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    FAQ/Walkthrough by engram_au

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/14/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    The Sims Life Stories
    by engram_au
    1.0 Introduction
    2.0 Riley's Story
        2.1  Chapter 1
        2.2  Chapter 2
        2.3  Chapter 3
        2.4  Chapter 4
        2.5  Chapter 5
        2.6  Chapter 6
        2.7  Chapter 7
        2.8  Chapter 8
        2.9  Chapter 9
        2.10 Chapter 10
        2.11 Chapter 11
        2.12 Chapter 12
    3.0 Vincent's Story
        3.1  Chapter 1
        3.2  Chapter 2
        3.3  Chapter 3
        3.4  Chapter 4
        3.5  Chapter 5
        3.6  Chapter 6
        3.7  Chapter 7
        3.8  Chapter 8
        3.9  Chapter 9
        3.10 Chapter 10
        3.11 Chapter 11
        3.12 Chapter 12
    1.0 Introduction
    This is my first FAQ so I'm going to keep it simple. I will assume that you
    either do the tutorial or have found out how to move around and interact with
    objects and sims in some way. I prefer to control what my sims eat, etc, so
    don't tend to use the hot keys. You will find an explanation of the hot keys
    in your game box.
    This walkthrough contains lots and lots of spoilers. It essentially goes through
    the entire storyline of both Riley and Vincent's stories. If this is not what
    you are looking for, then this is not the walkthrough for you.
    The Sims Life Stories is basically like a cut-down version of the Sims 2. There
    are plenty of FAQs out there covering the basics of how to play this game,
    covering controlling sims, needs, wants, building, etc, so I'm not going to
    waste time covering the same ground. The two things that are different are that
    SLS has goals in story mode and that once you finish story mode and move into
    free play the sims only have wants but no fears.
    A quick word about wants. You only need to fulfil the ones you want to. If a
    character wants to buy an object that is totally ridiculous like the bowling
    alley, you don't actually have to buy it. It's easy to fulfil other wants and
    keep their aspiration meter green, gold or platinum. You don't want them to go
    into aspiration failure but on the other hand you don't want them to have a
    bowling alley in their house, either. Fulfilling wants is a balancing act
    between what the sim wants and what they can actually have.
    This walkthrough should not appear anywhere but on www.gamefaqs.com. If you see
    it on another site please let me know.
    Have fun!
    2.0 Riley's Story
    Riley Harlow had been living in Sim City all her life, until she lost her job.
    Facing eviction, Riley turned to the one person she could count on, her aunt
    Sharon. Sharon had always been kind enough to help Riley out in a pinch, so
    Riley arranged to stay at her aunt’s house in the suburb of Four Corners until
    she was back on her feet. 
    When you first start Riley's Story the game will ask you if you want to do a
    tutorial on how to move, etc. It's up to you whether you want to do the tutorial
    or not. I'm not going to go through it because the game will lead you through
    everything you need to do.
    2.1 Chapter 1
    You start out with Riley being dropped off in front of Aunt Sharon's house by a
    taxi. There will be a short explanation about Story Rewards, needs, camera
    movements, etc. Read the information and click Continue for each of the 7 pages
    that come up.
    Goal: Welcome to Four Corners!
    Aunt Sharon will come out and kiss you.
    Goal: Hug Aunt Sharon.
    Click on Aunt Sharon and choose Hug... Friendly... The two characters on the
    screen will hug. Riley and Aunt Sharon will talk, then a car will drive up and
    Aunt Sharon will tell you that she has to take care of something at the bank and
    Goal: I'm hungry...
    You can just hit H to get Riley to go to the fridge and get some food or you can
    click on the fridge and choose Have a Snack... Have Breakfast... or Serve
    Tip: When you choose to Serve Breakfast... (or any other meal for that matter)
    the character prepares a meal that contains 6 servings. If you leave the food
    out for a long time it will spoil and you will have to clean up the dishes
    without being able to eat all 6 servings. However, if you put the uneaten
    portion in your sim's inventory the food will not spoil and you can take it out
    and serve again later. I like to keep at least one group meal in a sim's
    inventory so that if they don't have much time in the morning before going to
    work and they are hungry it's easy to serve up a meal quickly without having to
    wait for them to cook one. When the sim takes a plate from the serving, just
    pop the serving back in their inventory for use another time.
    The goal will roll over to the next one once Riley has satisfied enough of the
    hunger need. Getting a snack will work as well as getting breakfast and since
    she's not all that hungry eating a packet of chips is good enough to satsfy the
    Goal: Change of clothes.
    Riley says she wants to get changed. Click on the wardrobe and choose Plan
    Outfit... Everyday. Riley will open the wardrobe and you get to choose what she
    is going to wear from now on. Choose whatever you like.
    Once you are done, click on the tick and Riley will spin into her new duds.
    Goal: Change my appearance.
    Click on a mirror (there's one above the sink in both bathrooms) and choose
    Change Appearance. You can change Riley's hair, including the colour, give her
    a makeup makeover, put on glasses, etc. Change something, then click on the tick
    and the goal will roll over.
    Tip: If you change Riley's clothes, the sim portrait on the bottom of the screen
    will not reflect the change. If you want it to do so, just have Riley Change
    Appearance at any mirror, you don't have to actually change her appearance for
    this to work, then simply click on the tick and the portrait will reflect the
    way she looks now.
    Goal: Looks like I have some visitors.
    Some visitors will arrive on the lot. They are Mickey Smith, Fiona Fortuna and
    Agora Tchotchke. You will learn more about these people as the story progresses.
    Press G or click on one of the visitors and choose Greet Everyone. They will all
    nod, then Riley will look at Mickey and fan herself and a thought bubble with
    Mickey's face in it will appear above her head. She thinks Mickey is a bit of a
    hottie :)
    Fiona will approach Riley and give her a present - a coffee maker. Go to the
    rewards icon, select the coffee maker and place it somewhere in the kitchen.
    Time to talk to your guests. Have Riley concentrate on talking to Mickey, then
    once their daily relationship score improves a bit have her tell him a joke by
    choosing Entertain... Joke. This takes less time than chatting and increases the
    daily relationship by several points at a time.
    Once their relationship approaches 20, you will get the next goal.
    Goal: Tickle Mickey.
    Click on Mickey and select Play... Tickle and Riley will tickle Mickey.
    The characters will now hang out for a while. You might want Riley to serve
    lunch if she's getting hungry. If you click on the serving plate you can choose
    Call to Meal... Guests and everyone will sit down at the table and eat.
    Note that in this chapter you can't get the daily relationship with Mickey over
    51 so don't get frustrated when it doesn't go over that number.
    When you've had enough of hanging out with your guests, click on one of them and
    choose Say Goodbye to... Everyone. If Riley is tired, have her go to sleep. Or
    you can have her practice one of her skills. Cooking and charisma are good ones.
    This is the end of Chapter 1. At 6am you will get the chapter summary.
    2.2 Chapter 2
    I would recommend that you check Riley's lifetime want. In my case it was to
    "Become Mogul" (reach top of Entertainment career). To check the lifetime want
    mouse over the aspiration bar. It's just underneath the little figure showing a
    guy holding up two sacks. Riley is a Fortune aspiration sim. Most of her wants
    will have to do with earning money, progressing in her career and buying new and
    more expensive objects.
    Riley will just be hanging out around the house most of the morning. I would
    recommend that you have her work on her skills. Use a book to study cooking,
    cleaning or mechanical or the mirror to increase charisma.
    Goal: Will work for Simoleons.
    At about 10am Riley will decide that it looks like she's staying in Four Corners
    for a while so she might as well get a job. A paper boy or girl will have
    delivered a newspaper some time in the morning. Click on the newspaper that's on
    the front lawn and choose Find Job. Alternatively, you can click on the PC and
    choose find job. It's a good idea to choose the job that correlates to Riley's
    lifetime want. The newspaper will give you three choices, the PC will give you
    five. Either way, get her a job!
    Goal: Check my spam... er email
    Once she's got a job, Riley will wonder if she got any email from her friends
    back in Sim City. click on the PC and choose Check Email. What do you know?
    Looks like Aunt Sharon will be away for a while.
    Goal: Mickey, won't you come over?
    Riley will hang out for a bit then roll the goal to invite Mickey over to the
    house. To do this, click on the phone that's on the front wall next to the door
    and choose Call.. Sim. You can also press T or click on Riley and choose this.
    Select Mickey from the sims available to call, then choose Invite Over.
    Mickey will arrive shortly, bringing Agora with him. Apparently she wanted to
    tag along! She'll give you a plant so it's not all bad, right?
    Goal: Time to hit on Mickey Smith
    Riley decides that the date is going pretty well despite the third wheel that's
    hanging around. She's going to hit on Mickey.
    Build up your relationship with Mickey a bit. Keep checking the available Flirt
    interactions. Soon enough you should see Hit On as one of the options. Time to
    use it :) For me, the Hit On option appeared when Riley's lifetime relationship
    to Mickey (the bottom relationship bar) reached 22.
    Once you've used the Hit On social, Agora will fly into a rage and poke Riley.
    Goal: Shove Agora
    Well, Riley's not going to take this lying down! She decides that she's going
    to shove Agora. Use the various Irritate socials until Riley's relationship to
    Agora falls low enough for the Fight option to appear. When it's available, use
    Fight... Shove on Agora. This should happen at around -30 daily relationship.
    Agora says this isn't the last you heard from her and runs out. You can keep
    hanging around with Mickey or say goodbye. It's up to you, but yuor relationship
    to him will not grow beyond 61 daily no matter what you do at this stage.
    This is the end of Chapter 2. Time to go to bed and see what the new day will
    2.3 Chapter 3
    If you chose to put Riley in the Entertainment career, the car pool will arrive
    for her at 8am. It's important that she go to work happy to increase her chances
    of getting a promotion. Make her get up at 6am, then fulfil any needs that need
    it, usually toilet, shower (takes less time than a bath or bubble bath) and eat.
    You might also want to hire a maid. Cleaning up takes time and Riley should have
    enough money to cope with paying for a maid. When the car pool arrives, Riley
    should automatically change into a work outfit and leave the house. If she
    doesn't, just click on the car and choose Go to Work. You have an hour to leave
    the house from the time the car pool arrives. Don't be late!
    You won't get the next goal until after Riley gets back home from work.
    Goal: Phone Fiona Fortuna
    Riley is feeling a bit tense about the whole Agora thing and decides to call
    Fiona Fortuna and have a chat about it. Have her Call... Sim and choose Fiona
    from the selection, then choose Talk.
    Turns out Riley's old flame Dylan Kincaid is in town! Riley wonders what he's
    been up to.
    Nothing will happen for a little while, so have Riley practice painting to learn
    creativity or study some other skill. You will need creativity and charisma (and
    later logic) to progress in the Entertainment career so it's a good idea to get
    started improving those skills. You can sell the paintings Riley finishes or
    hang them on a wall. They increase in sale value as her creativity increases.
    Goal: Invite Mickey to the Starlight Cafe
    Riley needs to get Dylan off her mind so she decides to invite Mickey to the
    Starlight Cafe. Use your phone to Call... Transportation, then choose Invite Sim
    to Community Lot. Select Mickey from the choice of sims. He'll say he'd be
    delighted to meet you there. When the taxi arrives choose Starlight Cafe and
    Market as your destination.
    Note that you can't save on a community lot so in order to progress in the
    story you will need to wait for the game to prompt you to go home. If you leave
    before you complete all the goals, you will lose all progress with regard to
    that part of the story and will have to invite Mickey to the Cafe again and do
    all the Cafe-related goals again.
    When Riley and Mickey get out of the taxi, Mickey will ask her on a date and a
    little coloured plum-bob will appear above his head. You will not be able to
    control Mickey but he will follow Riley wherever she goes on the lot.
    Goal: Checkmate, Mr. Smith!
    Riley wants to play chess before dinner. Click on the chess table that's on the
    left side of the lot and choose Practice. Once Riley sits down to play, click on
    Mickey and choose Ask to Join. Mickey will sit down and play chess with Riley.
    Goal: Dinner is served
    Riley thinks the food smells great. Better get some dinner before she starts
    slobbering all over Mickey!
    First, click on the podium on the right side of the lot and choose Be Seated. If
    you choose Be Seated at Counter the characters end up behind a tree and you'll
    have to rotate the camera angle in order to be able to see them.
    Once your characters are seated they will take out a menu and a thought bubble
    above their head will indicate what food they would like to have. You can choose
    to order this food or something else altogether. It's up to you and it doesn't
    really matter what you decide to order. Click on the waitress to order the food,
    then click Done Ordering when you have finished and she will go to the kitchen,
    then bring the food to the characters.
    When they are done eating, click on the podium again and choose Pay Bill. This
    will complete the goal.
    Goal: Time for dessert!
    Riley wants to kiss Mickey to top off a great meal. Click on Mickey and choose
    Kiss... First Kiss. A small cutscene will play, showing our duo having a kiss.
    Mickey is so impressed that he gives our heroine a rose. Awwwww... Riley decides
    she's had such a great time she can't even remember whatsisface any more :)
    Goal: Is this love?
    Use either Riley's cell phone or the phone booth to call a taxi and go home.
    Once you go home, you can have Riley hang around for a bit, then go to bed,
    ready to start a new day. Note that you arrive at almost the same time as you
    left the house, so you might have quite a few hours left in the day but Riley
    might be quite tired. You can have her drink some coffee to boost her energy bar
    or have her go to bed. As long as you do not queue up any actions she will sleep
    until 6am.
    The game will announce that you have now unlocked Vincent's Story.
    2.4 Chapter 4
    When she gets home from work the next day riley gets a call from Dylan Kincaid.
    He heard that she was in town and how about if he comes over for dinner at 8pm?
    Time to panic and learn some more about cooking!
    Goal: Into the frying pan!
    Riley needs to reach cooking level 4. If you took my advice earlier and had her
    study a bit of cooking it shouldn't take her too long to complete this goal or
    she may even have cooking level 4 already.
    Dylan will show up just after 8pm. Have Riley greet him.
    Goal: Give Dylan a romantic kiss
    Dylan gives Riley a light kiss and she's flooded with memories of his hot lips.
    Click on Dylan and choose Kiss... Romantic. Riley has a few qualms about doing
    this but it's not exactly as though she's dating Mickey exclusively or
    anything... Perhaps she shouldn't question it?
    Goal: Dinner time
    Choose to Serve Dinner by clicking on the fridge or stove. When Riley serves it
    up, click on the main plate and choose to call guests to dinner. Once they
    finish, Riley will put the dishes in the dishwasher and the goal will be
    Goal: I hope I'm not too heavy now.
    Riley is too full to move and Dylan will need to carry her. Click on Dylan and
    choose Hug... Leap Into Arms. Dylan will give you a mirror as a housewarming
    gift. Riley thinks it's great that he bought it with her in mind but it's not
    yet time to start having serious feelings for Dylan. Time to say goodbye and go
    to sleep.
    2.5 Chapter 5
    You won't get the next goal until after Riley gets home from work. If you have
    enough money you may want to buy a guitar and place it somewhere in the house.
    It builds creativity faster than painting on the easel. Soon after Riley arrives
    home she will get a phone call from Mickey - would she like to hang out at Old
    Grove Park? You betcha!
    Goal: A good old fashioned date at the park
    Call a taxi. Beofre it arrives you may want Riley to change out of her work
    clothes and into everyday. Choose Old Grove Park as your destination when the
    taxi arrives.
    Mickey isn't there yet so Riley takes the time to think about the situation she
    has on her hands. So many boys, so little time... She is approached by Ahsley
    Sinclair who works with Dylan at the bank. Apparently Dylan won't stop talking
    about Riley.
    Finally Mickey shows up. He's got a phobia about grills - would Riley mind
    cooking up some hot dogs or hamburgers?
    Goal: I'll grill you!
    Click on the grill and choose to cook either hot dogs or hamburgers. It doesn't
    matter which you choose. Riley will then serve all the servings and other sims
    will eat the hot dogs or burgers but this isn't a glitch. The goal will be
    completed once she starts serving.
    Riley decides that Mickey is the man for her and that she'd like to tickle him
    Goal: Here comes the tickle troll!
    Click on Mickey and choose Play... Tickle.
    Goal: Swingset of love
    There's nothing more romantic than a couple playing on a swingset together.
    Click on the swingset and choose Swing. Riley will swing. It is not necessary
    for Mickey to actually get on the other swing. Once Riley gets off the swing,
    Mickey will ask her to be his girlfriend. Oh, joy!
    Goal: Making out in public? Sure!
    Click on Mickey and choose Kiss... Make out. It won't be available until the
    lifetime relationship with Mickey goes over 45 so keep interacting with him
    until the Make Out option is available. Mickey will give Riley a painting. Time
    to go home, hang out for a bit and go to sleep.
    2.6 Chapter 6
    You will have free time in the morning, until a little after 1pm. Take the time
    to study any skills Riley needs for a promotion, call a sim if she needs another
    friend in order to be promoted. Riley will then decide that she's out of shape.
    Goal: Invite Mickey to Lead's Gym
    Call Transportaion... Invite Sim to Community Lot and pick Mickey as the person
    to invite. Get changed into everyday if Riley is still in her PJs, then head out
    to the taxi.
    Goal: Pump me up!
    Bikini season is coming up and Riley wants to get into shape. Click on one of
    the treadmills (they help you earn body skill faster than the weight machines)
    and have Riley start running until she gains a body skill point. Mickey will
    show up and start running, too.
    Goal: Hot tub hijinks
    Riley's had enough and wants to relax in the hot tub with her new boyfriend.
    Click on the hot tub in the back left of the lot and have her get in. Then click
    on Mickey and choose Ask To Join.
    Oh, no! Here comes Dylan! This can't be good... He gets into the hot tub with
    our lovey dovey pair and ruins the mood by thanking Riley for a great night.
    Mickey's not too impressed. Just what does Dylan mean? When he tells Mickey to
    stay out of it, he launches himself at Dylan. Then breaks up with poor Riley.
    Goal: I think this outing is over
    All this is too much for Riley, who decides to go home and wallow in self-pity.
    At least she got a nifty statue from Lead's Gym.
    2.7 Chapter 7
    What's Dylan doing at Riley's house? And how did he get in? Never mind... She
    needs the company.
    Goal: I'm so charming!
    I've seen a bit of confusion over this goal. Some people say that you need to
    improve your charisma in order to complete it but this is not correct. What you
    actually need to do is click on Dylan and choose Flirt... Charm.
    Dylan says all sorts of tender and loving words. He's only ever been thinking of
    Riley, couldn't stop thinking about her after they split up in High School,
    he'll always be there for his one and only, blah blah blah. It's only fitting
    that Riley give him a tender kiss, isn't it?
    Goal: Tender kiss for a tender guy
    Click on Dylan and choose Kiss... Tender. Dylan is all overcome with emotion.
    They can set up family right here in Four Corners and live close by Aunt Sharon,
    since Riley is her favourite niece. Riley is a bit puzzled by the favourite
    nicece comment but decides that she'd like to make out with Dylan, anyway.
    Goal: Make out with Dylan
    Click on Dylan and choose Kiss... Make out. After that little interlude, Dylan
    suddenly says that he got a call from work and has to get going. But not before
    he gives Riley an "antique" rug. Looks spiffy in the bedroom :)
    Riley still can't get over the whole Mickey debacle. Let's hope he can forgive
    her... Time to take care of any needs that are getting low then go to bed.
    2.8 Chapter 8
    The next day the phone will ring at about 10am. It Fiona Fortuna and she tells
    Riley that Mickey and Agora are getting married! Riley, heartbroken, decides
    that she'll go shopping with Dylan and maybe get him to buy her some new
    Goal: Call Dylan
    Use the phone to Call... Sim, then pick Dylan and choose to talk to him. Do not
    invite him over, do not call transportation and ask him out. Just talk.
    Dylan begs off, saying he has to work. Puzzled, Riley sets off for the Corner
    Boutique on her own.
    Goal: Off to the boutique
    Call taxi, then pick The corner Boutique as your destination. Get changed into
    everyday if Riley is still in PJs.
    Goal: let's pretend I have money...
    Alas, Riley cannot buy anything for herself but she can try on some outfits.
    Click on one of the clothes racks and choose Try On... then choose a category.
    Do this twice, so Riley tries on 2 outfits.
    Just as she's finished who should arrive but Dylan! And what's he doing pinching
    Ashley's bottom? He shouldn't mess with Riley!
    Goal: The triumphant return of Riley "Black Eye" Harlow!
    Click on Dylan and choose Fight... Attack. Riley will give him a pounding. He
    was no-good scum, anyway! He tells Riley that she and her whining aunt will be
    sorry that they crossed him and conveniently leaves behind his wallet containg
    2000 simoleons. Time to go shopping!
    Goal: Finders keepers
    Riley now needs to spend at least 2000 simoleons on clothing. Click on one of
    the clothing racks and choose Buy... then pick a category. Everyday clothes cost
    200 simoleons each, formal cost 400 each, sleepwear cost 75 each, swimwear cost
    150 each, undeis cost 50 each and workout gear cost 100 each. Thanks, Dylan!
    Goal: Time to go home... alone...
    Just then, Mickey turns up with Agora. This is too much for Riley, who just
    wants to go home...
    2.9 Chapter 9
    Riley is feeling worse than before. Affairs of the heart weight heavily on her
    mind. She really could use a friend. While you're waiting for the next goal to
    roll around, have her take care of any needs that need it and maybe practice a
    skill. You won't get the next goal until the following day, so have Riley work
    on her skills and take care of her needs. The it's time to go to sleep.
    The next day, have Riley go about her normal routine. You won't get the next
    goal until Riley returns home from work.
    Goal: Mickey will be mine...
    Have Riley Call... Sim and invite Mickey over to the house. This goal seems to
    pose some difficulty for both. Basically, you need to have Riley interact with
    Mickey, talk, flirt and kiss until Mickey's lifetime relationship to her is 51.
    You can't see his relationship levels so it's hard to tell just when this will
    happen. He may also initially refuse to come over. Call him and have Riley just
    talk to him until their relationship improves, then try inviting him over again.
    It may take you a couple of times of inviting Mickey over to complete this goal.
    It may take a while, but eventually the lifetime relationship is high enough for
    Mickey to caress Riley and tell her that although he really likes her, he's made
    a commitment to Agora and he will stand by his word to her. You get a bear for
    your troubles.
    2.10 Chapter 10
    Nothing to do for now other than to take care of needs and practice skills
    needed for promotion, then go to bed, and in the morning to work.
    When Riley gets back from work, Dylan arrives in her front yard and starts
    kicking over the trash can. He says Riley and her aunt have cost him everything.
    Riley is a bit confused. Aunt Sharon is staying with a sick friend, isn't she?
    When he's done ranting and raving, he runs over and pokes Riley. At this moment
    Aunt Sharon arrives with the police. The police arrest Dylan and take him away.
    Goal: Talk to Aunt Sharon
    Riley wants to know exactly what happened. Click on Aunt Sharon and select
    Talk... Chat. Looks like Dylan had kidnapped her, hoping to get his mitts
    on her fortune, and, failing that, to marry Riley then do away with her so he
    could get his hands on the money. And Agora was in it with him! Turns out Aunt
    Sharon escaped from Dylan's basement using her army training and swiped his TV
    to boot :)
    Goal: Fiona should know...
    Time to tell Mickey all about it! He can't go marrying that Agora with all this
    going on! Riley needs to find out where the wedding is taking place. Use the
    phone to call Fiona Fortuna, then select to talk to her.
    2.11 Chapter 11
    Goal: Time to stop that wedding!
    The wedding is taking place at Old Grove Gardens. Call a taxi and select Old
    Grove Gardens as your destination.
    Goal: Expose Agora
    Time to talk to mickey and tell him about what's going on. Click on Mickey and
    select Talk... Chat. Riley will tell all and Mickey will confront Agora, who
    will then attack Riley. Not to worry, though. Riley wins this fight easily :)
    The police then show up and take away Agora.
    At this point Mickey gets down on bended knee and proposes to Riley. Let's get
    married! Right here, right now!
    Goal: I do...
    Click on the wedding arch and choose Get Married. Riley will automatically
    change into a formal outfit. Once she and Mickey exchange vows, he becomes part
    of her family and brings a whopping 43,494 simoleons with him! Ashley gives them
    a hot tub, then Mickey whisks Riley away to the Simaican Isles.
    2.12 Chapter 12
    Riley and Mickey arrive back at the house after their honeymoon. Aunt Sharon
    greets them warmly and announces that she's giving the house to Riley. She's off
    on a date with a fellow she met online and gives Riley a bed.
    Goal: My simlogical clock is ticking...
    Riley wants to become pregnant. You can use either the double bed that's already
    in the house or replace it with the one Riley got from Aunt Sharon. Have Riley
    relax on the bed then click on Mickey and choose Ask to Join. Once he's joined
    Riley on the bed, click on Mickey again and choose Try For Baby. If chimes sound
    after the deed is done, Riley is pregnant. If not, you will need to have them
    try again. And again. And again. Until it happens :) I've always used the gift
    bed and had Riley get pregnant on first try all three times I played through her
    Depending on the day of the week, Mickey may have the night off. Once Riley is
    pregnant she will most likely be able to go to work for one day, then will be
    placed on maternity leave. She will remain at home for the rest of the
    Pregnant sims are rather difficult to look after. They get hungry all the time,
    then suddenly their bladder need will drop and they will have to race for the
    toilet. They get tired easily and need to sleep a lot. Sim pregnancy lasts for
    3 days and on the third day Riley will be ready to give birth.
    Mickey, being a Romance sim, is kind of a problem in all this. He'll keep having
    wants to woo hoo and kiss with different sims. I would ignore these for the most
    part. No point in making him have an affair and driving Riley into a jealous
    rage while she's pregnant. She's going to be difficult enough to deal with as
    it is. Have her work on skills and friends needed to get the next promotion.
    Once Riley's stomach pops out, you will get the next goal within a few hours.
    Goal: Preparing the nest
    In buy mode you need to get the Rip Co Wobbly Wabbit Head, Magical Mystery's
    "Shape, Rattle & Roll", Rip Co Xylophone, crib and change table. Then there's
    nothing else to do other than wait out the three days of pregnancy until the
    next goal rolls along.
    Goal: Celebration!
    Mickey and Riley need to throw a party for at least 3 guests and achieve a "Good
    Time" rating for the party. Have one of them use the phone to Throw Party. You
    need to have them invite people with whom they have achieved friend status.
    Hopefully they have 3 between them. Unfortunately family don't count. Don't
    worry if neither of them has 3 friends themselves. It is enough for one of them
    to invite at least 1 when they activate Throw Party, then have the other one
    quickly use the phone and simply Call... Sim and invite the rest of the guests.
    The game will treat all of them as if they were invited to the party.
    In order to achieve a "Good Time" rating make sure that Mickey and Riley talk to
    each guest at least once. Make sure there is some food served, otherwise the
    guests will raid your fridge for snacks. Make sure that either the radio or TV
    are turned on so the guests can have some fun. Last but not least, you can have
    Mickey get into the hot tub and ask all three guests to join him. If you don't
    succeed the first time, just try again the next day.
    If your party achieves a "Good Time" rating Riley will give birth... to twins!
    Give the kids names, and then after a couple of minutes you will get a chapter
    summary. You can now play the neighbourhood of Four Corners in free play mode!
    3.0 Vincent's Story
    Despite being the wealthy CEO of Jigantor Computing Networks, Vincent Moore has
    never been lucky in love. While on a business trip to Sim City, Vincent has
    overseen the finish of JCN’s biggest project to date:  The SimSat 9000
    Communications Satellite.  The launch was flawless, the hands have been
    shaken and the bonuses are in the mail.  Now Vincent eagerly returns to his
    modest mansion in Bitville to see his new girlfriend, Samantha Hayden. Samantha
    told Vincent she had a big surprise waiting for him when he got back.  Perhaps
    Vincent's luck is changing...
    You'll have a little bit easier time playing Vincent than Riley. For one thing,
    he's got a lot of money so buying stuff won't be a problem. He's also at the
    top of his career so you don't need to earn any skill points or make new
    friends. His lifetime aspiration is different from his current career but I
    would recommend that you leave him in his current job to make things simple.
    You can always have him get a new job once his story goes into free play mode.
    3.1 Chapter 1
    Vincent returns home from a 2 week business trip and is greeted at home by his
    new girlfriend Samantha. He's happy to see her and wants to give her a kiss
    she'll never forget.
    Goal: Kiss Samantha
    Click on Samantha and choose Kiss... Make out.
    Samantha wants to make their relationship "official". While he was away, she
    had planned their wedding and even bought a wedding arch with his Titanium Card.
    Whoa! Things are moving a bit fast here. They've been seeing each other for 3
    weeks and Vincent's been away for 2 of those. He wants them to take some time
    off. Well, Samantha isn't having any of this. She thought he loved her! This is
    not the last he'll hear from Samantha Hayden!!!
    Someone has really made a mess of Vincet's house while he was away. Time to hire
    some help!
    Goal: Hire a maid
    Use the phone to call Service, then select Maid from the available service
    people. Someone will be right over.
    Vincent can't believe that Samantha bought a wedding arch. Time to get rid of
    the eyesore.
    Goal: Take down the wedding arch
    Click on Buy Mode, then click on the wedding arch and press the delete key on
    your keyboard. Good riddance!
    The mess is really getting him down, though.
    Goal: Comfort food
    Press H to have Vincent automatically make a meal or click on the fridge and
    choose from the available menu. I would recommend that at some stage you have
    Vincent study cooking. At the start of the story he has zero cooking skill
    points. Higher cooking skill helps to guard against fires. Having cooking level
    3 or 4 is good.
    Vincent's friend Greg comes through the front door. Time to find out what's
    been going on.
    Goal: Chat to Greg
    Click on Greg and choose Talk... Chat. Greg's sorry about the mess he made and
    apologises for being unable to stop Samantha from installing the wedding arch.
    She was a bit... scary. On the bright side, he's bought a new computer for Vince
    to replace his old one.
    Goal: Install the computer
    Go into Vincent's inventory, select the computer and place it on the desk in the
    study at the back of the house.
    3.2 Chapter 2
    Vincent will have the rest of the house to himself. I would suggest that you
    have him study cooking and take care of his needs until it's time to go to bed.
    The next day you will have free time until about 5pm, when the phone will ring
    and Vincent's friend Greg will invite him to come bowling.
    Goal: Time to hit the lanes
    Use the phone to call a taxi and choose Baliwood Star Lanes as your destination.
    Greg and Vincent's other friend Sherman Boggle will come out to greet him.
    Goal: Ready, set, bowl!
    Time to knock down some pins. Click on a free bowling lane and select Play. The
    guys will talk as they bowl and Sherman says that Samantha was probably just
    after Vincent's money. Greg will then point out that the girl selling coffee is
    rather cute and encourages Vincent to buy a cup of coffee.
    Goal: Espresso yourself
    Click on the coffee machine and select Order Coffee. Vincent will order a coffee
    and use a lame line to get the girl's phone number. Her name is Naomi.
    Goal: Play pool
    After some time Greg will have had enough of bowling and suggest a game of pool.
    Click on the pool table and select Join Greg. Greg will keep suggesting that
    Vincent give him Naomi's number but Vincent wants to keep it for himself.
    Naomi, then Sherman will leave the bowling alley. At almost midnight Samantha
    will walk in with Vincent's competitor, Johnny.
    Goal: Flirt with three girls
    Vincent decides that since Samantha has moved on so quickly, it's only fitting
    that he showed her that he's no slouch, either. He will flirt with three girls
    and show her how completely he is over her. Click on a female sim and choose
    Flirt... Charm (or another Flirt interaction). Rinse and repeat twice more.
    Don't worry that Vincent will get shot down in flames. It's part of the
    storyline. Samantha will ridicule Vincent's pathetic attempt at making her
    Vincent decides to head home but not before Greg tells him that he signed him
    up for an eDating service. Can't wait to see what sorts of ladies come looking
    for our hero!
    3.3 Chapter 3
    When you've had enough of hanging out at the bowling alley use the phone to
    call a taxi.
    When Vincent gets home the pool table he ordered on SimBay arrives. Go into his
    invetory, select the pool table and place it somewhere in the house. The rest of
    the evening is yours to do with as you please. Vincent is probably pretty tired
    so take care of any needs that are low then have him go to bed.
    At 3pm Vincent will decide that he should call Naomi and ask her out. But he
    needs to get changed first.
    Goal: Change clothes
    Click on the dresser in the bedroom and choose Change Into... and select a
    clothing category.
    Goal: Change your appearance
    Why stop there? Micht as well change Vincent's appearance. Click on a mirror
    and choose Change Appearance. I gave Vincent a new, more spiffy haircut.
    Goal: Invite Naomi to park
    Happy with his new appearance, Vincent is ready to invite Naomi to Cliffside
    Park. Use the phone to Call Transportation, then Invite Sim to Community Lot,
    then select Naomi. She will be more than happy to meet Vincent at the park :)
    When the taxi arrives, select Cliffside Park as your destination.
    Goal: Get to know Naomi
    Vincent wants to get to know Naomi better. Use the various socials to increase
    his daily relationship to her to at least 35.
    Goal: Play Myshuno
    Naomi wants to play Myshuno. The game will show you where it is located. Click
    on the game machine and select Play. Naomi is quite impressed with Vincent's
    Myshuno skills :)
    Goal: Chat to Naomi
    Vincent wants to keep getting to know Naomi. So click on her and select
    Talk... Chat.
    Who should show up just then but our old pal Samantha! She's chatting out the
    front to a girl and isn't bothering our lovebirds for now. So far, so good.
    The girl who was talking to Samantha then approached Vincent and makes some
    suggestive comments to him. This upsets Naomi, who doesn't want to have anything
    to do with Vincent any more. Vincent is confused and just wants to go home. Help
    him do so.
    3.4 Chapter 4
    In the morning Vincent will get a call from Sherman. The SimSat 9000 will be in
    orbit over Bitville tonight!
    Goal: Call Naomi
    Vincent wants to call Naomi so she'll give him another chance. Alas, all he gets
    is her answering machine. She must be screening her calls.
    Goal, at 3 pm (for me, Vincent had just returned home from work) Vincent wonders
    if maybe Naomi had sent him an email.
    Goal: Check email
    Click on the computer and select Check Email. There's no email from Naomi but
    there's one from a girl called Sasha who wants to meet Vincent at Arcadium Plaza
    at 6pm. Seems that eDating thing is coming through!
    Goal: Gussy up!
    Might as well check out this Sasha chick but need to gussy up first. Click on a
    mirror and select Gussy Up.
    Goal: Greet Sasha at Arcadium Plaza.
    If you don't call a taxi by 5pm, you may as well leave this goal to the next
    day. It makes no difference to Sasha what day you meet her but if you arrive at
    Arcadium Plaza after 6pm she won't be there and you'll need to wait til the next
    day anyway. One way or the other, call a taxi by around 5pm and select Arcadium
    Plaza as your destination. Since it takes such a long time to get across the
    house I had Vincent wait out the front for the taxi so he didn't waste any time.
    Goal: Get to know Sasha
    Vincent wants to get to kow Sasha better. Maybe they have some similar
    interests? Interact with Sasha until you raise Vincent's daily relationship to
    her to about 15.
    Goal: Help Sasha pick an outfit
    Sasha wants to try on some clothes. Follow her into the boutique and make
    Vincent hang around while she tries on clothes. You have to keep an eye on him
    because he will tent to wander off, try to sit on the bench outside or chat to
    random passers by. Try to keep him relatively close to Sasha. In the end she
    will choose an outfit and Vincent will pay for it.
    Sasha says she likes children and thinks their kids would be really cute. Seems
    like she's just after his simoleons! Time to end this date. Now. Luckily, here
    comes Vincent's old golfing buddy Dr Oglethorpe who likes nothing better than to
    spend his money on pretty girls.
    Goal: Introduce Sasha to Dr Oglethorpe
    Click on the good doctor and select Introduce to Sasha. Dr Oglethorpe is so
    happy, he gives Vincent a new grill. Since things are going so well for Sasha
    and the doc it's time for Vincent to go home.
    3.5 Chapter 5
    Soon after Vincent gets home from work he gets a phone call from another girl
    who has seen his eDating profile. She would like to meet him at Don Calamari's,
    Vincent's favourite restaurant. And she just loves their coffee, too.
    Goal: Tux time
    Well, Don Calamari's is a pretty fancy sort of place so Vincent decides to
    change into a tuxedo. Click on the dresser and select Change Into... Formal.
    You should make sure that most of Vincent's need bars are full so that he
    doesn't rush off to the toilet or start stinking up the place in the middle of
    Goal: To Don Calamari's
    Once his need bars are pretty full Vincent will decide that it's time to go. Use
    the phone to call a taxi and select Don Calamari's as the destination. Vincent
    spots Alexa by the coffee bar. Hey, she's kinda cute :)
    Goal: Greet Alexa
    Press G or click on Alexa and select Greet Alexa Starr.
    Goal: Order coffee
    Alexa just loves coffee. Won't Vincent join her for a cup? Click on the coffee
    bar and select Order Coffee.
    Goal: I can't contain myself
    The coffee proves to be a bit much for Vincet. He needs to get to a toilet. Now!
    Click on the toilet and select Use.
    Hmmm... Seems that Samantha is hanging out in the kitchen. What cold she be up
    Goal: Be seated
    Finally, Alexa pauses between cups of coffee and says that the food smells very
    good. Why not get a table? Click on the podium and select Be Seated or Be Seated
    at Counter.
    Goal: Dinner for two
    Once you are seated, Alexa suggests that Vincent order for both of them. You can
    get a clue as to what a sim wants to eat when they first sit down and take out
    a menu. A though bubble above their head will contain a picture of the food they
    most want to eat. On an outing it usually leads to a better score if you order
    the food that sims want to eat. Whether you order what they want or you, click
    on hte waiter or waitress and order either individual meals, the same for both
    or the chef's selection, then click on the waiter\waitress again and select Done
    Ordering. Shortly your food will be brought out. It's best to order fairly
    promptly when the waiter\waitress first comes out. If you missed the little
    picture clues, it's going to be a looooong time before the sim takes out a menu
    and the thought bubble appears again. Best just to get it over and done with.
    Alexa thinks her food tastes a little bit funny. Then, suddenly... she falls
    asleep in her plate! Vincent takes the chance to finally introduce himself :)
    When Alexa wakes up, she's mortified and leaves in a hurry. And on top of that,
    the waitress takes away Vincent's partially eaten meal!
    Don Calamari emerges and apologises for the food spiking. Would this coffee
    machine make things better? You betcha! Time to pay the dining bill and leave.
    3.6 Chapter 6
    The next afternoon Vincent decides that after all those dating disasters he
    might as well stay home tonight. Then his pal Greg turns up and suggests having
    a house party and inviting Alexa and Naomi.
    Goal: Invite over Alexa and Naomi
    Use the phone to invite over Alexa and Naomi. They would both, naturally, be
    delighted to come over.
    Goal: Go swimming
    Vincent wants to get everyone into the pool. Make him either dive or get in,
    then click on each guest in turn and select Ask to Join. While everyone is
    having fun in the pool, Samantha marches in the front door, then does something
    to the big stereo in the entry hall.
    Goal: Kick up the jams!
    The party needs a bit more of a kick start. Click on the stereo and select Turn
    On. Hmmm... Seems something is wrong...
    Goal: Fix the stereo
    Click on the big stereo in the living room and select Repair. It's a shocking
    experience, for poor Vincent.
    Goal: Take a shower
    Click on a shower and select Take a Shower.
    Greg then comes over and tells Vincent that he saw Samantha entering the house
    earlier. So she's the one who sabotaged the stereo! And she must have put up
    that girl to flirt with Vincent in the park, too!
    Goal: Serenade Naomi
    Vincent decides that a serenade is better than a stereo any day. Click on Naomi
    and select Flirt... Serenade. After this romantic interlude, Vincent decides its
    time to go to bed.
    Goal: Clear out the crowd
    Click on one of your guests and select Say Goodbye To... Everyone. All the
    guests will leave. Vincent will then get a phone call from Sherman. Apparently
    Smanatha is up to her old tricks and is now pushing Johnny into a quickie
    wedding. A delivery guy then appears and gives Vincent a bar. Time to go to bed.
    3.7 Chapter 7
    When Vincent gets home from work (or at 3pm if it's a day off) Sherman shows up
    at the house. Maybe he knows something?
    Goal: Chat with Sherman
    Click on Sherman and select Talk... Chat. Turns out he can confirm that Samantha
    was behind the dating disasters with both Naomi and Alexa.
    Goal: Call Naomi
    Vincent wonders what Naomi is doing. Use the phone to Call... Sim and select
    Naomi. She'd like to see Vincent again tomorrow night. How about if he comes
    over to Baliwood Star Lanes when she gets off work?
    Goal: Get into PJs
    Getting back into Naomi's good graces has been stressful. How about hanging out
    at home in something more comfortable? Click on the dreser and select Change
    Into... PJs.
    Goal: Play Video Game
    And how about a few rounds of SSX while he's at it? Click either on the game
    console next to the TV or on the PC and select Play SSX 3. Let Vincent play for
    a little bit then cancel the action, which is when the goal will roll over.
    Goal: Practice Romance
    Vincent wants to practice his romance skills. He hasn't been doing too well at
    it lately. click on a mirror and select Practice Romance. Once the goal rolls
    over a delivery person will bring in a sofa that Vincent won on SimBay.
    3.8 Chapter 8
    Have Vincent hang out with Sherman or go to bed. You won't get the next goal
    until the next day. For me, this was a work-free day and at 9am Vincent got a
    phone call from Sherman saying that the SimSat 9000 was right on track and that
    something or other in it had had to be realigned. After this, Vincent will be
    free to do as you please until 5pm, when he realises Naomi will be getting off
    work soon.
    You need to wait for this reminder before you go to Baliwood Star Lanes. If you
    turn up at the bowling alley earlier, you will see Naomi flickering into and out
    of existence in the corner near the couches. Some people have also reported
    running into multiple Naomis after they had turned up early for the date. So
    just wait for the reminder, OK? It's safer that way :)
    Goal: Go to Baliwood Star Lanes
    Use the phone to call a taxi and select Baliwood Star Lanes as your destination.
    Goal: Share your interests with Naomi
    Vincent wonders if he and Naomi share interests. Click on Naomi and select
    Talk... Share Interests.
    Goal: Order Coffee
    Vincent owes Naomi a cup of coffee since the first time they met she gave him
    one on the house. Click on the coffee cart or coffee machine and select Order
    Goal: Play darts with Naomi
    Vincent challenges Naomi to a game of darts. Click on the dart board (it's near
    the front entrance) and select Play, then click on Naomi and select Join.
    Vincent is going down! This girl is a dart-playing demon! Well, that was
    embarrasing... First Myshuno, now darts... Is there anything this girl cannot
    Goal: Cuddle with Naomi
    Vincent wants to get friendly. But not too friendly. Click on one of the sofas
    and select Sit. Then click on Naomi and select Ask to Join. When she sits next
    to Vincent, select cuddle.
    Goal: First kiss
    Things are going so well, Vincent wants to try for the next base. Not in public,
    though. The game will show you a nice little patio area out the back. Click
    somewhere on the ground in this area and select Go Here. Once Vincent is out the
    back Naomi should follow. If she doesn't, click on her and select Call Over.
    Once Naomi is in the patio area click on her and select Kiss... First Kiss.
    Naomi had a wonderful time and wants Vincent to call her again soon! Finally
    some progress on the dating front! She gives him a boombox to replace the
    stereo that broke during the pool party. How thoughtful of her :) Naomi leaves
    and it's time for Vincent to go home, too.
    3.9 Chapter 9
    At 5pm the next day Vincent decides that he had such a good time with Naomi at
    the bowling alley that it's time for another performance.
    Goal: Invite Naomi over
    Use the phone to Call... Sim, then select Naomi and choose to Invite Over. When
    Naomi arrives she won't just come into the house, you will need to have Vincent
    go out and greet her. So either press G or click on Naomi and select Greet.
    Goal: Chat with Naomi
    Vincent wonders if Naomi would like to go out somewhere. Click on Naomi and
    select Talk... Chat. Naomi thinks that it would be really special if they could
    stay at home and Vincent cooks dinner.
    Goal: Spaghetti is served!
    Time for Vincent's famous spaghetti and meatballs recipe to come out! Click on
    fridge and select Serve Dinner... Spaghetti. This is also why I told you to get
    Vincent's cooking skill up to at least level 3 - you need it in order to access
    this recipe!
    Goal: Dig in!
    Once Vincent has served up the spaghetti, hopefully Naomi will sit at the table
    on her own. If she doesn't, click on the serving platter and select Call to
    Meal... Guests. This will make her sit down and eat.
    It's all going well but wouldn't it be nicer if they moved proceedings to the
    hot tub?
    Goal: Hop in the Love Tub
    Have Vincent Get In to the hot tub, then click on Naomi and select Ask to Join.
    Goal: Make out in the Love Tub
    Vincent wants to go for more of that gooey liplocking goodness. Make sure that
    Vincent is sitting next to Naomi. If he;s not, click on the tub and select Move.
    Once they are next to each other, click on Naomi and select Cuddle. Once Naomi
    and Vincent are cuddling, click on Naomi and select Make Out. You may have to
    work at it a bit before the option comes up but it will be there soon enough.
    Naomi will then give Vincent a mask which she bought off a strange lady who
    needed money for a bus fare back to Sim City. Hang it up somewhere inside or
    outside the house. Naomi suggests above the bar, but it's really up to you.
    3.10 Chapter 10
    Once again Vincent will have free time until after he returns home from work.
    Depending on the speed with which you managed to fulfil some of the goals, he
    may or may not have the day off. If he's loafing around the house, have him
    study skills or be useful in some other way. The mechanical skill is a good one
    at this point.
    Vincent makes up his mind that Naomi is the one for him. He's going to have to
    let Samantha know to leave him alone.
    Goal: Check your email
    Vincent gets the feeling that he should check his email. Click on the PC and
    select Check Email. There's a message from Sherman confirming that Samantha and
    Johnny are getting married. Vincent thinks that he should get in touch with
    Samantha to make sure that she hasn't started rumours about getting married to
    his chief competitor just to get under Vincent's skin.
    Goal: Invite Samantha over
    Use the phone to Call... Sim and select Samantha, then choose to Invite Over.
    Vincent has a bad feeling about the whole thing and hopes he hasn't made a big
    Samantha marches right in and starts nagging Vincent. It would be best just to
    get it all out rather than trying to get in a word edgewise.
    Goal: Chat to Samantha
    Click on Samantha and select Taklk... Chat. Vincent congratulates Samantha on
    her engagement. But Samantha isn't happy about being replaced by a barista.
    Vincent has had enough. She's outa here!
    Goal: Ask Samantha to leave
    Click on Samantha and select Ask to Leave... Samantha. She will go ballistic and
    start wrecking stuff around the house and for the grean finale set fire to the
    entry hall rug. After the fireman leaves, the delivery guy will bring a present
    for Vincent from... Samantha!
    When you get the chance, repair the kitchen sink. If you don't, the house will
    just keep flooding more and more.
    3.11 Chapter 11
    Vincent will have free time until he returns home from work. At 4pm Greg will
    turn up with news of Samantha and Johnny's honeymoon. Seems that after the
    success of the SimSat 9000 Johnny's company bombed overnight. When Greg leaves
    the phone will ring and Naomi will ask Vincent to meet her at the mall.
    Goal: Meet Naomi at the mall
    Use the phone to call a taxi and select Arcadium Plaza as the destination.
    Goal: Kiss up Naomi's arm
    Vincent wants to kiss up Naomi's arm. Click on Naomi and select Kiss... Up Arm.
    Just then, Samantha turns up. Time to go on the offensive.
    Goal: Argue with Samantha
    Click on Samantha and select Irritate... Argue. Johnny runs up and tells Vincent
    to leave his wife alone. Vincent decides that he should poke Johnny.
    Goal: Poke Johnny
    Click on Johnny and select Fight... Poke. Samantha then tells Johnny to attack
    Vincent. Then it's on for young and old as Naomi launches herself at Samantha.
    Vincent and Naomi win their respective fights. Nobody messes with them! Naomi
    then decides that it's time to call it a night but she'll come over to Vincent's
    house the next night at 6pm. Time for Vincent to go home. When he gets home a
    delivery guy brings around a refrigerator Samantha ordered.
    3.12 Chapter 12
    Vincent will now have free time until the afternoon when he will start getting
    ready for his date with Naomi. You will get the first goal at 3pm, when Vincent
    returns home from work.
    Goal: Get ready for Naomi
    Vincent wants to practice his guitar and take a shower before Naomi arrives.
    Click on the guitar and select Practice. After a while Vincent will announce
    that he's had enough practice. At this time have his stop practicing and hop in
    the shower. Naomi will arrive shortly after 6pm. Have Vincent go out and greet
    Goal: Watch TV with Naomi
    Naomi wants to watch a TV show. Click on the TV and select Watch. Make sure that
    Vincent hangs around for at least an hour until the game announces that the show
    has finished.
    Goal: Show Naomi the SimSat
    Naomi wants to see Vincent's satellite. Click on the ground next to the
    telescope. Naomi should follow you over and automatically look through. If she
    doesn't, have Vincent look throught he telescope, then cancel the action and
    Naomi should take over. She thinks it's beautiful :)
    Goal: Play guitar for Naomi
    Click on the guitar and select Practice. Naomi will come over and watch Vincent
    playing guitar. She will be very moved.
    Goal: Invite Naomi to move in
    Click on Naomi and select Propose... Move In. Naomi will move in, bringing just
    over 100,000 simoleons with her. The happy couple now want to look at the stars
    Goal: Stargaze
    Although they say they want to sit on the lawn, you can make Vincent and Naomi
    stargaze anywhere, as long as they are near each other. While controlling
    Vincent click anywhere on the deck or in the pool area (just not inside the
    house) and select Stargaze. Then click on Naomi's portrait (on the left side of
    the screen) switching control to her and click on the ground near where you've
    placed Vincent and also select Stargaze.
    I guess the SimSat 9000 needed those connectors regyrated, or whatever, again...
    Goal: Plead with Reaper
    Click on the Grim Reaper and select Plead For Loved One. Death will give Vincent
    a choice. Get Naomi back but lose everything or forget Naomi but keep all your
    If you choose to keep Vincent's fortune and let Naomi rest in peace, you will
    unlock the Naomi Statue in the Story Rewards.
    If you choose to resurrect naomi but lose all of Vincent's money and house, you
    will not unlock the statue.
    It's up to you how you want the story to end. You will shortly be taken to
    neighbourhood view so you can continue in free play mode.
    On the bright side, you can kind of have your cake and eat it, too, if you
    choose to resurrect Naomi. Pause the game before she is resurrected and stuff
    all of Vincent's belongings into his inventory. There are a few items that won't
    go in for some reason (the big stereo and the TV, for example) but you should be
    able to put most of his furniture into his pocket. This way, even though Naomi
    and Vincent start out with only 35,000 simoleons you won't have to scrimp and
    save in order for them to furnish a house!
    Thanks for reading!

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