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    Portraits/Passwords Guide by pixelblues

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    *                  HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX                  *
    *                         Portraits & Passwords Guide                         *
    *                                    v1.00                                    *
    A.     Introduction & How to Use This Guide
    B.     Version History
    C.     Portraits & Passwords
           1)   Grand Staircase <-> Gryffindor Common Room
                "Mimbulus mimbletonia"
           2)   Grand Staircase <-> Second Floor
                "Studious success"
           3)   Library <-> Fourth Floor
                "No news is good news"
           4)   Grand Staircase <-> Transfiguration Courtyard
                "Dragon's egg"
           5)   Grand Staircase <-> Floor 3/Clock Tower
                "Chops and gravy"
           6)   Grand Staircase <-> Boathouse
                "This password is absurd"
           7)   Herbology Corridor <-> Fifth Floor
                "Flaming earwigs"
           8)   Viaduct Entrance <-> First Floor
                "Volo futurus unus"
           9)   Third Floor <-> Second Floor
           10)  Seventh Floor <-> Fourth Floor
                "Three heads are better than one"
           11)  Grand Staircase (Dungeon level) <-> Seventh Floor
                "Scurrilous scoundrel"
           12)  Dungeon Corridor <-> Dungeons
                "Slytherins are supreme"
    D.     Thanks to...
    E.     Legal & Contact Information
    Hogwarts: rich in history and texture, lore and lyricism. And now, in Harry
    Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, more fully realized than ever before in
    the video game series. The building is large and complex, the grounds are vast.
    And while that's easy to appreciate on an artistic level, it can make getting
    around quickly an absolute beast.
    Thus, the portraits.
    Scattered throughout the castle of Hogwarts are twelve sets of portraits. Each
    set guards useful passageways that are shortcuts hither and yon. They are quite
    handy if you wish to get around in a reasonable amount of time.
    In order to make use of these passages, however, you will have to win entry to
    each with a mini-quest. Three of the twelve are required to advance the main
    storyline, and it's pretty easy to gain entry to these. The rest, however, 
    range from the simple to the hopelessly obscure.
    Thus, this guide.
    This guide lists the portraits by the locations they connect. In each case,
    the location listed first is the one you need to interact with to begin the
    portrait mini-quest. So, for example, to begin the quest for Giffard Abbott's
    Grand Staircase <-> Transfiguration Courtyard passageway, you need to approach
    his portrait on the Grand Staircase.
    Directions that call for spells to be used list the spells in caps. For
    example, INCENDIO must be used to clear cobwebs from one of the portraits.
    Finally, there are a few portraits whose quests are either part of the
    storyline or may not be completed until certain conditions are met. Portraits
    #10-12 are listed in the order they may be completed.
    Happy travels and good gaming!
    Version 1.00:     First version of the Portraits & Passwords Guide posted.
    1)   Grand Staircase   <->   Gryffindor Common Room
         "Mimbulus mimbletonia"
    The infamous "Fat Lady" is the first portrait whose password you will discover.
    She is unique to the game in that she has only one portrait. Her password is
    also required to advance the plot of the main storyline.
    All Gryffindors should have this password. Ron, however, doesn't remember it. 
    (Presumably there was something shiny outside the train window during this
    portion of his prefect briefing.) Turn around and ask the Gryffindor student
    standing behind you to gain the password.
    2)   Grand Staircase   <->   Second Floor
         "Studious success"
    This portrait of a portly scholar is also required to advance the storyline. He
    wishes to test your ability to gather information. Specifically, you must find
    out from a first-year Ravenclaw student where House founder Rowena Ravenclaw
    came from.
    Go downstairs to the Entrance Hall, where you will find a girl with a Ravenclaw
    blue stripe on her sweater. She will tell you that Rowena Ravenclaw came from
    the glens.
    Return this information to the portrait to gain this portrait's password. You
    may now seek the other portraits' passwords.
    3)   Library   <->   Fourth Floor
         "No news is good news"
    This portrait of a man in a pointed cap asks for the headline of the current
    Daily Prophet. If prompted further, he suggests getting the paper from an owl
    in the Great Hall. He doesn't know quite how, but surely you can figure it out!
    Go to the Great Hall and move to the far end. Target the headmasters lectern
    and cast ACCIO on it. A trio of owls will swoop down from the ceiling in a
    brief cutscene. One will drop a newspaper on the floor. Pick it up, then return
    to the portrait in the library and make your report to gain access to this
    4)   Grand Staircase   <->   Transfiguration Courtyard
         "Dragon's egg"
    The portrait of Giffard Abbott, a nobleman with his dog, only likes Hufflepuff
    students. You'll need to prevail on a member of that house to share the info.
    Find any student with a Hufflepuff yellow-striped sweater and interact with
    them. (There are always a few in the Great Hall, if you're stumped.) They'll
    remember that you helped Cedric Diggory during last year's Triwizard Tournament
    and give you the password in his honor.
    Return to the portrait to receive access.
    5)   Grand Staircase   <->   Third Floor/Clock Tower
         "Chops and gravy"
    The way to this medieval lady's heart is through her painted stomach. She
    requests that you ask Giffard Abbott (portrait #4) to send her some food; she
    simply can't talk about passwords while she's so hungry.
    Head down to Giffard's portrait (the camera will pan to it briefly) and speak
    to him. He'll agree to have food sent to Damara Dodderidge.
    Return to her with the good news, and she'll share her password with you.
    6)   Grand Staircase   <->   Boathouse
         "This password is absurd"
    This poetic portrait of a man in red refuses to speak in anything but rhymes
    and riddles. He'll tell you to seek "the man with faces three". In fact, the
    three-faced man is a portrait that hangs in three locations within the castle.
    To find the one that concerns you, however, go to the seventh floor and look
    around for the portrait of a black-robed man.
    The black-robed man will send you to someone called Basil Fronsac. This is the
    "studious success" portrait (#2) on the Grand Staircase. Go and speak to him.
    He will send you to find a portrait of a shepherdess, with the vague comment
    that she is on the second floor landing. This is a bit deceptive. In fact, you
    need tohead to the second floor and onwards as if you are going to Herbology.
    When you come to the broad stone stairway down to the greenhouses, stop on the
    second landing down. There you should see a tall, gilt-framed portrait of a
    shepherdess with her flock behind her. Step up to her and speak to her.
    The shepherdess will direct you to Google Stump, the portrait who hangs in the
    Viaduct Entrance. At the bottom of the main staircase there, look to the right
    to spot him.
    He will, in turn, pass you off to good old Giffard Abbott, the "dragon's egg"
    portrait (#4) on the Grand Staircase. Abbott, thank goodness, knows the
    password is absurd, in more ways than one.
    Return to the ridiculous rhymester who started this frustrating folderol and
    he will, at last, grant you access.
    7)   Herbology Corridor   <->   Fifth Floor
         "Flaming earwigs"
    This portrait of a rather nervous gentleman is hung in the Herbology corridor
    opposite a big, creepy eye. He wants the eye gone...and who can blame him?
    To soothe him into giving you his password, cast REPARO on the two broken suits
    of armor to either side of the eye. A banner will unroll, shielding the eye
    from view (and eliciting some rather amusing complaints from its owner).
    Talk to the portrait again and he will gratefully tell you his password.
    8)   Viaduct Entrance   <->   First Floor
         "Volo futurus unus"
    This portrait of a man capped and gowned in rusty red has guarded his password
    so faithfully that, in fact, no one knows it. When it's pointed out to him that
    this means he isn't actually doing his job (it's not really a passage if no one
    can pass through it), he'll agree to share it with you...
    Only you.
    He won't speak to you unless all the other students are cleared from the area.
    (Ron and Hermione can stay.) Turn around and you'll see two students standing
    behind you. Draw and hold your wand on them, and they'll run away. Voila.
    Talk to the portrait again to receive this most secret password.
    9)   Third Floor   <->   Second Floor
    This portrait of a black-robed man hasn't heard his password in fifty years. In
    fact, it's been so long that he can't remember it, either. To unearth it,
    you'll have to consult with someone who was here fifty years ago. Why not ask a
    Go to Myrtle's Bathroom and ask her for the password, then return to the
    absent-minded portrait and remind him of it. Safe passage will be yours.
    10)  Seventh Floor   <->   Fourth Floor
         "Three heads are better than one"
    *** This portrait's quest may not be completed until you have learned to cast
    INCENDIO ***
    The man with three faces can be found on the seventh floor. He'll require you
    to find "himself"--that is, another of his portraits, whose presence is heard
    but not seen during his dialogue!
    Go to the fourth floor. Up the stairs from portrait #3, move straight along the
    hall to the small wooden door and pass through it. The counterpart to the
    seventh-floor portrait is obscured by a cobweb. Target it and burn the nasty
    film away with INCENDIO, then speak to the revealed portrait to gain access to
    this passageway.
    11)  Grand Staircase (Dungeon level)   <->   Seventh Floor
         "Scurrilous scoundrel"
    *** This portrait's quest may not be completed until after speaking to Hannah
    Abbott during the gathering of Dumbledore's Army ***
    This passageway, guarded by the portrait of a red-bearded astronomer, must be
    opened during the course of the main storyline. While gathering the DA, seek
    out Hannah Abbott at the Dungeon level of the Grand Staircase. She refuses to
    come while there's a risk of being caught. You'll need to find a safe, secret
    passage for her.
    Go up the stairs at the far end of the room, where you'll find a portrait on
    the first landing. Speak to him to secure both his password and Hannah's
    12)  Dungeon Corridor   <->   Dungeons
         "Slytherins are supreme"
    *** This portrait's quest may not be completed until you have gained access to
    the invisibility cloak by completing Ginny Weasley's quest during the gathering
    of Dumbledore's Army ***
    This portrait of a rather nasty Slytherin witch guards a Slytherin-exclusive
    passageway. Or so she thinks. Speak to her in the Dungeon Corridor and she will
    tauntingly invite you to ask a Slytherin student for the password.
    Yeah. Right.
    Instead, retrieve the invisibility cloak from the Gryffindor Boys' Dormitory,
    then return to the corridor. Just inside, a pair of Slytherin first-years are
    complaining of being late to Potions unless they use the passageway. Follow
    them to the portrait and eavesdrop, then go stash your cloak again.
    Go back to the portrait and rub her nose in your cunning; she will be forced to
    grant you grudging access.
    D.     THANKS TO...
    If you have read this guide, thank you. My goal was and is just to write
    something that would be useful to fellow gamers; if I've done that, that's good
    enough for me.
    I would also especially like to thank all those who have contributed to this
    guide in ways large or small, including those who declined credit. Kudos to all
    of you for continuing in the spirit of collaboration and free information...
    this is what makes the Internet great.
    So, thanks to... 
    The Lunabeanies -             for prompting me to scrawl out this little guide.
    Lunabeanie pottyweepotty -    for reminding me where the "forget-me-never"
                                  portrait is. Ironically, I forgot.
    Questions, comments, corrections, and suggestions related to this guide should
    be sent to papertruths [at] mac.com. Spam will result in the sender being
    immediately blocked, but I welcome all legitimate input.
    Thanks for reading the guide, and happy gaming! Now, on to the boilerplate:
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders. This guide is not authorized or
    endorsed by said trademark and copyright holders.
    This guide is the work of Michelle Croyle, copyright 2007, and may be used
    only for personal, private purposes. This guide may not be reproduced or
    distributed in whole or in part without the express written consent of the
    author. This guide is authorized for distribution through GameFAQs.com. Use of
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