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    FAQ/Walkthrough by odino

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/04/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                         ::;:  Y
                      YYY .,: ##
                   +Yi ,;;=;: #
                 =X, :    ::, #
                X. :  ,##;::, #
              tY,+= .##   ::. #
             B .,  W#;  +,=;: #
            # =+  ##    t:i=: #
           W ;:  ##     t.:,. #
          # ==. #W      t.+=; #
         R,;=, ##       t.+=; #
        ,I,=: ##        t.+:, #
        # =; I#  +tti   t:+=; #  #tVIW#    :#ii## #i=##   #ii.=####Rt=#B     WBI=#i
       V:;=. #.;  =;.VB =.+;; #  B =:=#     X  #t #  #   V   ##V   R :#       M .#
       # =; ##  i#### #;,.+;: #  W :  ;#.   R. #= #  # ti  ##I     M i#       # ,#
       I:=: # + =#  i #X..+;: #  W  #W .#i  R  #; # .#+  ##Y       M =#       # ;#
      # =;,Y#  #,I#t B#   =;: #  W  #RW:.WB I  #= # ;, t#+         B :#       W .#
      # +=,.=  ;..: ,M. V,i=: #  W  #  #t.V#Y  #= # ,   #          M ;# +iiii,M .#
      W.=;  +B##WR :BX#MV,=+; #  W  #:  #Y ,R  #= #  #. I#         B..          .#
      W,;: ##+==:R ## =;#==:: #  W  #=   ##:,, #= #  #M:,X#        B :#########: #
      W=;; #     V ##   , +;: #  W  #=    t#i= #= #  # #. X#       M +#       X  #
      W,i= #     X B#   i,i=: #  W  #=     ,#: #= #  #  #:,Wt      B :#       # .#
      W;=: #     X:##   i.t=: #  M  #=      Y  #= #  #  ,B:;#      B ;#       # ,#
      M:i+ #    =####   i.i;+ #  W .#=      R,:#= # .#   VI:=#     M:t#       # .#
      M;+= #            i i;+.#  M  #=      R  #= # .#    #t,i#    R :#       # .#
     +.=:=.#t           I Yi+ #, M.;#+      R.,#+ # ,#     #:.I#   B.=#       #;+#
     M i+=:+#           W +,, t# Y ,VI      X.:#= # ;M=    M,+:iM  t:=#       i, #
    I########=         =########.#####      t  X+ #####    t######Y####X     X####+
                                   Heart of Osiris
    PC 2007
    Version:        1.0     released on the 4th of August 2007
    Author:         odino   http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/47976.html
    This guide is EXCLUSIVELY available at GameFAQs.
    | .========================================================================. |
    | |                           TABLE OF CONTENTS                            | |
    | '========================================================================' |
    | 01.) Introduction                                              |   G0100   |
    | 02.) Basics                                                    |   G0200   |
    | 03.) Walkthrough                                               |   G0300   |
    |      Chapter 1: Chasing the Scoundrels                         |   G0310   |
    |      Chapter 2: Intruders                                      |   G0320   |
    |      Chapter 3: Into the Palace (Once Again)                   |   G0330   |
    |      Chapter 4: Lies and Intrigues                             |   G0340   |
    |      Chapter 5: The Big Game                                   |   G0350   |
    | YY.) Version History                                           |   GYY00   |
    | ZZ.) Credits & Thanks                                          |   GZZ00   |
    01.)                    INTRODUCTION                                 G0100
    Welcome to 'Ankh: Heart of Osiris' for the PC, released by Deck 13 in 2007
    This is the sequel to the 2005 adventure hit by the same team. It follows the
    story shortly after the events of the first game.
    The walkthrough will cut corners and make for a quick solve. If you want to
    enjoy the game, speak with everyone and investigate many items around the many
    locations. Using the guide often means doing things you don't know why they
    necessary at that point, or could make little sense. If you do it slowly on
    your own pace, the TAB key will show you what task is still open and they will
    make more sense. In short, use the guide if you are stuck, I do not recommend
    it for playing the entire game step-by-step. On the other hand, the walkthrough
    tries to give away as few story events as possible.
    Suggestions, comments or errors - tell me about it. Enjoy!
    02.)                    BASICS                                       G0200
    Use the mouse to control the game. Left click moves Assil around, and right
    click on objects and people interacts with it. Double click to make Assil run.
    Double clicking the left mouse button will speed up the interaction (talk, use)
    as well.
    Press TAB to see the current objectives. Press TAB again to close the list.
    They change as you progress so check back after certain actions are completed,
    or events have unfolded.
    Skips the intro with the space bar. To fast-forward conversations, use one of
    the mouse buttons. It will only skip one line each time but can really save you
    time when you don't want to hear/read it.
    Press ESC during the game to get to the main menu where you can save, load or
    quit the game.
    The game comes with a code wheel that is used for a puzzle. It is the game's
    copy protection and you need to have it. Don't lose it, as guessing the right
    puzzle solutions can take forever. The way to use it is described in the
    walkthrough when you get to that point.
    03.)                    WALKTHROUGH                                  G0300
    Watch the introduction or skip it with the space bar. First time round you
    might want to listen and watch everything carefully.
                            Chapter 1: Chasing the Scoundrels            G0310
    For some backstory, read the love letter in your inventory. Leave the alley to
    the right and you will automatically talk to Take Tut Cashun. Pick any options
    to finish this conversation. Speak to him again afterwards.
    - What are you flogging off in your new store?
    - Sounds interesting. So what can I bet on?
    - Do you have any hot betting tips for me?
    You will receive a betting slip.
    Enter the bazaar to the right of the plaza. Go down the steps and follow the
    narrow path to the shop with the parrot in a cage. Ring the bell and when
    Fatima talks to you first, just pick anything you like. When she asks what you
    want to buy (might need to ring the bell again), attempt to pick up the parrot
    - Can I at least just borrow it?
    - I want to teach it how to say a few words.
    Continue down the road until you see a camel. Pick up the camel muck below. Go
    up the road towards your father house. Interact with the trash can and return
    down the road. Collect the Russian nophretete doll. Open it in your inventory.
    Walk through the bazaar and take the road on the opposite side of the plaza.
    The abandoned shop with the cats has a hook. Hang the birdcage on the hook for
    a scene. Pick up the damaged birdcage and the case that fell down. Open the
    small case. Use the wax you get with the Russian nophretete doll.
    Return to the plaza and hand the was/doll combination to Volcano. Use the camel
    much on the hookah the Arabian ambassador is using. When he leaves, pick up the
    Enter the bazaar and talk to the wine merchant near the start.
    - Are you selling cocktails again?
    - Sure!
    He will place two ingredients, a bottle, and a name card on the counter. Move
    the cursor over each to see what they are. Take the codewheel from your game
    box and move the wheels around until the outer ingredient, inner ingredient and
    the correct glass are lined up correctly. Now, instead of reading the numbers
    on this glass, look for the cocktail drink name he wants to make. It will be a
    different glass color, don't get confused. Read the two numbers and name them
    to the merchant. If everything is ok you will get the cocktail, else you must
    restart the entire conversation.
    Further down the road, give the tailor the molten wax. Without even knowing
    what's up, he will shave your beard of. (For some story continuity, talk to him
    first, and attempt to enter the bar down the road near the camel). Also pick up
    the single sock on the right of his shop.
    Attempt to enter the bar only to be stopped by bouncer. Use any topics to get
    through, as only your beard was stopping you before.
    Inside, give the damaged birdcage to Fatima and she won't be too happy about
    it. Your next goal is to make the customers happy. You need to have at least
    three with a green smiley-face, and one must have at least on the yellow icon.
    Some of their wants clash with other customers, so it isn't possible to make
    everyone super happy.
    Pick up the date juice off the bar, then the chimney tools on the right. Leave
    the bar and go around the corner behind the camel. Use the pincer with the
    window to "open" it. Return inside and Badawi will have a green smiley. Talk to
    - As a renowned expert on Luxor, you're sure to have some advice for me...
    He will give you a flyer.
    Combine the seal with the date juice in your inventory. Use this seal on the
    flyer. Hand over the flyer to the comedian to make him happy.
    Enter the left side of the bar and place the hookah on the table. They will be
    happy, and give you a coin as tip. Pick up the beer coaster to turn their
    smiley into yellow. Use the beer coaster on the table leg of the comedian's
    table. He will be happy again instead.
    Give the slave driver the betting slip. He will have a yellow smiley. Pick up
    the broken glass shards near the window and use it on the juke box next to
    Badawi. Insert the coin and start the music.
    Either Badawi or the slave driver aren't too happy about the music though, but
    he can be satisfied via different means. Leave the bar and go around the corner
    to the bazaar. Ring the bell at Fatima's store so she shows up. Quickly run
    back into the bar and give that person the cocktail before she returns through
    the bar door.
    At this point, everyone but the caravan driver should be extremely happy. Talk
    to Fatima.
    - Come on. This here is an in-crowd bar. The people like me, so you should too!
    The customers will respond kindly to you.
    - Where did the thieves of the Ankh flee to?
    She will give you an empty cocktail glass.
    Leave the bar and smash the lantern with the pincer. Use the cocktail glass on
    the glowworms. Return to the alley you started in (between the plaza and the
    palace). Use the glowing cocktail glass to see better. Hang the sock on the
    clothesline where the note is. Open the wooden door on the right to complete
    the chapter.
                            Chapter 2: Intruders                         G0320
    After the scene, collect the withered potted plant in the left corner. Use the
    plant in your inventory to split the two items. Look at the vine at the back
    wall and take the tendril you found. Towards the front, use the tendril with
    the fracture. Talk to one of the boys to help out and then use the vine to
    Walk to the right until you see a tree. Pick a fruit off the tree and continue
    for a scene. Interact with the bat in the drain. Use your dry spray with the
    nearby torch, then use the burning spray with the bat guano. Return to the left
    and throw the fruit against one of the boys, then climb back up.
    Before moving on, you will receive a banana skin. Collect the Master Ra
    cleansing agent lying around in front of the window. Look at the elephant head.
    Talk to the head.
    - I am your conscience. Do you have something to confess?
    - I, as the voice of your conscience, tell you: Let this chump, erh...friend
    - Why, sure!
    Grab a champagne bottle near the door. Use it on the trapdoor of the left
    window, just behind where the bat is now hanging. After the scene you can go
    into the door down the stairs.
    Follow this corridor until you pass a couple of curtains. The third one has
    some light behind it. Open it. Inside, take the spit roaster and you might as
    well take the 'Sacred Ten Don'ts of Cooking" leaning against the wall. I think
    this is optional if you know what to do already. Continue right down the
    corridor. Walk up to the throne and the guard will interact with you.
    - I'm the new kitchen help and I just wanted to chuck out the fishbones.
    Get the fishbones and the metallic ring above the throne.
    Return to the corridor and replace the bunch of keys at the sleeping cook with
    the metallic ring you just got. With that key, unlock the door that is at the
    left side of the corridor. Enter the kitchen.
    To prepare for the couscous:
    - Use the pot in your inventory on the water of the sink at the left side of
      the kitchen.
    - Grab the plate at the sink.
    - Pick up saw dust at the right side of the kitchen.
    - Pick up the onion at the right side of the kitchen.
    - Take the small bowl at the right side of the kitchen. Fill the bowl with the
      amphora to get some oil.
    - Use the bowl of oil on the lever at the left side of the kitchen, just on the
      left of the large table in the middle. Take the sack of raspberries. Hang it
      on the hook at the right side of the stove. Add the fishbone to the sack to
      get rid of the cat. Go up the stairs to the upper area, open the deli fridge
      and take out the larks' tongue.
    - Collect the red hot peppers from the right of the stove.
    - Collect the spoon from the right of the stove.
    - From the small cart near the middle table, take the cod-liver oil.
    - From the middle table, take the chicken meat.
    - From the middle table, pick up the cucumber. Use it on the vegetable cutter
      on the same table and pick up the slices.
    To cook the couscous:
    - Use the lever in front of the cooking pot.
     1. Use the Master Ra cleansing agent on the pot to clean it.
     2. Use the saw dust on the cooking pot.
     3. Use the pot with water on the cooking pot.
     4. Add the chicken meat to the cooking pot.
     5. Add the onion to the cooking pot.
     6. Add the cucumber slices to the cooking pot.
     7. Add the cod-liver oil to the cooking pot.
     8. Add the red hot peppers to the cooking pot.
     9. Stir the cooking pot with the spoon.
    10. Add the larks' tongue to the cooking pot.
    - Use the plate with the cooking pot.
    If you get the smelly dish, restart the process by using the lever. Read the
    Ten Cooking Commandments for more on the order if you need more help.
    Return to the throne room and give the couscous to the guard. He will fix the
    elevator in the kitchen. Use the lever at the sink and then the one inside the
    elevator. Walk to the left in the storage room and then use spit roaster on the
    large box from the Arabian embassy. Pick up the heavy object wrapped in large
    cloths that fell out. Use the object in your inventory to get the trophy and
    some cloths. Use the elevator's lever to get back up. Throw the banana skin on
    the Pharaoh.
    In the throne room, run to the right side and use the middle of the three
    levers. Return to the corridor, exit it on the other side and join your gang
    up on the balcony. Give each boy a cloth to escape.
                            Chapter 3: Into the Palace (Once Again)      G0330
    Look at the mailbox in the corner to pick up a parrot feather. Use this feather
    on the mummy feat, then talk to it so it helps by opening the door.
    Inside the tomb, remove the lid on the box on the left and pick up Seth's
    Mighty Statue. Take the empty crate too, and the camel immobilizer behind it.
    Take one of the notes sticking to the wall, open the lid on the crate at the
    front and collect the coconut that is inside. Use the coconut on the Black
    Forest Cuckoo clock to split it. Get the playing cards as well as the broken
    bottle on the nearby crate.
    Use the empty crate on the table below the birdcage, then cut the rope on the
    wall with the empty bottle. After the short event, use the coconut half on the
    birdcage/parrot, then open the cage with the playing cards. Grab the parrot.
    Go outside into the antechamber. Combine the parrot with the note off the wall.
    Use the parrot with the mailbox in the corner. After a while, climb up the
    rope ladder. Talk anything you like with the ferryman. When done, exit the
    Run down the bazaar street and use the camel immobilizer on the camel parked
    here. Enter the bar. Talk to the caravan drivers in the back and they will pay
    a fine. Run back into the alley (read the new note hanging on the clothesline)
    and walk up to the palace guard. Give him the fine.
    - How could you think such a thing? This is just a little donation for the
      coffee break kitty.
    Enter the palace.
                            Chapter 4: Lies and Intrigues                G0340
    Open the lid on the nearby box and take out a can of figs. Take the small fork
    of a branch at the trap left of here. Near the slave master, take the two
    posters off the wall. Walk through the canyon and go up the steps at the end.
    Give the can of figs to the Cringer in exchange for a sandwich. Use the honey
    with one of the posters and then use this combination with the other poster.
    Show this new poster to Cringer to get past him.
    Pick up a firestone near the sign and continue left past the construction. At
    the shower, pick up the towel and the soap that fell down. Grab the comb on the
    left, too. Throw the soap into the nearby well for a scene. Use the comb with
    the sandwich paper to build an instrument. Walk right to the sign and use this
    instrument to let the dancing begin. Watch the scene.
    Run down to the tent at the start and interact with the design the Pharaoh
    never liked.
    Go up the mountain to the airy heights. Walk down and use the small fork of a
    branch with the birds nest to get the egg. Use the sharp-edge stone to cut the
    knot of the rope holding the block. Talk to Roger who is working on said block.
    - Wow, you work pretty close to the edge... Aren't you afraid this thing will
      fall down?
    - In my opinion, you should really chip off a little bit more from left!
    - The Pharaoh doesn't have such chubby cheeks.
    - I once interviewed him back when I was still on the "Cairo Times".
    Return to the bottom and check the broken shed. Take the shovel and the pliers,
    as well as the wedge made of stone nearby.
    At the tent, use the pliers on the picture. Take the deed of ownership and give
    this to the mean guy with branding iron (former slave master).
    On the right side, use the wedge made of stone with the broken winch to stop
    the stone assembly line. Go through to the desert. Walk along the path until
    you find the bush. Attempt to pick up the stone tablet wrapped as a present.
    Talk to the bush.
    - Since when could bushes talk?
    - The poor Israelites have a bush as their leader?
    - But you're quite a small bush.
    - Why on Earth did you have to manifest as a balmy bush?
    - I'll build a park here. But with tulips. All the bushes will be uprooted.
    When the bush is burning, combine the egg with the shovel and use it to cook on
    the fire. As you leave the desert, take note of the green dotted line at the
    right side of the cliffs. Look at it for later use.
    Climb all the way up to the airy heights again and give Roger the fried egg. He
    will give you his tools in exchange. Go down to the lower floor and give Al
    Caponep the towel, chisel and hammer. Pick and conversation topics. Talk to him
    several times. If you did not do so earlier, plenty of finished tasks will come
    up you have completed already. Simple talk to him over and over again until he
    asks you for a plan. Mention the dotted line you saw in the desert. Walk left
    and drop the rope down from the scaffolding. Go down there and look at the line
    of rocks on the right. Talk to Al Caponep again and mention he should tie the
    rope on the stone. He will agree and leave. Run down to the tent and remove the
    broken winch at the assembly line. After the scene, enter the temple on the
    right side.
    Collect the fire stone on the steps and combine it with the sharp-edge stone
    in your inventory. Use this combination on the torch that is just right of the
    steps. It's hard to see in the dark. Walk right to the next room.
    Before the room entrance, use the magnet on the harpoon sticking out of the
    ceiling. In the room, open the small box on the right of the planet diagram.
    Use the harpoon with the rough stones that turns to make it sharp. Then use the
    new back part with the priest staff of the statue. Continue right until you
    meet up with Seth.
    At the entrance of the room, remove the large root to make a hole. Grab the
    sacred urn from the altar in the middle. Pick and answer to Seth's threat. Open
    the sacred urn in your inventory. Take the burial cloth on the altar as well.
    Use the empty urn on the scorpion. Walk right and pick up the cardboard lid of
    a Call-a-Couscous box. Get the sealed urn.
    Interact with the well opening at the ceiling. The second time you can talk to
    Al Caponep.
    - Well, you get nothing for nothing.
    Use the burial cloth on the leaky spot of the well in the middle. Walk left and
    feed the weasel some peanuts through the hole you made earlier. Go right and
    remove the loose stone to make another hole. Feed the weasel peanuts once
    again. Place the sealed urn with the hole and watch the scene. Exit the temple
    on the right side.
    At the Oasis, talk to the Pharaoh for some items. Talk to Thara.
    - Do you, perhaps, have any useful items for me?
    Take the pillow the pharaoh was sleeping on. Also grab the scoop from the
    cauldron nearby. At the water further left, use the scoop on the sharp-edged
    shell. Use the shell on the pillow to rip it. Use the cloth rag with the heart
    of Osiris and place it in the trophy. Go up the path to leave the Oasis.
                            Chapter 5: The Big Game                      G0350
    Take the rope you descend on, then the message bottle swimming in the water.
    Interact with the bottle to get the message out. You can use this as a map.
    Attach the rope with the statue of Seth and use the grappling hook on the left
    grating. An icon will not pop up at the bottom right, this can be used to
    switch between Assil and Thara. Enter the left passage an open the door. Walk
    left and cross over the bridge.
    As Thara, pick up the mocha coffee cup and fill it with the mocha machine. Go
    around the back of the seats and pour the cup into the gully.
    Switch back to Assil and place the empty bottle on the mocha coffee stain.
    Thara should now refill the mocha coffee cup and pour it down the gully again.
    Assil can now pick up a filled bottle. Continue on through the door. Open the
    bottom right door to enter the room with the gate control. Attempt to pull the
    lever on the left. Watch the scene.
    As Thara, talk to the Pharaoh's daughter.
    - Aha, so you've got a crush on the goalie!
    - Wimp, wimp, wimp!
    Watch the scene.
    Return outside as Assil and take the left door to enter the prison. Enter the
    first empty cell and pick up the shackles hanging on the wall. Walk through to
    the last cell and give the bottle of mocha to the prisoner. Run back to the
    gate control and use the lever. Walk right and take the spring that fell from
    the block.
    Re-enter the prison and give the spring to Gemotep about half-way in. You will
    see as he is standing at the door. He will open the lock and you are faced with
    two choices, they both lead to the same result.
    1. "Here...take my site place, and good luck!"
    He will escape and give you a spoon. Walk to the gate control and whack the
    bell with the spoon for half-time.
    2. "You should go that way, where you'll find a guard, I mean, an unguarded
        storage room! A great way to escape!"
    He will get caught and the half- time rings by itself.
    At the gate control, enter the left doorway. Attempt to pick up the polar cat
    sitting on the box. Pick up the polar cat when it is inside the sack.
    As Thara, leave the seated area and walk all the way through the throne room,
    through the corridor and into the kitchen. Grab the wash rag near the sink and
    use it on the dirty dishes. Afterwards use the lever to divert the water.
    Assil can now pull the lever inside the elevator to get up to the kitchen as
    well. When you arrive, use the cat in the sack on the hook inside the elevator
    and make Thara use the lever at the table nearby. It will remove the cook from
    the kitchen. Open the door of the elevator and ride it back down.
    As Assil, run through to the prison and enter the cell previously occupied by
    Gemotep. Open the wrapped present to get the Eleventh Commandment. Use the
    shackles with the Eleventh Commandment. Hang his combination on the hook inside
    the cell and then use it to break down the wall. Enter the old prison area.
    Walk through the cell and open the door. Continue along until you arrive at the
    abandoned catacombs on the left. After the scene, walk through to the water
    area. Simply continue along over the crocodile and enter the next room. Stand
    on the small wooden bridge to open the door.
    Switch to Thara. Her job is to run all the way through to the room where you
    just opened the door. That is, straight north from the room with the multiple
    doors and then entering the secret entrance. Dash right through the locker
    room, ignoring Moses for now.
    Walk up the stairs to the grandstand. Up the stairs here is a fruit stand. Look
    at the huge melon above it. Attempt to leave the area to get a short scene.
    Make Assil run all the way through the catacombs, prison, kitchen and throne
    room until he arrives at the area where they are watching the match. Pick up
    the fruit that were delivered. When the ambassador asks for more, switch to
    Thara and grab the green melon from the fruit stand. Run back down the stairs
    to the locker room and give Moses the melon. When the scene starts, talk to the
    coach to get Moses to play.
    After yet another scene, switch to Assil and take the fruit bowl in front of
    him. Leave the area and place the fruit bowl at the back of the throne where
    there is a plate.
    Return control to Thara and run back up to the grandstand. Talk to the tailor
    at the bottom of the stairs.
    - You say that metaphorically, right?
    - There're really only two teams out there!
    - No, the "Nile Crocodiles" are playing against the "Cairo Pharaohs".
    - You might as well be wearing slices of zucchini on your eyes.
    With the glasses in hand, run up the stairs and use them on the right statue
    with the beam.
    When you get to choose answers again, you can pick anything you like as they
    all lead to the same ending. You do get different responses at this point and
    they are fun to try all.
    YY.)                    VERSION HISTORY                              GYY00
    v1.0     First release, complete (4th of August 2007)
    ZZ.)                    CREDITS & THANKS                             GZZ00
    GameFAQs for hosting this file.
    Deck 13 for the game.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    This guide may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
    distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on
    any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited,
    and a violation of copyright.        ,,,
                                        (o o)

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