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    Skill Cool Down Guide by Apollyon

    Updated: 06/11/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                            .. ..=8DN$77IZ$7IIIIIIIII??~=+++?????????+=,$888NMNDDD..
                               . .O8$IIIZ$77IIIIII??+=:,,:~++++???????+=:INNNNDNDD~.
                              .  ?D8MDDDIZMDDDMMMZI7I77$ZZZZ88O7ZDNM8O$777?=IZZOOZ:.
                             ... :DO8DD. .MMDDDDDDNI7$ZO8D8=II77IDNDMOO$$7?+$OOOZ7,.
                              .. ,DOO8D.  MMDDDDDDDDDD8D$II??I77=ZNDDMIZ$$I+ZZZ8OZ,.
               ..................=DO8DD. .MMNNNNDDDDDD8877I??I77+7DDDMNO$$I+OOO8Z$  
    ....,,,::~~~===++??II77$$Z$O8OO88DDOOMMNNDDDDDD88O?+IIIII7$$?7DDDM$Z$?.. .D.    
               .....,,:~+I7ZO88$ZZZO88DMNDD8MNDD8O?I77IIIIII77$IODM7Z$I+~,,...    Z7
                   ...,:=?I$Z8$ZZZO8$ZODMDND88OOOOII77IIIIII77$ZNNNZ$$I?~:,,..   7$Z
                     ..,:~+IOZZZOO$III7$ZOOOOOOO8IO777IIIIII77IDMNOO$$I$=~,,... 7$ZO
                             .         ..,::~~==+++====~::,,...............8DD8D888O
                                         ..................               8NDDDDDD88
               MMMMMMM M,                     ,MMMMM                                
                  M   .   M . . .   . .     .MM    MM. .. . .          ,M           
                  M    M .M. .  M  MMMMM    .M.     MM MM .M. M..M M...MM..         
                  M   .M .M   . MM MM  M    .M      MM MM .M MMMMM MM  MM           
                 ,M   .M .M  MM MM MM  M     MM .  MM  MM  M MM...,  M MM           
                 MM    M .MM  M MM MN .M      . MMMM.  .MM M   MN  MM   NM.         
    Created by Apollyon
    Table of Contents
    1. Disclaimers
    2. Why did I create this?
    3. What is "Cool Down"?
    4. How I retrieved the data.
    5. The guide
    	i... Warfare [war]
    	ii... Defense [def]
    	iii... Rogue [rog]
    	iv... Hunting [hnt]
    	v... Nature [ntr]
    	vi... Spirit [spr]
    	vii... Earth [rth]
    	viii... Storm [stm]
    	ix... Dream [drm]
    	x... Items [itm]
    6. Contacting me
                	       1. D I S C L A I M E R S
    I want to start out by saying that I'm allowing anybody and everybody to use 
    and/or host this guide. But ONLY on these conditions:
    1. This guide is not to be altered in any way, shape, or form
    2. I'm given proper credit for my work
    3. This guide is NOT used to make any sort of profit
    As long as those guide lines are followed, then... groovy.
    This guide is based on Titan Quest version 1.30 and Titan Quest Immortal
    Throne version 1.10.  If you are playing a different version, then the times
    will likely be different for some skills. 
    			       2. W H Y ?   
    	As with all my guides, this was originally made more to help me.
    Being a Diablo II Player for quite some years, I wasn't really used to skills
    needing to cool down.  It required me to change my play style a little and plan
    out my builds more precisely. Not to mention make me carefully choose how and 
    when to use certain skills.  
    	In order to fully understand a character, one has to understand it's
    skills and their pairings and uses.  Knowing that X skill takes Y seconds to
    cool down, allows one to more accurately determine primary and secondary 
    attacks as well as how often to use other skills. 
    	This should hopefully help some people in the planning and using
    of their characters.
    		   3. W H A T  I S  "C O O L  D O W N " ?
    	"Cool Down" is basically the interval in between which skills can
    be used, preventing the player from abusing them. The recharge rate, as it
    	In essence,  it's a way to try to balance out the powerful skills.
    	      4. H O W  I  R E T R I E V E D  T H E  D A T A 
    	Initially, I started off with a "naked" character. In that the character 
    had nothing equipped that wasn't required for the skill and ensuring that
    said item had no modifiers on it.  I then used the skill and, using a stop 
    watch, measured how long it took from when the skill went blue (meaning it was 
    used) to the time the skill had full color (able to use again).  Because human
    error is inevitable, I did this five times for each skill then recorded the
    average time.  This does not give the _exact_ cool off time, but a close
    approximation. Off by a second at most.
    	However, that was before I met people on the web that knew how to check
    the files in the game for the actual cool down times. So, in this version of the
    guide, I have all skills listed as well as the realcool down time. Also, these
    are the base cool down times.  Equipment and other skills are able to reduce
    the cool down time on your skills. Finally, as far as I noticed there 
    isn't anything in this game that increases cool down, (Except for the Nature
    skill Refresh, which has something special to it) So it is safe to 
    assume that these are the longest you will wait in between usage. 
                    	       5. T H E  G U I D E  
    Please forgive the poor formatting. I had no idea on how to neatly organize it.
    Also, unlike my previous version,this version _only_ lists skills with a cool 
    down time. If a skill is not listed, then it either has a recharge of 0... or 
    I made a mistake and forgot to list it. =b
    |i... Warfare|								  
    |[war]	     |
    Battle Rage - 12 seconds
    War Horn - 18 seconds
    Battle Standard - 60 seconds
    War Wind - 8 seconds
    Ancestral Horn - 300 seconds
    |ii... Defense|
    |[def]        |
    Battle Awareness - 4 seconds
    Batter - 4 seconds
    Adrenaline - 30 seconds
    Rally - 45 seconds
    Quick Recovery - 60 seconds
    Shield Charge  - 12 seconds
    Colossus Form  - 360 seconds
    |[rog]	    |
    Throwing Knife - 6 seconds
    Flash Powder - 15 seconds
    Lay Trap  - 12 seconds
    Poison Gas Bomb  - 10 seconds
    Lethal Strike - 12 seconds
    |[hnt]       |
    Ensnare - 3 seconds
    Take Down - 8 seconds
    Art of the Hunt - 4 seconds
    Call of the Hunt - 180 seconds
    Monster Lure - 12 seconds
    Study Prey - 8 seconds
    |v... Nature|
    |[ntr]      |
    Regrowth - 8 seconds
    Call of the Wild - 20 seconds
    Plague - 8 seconds
    Briar Ward - 120 seconds 
    Sylvan Nymph - 60 seconds
    Refresh - X seconds*
    * Refresh is a special case. It's cool down time increases as its 
    level goes up. To figure out what the base cool down time, 
    determine what skill level the skill is at, then compare 
    it to this chart:
    Level	1   2   3   4	5   6	7
    Seconds	20  21	22  23	24  25	26	
    Lvl   8	  9   10   11	12  13	14  15	16
    Secs  27  28  29   30	31  32	33  34	35
    |[spr]	    |
    Death Chill Aura - 4 seconds
    Life Drain - 6 seconds
    Vision of Death - 14 seconds
    Dark Covenant - 80 seconds
    Enslave Spirit - 180 seconds
    Liche King - 60 seconds
    Circle of Power - 18 seconds
    Death Ward - 300 seconds
    Summon Outsider - 360 seconds
    |vii... Earth|
    | [rth]	     |
    Flame Surge - 6 seconds
    Heat Shield - 90 seconds
    Ring of Flame - 3 seconds
    Volcanic Orb - 5 seconds
    Stone Form - 24 seconds
    Core Dweller - 90 seconds
    Eruption - 20 seconds
    |[stm]	     |
    Spell Breaker - 6 seconds
    Thunderball - 10 seconds
    Squall - 5 seconds
    Freezing Blast - 8 seconds
    Lightning Bolt - 12 seconds
    Energy Shield - 60 seconds
    Summon Wisp - 20 seconds
    Storm Surge - 6 seconds
    |ix... Dream|
    |[drm]	    |
    Sands of Sleep - 4 seconds
    Distortion Wave - 5 seconds
    Phantom Strike - 16 seconds
    Summon Nightmare - 60 seconds
    Distortion Field - 30 seconds
    Distort Reality - 12 seconds
    Mastermind - 0 seconds  (it's listed, so I listed it here as well)
    |[itm]    |
    Health / Mana potions - 7 seconds
    Scrolls - 3 minutes 33 seconds
                   	       6. C O N T A C T I N G  M E 
    	If you have any comments, concerns or criticisms or if you feel
    I errord or missed something, you may email me at shen_long36@hotmail.com
    	I know this guide is far from complete or perfect and that I probably
    missed quite a bit, so I'll be happy to receive any help or suggestions.
    	Also, please know that I only check this specific email address
    maybe once or twice a week.  If you do email me, and are expecting a response,
    please be patient.  
    	Finally, if you do email me, please put the word GAMEFAQs somewhere in 
    the subject, so that I don't accidentally delete it as spam. 
    			7. R E V I S I O N S
    5/14/07 - Started collecting data for this guide
    5/15/07 - Compiled the data into this guide and submitted it. 
    6/11/07 - Thanks to people I met online, I was able to acquire the actual
    	time that the game uses for base cool down.  corrected my work
    	and resubmitted it. 

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