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    Survival Mode Guide by Big8Ball

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         Last Updated: 6/1/09           Current Version:  v1.08
    Version History:
    {5/10/09 - v0.10} - Created loose outline and organized general ideas
    {5/13/09 - v0.30} - Created first rough draft of entire guide
    {5/14/09 - v0.50} - Revised first rough draft and organized it into sections
    {5/16/09 - v0.80} - Converted manually from WordPad to Notepad, revised again
    {5/20/09 - v0.90} - Revised again, cleaned up, and converted to proper format 
    {5/21/09 - v0.91} - Made minor writing corrections and fixed spelling/grammar
    {5/21/09 - v0.94} - Corrected some grammar and changed some writing added spot
    {5/22/09 - v0.98} - Updated some spots for gold, added new strategies
    {5/22/09 - v0.99} - Revised some content, added new spots and added my times
    {5/24/09 - v1.00} - First full version of Guide complete, added achievements
    {5/28/09 - v1.05} - Added two new spots for Boathouse and Drains
    {6/01/09 - v1.08} - Minor corrections, spelling, grammar, updated times
    {6/10/15 - v1.09} - Introduction section was updated and changed
    Thanks for checking out my Survival Mode Guide.
    The purpose of this guide is to inform you of tried and true strategies
    for earning Gold Medals in L4D Survival Mode.
    **UPDATE** 6/10/15
    The strategies in this guide are only for the first Left 4 Dead and were
    discovered and utilized in 2009. At this point in time, various patches
    and version changes may prove some strategies to be useless. Also, none
    of these strategies have been tested or used with Left 4 Dead 2.
    This guide is broken into five easy sections.
    1.) Survival Mode	
    2.) Weapons and Team Work
    3.) Spots For Gold and Strategies
    4.) General Tips For Survival Mode
    5.) Contact Information, Thanks and Copyright
    (*NOTE* This guide only focuses on Left 4 Dead Survival Mode although some
    tips you find here may be useful for other modes as well.) 
    1.) Survival Mode
    Survival mode is absolute mayhem as well as a whole lot of fun!
    The goal is to simply survive the endless onslaught of infected, boomers,
    smokers, hunters and tanks for as long as possible. The witch does not appear
    in Survival Mode. Depending on how many minutes your team can last will
    determine what medal you earn. 
    Medal            Time    
    ------           ---------
    Gold             10:00 Min
    Silver           7:00  Min
    Bronze           4:00  Min
    Earning medals will unlock some achievements. Here they are:
    Achievement              Requirements
    -----------              ---------------
    Bronze Mettle            *Earn your first bronze medal on any survival level
    Silver Bullets           *Earn your first silver medal on any survival level
    Violence is Golden       *Earn your first gold medal on any survival level
    Distinguished Survivor   *Earn at least a bronze medal on every survival level
    Heroic Survivor          *Earn at least a silver medal on every survival level
    Legendary Survivor       *Earn at least a gold medal on every survival level
    Easy right? Not so fast.
    The zombie hordes are endless and only get bigger as the minutes tick on.
    Hunters come pouncing at your face with no mercy, spawning in groups. 
    Smokers lurk around every corner and are impatiently waiting to wrap you up
    with thier slimy discusting tongues. Boomers are sloppily waddling around
    hoping to throw up some grimey blinding vomit all over you. Finally, tanks
    play thier equal role in dishing out death. There is nothing like hearing
    the tank spawn music and seeing TWO of those huge, grotesquely mutated beasts
    come barreling towards you side by side. Despite all of this, some gold medals
    are actually quite easy to earn but many of them will take you several tries.
    When the game starts you are given umlimited time to set yourselves up before
    activating the trigger event. Each chapter has a unique trigger event but all
    of them provide the same function: To summon the endless horde.
    If you want to earn all the gold medals you must pick the right weapons, find
    the right spot and work together as a team. Once all three of these elements
    are at play you'll be smooth sailing your way to the top of the leaderboards. 
    2.) Weapons and Team Work     
    It is essential to know what weapons to pick. It depends alot on your location.
    If your in a tight spot, using the auto shotgun might work better than the
    sniper rifle. Or if your out in the open, the sniper rifle or m4 might be a 
    better choice than the shotgun. But sometimes you might want to use the sniper
    rifle for close range combat as well because of its powerful rounds that can
    penetrate multiple enemies and pierce through walls (thanks "starwarsdukky").
    If you are having alot of trouble surviving, I suggest that you pick 
    the weapon that you are most skilled with. In my personal experience the most 
    useful weapon for survival is the shotgun. If all four survivors have the 
    shotgun, tanks can be dropped in three seconds. Four shotguns can also mow down
    huge groups of infected very quickly. In Section 3, "Chapter Spots/Strategy" I
    will recommend certian weapons for each chapter.
    If you want gold medals, teamwork is required. It requires 100% awareness from
    each survivor. You must watch each others backs at all costs. When a teammate
    is down you must get them up as soon as possible. You must communicate with
    your teammates as much as possible so no one gets smoked to death or pounced to
    oblivion. Also, make sure each survivor is a real person. Bots won't do!! 
    If someone gets smoked or pounced, I recommend melee whenever you can. 
    Shooting can do alot of damage to your teammate. Learn how to melee hunters
    before they pounce. Also don't get an itchy trigger finger around boomers.
    They can ruin it for you by blinding you at a critical moment. When tanks
    get too close for comfort concentrate all fire on them. Work with each
    other and never leave a man behind. 
    I've played too many games where one teammate will be messing around or just
    not working together. All it takes is one person to ruin every round. All 
    four survivors must know what to do and cover each other till the very end.
    If you feel a teammate is pulling you down, kick them. Don't worry they'll find
    another game :) One time I was playing on a team and we had tried the same 
    chapter twenty times only to get silver. We decided that one of the players was
    holding us down. We kicked him, a new player joined, and we earned gold on 
    the next try.
    Each Chapter has a specific spot which I refer to as "The Spot for Gold".
    These are small spots in the Chapter where you can hold up against the infected
    Read more in the next section to find out how to earn those Gold Medals.  
    3.) "Spots for Gold" and Strategies
    This section explains how I got gold for each chapter. I'm sure there are
    strategies other than mine that will work and I'd love to include them here.
    If you have any strategies or spots for gold that I have not listed, just
    e-mail me and I will update them into this FAQ. I will give you credit.
    *NOTE* I posted my best times up next to each chapter title to give you an idea
    of how long you can expect to last using each strategy.
                (*TIP* Use Ctrl + F to quick find a chapter or section!)  
                           (Table of Contents)
    a. NO MERCY
            a1. The Generator Room	  
            a2. The Gas Station
            a3. The Hospital	  
            a4. The Rooftop		  
            b1. The Drains		  
            b2. The Church		  
            b3. The Street		  
            b4. The Boathouse	  
    c. DEAD AIR	
            c1. The Crane		  
            c2. The Construction Site
            c3. The Terminal	  
            c4. The Runway		  
            d1. The Warehouse	  
            d2. The Bridge
            d3. The Farmhouse	  
            f1. The Lighthouse	  
                                   a. NO MERCY
    a1. The Generator Room {My best time: 11:33:37}    
        *Special thanks to "letskillem"
    The spot for gold on this Chapter is a dark corner in the basement under the
    generator room. The basement is the big dark room with all the cement columns.
    Everyone collect pipe bombs and get an auto shotgun. To get to the spot,
    start on the stairs that connect the generator room to the basement.
    Run down to the bottom of the stairs and turn left. Then move forward and turn
    left again. You should now be looking out into the dark basement with all the
    columns. Now move forward up to the ammo table. Move past the ammo table and
    turn left at the wall. You should see a small pile of brown boxes on your left.
    Move past the boxes and go and crouch in the corner right in front of you. 
    Keep your back to the wall and stay crouched. This is the spot for gold.  
    Make sure to use your shotguns at all times because the ammo pile is
    straight ahead and pretty easy to reach. Use shotguns to mow down anything that
    comes in your way. With proper teamwork tanks can be dropped in a matter
    of seconds. Use the concrete columns for protection from tanks and smokers.
    Make synchronized ammo and health runs. You should get gold in a few trys
    although this one can be difficult at times. Save pipe bombs for after
    five minutes. Also, whoever sets off the trigger must run quickly to 
    the gatling gun room and jump down through the hole in the floor to 
    the basement. The horde comes quickly.
    a2. The Gas Station {My best time: 10:45:77}
        *Special thanks to "-CrazyStinger-"
    For the gas station everyone needs to grab an auto shotgun. Stock up on pipes
    and molotovs hop onto the lift then trigger it. When it reaches the top, the
    whole team should sprint across the roof to the room with the big breakable 
    window. Once in this room, everyone should jump down the hole in the floor
    into the small room beneath. This small room has a few desks stacked and a 
    medical cabinet with some pills. This room is the spot for gold. The trick
    for this one is to use ONLY PISTOLS except for the tank. Save all of your
    shotgun ammo for the tanks. They will usually only climb through the two small
    windows opposite the medical cabinet. When a tank enters the room quickly
    switch to shotty and drop him before he can do major damage. Then, you can
    switch back to pistols. As long as you have about twenty shotgun shells left
    by 8:30, you should be fine. Everyone really needs to stick close to the wall
    and away from the windows because smokers will pull you out! Wasting ammo on
    this one could cost you gold. 
    a3. The Hospital {My best time: 14:03:13}
        *Special thanks to "RadicalEdward" & "Nanii"
    This one is not too difficult. Start by standing on top of the ammo pile. 
    The hall you are currently standing in has two different directions. One way
    leads towards the elevator and the other way leads towards side rooms. You 
    want to head down the hall in the direction of the side rooms. Then keep
    moving straight till you reach a set of locked double doors. Everyone get an
    auto shotgun and keep shooting those double doors until they break open. It 
    takes some time to break them but they will crumble eventually. This room that
    you just opened is the spot for gold. It should have pipe bombs, pills and
    even molotovs. You should switch all the pipe bombs to molotovs. You want to
    have as many molotovs as possible. All four survivors use the hospital tables
    and crouch so you all are facing the doorway. When huge hordes and tanks come
    rolling towards you, the molotovs work wonders if you toss them right outside
    into the hall. Also, you can make quick runs to the side rooms for more pills
    and pipes/mollys. This spot is also close to ammo for easy ammo runs.
    The tanks will get into the room for close combat so make sure you have your 
    shotguns ready. The main idea is to stop every zombie before it can even get
    into the room. Make sure to save the molotovs for after five minutes!
    a4. The Rooftop {My best time: 23:28:97}
        *Special thanks to "!kmz! Peter Petrelli"
    The rooftop is incredibly easy. I recommend m4s for this one. Now do you see
    that gray power box on top of the middle roof? This power box is right behind
    the ammo and health. Now look behind that power box and you'll see a small
    ledge. ONE teammate will position himself on this ledge snugged up against the
    power box. The rest of the team will go to a different spot. Start on the
    middle roof and go to the metal staircase around back. Go down the stairs and
    move forward a few feet until your snugged against the ledge. Now look straight
    ahead and you will see a HUGE gray power box. It is very large. Now look to the
    right of this HUGE power box and you will see a large concrete block. This
    concrete block has a red light on its top surface. It is right on the corner
    of the roof. The trick to this one is simple. Three teammates jump over so they
    are positioned on the concrete block with the red surface. Then the last
    teammate positions himself on the small ledge behind the small power box
    on the middle roof. The person who will position on the ledge should trigger
    the event. Once triggered everyone must stay in thier position. You cannot
    be touched by smokers, tanks, or hunters. The only thing that will attack you
    will be the regular horde. For the person on the small ledge behind the power
    box, nothing will attack you. Just sit tight for gold. 
                               b. DEATH TOLL
    b1. The Drains {My best time: 63:35:17}
    Make sure your whole team has auto shotties. Do you know where the health packs
    and pills are? That's the spot for gold. Make sure the whole team stays
    crouched in that corner on top of that green crate with the health packs.
    Dont get too close to the edge in case of smokers. Try to conserve ammo
    by using pistols and saving main ammo for tanks. Make ammo runs only when
    its safe. One bad ammo run will ruin this for you. Also, there is a large
    pipe right next to that spot which has an opening in the wall. Zombies
    come rushing out of there so be ready. This one can take many tries but
    eventually will seem kind of easy. Everyone having shotguns is crucial
    to success. There is another strategy.........
    *ALTERNATIVE STRATEGY* (Special thanks to "SuperMan")
    In the sewer room there is a crate on a push cart. Use a gas tank to push this
    crate so its sitting slanted half on the ground half on the cart. Then throw
    a pipe bomb under the elevated side to propel the crate in the air. It should
    land right near the green trunk that has the health on it. Then use the gas
    tank to push the crate up agaisnt the wall with the big opening and the pipe.
    Jump on the crate and up into the opening. Run all the way to the saferoom.
    Hold the saferoom until you die.
    b2. The Church {My best time: 11:49:43} 
        *Special thanks to "Nanii"
    Stand on top of the ammo pile and look around. Do you see those two benches
    up against the far wall outside the church? Thats the spot for gold.
    Everyone crouch beind those two benches. I recommend three shotguns and one m4
    for success. Make careful ammo runs when you can but watch out because smokers
    really build up in the cemetery. If you run out alone you might get pulled to
    an early grave. Hunters can only pounce you from the sides if you are
    crouched behind the benches and smokers won't be able to drag you over.
    Keep really close together and make sure that tanks are dropped as soon
    as they come into sight. Tanks and hunters are the hardest part on this one.
    This chapter took many tries for me but eventually I got gold. It is one of the
    harder ones. 
    b3. The Street {My best time: 12:32:33}
        *Special thanks to "Joon"
    For this one I recommend two auto shotties and two m4s. Everyone grab a pipe
    bomb and run to the fence way at the end of the street. There is a part of
    the fence that is kind of broken and indented. It has enough room for all 
    four survivors to snuggly squeeze in next to each other. This is the spot for
    gold. Most all infected will come at you from the front but keep a careful 
    eye for the few rogues who will hop the fence behind you. Watch out for 
    flying cars when the tanks come down the street. Make synchornized ammo runs
    and get back to the fence as soon as possible. This one is pretty easy. 
    The main idea is to save as much ammo as possible and use pistols whenever 
    you can. You only want to go on one or two ammo runs and rest of the time 
    should be spent holding tight formation agaisnt the fence. There is plenty 
    of room to spot incoming tanks and hordes. Smokers are also easily defeated 
    as they tend to crowd under the ramp on the right. 
    b4. The Boathouse {My best time: 30:12:77}
        *Special thanks to "Boo327"
    Stock up on pipe bombs. Everyone get auto shotties and run to the upstairs
    room of the main boathouse. You'll notice a brown shelf on one side of the
    room. That's the spot for gold. Only thing is its kind of difficult to get up.
    The stairs inside have a wooden railing. Jump on this railing then
    use it to jump on top of the the brown shelf. Make sure there aren't any
    gas tanks in the room and make sure everyone is on top of the shelves.
    This one is kind of difficult to get a hang of. Watch for smokers trying
    to pull you off the shelf because its hard to get back up. Just camp the
    shelf for as long as possible. Save main ammo for tank and use pistols 
    as much as you can. If you fall and can't get back up just use a corner
    of the room and try to make it work. Eventually you'll have to do an ammo
    run. If you are very close to gold I suggest getting ammo then jumping 
    into the water and sprinting to the far corner of the map. This one ain't 
    no cake walk. Also, when you are on the top of the shelf, watch out for
    tanks. They will climb up rather fast. As long as everyone has shotguns the
    tanks should perish before they can even climb up to swing at you.
    *ALTERNATIVE STRATEGY* (Special thanks to "TopBanana")
    There is another trick to getting gold on this one. This trick is easier
    but not as fun. All you have to do is go to the main boathouse to where the
    radio is. Now, go to the front door and look out. You'll see a picnic building
    up on the hill to your left. Go to this building and walk through the front
    entrance. Look for the first picnic table on your left as you walk in. This
    is the one you will move. Grab a gas tank and throw it against the picnic
    table. As soon as it hits the table push up against it. The table will move
    slowly. You must use this technique of throwing the gas tank against the
    table until you push the table outside. Once its outside push it to the left.
    Keep pushing it to the left and a little bit forward/up so it is slanted on
    the hill. Keep pushing it to the left till it nudges up against the pine tree
    closest to that corner of the picnic building. It may take you some time to
    position the table just right. Once in place use the picnic table to jump
    onto the roof of the picnic building. Once everyone is on the roof, someone
    trigger it and quickly get on the roof. Stay near the chimney for easy gold.
                                  c. DEAD AIR
    c1. The Crane {My best time: 12:35:73}
        *Special thanks to "The 1ne" & "Sgt.Snyper.GSS"
    This one is easy. Everyone get a sniper rifle. Run over to the crane and stand
    in front of the ladder as if you were about to climb it. Now look behind the
    ladder and notice the ledge of the building. Walk behind the ladder and 
    jump onto that ledge. Now move along the ledge about five paces to the left.
    Now look down. You'll notice a smaller outer ledge that is a little lower than
    the one your standing on. Crouch and drop down very carefully onto the small
    outer ledge. Everyone stay close together packed onto this smaller outer 
    ledge. Everyone must stay in this spot. Push up agaisnt the inner ledge so
    you dont fall off. When everyone is tightly packed on this outer ledge, right 
    beneath the crane a little to the left, the only threat is smokers. Just stay
    here for the duration and you can't be touched!
    c2. The Construction Site {My best time: 15:43:27}
        *Special thanks to "The 1ne"
    Everyone get an auto shotgun. Collect gas tanks and position them around on the
    ground near the ammo and health. Grab a molotov if u can. Now stand on the ammo
    pile. Look around until you see the ladder. A little down and to the right of
    the ladder you will see a few gray bags of mortar stacked up. Run ahead jump on
    the bags and jump into the enclosed area. This area is enclosed with
    scaffolding and is directly below the spot where you find the mollies and pipe
    bombs. The trick is to pull back agaisnt one side of the square enclosure and
    just use your auto shotty for everything. Whenever you get a second to breath
    jump down, get ammo really quick, then run back into the enclosure. Smokers
    will grab you often but they can't really pull you anywhere so melee as much
    as you can. Use fire to your advantage especially during tanks. This spot will'
    get you gold but doens't come easy. You must have a good team and unload into
    every tank as fast as possible. No time to waste once a tank enters the area!
    c3. The Terminal {My best time: 16:08:53}
        *Special thanks to "Bonesaw", "Sgt.Snyper.GSS" & "Evade"
    For this one I recommend two auto shotties and two m4s. The spot for gold is 
    behind the desk. The desk is near the fence that breaks with all the pipe bombs
    and molotovs. Make sure you use the pipes and mollys sparingly. There are
    alot of them and if you use them right they will get you closer to gold.
    Make sure you save your ammo as much as you can because ammo runs can get
    a little hairy. Everyone shoot then crouch. Shoot then crouch. Use the 
    desk as cover from smokers and hunters. When the tanks come you can quickly
    exit the desk by the opening and use the fence for some extra room. When 
    tank is dead just return to desk. There are extra pipes and mollys down in
    front of the bathroom entrances and there are extra pills in the bathrooms.
    This one is pretty easy once you get the hang of it just make sure you stay
    tightly packed behind that desk. 
    c4. The Runway Finale {My best time: 18:20:93}
    There is a luggage pile on the hill behind the green rescue plane. Everyone
    grab an m4 or sniper rifle and go to this luggage pile. Do you see that
    darkbrown/gold suitcase on the very top of the pile? That's the spot for gold.
    The idea is that everyone cram onto this suitcase. For the whole time just
    stay planted on top of that suitcase and if you fall, get right back up. If
    everyone does this correctly then you can only be hurt by smokers. All other
    infected including tanks, boomers and hunters will be stuck behind the
    rescue plane and despawn. Easy gold for this one as long as you stay crouched
    on the suitcase. 
                                 d. BLOOD HARVEST 
    d1. The Warehouse {My best time: 11:10:67}
        *Special thanks to "The 1ne" 
    On this chapter, everyone should get an auto shotty and stock up on molotovs.
    The spot for gold is located on the other side of the trigger door, so you will
    not be able to reach it until triggering the mayhem. Once you open the trigger
    door, run straight through and look to your right. You will see a metal
    staircase. Go up the stairs and when you reach the top stop. You should now
    be standing between the stairs and a large window that cannot be broken. This
    is the spot for gold. Most zombies and hunters will come at you from the
    stairs but watch your right side! Smokers, tanks and hordes will come at you
    from the right but will not be as numerous as the ones that attack you from the
    stairs. Throwing mollies at the base of the stairs really works wonders on this
    one but just make sure you save them for the really big hordes. Easy gold if
    you've got a tight team.
    d2. The Bridge {My best time: 13:46:40}
        *Special thanks to "Sgt.Syper.GSS", "`brandon yee." and "DamnedBrit"
    For this one I recommend everyone get an auto shotgun. The spot for gold is the
    room with the ammo. First take some time to set up gas tanks outside, and grab
    a molotov or a pipe bomb off of the train car. The best way to hold the
    ammo room is to have two people camp right next to the ammo, one person on 
    top of the boxes in the corner, and the last person should camp the small TV
    table. This is just the setup that my team used to get gold you can certianly
    hold any spot in the room you like, just make sure you have some kind of cover.
    I don't recommend that everyone get on the boxes because the tanks will kill
    you. The basic strategy is to just hold the room, with auto shotguns. Save the
    nades for when you really need them and drop those tanks quick. This one took
    me many tries but I found out that all I really needed was a good team. Make
    sure you shoot carefully because it is easy to shoot your teammates by 
    accident in these tight quarters. 
    d3. The Farmhouse {My best time: 12:14:93}
        *Special thanks to "Homer", "Bell066", and "GotYourBack"
    For this one, everyone get auto shotties. Then collect pipe bombs from the
    desk in the hallway upstairs in the farmhouse. Then collect all the gas tanks
    and propane tanks that you can find and throw them into the loft of the barn.
    Everyone get to the barn loft. This is the spot for gold. Gather all the gas
    tanks and propane tanks and stack them behind the haystack so you dont shoot
    them. use them accordingly. Everyone camp the ammo pile. There is no trick to
    this just straight up shoot everything in sight. Being next to the ammo makes
    things a whole lot easier- no reason to conserve. take out tanks quickly and
    don't get knocked out of the window. This one is pretty easy of you have a
    good team. 
    			f. THE LAST STAND
    f1. The Lighthouse {My best time: 21:07:30}
        *Special thanks to "Billy7508" & "Eclipse"
    This one is pretty simple. Everyone get m4s or sniper rifles. Either will
    work well. Then everyone hop on top of the chimney. The chimney is easy to
    spot. Its on top of the main house and has smoke coming out of it. The main
    idea is to keep put on top of that chimney. If everyone is up there you will
    have no problem getting gold. The only threat is smokers. So just sit on the
    chimney and pick off smokers for easy gold. But, I must warn you. If you fall
    off the chimney, you must get back on as soon as possible. As soon as you fall
    off the chimney, the tanks and zombies can reach you. As long as everyone is
    on the chimney nothing can touch you except for smokers. Easy gold my friends.
    An alternative way to get gold is to use the water tanks. In the room where
    you push the trigger there are two big green water tanks up against the wall.
    All four survivors must jump on top of these tanks in the middle spot
    between the two red pipes. Everyone must have a shotgun and take out tanks 
    before they can climb up. The main trick is for everyone to stay pushed 
    back against the wall so each survivor is inside each other. If a teammate is
    alittle too far forward you will shoot him/her by accident.It is imperative
    that everyone stay in this spot and melee each other in case of smokers.
    *I must say after getting gold with both strategies, the Chimney is a 
    breeze compared to the water tanks but not as exciting.
    4.) General Tips For Survival Mode
    *NOTE* Please e-mail me any of your tips that you would like to share!
    I will update this guide regularly and credit will be given
    -Use pistols as much as possible and save main gun ammo for tanks
    Exception: If you are right next to ammo you dont need use pistols at all
    -Miniguns are dangerous because smokers can pull you right off of them
    -Watch out for friendly fire during close combat shotgun encounters
    -At first Survival Mode seems overwhelming and impossible. (At least it did
    for me). It is actually pretty easy and a whole lot of fun.
    -Constantly check status of teammates
    -Immediate rescue is needed for teammates who are smoked, pounced or down
    -If all survivors have shotguns you can kill a tank in three seconds up close
    -If at first you don't succeed try and try again
    -meleeing teammates who are smoked or pounced is much safer than shooting
    -Rescue downed teammates instantly. Every second costs you valuable health. 
    -Stay close to teammates at all times
    -Announce ammo runs to the rest of your team
    -Use a microphone for better team work
    -Make good use of all the pipe bombs and gas tanks. They are there for
    a reason!!
    -If you have a bad team don't waste your time. Call a vote or leave.
    -The two tanks at once most often occur between 5:00 mintues and
    8:00 minutes
    -There are always times of break for a few seconds every once in a while.
    Use these breaks for ammo runs or to heal
    -When going on ammo runs throw pipe bombs
    -Dont set fires close to your team
    -Keep gas tanks away from the spot you want to hold 
    -If your using the shotgun make sure to reload it before firing all the shells.
    If you reload while you still have some shots left then it wont take long. If
    you completely empty the gun before reloading it takes a while.
    -Always aim for the head and shoot in bursts rather than blowing through your
    -Have Fun
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    * Thank you to the fine folks at Valve for creating Left 4 Dead, which is,
    imho, the BEST zombie game ever made. 
    * Thanks to all my steam friends and Left 4 Dead teammates
    who helped me earn Gold medals and have showed me strategies to victory. 
    * Thanks for any e-mails with comments, suggestions, or tips!
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