Postal 2: Apocalypse Weekend Cheats


  • Apocalypse Weekend Cheats

    Enter Console in game (Shift ~) then "sissy" to enable cheats
    Next type desired code for desired effect

    swimwiththefishes'piranha' plug-in
    behindview 01st person view
    behindview 13rd person view
    gunrackAll Weapons
    blockmyassbody armor
    splodincatscats bounce off walls - OFF
    boppincatscats bounce off walls - ON
    iamthelawCop Uniform
    headshotsenables 1 shot kills when shot in head
    FlyFly mode
    likeabirdyflying modes
    blastacapFull Ammo
    WhyDoIPlayfull ammo and full life
    IfeelfreeGhost mode
    smackdatassGimp Suit
    InjectLifegives you 100% health
    limbsnapperHit Enemy in head with hammer for silly slo-mo
    alamodeleave you with 1 health
    iamsolameLeaves you with 1 Health
    jewsforjesuslots of cash
    iamtheonelots of catnip
    boyandhisdoglots of dog treats
    piggytreatslots of doughnuts
    headshoplots of health pipes
    catfancylots of spinning cats
    walkretuen to regular walking mode
    fireinyourholerocket cam
    rockincatsshoot cats from guns - ON
    dockincatsshoot cats from guns - OFF
    hulksmashThrow Lots of Hammers
    bladeyThrow Lots of Machettes
    reaperofloveThrow Lots of Scythes

  • Invincibility

    Type "Sissy" in the console window while in-game then:
    enter "set P2Player bGodMode True" to make you invincible or "set P2Player bGodMode True" to make you mortal.

    These codes must be entered while you are playing in maps.

    set P2Player bGodMode FalseGod Mode Off
    set P2Player bGodMode TrueGod Mode on

    Contributed By: Claptrap.


  • Enhanced Mode

    Finish the game once.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Enhanced ModeFinish Game Once

    Contributed By: Nixedantur.

Postal 2: Share the Pain Cheats


  • Cheat Codes

    Press ~ or @ to activate the console window. Submit the code "sissy" to unlock cheat mode, then submit 1 of the codes below in the console window to enable a cheat code. <br />*Cheats won't work when playing online*<br />

    packnheatAll destructive weapons
    swimwithfishesAll Radar Related Items
    iamsolameAll weapons, max ammo, & invincibility
    blockmyassBody Armor
    boppincatsCats Bounce Off When Being Shot
    ChangeDude()Change player to opposite morality
    dokkincatsDisable cat shooting guns
    walkDisable flight and ghost modes
    slomo 1Disable Slow Motion Mode
    iamtheoneExtra Catnip
    lotsapussyExtra Cats
    boyandhisdogExtra Dog Treats
    piggytreatsExtra Doughnuts
    jonesExtra Health Pipes
    jewsforjesusExtra Money
    osamaFanatic NPC bystander pawns
    healthfulFull Health + 4 Medkits
    whatchutalkinbouGary Coleman NPC bystander pawns
    smackdatassGimp Suit
    alamodeGod Mode
    rockincatsGuns that use cat silencers now shoot cats
    dogyLots of Dogs
    Goto(<level name>)Map Select
    iamthelawPolice Uniform
    SetAllErrandsUnComplete()Reset all errands, make hate groups not hate anymore
    ResetCops()Reset police and wanted status
    fireinyourholeRocket Cameras
    SetAllErrandsComplete()Set all errands complete, turns on hate player groups
    SetThisDaysErrandsComplete(<day number>)Set all of indicated day's errands complete, turns on hate player groups
    SetTodaysErrandsComplete()Set all of today's errands as complete, turns on hate player groups
    SetThisErrandComplete(<errand name>)Set errand complete, turns on hate player groups
    SetDay(<day number>)Set the day, all errands before that day completed
    WarpToDay(<day number>)Set the day, reload level for that day
    slomoSlow Motion Mode
    playersonlyToggle all non-player triggered animations and actions to stop
    likeabirdyToggle flight mode
    flyToggle flight mode (2nd option)
    ifeelfreeToggle ghost mode

    Contributed By: Undergrads2003, keithg7, and pajo999.


  • Multiply Items!

    Ok, first get the item you want to duplicate, (Example: fast food or a health item like doughnuts) I would reccomend having at least 6-10 of it. Now assign two keys to "Drop item". Now select the item in your inventory you want, and rapidly press both keys you assigned to drop the selected item. or press both keys at the same time. You will see how many more items you made after you pick all the items up off the ground.

    NOTE: This does not work with important errand related items such as steaks, Krotchy dolls, as well as money and other objects that when dropped come out in one whole piece and not individually.

    Contributed By: Disgruntledchao.

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