
    the payoff received.  All amounts are for a level 10 painter.  Painter #1 had
    only artistic and friendly traits and painter #2 had only friendly as a trait.
    The amount received for each painting varies widely so the averages should only
    be considered a guideline.
    Hourly rate is derived for comparison with other jobs.  This chart does not have
    the master painter challenge completed.
    Painting Type	   |Hours|Avg. Amount|Hourly|
    Large		   |8    |1,160.19   |145.02|
    Medium		   |5    |  565.70   |113.14|
    Small		   |3    |  285.20   | 95.07|
    Still Life	   |3    |  326.00   |108.67|
    Stylized still life|3    |  331.80   |110.60|#1
    Portrait	   |7    |  868.22   |124.03|
    #1 - There was no difference in painting value based on which style type was
    After the Brushmaster challenge was earned the painting time for a large
    painting became only 4 hours instead of 8 for both painter.
    After the Master Painter challenge was earned the average Large painting sold
    for $1,799.76.  With 4 hours to paint it this is an average hourly rate of
    For comparison purposes, here is what my two painter's statistics were:
    		      |Artistic trait|No artistic trait|
    Paintings Created     |58	     |58	       |
    Brilliant Paintings   |15	     |12	       |
    Masterpieces	      |11	     | 9	       |
    Most valuable Painting|2,416         |2,615	       |
    Total money earned    |61,844	     |58,804 	       |
    The artistic painter completed the masterpiece challenge after 41 paintings,
    and the non-artistic painter completed the masterpiece challenge after 43
    paintings.  The difference in the total money earned is partially due to the 
    small delay in the masterpiece challenge.  After completing the challenge the 
    average painting for the artistic painter sold for $1,797.65 and the 
    non-artistic painter was $1,802.21 so even though there are more masterpieces,
    the money received is very similar.
    -=-=-= [5] Writing Novels -=-=-=
    One additional way to make potentially a lot of money is through writing books
    on the computer.  When writing a book, you receive 4 equal payments as an
    advance while you write the book, then receive a royalty payment immediately
    upon completing the book.  For the next 6 Sunday's you are alive, your sim will
    receive additional royalty payments for your earlier completion of the book.
    There is potentially quite a bit of long term income for writing books.
    In the examples below I had a sim with the Artistic, Bookworm, and Friendly
    traits, then another sim with only the Friendly trait.  The Friendly trait is
    not helpful in writing books, but simply a "control" trait for comparison.
    The artistic and bookworm traits not only help you in the writing skill, but
    have a large roll in both the amount of time it takes to write a book and the
    amount of royalties received for that book.  
    Payments received for writing books vary greatly and the charts below should
    only be considered an average of what you can expect of each book type.  The
    hourly rate below is figured with the payments received before completing the
    book, the royalty received after completing the book, and the first royalty
    received the next Sunday.  Actual royalties received for a book will be much
    higher assuming your sim will stay alive over the next 6 Sunday's.  The total
    Possible is the amount of money you will receive for a book if you live long
    enough to receive all 6 royalties.
    Artistic, Bookworm and Friendly Traits:
    Book Type  |Hours|Payment|Royalties|Hourly|Total Possible|
    Romance    |27.1 |67.20  |2,027.80 |159.57|14,463.40     |
    Trashy     | 7.8 |18.00  |  212.00 | 63.59| 1,556.00     |
    Non-Fiction| 3.75| 8.50  |   95.00 | 59.73|   699.00     |
    Fiction    | 3.75| 8.50  |   82.00 | 52.80|   608.00     |
    Mystery    |20.00|47.50  |  953.50 |104.85| 6,864.50     |
    Humor      |13.75|33.50  |  601.50 | 97.24| 4,344.50     |
    Sci-fi     | 6.25|14.50  |  165.00 | 62.08| 1,213.00     |
    Drama      |11.00|26.50  |  503.00 |101.09| 3,627.00     |
    Friendly only trait
    Book Type  |Hours|Payment|Royalties|Hourly|Total Possible|
    Romance    |26.50|59.80  |1,793.40 |144.38|12,793.00     |
    Trashy     | 8.0 |18.20  |  170.60 | 51.75| 1,267.00     |
    Non-Fiction| 4.0 | 8.50  |   55.00 | 36.00|   419.00     |
    Fiction    | 3.75| 8.50  |   60.00 | 41.07|   454.00     |
    Mystery    |23.75|54.50  |  682.50 | 66.65| 4,995.50     |
    Humor      |16.25|34.50  |  555.00 | 76.80| 4,023.00     |
    Sci-fi     | 7.0 |15.00  |  131.00 | 46.00|   977.00     |
    Drama      |14.00|31.50  |  383.50 | 63.79| 2,810.50     |
    After completing all of the writing challenges you now have two book types and
    you receive more money for each book.  The average time to complete a book is
    also considerably less.  After completing the challenges, the average time and
    payments for the Romance, Masterpiece, and Vaudeville books looked like this:
    Artistic, Bookworm and Friendly Traits:
    Book Type  |Hours|Payment|Royalties|Hourly|Total Possible|
    Romance	   |19.58| 67.67 |2,922.67 |312.36|20,729.37     |
    Masterpiece|56.38|197.00 |8,830.00 |327.21|62,598.00     |
    Vaudeville |32.38|123.00 |5,131.75 |332.16|36,414.25     |
    Friendly only trait
    Book Type  |Hours|Payment|Royalties|Hourly|Total Possible|
    Romance    |21.33|68.50  |3,132.17 |306.53|22,199.19     |
    Masterpiece|62.00|199.50 |6,602.50 |225.85|47,015.50     |
    Vaudeville |37.63|130.75 |4,309.75 |242.96|30,691.25     |
    Even though the royalties were higher for the friendly only writer (after 6
    books) the Artistic Bookworm writer had consistency shorter book times.  The
    Royalty difference is probably due to random factors of the game.  The
    Royalties for Masterpiece and Vaudeville were much higher with much shorter
    book writing times for the Artistic Bookworm traits than if those are missing.
    -=-=-= [6] Computer Hacking =-=-=-
    If you have the computer wiz trait you can hack on the computer.  You can start
    hacking at 9:00 pm and can continue hacking until 7:00 am.  It is possible to
    "earn" $4,000 - $5,000 in an evening.  If you are caught your computer gets a
    virus and breaks, but as soon as it is repair you can start hacking again.  
    -=-=-= [7] Gardening =-=-=-
    In the Sims 3 it is possible to raise a garden for a profit.  Now gardens are
    a complicated topic and there is already an in depth faq on that topic so I
    won't cover it here.  One basic strategy I will mention that the way to get
    perfect crops is to plant "generational" seeds.  As you harvest a plant, rip out
    the old plant and plant the seed that you harvested.  As you continue through
    the generations you'll eventually have perfect plant every time which can be
    sold for a much larger profit.
    You can increase the number of plants you have by searching for seeds and
    gathering special seeds.  Once again, please refer to the gardening guide at
    gamefaqs.com for more details.
    -=-=-= [8] Fishing =-=-=-
    I haven't gathered any reliable data on this yet so I will tell you some
    basics.  You need to just start fishing in order to build up your skill.  As
    you get better, you can catch better fish and start to use bait, use fish for
    bait, etc.  If you are serious about fishing you need to buy every single fish
    guide at the bookstore.  When you read these you'll complete the chart in your
    skill journal telling you which types of fish like which bait and where to find
    them (fresh water vs. salt water).
    If you want to catch the robot fish, fish for it behind the science lab and use
    piranha as bait.
    If you want to catch the death fish, fish for it in the cemetery between
    midnight and 6:00 am and use the angelfish as bait.
    -=-=-= [9] Collecting =-=-=-
    Collecting is a very tedious and rather time consuming task (as far as actual
    human time goes).  Your sim does not just wander off to collect things, but you
    must actively seek and click on things to collect them.  If you want to go this
    route, the collection helper lifetime reward is an absolute must because it
    shows where to find things on the map as well as highlighting them so you can
    see them on the screen.
    As you collect rocks and gems you can either sell them outright or send them
    off to be smelted and/or cut for a more valuable object.  I don't see this as a
    Viable way of supporting your sim financially due to the intensive nature of
    collecting, but it can be a fun hobby.
    -=-=-= [10] Thanks and credit =-=-=-
    Special thanks of course to gamefaqs.com for hosting this and so many other
    guides.  Thanks to all those who have written guides before me.
    All of the information here I found solely from my own experiments except that
    the Guide: Career Benefits + Career Traits thread in the ea games sims 3 forum
    started by "Confetti" proved to be very useful in deciding what traits for my
    sims so thanks to all of those who contributed to that thread.
    -=-=-= [11] Copyrights and Contact =-=-=-
    The Sims 3 is a trademark of EA games.
    This document is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial
    3.0 license by David Whipple.
    My domain is sheerawesomeness.com.
    To reach me, send an email to feedback @ the domain listed above.

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