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    Walkthrough by JSDarkwood

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    Eschalon Book I Walkthrough
    Version 1.10
    Copyright 2008 Jason S. Darkwood
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    1. FAQ
    2. Character Creation
    3. General Walkthrough
    4. Map
    5. Magic
    6. Alchemy
    7. Items (incomplete)
    8. Enemies
    9. Credits
    10. Version History
    These are based on questions I haven seen repeatedly on message boards for
    Q: What does the lever in Aridell do?
    A: Nothing as far as I can tell.
    Q: What goes in the four chests in Tangletree Ossuary?
    A: "endless ribbon of metal" = ring
    "consumed by fire" = ash
    "smashing victory" = bludgeoning weapon (I used a copper hammer)
    "womb for a tree" = apple, I believe you can usually buy them at the
    Aridell tavern
    Q: How do I break barrels/doors/chests?
    A: For some reason this is one of those things that some people pick up on
    and others never notice is an option.  Hold the left shift key when you
    click on it.  You can also attack friendly characters this way.
    * Attributes
    When you first begin to make your character their eight attributes are a
    random number from 7 to 14.  You can click the dice at the side of the
    screen to re-roll them.  Re-rolling undoes any selections you have made
    for your character.  You also have 15 points to distribute as you choose.
    At each level you gain 3 new attribute points to distribute.  Your Origin
    gives you a bonus to certain attributes as well.
    - Strength determines how much weight you can lift, weapon damage and toxin
    - Dexterity increases your To Hit and Armor stats. 
    - Endurance determines your HP, resistances and the rate at which you heal
    lost HP.
    - Speed affects how often your character act (although the effects are not
    very noticeable if this is true) and your Armor stat.
    - Intelligence lets you identify items more easily and gives you elemental
    - Wisdom affects your disease resistance and is used to determine if you
    are afflicted by curses.
    - Perception determines your Mana Points, the rate at which lost Mana is
    replenished and magick resistance.
    - Concentration's effects are not very well explained by its description.
    Mainly it seems to determine how likely you are to fail casting a spell
    while in close combat.  It may also make other skills more effective.
    * Skills
    There are 24 skills in the game.  You begin with one based on your class
    and can buy a new skill for the cost of three skill points or raise a skill
    for one point.  Your character starts with 20 skill points and gains 3 at
    each new level.  There are also trainers for some skills who can teach you
    up to level 5 in a skill and books that will teach you a skill you do not
    have yet or add 2 to a skill you already know.
    - Alchemy: allows you to make potions and imbue items with enchantments.
    Higher levels of alchemy create more effective potions and enchantments.
    Alchemy can be bought in Bordertown and learned from the book Art of
    Brewing.  Given that you have to find or buy the reagents it is probably
    worth waiting to buy it before putting points into it.
    - Arcane, Divination: allows the character to learn and cast Divine spells
    provided their Wisdom is high enough to read the scroll.  Arcane, Divine
    can be purchased at the temple in Blackwater and learned from a book.
    Divine magic is useful for protection and enhancement of combat abilities.
    - Arcane, Elemental: allows the character to learn and cast Elemental
    spells provided their Intelligence is high enough to read the scroll.
    Aracne, Elemental can be purchased in Blackwater and learned from a book.
    Elemental magic is more destructive than divine, but also provides spells
    useful for movement.
    - Armor, Light: allows the character to wear light Armor without penalty.
    Further increasing this skill increases damage reduction.  The Light Armor
    Field Manual trains you in this skill.
    - Armor, Heavy: allows the character to wear heavy Armor without penalty.
    Further increasing this skill increases damage reduction. The Heavy Armor
    Field Manual trains you in this skill.
    - Armor, Shield: allows the character to equip shields without penalty.
    Further increasing this skill increases damage reduction.  This skill is
    less useful than other Armor skills as you cannot hold a weapon and a
    torch at the same time.  For anyone using magic a shield is also annoying
    because you can only cast spells if you are carrying less than a certain
    amount of weight in your hands.  Gloves and weapons tend to be heavy enough
    without adding a shield to the mix. Avoid this skill unless you really want
    to use a shield.
    - Cartography: allows the character to make maps which will be displayed
    on the right hand of the screen.  Higher cartography skill makes the maps
    better.  You can buy Cartography from the man in the Aridell tavern after
    retrieving his sextant.  The book Mapping Your World also teaches it to
    you, so if you can stand not having a map for a little while it can be
    worthwhile not to put any points into it.  You may still want to start with
    a point in it just so you can map walls.
    - Dodge: each rank gives a 1% chance of dodging an attack an putting your
    attacker off balance (+10% to hit them).  Its a nice skill to have even
    with just one rank, although investing a lot of points in it might not be
    as useful as other skills.
    - Hide in Shadows: allows you to hide in darkness and sneak around without
    enemies noticing you.  The status "Hidden" appears when nobody can see you.
    - Lore: Helps to identify unknown items.  This skill is mostly pointless if
    you have a good Intelligence, the Lore spell or a Ring of Lore.
    - Meditation: Helps the character resist magic and elements as well as
    increasing the rate at which Mana is regained.
    - Mercantile: Increases the amount you can sell items for and lowers the
    cost when you buy items.  The book Buying and Selling will train you in
    this skill.  Treasure ends up being abundant enough that this skill is
    much more useful at the start of a game when your skill points might be
    better spent on other skills.
    - Move Silently: the companion skill to Hide in Shadows, this skill lets
    you move around without being heard by enemies (or townsfolk) the status
    "Silent" appears when nobody can hear you.  Armor decreases your ability
    to be silent.  You can be silent even without this skill.
    - Pick Locks: allows you to use lockpicks to attempt to open locked doors
    and chests.  The more points you put into this skill the better your
    chances get, although some locks cannot be picked.  Keyholes and Tumblers
    is a book that trains this skill.  You can always bash through locks
    instead, but you risk breaking your weapon.  You also get experience from
    picking locks.
    - Skullduggery: allows you to attempt to disarm traps you have spotted.
    The more points you put into this skill the better your chances are.  Spot
    Hidden augments this skill because you cannot disarm a trap you cannot see.
    Skullduggery helps you avoid a lot of pain throughout this game.
    - Spot Hidden: helps you find hidden traps and treasures.  Perception also
    helps with this, but its worth putting at least one point in spot hidden.
    - Survival: increases resistance to disease and toxins while also 
    increasing the speed at which your character regains lost HP.
    - Unarmed Combat: Increases To Hit and Damage with unarmed attacks.  Useful
    for spell slingers who want to keep weight out of their hands, but still
    want some combat skill.
    - Weapon, Bludgeoning: Increases To Hit and Damage with bludgeoning 
    weapons.  This skill can be trained in Blackwater's House of Pain and from
    a book.
    - Weapon, Bows: Increases To Hit and Damage with bows and arrows.  This
    skill can be trained at Bordertown's Archery Range and from a book.
    - Weapon, Cleaving: Increases To Hit and Damage with cleaving weapons.
    This skill can be trained in Blackwater's House of Pain and from a book.
    - Weapon, Short Bladed: Increases To Hit and Damage with short bladed 
    weapons.  Short Blades do less damage than other weapons so this skill is
    unlikely to be as useful as other weapon skills unless you are determined
    to be a knife fighter.
    - Weapon, Swords: Increases To Hit and Damage with sword. This skill can be
    trained in Blackwater's House of Pain and from the Legendary Swordsman
    - Weapon, Thrown: Increases To Hit and Damage with thrown weapons.  This
    skill can be trained at Bordertown's Archery Range.
    * Origin
    Your Origin is where your character came from.  This will give a bonus to
    various attributes depending on which origin you pick.
    - Nor'lander +2 Endurance, +1 Concentration
    - Barrean +2 Speed, +1 Strength
    - Rifter +2 Perception, +1 Wisdom
    - Therish +2 Concentration, +1 Dexterity
    - Kessian +2 Wisdom, +1 Intelligence
    * Axiom
    The Axiom of your character is a description of their belief system.  It
    may grant special abilities to your character and have certain drawbacks.
    Together with Class your Axiom determines your character's Title.
    - Atheist
    Benefit: Immune to Curses
    Drawback: Immune to Blessings.  NPC Clerics cannot heal you.
    - Druidic
    Benefit: Regenerate HP and Mana faster outdoors.
    Drawback: Regenerate HP and Mana slower in dungeons
    - Virtuous
    Benefit: Starts with the Bless spell and can cast at level 1 without the
    Divination skill
    Drawback: More easily cursed
    - Nefarious
    Benefit: Has a 5% chance of doing Nefarious Damage with weapons, doubling
    the amount of damage dealt to a creature.  With a critical hit the damage
    is tripled (not quadrupled).
    Drawback: NPC Clerics cannot heal you.
    - Agnostic
    No benefits or drawbacks.
    * Class
    A character's class is basically their chosen profession in the adventuring
    world.  Each class grants the character a single rank in one skill.  Your
    class also affects some of the items you get in the game and affects your
    HP and Mana as you level up.  Fighters, Rogues and Rangers get more HP at
    each level, while Healers and Magick Users gain more Mana.  Class also
    determines your title along with your Axiom.
    - Fighter starts with Swords
    - Rogue starts with Pick Locks
    - Magick User starts with Arcane, Elemental
    - Healer starts with Arcane, Divination
    - Ranger starts with Bows
    * Title
    Your title is determined by Axiom and Class.  It has no further in game
    effect other than sounding cool or lame depending on your opinion.  Since
    Class and Axiom have only a small effect you may wish to choose them to
    get a title you like.
    Atheistic Fighter = Mercenary
    Druidic Fighter = Preserver
    Virtuous Fighter = Paladin
    Nefarious Fighter = Berserker
    Agnostic Fighter = Barbarian
    Atheistic Rogue = Bard
    Druidic Rogue = Shadowlark
    Virtuous Rogue = Rebel
    Nefarious Rogue = Assassin
    Agnostic Rogue = Thief
    Atheistic Magick User = Illusionist
    Druidic Magick User = Conjuror
    Virtuous Magick User = Mage
    Nefarious Magick User = Necromancer
    Agnostic Magick User = Mystic
    Atheistic Healer = Sawbones
    Druidic Healer = True Druid
    Virtuous Healer = Cleric
    Nefarious Healer = Warlock
    Agnostic Healer = Theurgist
    Atheistic Ranger = Naturalist
    Druidic Ranger = Guardian
    Virtuous Ranger = Shepherd
    Nefarious Ranger = Blighter
    Agnostic Ranger = Vanquisher
    Some quick notes:  This is just a quick walkthrough of the main quests to
    complete the game.  This mainly explains where to go next when completing
    the main quests and is not very in depth.  Directions are based on the top
    of the screen being North.  Right and left are from your perspective while
    you play the game (character perspectives make things way too confusing).
    Up and down refer to the top and bottom of the screen respectively unless
    there are stairs or ladders involved.
    Your character awakens in a ruined building with no memories but his name.
    The section you start in is the South Parish (map 35).  Open the nearby
    chest to find a dagger and a note.  Read it to find out that you need to
    head to Aridell to the northeast for further instructions.  If you head out
    of the house to the south you will find a barrel with some torches.  Head
    down to the well and search the nearby stump to find some potions, a pair
    of sandals and an item based on the class you picked.  Fighters get a
    sword, Rangers get a bow and 40 arrows, Rogues get 3 Lockpicks, Priests
    get a scroll of Fleshboil and Magic Users get a scroll of Fire Bolt.
    To the north are the ruins of Elderhollow, which are infested with Fanged
    Salamanders.  The first building at the north end of town has a chest with
    40 gold and near the southwest corner is a building with coffin, which
    contains a Ring of Vigor.  There are also various treasure chests, barrels
    and skeletons around town that you can loot.  In the northwest corner are
    a pair of Bloodsippers you can kill and the entrance to Grimhold.  If you
    touch the obelisk you will add Grimhold East to the Quick Travel menu.
    Be careful if you decide to explore the northern forest area or around the
    coast in the southeast corner as you might not be prepared to fight the
    swarms of Fungal Slimes yet.  When you finish exploring or if you want to
    equip yourself first head northeast from the ruins across a bridge and
    turn right, which gets you to Aridell.
    In Aridell read the sign to add it to your Quick Travel menu then head down
    the road, past the church and go into the house just after the cemetery.
    Talk to the man inside (make sure you have read the note by now) and he
    will tell you that another letter and some gold has been left for you.
    Open the chest to get the second letter and 300 gold.  There are various
    quests and shops around town.  If you are an elemental caster I recommend
    buying Air Shield, Predator's Sight and Gravedigger's Flame as soon as you
    can.  Divine casters should pick up Bless, Leatherskin and Divine Heal.
    Once you finish your business in town and are done exploring head north
    from Aridell onto the next map (25).  Head over to the right and along the
    coast to the building.  Go inside and talk to the man.  You need to get the
    key to the crypts from him.  You can steal it from him, rent it for 100
    gold or persuade him to give it to you in return for cleaning his basement.
    The last option is nice because it gets you the key while exploring,
    killing monsters and looting treasure, which is what these kinds of games
    are all about.  Make sure you have light before you go into the basement.
    Down there are lots of Fanged Salamanders.  You may want to wait by the
    stairs and let them come to you.  Kill them all, loot the coffins and head
    back upstairs to claim the key (if you decided not to steal it).
    Next head west along the south edge of the map until you cannot go any
    further then head north into the graveyard.  Kill the bunch of Bloodsippers
    and head up to the crypt door.  Inside the crypt are a bunch of torches
    that you can take if you need them.  Take the southwest corridor from the
    intersection.  On the left is a room with a cabinet that has the Security
    Key, but the door is locked.  You can also reach it by going all the way
    the hall opening the gate with the lever and heading in the back way. In
    the southern corner of the crypt is Hesham who will give you a quest and
    tell you about the key (that you already grabbed).  You can also lure
    enemies back here and let him fight them for you.  If you head to the right
    side of the map you should come across a large dirt room with Bloodsippers
    in it.  The northeast corner is a secret passage to a cabinet containing
    "Secrets of Transference Circuits" a book sought after by the magic shop
    owner in Aridell.  There is also a pair of teleporters that lead to each
    other.  Head back to the hall and continue north.  Pull all the levers in
    the next two rooms.  Keep heading through the crypt fighting Bloodsippers,
    Fanged Salamanders and Noximanders.  Feel free to engage in some high
    spirited grave robbing.  Eventually you will come to another gate that you
    can open with a nearby lever.  Be prepared for a tough fight.  Once you 
    step on the square push plate in the middle of this room a pair of Walking
    Corpses will be released and attack you.  Fight them from a distance as
    they can disease you.  Once you kill the corpses head to the right.  The
    lever just down the hall opens a one way path to right next to the start
    of the dungeon, instead walk southwest turn left and flip the switch in the 
    corner of the hall.  Keep following the hall into the coffin room. Loot
    all of them if you want.  Alder Keldram's is the one just south of the
    pillar.  Grab the amulet and use the escape to get back to the entrance.
    Now that you have the amulet you need to find Lilith.  Her house is
    actually just east of the crypt, but you have to either go through Grimhold
    or head north and around past Border Town.  Border Town is the easiest way,
    but if you think you can tackle Grimhold (and you can if you have leveled
    up a fair bit with quests and exploring) now is as good a time as any.
    Border Town path: leave the crypt and head to the right until you reach the
    river.  Head north along the road until you reach Northeast Thaemore (map
    15).  Feel free to try to get into Shadowmirk, but its guarded by a 
    Dimensional Eye.  Head north along the west side of the map and then west
    long the road. There are Thugs in the woods and Fungal Slimes along the
    coast if you want to fight them.  Continue along the road to the Barrier
    Range Region (map 14) and fight off thugs while following the road to
    Border Town.  Here you can train Alchemy, Bows and Thrown Weapon skills.
    There are also a few shops and quests.  Continue to follow the road south
    and west and you will begin to encounter Hive Drones.  Head south to
    Northern Tangletree Forest (map 24).
    Grimhold route: use quick travel to go to Grimhold East (or just head west
    from Aridell)  and enter Grimhold.  Head west until you find your way to
    the chasm with the bridge blocked by gates you cannot open.  The dying man
    along the way will explain what has to be done to open the gates.  Walk
    into the rooms up north and kill the Goblin Hackers inside. Continue 
    through the rooms until you end up outside and follow the path until you
    come to a small building by the chasm.  There will be torches inside the
    cabinet if you need them before heading down.  In the underground there
    will be an intersection, head to the area to the right and kill the goblins
    there.  Continue to the south killing the rest of the goblins, one will
    drop a key. Eventually you will ind yourself southwest of the entrance.
    You can head back towards it and pull a lever to open the gate that blocked
    this hallway before.  Continue southwest across a long bridge, where you
    will be attacked by Goblin Archers and Hackers.  Air Shield is extremely
    useful here.  Across the bridge you can continue in two directions,
    except one of them is blocked by a gate.  Head the other way and circle
    around to where the gate blocking your way is fighting goblins along the
    way.  Just before you reach the gate on the left is the switch you came
    down here to pull.  Pull that switch then head north to open the gate if
    you want to.  Then continue to the west.  The room to the south has a
    ladder up into the other side of Grimhold, while to the north are more
    goblins, including a Warlord.  Kill him, take his key and loot before you
    head back up.  Fight your way through the goblin hackers and archers then
    go west to leave Grimhold for Central Tangletree Forest (map 34).  This
    place is a whole bunch of winding paths filled with Hive Drones.  Make your
    way west until you can head north into Northern Tangletree Forest (map 24).
    Lilith lives in a house by the heart shaped lake in Northern Tangletree
    Forest, roughly in the middle of the map, Although the pather to get to her
    is near the southwest corner.  Go talk to her about your amulet and she
    will give you a quest to kill the Hive Queen (which is at least better
    than cleaning her basement or doing her laundry or running across half the
    country with 70 pounds of dead weight).  The Hive Queen can be found in the
    cave in the southwest corner of the next map south, Central Tangletree
    Forest.  Head into the cave and follow it around until you find her.  The
    honeycombs have giant larvae for Hesham and there are plenty of gems hidden
    in the stones throughout these tunnels.  You will know you are close to the
    Hive Queen when you see a group of seven explosive barrels.  The easiest
    way to deal with her is to lure her back to the barrels and explode them.
    Grab the stinger she drops and return to Lilith who will then tell you
    that your amulet is a key to a vault in the Underground Repository in
    Blackwater.  The only question is how to get to the Repository.
    Head to Blackwater.  You have to go through Barron's Ticket (map 23) or
    Western Tangletree (map 33), which gives you a choice between fighting or
    fleeing from Raptors or a Barrea Mercenary and some Thugs.  Either way
    Head west until you get to Vela (map 22) or Blackwater (map 32).  If you
    go to Vela head south immediately to get to Blackwater, which is in the
    centre of the map.  At the gates the guards demand a toll of 100 gold to
    enter.  You only have to pay once.  Inside are the best shops you can find
    and trainers for Arcane, Divination and Arcane, Elemental magics as well as
    the House of Pain where you can get training in Bludgeoning, Cleaving and
    Sword weapon skills.  This town has it's fair share of quests as well.
    By the southwest gate is a house with a dead body in it.  Break into the
    house and search the body to find a note that explains how to get the the 
    Repository.  You can only go there once so make sure you have all the key
    amulets you can find (yours and Lilith's if you kill her).  When you are
    ready, talk to the innkeeper and ask to stay at the inn.  Give the name
    Foozgrumph when asked and you will be taken to a room you normally cannot
    enter.  Wall through the back wall and head down to the repository.  Talk
    to the goblin and show him your amulet.  Any other response ends up with
    you stuck in a cage with two Dimensional Eyes and no equipment.  The whole
    Repository seems designed to make you drool over imagined treasures you can
    never get too, especially the specially named rooms.  Your amulet lets you
    open #26 which contains a note and a gemstone called the Crux of the Ages.
    The note explains a lot about what is going on, although you may have
    picked up on a lot of the information it contains already.  If you killed
    Lilith and took her amulet you can claim vault #15 as your own and get
    a Divine Ore Great Sword.  When you have everything you came for head back
    out and pull the lever in the room to leave.
    The next mission is to rescue your brother from the Goblins.  He is being
    held in Vela (map 22), which is just north of Blackwater.  Eventually you
    have to kill pretty much everything on this map anyway, so head into the
    sunken town and be careful of traps, the place is littered with them.  You
    will also run into exploding goblins.  Always shoot the goblins with powder
    kegs first and never when they are standing next to you.  They can be a big
    help in killing other goblins if you can get them positioned right.  If you
    head east from the main town you will eventually find a Warlord.  Kill
    him and take his key.  To reach area you will also need to break a barrel
    to get over to where the Fungal Slimes are then head north across the
    water.  If you head over to the west you will be attacked by a large
    number of goblins, archers, hackers and bombers.  Air Shield and Haste are
    both excellent effects to have on you for this fight.  There is also a
    Taurex just before the prison.  Try to use the bombers to weaken him up
    before fighting him.  Inside the prison is your brother.  It is too late to 
    save him, but he tells you what to do next.  Finish killing and looting the
    area and head back to Northeast Thaemore (map 15).
    If you follow the eastern coast you will eventually work your way through
    some woods and around Shadowmirk's outer wall to the back door that was,
    fortunately, left unlocked.  Head inside and prepare for a tough fight.
    Use whatever potions and spells you can then run to the northwest and fight
    the Dimensional Eye.  If you have too much trouble, go back to the towns
    you have been to and do quests or explore and fight monsters until you
    level up.  Also Haste is great, so if you cannot cast it yourself get a
    Potion of Haste to help you out.  Once the eye is slain continue into the
    hall and follow it all the way northeast.  There is an apprentice wizard
    you can talk with.  Head into the spider chamber and kill the Giant
    Arachnids, then search their eggs to find a key and some treasure.  The key
    unlocks the rooms you passed in the hall on the way here.  Go through the
    rooms (the treasure is all bones) until you reach the last chest.  Loot it
    and then fight your way out through the skeletons.  Head southwest down the
    hall until you come to the bridge with a teleport circle and a series of
    press tiles.  The tiles come in groups of three arranged diagonally across
    the bridge.  Only one tile in each group can be walked across safely, the
    other teleport you to the circle.  Walk across them in this order (SW is
    the tile to the southwest of the middle tile, NE is the one to the 
    northeast): SW, middle, SW, NE, NE.  Further down you will come to a room
    with another magic circle and two chests.  The signs above them will say
    something along the lines of "Give me Strength" and "Ease my Pain".  Put
    the Potion of Ogre Strength in the first and a Healing Elixir in the other.
    This will activate the transporter.  On the other side shoot the powder
    keg to get the key to the next door. The next puzzle is the teleporter
    maze.  This was the worst of the puzzles, but all you need to do is keep
    trying different paths.  Or follow this path: go into the first teleporter.
    Next travel to the southeast circle (really your only choice), then take
    the north east teleporter.  This should lead to a platform with four of
    the transporters.  Head south into the southeast teleporter and finally
    take the northeast transporter to finally reach the other side of the pit.
    Here you will find yourself in the wizard's school.  Nobody here wants to
    talk to you.  Head to the northwest corner where this is a sign saying
    "Proving Chamber - Enter at own risk!".  Pull the lever to enter then pull
    the lever in the middle of the room to release the Raptor and a pair of
    Noximanders.  When those are dead you'll be able to proceed to the third
    floor.  Talk with the wizard there to find out you need to collect four
    goblin keys (you should have two already) and take the Crux of Ages back to
    Bastion Spire.  One goblin key is in the wizard's chamber, one is possessed
    by the Giants of Crakamir and the remaining two are held by Goblin Warlords
    in Vela and Grimhold.  There is also a teleporter on this level that leads
    to the ground floor.
    So with three keys down you need to head into Crakamir to get the final
    key.  There are three options.  From Aridell head south to the East Salt
    Coast (map 45) then west to the West Salt Coast (map 44).  Near the centre
    of this map is the Tangletree Ossuary, a crypt that eventually leads into
    Crakamir halfway between the South Gate (map 43) and the Giant's Village
    (map 41).  The crypt itself is trapped and filled with undead, notably the
    poltergeists, which are one of the few things in game that can curse you.
    As interesting a dungeon as the Ossuary is, it is probably the hardest way
    to get to Crakamir.  The other two options are easier.
    The next easiest method is to accept the quest in Aridell from the church
    to deliver a "Potion of Absolute Restoration" to a man on the Salt Coast.
    Take the potion from the chest and head to the East Salt Coast (map 44).
    The house is in the northwest corner of the map.  Deliver the potion to
    discover that it is really Noximander Venom.  Very cute.  Accept the man's
    mission to deliver an incriminating letter and head to Bordertown.  West of
    the town proper is a gate into the mountains with a pair of guards. Talk to
    them and threaten them to get them to let you in.  If you are too gentle
    they use the letter for toilet paper.  Nice guys.  You may want to save
    before attempting this because you only get one shot.  If you get inside
    go see the captain, deliver the letter and rob him blind.  You need to get
    the key from his office, but since you are already stealing you might as
    well take the rest of his stuff.  Besides the captain is such a drunk that
    there is no way he is going to use it anytime soon.  Waste not, want not.
    Now head to Loneloft (map 43) which is east and south of Blackwater.  There
    are a pair of Taurex camping in the ruins of a building.  In the ruins
    there is  broken stump of an obelisk that will add Loneloft as to the quick
    travel menu.  There is a gate nearby which can only be opened with the
    key you stole.  From there you can head west into Crakimir and to the
    Giant's village on the west coast (map 42).  This area is infested with
    Acid Grubs, Goblins and Taurex. You only get one chance to steal the key, 
    so if you delivered the letter without stealing, your good deed has now 
    blocked your way through the South Gate.
    Fortunately there is one more way to get to Crakamir and it is easier than
    the other two.  Buy some Ectoplasm and Mercury.  Blackwater usually has
    Ectoplasm for sale and Mercury can sometimes be found in any alchemy store.
    Travel to Bordertown and head to the southeast corner of the map.  There is
    a small house there.  Enter it and head down into the basement.  There you
    will find another teleport circle and an alembic containing Bromine, 
    Ambergris and some junk.  Take out the junk and place the Ectoplasm and 
    Mercury in it.  Step on the circle and you will find yourself in a building
    with three circles just north of the Giant's Village.  One of the other
    circles is inactive and the third leads to Blackwater.
    Go talk to the Giant's leader.  He will other to give you the key if you
    go retrieve the Giant Skull from the hunter's camp in Barron's Thicket, 
    which is east of Vela.  Once in Barron's Thicket, head north along the west
    side of the map to reach the camp.  The skull is across the Raptor pen to
    the northeast.  Grab it and return to the Giant's village to get the last
    goblin key.  Then head east to map 42, south to map 52 and west again to
    map 51, the Goblin Citadel.  Follow the wall to the entrance where the 
    giants and goblins will fight.  You can ignore the battle or join in.
    Inside the Citadel the gates will close on you.  Fight your way around, 
    opening levers as you slaughter the goblins and spiders inside.  The only
    tricky part to look out for are the two open gates with press tiles under 
    them.  The first one has a lever right by it.  Pull it and enter the next
    room where you will see the second gate like this.  Move closer without
    stepping on the tile.  This should bring you in range of the lever on the
    other side of the gate.  Shoot it to flip it and head through.  Otherwise
    when you walk through these gates they close on top of you crushing you
    to death (or at least doing a couple hundred points of damage).  The other
    thing to note is the demon statue.  Touching it makes it curse you, blast
    out fire and summon some goblins.  Now once you've cleared the whole area
    around the central chamber with the stairs up go to the last lever you
    pulled to open gates.  Close it and you will be able to walk through a
    nearby gate into the main room.  There is a teleporter here that leads
    to the room by the Giant's Village.  Touch the obelisk to use the keys to
    open the gate on the stairs and head up.  Keep heading through the Citadel,
    just watch out in the maze for the traps and minotaurs.
    Gramuk will be standing by himself wait for you to talk to him.  You have
    a few different options.  First you can just press shift and attack him
    without even speaking to him.  Second you can talk to him and tell him
    how much you want to kill him in which case he summons 4 giant spiders and
    attacks you.  Third you can bluff him and attack him by surprise without
    him performing the summons.  Lastly you can hand over the Crux of the Ages
    if you have it on you to get the evil ending and a huge pile of gold.
    If you fight him Gramuk is weak, although his spells are damaging.  The 
    best tactic is prepare for the fight by casting all the spells or using all
    the potions you want to before fighting him.  Gramuk should die quickly
    only to transform himself into a Dirachnid, a spider as tough as Gramuk was
    weak.  The up side is that Dirachnid has no ranged attacks and is a bit on
    the slow side.  Its bite also causes paralysis so you may want to run from
    it and shoot at a distance.  When you kill it a key is dropped.  Pick it
    up, do any looting you want to and head to the northeast chamber to go
    through the portal to bastion spire.  Return the Crux of the Ages and go
    speak the Chancellor for your ending.  Or kill him and the horde of royal
    guards that appear to get the destroyer ending.
                   14 - 15
                   |    |
         22 - 23 - 24   25
         |    |    |    |
         32 - 33 - 34-G-35*
              |    |    |
    41 - 42 - 43 - 44 - 45
         |    |
    51 - 52 - 53
    * - You start on this map
    G - Grimhold
    14 - Barrier Range Region; Bordertown
    15 - Northeast Thaemore; Shadowmirk
    22 - Vela
    23 - Barron's Thicket
    24 - Northern Tangletree; Lilith's House
    32 - Blackwater
    33 - Western Tangletree
    34 - Central Tangletree
    35 - South Parish; Aridell, Elderhollow (where you wake up), Grimhold East
    41 - Rotwood; Giant's Village
    42 - Northern Crakamir
    43 - Northeastern Crakamir; Loneloft, South Gate
    44 - West Salt Coast; Tangletree Ossuary
    45 - East Salt Coast
    51 - Western Crakamir; Goblin Citadel
    52 - Eastern Crakamir
    53 - Gulf of Madria; Lighthouse
    1st Tier
    - Bless
    Gives +1 To Hit and Damage per level for 100 rounds
    - Cat's Eyes
    Lets the caster see in low light for 40 rounds per level.
    - Detox
    Reduces poisoning and is more effective at higher levels.
    - Divine Heal
    Heals 3-6 HP per level
    - Entangle
    Roots the target to the ground for 4 rounds per level or less.
    - Fleshboil
    Deals 2-4 magick damage per level to target creature.
    - Leatherskin
    Gives the caster +1 armor and damage reduction per level for 100 rounds
    - Lore
    Identifies items, the higher the level the better the items it can
    - Poison Spray
    Poisons target, more effective at higher levels.
    2nd Tier
    - Nimbleness
    Increases Dexterity by +5 per level for 160 rounds.
    - Ogre Strength
    Increases Strength by +5 per level for 160 rounds.
    - Charm
    Causes the target to fight for the caster for 60 rounds.  The higher the
    level of the spell the stronger the creature that can be controlled.
    - Cure Disease
    Removes disease with a certain probability which increases with level.
    - Enchanted Weapon
    Causes the character's weapon to do 2 extra magic damage for 30 rounds per
    - Haste
    Allows the caster to take two actions per round for a number of rounds
    based on the level of the spell.
    - Sunder Flesh
    Deals 5-7 magick damage per level to target creature.
    - Stoneskin
    Gives the caster +6 Armour and +3% Damage reduction for 160 rounds.  Each
    level increases armour and damage reduction by 1.
    - Turn Undead
    May cause undead to flee and even damage them.  More effective at higher
    3rd Tier
    - Mass Boil
    Deals 3-5 magick damage per level to all creatures in view.
    - Smite
    Deals 6-10 magick damage per level to an adjacent target.
    - Dehex
    Removes curses and is more effective at higher levels
    1st Tier
    2 Mana / level
    Skill 1 + 2 / additional level
    - Dancing Lights
    Causes enemies to flee, casting at a higher level makes this spell more 
    - Air Shield
    Shields the caster from non-magical ranged attacks.  Projectiles fired from
    adjacent squares can still hit.  Lasts for 20 rounds per level.
    - Fire Dart
    Does 2-4 fire damage per level to target creature or object.
    - Gravedigger's Flame
    Creates a flame over your head that illuminates the area around you.  Lasts
    longer at higher levels.
    - Element Armor
    Increases elemental resistance by 10% per level for 75 rounds.
    - Reveal Map
    The caster gains +3 Cartography skill per level for 10 rounds per level.
    Useful for being able to detect enemies.
    - Predator Sight
    Allows the caster to see targets in darkness negating penalties to hit.
    Lasts 40 rounds per level.
    - Sonic Blast
    Causes enemies in an area, determined by the spell's level, to have
    decreased attack and defense.  The effects are more potent at higher
    2nd Tier
    6 Mana / level
    Skill 5 + 3 / additional level
    - Compress Atmosphere
    Deals 6-9 damage per level to target creature or object and any creatures
    or objects adjacent to the target.
    - Enkindled Weapon
    Adds +2 fire damage per level to weapon strikes for 50 rounds.
    - Deep Freeze
    Does 5-8 cold damage per level to target creature.
    - Fireball
    Causes 4-7 fire damage per level to target object or creature and to any
    objects or creatures within a few squares of the target.
    - Chameleon
    Makes the caster blend in with their surroundings making them harder to
    hit.  Lasts for 20 rounds per level.
    - Lock Melt
    May break locks, the higher the level the more effective this spell is.
    - Trapkill
    May disarm or set off traps, more effective at higher levels.
    3rd Tier
    10 Mana / level
    Skill 11 + 4 / additional level
    - Portal
    Cast once to set an anchor point then cast again to return there.  Each
    level can create a new anchor.
    - Invisibility
    Turn invisible for 10 rounds per level.
    - Supernova
    Deals 3-4 fire damage per level to all objects and creatures in view.
    * Potions
    A character with the alchemy skill can mix potions.  In order to do so they
    must possess a reagent, reactant and vessel (which in the case of potions
    is an Empty Flask).  Only certain combinations of reagents and reactants
    will combine to make a potion.  Combing a reactant and reagent that do not
    make a potion causes an explosion doing up to 20 points of fire damage.
    Mixing a potion you do not have enough skill to make will cause the potion
    to fizzle.  If either of these occur all mixed items are lost.  The
    following list details all potions and the required ingredients. The number 
    in brackets after the name of the potion is the minimum alchemy skill
    required to produce that potion.  Potions with multiple levels are
    automatically made at the best level possible.
    Healing Elixir I = Willow Sap + Sulfur
    Healing Elixir II (5) = Willow Sap + Sulfur
    Healing Elixir III (10) = Willow Sap + Sulfur
    Mana Potion I = Mandrake Root + Acid
    Mana Potion II (5) = Mandrake Root + Acid
    Mana Potion III (10) = Mandrake Root + Acid
    Potion of Cat's Eyes = Willow Sap + Bromine
    Potion of Keensight = Ambergris + Acid
    Leatherskin I (5) = Willow Sap + Serpent Venom
    Leatherskin II (10) = Willow Sap + Serpent Venom
    Leatherskin III (15) = Willow Sap + Serpent Venom
    Potion of Fortified Mana (5) = Mandrake Root + Bromine
    Potion of Stoneskin (5) = Jelly Fungus + Serpent Venom
    Potion of Greater Protection (5) = Ectoplasm + Sulfur
    Invisibility I (10) = Ectoplasm + Charcoal
    Invisibility II (15) = Ectoplasm + Charcoal
    Demon Oil I (5) = Ambergris + Sulfur
    Demon Oil II (10) = Ambergris + Sulfur
    Demon Oil III (15) = Ambergris + Sulfur
    Potion of Haste I (5) = Mandrake Root + Mercury
    Potion of Haste II (10) = Mandrake Root + Mercury
    Potion of Haste III (15) = Mandrake Root + Mercury
    Potion of Ogre Strength (5) = Jelly Fungus + Bromine
    Potion of Nimbleness (5) = Jelly Fungus + Mercury
    Potion of Cure Lesser Disease (5) = Belladonna + Charcoal
    Potion of Cure Greater Disease (10) = Belladonna + Charcoal
    Detox Serum (5) = Belladonna + Serpent Venom
    * Imbuing Equipment
    Alchemy can also be used to enhance equipment giving weapons a bonus to hit
    or to damage on weapons and to the armor value of protective gear.  The
    recipes and skill requirements are stated below.  Trying to imbue equipment
    with the wrong kind of bonus (a weapon bonus or armor or armor bonus on a
    weapon) causes an explosion.
    +1 requires alchemy 5 or higher
    +2 requires alchemy 10 or higher
    +3 requires alchemy 15 or higher
    Weapon Damage = Ectoplasm + Serpent Venom
    Weapon To Hit = Ectoplasm + Mercury
    Armor = Ectoplasm + Spider Silk
    * Short Blades
    Bone Dagger - 1 Damage, 0.5 lbs, 5 gold
    Iron Dagger - 1 Damage, 0.7 lbs, 24 gold
    Steel Dagger - 2 Damage, 0.8 lbs, 85 gold
    Hive Queen Stinger - 2 Damage, 1.0 lbs, 180 gold, Poisoned
    Stiletto - 3 Damage, 0.8 lbs, 100 gold
    Sacrificial Dagger - 3 Damage, 1.5 lbs, 120 gold
    Mithril Dagger - 4 Damage, 1.0 lbs, 310 gold
    Adamantine Dagger - 5 Damage, 1.5 lbs, 450 gold
    * Swords
    Iron Short Sword - 2 Damage, 3.0 lbs, 30 gold
    Iron Falcata  - 3 Damage, 3.0 lbs, 135 gold
    Iron Long Sword - 3 Damage, 4.0 lbs, 160 gold
    Steel Gladius - 4 Damage, 3.5 lbs, 310 gold
    Steel Long Sword - 5 Damage, 4.5 lbs, 400 gold
    Steel Claymore - 7 Damage, 8.5 lbs, 850 gold
    Diamond Edged Claymore - 8 Damage, 9.0 lbs, 1650 gold
    Adamantine Great Sword - 9 Damage, 10.0 lbs, 2000 gold
    Divine Ore Great Sword - 10 Damage, 12.0 lbs, 2700 gold
    * Bludgeoning Weapons
    Wooden Cudgel - 1 Damage, 2.0 lbs, 2 gold
    Copper Hammer - 2 Damage, 3.0 lbs, 20 gold
    Iron Mace - 2 Damage, 3.0 lbs, 38 gold
    Mahogany Quarterstaff - 3 Damage, 3.0 lbs, 75 gold
    Iron Morning Star- 3 Damage, 4.0 lbs, 95 gold
    Flanged Mace - 4 Damage, 4.0 lbs, 280 gold
    Spiked Mace - 4 Damage, 5.0 lbs, 240 gold
    Adamantine War Hammer - 8 Damage, 8.0 lbs, 1800 gold
    Skullsplitter - 9 Damage, 8.0 lbs, 2500 gold
    * Cleaving Weapons
    Iron Hand Axe - 2 Damage, 2.0 lbs, 22 gold
    Machete - 2 Damage, 2.0 lbs, 30 gold
    Steel Kama - 3 Damage, 2.0 lbs, 220 gold
    Steel Battle Axe - 4 Damage, 3.0 lbs, 300 gold
    Mithral Battle Axe - 5 Damage, 4.0 lbs, 440 gold
    Executioner - 9 Damage, 6.0 lbs, 2500 gold
    * Bows
    Birch Short Bow - 1 Damage, 2.0 lbs, 50 gold
    Yew Longbow - 4 Damage, 5.0 lbs, 450 gold
    Recurved Longbow - 6 Damage, 4.0 lbs, 750 gold
    Composite Great Bow - 7 Damage, 7.0 lbs, 1200 gold
    Recurved Composite Great Bow - 8 Damage, 7.0 lbs, 1800 gold
    * Arrows
    Arrow - 0.1 lbs, 1 gold
    Steel Arrow - 0.2 lbs, 2 gold, +1 Damage
    Fight Arrow - 0.1 lbs, 4 gold, +2 To Hit, +1 Damage
    Assassin's Arrow - 0.1 lbs, 8 gold +3 To Hit, +3 Damage
    Diamond Head Arrow - 0.1 lbs, 30 gold, +5 To Hit, +4 Damage
    * Thrown Weapons
    Stone - 1 Damage, 0.2 lbs, 1 gold
    Iron Throwing Dart - 2 Damage, 0.2 lbs, 2 gold
    Steel Throwing Dart - 3 Damage, 0.2 lbs, 4 gold
    Penetrators - 4 Damage, 0.2 lbs, 10 gold
    Demon Oil I - 10 Damage, 0.3 lbs, 30 gold
    Demon Oil II - 20 Damage, 0.3 lbs, 60 gold
    Demon OIl III - 30 Damage, 0.3 lbs, 120 gold
    Flask of Incinerator Fuel - 0.3 lbs, 400 gold
    * Shields
    Wood Buckler - 1 Armor, 3.0 lbs, 10 gold
    Bronze Buckler  - 2 Armor, 5.0 lbs, 60 gold
    Small Steel Shield - 2 Armor, 3.0 lbs, 200 gold
    Large Steel Shield - 3 Armor, 6.0 lbs, 315 gold
    Adamantine Great Shield - 5 Armor, 10.0 lbs, 1750 gold
    * Light Helms
    Leather Skullcap - 1 Armor, 1.0 lbs, 10 gold
    Thinking Cap - 1 Armor, 1.0 lbs, 420 gold, +2 Intelligence
    Wizard's Hat - 1 Armor, 1.0 lbs, 5 gold
    Master Wizard's Hat - 1 Armor, 1.0 lbs, 450 gold, +3 Perception
    Grand Master Wizard's Hat - 2 Armor, 1.0 lbs, 1200 gold, +2 Perception,
    	+3 Elemental
    Steel Chainmail Coif- 3 Armor, 2.0 lbs, 250 gold
    * Heavy Helms
    Iron Half Helm - 3 Armor, 3.0 lbs, 220 gold
    Conquerer's Full Helm - 3 Armor, 6.0 lbs, 1800 gold, +2 Bludgeoning
    Steel Full Helm - 4 Armor, 4.5 lbs, 850 gold
    Grand Helm - 4 Armor, 5.0 lbs, 1000 gold
    Adamantine Great Helm - 5 Armor, 5.0 lbs, 2500 gold
    * Light Cloaks
    Light Cloak - 1.0 lbs, 5 gold
    Quality Cloak - 1 Armor, 1.0 lbs, 13 gold
    Survivalist's Cloak - 2 Armor, 1.0 lbs, 475 gold, +5 Survival
    Cloak of the Shadows - 2 Armor, 1.0 lbs, 800 gold, +3 Hide in Shadows
    Priest's Cloak - 1 Armor, 1.0 lbs, 980 gold, +3 Divination, +2 Wisdom
    * Heavy Cloaks
    * Light Torso
    Leather Jerkin - 1 Armor, 1.5 lbs, 15 gold
    Leather Armor of the Prowler - 2 Armor, 2.5 lbs, 525 gold, +4 Move
    Studded Leather Hauberk - 3 Armor, 3.0 lbs, 85 gold
    Chainmil Hauberk - 4 Armor, 4.0 lbs, 230 gold
    Diamond Studded Jerkin - 5 Armor, 3.0 lbs, 800 gold
    * Heavy Torso
    Hard Leather Banded Armor - 3 Armor, 5.0 lbs, 150 gold
    Steel Ring Mail Jerkin - 5 Armor, 8.0 lbs, 375 gold
    Iron Plate Armor - 7 Armor, 12.0 lbs, 500 gold
    Steel Plate Armor - 8 Armor, 12.0 lbs, 1000 gold
    * Light Arms
    Leather Gloves - 1 Armor, 0.3 lbs, 10 gold
    Swordsman's Gauntlets - 1 Armor, 0.3 lbs, 200 gold, +2 Swords
    Burglar's Leather Gloves - 1 Armor, 0.2 lbs, 250 gold, +3 Pick Locks
    Trapper's Gloves - 1 Armor, 0.2 lbs, 250 gold, +3 Skullduggery
    Steel Bracers - 3 Armor, 1.5 lbs, 450 gold
    * Heavy Arms
    Iron Bracers - 2 Armor, 2.0 lbs, 180 gold
    Iron Gauntlets of the Warlord - 3 Armor, 3.5 lbs, 700 gold, +5 To Hit, 
       +2 Damage
    Adamantine Plate Gauntlets - 5 Armor, 3.0 lbs, 1400 gold
    * Light Belts
    Leather Belt - 1 Armor, 1.0 lbs, 10 gold
    Strongman's Belt - 1 Armor, 1.0 lbs, 350 gold, +2 Strength
    * Heavy Belts
    Warlord's Plated Belt - 2 Armor, 4.0 lbs, 1000 gold, +2 Speed, +1 Amrour
    * Light Legs
    Hide Leggings - 1 Armor, 3.0 lbs, 32 gold
    Leather Leggings - 1 Armor, 4.0 lbs, 40 gold
    Diamond Studded Leggings - 5 Armor, 4.0 lbs, 1200 gold
    * Heavy Legs
    Splint Mail Leggings - 3 Armor, 7.0 lbs, 280 gold
    Chainmail Leggings - 3 Armor, 5.0 lbs, 310 gold
    Steel Plate Greaves - 5 Armor, 10.0 lbs, 850 gold
    * Light Footwear
    Leather Sandals - 1 Armor, 1.0 lbs, 10 gold
    Light Boots - 1 Armor, 2.0 lbs, 25 gold
    Scout's Sandals - 1 Armor, 1.0 lbs, 200 gold, +2 Cartography
    Healer's Sandals - 1 Armor, 1.0 lbs, 300 gold, +2 Divination
    * Heavy Footwear
    Iron Plated Boots - 3 Armor, 5.0 lbs, 200 gold
    Iron Spiked Boots - 3 Armor, 5.0 lbs, 320 gold, +2 Unarmed Combat
    Steel Plated Boots - 4 Armor, 5.0 lbs, 300 gold
    Mithril Alloy Chain Boots - 4 Armor, 2.0 lbs, 800 gold
    * Amulets
    Ivory Amulet - 0.1 lbs, 27 gold, +5 HP
    Wolves' Tooth Amulet - 0.1 lbs, 180 gold, +3 Cleaving Weapons
    Bitter Naga Amulet - 0.1, 180 gold, +20% Resist Toxins
    Compass - 0.1 lbs, 200 gold, +2 Cartography
    Gravedigger's Amulet - 0.1, 200 gold, Constant Gravedigger's Flame
    Ankh - 0.1 lbs, 220 gold, +10 HP, +1 Armor
    Mana Cache Amulet - 0.1 lbs, 220 gold, +2Mana
    Amulet of the Master Merchant - 0.1 lbs, 425 gold, +3 Mercantile
    Bloodlust Amulet - 0.1 lbs, 450 gold, +2 To Hit, +2 Strength
    Deadeye Pendant - 0.1 lbs, 470 gold, +2 Dexterity, +4 Thrown Weapons
    Zen Amulet - 0.1 lbs, 550 gold, +5 Meditation
    * Rings
    Copper Ring - 0.1 lbs, 3 gold
    Brass Ring - 0.1 lbs, 4 gold
    Mystic's Ring - 0.1 lbs, 355 gold, +2 Perception
    Ring of the Hawk - 0.1 lbs, 500 gold, +3 Spot Hidden
    Brewmaster's Ring - 0.1 lbs, 650 gold, +3 Alchemy
    Loremaster's Ring - 0.1 lbs, 1000 gold, +6 Lore
    Ring of the Assassin - 0.1, 1800 gold, +5 To Hit, +2 Damage
    * Gems
    Small Emerald - 0.1 lbs, 20 gold
    Small Ruby - 0.1 lbs, 30 gold
    Diamond Chip - 0.1 lbs, 100 gold
    Large Emerald - 0.1 lbs, 350 gold
    Large Ruby - 0.1 lbs, 450 gold
    Large Diamond - 0.1 lbs, 1800 gold
    * Tools
    Empty Flask - 0.1 lbs, 2 gold, used in making potions
    Lockpick - 0.1 lbs, 15 gold
    Map of Thaermore - 0.1 lbs, 5 gold, displays a map of the whole region
    Torch - 0.2 lbs, 2 gold, torches have their own menu slot
    Lantern - 5.0 lbs, 35 gold, mix with wick and oil to refuel
    * Books 
    The Alchemist's Cookbook I - 2.0 lbs, 15 gold, explains potion recipes
    The Alchemist's Cookbook II - 2.0 lbs, 50 gold, explains potion recipes
    The Alchemist's Cookbook III - 2.0 lbs, 75 gold, explains potion recipes
    Imbuing Your Equipment - 2.0 lbs, 75 gold, explains enchanting equipment
    Sam's Guide to Demon Oil - 0.1 lbs, 50 gold, explains demon oil recipe
    Elements of Magick - 2.0 lbs, 50 gold, teaches Arcane, Elemental
    * Scrolls
    Scroll of Fleshboil - 0.1 lbs, 150 gold, learn the spell Fleshboil
    Scroll of Fire Dart - 0.1 lbs, 150 gold, learn the spell Fire Dart
    Scroll of Divine Heal - 0.1 lbs, 150 gold, learn the spell Divine Heal
    Scroll of Entangle - 0.1 lbs, 150 gold, learn the spell Entangle
    Scroll of Bless - 0.1 lbs, 150 gold, learn the spell Bless
    Scroll of Leatherskin - 0.1 lbs, 150 gold, learn the spell Leatherskin
    Scroll of Cat's Eyes - 0.1 lbs, 150 gold, learn the spell Cat's Eyes
    Scroll of Gravedigger's Flame - 0.1 lbs, 150 gold, learn the spell
      Gravedigger's Flame
    Scroll of Air Shield - 0.1 lbs, 150 gold, learn the spell Air Shield
    Scroll of Element Armor - 0.1 lbs, 150 gold, learn the spell Element Armor
    Scroll of Predator Sight - 0.1 lbs, 150 gold, learn the spell Predator
    Scroll of Reveal Map - 0.1 lbs, 150 gold, learn the spell Reveal Map
    Scroll of Dancing Lights - 0.1 lbs, 150 gold, learn the spell Dancing
    Scroll of Sonic Blast - 0.1 lbs, 150 gold, learn the spell Sonic Blast
    Scroll of Detox - 0.1 lbs, 150 gold, learn the spell Detox
    Scroll of Lore - 0.1 lbs, 150 gold, learn the spell Lore
    Scroll of Lock Melt - 0.1 lbs, 150 gold, learn the spell Lock Melt
    Scroll of Ogre Strength - 0.1 lbs, 500 gold, learn the spell Ogre Strength
    Scroll of Nimbleness - 0.1 lbs, 500 gold, learn the spell Nimbleness
    Scroll of Cure Disease - 0.1 lbs, 500 gold, learn the spell Cure Disease
    Scroll of Compress Atmosphere - 0.1 lbs, 500 gold, learn the spell Compress
    Scroll of Sunder Flesh - 0.1 lbs, 500 gold, learn the spell Sunder Flesh
    Scroll of Portal - 0.1 lbs, 500 gold, learn the spell Portal
    Scroll of Deep Freeze - 0.1 lbs, 500 gold, learn the spell Deep Freeze
    Scroll of Fireball - 0.1 lbs, 500 gold, learn the spell Fireball
    Scroll of Haste - 0.1 lbs, 500 gold, learn the spell Haste
    Scroll of Turn Undead - 0.1 lbs, 500 gold, learn the spell Turn Undead
    Scroll of Charm - 0.1 lbs, 500 gold, learn the spell Charm
    Scroll of Poison Spray - 0.1 lbs, 500 gold, learn the spell Poison Spray
    Scroll of Trapkill - 0.1 lbs, 500 gold, learn the spell Trapkill
    Scroll of Enkindle Weapon - 0.1 lbs, 500 gold, learn the spell Enkindle
    Scroll of Enchant Weapon - 0.1 lbs, 500 gold, learn the spell Enchant
    Scroll of Stoneskin - 0.1 lbs, 500 gold, learn the spell Stoneskin
    Scroll of Chameleon - 0.1 lbs, 500 gold, learn the spell Chameleon
    Scroll of Invisibility - 0.1 lbs, 900 gold, learn the spell Invisibility
    Scroll of Supernova - 0.1 lbs, 900 gold, learn the spell Supernova
    Scroll of Dehex - 0.1 lbs, 900 gold, learn the spell Dehex
    Scroll of Mass Boil - 0.1 lbs, 900 gold, learn the spell Mass Boil
    Scroll of Smite - 0.1 lbs, 900 gold, learn the spell Smite
    * Reactants
    Sulfur - 0.1 lbs, 8 gold
    Oil - 0.1 lbs, 10 gold
    Spider Silk - 0.1 lbs, 20 gold
    Acid - 0.1 lbs, 25 gold
    Charcoal - 0.1 lbs, 35 gold
    Mercury - 0.1 lbs, 35 gold
    Bromine - 0.1 lbs, 40 gold
    Serpent Venom - 0.1 lbs, 45 gold
    * Reagents
    Cotton Wick - 0.1 lbs, 2 gold, used to refill lanterns
    Ash - 0.1 lbs, 7 gold
    Willow Sap - 0.1 lbs, 10 gold
    Jelly Fungus - 0.1 lbs, 25 gold
    Ambergris - 0.1 lbs, 25 gold
    Mandrake Root - 0.1 lbs, 30 gold
    Belladonna - 0.1 lbs, 42 gold
    Ectoplasm - 0.1 lbs, 100 gold
    * Potions
    All potions turn into an Empty Flask when drunk.
    Healing Elixir I - 0.3 lbs, 30 gold, +15 HP
    Healing Elixir I - 0.3 lbs, 45 gold, +40 HP
    Healing Elixir I - 0.3 lbs, 100 gold, +100 HP
    Mana Potion I - 0.3lbs, 30 gold, +15 Mana
    Mana Potion II - 0.3lbs, 45 gold, +40 Mana
    Mana Potion III - 0.3lbs, 100 gold, +100 Mana
    Potion of Keensight - 0.3 lbs, 100 gold, +8 T Hit for 100 rounds
    Potion of Cat's Eyes - 0.3 lbs, 30 gold, Cat's Eyes for 200 rounds
    Leatherskin I - 0.3 lbs, 20 gold, +2 Armor for 100 rounds
    Leatherskin II - 0.3 lbs, 40 gold, +4 Armor for 100 rounds
    Leatherskin III - 0.3 lbs, 30 gold, +6 Armor for 100 rounds
    Potion of Fortified Mana - 0.3 lbs, 80 gold, halves Mana cost for 10 rounds
    Potion of Stoneskin - 0.3 lbs, 180 gold, +8 Armor for 160 rounds
    Potion of Greater Protection - 0.3 lbs, 150 gold, increases resistances for
      120 rounds
    Invisibility I - 0.3 lbs, 40 gold, invisibility for 10 rounds
    Invisibility II - 0.3 lbs, 90 gold, invisibility for 20 rounds
    Potion of Haste I - 0.3 lbs, 20 gold, haste (act twice per round) for 30
    Potion of Haste II - 0.3 lbs, 40 gold, haste for 40 rounds
    Potion of Haste III - 0.3 lbs, 90 gold, haste for 50 rounds
    Potion of Ogre Strength - 0.3 lbs, 150 gold, +15 Strength for 120 rounds
    Potion of Nimbleness - 0.3 lbs, 150 gold, +15 Dexterity for 120 rounds
    Potion of Cure Lesser Disease - 0.3 lbs, 110 gold, cures dungeon fever,
      rusty knuckles and eye fungus
    Potion of Cure Greater Disease - 0.3 lbs, 400 gold, cure blister pox,
      insanity fever and fleshrot
    Detox Serum - 0.3 lbs, 30 gold, cures poison
    * Consumables
    Bottle of Wine - 0.3 lbs, 6 gold
    Bottle of Rare Vintage Wine - 0.3 lbs, 110 gold
    Bread - 0.1 lbs, 2 gold
    Salted Fish - 0.1 lbs, 5 gold
    * Miscellaneous
    Rope Belt - 0.5 lbs, 1 gold, can wear as a belt
    Tattered Breeches - 1.0 lbs, 1 gold
    Spices - 0.1 lbs, 20 gold
    Salt - 0.1 lbs, 20 gold
    Silverware - 0.1 lbs, 40 gold
    Fine Porcelain Plate - 0.5 lbs, 60 gold
    Femur - 0.5 lbs, 1 gold
    Skull - 0.4 lbs, 5 gold
    Weapon Fragments - 0.2 lbs, 0 gold
    *Quest Items & Keys
    Sealed Note - 0.1/0
    Giant Skull - 9.0 lbs, 0 gold, Quest Item
    Crux of Ages - 3.0 lbs, ? gold, Quest Item
    Easter Egg - 0.1 lbs, 0 gold, collect three to gain a level at Shadowmirk
    Widget - 0.1 lbs, 0 gold
    * Monster Name
    Description of the monster
    HP: how many hit points it has
    XP: how much experience you get for beating it
    To Hit: the creatures to hit ability and base chance to hit you (based on 
      an Armor rating of 0)
    Damage: Maximum damage dealt by the monster's attack
    Armor: the creature's Armor rating (your chance to hit a monster is 50%
      plus 3% times your to hit stat minus 2% times the monster's Armor)
    Special: Any special abilities it has
    Description on fighting the monster including recommended tactics.
    * Acid Grub
    A brown chitinous bug.
    HP: 70
    XP: 160
    To Hit: 25 (125%)
    Damage: 12
    Armor: 24
    Special: Acid
    When you kill an Acid Grub it splashes acid around it.  This damages other
    enemies (10-20 points) that are right beside it. It also has a chance of
    destroying a random piece of your equipment if you happen to be right
    beside it when it dies.  Generally you have good odds of avoiding it, but
    it would still be best to kill them with ranged attacks.  They are also
    very slow, so run if they get too close.
    * Barrea Mercenary
    A heavily armed human.
    HP: 90
    XP: 165
    To Hit: 25 (125%)
    Damage: 14
    Armor: 26
    Mercenaries are a lot tougher than thugs or goblins.  If you like to
    explore you may find you run into them before you are really ready to
    handle them.  Even at higher levels it is best not to hold back against
    them.  Use spells or potions and do not be afraid to run away and rest
    if you need to.
    * Bloodsipper
    An unusually large bat.
    HP: 20
    XP: 25
    To Hit: 7 (71%)
    Damage: 4
    Armor: 8
    Special: Flight
    Bloodsippers are fairly weak, but tend to come in groups.  Early on you
    may want to at lest weaken them with ranged attacks.  Also they fly so
    you cannot lure them into traps.
    * Dimensional Eye
    A large floating eyeball.
    HP: 80
    XP: 2500
    Damage: 15
    Armor: 25
    Special: Magic Attack, Flight, Divine Resistance
    Dimensional Eyes can be nasty.  They have a ranged magic attack, which Air
    Shield cannot block.  Even at high levels they can cause some serious pain
    for your character.  Use your strongest attack along with bless and haste
    to defeat them.
    * Dirachnid
    A huge black spider.
    HP: 250
    XP: 2500
    To Hit: 27 (131%)
    Damage: 20
    Armor: 30
    Special: Paralysis, Divine Resistance
    Gramuk turns into this after you beat him.  Its bite is quite strong and
    the poison paralyses you for a few turns if it affects you, which can be
    quite devastating.  Dirachnid moves slowly though, so ranged attacks are
    a good option, except Divine spells, which Dirachid resists a lot more
    often than Elemental spells.  Dirachnid is tough, but not too difficult if
    you avoid having to fight him and the Giant Arachnids at the same time.
    * Fanged Salamander
    A small red amphibian.
    HP: 10
    XP: 8
    To Hit: 4 (62%)
    Damage: 3
    Armor: 4
    Pretty basic enemy.  Even at level one with an unskilled weapon most
    characters should be able to fight at least one of these monsters in hand
    to hand combat without much trouble.
    * Fungal Slime
    A small blob of green bubbles.
    HP: 25
    XP: 35
    To Hit: 10 (80%)
    Damage: 4
    Armor: 6
    Special: Ranged Attack, Divine Resistance
    A weak monster with a ranged attack.  They can only shoot their slime a
    few square however so either use Air Shield to null their attacks or shoot
    them from further away.  They do tend to resist divine magic, so try to
    avoid casting it on them.
    * Giant Arachnid
    A large spider.
    HP: 70
    XP: 150
    To Hit: 22 (116%)
    Damage: 12
    Armor: 20
    Special: Poison
    By the time you fight them, giant spiders are not too threatening, but
    they are poisonous, so keep Detox potions or spells handy. You may also
    want to stick to ranged attacks.
    * Goblin Archer
    A green humanoid with a bow.
    HP: 45
    XP: 80
    To Hit: 17 (101%)
    Damage: 6
    Armor 10
    Special: Ranged attack, drops treasure
    Goblin archers are likely the first creature you will encounter with a
    good ranged attack.  They like to shoot at you from far away, so the best
    way of dealing with them is by casting Air Shield if you can.  They will
    also drop treasure, but its only arrows are far as I can tell.
    * Goblin Bombthug
    A green humanoid with a barrel with red Xs.
    HP: 15
    XP: 60
    Damage: 45
    Armor: 12
    Special: Explodes!
    * Goblin Hacker
    A green humanoid with a sword.
    HP: 40
    XP: 55
    To Hit: 13 (89%)
    Damage: 8
    Armor: 13
    Special: Drops treasure
    These are average melee fighters and you will end up fighting many of them
    in the course of the game.  Use your usual kind of attacks against them.
    Goblin hackers are a great enemy to butcher for treasure.
    * Goblin Warlord
    A green humanoid in heavy Armor with a sword.
    HP: 75
    XP: 250
    To Hit: 23 (119%)
    Damage: 13
    Armor: 25
    Warlords are a bit tougher than regular Goblin Hackers, so it can be a good
    idea to use potions or spells to buff yourself when fighting them.
    * Gramuk
    A green humanoid with a staff.
    HP: 45
    XP: 100
    Damage: 22
    Armor: 15
    Special: Summon, Transform, Magic Attack
    The infamous goblin shaman.  Unless you bluff him in conversation or attack
    before talking he will summon four Giant Arachnids.  He attacks with Deep
    Freeze, which does cold elemental damage.  Prepare yourself with all your
    buff spells and potions before talking to him.  Melee combatants will also
    want to stand next to him.  Divine spells are not recommended as Gramuk
    frequently resists them. All in all Gramuk himself is much easier to kill
    than might be expected, except he turns into a Dirachnid upon death.
    * Hive Drone
    A large bee.
    HP: 40
    XP: 60
    To Hit: 12 (86%)
    Damage: 9
    Armor: 14
    Special: Flight
    Hive Drones are a bit tougher than goblins.  Try not to let them gang up
    on you until you are stronger than them.
    * Hive Queen
    An enormous bee.
    HP: 100
    XP: 500
    To Hit: 24 (122%)
    Damage: 10
    Armor: 24
    Special: Flight, Paralysis
    The Hive Queen can be a nasty piece of work with her ability to paralyze
    your character.  Aside from buffing or using ranged attacks, the easiest
    way to beat her is to lure her to the explosive barrels and then set them
    * Noximander
    A large green amphibian.
    HP: 35
    XP: 45
    To Hit: 10 (80%)
    Damage: 7
    Armor: 11
    Special: Poison
    Noximanders are most likely the first poisonous creature you encounter and
    are tough compared to the enemies around them at first.  Ranged Attacks
    are best against them because poison can be deadly early on when you are
    unlikely to have regular access to Detox spells or potions.  The best you
    can do is rest and/or cure yourself until the poison goes away.
    * Poltergeist
    Floating white wisps.
    HP: 60
    XP: 190
    To Hit: 19 (107%)
    Damage: 12
    Armor: 16
    Special: Flight, Curse, Elemental Resistance, drops treasure
    Poltergeists are a bit tricky.  They can inflict curses if they hit you
    and are resistant to elemental damage, so the best way to destroy them is
    with Divine magic or with arrows.  They also drop ectoplasm consistently,
    which is a good reason to hunt them down if you want to augment your
    equipment.  The Dehex spell is rather difficult to obtain unless you
    focused on Divine magic and costs a lot of Mana, so it would be best not to
    get cursed at all.
    * Raptor
    A dinosaur.
    HP: 95
    XP: 110
    To Hit: 24 (122%)
    Damage: 12
    Armor: 22
    Barron's Thicket looks like Jurassic Park.  Early on Raptors are tough,
    but by the time you get the quest to go to Barron's thicket they should
    be easy.  Its easiest just to avoid them early on, but if you want to fight
    them, consider softening them up with ranged attacks and make sure to buff
    with potions or spells.  Also do not let them gang up on you.
    * Skeleton
    An animated skeleton.
    HP: 50
    XP: 90
    To Hit: 18 (104%)
    Damage: 10
    Armor: 17
    Usually by the time you encounter them, they are easy to kill.  At least
    compared to the monsters around them.
    * Spire Guard
    A heavily armed human.
    HP: 300
    XP: 400
    To Hit: 27 (131%)
    Damage: 15
    Armor: 28
    The ultimate test of how powerful you are, you fight these elite soldiers
    if you kill the chancellor and there are 16 of them.  The best tactic is
    to haste, run around them back to the room where you are supposed to place
    the Crux of Ages and uses the lever to crush them with the portcullis.
    Which is a bit too easy compared with actually fighting them, so you will
    not get destroyer status if you do this.
    * Taurex
    A minotaur.
    HP: 145
    XP: 185
    To Hit: 28 (134%)
    Damage: 16
    Armor: 29
    Nasty, nasty creatures.  Even at high levels I suggest using potions or
    magic to buff yourself.  Especially Haste and Leatherskin or Stoneskin.
    Also, you would think they might drop treasure since they carry axes.
    They don't.  Makes resting annoying, although if you really specialized
    they might be easy by that point.
    * Thug
    A human dressed up like a pirate.
    HP: 40
    XP: 50
    To Hit: 13 (89%)
    Damage: 7
    Armor: 13
    Special: Drops treasure
    Thugs are probably going to be the first enemy you encounter that drops
    * Walking Corpse
    A grey hunchbacked humanoid that wants to eat your brain.
    HP: 55
    XP: 85
    To Hit: 15 (95%)
    Damage: 8
    Armor: 7
    Special: Disease, Divine Resistance
    If you get injured by one of these guys you might catch a disease.  Other
    than that they are slow but fairly hardy.  Ranged attacks work best and its
    always a good idea to have something that cures disease handy if you think
    you might run into them.
    I'd like to thank to Basilisk Games for making Eschalon, most of the work
    for this FAQ was done directly from the game itself.
    I also want to thank Neil for letting me use his copy of the game.
    And a special thanks to Megan for all she's done for me.
    2/9/2008 - Version 1.00
      Included general character creation walkthrough, enemy list, partial item
    2/16/2008 - Version 1.10
      Added alchemy, magic, map, spire guards and more items.
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