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    Versus Mode Guide by Raistlyn

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    Left 4 Dead "The Infected Handbook"
    Copyright (c) 2009
    Eric VanErt (Raistlyn on www.gamefaqs.com)
    Table of Contents 
    Update History...................................[L4DUPDATE]
    About the FAQ....................................[L4DFAQ]
    About the Author.................................[L4DAUTHOR]
    The Hunter.......................................[L4DHUNT]
    The Smoker.......................................[L4DSMOKE]
    The Boomer.......................... ............[L4DBOOM]
    The Tank.........................................[L4DTANK]
    The Witch........................................[L4DWITCH]
    General Tips.....................................[L4DGENERAL]
    Other Infected Achievements......................[L4DACHIEVE]
    No Mercy Overview................................[L4DMERCY]
    The Apartments...................................[L4DMERCYa]
    The Subway.......................................[L4DMERCYb]
    The Sewers.......................................[L4DMERCYc]
    The Hospital.....................................[L4DMERCYd]
    Rooftop Finale...................................[L4DMERCYe]
    Crash Course Overview............................[L4DCOURSE]
    The Alleys.......................................[L4DCOURSEa]
    The Truck Depot Finale...........................[L4DCOURSEb]
    Death Toll Overview..............................[L4DTOLL]
    The Turnpike.....................................[L4DTOLLa]
    The Drains.......................................[L4DTOLLb]
    The Church.......................................[L4DTOLLc]
    The Town.........................................[L4DTOLLd]
    Boathouse Finale.................................[L4DTOLLe]
    Dead Air Overview................................[L4DAIR]
    The Greenhouse...................................[L4DAIRa]
    The Crane........................................[L4DAIRb]
    The Construction Site............................[L4DAIRc]
    The Terminal.....................................[L4DAIRd]
    Runway Finale....................................[L4DAIRe]
    Blood Harvest Overview...........................[L4DHARVEST]
    The Woods........................................[L4DHARVESTa]
    The Tunnel.......................................[L4DHARVESTb]
    The Bridge.......................................[L4DHARVESTc]
    The Train Station................................[L4DHARVESTd]
    Farmhouse Finale.................................[L4DHARVESTe]
    Legal Stuff......................................[L4DMYFAQ]
    -------Update History------ [L4DUPDATE]
    1.0) FAQ's initial posting.
    1.1) 7/8/09 - Minor spelling / grammar corrections throughout the 
    guide. Some additional strategies and corrections to the Dead Air and 
    Blood Harvest campaigns.
    1.2) 7/12/09 - More minor spelling / grammar corrections. Several 
    alterations to strategies in the Death Toll, Dead Air, and Blood 
    Harvest campaigns. Added several new tips in the No Mercy campaign.
    1.21) Minor update. Granted permission to several other website 
    editors/administrators to post this FAQ. Said websites can be seen in 
    the "Legal Stuff" section of the guide. Thank you for the recognition!
    1.31) 12/14/09 - Major, major, major update! Added Crash Course 
    achievements and added a rough "skeleton" style guide for the Crash 
    Course campaign. It should be updated with more strategies in the next 
    few weeks.
    The reason for my delay in the update of the FAQ? It's a long story, 
    and now you have to read it...if you want.
    My computer was crashing with CPU over-temperature errors. I'm 
    thinking: "Ok, sounds like my CPU fan is failing or the thermal 
    compound on my heatsink is coming loose. $30 quick fix."
    Not to be...
    Turns out my CPU was failing. $160. I figure if I have to replace 
    something, I might as well upgrade! Well, the shop I went to for 
    installation didn't install the CPU correctly. This sent my Power 
    Supply into "overdrive mode" and it surged...badly. Ended up destroying 
    my Power Supply, my Motherboard, my CPU (again), and my graphics 
    $600 later, I got my computer back up and running and I got to working 
    on the guide again! So don't think I'm lazy! Computer parts aren't 
    cheap, especially when you have a pretty high-end gaming rig like 
    And that, my friends, is the reason for the delay in my 1.31 update to 
    this FAQ.
    1.32) Minor update. A few spelling errors corrected and granted 
    permission for this FAQ to be posted on another website. Said website 
    can be found in the "Legal Stuff" section of the guide. Thanks for the 
    -------About the FAQ------- [L4DFAQ]
    So you've gone ahead and entered what many consider to be the most fun 
    part of Left 4 Dead.
    You've entered Versus mode. And you're here because...
    Well, let's think through this logically first.
    1) You enjoy reading everything that can be read. You're bordering on a 
    mild case of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
    2) You'd like to learn some strategies to help you out with your Versus 
    mode career in Left 4 Dead.
    3) You clicked on the wrong link, but because you had a feeling about 
    how awesome the author is, you decided to stick around.
    But seriously now...we both know why you're here, really.
    4) You got your ass handed to you gift-wrapped with a "Get Well Soon" 
    card attached to it.
    You've probably been kicked out of a game or two by angry teammates who 
    thought your I.Q. didn't exceed water's freezing point...in Celsius 
    degrees. (For the record, that's 0)
    You've been accused of having a "Fail Tank" on numerous occasions.
    You find yourself rage quitting more often than not.
    You actually find playing as the survivors more fun than playing as the 
    If #4 was correct in any of those areas, fear not, for there is help.
    Welcome to "The Infected Handbook." Your one stop source of all 
    information on the zombie side of Left 4 Dead. This guide will cover a 
    wide berth of topics ranging from individual map strategies to tips and 
    tricks for using and exploiting all five of the special infected 
    characters. This guide will help you succeed in stopping the survivors 
    in their tracks. But most importantly, it will help you regain that 
    lost confidence. Help you to become a great team player. And help you 
    discover the potential you have within yourself.
    This guide was written with YOU in mind, my friend.
    -------About the Author------- [L4DAUTHOR]
    I'm Eric. I've been a member of GameFAQs since April 30th, 2002.
    So yeah, I've been around. I picked up Left 4 Dead a few weeks after it 
    was first released, so
    I've been through plenty of updates. And I know what I'm talking about.
    I am awesome. You are not.
    I never wear a cape when I fly.
    I have at least $30 in my pocket. That's probably more than you have 
    right now.
    I can lead a horse to water, AND make it drink.
    I keep telling your mother that she can't have me. She doesn't get it.
    Sometimes I sleep in your back yard.
    I give off a constant 1.21 Gigawatts, so if you have a Flux Capacitor 
    and a Delorean, we could time travel.
    I am no longer in the Mafia.
    I have played Left 4 Dead more than you have.
    I invented rubber bands.
    Your friends will like you 30% more if they find out you know me.
    But all facts aside, this is my first FAQ. And since Left 4 Dead is 
    still a pretty new game (by this FAQ's initial post), there's bound to 
    be things that I will miss. That being said, if you find anything 
    inaccurate or have additional strategies that aren't too well known, 
    please let me know. I'll post them in the FAQ and give credit where 
    credit is due. My e-mail address is listed at the beginning of this 
    FAQ. That's probably the best way to contact me. Otherwise you could 
    try calling random telephone numbers, but I don't really recommend 
    I'm writing this FAQ up to date. If things get patched, I'll change 
    them as soon as I can. There will be nothing in this FAQ talking about 
    how it "used to be." I will diligently alter this FAQ to keep it up to 
    date in accordance to any change that takes place with future patches 
    or download content that makes alterations to VS mode in Left 4 Dead. 
    That's just the way I am.
    This FAQ also doubles as a "What to expect" guide. Because it points 
    out ambush locations, some of which are less common, it provides sort 
    of a reverse "How To" perspective on the survivor side of Left 4 Dead.
    Now let's get started, shall we?
    -------The Hunter------- [L4DHUNT]
    "Cause we hunt you down without mercy! Hunt you down all nightmare 
    long!" - Metallica
    Hunter Specific Achievements:
    ***Double Jump*** - Pounce on two survivors in one life as a Hunter.
    This is a fairly straightforward achievement and can be accomplished in 
    one of two ways. The easiest way is by pouncing on someone, and being 
    shoved off your victim, but not killed - allowing you to run away and 
    pounce again. The other way (and more fun way at that) is by pouncing 
    on someone and outright killing them...THEN pouncing on someone else. 
    To my knowledge there is no way to get yourself off of someone you have 
    pounced before they die.
    ***Jumpin' Jack Smash*** - Pounce a Survivor for 25 points of damage in 
    the Crash Course campaign.
    While you may have experience in landing big pounces in the other four 
    campaigns, Crash Course offers a surprisingly low number of areas in 
    which to land one of these monster pounces. The easiest area I've seen 
    to get this achievement is in the 2nd chapter of the campaign while the 
    survivors are starting or re-starting the generator during the finale 
    event. You can perch at the top of the tall depot building and take 
    advantage of the stationary target survivor as he/she attempts to start 
    the generator.
    Primary Attack: Pounce
    Secondary Attack: Claw Swipe
    Health: 250
    When it comes to dishing out damage, the Hunter is the breadwinner in 
    the infected family.
    A four player infected team will always have at least two Hunters, but 
    on some occasions, a
    four player infected team can get three, or on even rarer occassions, 
    four Hunters.
    Hunters are fast, agile, strong, and hard to pick out of a large crowd 
    because of their appearance.
    The Hunter's main attack is pouncing on survivors. A survivor who has 
    been pounced on by a Hunter cannot defend themselves while being ripped 
    to shreds and needs a teammate to rescue them.
    Pouncing is done by crouching (default Ctrl key) and left-clicking. To 
    get more distance out of your pounce, make sure to aim slightly upwards 
    for a nice arc. With some practice, you can start landing big pounces 
    with some consistency to really mess up a survivor team. You will get 
    the most distance out of a pounce if you angle yourself upward about 45 
    degrees. From the various perches you can reach in the game, it takes a 
    bit of practice to know when to time your pounce, what angle your 
    pounce should be at, and how much directional play mid-air you may need 
    to put into your trajectory in order to succeed in landing on a 
    survivor. Unfortunately, there's no real way to try and teach this 
    through a guide. All I can say is practice, practice, practice! You'll 
    get it. It may be best to start off trying for shorter pounces to get a 
    feeling of how the physics engine affects your trajectory and moving up 
    from there. If you can comfortably and consistently land 10-13 damage 
    pounces, try stepping it up a bit. Go for those 15-18 damage leaps. And 
    once you get consistent with those, go for the monster 20+ damage 
    The damage a pounce does on contact varies from 1 to 25. Yes...25. The 
    BIGGEST factor in determining pounce damage is DISTANCE, not height, 
    and not both. The further your pounce, the more damage you will do on 
    contact. If you pounce straight up from a rooftop and land that pounce 
    on a survivor directly below you, you will only get probably a 3 to 4 
    damage pounce, however, if you are on a very high perch and pounce 
    straight down to land on a survivor, you may get a large amount of 
    damage on contact. The way it works is kind of screwy and I've yet to 
    figure out how exactly damage is calculated with a pounce straight 
    down, as pounces that have a lot of height may only yield a modest 
    amount of damage the first time, but manage 15+ damage from the same 
    spot the second time. This kind of wishy-washy occurrence may possibly 
    get changed in a future patch, but as of now, go for long pounces 
    instead of high ones for the best results.
    The Hunter's pounce will interrupt a Smoker's tongue attack while he 
    has a survivor constricted. It is 90% of the time BAD to pounce on a 
    survivor constricted in the Smoker's attack. For a couple of reasons:
    1) Now the Smoker has to wait 15 seconds for his tongue attack to 
    recharge, essentially making him useless or a sitting duck for the 
    allotted time.
    2) Only 1 survivor ends up being rendered helpless instead of a 2nd 
    survivor coming to the rescue you could have pounced.
    The only time it's actually beneficial to pounce on a survivor in the 
    middle of a Smoker's attack is if you can get a big damage pounce 
    (we're talking about nothing shy of 15 damage here) when 2 or more 
    survivors come back to help their trapped friend and the Smoker has an 
    easy escape route. You need to make sure you can dish out more damage 
    than that Smoker could have ON CONTACT because now all of the survivors 
    are together, and one of your allies was about to die. Pouncing on the 
    constricted survivor in this (and only this) scenario is beneficial to 
    the Smoker on your team as it can allow him to run away and find cover 
    while his tongue attack recharges and you still dished out more damage 
    than just the tongue attack would have done.
    Because Hunters rely on the element of surprise, you'll almost always 
    want to spawn in front of the survivor team. There are some occasions 
    where it's helpful to spawn behind them, but get into the habit of 
    setting up for big pounces for when the survivors enter your particular 
    area. There are many areas in most of the chapters of each campaign 
    which can yield big (20+) damage pounces. I will explain and point out 
    those areas in detail later in this FAQ.
    The Hunter's secondary attack is his normal melee claw swipe. This 
    attack does 6 damage per hit. It doesn't seem like much, as it will 
    take 17 claw swipes to incapacitate a survivor from full health, but 
    realize that if you can dish out over 25 damage as a Hunter in one 
    life, you're doing fine. The Hunter makes no noise when not crouching 
    and only screams when he has a survivor within his sights, so you can 
    silently sneak up on people and get a couple of melee swipes off. If 
    you miss a pounce in the middle of the survivor team, usually it's 
    better to try and get at least one claw swipe off because it will 
    result in more damage than a close range pounce. And you'll more than 
    likely be quickly killed by the survivors. A claw swipe can hit 
    multiple targets - a pounce cannot. There are also a number of areas 
    where survivors commonly huddle up into a corner to hold off a 
    crescendo or finale event. Claw swipes may be more beneficial because 
    of their ability to hit multiple targets.
    Hunters love stragglers. Hunters also love rushers. If a survivor is 
    alone, target him/her. A successful pounce can result in excess damage 
    as the rest of the survivor team needs to backtrack or catch up to 
    rescue the downed survivor. You may also want to take advantage of 
    making pounces on a survivor in the process of helping up an 
    incapacitated teammate. Regardless of who you pounce, it's beneficial. 
    If you pounce the survivor helping up the teammate, you obviously 
    render two of them helpless, though the downed survivor could easily 
    shoot you off the one you pounced. If you pounce on the incapacitated 
    survivor, you'll reset the revival time by making the rescuing survivor 
    stagger back and hasten the "bleed out" timer for the incapped 
    survivor. Depending on the situation, you can really break the 
    survivors down. Remember that you can always press Tab (by default) to 
    monitor the health of the survivors. Also, if you think a pounce isn't 
    worth it, using your claw swipe on the downed survivor as he/she is 
    being helped up will reset the revival timer.
    That being said, it's usually in your best interest to focus your 
    attacks on the survivor with the lowest health. Killing the first 
    survivor is always the hardest part, but once you do, the other three 
    go down rather quickly if your team can co-ordinate an ambush. A four 
    player infected team will always have at least 3 people who can render 
    a survivor helpless, so all it takes is a little planning.
    Ladders are great choke points for Hunters. Not only do they force the 
    survivors to travel in one direction for a short time, but in some 
    cases, a pounce on a climbing survivor can result in tremendous fall 
    damage as you'll send them (and anyone else on the ladder) all the way 
    to the bottom! I will go into greater detail pointing out these 
    locations later in this FAQ.
    The Boomer is the Hunter's best friend. Because the Boomer's vomit 
    blinds survivors, Hunters love to jump in on the action. A survivor 
    blinded by a Boomer's vomit cannot see the outline of the pinned 
    survivor as he/she is getting ripped to shreds. Simple logic will tell 
    you to go after any survivor who was NOT VOMITED ON by the Boomer. By 
    pouncing on the unaffected survivor, you can potentially dish out 
    tremendous damage as the vomit-dripping zombie magnet survivor(s) will 
    need to not only fight their way through a mob of infected, but also 
    have to locate their teammate. A survivor vomited on by the Boomer will 
    be able to see clearly again about 10 seconds after the vomit first 
    made contact, but the outlines on any pinned survivor will not be 
    visible for a few more seconds, so take that into consideration when it 
    comes to picking your target. It's not uncommon for one of the 
    survivors to run off while their teammates are still technically 
    vomited on, and not see the silhouette of their teammate being torn to 
    shreds until after a decent chunk of damage was inflicted.
    Hunters can reach places no other infected can. This means very high 
    perches that may not even cross the minds of the survivor team to check 
    before venturing onward. Remember, the element of surprise is a great 
    ally for the Hunter, and if you can find a good ambush location that 
    not only conceals you, but also allows for a massive damage pounce, all 
    the better. Hunters can also wall jump to reach places a single pounce 
    cannot. Aim at a wall, pounce, then while you're in mid air, aim where 
    you want to go, and as soon as you hit the wall, pounce again. With 
    some practice you can reach perches many people never bother to check. 
    And now you can make them pay for it! There will be various locations 
    listed in each chapter of each campaign for you to take advantage of 
    later in this guide. Hunters can also use wall jumps to travel much 
    faster through areas with narrow hallways. The hospital level in the No 
    Mercy campaign is a great place to practice this. Many times you can 
    actually close the distance between you and a survivor taking aim at 
    you by simply jumping from wall to wall and finally landing on one 
    them. It takes a lot of practice, but it's one way to really surprise 
    Wall pounces can also be used vertically to reach extremely high 
    perches. Against a flat surface, face away from the wall, aim straight 
    up and pounce while holding back (default "s" key). While in midair and 
    holding back, angle yourself forward about 10 degrees or so and pounce 
    again. With practice you can string together 5+ of these wall pounces 
    to reach some incredible vantage points - some of which that get 
    completely overlooked by many survivor teams.
    If you see a survivor pinned by another Hunter and the other survivors 
    aren't in a position to rescue him/her quickly, join in by using claw 
    swipes on the pinned victim. This can cause incapacitation much faster. 
    Just make sure you're aware of your surroundings and can pounce on 
    someone coming to rescue when you get the chance!
    A Hunter on fire is now a bad thing. In the campaign and survival 
    modes, a flaming Hunter is a force to be reckoned with as they dish out 
    BIG damage in a short time. VS mode...not so much. The damage you do as 
    a Hunter while on fire *is* greater, but it was severely toned down in 
    a patch. Because the damage was reduced by such a large degree, it is 
    generally considered a bad strategy to light yourself on fire before 
    pouncing on a survivor. You can weigh the pros and cons against each 
    + Double damage while pinning a survivor.
    - Most survivor players avoid fire and only use molotovs or gas cans 
    when they really need to.
    - You are losing health, so you are easier to kill.
    - You are easier to pick out of a large crowd.
    - You may have to go out of your way to light yourself on fire, then 
    try and catch up to the team.
    - You probably won't be able to get a big damage pounce while on fire.
    - You need to immediately attack if you wish to deal ANY damage at all.
    - This makes you less of a team player because now your teammates must 
    - Less active infected players hinder the possibility of a devastating 
    - You cannot wall pounce while on fire.
    - You run slower.
    Yeah...do yourself and your team a favor by NOT lighting yourself on 
    fire as a Hunter. If you get lit up by a molotov, then yeah, go ahead 
    and try to dish out a little damage before you burn up. Just don't 
    voluntarily light yourself up. Remember, there is no way to stop, drop, 
    and roll in this game.
    Happy Hunting!
    -------The Smoker------- [L4DSMOKE]
    "Got you in a stranglehold baby, you better cross your way!" - Ted 
    Smoker Specific Achievements:
    ***Big Drag*** - Drag a survivor 100 feet with your tongue as a Smoker.
    I actually found this achievement rather difficult to unlock. It's 
    easiest against stragglers. Spawn behind them, and use your tongue 
    attack as they're running away from you, trying to catch up to their 
    team. As long as the targeting reticle is red when you used your tongue 
    attack, it WILL connect unless the survivor goes around a corner. Drag 
    them all the way back to you to get this achievement.
    ***Chain Smoker*** - Constrict 2 survivors on one life as a Smoker.
    Fairly easy to unlock. I found the best way to get this is by sticking 
    to rooftops and aiming straight downwards to snare a survivor. Most 
    times, a rescuing survivor will simply melee attack their teammate and 
    break your hold. Wait 15 seconds, and do it again.
    ***Slippery Pull*** - Smoker pull a bile-covered Survivor until you 
    hold him during Crash Course.
    Simple enough. The easiest way to get this achievement is to have the 
    Boomer on your team cover all four survivors at once with puke, then 
    try to get as close as you can to the survivors before you try pulling 
    one. If you're at point-blank range when you use your tongue attack, 
    you will instantly ensnare the survivor and get the achievement.
    Primary Attack: Tongue Snare
    Secondary Attack: Claw Swipe
    Health: 250
    United we stand, divided we fall.
    The Smoker serves one major purpose in Left 4 Dead. Separate the 
    Smokers aren't nearly as fast, strong, agile, and quiet as Hunters are. 
    And many would say that the Smoker is largely a situational character. 
    I whole heartedly disagree. A good Smoker player knows when and how to 
    pull a team apart when they're vulnerable making it easier for 
    teammates to orchestrate their attacks. Smokers, along with Boomers are 
    almost necessary to start up an ambush and create a decent distraction.
    The Smoker's main offensive weapon is his tongue that makes Gene 
    Simmons from KISS look normal. Any survivor constricted by the Smoker's 
    tongue attack is rendered helpless and needs a teammate's assistance in 
    order to get free. This attack does a modest amount of damage while 
    pulling the ensnared survivor towards you, but once your victim reaches 
    you, or gets caught up on something, the damage ramps up a bit. It 
    still doesn't compete with the Hunter's damage output, but it isn't 
    anything to laugh at, either.
    Because you can drag a survivor towards you, you will ALWAYS want to 
    spawn behind the survivors. Make them backtrack to rescue their buddy. 
    There are many situations where you can severely hinder the team by 
    dragging a survivor over a ledge resulting in an instant incapacitation 
    as they'll be holding on for dear life while a teammate must first 
    break the tongue's hold, then help their friend back up. There are also 
    plenty of locations where you can drag a survivor down to a lower level 
    resulting in a hefty amount of falling damage for your victim. I will 
    go into greater detail in the individual map strategies later on in 
    this FAQ.
    Aside from dragging survivors into massive amounts of falling damage, 
    Smokers can also drag their prey through hazardous areas and into very 
    dangerous situations. Smokers are great for pulling survivors into 
    alarmed cars which will draw a large mob of zombies to complicate 
    things. Smokers are great for dragging a survivor right next to a Witch 
    which will startle her and cause some serious trouble for the team. 
    Smokers can pull survivors through fire for additional damage. Smokers 
    are excellent at pulling a straggler survivor back to an area the rest 
    of his/her team cannot return to. And Smokers are great for pulling a 
    survivor away from his/her teammates who were vomited on by a Boomer.
    That being said, Boomers are also good friends with Smokers. The Smoker 
    can yank a survivor away from the team while the rest of the pre 
    occupied survivors lose track of their comrade. So just like the 
    Hunter...if you see the team get puked on, aim for a survivor NOT 
    dripping with stomach acid as it will most likely cause more damage.
    Unlike Hunters, Smokers are rather loud because of their constant 
    coughing and wheezing. And to make matters worse, as their name 
    implies, they let off a pretty distinct visual cue as well. Green smoke 
    will follow you wherever you go, and it makes you extremely easy to 
    find and hunt down in many of the various environments in the game. To 
    try and combat these downfalls, you need to stay hidden at all costs. 
    Some maps are better than others when it comes to offsetting your 
    visual cue. The Death Toll and Blood Harvest campaigns are great for 
    concealing a Smoker's visual giveaway on the majority of their maps.
    Smokers are great when attacking from rooftops. If only your tongue 
    gets broken, you have a safe and quick escape route you can run to 
    while you wait for your tongue attack to recharge. Survivors can't see 
    through thick trees, but you can still see their silhouettes, so keep 
    that in mind as you may be able to technically attack from "out in the 
    open" but remain unseen because of the foliage. Just make sure that if 
    you DO attack from behind trees, that you can still find your way to a 
    safe spot as those leaves don't provide any protecting cover from the 
    hail of bullets that will surely be sent flying your way! Smokers also 
    don't run quite as fast as a healthy survivor can, so if you see a 
    survivor coming your way and your tongue attack isn't nearly done 
    recharging, you may as well try and get off a quick claw swipe to do a 
    little damage before the inevitable happens.
    The Smoker's claw swipe does a measly 4 damage. It will take 25 claw 
    swipes to down a survivor at full health. Yeah...if there's one thing 
    situational about the Smoker, it's when you want to use your secondary 
    attack. Last ditch effort to dish out a little more damage before the 
    inevitable shotgun shell to the face puts you out of your coughing, 
    hacking, wheezing misery...well, at least for a while.
    The Smoker's tongue has a hidden 50 health. A few shots from a pistol 
    will break your tongue's hold from a survivor. Obviously, being killed 
    will break your hold as well. But a survivor can also be freed from a 
    Smoker's tongue attack if a fellow survivor uses his/her melee attack 
    on the constricted teammate. Fragile enough for you? Well, there's 
    more. If you get attacked by one of YOUR teammates while constricting a 
    survivor, it will break your hold.
    There is some good that can come from this, however. If you manage to 
    drag a survivor over a ledge so that they must be helped up by another 
    teammate, you can have one of your infected teammates attack you to 
    break your hold and allow you to run for cover. Respawn times are 
    always longer than waiting for your tongue attack to recharge, so it's 
    actually beneficial to you by being attacked when your victim has been 
    dragged into an instant incap.
    If you miss with your tongue attack, it will take 3 seconds for it to 
    recharge. If you connect with the tongue attack for whatever length of 
    time after the first hit, it will take 15 seconds for it to recharge. 
    So try to make your attack count. It's not really beneficial to dish 
    out 3 damage on a single hit and having to wait 15 seconds because 
    there was another nearby teammate who immediately helped his friend. 
    You should also know that your tongue takes a short time before it 
    actually "connects." The survivor will know he/she is being constricted 
    because of involuntary movement and saliva drops on their screen. 
    During this short time, the survivor can still shoot, and nothing is 
    more frustrating than using your tongue attack on a survivor only to be 
    killed by that same survivor mere milliseconds before your tongue 
    attack actually took hold. Smokers are best at a distance against 
    survivors who are equipped with either of the Shotgun weapons due to 
    their poor long range power and accuracy. However, if you use your 
    tongue attack at point blank range, the survivor will become instantly 
    When the Smoker dies, he creates a dark cloud of smoke that obscures 
    the survivors' vision. It doesn't dish out any damage, however, if a 
    normal infected scores a hit while inside the smoke cloud, it counts as 
    an "assist" for you.
    Try not to be predictable when playing as a Smoker. Many survivors will 
    throw Molotovs at alarmed cars in anticipation of you spawning next to 
    it ready to set it off. Spawn around the corner. Next to a different 
    car. On a rooftop. On a ledge. Then as the survivors run past the car, 
    drag one back. That way you may still activate the car alarm, AND the 
    survivor team used a Molotov for no effect whatsoever.
    There are many locations in each chapter of each campaign in Left 4 
    Dead where the Smoker can be a very valuable asset for the infected 
    team by exploiting the environment. I will go into greater detail later 
    on in this guide to point out these areas.
    Now go and *smoke* your competition!
    -------The Boomer------- [L4DBOOM]
    "BOOM! Here comes the BOOM! Ready or not!" - P.O.D.
    Boomer Specific Achievements:
    ***Barf Bagged*** - Cover all 4 survivors with Boomer Bile at the same 
    Pretty straightforward. When all of the survivors are huddled together, 
    go and spray them! I don't believe this achievement works by exploding 
    near them, however. You must cover all of the survivors with puke in 
    the duration of one attack.
    ***Outbreak*** - Catch a rare strain of infection, then pass it on to 
    someone else.
    ***How the Outbreak achievement works***
    From what I've heard, a Valve employee gave himself this achievement to 
    get it started. 
    It works by being vomited on by a Boomer player who already had the 
    achievement, then when YOU play as a Boomer, vomit on someone who 
    doesn't have the achievement yet. The Outbreak achievement is only 
    available on the PC version of the game.
    Primary Attack: Projectile Vomit
    Secondary Attack: Claw Swipe
    Health: 50
    Go and shower your love all over them!
    The Boomer's purpose in Left 4 Dead is very simple. SLOW THE SURVIVORS 
    That's it. Simple logic will tell you that the longer the survivors 
    stay in the field of play, the more likely they are to die. When you 
    vomit on a survivor, it acts like a pheromone drawing zombies-a-plenty 
    to attack the addled person. The Boomer's vomit attack also blinds the 
    victim, gets rid of any silhouette for fellow survivors that could 
    otherwise be seen, and creates a loud eerie music for the affected 
    survivor, thus lowering awareness via audio cue to teammates in 
    trouble. So naturally, when someone gets "boomed" as it's commonly 
    called, the team goes into defense mode. They'll normally stop what 
    they're doing, run towards a corner, toss a molotov or a pipe bomb, or 
    on some rare joyous occasions, start spamming bullets every which way 
    in a futile attempt to dispel a mob of zombies surrounding them that 
    causes more friendly-fire incidents than planned!
    Slow them down. All it takes is for one survivor to get vomited on to 
    stop the team. If you think that you can wait a bit to cover more of 
    them, DON'T. Boomers are very fragile with an anemic 50 health so 
    waiting around is usually bad. The Boomer constantly gurgles, belches, 
    and makes other noises like he belongs on a side show that even the 
    most twisted person would be hesitant to see. And he makes these noises 
    rather loudly. He's easy to pick out of a crowd because of his obese 
    body, and he moves slowly. So that being said, *AND I WANT TO MAKE THIS 
    PERFECTLY CLEAR*...if you see an opportunity to vomit on a survivor, 
    TAKE IT. It's 99.999% of the time more beneficial to get one survivor 
    instead of risking a wasted life because you *thought* you might have 
    had a better opportunity by waiting. 
    In the vast...and I mean VAST majority of cases, spawn in front of the 
    survivor team. A Boomer playing catch-up is more embarrassing than your 
    mom showing your girlfriend your baby pictures. There are only a slight 
    few situational cases where it's beneficial to spawn behind the 
    survivor team, but those cases are usually few and far between.
    The Boomer can get the same effect of vomiting on survivors by dying in 
    close proximity to them as well. When the Boomer dies, he...BOOMS...and 
    it can be extremely effective against trigger happy survivor teams.
    Boomer's aren't necessarily great at dishing out damage, but you will 
    see how many hits your mob of zombies got on whoever you vomited on by 
    a counter. These "assists" can be misleading when it comes to damage 
    output. A normal infected deals 1 to 2 damage per punch, kick, 
    whatever. Yet, I've had assists well over 50 in a short time that have 
    done less than 25 damage it seems.
    For an incapacitated survivor, being vomited on is a death sentence. 
    Unless at least 1 other survivor is covering, a horde of zombies 
    beating on an incapped survivor will *very* quickly take care of the 
    helpless victim. Don't be surprised if you see an assist over 200 if 
    you vomited on an incapped survivor.
    The Boomer's vomit attack has a 30 second recharge time. Take that into 
    consideration because you'll most likely get a 20 second spawn time 
    after dying on a 4 player infected team. If you manage to cover a 
    survivor or two with vomit, go ahead and try to run into the fray and 
    explode over more survivors. Chances are you'll respawn faster than 
    your vomit would have taken to recharge, not to mention you'll be able 
    to choose where to spawn instead of trying to catch up to the team and 
    running the risk of dying out in the open.
    The Boomer's projectile vomit travels in an arc. Aim upwards for a 
    little more distance. Problem is, the range on it isn't exactly 
    fantastic. Odds are you'll die a few seconds after getting your vomit 
    attack off. Boomers can use their vomit attack from rooftops for a 
    surprise, though sometimes it can be a bit of a pain to aim. I've found 
    that jumping down from a rooftop in the middle of the survivor team and 
    vomiting on them is more effective, but if you manage to get 1 or 2 
    survivors covered with vomit from a rooftop vantage point, more power 
    to ya! I should also mention that the Boomer cannot vomit immediately 
    after spawning. There is a delay of roughly 1 second before you're able 
    to use the vomit attack. Take that into consideration as you won't be 
    able to spawn and puke immediately. However, you can spawn, and then 
    get blown up immediately for the same effect.
    The Boomer's claw attack is the same as the Smoker's. 4 damage. Not 
    spectacular in any way. It will take 25 claw swipes to down a survivor 
    from full health. The claw swipe comes in handy after vomiting on the 
    survivors and going into try and explode on more of them. You may get 1 
    or 2 swipes off before dying, and every little bit helps.
    The Boomer's explosion will not "re-boom" a survivor who was covered 
    with vomit an outline is still purple. You must wait for that 
    survivor's purple silhouette to change back to green, yellow, or red 
    before attempting to splash them again.
    The Boomer's explosion will stagger back anything around it. Survivors 
    can be knocked back a few steps. If they're close to a ledge, you can 
    actually stagger them over the edge resulting in an instant incap which 
    is needless to say...awesome! However, the Boomer's explosion will also 
    knock Hunters off their pinned victims. If standing next to a Smoker, 
    it will cause him to release his grip on constricted survivor. The 
    Boomer's explosion, however, will NOT knock a survivor off a Smoker's 
    tongue as long as your explosion doesn't rattle the Smoker. It can even 
    stagger back a Tank for a few seconds. So keep that in mind when trying 
    to aide your infected teammates. 
    If you see a survivor pinned by a Hunter or pulled by a Smoker, vomit 
    on the survivor(s) coming to rescue their helpless friend. It's much 
    more difficult to save a teammate when you have to fight your way 
    through a horde of zombies.
    The Boomer's explosion no longer startles a Witch. So don't try to camp 
    out next to her - you'll be easy pickings! However, the Boomer's 
    explosion still activates car alarms to my knowledge, so go ahead and 
    camp there! The Boomer's explosion also instantly destroys nearby 
    doors, windows, and other breakable obstacles so future hordes will 
    have an easier time reaching the survivors.
    Boomers team up with every other special infected well, but they really 
    shine with the Tank. During the finales on each of the campaigns, a 
    blinded survivor with a Tank active spells bad news for their team. 
    Communicate with your team to save a Boomer's normal spawn (rather than 
    auto-spawn) on finales for when the Tank is about to show up. It's a 
    great way to really disorientate the survivor team, and if done right, 
    you can end the match right then and there because of the ensuing horde 
    slowing down survivors allowing the Tank to close the gap. It's a 
    deadly strategy. Try it some time!
    Now go out there and have a BLAST!
    -------The Tank------- [L4DTANK]
    "Savior to my own. Devil to some. Mankind falls. Something wicked 
    comes!" - Iced Earth
    You Will Become the Tank!
    Tank Specific Achievements:
    ***All 4 Dead*** - Kill all 4 survivors in one life as a Tank.
    Pretty self explanatory. I found the easiest way to do this is by 
    punching movable objects into them. Another, although much rarer 
    occurrence in unlocking this achievement is hitting multiple survivors 
    into a corner and trapping them there. When they're incapped, move on 
    and get whoever is left.
    ***20 Car Pile-up*** - As a Tank hit 20 Survivors with a car in the 
    Crash Course campaign.
    Pretty much explains itself. If you become the Tank, do your best to 
    smash cars into the survivors. Keep at it, you'll get it.
    Primary Attack: Punch
    Secondary Attack: Rock Throw
    Health: 6000
    Like the Incredible Hulk with some steroid-rage turned into a 
    zombie...here comes THE TANK!
    The Tank is random. Some maps you'll get one, some maps you won't. The 
    ONLY time you are guaranteed a Tank is in the finale of each campaign, 
    in which you'll always get at least 3. A good Tank player can really 
    rip apart a survivor team. Each hit from the Tank does a whopping 24 
    damage to the survivors, and you have 6000 health to take them out. The 
    problem with this is that you are now the primary target. And a big 
    target, you are. It will take 5 punches to incap a survivor at full 
    If a survivor gets punched by a Tank, they get sent flying. On one map 
    in particular, this is extremely devastating to the survivor team as it 
    can result in instant death. Not incapacitation. Death. These 
    particular shots are commonly called "Home Runs," and they are more 
    common than you think on that particular map. I will go into greater 
    detail about these locations later on in this FAQ. If you hear anyone 
    say Bob Uecker's famous Milwaukee Brewers Home Run call "GET UP! GET 
    OUTTA HERE! GONE!!!" you're probably playing in the same game as me.
    The Tank's biggest enemy is fire. Unlike the regular campaign mode, a 
    Tank lit on fire in VS mode actually moves SLOWER. Not faster. Once you 
    are lit on fire, it starts an invisible 40 second timer. Regardless of 
    how much health you have left, after you've been a-blazin' for 40 
    seconds, you die. There are a few locations in the game where you can 
    put out the fire, but just as a general rule, avoid fire like the 
    plague if you can. Tanks are far too rare to squander. Sometimes it's 
    inevitable you'll be lit on fire, and sometimes, the game Director will 
    really screw you over by spawning the Tank IN FIRE... Sometimes you 
    just gotta make due with what you have, though.
    That being said, it's a common survivor strategy to save a molotov for 
    when they hear the Tank's music theme playing. Sometimes a survivor 
    will carry a gas can with him/her for a short while in anticipation of 
    a Tank. The biggest upside for the infected team when it comes to a 
    random Tank spawn in the middle of a map that's not the finale is that 
    he just pops up. There's no listening for the Tank's signature growling 
    beforehand from what I've noticed.
    If you find out that you're going to become the Tank, get ready to 
    attack the survivors. If you don't, you will lose control of it. A 
    frustration meter appears on the screen indicating when you'll lose 
    control unless you attack. If you DO lose control of the Tank, it will 
    get transferred to another player on your team. If THAT player loses 
    control of the tank, the AI takes over...which is really bad for the 
    infected team as AI Tanks enjoy pummeling only one victim and taking 
    bullet after bullet while it stubbornly tries to kill that single 
    downed survivor rather than going for multiple incapacitations.
    Tanks love corners and narrow hallways. Reason being is because you 
    have the opportunity of hitting a survivor only a short distance away, 
    closing the gap, and hitting them again before they can even regain 
    control of their character. With adequate team support from a Boomer, 
    you can possibly hit 2 or more survivors into corners and incap them 
    both. The Tank's punch also hits multiple targets, so the more 
    survivors in the corner, the better! The downside to this is that it 
    leaves you no room to avoid bullets. Team co-ordination is extremely 
    important. There's no shame in waiting or possibly even passing the 
    Tank onto another player while waiting for teammates to respawn.
    The Tank's punch is used for more than just directly attacking. 
    Outlined in red, you'll see various objects on every map that you can 
    use to launch at the survivors. Cars, dumpsters, hay bails, tree 
    trunks, pallet jacks, forklifts, and more. If you punch one of those 
    objects and it collides with a survivor, it's an instant 
    incapacitation. If you manage to smash one of those objects into an 
    incapacitated survivor, it will dish out an extra 100 "bleed-out" 
    damage, so quick kills are attainable if you have good aim and the 
    survivor team has split up.
    These movable objects can also be used to trap survivors in certain 
    areas making them unable to proceed and become little more than 
    turtles. After a while, the object blocking their path will simply 
    disappear, but it can be extremely helpful in assisting your team. I 
    will go into greater detail later on in the FAQ and point out many of 
    these locations.
    The Tank's secondary attack is his Rock Throw ability. The Tank rips a 
    chunk of concrete out of the ground (regardless of what surface he's 
    standing on) and chucks it long distances. Each hit from a thrown slab 
    of concrete dishes out 24 damage, but it does not knock back the 
    survivors. It only knocks them down. If you connect with a Rock Throw 
    at a modest distance, you can down that survivor long enough for you to 
    run up and punch them to double up your damage.
    The Rock Throw attack takes some getting used to. Just like the 
    Hunter's pounce and the Boomer's vomit, you'll want to aim upwards for 
    more distance out of your throw. It takes about a second for the Tank 
    to actually toss the rock but you can still turn in the direction you 
    wish to throw it before the Tank actually launches it. For running 
    survivors, aim slightly in front of them for the best result.
    The Rock Throw actually manages some surprising range. It's not 
    uncommon for a Tank player to just sit back and start chucking concrete 
    at the survivors while waiting for his infected teammates to respawn. 
    Whether or not you connect with these tosses doesn't really make a 
    difference at this point as a lot of survivor players tend to use a 
    weapon with the greatest accuracy and stand still to shoot at you. You 
    can take a pretty hefty amount of damage, so if you're a good distance 
    away, try a few shots at them while your teammates respawn. Then you 
    can go in and attack in unison.
    The Tank's default running speed is SLOWER than a survivor over 40 
    health. Like any infected, concentrate on the weakest survivor first. 
    If you are lit on fire, you can still run faster than a survivor under 
    40 health, but it is a severe problem for you. Don't go chasing around 
    a particular survivor if they're all healthy. Remember, the Tank is 
    priority #1 when it comes to the survivor team. 
    You'll have to rely on your teammates to distract and give you an 
    opportunity to go in and punch if you're dealing with a team of four 
    healthy survivors. If you need teammates to respawn and you're NOT on 
    fire, there's no shame in running away to wait for them. Besides, 
    running away may give you some good practice with the Rock Throw 
    The Tank's punch one-hit-kills Hunters, Boomers, Smokers, and Witches. 
    DON'T PUNCH THEM! This includes Hunters and Smokers who have a survivor 
    in their grasp. It will kill YOUR teammate and allow the survivor to 
    live. Bad idea. You don't have to be a "gentle giant" when playing as 
    the Tank, but do keep aware of your teammates and their locations.
    It's generally the best strategy when playing as the Tank to only go 
    for incapacitations. Incap one survivor, then move on to the next. 
    Remember, a survivor doesn't have to be killed to be useless to his/her 
    team. 4 incapacitations = over.
    Now go out there and fight nice!
    -------The Witch------- [L4DWITCH]
    "Now listen up! She's razor sharp. If she don't get her way. She'll 
    slice you apart!" - Motley Crue
    There are no Witch specific achievements on the infected side of Left 4 
    The Witch isn't actually a playable infected character in Left 4 Dead. 
    However, that doesn't mean you can't take advantage of opportunities 
    that present themselves when a Witch DOES appear. Like the Tank, 
    Witches are random. Some maps you'll get one. Some maps you won't. But 
    UNLIKE the Tank, you are never guaranteed a Witch spawn. I've played 
    several VS matches in which no Witch spawned through all 5 maps.
    If the Witch hits a survivor, they are instantly incapacitated. Then 
    she starts to shred them relentlessly at a rate of about 50 damage per 
    second. (So with a bleed-out health max at 300, it takes about 6 
    seconds for the Witch to finish what the survivor started...)
    The Witch can be startled in several ways by survivors.
    1) She can be startled by being shot.
    2) She can be startled by being hit with a melee attack.
    3) She can be startled by simply looking at her for too long.
    4) She can be startled by a flashlight shined on her too long.
    5) She can be startled by staying close to her for too long.
    6) Molotov Cocktails get her angry.
    7) Pipe Bombs too...
    1) Being Shot
    If nobody on the survivor team is comfortable with "Cr0wning" the Witch 
    (One hit killing with a head shot from a Shotgun type weapon), a common 
    strategy is to have one person shoot her and then run away. The Witch 
    will only go after the person who startled her. This strategy is called 
    "pulling" and it can be extremely frustrating for the infected team as 
    it can result in a safe neutralizing of the Witch and thus not allowing 
    you and your team to take advantage of her spawn. You can try to combat 
    this by employing the following strategy, though with some 
    + Have a Hunter crouch in front of her. If the survivors are still 
    using "tier 1" weapons (Normal Shotgun and Uzi) accuracy becomes an 
    issue. Every gun has a piercing quality to it, meaning bullets will 
    travel through their first target and hit whatever was behind them. If 
    the survivors are taking aim at you, they'll most likely startle the 
    Witch, and then have a whole new problem to deal with. If they DO 
    startle the Witch in this sense, odds are they'll stop attacking you. 
    This can allow you to attack in unison with the Witch and cause some 
    havoc. If the survivors are using "tier 2" weapons (Auto-Shotgun, 
    Assault Rifle, Hunting Rifle) beware of that dastardly Hunting Rifle. 
    It's accuracy is unmatched, it dishes out tremendous damage, and it can 
    ruin the whole strategy. Be aware of which weapons the survivors are 
    using. If you notice a Hunting rifle, don't bother with this tactic. If 
    a "pull" is successful, fear not for there is still a slight glimmer of 
    hope. Remember when I said that Boomers should always spawn in front of 
    the survivors? Well, this is one of those rare situational cases where 
    it's beneficial to spawn behind them. If someone pulls the Witch and 
    then starts running away, vomit on them! When the survivors have to 
    fight their way through a mob of zombies with a Witch on one of their 
    tails, it's not pretty...well, for them at least. +
    Everybody loves a failed "Cr0wn." 90% of the time, a failed Cr0wn 
    results in an incap for the survivors when using the Auto-Shotgun. And 
    100% of the time, a failed Cr0wn results in an incap when using the 
    normal Shotgun (Unless assisted by teammates. Then that 100% drops to 
    about 95%). If you see a failed Cr0wn, pounce, drag, or vomit on any of 
    the other survivors as soon as possible. The Witch will deal with the 
    one who disturbed her, and if you can hinder the other 3 survivors, it 
    can get messy for them. Remember, an incapped survivor is only able to 
    use pistols at about 1/2 normal firing speed. Witches usually work 
    quickly enough to take a big chunk of bleed-out health away if not 
    outright kill them.
    Stray bullets can be amazing when it comes to Witches. Because most 
    survivor teams like to plan what they're going to do with a Witch 
    that's in their way, pulling the Witch with a stray bullet completely 
    interrupts their train of thought. While you, on the infected side of 
    things, can't really co-ordinate a plan with your teammates in only a 
    matter of a second or so, do realize that this presents an amazing 
    opportunity for a solo attack on your part if you're a Hunter or 
    Smoker. Find out who the Witch is going after and pounce or pull 
    him/her. Slow that person down just enough for the Witch to catch up 
    and incap.
    2) Being Hit with a Melee Attack
    It doesn't happen often, but usually when it does, it's because of 
    someone randomly spamming melee attacks while blinded by a Boomer's 
    vomit. Because there's a horde of zombies already around, it makes 
    things pretty nasty for the survivor team. This is where the whole 
    "pounce or drag whoever wasn't vomited on" tactic comes into play.
    3) Looking at Her for too Long
    The Witch doesn't like people who stare. This doesn't happen very 
    often, but for people who take too long lining up a shot trying to 
    Cr0wn her, or weren't aware of her presence for whatever reason, she'll 
    swat them down quickly. This usually happens with one survivor, and the 
    rest have either moved on, or are hanging back. If you're a Boomer and 
    you see someone staring at the Witch lining up that perfect Cr0wn shot, 
    vomit on him/her! Mob of zombies + Witch + can't see where you're 
    going/aiming = OUCH!
    4) Shining a Flashlight on Her
    You'd be surprised how many people forget to turn their flashlights off 
    around the Witch. It's hard for you to tell when you're playing as the 
    infected, but if you hear the Witch getting angry and the survivors are 
    a little ways away from her, assume it's the flashlight. Some people 
    don't even realize that their flashlight is on. This is the other rare 
    occasion where if you're playing as a Boomer, spawn behind the team. 
    This works almost identically to "pulling" the Witch.
    5) Staying Close to Her for too Long
    Witches really don't like survivors being close to them for any length 
    of time. If you're playing as a Smoker, and a Witch is a little out of 
    the way of the survivor team's path to the safe house, try dragging one 
    of them right next to the Witch. It will startle her, AND usually it 
    won't break your hold. So you'll take the survivor down even faster as 
    there's the constricting damage from you, and the shredding damage from 
    the Witch working together.
    Survivors don't have to be directly looking at her for the Witch to be 
    startled. Just being in close proximity to her is enough to get her 
    growling, then screaming, then attacking. Boomers...take advantage of 
    this. Tight corridors and narrow hallway areas are the ideal scenarios 
    for this. It works the best if the Witch spawns in a room off to the 
    side, such as one of the many in The Hospital level in No Mercy. The 
    Witch *can* be startled even if a wall separates her from the 
    survivors, so keep that in mind as well.
    6) Molotov Cocktails really Burn Her Up
    Like the Tank, setting a Witch on fire starts an invisible timer. Only 
    for the Witch...it's 15 seconds. Not 40. The Witch runs slower when on 
    fire, and it's a common strategy for survivor teams to light her up 
    from a vantage point if she's on a lower level. There really isn't much 
    you can do to combat this. However, I rarely see people lighting up 
    Witches with Molotovs. You have to weigh the pros and cons against each 
    other here. Witches can be avoided, they can be dealt with in other 
    ways that don't waste a valuable throwing weapon, and it generally 
    slows the team down by lighting her on fire. Truth be told, lighting 
    the Witch on fire from a distance is generally the best way to take 
    care of her, believe it or not, as any other special infected around 
    her may also get lit up while thinking of ambushing them by the Witch. 
    Use the Tab key (by default) to monitor what items the survivors have 
    in their possession. If you see Molotovs, think twice about employing 
    that tactic in #1 in this section. The reason many people don't use 
    Molotovs on the Witch is because it takes longer. That's it. Even 
    though it *is* usually safer.
    7) Pipe Bombs Have a Larger Blast Radius Than You Think
    It's a common survivor strategy to toss a pipe bomb to draw out any and 
    all normal infected before attempting to Cr0wn a Witch. However, if 
    that Pipe Bomb blows up in close proximity to the Witch, she WILL be 
    startled, even if she wasn't actually in the blast. I've done a bit of 
    research testing the range of a pipe bomb's explosion. If a Smoker's 
    tongue at max range over a flat surface is 100 feet (as indicated in 
    the 'Big Drag' achievement) then a pipe bomb's damage radius is roughly 
    20 feet. If you hear the pipe bomb's distinctive beeping, and it's kind 
    of close to that Witch, get ready to attack because she's not going to 
    like what's about to happen! These poorly thrown pipe bombs are few and 
    far between, but they're a nice treat for you and your team when they 
    -------General Tips------- [L4DI]
    There are certain things in Left 4 Dead that apply no matter which 
    infected character you're playing as. These boil down to common sense 
    in most cases, but some rely on backwards logic as well.
    1) NEVER assume anything. The person who acts predictably usually ends 
    up dead. This applies to both the survivors AND the infected. Stay 
    hidden. If you're going to spawn as a Smoker or Boomer, don't spawn 
    until you're ready to attack. Their audio cues are loud, the Smoker has 
    a visual cue, and people can find you more easily - resulting in you 
    dying more easily. If you plan on attacking from a common ambush 
    location, save your spawn until you're ready to make your move.
    Never assume that the survivor team will panic if things start to get 
    chaotic either through a random horde, or one summoned by a Boomer's 
    vomit. Not every survivor hit by a Boomer's puke is going to start 
    spamming bullets every which way. They may not act irrationally once a 
    Tank comes into their line of sight. Just make sure you're ready to 
    attack once you see one of the survivors slip up.
    2) Support your teammates! Attacking solo, unless you know you can get 
    some good damage out of it, is bad. Always try to attack in unison with 
    your teammates. Sometimes your infected team will have three Hunters 
    and a Smoker. This means that all four of you can each take a victim 
    and stop the survivors right then and there with a well co-ordinated 
    attack. 3 Hunters and a Smoker is commonly called a "3-1" though I 
    prefer to name it a "Death Squad." It just sounds cooler!
    3) Common sense will tell you that nothing can come out of an empty 
    room. Be uncommon. If a survivor checks a room, then abruptly leaves, 
    spawn in that room and attack them from it. This works great as any 
    type of infected, but is usually the best with Hunters and Smokers. 
    Boomers may be too fragile to risk playing catch-up in wide open areas.
    4) Communication is key! Plan your attacks, and tell everyone what 
    you're doing. Using a microphone is best, unless the "all talk" feature 
    is on for that particular server. Speaking is generally always better 
    than typing, but even if "all talk" is enabled, you can chat with only 
    your team by typing. Make sure everyone knows what you're doing, and 
    offer suggestions to your teammates so that they may compliment your 
    own attack.
    5) Use the environment to your advantage. Ledges, rooftops, narrow 
    corridors, mezzanines, bridges, etc can all be used to the infected 
    teams' benefit. Use the distractions from Crescendo Events whenever you 
    can to dish out some extra damage, but make sure you can attack again 
    immediately after the survivor team starts to move on. Time your 
    attacks well, and you can keep the pressure on them.
    6) Go after the weakest person. Incapaciting a survivor will slow the 
    rest of them down for 5 precious seconds. This can give your teammates 
    a chance to respawn, or move into position for a better attack.
    And be sure to stay after that weakest person. Remember, a survivor can 
    only be revived from an incap twice before "going black and white." 
    When a survivor is seeing black and white, they must be healed in order 
    to stay alive after their health reaches 0 again. They're also moving 
    slower because the health they receive after being incapped is only 30, 
    and it's bleed-out health, so it's slowly dropping. Remember, the 
    hardest part of stopping the survivors is getting that first kill. Once 
    you do that, it makes your task exponentially easier. A black and white 
    survivor at 1 health is still able to spam bullets from their Auto-
    Shotgun. An incapped survivor has horrible aim, two pistols, and can 
    only fire at about 50% normal speed at best. And a dead "survivor" 
    can't do a darn thing!
    7) Look at what the survivors have coming up. Once you die and are 
    waiting to respawn, press the SPACE bar (by default) until you enter 
    spectator mode. This will allow you to zoom around the map and notify 
    your teammates about what the survivors have around the next corner as 
    far as goodies go, and it can help you in locating a nearby Witch for 
    your team to take advantage of.
    8) Grind the survivors down whenever you get the chance. There are 
    various areas where you can keep the survivor team occupied for much 
    longer than they want to be. Some of these locations are at a safe 
    room's exit at the beginning of the level. Remember, if the survivors 
    haven't left the safe room yet, you will instantly respawn after dying. 
    With constant hordes from fast-spawning Boomers, and repeated claw 
    swipes from Hunters and Smokers, you'd be surprised how much damage you 
    can do right out of the chute! I will go into detail to point out the 
    common "grind" locations in the individual map strategies.
    9) High ground is an advantage. Really...it is! It provides additional 
    distance for Hunters. It usually provides more cover for Smokers. And 
    an uncommon attack angle for Boomers. Thing is, most people (and by 
    'most' I mean the vast majority) when entering a new area have a 
    tendency to check left to right before they check up and down. Unless 
    you have to attack from ground level, ALWAYS try to stick to the high 
    -------Other Infected Achievements------- [L4DACHIEVE]
    Since the character-specific achievements were listed in the individual 
    character description sections, this part of the guide will deal with 
    the other achievements that are part of the zombie side of Left 4 Dead.
    ***Dead Wrecking*** - Dole out 5000 total survivor damage as a special 
    This achievement is pretty self-explanatory. Just keep playing VS mode 
    and keep dishing out damage to the survivors. You'll get it eventually. 
    The fastest way to get this achievement is by hitting movable objects 
    into the survivors when playing as a Tank. It dishes out tremendous 
    ***Lamb 2 Slaughter*** - As an infected, incap a survivor who has 
    entered and left a safe room.
    Again, pretty self explanatory. This is most easily done by having a 
    survivor get incapped near the safe room door and as one of his/her 
    teammates comes to the rescue, incap THAT survivor. The rescuing 
    survivor, as one would expect will need to be near death (probably 
    having no more than 30 health) before leaving the safe room and 
    attempting to revive his/her teammate. Like most of the other specific 
    infected achievements, this one relies a lot on the opposing team 
    making mistakes. It can be pretty hit-or-miss achieving Lamb 2 
    Slaughter as you'd be surprised at how many people would rather let 
    their teammate die mere inches from the safe room door!
    ***Truck Stop*** - Your team wipes all Survivors after the escape 
    vehicle has opened in Crash Course.
    This one is tricky, and more dumb luck than anything. First and 
    foremost, you need a survivor team that is good enough to last the 
    entire duration of the finale, but stupid enough to try going back out 
    to help up an incapped survivor or two after the vehicle has descended. 
    Then, co-ordinate with your teammates to pounce or pull any other 
    survivors that may be coming to the rescue. Incap them all to get this 
    ***Wipefest*** - Your team incapacitates three Survivors within five 
    seconds in the Crash Course campaign.
    This is another achievement where the luck of the draw may be more 
    useful than actual skill. You need at least three survivors at low 
    health, and a well co-ordinated attack from your teams' Hunters and/or 
    Smoker. The window of opportunity is very narrow here. I found that 
    this achievement works well in tandem with the Truck Stop achievement.
    -------No Mercy Overview------- [L4DMERCY]
    No Mercy is one of the most often played VS maps in Left 4 Dead. It's a 
    very well balanced campaign for VS mode, there aren't many 'broken' 
    areas for either side, and it has the most popular finale event of all 
    4 campaigns.
    No Mercy starts out where the intro movie of Left 4 Dead ended. The 
    survivors start on the rooftop of an apartment building, and their 
    ultimate goal is to reach the rooftop of Mercy Hospital so that a News 
    Station Helicopter can rescue them.
    For the infected, No Mercy has proven to be a favorite because of it's 
    many locations for big damage pounces from Hunters, areas with fall 
    damage and instant incap locations for Smokers, plenty of angles 
    Boomers can attack from, and lots of movable objects for Tanks. No 
    Mercy has three major Crescendo Events apart from the finale, though 
    one of them is quite frustrating for infected players and has been 
    called to be patched several times over to no avail as of yet. None of 
    the Crescendo Events, however, can be rushed through by the survivors. 
    Each one forces the team to wait a short time and fight through a mob 
    of zombies.
    The most notable location No Mercy has been altered to offer balance 
    between the two sides in VS mode is the rooftop in the finale. The 
    campaign mode offers a sheltered area with 2 doors connecting a 
    stairway on the platform that has the minigun. The VS mode alteration 
    is one door leading to an outdoor staircase behind the minigun. This 
    makes it more accessible for Boomers, Smokers, Hunters, and Tanks 
    alike. And seeing as how many survivor teams camp out on top of that 
    platform, the change is a welcome one for the infected.
    Aside from the Hospital map in No Mercy, it's a pretty dark campaign. 
    It takes place at nighttime, during a rain shower. Because of a 
    generally dark background, Hunters can find it easier to perch high up 
    without putting out an easily spotted silhouette against the 
    backgrounds. Smokers, however, have a lack of thick foliage to hide 
    behind, and the green smoke they give off doesn't blend well with ANY 
    environment in No Mercy. There are, however, many rooftops in the first 
    and third maps of No Mercy that offer adequate cover and escape routes 
    for Smokers to take advantage of. No Mercy is also the home of one of 
    the most survivor embarrassing, although rare and difficult to pull 
    off, moments for Smokers to take advantage of.
    -------The Apartments------- [L4DMERCYa]
    Right from the get-go, the survivor team must make a decision. There 
    are 2 ways they can enter the apartment building. Through the door, or 
    through the skylight. Many teams prefer to just enter through the door, 
    For both Smokers and Hunters, there is a building to the right of where 
    the survivors start off. It's a great place to spawn, as you can just 
    jump onto the building the survivors started on if needs be. If the 
    survivors choose to take the skylight entrance, spawn immediately and 
    try dragging or pouncing on any straggler left on the rooftop. This 
    will force the rest of the team to backtrack to rescue their friend 
    while you dish out more damage immediately. If you're the Smoker, you 
    can stay on the rooftop you spawned on and retreat back if your tongue 
    is broken. Hunters here can manage pounces of over 12 damage quite 
    easily with a little practice. Any additional shredding is just gravy 
    after that. It's not uncommon for Hunters to incapacitate a survivor on 
    the rooftop if a well co-ordinated Boomer attack like the one below 
    Regardless of which entrance the survivors take into the apartment 
    building, a great Boomer location is behind the breakable wall just 
    past the kitchen area. You can break the wall with one melee swipe, 
    then vomit over as many survivors as you can. If a survivor gets pulled 
    or pounced on the roof, causing a horde to immediately follow the 
    rescuing survivor(s) can really slow down things and result in massive 
    damage to one of them.
    As the survivors make their way down another level, there are many 
    rooms that can contain goodies such as molotovs, pipe bombs, pain 
    pills, med kits, or a 2nd pistol. Remember you can always hit the Tab 
    key (by default) to monitor which survivors are carrying items. The 
    survivors will eventually reach a hole in the floor that will put them 
    on ground level.
    A straggler here can spell a kill for the infected team. After 3 
    survivors jump down the hole, try and pull the last one back to 
    complicate things. Make sure you're back far enough to stay out of the 
    way of other survivors jumping and spraying a few bullets your way. I 
    believe that the survivors can also shoot through the floor, but a lot 
    of them don't and figure their teammate is a goner, so they move on. 
    Getting a kill is always satisfying! If there is a Hunter nearby, have 
    him pounce on the survivor you pulled as he'll make the kill much 
    faster, and it allows you to disrupt and pull apart the team later on 
    in the level.
    As the survivors leave the apartment building on ground level, it opens 
    up a LOT of opportunities for big damage pounces (20+ damage on 
    contact). One of the best locations to land one of these monsters is as 
    the survivors just peek through the doorway leading to the alleyway. 
    The building you spawned on at the beginning is where you will want to 
    set up. There is also an outside zig-zag staircase across the alleyway 
    that you can pounce onto, and you can get a 20+ damage pounce from 
    there as well. The problem is that you spend more time in the air 
    coming at the survivors, and are therefore you're easier to pick out of 
    the sky before you land. Best to pounce from the rooftop. You can still 
    land a 25 damage pounce from there rather easily with the right aim.
    This is one of those rare occasions where it's wise to spawn behind the 
    survivor team. Many survivor players are hesitant to head outside 
    fearing an ambush, so they bide their time a little too long. Long 
    enough for you to close the gap and vomit on at least one of them! 
    That'll teach them to wait!
    *TANK TIP*
    While getting a Tank on this level is rare, it DOES happen. If a Tank 
    spawns when the survivors aren't far away from the exit of that 
    apartment building, a common strategy is to run back inside. There are 
    a few cars that you can punch in that alley and if you hit them just 
    right, you can actually block the exit to the apartment building, 
    trapping the survivors in there for a while! Now that the survivors are 
    temporarily trapped, your teammates can start grinding down the 
    survivors little by little until the car blocking the doorway 
    disappears. You can also climb up the building and come in from behind 
    the survivors by making your way down the same path the survivors took 
    for a surprise!
    There are many rooftops along the alleyway that Smokers just love as it 
    allows for a quick escape route should their tongues be broken. All 
    throughout the alleyway until the survivors reach the street, Hunters 
    can land big pounces. Boomers can vomit from the rooftops as well, and 
    then jump in after they vomit to try and cover more of them.
    It takes a rather long time to set up and getting the correct timing 
    and aim can be difficult, but the angle from which you pounce is 
    unexpected, it's a guaranteed 25 damage pounce if you land it. From the 
    building the survivors started on, across from the door leading down 
    into the apartment building, you can see a tall zig-zag staircase 
    across the street. Pounce onto that staircase and take it to the top. 
    From up here, you have amazing range on your pounces. If you angle your 
    pounce correctly, you can land on a survivors as they're crammed in the 
    alley between the two buildings. There are obstacles (like other zig-
    zag staircases) that you will need to be sure you don't land on, but if 
    you land a pounce here, it's 25 damage guaranteed. Otherwise, you could 
    wait until the survivors reach the street and go for a pounce as they 
    round the corner. It may be slightly less damage, but that's nothing to 
    pass up. Like I said earlier, though, this location takes a bit of time 
    to get set up at because you are forced to spawn, then pounce, then 
    take the staircase up about 6 levels. Make sure you're going to be able 
    to set up before the survivors reach your ambush location. 
    Once the survivors reach the street, there are three ways they can go. 
    The most common way is to enter the building immediately to their right 
    and head into a small room containing a first aid box. The only special 
    infected that is useful here is the Boomer as it can slow the team down 
    and maybe dish out a little bit of damage. From inside that building, 
    the survivors have a good view of the street and the alarmed car. If 
    they picked up a molotov cocktail earlier in the level, a common 
    survivor strategy is to launch the molotov at the car from inside the 
    building. At that distance, it doesn't active the car alarm, and if a 
    Smoker was hiding behind it, he'll be dead. So if you're a 
    Smoker...WAIT to spawn behind that car if you can. Or spawn around the 
    corner. You can also enter the building immediately to your right 
    (facing the building the survivors are in) of that car and camp out in 
    there until the flames die down, or the survivors look vulnerable.
    You can climb up the building the survivors are camping out in. On top 
    of the roof, you can pounce up to a higher level, and then if you 
    pounce at the roof to the right of you, you can walk along an invisible 
    wall. Turn around and wait for the survivors to leave the building. You 
    can land a pounce ranging from 18 to 25 damage from there. You can also 
    sit on the building the survivors are in to pounce them as they're 
    about to enter the subway. I prefer the former as it's less expected 
    and is more likely to succeed.
    The second way the survivors can go is by staying on the street and 
    just rushing through without entering the building. This leaves them 
    open to big damage pounces the entire time.
    By the flaming oil tanker, you can use wall pounces to reach the roof 
    of that building and walk along an invisible wall. From there, you can 
    position yourself on one of the white outcroppings for a good vantage 
    point with lots of range and no obstructions in your way.
    The third and least common way the survivors can go is by staying far 
    to the left after leaving the alleyway and taking the back path. It 
    leads to a wide open area, which Boomers aren't particularly fond of, 
    and there aren't many spots a Hunter or Smoker can effectively attack 
    from. This is actually the safest route to take, but it's passed up by 
    many players because it takes longer. The building they enter at the 
    end of the open area may have some goodies for the survivors to pick 
    up, and it can really disorientate an infected team setting up for the 
    survivors to enter the building or staying on the street.
    If you're the Boomer and you haven't spawned, find which way the 
    survivors are going first. If they take that back path, spawn in the 
    building they're heading to and try vomiting on them. This may open up 
    an opportunity for the Hunters and Smoker on your team to attack.
    If the survivors take that longer left-side path, once they leave that 
    building, they'll be in a wider open area. There is a telephone pole 
    that you can wall pounce up on top of. It takes a bit of practice to 
    get into position, but a lot of survivor teams for whatever reason tend 
    not to check up there. Seems they're more concerned with an attack from 
    behind, or from directly above them after leaving the building.
    Regardless of which path the survivors take, they must pass an alarmed 
    car on their way to the subway. It's common strategy for the survivors 
    to launch a molotov at the car from a distance so they won't set the 
    alarm off. Spawn further away from the car if you're the Smoker and 
    after the flames die down, try pulling one into the car. The horde that 
    comes from the car alarm is rather large, and the ensuing chaos opens a 
    bit of opportunity for every infected player.
    *TANK TIP*
    Again, getting a Tank on this level is quite rare, but it DOES happen 
    from time to time. Just like the strategy of knocking a car up the 
    alleyway to block the exit to the apartment building, you can trap the 
    survivors in the field of play for a short time if you can manage to 
    punch the alarmed car down the stairs leading to the subway, thus 
    blocking their path. Punching the alarmed car (and any alarmed car for 
    that matter) will permanently disable the alarm, just so you know. But 
    if you can trap the survivors on the streets, you make it easier for 
    your infected teammates to grind them down through attrition. The car 
    WILL disappear after a while, so make sure you know when it does. Be 
    prepared to be called a "noob, hacker, idiot" or any number of racial 
    slurs should you trap the survivors. You can just laugh at them.
    Down the stairs to the safe room allows for one last ditch effort 
    ambush from behind the boxes. If the survivors made it this far, odds 
    are they'll make it to the safe room. All you can really do at this 
    point is try and dish out a little more damage to lower their score.
    -------The Subway------- [L4DMERCYb]
    Immediately after exiting the safe room, an ambush should take place!
    Immediately to the left of the safe room is a climbable pipe leading to 
    a platform you can spawn on. The window of opportunity you have here is 
    rather small, but if you can manage to hold up the survivor team for a 
    few precious seconds, you allow the Hunters on your team to move in and 
    dish out some damage.
    There are 2 locations a Boomer should spawn at the beginning of this 
    map. The first location is below the safe room in the area with the 
    pillars. Vomit on them as soon as they drop so that your teammates can 
    jump into the chaos. The other location is at the top of the escalators 
    in the middle of the two paths. The survivors can choose to either go 
    down the stairs, or drop through a vent to enter from the other side. 
    Spawning in the middle of those two paths allows you to puke on them no 
    matter which route they take. If your teammates attacked immediately as 
    the survivors left the safe room, vomiting on the survivors here should 
    slow the survivors down long enough for your teammates to respawn. I 
    prefer the latter strategy, myself.
    Spawn beneath the safe room in the area with the pillars. Regardless of 
    whether or not the Boomer on your team spawns alongside you, it's 
    possible to dish out a little damage right from the get-go. If the 
    Boomer on your team tried the 2nd strategy listed above, you *should* 
    be able to respawn in time to attack them again before they even reach 
    the escalators.
    Down the escalators, the survivors will enter a more open room with a 
    few booths that can contain medpacks, pills, molotovs, or pipe bombs. 
    There is also a table next to the booth on the left that sometimes 
    contains the "tier 2" weapons. Because most of this map is cramped, 
    don't count on anyone grabbing the Hunting Rifle. This map is much 
    longer than the first map in No Mercy, and a gun rack is available 
    after the crescendo event should any of them wish to switch. Keep that 
    in mind as you may need to adjust your strategy.
    There are two ways the survivors can head up to the actual subway, 
    though most teams choose to head to the right and go through the subway 
    car as it provides shelter from Hunters.
    If the survivors DO head into the subway car, you can actually stay 
    outside, jump, and claw at them for some pot shots. If you crouch after 
    each swipe, you force the survivors to fire blindly through the doors. 
    If you can manage 3 or more claw swipes, great! My personal best here 
    is 7 against a particularly inept team before I pounced one of them 
    after they finally got fed up and exited the car.
    Regardless of which path the survivors take, they must pass by an open 
    There is a hole in the wall that 99% of survivor teams never enter 
    across from the fire pit. You can pull survivors into the fire with 
    your tongue for extra damage.
    The tunnel to the right of the main path provides a nice place to spawn 
    as most survivor teams just ignore it. It bypasses a train car that can 
    contain goodies, and a table that may contain an extra pistol, tier 2 
    weapons, or both. Use this to your advantage as you can have a 
    troublesome time spawning while the survivors are between the subway 
    The survivor team will have to enter a string of subway cars before 
    reaching a room with a little more breathing room. There is a table 
    here that may contain tier 2 weapons, and the room across from the 
    table often contains molotovs, pipe bombs, and a health pack.
    *TANK TIP*
    In conjunction with a Boomer's horde, the subway car provides an 
    excellent choke point. If your infected teammates can block the 
    survivor's path from the rear while you close in from the front, you 
    may be able to bottleneck them and score several hits resulting in 
    The survivors must head up a staircase and enter an area usually filled 
    with plenty of infected. It's rather difficult to attack the survivors 
    at this point as they'll toss a pipe bomb to make their lives easier 
    while they all hang back in the hallway above the stairs. When they 
    enter that room, the pillars provide plenty of cover to hide and spawn 
    behind, and Hunters can co-ordinate a decent ambush with no real rhyme 
    or reason to it. You'll want to save your Smoker here, however.
    After the survivors head up another staircase past the room with the 
    pillars, there is a room off to the side that contains a first aid box. 
    However, there is also a hole in the floor that you can use to drag one 
    of them down to you, forcing them to make the trip all over again. If 
    no survivor comes down to escort their teammate back to the rest of the 
    party, it opens up...
    ...a GREAT opportunity to dish out some serious damage as the survivor 
    on his/her own tries to re-unite with the team. Land a pounce away from 
    the others' line of sight - and therefore line of fire -, and you'll 
    force the survivors to backtrack.
    This room is home to the first of three major Crescendo Events in No 
    Mercy. The Generator Room switch must be activated in order for the 
    survivors to progress. This process takes roughly 90 seconds, and 
    forces the survivors to fight off a horde...and your infected team. The 
    place most survivor teams use to stake out is the corner underneath the 
    walkway to the right of the mounted machine gun. There are usually a 
    couple of gas cans that they'll ignite at a safe distance and take care 
    of the horde. The tables at the entrance of the room usually contain a 
    generous amount of molotov cocktails, and you can bet that at least one 
    of those will also be thrown after the fire from the gas cans goes 
    away. This section of the map can be rather frustrating for the 
    infected team, as all of the survivors are tightly packed together and 
    spamming their melee attacks that will disrupt a Smoker's tongue 
    Sometimes, you can get your tongue attack to work and pull a survivor 
    through the fire the survivors will undoubtedly have blazing for some 
    extra damage. Don't count on this always working, and if your tongue 
    attack gets disrupted, hide behind one of the generators until it 
    After the event, the survivors will head up a staircase and enter a 
    room that will contain tier 2 weapons and ammo. They will also pass by 
    another gas can which many survivor teams will ignite by the door to 
    buy themselves time from spawned infected players.
    There are gaps in the railing from the walkway above. You can drag one 
    of the survivors down and slow the team down a little bit here. It 
    won't cause much (if any) fall damage, but any Hunters on your team can 
    take advantage of the survivor once your tongue hold is broken.
    The many rooms on this upper level past the generator room often 
    contain plenty of goodies. Molotovs, pipe bombs, med packs, and pills 
    commonly spawn here. And the survivors usually are pretty tightly 
    bunched here. However...there are some areas you can use safely to 
    From out on the street, your vomit can hit survivors who stray too 
    close to the windows.
    From on the street, you can drag a survivor out of the windows causing 
    some fall damage and opening up opportunities for the Hunters on your 
    team to attack.
    The survivors can leave this building in one of three ways.
    1) The back alleyway. Actually the safest way they can take, and not 
    the longest. There is a pipe that Hunters can climb up and pounce from 
    for big pounces here, however.
    2) The front door. The longest route, and it puts them on the street 
    with plenty of cars for...
    *TANK TIP*
    Yeah...plenty of cars. Pound away. Just make sure not to punch the 
    alarmed car near the safe room. The common survivor strategy is to just 
    run back inside the building they came from. A Boomer here to slow them 
    down is extremely helpful as odds are you'll be set on fire. This level 
    of No Mercy is particularly generous when it comes to providing the 
    survivors with molotovs.
    3) Out the windows. Either from the front or in that back alleyway. 
    Survivor teams that jump out the windows cut down on your reaction 
    time, and are generally the fastest route to the safe room just down 
    the street.
    Eventually, the survivors will have to pass through a wide open area 
    that provides LOTS of places for Hunters to land huge pounces. There is 
    also an alarmed car that Smokers can take advantage of, unless a stray 
    bullet sets it off. Boomers can spawn in one of the rooms inside the 
    building the safe room is in for a last ditch effort in slow the team 
    down long enough for teammates to get a last attack in, but if they 
    make it this far, all you can hope for now is a little more damage to 
    lower their score.
    -------The Sewer------- [L4DMERCYc]
    Right from the get-go, you can ambush the survivors.
    If you exit the safe room spawn point and run to the left, you'll see a 
    pole that you can climb up. This will put you directly on top of the 
    survivors, and you'll be able to spawn immediately after they leave the 
    room. The common survivor strategy here is to run straight ahead to get 
    shelter from other attacks, but you should still be able to vomit on at 
    least one of them as they leave the safe room.
    From the safe room spawn point, run to the left, and you'll see a 
    climbable pipe leading to a low roof, and another climb point onto 
    Burger Tank's roof. Turn to face the safe room, and you'll see a zig-
    zag staircase on the opposite side of the alleyway. You can jump onto 
    this staircase, take it to the top, and get a great vantage point 
    directly across from the safe room exit. If you can manage to get your 
    attack off and hold one of the survivors in place, you open up an 
    opportunity for...
    ...a Hunter on your team to make a huge pounce. Hunters can take the 
    same spawn path the Smoker took, but stop on the roof of Burger Tank. 
    You can arc a pounce over the roof the Boomer spawned on in this 
    strategy - just to the right of the staircase the Smoker used to get to 
    his spawn location. My personal best pounce here was 22 damage. Not a 
    bad start for 2 feet out of the safe room! If you can land anything 
    over 18 damage, kudos to you!
    Most survivor teams, immediately out of the safe room will take the 
    straight path into a storage room. There are usually goodies in there 
    for them, and it provides a little shelter from Hunters and Smokers. If 
    you are a Boomer, try to keep them in there for as long as possible. 
    Amidst the chaos from the ensuing horde, Hunters can manage some melee 
    swipes. It's rather dark in there for the Survivors, so you have that 
    going for you as well. I wouldn't recommend pouncing them in this area, 
    as the silhouettes from a pounced victim are still clearly visible.
    On the other side of that storage room, there is a garage that can 
    contain pills, med packs, molotovs, pipe bombs, and tier 2 weapons. The 
    survivors must now trek down a long and narrow alleyway with tall 
    buildings lining either side...it's a Hunter's paradise.
    There are 2 air conditioning units you can use for a hiding spot and 
    good pounce location as the survivors leave the garage. You can also 
    set up on the roof above the moving truck and cable spools. Both of 
    these locations offer a good opportunity for 25 damage pounces. If you 
    fail to land a pounce, and can recover, you can wall jump back to 
    safety and try again.
    There are rooftops you can jump down from after you try vomiting on the 
    survivors as they pass through the narrow alleyway.
    *TANK TIP*
    Sometimes, you'll get a Tank on this map right away. There are a couple 
    of cars you can use to bash into the survivors, and there are plenty of 
    dumpsters to smash around. The narrow alleyways allow for hordes of 
    zombies summoned by the Boomer on your team to block the survivors' 
    paths and give you a good chance of catching up to them. Odds are the 
    survivors will only have tier 1 weapons here, also...so you can take 
    advantage of their (moderately) low damage output. Remember, if you 
    need to, you can always run away to let your teammates respawn. No 
    sense in going it solo if you don't think you'll do a good job.
    The survivors must make a left turn and head down yet another narrow 
    alleyway that offers many of the same perks for the infected team that 
    the first one did, though it is much shorter. The survivors will then 
    enter the kitchen area of Burger Tank. Here, they may find all sorts of 
    goodies, but many survivor teams are iffy about charging out into the 
    wide open area here first...and for good reason.
    Directly across from Burger Tank's entrance is a building you can climb 
    to the top of. It offers an excellent vantage point of the area, and as 
    they're leaving the restaurant, you can land a 25 damage pounce from 
    there. A Smoker who can pull one of the survivors back from the rooftop 
    of that diner can provide an easy target, and you will dish out more 
    damage than the Smoker could have on his own. Since the survivors are 
    generally all grouped together here, it's actually beneficial to the 
    Smoker on your team as you'll allow him to not only run away and let 
    his tongue attack recharge, but he can set up for another ambush 
    location immediately.
    The most common action the survivors take once in this area is to blow 
    up the gas station. It looks awesome, and it provides an easier route 
    to a building that can contain goodies and tier 2 weapons. It's a 
    rather common stop for the survivor team on their way through the map, 
    and it opens up a good opportunity for the infected team to separate 
    and tear down the survivors.
    Did a Hunter interrupt your tongue attack at Burger Tank's entrance? 
    Well, you can run back into the alleyway and head down by that truck 
    with the cable spools by it. Try dragging any survivor that wanders too 
    close to the windows and you can pull them all the way back to you, 
    forcing them to remake the trip...and what a trip it is. So much so, 
    that if no other survivor comes to escort the pulled victim back to the 
    rest of the party, a Hunter on your team can land a pounce and possibly 
    get an incapacitation.
    That building isn't necessary to visit, but many teams do, and as they 
    go to activate the scissor lift, they make themselves vulnerable to big 
    pounces from Hunters.
    You can get on top of the building the survivors visited. There is a 
    water tower on top of that building you can pounce on and it offers a 
    spectacular view of the area. It provides some cover, I haven't noticed 
    too many survivor teams checking that area, and the distance you can 
    get out of your pounces is amazing. You can reach the barrel that's on 
    fire, EASILY.
    The scissor lift is the 2nd major Crescendo Event in No Mercy. On top 
    of summoning a horde, the survivors must traverse very treacherous 
    terrain...an awning overlooking the truck depot below. It's a common 
    survivor strategy to start the lift, and then huddle into the nearby 
    corner behind it. If the team does that, it makes attacking them more 
    difficult, but it also keeps them in the field of play longer. The 
    horde that gets summoned by the event is rather large, and has 2 main 
    waves. A Boomers can drop down in front of them to try and get a vomit 
    attack off, but sometimes you'll end up just jumping into a line of 
    bullets and accomplish nothing. If a Boomer DOES get his vomit attack 
    off, the Hunters on your team can try to get an extra claw swipe or two 
    off before their vision returns to normal. If you DO plan on attacking 
    this way as a Hunter, make sure it's immediately after the Boomer's 
    attack. If the survivors decide to make a run for it, you'll have a 
    spawn time in front of you...
    Drag them off the awning. They won't grab hold of the edge...they'll 
    drop all the way down and most likely take a hefty chunk (25+) of fall 
    damage. If the survivor team decided to rush past the event, not only 
    do you drag one of them down, but then the horde will likely swarm in 
    to assist you with your pull. Incapacitations here are perfect targets 
    for Hunters to land big pounces on any survivor coming to the rescue.
    As the survivors either ride the lift up or climb the ladder to the 
    awning, you can land HUGE pounces from the roof of that building. There 
    are two raised sections of that roof that can provide a little more 
    distance - and therefore damage - for your pounce.
    Across the awning, the survivors will enter a storage room with a hole 
    in the floor. If you're a Smoker, try and drag that last survivor back 
    as they fall through the hole to the level below. It can really dish 
    out some damage or even score a kill.
    If the survivor team decided to rush past the event, odds are they'll 
    camp out in one of the closets in that building after dropping down 
    through the hole in the floor. There isn't really a whole lot you can 
    do here to attack them. Hunters can *try* to get a quick swipe off, but 
    I find it a waste. However, if a survivor ventures too close to the 
    windows, a Smoker can pull them down to the level below. Nearby for the 
    survivors is a switch to the metal dock door on the level below, so it 
    may not be a huge inconvenience...but it's still an inconvenience. 
    Otherwise...sometimes you'll get lucky with a survivor team who all 
    rush down to help, forcing them to remake the trip across the awning. 
    That's always fun!
    There is a first aid box that will contain pills or med packs, and 
    there is an ammo pile in that room just past the hole in the floor. The 
    first aid box I never understood as there are several rooms down that 
    long hallway that more often than not contain plenty more health packs, 
    pills, molotovs, and pipe bombs. The survivors can jump down into the 
    large storage room from the windows, or backtrack and take the stairs 
    down. Either way, survivor separation in this area can be very hurtful 
    to their team.
    *TANK TIP*
    Sometimes a Tank will spawn here. There is a forklift and pallet jack 
    you can use to bash into the survivors. Pallet jacks are actually 
    pretty light when compared to the force of a Tank's punch, and they'll 
    go flying every which way, rather than in a straight line. Stick with 
    the forklift. Odds are one (if not all four) of the survivors will have 
    a molotov at this point. Try to get as much damage done as you can, and 
    remember, if you need to wait for your teammates to spawn before 
    starting your attack, then wait. Doesn't make much sense to go solo and 
    get torn down immediately. Boomers summoning hordes here can be fatal 
    for the survivor team if a Tank is present.
    After the large storage room, the survivors enter a narrow outdoor area 
    before entering the sewers.
    It won't land a huge amount of damage on the survivors, but I bet it 
    will make them jump! You can actually perch on the edge of the roof 
    adjacent from the roof with the awning from earlier in the map. This 
    perch is directly across from where the survivors enter the narrow 
    outdoor section, and I have *never* been shot at from suspecting 
    survivors in this location. Don't go for huge pounces here as one of 
    those infamous red "out of bounds" barriers will appear in midair and 
    halt your pounce. You can, however, leap downwards from that ledge at 
    about a 15 degree angle to land a 12-14 damage pounce and probably 
    scare the crap out of one of them!
    The survivors will enter a sheltered narrow hallway and then descend a 
    staircase into the sewer section of the map. There are two entrances to 
    the sewers. The shorter path is directly across from the stairwell. 
    There aren't usually any items near that entrance for the survivors to 
    collect, so many teams opt to enter the alcove to the right of the 
    stairwell's exit. There are 9 times out of 10 goodies here for the 
    survivors to stock up on.
    There is plenty of cover here for you to take advantage of. And 
    regardless of which sewer entrance the survivors decide to delve into, 
    your goal is the same. Snag the last one to try jumping down. The 
    survivors canNOT shoot through this floor, and it is essentially an 
    instant kill for you! To combat this, many survivor teams will toss a 
    molotov at the entrance of the alcove from the right entrance, and in 
    the middle of the septic tanks if taking the straight entrance. Either 
    way, your tongue is long enough to go over the fire and land a hit, 
    dragging one of them back. Good luck!
    Down in the sewers, the survivors will generally stick to the wider 
    open paths. Usually there is an ammo cache down here, and sometimes 
    goodies will be in supply in a few of the rooms off to the side. Thing 
    is...most survivor teams just try to get through the sewers as fast as 
    possible since it's close to the end of the map.
    *TANK TIP*
    If a Tank spawns in the sewers, molotovs are of no concern to you! This 
    is one of only a few locations in the entire game where you can put out 
    the fire should you be lit up. Simply run through the sewer water. 
    That's it.
    The exit from the sewers is one of the most infamous Hunter pounce 
    locations in the entire game. And rightfully so. A successful pounce as 
    the survivor is still climbing the ladder will for him/her and any 
    other survivor all the way back down the ladder, dishing out some fall 
    damage as well. If you manage to pounce a single survivor all the way 
    down, the fall damage alone is enough to incapacitate him/her. 
    There are several locations from which you can safely land a pounce.
    1) From the car near the building behind the ladder at the sewer's 
    exit, you can pounce onto the metal staircase, then from there, pounce 
    on top of the building. This can net you a 20 damage pounce on contact, 
    plus fall damage, plus shredding damage. If you can pull this off, it's 
    2) From on top of the bus stop shelter. Not nearly as damaging, but the 
    pounce is more accurate.
    3) From the ground. Go for the quick one.
    Be wary though, as many survivor teams will launch a molotov up the 
    chute to try and foil the infected plan by hitting any infected player 
    caught napping. A successful ambush here is critical to your success as 
    the end of the map is mere seconds away.
    There are two popular locations to help ambush the survivors as they 
    emerge from the sewers.
    1) From behind the bus stop. The common strategy is for the Smoker to 
    drag the first one, then the Hunters can fight over who pounces first, 
    and so on.
    2) From BELOW. Yes... Save your spawn until after the survivors start 
    climbing the ladder, then look straight up, snag one, and drag em' 
    *TANK TIP*
    If the AI Director is feeling particularly nasty, it may spawn a Tank 
    in this location. If that's the case, there are plenty of cars and 
    dumpsters to smack the survivors' way and cause some instant 
    incapacitations. If a Tank does spawn, communicate with your teammates 
    to ambush them at the entrance of the hospital. Because this spawn 
    location is so close to the end of the level, the survivors may try to 
    make a run for it. Make sure your teammates are ready if the survivors 
    try that.
    The ambulance at the entrance of the hospital often contains a health 
    pack, and there are several rooms just before the safe room that can 
    contain goodies. If a stupid survivor who goes venturing into one of 
    these rooms, make him/her pay for not just finishing the level as soon 
    as possible. The Sewers map of No Mercy is a long one...no need to make 
    it any longer than it has to be. If the survivors make it to the 
    entrance of the hospital, odds are they'll make it to the safe room. 
    Just try to dish out a little more damage here to lower their score if 
    you can.
    -------The Hospital------- [L4DMERCYd]
    The fourth map in No Mercy plays much differently than the previous 
    three. There is a lot more cover for Boomers throughout the majority of 
    the level, and while the survivors can shoot through the walls in many 
    areas of the map, I found that because this level is rather lengthy, 
    most survivor teams tend to - for lack of a better word - rush through 
    the first 70% of the map.
    There are NO locations on this map for big Hunter pounces. However, 
    with all of the side rooms, and many hallways, getting separated on 
    this map can mean only being on the other side of a wall, and can 
    result in some extra damage.
    Immediately out of the chute, the survivors will more than likely rush 
    to the right after leaving the safe room. There is a T junction on this 
    level. Boomers can set up there to try and slow the team down. It's 
    pretty common for the Smoker to set up from behind the curtains left of 
    the safe room's exit to drag one back, but the damage won't be great, 
    and you have no hiding spot to run to. Best to save the Smoker until 
    after they reach the mezzanine.
    You can't get much done at the beginning of the map. However, you can 
    help to slow the survivors down by indirectly attacking them. After the 
    first section of the spiral staircase, there is an open area. The 
    mezzanine here has railings that can be broken with 9 claw swipes. Try 
    to get at least one of them destroyed - preferably the railing closest 
    to the next section of the spiral staircase. The large open area has 
    two entrances the survivors can come in from. Directly underneath the 
    railings you can attack, and from the middle of the room, through the 
    kitchen entrance. If they come through the former, you can land a 10 to 
    13 damage pounce here if you've got good aim.
    Sometimes, a Boomer's vomit at the very beginning will cause a horde to 
    take care of those railings for you. It wouldn't be a bad idea to 
    double check. This mezzanine section is an ideal place to keep the 
    survivors in one spot for a prolonged period of time. The longer they 
    stay in the field of play, the more damage they'll take.
    Just before the staircase leading to the mezzanine, there is a skylight 
    dripping water. You can actually pounce straight up through the 
    skylight and land on an invisible ceiling. There are a couple of white 
    vents you can pounce onto. Stand on the front left corner, and aim your 
    pounce at the widest section between the bars. The survivors MUST pass 
    by here to proceed, and I've never been attacked by a suspecting human 
    player. Bots may react differently. The pounce probably won't exceed 6 
    to 7 damage, but it's nice when you can pull it off as it forces 
    everyone to jump and react to something immediately and cause some 
    The survivors must cross the mezzanine, and this is where a well co-
    ordinated infected attack can spell disaster for them. Keeping them in 
    this area for 45 seconds is great. A minute is spectacular. Two minutes 
    basically guarantees at least one death amongst them, and a loss of 
    several, if not all of their med packs.
    Pull a straggling survivor (or ANY survivor) down from that level. You 
    will more than likely be hunted down and killed, so if only your tongue 
    gets broken, go in with claw swipes for a little extra damage. Get 
    something else out of it before you meet your maker. Pulling one down 
    will force them to run back to the stairs and remake the trip. It 
    doesn't cause any fall damage, but it's a big inconvenience when 
    combined with a Boomer's vomit.
    Puke on the survivor who just got pulled down. It will keep him/her 
    there for a prolonged period of time...maybe even long enough for a 
    Smoker to respawn in which you can do it all again. Because the vomit 
    attack takes 30 seconds to recharge, you're better off puking, then 
    going kamikaze. Odds are you'll be met with a 20 second respawn time, 
    so it's more than likely going to be beneficial to your team to 
    sacrifice yourself (and cover more survivors if possible) and take 
    what's probably going to be a shorter wait. Keep the pressure on them 
    in this area! 
    Do whatever you can to keep the team distracted here. Pounce any 
    straggler, pounce anyone who didn't drop down to help escort the 
    ensnared survivor. Keep them in this area at all costs. You can grind 
    them down little by little, and if infected attacks are spaced out 
    evenly enough, you can probably make the survivor team remake that trip 
    across the mezzanine three or four times!
    *TANK TIP*
    Sometimes you'll get a Tank at the beginning of this map. It's nice, 
    but because of the narrow hallways and the availability of tier 2 
    weapons right from the get-go, odds are everyone on the team will grab 
    an Auto-Shotgun. This is your worst enemy. I cannot stress this enough. 
    If you need to wait for your infected teammates to respawn, let them. 
    Auto-Shotties cut through Tanks like a hot knife through butter. The 
    narrow hallways are ideal for catching up to the survivors should a 
    Boomer vomit on a couple of them.
    Like I said, keeping the survivors in this area for 45 seconds is 
    great. Anything over a minute is just gravy. The survivors will then 
    need to go up another section of the spiral staircase. They'll be 
    turning right out of the stairwell, so Smokers head left and hide 
    behind the wall to drag the last one to leave if you can.
    There are a lot of rooms off to the side in this section of the map. 
    Boomers can take advantage of the many angles from which to attack 
    from, and keep in mind that a lot of the walls in this section can be 
    broken down. These breakable walls provide 2 benefits to your team.
    1) They "open the floodgates" for infected to rush at the survivors 
    during the upcoming crescendo event, and 2) Allows you different angles 
    to attack the survivors from immediately.
    The survivors must head down a long and narrow hallway with a few side 
    rooms on either side. I wouldn't recommend spawning in any of these 
    rooms as they have narrow entrances, and can be difficult to sprint out 
    of as any infected character.
    The crescendo event starts once the survivors call the elevator. It 
    starts on the 28th floor, and stops at the 4th floor. The common (and 
    called to be patched many a time) survivor strategy here is for all of 
    them to huddle in the corner behind a hospital bed directly across from 
    the elevator entrance. The reason why this has been called to be 
    patched so often (to no avail as of yet) is because the common infected 
    must first climb over the bed, THEN attack the survivors. This means 
    YOU must climb over that bed and attack the survivors. There isn't 
    really much you can do at this point, and your team will want to save 
    it's Smoker here. If you're a Hunter, you can jump over the bed and 
    claw them while airborne. Usually you'll hit more than one survivor 
    with the attack. While it isn't much, it's usually more damage than 
    you'll get out of landing a pounce at this section of the map, 
    It's incredibly difficult to pull off, but very satisfying when you do. 
    And might I add that it's humiliating for the survivor team...AND it 
    results in an instant kill! From directly in front of the elevator, try 
    pulling a survivor out of it as the doors close. Sometimes there are 
    common infected that will block you from pulling the survivor back to 
    you...actually leaving them in the elevator. Sometimes you have no good 
    angle to get a good pull on one of them. Sometimes you'll pull too 
    early and die before they even close the doors. And sometimes you'll be 
    a split second too late. The window of opportunity here is VERY small, 
    but it CAN be done... Good luck!
    The elevator ride takes a while. If you are stuck on the 4th floor, the 
    doors will open, and you have a choice. Either run back towards the 
    safe room at the beginning of the map until you see the "Too far away 
    from the survivors" message, then press "E" (by default) to respawn 
    closer. Or, make the long climb. It's probably faster to climb it as a 
    Hunter, as you can crouch on the pole, and pounce straight up. It's 
    actually a pretty efficient way to get up there in a hurry.
    Once the elevator opens, the survivors must make their way around the 
    ledges of the building in order to make it to the safe room.
    *TANK TIP*
    There are 2 locations where Tanks can spawn when the survivors get off 
    on the 28th floor. One is immediately after the elevator doors open. If 
    that's the case, the common survivor strategy is to head through the 
    vents on either side of the elevator and make you come to them. This is 
    kind of annoying as it almost forces you to get popped full of holes 
    trying to reach them. However, there is a generator that the Tank can 
    smash. Obviously if it hits a survivor, it's an instant incap. However, 
    if you can angle it towards one of the vents, you can block the 
    survivor's path. I have never noticed the generator disappearing over 
    time...probably because there are two exits from behind the elevator. 
    What this does is force them to go one way. If your infected teammates 
    scan spawn in the room with them, a Boomer's vomit here is extremely 
    helpful, as you can use the ensuing horde's distraction to corner and 
    incap one or more of the survivors.
    *TANK TIP*
    The other location a Tank can spawn is as the survivors are walking 
    around the ledges of the building just after they leave the elevator. 
    Sometimes they'll run back to the vents. If that's the case, try the 
    above strategy. But sometimes, they'll try to fight you head on. Big 
    mistake! There is a forklift you can smash into them which will result 
    in instant incaps should it connect. AND...here is your first 
    opportunity for a Home Run. A Boomer's vomit here can slow the 
    survivors down long enough for you to position yourself and punch a 
    survivor...right off the building. Instant kill.
    There are some locations where the path the survivors must follow is 
    rather narrow. Just past the forklift, there is a stack of boxes with a 
    closet just beyond it. It's a perfect place for a Boomer to ambush the 
    team. The path here is very narrow, and any trigger happy survivor 
    standing too close to the edge can actually instant incap him/herself 
    by blowing you up and staggering over the ledge!
    Slowing the survivors down here is extremely valuable to your team. The 
    path leading to the safe room is full of narrow hallways that can get 
    flooded with normal infected, and allow the Hunters and Smokers on your 
    team the chance they need to get some extra damage in.
    As the survivors pass the alcove by the stack of boxes, an opportunity 
    presents itself for you to drag a survivor to an instant 
    incapacitation. Spawn behind one of the pillars and as the survivors 
    make a run for it, try dragging one back over the ledge. They'll be 
    hanging on for dear life, but it slows the team down for an extra 5 
    seconds while one of them is helpless. A co-ordinated attack here with 
    3 Hunters can be devastating for them!
    The narrow passageways the survivors must follow allow for the infected 
    to get a bit more damage in than on the previous maps, however, if the 
    survivors make it this far and they're not in horrible shape, there 
    isn't much you can do.
    Spawn just outside of the safe room and run in. There are some boxes 
    you can hide behind. Another Hunter can hide in there with you. There 
    have been numerous times where only two survivors were left and made it 
    to their destination when all of a sudden, two Hunters pounced on them 
    and made their kills, denying them extra points...all in the safe room 
    with the door closed.
    -------Rooftop Finale------- [L4DMERCYe]
    The finale to No Mercy plays much differently than the finales in the 
    other campaigns. It's a rather short map, and the "make or break" point 
    is a favorite amongst infected teams.
    There are two ways you can try to stop the survivors cold. The "make or 
    break" point is the tall ladder that gives the survivors access to the 
    The first way is to have the Boomer on your team get the survivors 
    right away and allow the rest of the team to sprint up to the rooftop, 
    where they will all wait in position. When the Boomer dies, he/she will 
    most likely respawn as a 3rd Hunter. This is where the ambush comes in. 
    Everyone now sets up on top of the room. Be careful as many survivor 
    teams are well aware of an ambush here. Because of this, the Smoker on 
    your team should not spawn until after he/she sees the survivors 
    climbing up the ladder. The best (and most common) place for the Smoker 
    to spawn is by the satellite dish. This allows him to drag a survivor 
    down a level and separate him/her while potentially causing a hefty 
    chunk of falling damage. The Smoker should ALWAYS attack first to force 
    the other survivors up the ladder to try and assist the ensnared 
    teammate. Then, the Hunters try to clean things up. You can pounce a 
    survivor all the way back down the ladder and potentially cause some 
    falling damage. This will also force any survivor also on the ladder 
    back down, thus giving the Smoker more time to dish out some damage. 
    With 3 Hunters, you can quite possibly stop things here with a well co-
    ordinated attack. Communicate with your teammates to orchestrate this, 
    and if all goes well, the survivor team didn't even get a chance to 
    summon their rescue helicopter!
    The second way is to have EVERYONE rush up to the rooftop...Boomer and 
    all. The goal here is to try and grind the survivors down until they 
    have nothing left. Done perfectly, this strategy works wonders and 
    forces the survivors to either risk taking excessive damage, or waste 
    valuable throwing weapons. The Boomer should puke on the first survivor 
    seen peeking through the hole. Some survivors will try to just rush 
    through it. This leaves him/her open to being pulled off the roof by a 
    Smoker...and THEN beaten by the ensuing horde. The Hunters can then do 
    their dirty work. However, if the survivor decides to return down the 
    ladder, the horde will jump down the hole. The Boomer can then sit on 
    the ladder near the top. Since survivors cannot move through any 
    infected character, they'll be stuck. This leaves the Smoker on your 
    team an opportunity. If the Smoker has not spawned yet, he/she can 
    press "E" (by default) to get closer to the survivors. There is a gap 
    in the fence near the area the survivors are by that can be used to 
    drag one of them into an instant incap. So now there's a horde coming, 
    and potentially an incap complication. While one of the survivors is 
    helping the incapped teammate up, the Hunters can move in and dish out 
    some serious damage. The Boomer is still sitting at the top of the 
    ladder, and if the survivors shoot him, he'll explode and rain puke 
    down on anyone directly below...calling ANOTHER horde.
    Using that second strategy can really grind the survivors down little 
    by little. They may toss their pipe bombs, they may use another 
    molotov, and they may be forced to use a health pack or two. Either 
    way, this choke point at the rooftop's entrance is a favorite ambush 
    spot amongst infected teams, and for good reason.
    Co-ordination is very important between teammates, as the window of 
    opportunity depending on the survivor team can be either very 
    small...or extremely small. However, it can spell an instant kill for 
    the infected team. After reaching the rooftop, the Smoker on the team 
    can head to the left immediately after emerging on the roof and stand 
    on the two air conditioning units. A Hunter can spawn on the opposite 
    side of the roof - doesn't really matter where. The Smoker needs to 
    pull a survivor towards him, and the Hunter needs to pounce on that 
    same survivor when he/she reaches the Smoker. Depending on the angle at 
    which the Hunter pounces, you can push a survivor onto the short raised 
    corner section of the roof for some serious falling damage...or...you 
    can actually pounce them all the way off the building for an instant 
    Should the survivors make it to the top of the roof, they must summon 
    the rescue helicopter and start the finale event. Finale events play 
    differently from the other sections of the map. You will not be able to 
    choose your spawn points once the event starts. You will appear at a 
    random spawn location as a random special infected. The many different 
    levels of the hospital's roof can offer some protection as you try and 
    make your way to the survivors, but some of the spawn locations are a 
    lost cause...putting you out in the open on the other side of the 
    map...as a Boomer. Just try to bob and weave your way close to the 
    survivors to get an attack off. Boomers, as always are very valuable 
    here as they can summon additional hordes and hamper the event's 
    The event follows a pattern.
    1) Horde
    2) Tank
    3) Horde
    4) Tank
    5) Last ditch effort Horde and Tank
    A Boomer's vomit during the Tank sections increases your chances of 
    success ten-fold. Survivors surrounded by a mob are easy targets, and 
    on the rooftop of Mercy Hospital, easy targets equal easy Home Runs for 
    *TANK TIP*
    The higher the level the survivors are on, the better if you can land a 
    punch on them. Sometimes you can send them flying towards the edge, 
    resulting in an instant incap. Sometimes you can hit a Home Run and 
    send them off the building. If you are playing as the Tank, and the 
    survivors are on the platform with the minigun, try to force them to 
    run across the pipe on the right side of the mounted gun (when facing 
    the helipad). This can open up an opportunity for the Smoker on your 
    Below the pipe to the right of the mounted machine gun (facing the 
    helipad), you can drag a survivor all the way down resulting in an 
    almost game-changing amount of falling damage. If the Tank on your team 
    can force a player to run across the pipe, try not to miss the 
    opportunity to yank one of them down. If you incap the survivor (which 
    from a fall that high, it's not unlikely) the others make themselves 
    sitting ducks for Boomer vomit once they go to rescue him/her. A horde 
    down there can be disastrous for the survivors.
    Many survivor teams make their stand on the finale event by the mounted 
    machine gun. There is an ammo pile there, med packs, and tier 2 
    weapons. Big pounces from Hunters are difficult to pull off as it's a 
    wide open area, and since the survivors have nowhere to go for the time 
    being, they all go into "defense mode." There are two decent locations 
    to land a big pounce, but know that they are both risky as you must 
    present yourself in front of them for at least a little while, and you 
    can be easily spotted.
    To the right of the mounted machine gun (facing the helipad), there is 
    a building connected by pipes. You can pounce up to the top of that 
    building, and arch a leap over towards the rooftop the survivors are 
    on. If one of the survivors is using the mounted machine gun, it's an 
    easy target to hit. You can manage a 15 damage pounce here. The other 
    location is actually from atop the satellite dish. This location is 
    more difficult, as you'll be almost directly in front of the survivors, 
    but pounces around 18 to 20 damage can be achieved from there.
    After two hordes, and two Tanks, the helicopter will arrive. This is 
    your last chance to incap or kill a survivor. Smokers can hide to the 
    left of the helipad and drag one down below. A Boomer here can be very 
    valuable, and Hunters have to do what they do best. The Tank your team 
    will receive here is hardly of any use, but if that Smoker is able to 
    drag a survivor back from the helipad, know that until he/she is 
    incapped, the match will not end. This can allow the Tank a chance to 
    get up in the other survivors' faces and lower their health score, or 
    incap them outright. You canNOT punch a survivor out the other side of 
    the helicopter...sorry!
    Show the survivors No Mercy.
    -------Crash Course Overview----- [L4DCOURSE]
    Crash Course is the latest Download Content campaign from Valve. It is 
    a two chapter bridge campaign that links the end of the No Mercy 
    campaign and the beginning of the Death Toll campaign apparently, even 
    though Death Toll's beginning shows nothing of the escape vehicle used 
    in Crash Course's finale. Anyway...
    Crash Course, as I said earlier, is a two chapter campaign with quite 
    possibly the most brutal finale map ever as it consists of a rather 
    lengthy road to the actual event (when compared to the other 
    campaigns). This allows for the infected to rack up some serious damage 
    or even outright stop the survivors before they even reach the finale 
    event! It happens.
    Crash Course takes place at night, much like Death Toll, and as such, 
    creates a little cover for Hunters waiting to pounce as their 
    silhouettes aren't quite as noticeable - though skilled survivor 
    players will still be able to see you rather easily. And staying on the 
    Hunter topic, a lot of the rooftops in Crash Course are inaccessible, 
    making some areas rather difficult to pounce for high damage.
    The Crash Course campaign also features multiple paths for the 
    survivors to take. This can make ambushing survivors more difficult as 
    laying in wait to attack in one area may be countered with the 
    survivors - unbeknownst to them - thwarting your plan by taking a 
    different route. So just as a rule of thumb, don't spawn as the 
    infected until you either:
    a) Know where the survivors will be going and can set up an ambush.
    b) Are ready to attack.
    You'll also (though this is a given in any scenario) want to make sure 
    your infected teammates are keen to what you'll be up to. The different 
    paths may provide different angles from which your team can administer 
    an attack, so try your best to co-ordinate your scheme beforehand to 
    maximize your damage output.
    Because Crash Course has these differing paths, it's quite difficult to 
    list the various Tips I put throughout the individual map strategies 
    without turning the Crash Course campaign guide into a book the size of 
    "Atlas Shrugged", so the Tips will be included in the areas for which 
    the survivors MUST pass to advance in the level.
    Another thing to mention about Crash Course is that alarmed cars spawn 
    in random areas. This can inspire makeshift ambushes.
    -------The Alleys------- [L4DCOURSEa]
    The survivors start out in a wide open area with the wreckage of the 
    News Chopper 5 in front of them. Francis may be talking about how he 
    loves helicopters...but promptly gets back in character to say he hates 
    The wide area presents a problem for Hunters to land high damage 
    pounces, in spite of the building off to the survivors' right that can 
    be climbed up on. It also presents a rather large problem for Boomers 
    to get a meaningful attack off and create the chaos the other infected 
    teammates require to orchestrate a damaging ambush. There is a narrow 
    alley the survivors have to go through to advance off to their left 
    after traversing the parking lot.
    *Hunter Tip*
    There is a zig-zag outdoor staircase in the alleyway that you can use 
    to score a high damage pounce on when the survivors get close to the 
    *Boomer Tip*
    The alley has several garages that you can spawn in to ambush the 
    The chapters of Crash Course are rather lengthy, so expect the 
    survivors to find plenty of Pain Pills, throwing weapons, and Medkits 
    throughout the levels. However, in spite of the number of goodies the 
    survivors will pick up, this allows your infected team more time to 
    dish out damage. The alleyway the survivors must travel down is usually 
    littered with TONS of item pick-ups, so you may have a little more time 
    to spawn after dying as a lot of survivor teams tend to check these 
    garages before moving on.
    *Tank Tip* 
    The survivors must enter a warehouse with a Forklift positioned right 
    at the garage door. If the survivors don't immediately backtrack, you 
    can use this to instantly incap them.
    *Smoker Tip*
    Crash Course is dotted with lots of gas cans. More often than you'd 
    expect, stray bullets ignite these, so you can use them to your 
    advantage by pulling survivors into the fire for more damage.
    Outside of the warehouse, the survivors will travel down a narrow 
    corridor with a fence on one side and a building on the other. The 
    building has a zig-zag staircase for Hunters to jump up on to try and 
    land bigger pounces.
    The survivors will reach a failed barricade with a semi-truck turned on 
    end and just past that is a cliff with an oil tanker tipped over the 
    ledge. The survivors must jump down to the road below and follow that 
    around the hill to their right. They'll be passing under a bridge.
    *Smoker Tip*
    After the survivors drop down, try dragging the last survivor back. It 
    takes a little while for the survivors to climb back up resulting in 
    you doing quite a bit of damage, and setting up an ambush from a Boomer 
    or Hunter.
    *Hunter Tip*
    From atop the bridge the survivors need to pass under, you have a great 
    vantage point to pounce on the survivors for big damage.
    Up the hill, the survivors need to fire a Howitzer in order to clear a 
    path across the bridge. This crescendo event can be rather frustrating 
    for the infected team, as a lot of survivor teams tend to enter the 
    nearby building and hold out there until the event has passed. This 
    wouldn't be such a big deal, but the survivors will corner camp atop a 
    shelving unit that you must first run up to, then try scratching while 
    jumping as a Hunter. It also offers very little chance for a good 
    Smoker pull or a meaningful vomit attack from Boomers.
    *Boomer Tip*
    Save your spawn until after the event has ended if the survivors try 
    holding the fort inside the building. You simply won't get a good 
    chance at damage.
    *Smoker Tip*
    See the Boomer Tip above.
    After the event, the survivors will cross the bridge that is scattered 
    with cars and trucks which provide ample cover to spawn behind as a 
    Hunter for quick attacks. The many beams atop the bridge can interfere 
    with a big damage pounce, so work for "jack-in-the-box" style surprise 
    attacks in conjunction with your infected teammates. If the Boomer 
    saved his spawn until the survivors try crossing the bridge, you can 
    get a surprising amount of damage dealt to the survivors in this area. 
    It isn't very wide open and since it's littered with cars...
    *Tank Tip*
    A Tank here can be devastating to the survivor team. Combined with a 
    Boomer's vomit, the amount of cars you have to hit at your disposal is 
    almost unfair!
    Past the bridge, the survivors will head down a steep hill and into a 
    warehouse containing the safe room. Do your best to damage the 
    survivors here because it's your last chance before they end the level!
    -------The Truck Depot Finale-------- [L4DCOURSEb]
    The survivors start out in a warehouse with a door leading outside 
    straight ahead. There is an awning Hunters can pounce from, but be 
    warned that a lot of survivor teams will stand in the doorway and pick 
    off as many zombies as they can before venturing forth. The angle at 
    which you need to land a successful pounce while they're in the doorway 
    is rather awkward, so it may not be worth it right out of the chute.
    The survivors will go through a fairly wide open area, but will pass 
    through a dock door on the ground to get around a bus crashed in the 
    middle of an alleyway.
    *Hunter Tip* 
    There are several air conditioning units that you can jump up on and 
    try to land 10-18 damage pounces from. Be careful, however, as it is a 
    pretty wide open area, and a missed pounce here will probably end up in 
    you waiting to respawn!
    The survivors will pass under a large bridge, but unfortunately, there 
    aren't many, if any meaningful areas for a Hunter to make a big pounce 
    from in this area. However, Boomers can take advantage of the tighter 
    *Boomer Tip*
    There are several crashed vehicles for you to spawn behind to get an 
    attack off in the area underneath the large bridge. The survivors may 
    be able to bob and weave their ways into the nearby office building, 
    but a quick Boom combined with a Smoker here can bring a survivor out 
    into a more favorable location for a Hunter to make a damaging pounce 
    The survivors will pass an area with several shipping containers. A 
    Boomer here isn't as valuable as you may think. Survivors who get 
    vomited on will likely hide in one of the containers until the effect 
    wears off and his/her teammates will protect resulting in little to no 
    damage being dealt through the chaos.
    Past the areas with the containers, the survivors will climb atop a 
    semi truck to get over a wall and head to the truckyard where the 
    finale takes place. One of the survivors must start the 
    generator...which makes his/her a sitting duck for a precious 5 
    *Hunter Tip*
    You can get to the top of the tall building overlooking the generator. 
    I don't think I need to tell you what you need to do to dish out some 
    major damage here while a survivor is immobilized for the time being! 
    This is a great area to get the "Jumpin' Jack Smash" achievement.
    After the event is started, the common survivor strategy is to hide out 
    in the room below the mounted machine gun. There are two entrances 
    initially, but zombies will make short work of the walls, creating two 
    more holes for Smokers to try and pull survivors out of.
    *Smoker Tip*
    Do whatever you can to pull a survivor out into the open. It provides a 
    great opportunity for Boomers to vomit on survivors, and bring one of 
    them into a wider area for Hunters to try and pick off would-be 
    Like the finale events in the other four campaigns, Crash Course's 
    finale follows a pattern.
    1) Horde
    2) Tank
    3) Horde
    4) Tank
    5) Last ditch effort Horde + Tank
    However, UNLIKE the other finale events, Crash Course's finale has a 
    slight disruption. The generator goes out and needs to be restarted!
    *Hunter Tip*
    Did you miss the first time a survivor tried starting the generator? 
    This is your chance for redemption!
    When the escape vehicle finally touches ground, the survivors will make 
    a mad dash towards it. This is your ONLY opportunity to get the "Truck 
    Stop" achievement. So go out there and make me proud! A Smoker in this 
    situation is absolutely necessary, and Hunters need to make sure they 
    pounce on any survivor going to the rescue. However, from what I've 
    noticed in my plays through Crash Course's finale, most survivor teams 
    will simply abandon their downed teammates to put more points on the 
    Either way, do your best to Crash the survivors' Course of action!
    -------Death Toll Overview------- [L4DTOLL]
    Death Toll is one of the less-often played VS maps from my experiences 
    online, but it's fun nonetheless if you can get things into a rhythm as 
    the infected. There are choke points on every map that force the 
    survivors to cram themselves in to progress. There are also many 
    locations for big damage pounces due to cliffsides, houses, bridges, 
    towers, and tall trees.
    Death Toll, unlike No Mercy offers some thick foliage on most of the 
    maps that can offset a Smoker's visual cue. The foliage provides visual 
    cover only, however. It's not really great at stopping bullets coming 
    your way! Boomers can try to take advantage of the foliage cover, but 
    most survivor teams will try to stay away from the thick brush as a 
    precaution. That being said, you can fool them through reverse 
    psychology and attack from a non-usual spot. This applies to MANY 
    locations in Death Toll. The thick foliage may prohibit the survivors 
    from actually seeing you, but the game doesn't seem to think so. You 
    *will* have to find additional cover to spawn since technically you are 
    "out in the open."
    Death Toll has been altered in a few locations for balance in VS mode. 
    The Drains map has been altered in the bridge crescendo event room. It 
    now offers several more angles from which you can attack the survivors. 
    The Boathouse Finale map now offers a Hunting Rifle at the end. The 
    weapons and health packs are now positioned outside on the deck instead 
    of on the first floor of the house. The house has been dramatically 
    altered as well. There are no more closets for the survivors to huddle 
    in behind unbreakable walls. In VS mode, the house turns into swiss 
    cheese. There's even a section of the roof that will give way.
    Like No Mercy, Death Toll is a very dark campaign. It takes place just 
    before nightfall, and most of the maps take place almost entirely 
    outdoors. Because of this, big damage pounces from Hunters are rather 
    common on this map. From a distance, Hunters are difficult to spot 
    against the sky, and in front of other objects, the silhouette from 
    whatever you're in front of can make it darn near impossible to point 
    you out. Be careful if computer controlled bots are on the survivor 
    team, though, as they can still "see" you. As stated earlier, the thick 
    foliage on several of the maps can offer adequate cover once you've 
    spawned. Bots can also see through the thick branches, so take that 
    into consideration when planning your attack.
    Death Toll has three major Crescendo Events aside from the finale. Two 
    of which the survivors must stop and wait for. The other can more or 
    less be rushed past if the survivors decide to do so. One of these 
    crescendo events is at the very end of a map, and has a rather infamous 
    hiding location that has been called to be patched to no avail as of 
    -------The Turnpike------- [L4DTOLLa]
    In spite of the actual length of this chapter, it actually flows rather 
    quickly because the first 65-70% of the map is pretty much a straight 
    line! It's generally the best idea to ambush the survivors at the first 
    obvious choke point...the ladders.
    This map actually has two major choke points that can cause some 
    hesitation amongst survivor teams. The first choke point is on the 
    ladders just past the broken bridge. There are two ways the survivors 
    can go here. The right side is the most common route, even though the 
    left side is widely considered to be not only shorter...but safer! Many 
    survivor teams, as a way of avoiding the thick foliage on the left side 
    of the turnpike stay in the middle of the road, or hug the right side 
    by the cliffs. This can make it frustrating for spawned Boomers looking 
    to get their vomit attack off and as such, you may be better off 
    waiting until the chock point. However, if you think you can vomit on 
    at least one of the survivors, from the left side of the turnpike, go 
    right ahead!
    One thing I've noted a lot of survivor teams do...for whatever reason I 
    can't comprehend, is to stand at the edge of the broken bridge before 
    venturning down and heading to the ladders. A Smoker from the other 
    side of the broken bridge can pull a survivor down for some major 
    falling damage. This is one of those really rare situations where a 
    Smoker should spawn in front of the team.
    If the survivors are heading up the right side ladders there are two 
    ways to really put the hurt on them. 
    1) Spawn by the semi truck and jump on the ledge next to the survivors. 
    Dragging one back here in just the right spot will drag them down and 
    hang them about 20 feet above the ground. So now, when you die or your 
    tongue is broken, that survivor is going to take a pretty decent chunk 
    of falling damage. Even if you don't perform that drag perfectly, you 
    still force that survivor to re-climb the ladder.
    2) Spawn below the survivors and try dragging one of them all the way 
    down. This is a much more direct amount of falling damage, but it 
    usually takes less time for the survivors to recover, and it can pull a 
    victim too far away from the other survivors and lessen the chances for 
    a big pounce from the Hunters on your team.
    If the survivors are heading up the left side ladder, the best location 
    I've seen so far to achieve a falling damage pull is from directly 
    behind the survivors. There is also a small gap on that ledge where the 
    railing has broken away, but since it's 99% of the time such a small 
    window of opportunity, you're better off not even trying.
    Regardless of which side the survivors climb up, the jackknifed semi 
    truck offers enough cover to spawn and slow the survivors down. This 
    location really doesn't allow the survivor team much reaction time.
    You can get on top of the cliff hugging the right side of the street. 
    It may take a few pounces to finally get up there, but it offers a 
    tremendous vantage point. If the survivors decide to climb up the right 
    side ladders...25 damage pounces are very...VERY common here. Two 
    Hunters leaping from this perch can be devastating to the survivor 
    team, especially if a Smoker was able to drag one off the ledge as 
    After the ladders choke point, the survivor team must enter a tunnel 
    littered with cars. This long, straight stretch of the map is littered 
    with cover for Boomers and Smokers to hide behind, and there are 
    several alcoves along the main path that you can use to spawn in and 
    deliver quick attacks from.
    *TANK TIP*
    Occasionally, a Tank will spawn on this map. The absolute perfect place 
    for one is in the middle of the tunnel. The survivors may have picked 
    up a gas can or molotov by this point, so be sure to check what they're 
    carrying or at least ask your teammates before jumping into the fray. 
    Most of the cars in this tunnel CAN be moved. And remember, if a car 
    slams into a survivor, it's an instant incapacitation. If the survivors 
    run back towards the entrance of the tunnel, a common place for them to 
    camp out is on top of the jackknifed semi truck. Start throwing rocks 
    at them! They only have tier 1 weapons, and also make themselves very 
    vulnerable to any Hunter, Smoker, or Boomer on your team
    Inside that tunnel, there are several alcoves that can contain a 2nd 
    pistol, pipe bombs, molotovs, and pain pills. One such alcove is a 
    common place for a med pack to appear for the survivors. I guess the 
    game developers decided that because such a treacherous choke point was 
    just passed, they would reward the survivor team... The common med pack 
    closet is on the left side of the wall, behind a broken section of it 
    and down a narrow hallway. There's usually a gas can there too.
    The bars covering the small hole in the concrete in that wall do not 
    stop your vomit from reaching the survivors. Go ahead and take your 
    shot if you get the opportunity. Odds are the survivor team will just 
    huddle back in that corner or closet. This can open up a brief 
    opportunity to "grind" the survivors down slightly with well organized 
    and spaced out attacks. Have the Hunters and Smoker on your team attack 
    in 5 second intervals. If they can keep the pressure up after your 
    vomit attack wears off the survivors, you will only have to wait 2 to 3 
    more seconds until you're recharged. Vomit on them again, and it will 
    give your teammates a great chance to respawn and keep the pressure on 
    In the tunnel, there are 2 locations where infected players can climb 
    up to a higher level. These are the obvious ambush spots. Survivors do 
    what they can to rush past them as quickly as possible, and if they 
    hear a Boomer or Smoker nearby, more often than not they'll send a 
    molotov up there. Best to avoid these locations. They're too obvious, 
    they're not really practical for attacking from, and they don't really 
    offer much cover. Besides, there are plenty of cars and walls to spawn 
    from behind and attack from.
    After the survivors reach the dead end of the tunnel, they'll be 
    turning left and heading down a series of staircases. They'll enter a 
    room with a mezzanine (which they'll be starting out on) and a lower 
    level that can contain all sorts of goodies. Believe it or not, most 
    survivor teams from what I've seen tend to try and make it out of there 
    quickly without checking all of the individual rooms. Maybe because 
    they're now relatively close to the safe room...? Either way, on the 
    lower level of that room, it's common for the survivors to find another 
    med pack, pills, ammo, molotovs, pipe bombs, and gas cans or propane 
    tanks. It really is amazing to me seeing a lot of people skipping these 
    item picks ups!
    Coming out of that room, the survivors will head up a small 
    staircase...and this is where they can hesitate to leave. Welcome to 
    the 2nd choke point on the map. People expect big pounces from Hunters 
    as they leave that stairwell.
    This is another one of those rare occasions where it's actually wise to 
    spawn behind the survivors and make them pay for not heading out into 
    the open. The ensuing horde can provide enough of a distraction for the 
    Smoker and Hunters on your team to take advantage of.
    When the survivors leave that stairwell, they enter a wide open area. 
    Directly across from them is the safe room, though they must first 
    climb up a small hill to reach it. Your perch is directly on top of the 
    safe room building. You get a great view of the stairwell the survivors 
    are exiting from, and can land a 25 damage pounce from here if the 
    survivors are adequately distracted.
    The less common, less damaging, but less expected method of attacking 
    the survivors as they leave the stairwell is from the survivors' right 
    side. There is a fence that you can pounce over and take one by 
    surprise. All in all, you can expect a 10 to 12 damage pounce at best 
    from this location, but survivor teams hardly ever expect an attack 
    coming from that direction.
    This is one of only a very few rare occasions where it may be 
    beneficial to your team to spawn in front of the survivors. Simply drag 
    someone out of the stairwell if you can. It will force at least one 
    other survivor to come to the rescue...more than enough time for a 
    Hunter laying in wait to score a massive pounce from a high perch.
    There are usually a lot of common infected in this area of the map. A 
    Boomer here can slow things down greatly if the survivors don't have a 
    pipe bomb. Odds are though, if the survivors are in decent health by 
    this point, they'll make it to the safe room.
    If you get the opportunity, drag a survivor off the ledge just before 
    the safe room. You can delay the team a little bit and allow the 
    Hunters to try and dish out some extra damage before that safe room 
    door closes.
    -------The Drains------- [L4DTOLLb]
    Immediately after leaving the safe room, the survivors have two 
    options. Run straight ahead, or make a right. Regardless, it's a common 
    survivor strategy to use the safe room's security and shoot through the 
    bars in the door to pick off as many common infected as possible. As 
    soon as the survivors leave the safe room however...
    Everyone expects a Boomer to attack from up above and to the right. 
    Instead, spawn behind one of the three large pillars in that room and 
    vomit on the survivors from there. This is helpful in two ways. 1) It's 
    less expected, so it's more likely to work.
    2) You increase your range by spawning in the middle of the room. 
    You're not limited to attacking from just one corner.
    If the Boomer gets his vomit attack off, the Hunters and Smoker on the 
    team need to get an attack off immediately. There is no real great 
    place to attack the survivors here as a Hunter...however...
    Immediately out of the safe room, go to the left and spawn behind the 
    septic tanks. If the Boomer gets a good vomit attack off, try pulling 
    one towards the base of the ledge the septic tanks are on. This can 
    open an opportunity for a Hunter on your team to land a 16-18 damage 
    pounce from up above on the ledge to the right from the safe room's 
    If the survivor team decides to run straight ahead (which most survivor 
    teams do), they open themselves to big pounces as they enter the large 
    room. Hunters can pounce from the pipes overlooking the landing near 
    the bottom of the ladder. It's common to get 15-18 damage pounces here. 
    Boomers can also take advantage of the high ground and vomit down on 
    the survivors to create chaos.
    *TANK TIP* 
    Every so often here, a Tank will spawn. Sometimes in this location, the 
    survivors will find tier 2 weapons, and they may have already picked up 
    a molotov. If you get lit on fire, run into the sewer water to put it 
    out and prolong your life. The water in the crescendo event room will 
    also extinguish the fire - even though if a survivor throws a molotov, 
    the water will still burn...weird.
    If the survivor decides to take the right path out of the safe room, 
    they force themselves to climb down a ladder once they reach the wide 
    open. This choke point can be pretty tasty for Hunters. 
    You can spawn across the room on a ledge facing the ladder, and if you 
    arc it just right, you can make it all the way across and pounce 
    someone all the way down, making them take not only at least 14-16 
    damage from your pounce, but also a bit of falling damage as well.
    Separation is key here for Smokers. This is another one of those rare 
    instances where it can be beneficial to spawn ahead of the survivors as 
    a Smoker. Drag the first one down off the ladder if you can. This can 
    separate him from the team enough for a Boomer to puke from up above. 
    OR...you could spawn behind the team and try dragging the last 
    straggler back, forcing the survivors to climb back up the ladder, then 
    go back down. This can be a repeat for the previous Hunter tip, but it 
    makes it a bit more difficult for Boomers to attack.
    Past the wide open room, the survivors will head into a short tunnel, 
    then into another wide open room. This is Death Toll's first major 
    crescendo event. The survivors must activate the bridge and wait for it 
    to descend while being swarmed by a mob of zombies. The common survivor 
    strategy here is for them all to huddle against the fence by the start 
    of the bridge and make a run for it into the small closet just past it. 
    That closet contains a medical cabinet that will contain a med pack or 
    pills. There is also always an ammo stockpile there.
    This part of Death Toll has been altered to offer more balance for the 
    infected team. In the campaign mode, the ledge the survivors are on is 
    flush with the wall, and there are less entrances from the walls the 
    zombies can attack from. In VS mode, the ledge the survivors are on by 
    the bridge is spaced away from the wall, and can allow Boomers to 
    attack from below by arcing their vomit up over the walls.
    After the event, the survivors will make their way along a narrow 
    walkway. There are railing here, but not along the entire path.
    Try your best to drag one of the survivors back down into the sewer 
    water. You'll force them to remake the trip. At the highest part of the 
    walkway, the survivor may take a minor amount (5 to 10) of falling 
    damage. This section here can be used to grind the survivors down, 
    though if a Boomer gets his vomit attack off, the survivors may just 
    huddle back into the closet that contained the medical cabinet.
    If the Smoker is successful in dragging a survivor off that walkway, 
    vomit on the Smoker's victim. If you vomit on the other survivors, 
    they'll likely huddle back in that closet. If you vomit on the pulled 
    survivor, he/she must make the trip through a mob of zombies. This is 
    part of the whole "grind down" process. The Hunters on your team can do 
    what they can to prolong the grind and possibly give the Smoker a 
    chance to respawn and start the whole process over again.
    Past the crescendo event room, the survivors will enter more drains 
    that split in two paths. From what I've noticed online, there's about a 
    50/50 split up between the two ways the survivors can go. Regardless, 
    this is a great place to try and vomit on the survivors if you're a 
    Boomer. Hunters can't get big pounces here and Smokers leave themselves 
    open, but the chaos a horde causes may be enough of a distraction to 
    get some extra damage off.
    *TANK TIP*
    Odds are the survivors will have at least one molotov at this point. 
    Unfortunately, water is a bit further away than you might like at this 
    point in the map. If you get lit on fire...you're just going to have to 
    deal with it. However, this area is rather cramped. A horde summoned by 
    a Boomer here will give you PLENTY of time to catch up to a survivor 
    and repeatedly score hits. You can hit the pillars in one of the rooms, 
    but after a bunch of attempts against stationary targets, I found they 
    don't cause an instant incap. All they do is add a bit of clutter to 
    the room that forces the survivors to jump over. So don't go and try to 
    punch the pillars into the survivors. You're wasting your time.
    The survivors can either climb up a ladder that leads to a small room, 
    or climb up a steel grating that will put that at the top of a hole in 
    the floor. Either way...time for some fresh air. And time for a number 
    of 25 damage pounce locations for Hunters.
    You can climb up the hillside on the right side after exiting the 
    building. As the survivors exit, arc your pounce and aim for the 
    entrance. It's a great place to land a 20-25 damage pounce. Also, on 
    top of the building, you can kind of blind fire and pounce up at a 
    steeper angle and try to land at the exit of the building. This won't 
    cause quite as much damage as the previously listed location, but it's 
    less expected from my experiences online. Most survivors will try to 
    hug the building while heading to the safe room, fearing large pounces 
    from Hunters, however, but don't count this location out yet. The 
    survivors must head out into the open for a short while to jump through 
    the windows leading to the safe room. From the front of that building, 
    you can land a 17-25 damage pounce depending on where you set up from.
    The survivors are close to the safe room, but that doesn't mean they 
    have to make it! A horde here may be enough for the survivors to slow 
    down and allow a Smoker on your team to pull one back, or Hunters to 
    get some extra damage off unless they have a pipe bomb in stock. Spawn 
    behind the wall in that building and you can easily get at least one 
    *TANK TIP* 
    It happens, although rarely, but a Tank can spawn this late in the map. 
    There are numerous cars that you can punch to slam into the survivors. 
    Take advantage of them. A lot of survivor teams may head back into the 
    building they came out from to avoid you. But one of them may stand at 
    the exit of the building. You can climb up the front of the building 
    and run along the roof to drop in front of them!
    If the survivors make it here with decent health, do whatever you can 
    to lower their health score, because they're probably going to make it 
    to the safe room.
    -------The Church------- [L4DTOLLc]
    Immediately out of the safe room, an ambush can take place. This is 
    widely expected by the survivors, so pulling it off can be rather 
    challenging if you're playing against a competent survivor team. It's a 
    wide open area they'll be entering, and as such, it's a Boomer's worst 
    enemy. A Boomer can *try* to vomit down on the survivors by climbing up 
    the building to the left out of the safe room (behind the train car) 
    and spawning directly above the survivors, but more often than not, 
    you'll get popped by someone expecting you to be there.
    Truth be told, there really is no good place to cause a lot of panic 
    amongst the survivors in this area. Hunters have several locations 
    where they can score big pounces, but without a horde to hold them in 
    place for a few precious seconds, they can be extremely difficult to 
    pull off. And nobody likes landing mere inches away from a survivor on 
    what would have been a 20+ damage pounce.
    One way you can try to combat this wide open area against a team of 
    survivors is to have a Smoker spawn directly above the safe room and 
    try to drag the last survivor back. As the Smoker is pulling the 
    survivor back, you can have the Boomer spawn in the same location to 
    try and vomit on the pulled victim. This may slow the survivors down 
    long enough for a few decent damage pounces from the Hunters on your 
    There are two ways the survivors can go about this area. The safest way 
    is to hug the right side wall and enter the building. Inside, there may 
    be tier 2 weapons, propane tanks, or gas cans. Upon exiting that 
    building, the survivors are sheltered from the side by the wall and the 
    silos on their left. They must basically cram single-file through this 
    narrow passage way, and any Hunter that can spawn behind the team and 
    pounce as they exit the building can expect a 12-15 or higher damage 
    leap should he make contact.
    The more dangerous way for the survivors to go is by staying out in the 
    open and checking the tower for supplies or tier 2 weapons. While there 
    aren't many locations for Hunters to land big pounces, the tight 
    walkways here can be treacherous for the survivors because the railings 
    can be destroyed.
    Smokers can pull victims off the ledges on that tower. They'll either 
    hang on or they'll fall. And you can drag someone from the very top all 
    the way down for an instant incapacitation in falling damage. But even 
    if they hang onto the ledge, it's still a great area as the survivors 
    will need to slow down and be careful in their descent. And remember, 
    slow moving survivors = easier targets!
    *TANK TIP* 
    While getting a Tank this early on in the map isn't common, it does 
    happen from time to time. The wide open area in the trainyard is a 
    Tank's worst enemy. The survivors can spread out, there's no cover for 
    you, and if the survivors can make it to the staircase and balcony they 
    need to reach to proceed, it can complicate things tremendously for 
    you. Teamwork amongst your fellow infected players is essential here in 
    order to have a productive Tank. There is a forklift that you can bash 
    into the survivors for an instant incap, but know that it doesn't move 
    too far when struck. A horde here is your best friend if a Tank shows 
    up. Odds are, this early on in the map, the survivors won't have a 
    molotov, but gas cans are pretty common in the building to the right 
    out of the safe room and in the rooms behind the staircase on the 
    opposite side of the map across from the safe room. Be wary of what's 
    happening, and be sure to ask your teammates if they know of any 
    hazards you need to try and avoid. There is no water on this map for 
    you to extinguish yourself with if you get lit up.
    Before taking the staircase up to the balcony, there are a few rooms 
    down below behind the staircase that can contain some items for the 
    survivors. The beauty here is that this entire area is a "grind" for 
    the survivors. Keeping them in this area can whittle them down little 
    by little. Spacing out your attacks can provide your teammates chances 
    to respawn and keep them around here.
    The survivors must pass across a balcony that has several rooms in 
    which they can find goodies. One room from what I've noticed ALWAYS 
    contains propane tanks, but a 2nd pistol is a common pick up, and so 
    are pipe bombs from my experiences. The railing on the balcony is is 
    disrepair. There are a few sections where a Smoker on your team can 
    drag a survivor back down. While spawning here can be a bit 
    challenging, if you can get it off, you force one of them to re-make 
    the trip up the balcony.
    The balcony the survivors must traverse is very similar to the hospital 
    mezzanine in No Mercy. The problem here is spawning in areas in which 
    the survivors cannot "see" you. There are some thick trees over by the 
    tall tower that you canNOT spawn behind because technically still "out 
    in the open." You can try using the forklift as cover and crouching 
    behind that to spawn, but it doesn't always work. Regardless of how or 
    where you spawn, your goal here as an infected team is to keep them in 
    this area. Obviously, the Smoker will want to attack here first. Try 
    dragging a survivor down from the balcony. Then, the Boomer can try 
    vomiting on the survivor who was pulled. The ensuing horde may buy 
    enough time for a Smoker to respawn. If not, have the Hunters attack 
    the survivors one at a time to slow the team down for a few precious 
    seconds. Then you can try to do it all again. Rinse and repeat. If you 
    can keep the survivors here for more than a minute and a half, chances 
    are they'll burn up a couple of med packs. If a survivor gets pulled 
    off the ledge, Hunters, remember that you can get on top of the roof of 
    the building with the balcony. From up there, don't be surprised if you 
    can land a 25 damage pounce!
    Past the balcony, the survivors will get back on solid ground and 
    travel down a street. Both sides of this street are littered with trees 
    that provide visual cover for your infected team to take advantage of. 
    There are a few tall rocks that can provide decent perches for Hunters 
    to use as well. This section is pretty wide open, so getting a Boomer 
    to vomit on the survivors can be a little difficult here. However, 
    there are a couple of choke points a Boomer can take advantage of.
    In the middle of the street, there is a School Bus that you can climb 
    up the sides on. Most survivor teams when approaching this will swing 
    far to the left in anticipation of a Boomer. If you climb up and over 
    the bus, it may juke the survivors long enough for you to vomit on at 
    least one of them!
    Immediately past the school bus is a small shack that contains a 
    medical cabinet. There are usually some gas cans or propane tanks in 
    there as well. Puking on the survivors as they're inside there is more 
    effective than you think. For one, if there ARE gas cans or propane 
    tanks, a stray bullet can spell some pain for the survivors. But if the 
    team sticks inside that building until the blinding effect goes away, 
    know that Hunters and Smokers can attack through the window across from 
    the doorway.
    Up the road, the survivors will come across a house. The road is 
    blocked so they must enter it. There is a garage off to the side that 
    usually contains some sort of goodies, but I rarely ever see survivor 
    teams checking it. It may be a good idea to not even set up there in 
    anticipation for the survivors. Inside the house, med packs, pain 
    pills, ammo, and gas cans are rather common. This house, however is a 
    decent area to "grind" the survivors. There are plenty of window that 
    can be jumped through to enter the house and attack from unexpectedly. 
    Obviously, Smokers here aren't quite as effective, but if you see an 
    opportunity to drag one back amidst some confusion, take advantage of 
    Through the house, the survivors enter yet another wide open area. 
    There is an ambulance here that can contain a med pack, pain pills, or 
    an oxygen tank.
    *TANK TIP* 
    A Tank spawning here is from what I've noticed the most common 
    occurrence. There are a couple of cars past the ambulance that can be 
    used to smash into the survivors. Because there's a lot of room here, 
    you will more than likely need to rely on your teammates. Also, 
    remember there is no water for extinguishing yourself if you get lit 
    Past the ambulance, the survivors enter a cemetery (seems rather 
    fitting for a zombie game, huh?) and must make their way up to the 
    church. There is a shack near the entrance of the cemetery that can 
    contain goodies, most commonly gas cans.
    From atop the shack at the entrance to the cemetery, you can pounce and 
    reach the actual entrance the survivors must go through. My personal 
    best pounce here is 19 damage. But anything over 13 here is great!
    The survivors are now at the end of the map...however, the guy inside 
    the church doesn't believe that the survivors are immune, and so as 
    sort of a "test" he rings the church bell which the zombies just flock 
    to! This crescendo event has an area for the survivors to cram into and 
    has been called to be patched to no avail as of yet. The location most 
    survivors will use (and the location that needs to be patched) is in 
    the room with the ammo stockpile. There are a few crates near a corner, 
    but spaced out enough for the survivors to huddle between the wall and 
    those crates. Zombies CAN climb on top of the crates to attack from 
    above - and truth be told, until this area is patched, it's probably 
    your best bet if you're a Hunter. Smokers and Boomers...well...you can 
    try to attack from the survivors' right side through that door to try 
    and get a melee swipe off, but that's all you can really do. For a 
    Smoker, it may be your best bet too. You can try to drag one of them 
    out of that corner from directly across from the survivors, but more 
    than likely, the survivors are just spamming their melee attack and 
    will break your tongue's hold before you start doing damage to them.
    If the survivors reach the crescendo event, more than likely they'll 
    make it to the safe room because of the location they can huddle into 
    described above. The Church in VS mode is different from the church in 
    campaign mode. The roof breaks and the large boarded up section against 
    the back wall is now glass and can be broken. It allows for a couple 
    new angles the infected can attack from. Either way, the survivors will 
    likely stay in that location until after the event is over and head to 
    the safe room.
    Looks like the guy inside the safe room wasn't immune after all! He 
    will turn into a random special infected to provide one minor last 
    obstacle for the survivors to deal with. If you can get an attack off 
    here to lower their health score, go for it because they're going to 
    make it.
    -------The Town------- [L4DTOLLd]
    In my personal opinion, Valve got really lazy when modifying this map 
    for VS mode. There are a ton of rooftops lining most of the level, yet 
    Hunters can't pounce up on most of them. Because the map is so large, 
    half the level doesn't even appear until after you progress through an 
    area, and traveling from rooftop to rooftop is impossible. There are a 
    lot of the red "out of bounds" barriers that shouldn't be where they 
    are - and they block access to more rooftops. Maybe it was a balancing 
    issue, but I don't see how. All that being said, it can be very 
    difficult for Hunters to land a pounce over 20 damage on this map.
    Immediately, the infected team has an opportunity to grind the 
    survivors down.
    Since most survivors like to grab a Hunting Rifle and pick off as many 
    zombies as they can from this vantage point atop the church, try to 
    force them back into the safe room by vomiting on them! Since they're 
    still be in the safe room, you will respawn without a countdown timer. 
    Alert your fellow teammates to go in there and dish out as much damage 
    as possible to take advantage of the no spawning time. Boomers who 
    respawn more quickly can constantly keep the pressure on the survivors 
    by repeatedly vomiting on them. Hunters and Smokers can try to enter 
    and get a quick melee swipe off before dying. The little bit of damage 
    done here is free for your team because you can always respawn 
    instantly as long as they stay in there!
    Once the survivors leave the safe room, there are three ways they can 
    go to progress through the map. The Town map of Death Toll is huge. 
    It's the longest single map in the game. Most survivor teams will take 
    any shortcut they can to make their lives easier.
    1) The shortest path is for the survivors to jump on the brick wall and 
    fence in the church yard and walk along that, then jump over the bus 
    2) The most common path (and medium length) is for the survivors to 
    exit through the gap in the wall near the white truck on their right, 
    then once in that open area, jump over the sandbags between the two 
    3) The longest path (and the one more littered with goodies) is to exit 
    through the gap in the wall near the white truck, then enter the 
    buildings across from them. Regardless of which way the survivors take, 
    as a Hunter, a 25 damage pounce is very attainable here.
    From atop the church, pounce onto the cross, then pick out a likely 
    target if you can. No matter which way the survivors go, you can land 
    an absolute monster pounce from here. A Boomer slowing the team down 
    here provides you an easier target. Landing one of these pounces is 
    very satisfying...and it makes you wish that the pounce damage wasn't 
    capped at 25! Beware though, that skilled survivor teams know of this 
    spot, and if one of them has a Hunting or Assault Rifle, your location 
    will be the first one they check! Try to take advantage of this area. 
    This is one of the few areas where a 25 damage pounce on this map is 
    If the survivors take the shortest path (over the brick wall) do 
    whatever you can to get in front of them for an ambush. Taking this 
    path isn't common amongst survivor teams...thankfully. It can be a 
    little tough to react to an entire team using this shortcut.
    If the survivors decide to go into the open area and jump over the 
    sandbags, it allows you and your team more of a chance to attack. The 
    Boomer on your team can set up behind the busses and lay in wait, the 
    Smoker has a chance to spawn behind the team and drag them back into 
    that wide open area, and the Hunters can take advantage of any 
    straggler, rusher, or unaware survivor.
    If the survivors decide to enter the building directly across from the 
    church, you can try the "grind" strategy to whittle them down a piece 
    at a time while they're camping inside. There is a small office room 
    off to the side in the main building that the survivors may try 
    cramming into, and if they do, melee swipes become more effective. If 
    you're a Boomer, just try to keep them in that room as long as you can.
    Back on the streets, the survivors have a fairly linear path that will 
    take them through a building. Along the street, there are a couple of 
    rooms off to the side that may contain goodies for the survivors, and 
    if everyone crams into one of those side rooms, try the "grind" 
    strategy again if you can.
    *TANK TIP* 
    There are plenty of cars in this location, along with dumpsters you can 
    smash into the survivors. While this area is pretty wide open, there 
    are numerous obstacles that can hold the survivors up. However, these 
    obstacles can hinder the trajectory of whatever you smash their way. 
    Keep that in mind, as you may need to take an extra half second to line 
    yourself up before attempting to punch something their way. Otherwise, 
    this may be a decent area to try solely throwing rocks at them. Arc 
    them a little higher to get them over whatever obstacles are in the way 
    and you can still score hits.
    Inside the building, there's usually some goodies or a 2nd pistol. Keep 
    an eye to see if the survivors have pills and molotovs/pipe bombs. 
    Because most survivor teams expect an ambush once they leave that 
    building, this is another one of those rare occasions where it may be 
    wise to spawn behind the team as a Boomer. Make them pay for taking too 
    Once the survivors leave, they're in another open area, but there is 
    plenty of cover for the infected players to spawn behind. They'll 
    99.999% of the time hug the wall immediatey across from the exit they 
    came out of, and most likely check a room off to the side after 
    rounding the corner. This is another area where you can grind the 
    survivors down if they all cram in there.
    The survivor team can enter the building off to the left to check for 
    supplies, but in order to advance, they must jump atop the white van 
    and walk along a ledge to enter an office building. Through that 
    building, the survivors have a good view of what they must do next. A 
    forklift is holding up a slab of concrete - which they will have to use 
    to make a path for themselves.
    Out of the office building, head to the far right and climb up the 
    building. This is a a great vantage point for you to use and try to get 
    one of those rare 25 damage pounces on this map!
    This crescendo event can be rushed past. If you see the survivors 
    trying to make a dash for it, do whatever you can to spawn in front of 
    them and dish out some damage. They still have a little ways to go 
    before they reach the safe room, and with a horde on their tails, 
    slowing one of them down can allow the horde to catch up and slow 
    him/her down even more. A Boomer here can be extremely valuable as 
    There are 3 common ways for the survivors to deal with this crescendo 
    event. Like I already mentioned, rushing past it is a viable option. 
    The 2nd method is to have someone activate it and then run all the way 
    back against the fence and huddle into the corner. This is actually a 
    much safer method for the survivors. Hunters, because of the crappy job 
    Valve did on this map, cannot get on any of the nearby rooftops to land 
    pounces. If they huddle in that corner against the fence, there isn't 
    anything you can do, unfortunately. There's no cover to hide behind, 
    it's wide open, and you have to go at them from one direction. It 
    really sucks...
    The other common method of dealing with this event is to activate it 
    and then have everyone huddle into one of the bathrooms in the office 
    building. If the survivors do this, you can actually spawn in one of 
    the bathrooms beside the survivors...I can't come up with an 
    explanation to it, myself as of yet. Maybe just crappy programming at 
    this part. Either way, if the survivors huddle into the office 
    building, claw swipes are your best bet.
    Regardless of what the survivors do at this crescendo event, one thing 
    is for certain. The horde that comes is HUGE! It's actually a 2 part 
    horde. After the initial wave, the "horde is coming" theme will play 
    again and wave 2 will start. Most survivor teams will already know 
    this, but if you see them starting to move after the first wave, get 
    ready to go in because a swarm of common infected are going to make 
    things a little more interesting!
    *TANK TIP*
    There are cars here to hit at the survivors. It's also a wide open 
    area, so if you need to, throw some rocks at them. It's rare to get a 
    Tank activated once the crescendo event starts...but sometimes THAT is 
    the trigger. If that's the case, take full advantage of the chaos and 
    pummel away! If you see the survivors still trying to huddle in that 
    corner next to the fence, chucking some slabs of concrete at them is 
    your best bet.
    After the event, the survivors won't want to waste any time in 
    finishing the level. They'll make a mad dash over the balcony and try 
    to push as hard as they can to make it to the safe room.
    If you can drag one of the survivors back after the other three have 
    crossed over the dirt hill in the middle of the road, you can force one 
    of them to backtrack and aid their ensnared companion. Boomers and 
    Hunters can take advantage of this situation.
    The survivors must pass around a bus and enter a narrow alley. There 
    are several rooms off to the side the survivors can enter to look for 
    supplies, but since this area is so close to the safe room, these 
    optional areas are often skipped past. Hunters can take advantage of 
    decent pounces (15-18) should the opportunity present itself as the 
    survivors pass through the narrow areas. They'll have to climb up a 
    staircase, then cross over a wooden plank before dropping down on the 
    other side of the chain link fence and pushing to the safe room.
    Drag someone back as they try to cross the wooden plank and you'll 
    force him/her to remake the trip. A Boomer can be useful here to help 
    grind the survivors down.
    As the survivors cross over the wooden plank, vomit on them from down 
    below. For whatever reason, most people tend to be more aware of what's 
    coming from above them than what's coming from below!
    If the survivors make it over the wooden plank and drop on the other 
    side of the fence, odds are they'll make it to the nearby safe room. 
    Just do whatever you can at this point to lower their health score.
    -------Boathouse Finale------- [L4DTOLLe]
    Immediately out of the safe room, the survivors enter a garage where 
    Francis will likely say "I hate vans." Most survivor teams expect a big 
    ambush as they exit the building. This is an exiting location for an 
    ambush because there really isn't anything the survivor team can do to 
    thwart your scheme. However...
    Most survivor teams expect a puke shower as they leave the building. It 
    may be in your best interest to sacrifice yourself for the greater good 
    and puke on them immediately after they exit the safe room. You can 
    spawn behind the van or in one of the small rooms off to the left side 
    (out of the safe room). There is ALWAYS a pipe bomb on top of the army 
    humvee directly across from the building's exit, so getting a boom off 
    here may be more beneficial as the survivors will have to manually 
    fight off the ensuing horde instead of using a "get out of horde free 
    The best survivor teams will not wait around. They'll not hesitate to 
    run as far out into the open as they can to try and pick off a Smoker 
    or Hunters laying in wait. Every survivor team expects a Smoker to be 
    on top of the roof. Instead...
    There is a bit of foliage you can hide your visual cue behind. It 
    offers less protection, but attacking from an angle the survivors are 
    unfamiliar with in this area can cause a little more damage than usual.
    The best locations for the big pounces here are unfortunately the most 
    commonly checked. The houses across the street are too far out of the 
    way to be viable. You may have to just bite the bullet and use one of 
    the obvious locations for a pounce and target a likely looking victim. 
    Be careful, however. Everyone will know you're there, and they'll be 
    keeping one eye open in your direction for sure.
    The survivors must go through a house and enter the back yard to 
    proceed. Inside that house is usually a 2nd pistol, pills, or a med 
    pack. Upon exiting, the gas grill to the left will ALWAYS have a 
    propane tank in it.
    From the back door of the house, you can go to the right and climb on 
    the roof of the house next door. From up here, you can land a big 
    pounce. It's another common location survivor teams check, so there's 
    some risk involved. But you can reduce the amount of risk if...
    By the flaming barrel is a great place to spawn as a Boomer as the 
    survivors exit the house. If you can manage to get at least one of them 
    covered in vomit, you can make a survivor a very easy target for a 
    Hunter to employ the strategy listed above. All you'll have to do is 
    walk around the fence and let loose.
    Across the wide open area is a shack that commonly contains pipe bombs 
    and molotovs. There's usually a gas can resting behind the shack as 
    well. The survivors will follow a dirt path along a cliffside that the 
    infected can climb up and enter a wooded area. The foliage here is a 
    godsend for Smokers and it can completely offset their visual cue. 
    Hunters can land monster pounces from atop that cliffside should a 
    Boomer's horde hold one of the survivors in place long enough.
    Most survivor teams will head straight past the pavilion and enter the 
    boat house. However, there is also another small cabin off to the left 
    after passing that cliff. Inside may be pills, med packs, pipe bombs, 
    molotovs, propane tanks, or gas cans. It's really amazing to me that a 
    lot of survivor teams pass up this potential treasure trove! 
    The pavilion is a great place to perch atop and wait for the survivors 
    to come by. You can easily pounce all the way towards the spotlight on 
    the ground in front of the boat house. Plenty of range for a 20+ damage 
    The boat house has been dramatically changed from it's campaign mode 
    counterpart. There is a hole in the roof, there are no side rooms. More 
    walls can be destroyed...basically, it turns into swiss cheese! The 
    supplies have also been moved outside on the deck. Hardly anyone ever 
    uses the mounted machine gun on the balcony. Most survivor teams will 
    take one of two common locations to dig themselves into and hold off 
    the horde.
    The first common location is on the 2nd floor of the house, with 2 
    survivors huddling into one corner behind the staircase and the other 2 
    huddling into the corner to the left of the staircase. It can be 
    difficult to get a lot of damage on the survivors as a Smoker is unable 
    to drag someone out of the windows, and Hunters will need to rely on 
    quick 6 to 10 damage pounces for the most part.
    It can be frustrating if the survivors try using the 2 corner strategy. 
    However, if you can easily perform wall jumps, you can pounce up the 
    staircase directly at the wall, then wall jump off after turning 180 
    degrees and land on someone in the corner behind the staircase. Don't 
    expect a lot of damage out of it, but it can be potentially more than 
    what you can expect from a claw swipe or two.
    The other location the survivors commonly camp in is directly 
    underneath the deck outside the house. This forces the infected to 
    charge at them from only 2 directions, though they are considerably 
    further away from supplies should they need to heal up.
    If the survivors huddle underneath the deck, you can run around towards 
    the front of the house and if you position yourself just right, you can 
    actually get your tongue attack off through the small gap between the 
    ground and the bottom of the house. Don't expect a lot of damage out of 
    it, but you may buy the Boomer on your team enough time to vomit on at 
    least one of the survivors.
    The Death Toll finale event, like the other campaigns follows a 
    1) Horde
    2) Tank
    3) Horde
    4) Tank
    5) Last ditch effort horde + Tank.
    When it's the Tank's turn to show up, the very...very...very common 
    survivor strategy is for them all to run out into the water behind the 
    boat house and take advantage of the wide open area with no movable 
    objects anywhere close to them.
    *TANK TIP*
    If you get lit on fire, run into the water to extinguish it. If the 
    survivors run out into the water, your best bet is throwing rocks at 
    them. No use getting filled full of lead while trying to catch up to 
    someone with no obstacles to block their escape.
    The survivors will more than likely head out into the water to deal 
    with the Tank. As a Hunter, you cannot pounce while submerged in the 
    water. However, what you CAN do is crouch in the water and get close to 
    the survivors - take a swipe from behind one of them - then crouch 
    again to hide. Be aware that while you're crouching in the water, you 
    WILL start to take some drowning damage after a while, so every so 
    often, pop your head above water and then immediately crouch. Hunters 
    get so low to the ground that they cannot be seen by the survivors 
    unless they crouch...and why would you want to crouch while a Tank is 
    also attacking!?
    After the boat arrives, the Smoker on your team is a godsend if you can 
    manage to drag one of the survivors off the pier. You force that 
    survivor to make the trip again, and that can give your last ditch 
    effort Tank enough time to catch up and score some hits! If a Tank can 
    catch up to the survivors on the boat, you can actually send them 
    flying off the rescue vehicle! This can spell a kill for the infected 
    team. The boat takes a while to actually arrive, so it's easier to 
    knock a survivor off the boat as you have more time to try and get 
    there. It also allows a Smoker more time to drag one of them off the 
    pier - where the ensuing horde will proceed to pummel the unfortunate 
    Now make the survivors pay their Death Toll.
    -------Dead Air Overview------- [L4DAIR]
    Dead Air is quite possibly the most played VS map in Left 4 Dead. It's 
    very infected-friendly because of it's many choke points, high perches 
    for Hunters, movable objects for Tanks, and cover in most of the wide 
    open spaces for Boomers to hide behind.
    Dead Air takes place at sunset. Because of the orange hues in the sky, 
    it can make finding a Hunter waiting to ambush fairly easy for the 
    survivors. The silhouette a Hunter puts out against the orange sky 
    sticks out like a sore thumb, and in a lot of locations, there really 
    isn't anything you can do about it. As a Hunter, try to take note of 
    objects such as chimneys, pillars, billboards, etc to try and mask your 
    silhouette by hiding in front of them. Sometimes the survivors may not 
    even notice you until it's too late! Just be sure to not go out of your 
    way and pass up a practical damage opportunity for the sake of stealth. 
    Remember that as the infected, you are going to die...a lot. Also keep 
    in mind that if there are bots on the survivor team, they can still 
    "see" you, even though the human controlled survivors may not.
    In spite of the time of day, Dead Air is actually a fairly dark 
    campaign on most of the maps. Like No Mercy, there isn't a lot of thick 
    brush to hide a Smoker's visual cue, but on the up side, a lot of the 
    wide open areas are littered with objects to hide behind until you're 
    ready to attack. Boomers can find this helpful as well. Tanks will 
    enjoy the large amount of movable objects, especially on the 3rd and 
    5th maps in this campaign. The Terminal section of Dead Air is the only 
    map that is pretty well lit.
    Dead Air is a fairly short campaign with one of the maps allowing the 
    survivors to complete in less than 5 minutes on average. The Finale map 
    is also extremely short as there is basically no hike leading towards 
    the event. Perhaps this contributes to the campaign's popularity... 
    Maybe, maybe not.
    Dead Air has three major crescendo events aside from the finale. One of 
    which can be rushed past by the survivors, but the other two require 
    them to sit and wait until the path is clear. One of those events that 
    cannot be skipped past has a camping spot that has been called to be 
    patched with no results as of yet.
    -------The Greenhouse------- [L4DAIRa]
    The first map of Dead air begins inside a large greenhouse usually 
    swamped with common infected. There really isn't a great location to 
    ambush the survivors immediately, and most survivor teams will clear 
    out the room before jumping down and continuing forth. Outside is where 
    you will want to ambush the survivors. There is a choke point that must 
    be crossed, and although brief, it's really a treacherous place for the 
    survivors to be in should one of them get incapacitated.
    This map is extremely short - taking the average survivor team less 
    than 4 minutes to complete it on VS mode while NOT rushing. There are - 
    thankfully - a few choke points and grind locations to take advantage 
    of to keep the survivors within the field of play.
    There really isn't a great location to always set up as the Boomer at 
    the beginning of this map. The survivors could exit through the windows 
    or the door. One of the most common spots to set up is in the corner 
    between the two outside the greenhouse. That way, you can attack them 
    no matter which exit they take. The problem is, if you do get a vomit 
    attack off here, odds are the survivors will simply retreat back into 
    the greenhouse and wait until the coast is clear. Instead, it may be 
    wise to save your spawn until...
    The choke point at this section of the map is the narrow wooden plank 
    the survivors must cross over to reach another rooftop. There are two 
    locations you can set up to pull a survivor into an instant incap. The 
    first location is down below - between the buildings, and stand on top 
    of the garbage dumpsters. As a survivor crosses, use your tongue attack 
    and try to pull one over the edge. The second location is across the 
    wooden plank on top of the building by the water tower. Try dragging a 
    survivor as they cross the plank there to get an instant incap. If all 
    goes well with this ambush...
    You can pounce on top of the water tower on the building across the 
    wooden plank. It's a VERY common location to attack the survivors from, 
    so make sure you stay on the back side of the tower until you're ready 
    to attack. A survivor pulled by a Smoker's tongue over the edge will 
    require a teammate's assistance. 5 long seconds for you to line up and 
    execute your 25 damage pounce!
    If you saved your spawn and the Smoker pulled someone over the edge, 
    there is enough cover across the wooden plank to spawn behind and puke 
    on the survivors. The ensuing horde will complicate the rescuing of the 
    incapped survivor and can give your Smoker a chance for his tongue 
    attack to recharge - or respawn completely so that he can try it again!
    Across the wooden plank, the survivors will enter the building and may 
    possibly find pills, a med pack, and a 2nd pistol. Molotovs and/or pipe 
    bombs may also be present. The survivors will have to exit through the 
    windows and onto another rooftop in order to proceed.
    Fearing an ambush, a lot of survivor teams are hesitant to simply 
    charge headstrong out the windows and climb the ladder to their right. 
    This is one of those rare occasions where it may be beneficial to spawn 
    behind them as a Boomer to try and make them pay for not advancing.
    *TANK TIP* 
    Getting a Tank here usually results in the survivors backtracking into 
    the building. However, if one of the survivors is out on that rooftop 
    past the windows, you can punch them off the building across from the 
    ladder. HOME RUN! If the survivors backtrack through the building, you 
    can still hit a Home Run, but it can be more difficult. What you CAN 
    do, however, is hit a survivor into a corner fairly easily and continue 
    to pummel him/her.
    The survivors, on the rooftop leading to the short ladder make 
    themselves vulnerable to a very potent Smoker + Hunter combination that 
    I've dubbed the "Piledrive." Because there is a gap between the rooftop 
    and the taller building directly across from the windows the survivors 
    exit, a Smoker who pulls one of them off the rooftop will leave them 
    dangling above the ground some 70+ feet below. If the Smoker's tongue 
    gets destroyed while the survivor is hanging, or if the Smoker dies, 
    the survivor will fall to an instant incap by hanging onto the ledge. 
    However...if a Hunter is able to pounce on that dangling survivor, the 
    opportunity to grab onto the ledge is lost for the survivor, and since 
    the Hunter's pounce breaks a Smoker's tongue, all that can happen now 
    is a plummet to an instant death!
    Up the ladder on that rooftop, the survivors will reach a few ledges to 
    jump down. This is a major damage dealing location - and while the 
    opportunity you have here is very slim, a Smoker pulling a straggling 
    survivor back after the other 3 have descended will result in a kill as 
    the others will not be able to return and save their teammate. Hunters 
    can accomplish this as well, but the Smoker can pull a survivor back 
    and out of the range of rescuing survivors jumping and spraying bullets 
    your way. If the Smoker DOES pull a survivor back, it may be wise for a 
    Hunter to pounce on the victim as soon as the survivor is beyond 
    rescue. Reason being, the Hunter dishes out damage much faster than the 
    Smoker can, and then the Smoker is free to try and separate the 
    survivors again later on in the map.
    Down those ledges, the survivors will enter another building and head 
    down a staircase. They'll proceed to jump out of the windows and on top 
    of a semi truck. In this area, there is an alarmed car to be taken 
    advantage of if at all possible.
    In the open area past the kitchen, there are a plethora of high perches 
    for Hunters to score huge pounces from. If you're comfortable with wall 
    jumping straight up, the building immediately to the left out the 
    kitchen windows has some green awnings you can pounce on. From there, 
    put your back against the wall and pounce straight up. While in midair, 
    tilt forward about 10 degrees or so and pounce again. The entire time, 
    you should be trying to move backwards ("S" by default). You should 
    land on the very ledge of the roof (this is the only section of the 
    roof you can be on). From there, you can walk a bit to your right and 
    perch atop the white outcropping. From that vantage point, you can make 
    it all the way to the top of the semi truck. Timing your pounce here is 
    crucial, but it's a guaranteed 20+ damage haymaker! If you're not 
    comfortable with timing the pounce while the survivors walk along the 
    semi truck, you can also pounce all the way down to the alarmed car in 
    front of the building with the safe room. With a horde from either the 
    alarmed car or a Boomer (or both) you may get a fairly stationary 
    target to pounce on.
    There is plenty of cover outside for you to spawn behind and try to 
    puke on the survivors from. Once the survivors get inside the building, 
    the safe room is right in front of them. Keeping the survivors in the 
    open area is the best way of stopping them before they end the round.
    You can spawn in the building directly below the survivors. It's not a 
    common location that I've seen a lot of survivors check, so it may be 
    beneficial to pull a survivor back. Doing so may also provide a good 
    target for the Boomer on your team to puke on - which in turn will help 
    the Hunters waiting for big pounces to present themselves.
    Inside the building, the safe room is very close. If the survivors are 
    in good health here, odds are they'll make it in. Just do what you can 
    to lower their health score. A Smoker here can sort of delay the 
    inevitable, but if there are Hunters ready to spawn and pounce, you can 
    complicate things greatly. The hallways to the left and right of the 
    safe room don't provide a lot of cover to hide behind and spawn, but if 
    you get the opportunity to - act quickly and you might be able to land 
    a pounce at the last minute.
    -------The Crane------- [L4DAIRb]
    Immediately out of the safe room, the survivors enter one of the most 
    notorious ambush locations in the game. The wide open area and ladder 
    choke point here cause many survivor teams to stop at the dock doors 
    and scope out the area before venturing forth.
    A great way to potentially complicate things for the survivor team 
    later on in the map is to climb up the building to the right just out 
    of the dock doors. Once you're able to spawn, light yourself on fire 
    using the flaming barrel and jump on top of the gas cans sitting on the 
    wooden crates near the edge of the building. It will ignite them and 
    therefore they won't be there for use later on in the round. 
    Unfortunately, there is no way to douse yourself, so you'll have to go 
    in for a quick attack. Just advise your teammates you're doing it so 
    they can attack alongside you.
    You don't want to be a Boomer here. Seriously...you don't! The wide 
    open area and easy retreat back into the building make any kind of 
    damage output from an ensuing horde very little, if non-existent. 
    Instead, immediately as the survivors exit the safe room, spawn behind 
    the boxes and try to vomit on the survivors as they run towards the 
    dock doors. Odds are your horde won't dish out any damage, but figure 
    that even 5 damage here against one of them is better than nothing. 
    Take what you can get. 90% of the time, you will respawn as a Hunter. 
    Because many survivor teams are still skeptical about leaving the 
    building fearing huge pounces, it may shave some times off your respawn 
    countdown and allow you to get into position... Alternatively, you 
    could also try climbing the pipe on the building to the right just 
    outside of the dock doors and puking on the survivors down below, but 
    so many survivor teams expect an ambush coming from that direction that 
    you may get popped before scoring a hit on one of them.
    There are 3 popular locations here to land a 25 damage pounce. The 
    first location is directly across from the exit of the building, atop 
    the roof. There's adequate cover for you, and you can cover most of the 
    ground in that area with a single pounce from that location. This 
    includes the corner immediately outside the dock doors, the ladder, and 
    if your pounce is angled just right, you can actually land inside the 
    building - on the ledge by the dock doors. This can be a very 
    unexpected 25 damage pounce on the survivors as they try picking off 
    any zombies loitering around or scanning for infected waiting to 
    ambush. Jump the gun from this location though, and you're probably 
    toast. The second location is from atop the crane. You're way high up, 
    and if you stay near the back side of the crane, you're pretty much 
    invisible. The problem with this location is that it forces you to 
    spawn in order to get into location. The advantage to this location is 
    the sheer range you have. You can pounce to the ladder, you can pounce 
    to the dock doors, you can pounce to the far corner opposite the 
    ladder, and if you angle your pounce just right, you can pounce to the 
    small room inside the building to the right of the ladder. The third 
    location is across the fence and atop the building to the right of the 
    ladder. This location allows for huge and unexpected pounces as the 
    survivors leave the building. Most survivor teams usually check the 
    crane to see if a Hunter is going to pounce from there, and they expect 
    pounces from straight ahead. They usually seem to forget that a Hunter 
    can travel great distances with a pounce, and neglect to check to their 
    left as they leave the building. The problem with this location is that 
    you make yourself less effective as the survivors come to the ladder 
    choke point.
    This section of the map can be treacherous for the survivors. Huge 
    pounces here from Hunters can cripple the team, and if a survivor is 
    pulled back before jumping over the fence while the other three have 
    crossed, they have no way of returning to help their teammate. An 
    incapacitation here with the three other survivors on the opposite side 
    of the fence spells an instant kill.
    Now the survivors must come up to the biggest major choke point of this 
    map. The ladder. That notorious ladder. Hunters can take advantage of 
    the first two locations listed above for great opportunities for a 25 
    damage pounce while the survivors cannot draw their weapons on the 
    ladder. However, the biggest contribution to the infected team here is 
    the Smoker.
    I hope you didn't attack immediately. From out of the safe room, climb 
    up the building to the right of the dock doors and enter the building 
    through the windows to your right after reaching the rooftop. After the 
    survivors exit the safe room, spawn, and start using your claw swipes 
    at the wooden boards on the windows. One of these windows provides the 
    perfect location to your attack. Make sure to destroy all of the boards 
    on BOTH of the windows, as a Smoker can take advantage of this later in 
    the level. This is a VERY common location or Smokers, and as such, many 
    survivor teams will look up in this direction after entering the wide 
    open area. Just hang back and wait until the survivors climb the 
    ladder. This is where you come in. You want to drag a survivor back 
    from the top of the ladder - and you CAN reach the survivors from the 
    window closest to that ladder. One of two things will happen. 1) The 
    survivor will be dragged back but drop, usually slamming into the fence 
    and therefore taking a modest chunk of falling damage. 2) The survivor 
    will be dragged back without dropping OVER the fence and be hanging 
    about 30 feet above the ground. THIS is what you want. Technically, 
    it's a glitch, but it's been around since the game's launch, and I 
    believe that Valve either can't do anything about it, or doesn't know 
    what to do about it. Either way, if a survivor is hanging from that 
    high up, killing you or breaking the tongue will result in that 
    survivor dropping into an instant incapacitation...and since the other 
    3 survivors are most likely on the other side of the fence, they have 
    to leave their friend behind. Instant kill.
    So that's the choke point. It's a very dangerous place for the 
    survivors when they're dealing with a skilled infected team. Many 
    matches on this map end here - but if they make it past, fear not, this 
    map is rather large and you will have a number of opportunities to take 
    care of the survivors.
    Past the ladder, the survivors will enter a bathroom, then a bedroom. 
    The bed is a common place for tier 2 weapons, and the various 
    apartments that branch off the main hallway are usually stocked with 
    In these small apartments that branch off the main hallway, med packs, 
    pain pills, molotovs, pipe bombs, etc are commonly found. A lot of 
    survivor teams will check these rooms. You and another Hunter can take 
    advantage of the survivor team's curiosity by waiting in one of the 
    bathrooms (where pills are commonly found). Have one Hunter pounce on 
    the survivor immediately, then as another comes to the rescue, the 
    other one can pounce a different survivor. These apartments are pretty 
    dark, and therefore a great place for a surprise attack!
    Past the hallway, the survivors will head up a staircase and enter 
    another apartment. This is another common place for tier 2 weapons, and 
    most of the time, an ammo stockpile will be found here as well.
    Remember when I said to break the boards on both of the windows in the 
    previous Smoker Tip? Well, this it comes in handy again. There are 2 
    locations you can try dragging a survivor out of the window from. The 
    first location is directly across from the windows - climb up the pipe, 
    then spawn and jump on the white blocks to the right of the crane. This 
    location allows for more range to pull someone back. The problem is, 
    you make yourself a pretty easy target. However, if you pull someone 
    out of the window, you instantly incapacitate them. The second location 
    is from down below. This location has a much smaller window of 
    opportunity, but next to NO survivor teams will check down below. If a 
    survivor strays too close to the window, have at it!
    The survivors must now start the crescendo event in order to proceed. 
    They must use the crane to lower a dumpster with a ladder on it so that 
    they can make it across to another rooftop. After pulling the lever on 
    the crane, there are two common locations the survivors will camp until 
    the action dies down.
    The first location is on the ledge of the crane itself. There are 
    always some gas cans around here for the survivors to ignite, which 
    they commonly do at the base of the ladder - unless of course a Hunter 
    ignited the gas cans at the start of the round. A Smoker here can drag 
    one of the survivors into the fire for additional damage, and if any 
    other survivor comes to the rescue, they'll burn as well. Boomers can 
    take advantage of the structure immediately across from the crane. It 
    provides cover to spawn behind and puking on the survivors here will 
    delay them even longer. To get the most out of your Boomer, puke as you 
    see the dumpster near the end of it's descent. It will draw another 
    horde and allow your teammates to get into position or shave some 
    seconds off their respawn timer. Hunters usually have a pretty tough 
    time getting any kind of decent damage if the survivors stake out in 
    this location. They're all bunched together, the infected have to 
    attack from one direction, and they will generally be spamming their 
    melee attacks. However...Hunters, fear not, for there is hope for you!
    If the survivors decide to all cram onto the ledge of the crane, they 
    make themselves stationary targets for a short while. On the highest 
    part of this rooftop, there is a tall metal beam that you can pounce to 
    the top of. From there, you can land a pounce upwards of 20 damage if 
    you aim it correctly. I find it better to aim for more distance here 
    rather than height because I kept falling short of my targets and that 
    put me in a bad situation being easily seen by the now nearby 
    survivors. Best to aim for more distance and pull back on your pounce 
    as you approach the survivors to drop in on them. You have to aim it 
    juuuuust perfectly, but it can be done, and it makes them pay for 
    camping in that area!
    The second location is back inside the building. This provides another 
    opportunity for the Smoker to take advantage of the strategy listed in 
    the previous Smoker Tip - and it allows for a couple different angles 
    for which Hunters to attack the survivors from. Don't get me 
    wrong...this can be a frustrating camping site for the infected, but 
    remember that it forces their team to backtrack a bit, and therefore 
    allows for a 2nd opportunity for your team to take as the survivors 
    once again enter this area.
    *TANK TIP* 
    The survivors will have to cross a number of rooftops, and if the Tank 
    spawns inside the building, odds are the survivor team will backtrack 
    onto those rooftops. Home Runs are common here. Obviously a Boomer's 
    horde helps tremendously, as this is a fairly wide open area, but there 
    are so many areas a Home Run is possible - and and such, alert your 
    teammates to KEEP THEM ON THE ROOFTOPS if at all possible.
    After the event, the survivors will cross from rooftop to rooftop and 
    enter a building across the gap the dumpster bridged in the event. From 
    the 2nd rooftop after the survivors climb the dumpster, in the far left 
    corner is an area where the survivors can (and usually do) shoot the 
    alarmed car down below. They'll camp in that corner until after the 
    panic event, and the alarm is now a non-issue for when the they'll pass 
    by it later (if they make it that far). Hunters are usually the only 
    infected that can attack the survivors when they camp in this location. 
    One survivor will probably turn to face the pipe on the side of the 
    building and melee any zombie that climbs up to the roof as soon as 
    he/she sees them, so I wouldn't try sneaking up behind the survivors as 
    any zombie if they camp in that corner.
    Across the gap the survivors need to cross when going through the 
    crescendo event, there is a building you can climb into. As the 
    survivors are on top of the dumpster (and it's a pretty narrow window 
    of opportunity) try dragging one of them off. If things are NOT in your 
    favor, the worst that can happen is an instant incap as one of them 
    will be hanging onto the ledge. However, if you get your tongue attack 
    off in just the right location, you will drag them off the dumpster, 
    between the two buildings, and they'll be dangling a good 100 feet or 
    so above the ground. Survivors will NOT grab onto the ledges of the 
    dumpster and be instantly incapped. If the Smoker dies or the tongue is 
    broken while the survivor is dangling, the survivor will die from the 
    fall. You can also achieve this instant kill pull from near the burning 
    barrel at the base of the crane, but you expose yourself too much and 
    are an easy target.
    Across the rooftops, the survivors will enter an office building and 
    will cross a wooden plank connecting to another nearby building. A 
    Smoker *can* drag someone into an instant incap from the dumpsters down 
    below, but the opportunity from that angle is so small, it's hardly 
    ever successful. Now, a Smoker can spawn behind the team on the 
    building outside and try to drag someone at an angle back over the 
    wooden plank to instantly incap a survivor more easily, but chances are 
    you won't live too long after that! Hunters can land a 7-10 damage 
    pounce from the lower building's roof to the wooden plank. It's not 
    great damage, but it can be rather unexpected to see a Hunter coming 
    from that direction.
    In this building, the survivors come across a medical cabinet, and a 
    common location for tier 2 weapons, along with an ammo stockpile. They 
    must descend a staircase and enter a room mazed with cubicles, then 
    descend another flight of stairs and enter another room mazed with 
    cubicles...a Boomer's dream. There is cover a plenty to spawn and 
    crouch behind.
    *TANK TIP* 
    Getting a Tank here - especially in the 2nd cubicle room can be lethal 
    for the survivor team. The cubicles alone are enough to hinder the 
    survivors' progress. Combined with a Boomer's horde, the zombies make 
    traversing these rooms slower than a sedated turtle running against the 
    wind. Plenty of time for a Tank to come in and show the survivors who's 
    Hunters will find the office cubicles easy to conceal themselves in, 
    but there are no good locations to dish out noteworthy damage. It may 
    be in a Hunter's best interest to go for claw swipes in this area. The 
    survivors will have to enter another wide open area before the level is 
    over, but for now, go for claw swipes as they'll more than likely deal 
    more damage than a close range pounce. The survivors here are almost 
    always closely bunched together - a claw swipe may hit more than one 
    survivor. A pounce only damages one.
    Smokers find the cubicle rooms a nightmare, and the only thing to 
    offset the disadvantage for them here is the cover that will conceal 
    their visual cue. Dragging a survivor in this location is almost always 
    futile, unless a Hunter on your team (or 2 Hunters) is (are) prepared 
    to pounce on survivors coming to the rescue. Pulling this tactic off 
    can be difficult and frustrating. Smokers will generally find it more 
    beneficial to just stay behind and try to force the survivors to 
    backtrack a little bit after they reach a staircase.
    After the 2nd cubicle room, the survivors are on ground level with a 
    safe room across the street. There is an alarmed car here. If the 
    survivor team activated the alarm from the rooftop, then just try to 
    pull a survivor back if you're a Smoker. Otherwise, try dragging a 
    survivor into the alarmed car.
    There are several locations a Hunter can pounce from as the survivors 
    leave the office building. There are 2 ways the survivors can take out 
    of the building, and a number of ways the survivors can navigate the 
    wide open area leading to the safe room.
    Each location here offers it's own ups and downs. Most survivor teams 
    will choose to exit through the front door. There is a concrete awning 
    above the stairs leading into the building that will thwart most big 
    pounces as the survivors must be attacked from what seems to be only 
    two directions. However, there is a light pole across the street that 
    you can pounce up onto. If you can angle your pounce just right, you 
    can land a 16-19 damage pounce on a survivor before they even get on 
    the street.
    If the survivors look like they're going to just cut across the street 
    and take the shortest path to the safe house, a 25 damage pounce can be 
    achieved here as a Hunter.
    On top of the storage space building, there is a roof with 2 tiers. You 
    can climb up to the first roof, but you will need to pounce onto the 
    2nd tier. You'll be able to walk along the rooftop, but against an 
    invisible wall. You can pounce all the way to the alarmed car from 
    here. 25 damage guaranteed if you land it.
    If the survivors look as though they'll take the rear exit (which most 
    survivor teams don't) you can set up for a huge pounce by climbing the 
    pipe on the building at the back end of the long alleyway. From up 
    there, you can reach the end of the alley for a 25 damage pounce as 
    well. Another common location is on top of the building just past the 
    crane. This location can allow for an unusual angle to attack the 
    survivors from, and I've yet to see a survivor player anticipate an 
    attack coming from that far to their left. 25 damage pounces from this 
    location are rather common as well.
    This is a rather wide open area, but there is cover to spawn behind. 
    Try to attack quickly. The ensuing horde may show up in time to slow 
    the survivors down and make them easier targets for Hunters waiting for 
    huge pounces.
    Inside the storage building, the survivors must make only a short run 
    to the safe room. If they make it here, odds are they'll waltz into the 
    safe room. Just try to get whatever damage you can done to them before 
    they end the round to lower their health score.
    -------The Construction Site------- [L4DAIRc]
    Map 3 of Dead Air allows for a possible "grind" location right from the 
    get-go. Smart survivor teams will dash out of the safe room and take 
    whatever beating is coming to them from an early ambush. However, some 
    survivor teams, fearing an ambush will hesitate to leave. Make them pay 
    for it.
    Getting your vomit attack off before the survivors leave the safe room 
    usually results in them backing into a corner in that safe room to deal 
    with the horde. This is a great grind location if the survivors think 
    they can weather the horde. Hunters and even Smokers should try to take 
    advantage of the instant respawn times by going in and try to get off a 
    claw swipe. Boomers can try to keep the pressure on the team through 
    constant hordes. You'd be surprised how much damage you can inflict by 
    keeping them in that safe room! There is a small room you can spawn in 
    just above the survivors that provides a good ambush location.
    Once the survivors leave the safe room, they can head either left or 
    right. Most teams will dash to the left. There may be goodies to the 
    right, but since this map is rather long, the survivor mentality is 
    "let's get this over with!" To the left, there is a small staircase 
    leading to a platform that may contain tier 2 weapons.
    I've seen a lot of Hunter players spawn atop the building the survivors 
    leave right in the beginning hoping for big pounces as they make their 
    way down the narrow hallway. The problem is, there are several zig-zag 
    staircases that can obstruct you, as well as a fence section. If the 
    Boomer was able to vomit on the survivors, you can try going in for a 
    quick attack, then. A good 25 damage pounce location is atop the 
    building the survivors exit the safe room from. Head around to the back 
    and you will see a narrow gap between two buildings with a fence. You 
    have to time your pounce well, but if you arc right, you can make it 
    all the way to the "T" intersection. It can really throw some survivor 
    teams off, and it's good damage if you manage to land it. It *is* a 
    rather small window of opportunity, so you may need to practice your 
    timing, but it is possible, and many survivor teams don't expect a 
    pounce coming from that direction.
    Moving on, the survivors will enter the actual construction site area. 
    There are stone pillars with metal wires atop them that Hunters can 
    pounce up onto. Some of these pillars require the use of vertical wall 
    To wall pounce straight up against a flat surface, put your back 
    against the wall and pounce straight up. While in mid-air, you'll want 
    to be holding the back button the entire time ("s" by default). Angle 
    yourself forward 10 degrees or so and left click again. You should 
    pounce almost straight up. Because you're holding back, you can stick 
    to the wall and continue the chain. Getting up on those pillars usually 
    won't require more than a single wall pounce.
    On top of those pillars, you have incredible range. Take advantage of 
    it and realize that you can arc pounces over the wall between the 
    construction site and the alleyway. 20+ damage pounces can be rather 
    common here if timed well.
    Depending on where the survivors go as they enter the main contruction 
    site area, you can vomit on them and slow the team down significantly. 
    The many walls and other barriers in this area can potentially separate 
    the survivors and allow your teammates to dish out extra damage. If the 
    survivors climb the ladder leading atop the scaffolding, you can vomit 
    on them from down below. Keep in mind that they will be starting a 
    crescendo event soon, too.
    The survivors must ignite a grouping of gas cans positioned at a 
    barricade between two buildings. This crescendo event draws a large 2 
    wave horde. There are a few common locations where survivor teams may 
    try to weather the ensuing event.
    The first location is behind the scaffolding with the ladder near the 
    entrance to the site - under the pipes. This location can be rather 
    frustrating for Hunters as they're walled in on 5 sides. Smokers can 
    *try* to get a pull from through the scaffolding bars, but don't expect 
    much, if any damage out of it.
    That location, for what it's worth can actually double as a "grind" 
    spot. The common infected may get a few hits off here and there. The 
    Boomer on your team should monitor the horde coming, and once it ends, 
    vomit on the survivors when they look like they'll make a run for it. 
    This will keep the pressure on them, and the other infected players can 
    try to do whatever they can to dish out damage while the survivor team 
    is stationary. The survivor team must also run through the construction 
    site as well, so Hunters can try setting up for big pounces as they 
    emerge from their shelter.
    The second location is underneath the partially finished building in 
    the middle of the construction site. Survivor teams will usually split 
    up into 2 groups and cover opposite corners. There are some cable 
    spools near - but not flush against a wall that limits the direction 
    infected can attack them from. If you see the team split up against the 
    windows, however, they make themselves easy targets for a Boomer's 
    vomit attack. Unfortunately for Hunters, they're well sheltered, and 
    pouncing on them here will not result in much damage. You'll be better 
    off going for claw swipes instead. They can hit multiple targets, and 
    if you get more than one swipe off, you'll probably dish out more 
    damage than you would have with a pounce.
    The third location (and one I never really understood) is in the corner 
    on the opposite side of the wall the barricade is burning down. The 
    survivors are protected from 3 directions. Underneath, behind, their 
    left, and their right. This leaves in front of them, and straight down 
    on top of them. It's getting rarer to see survivor teams huddle in that 
    corner, but if they do, they make themselves non-moving targets for 
    Hunters to 20+ damage pounce all through the event.
    If the survivors take that corner, a good place to spawn as a Hunter is 
    by the scaffolding with the ladder. Pounce up to the circular tower, 
    then pounce across to the beam atop the concrete wall in front of the 
    survivors. Arc your pounce a little higher up than you normally would 
    and move slightly closer. This will help you come straight down on 
    them. Because the survivors will most likely be preoccupied with the 
    horde coming from straight ahead, it's rather easy to land these 
    monster pounces. Throughout the event, don't be a bit surprised to see 
    18-25 damage pounces appear at least 5 times! Let your teammates know 
    what to do, and where to pounce from.
    After the event, the survivors will likely be low on ammo and there is 
    ALWAYS an ammo stockpile at the corner down the alley past the burned 
    barricade. You'd be surprised how many survivor teams rush ahead 
    without checking behind them first...
    *TANK TIP* 
    Because Tanks generally spawn a good distance in front of the survivor 
    team, you may spawn behind the barricade. There is a pipe that you can 
    climb just behind the barricade. Once at the top, you can jump across 
    to the pipes on the other side of the alley and cross it from there. 
    There are dumpsters that you can smack into the survivors for insant 
    incaps, and the maze-like setting here just begs for a Boomer to join 
    in the fun.
    After the event, the survivors will move down a narrow alleyway with 2 
    rooms off to the side that may contain goodies for them. There is 
    ALWAYS an ammo stockpile at the corner before they'll be making a left. 
    All throughout this alleyway, Hunters can land huge pounces, and 
    Boomers may find the platform up top just past the left turn in the 
    alleyway an ideal place to vomit on the survivors from.
    Eventually, they'll reach a rather wide open area that makes a Boomer's 
    horde that much more dangerous, and an encircled survivor is a sitting 
    duck against a Hunter's pounce from any of the nearby rooftops. There 
    is a room the survivors can enter to the left after exiting the 
    alleyway which will provide shelter, but the whole "grind" tactic can 
    come into play here.
    The survivors will then enter the power plant section of the map. Most 
    teams will stay on the grassy areas, but be aware that they CAN pass 
    through the high voltage sections as a shortcut.
    *TANK TIP*
    Getting a Tank here is just cruel on the AI Director's part. If the 
    survivors are already in the building, then you have a chance at 
    hitting the forklift into them. If not...(and most teams will 
    backtrack) you will have to rely on your teammates to cause 
    distractions for the Tank.
    Inside the building, the survivors come across a treasure trove of 
    supplies. Ammo, tier 2 weapons, molotovs, pipe bombs, and a medical 
    cabinet. Yeah... It sucks for the infected at this part. And just as an 
    added insult to the zombies, it's all inside a small, but easily 
    navigated room. Hunters cannot score pounces here easily. The only 
    upside to this location is that a Boomer can try to start a "grind" 
    here to help alleviate the sheer amount of supplies the survivors just 
    found. Human mentality tells us that people tend to overuse and 
    overspend when they feel they have an abundance. Because of this, a 
    Boomer's vomit attack here may cause the survivors to inadvertently and 
    absent mindedly throw valuable molotovs or pipe bombs. Considering the 
    area the survivors must traverse next, this can be potentially lethal 
    to them.
    Outside the building, the survivors get their first glimpse of the 
    airport. Fearing an ambush, many survivor teams will hesitate and try 
    to scope out the area before venturing out there. This is one of those 
    rare occasions where it may be beneficial to spawn behind the team as a 
    Boomer and make them pay for their hesitation.
    It's been called to be patched a lot to no avail yet, but the survivors 
    can jump over the downed plane right in front of the hole in the wall 
    the survivors will likely exit the building from. This shortcut skips 
    the entire section here and puts them on an easy path to pass the 
    alarmed car without incident. Hunters may want to set up behind the 
    dumpsters near the alarmed car in case the survivors take this 
    shortcut. If they don't you should still have enough time to set up 
    elsewhere to ambush them.
    If the survivors do NOT take the shortcut, they must cross the street 
    and navigate their way past piles of luggage, cars, dumpsters, etc. All 
    of this cover provides many angles from which a Boomer can attack from, 
    and provides plenty of movable objects for Tanks to take advantage of 
    at this point. Hunters are sort of at a disadvantage here because huge 
    (20+) damage pounces are rather rare, though you can still easily 
    manage a 12-15 damage pounce with enough of a distraction aiding you.
    The survivors will enter a parking structure in order to gain access to 
    the skywalk, and then finish the level.
    *TANK TIP* 
    Parking structure = many cars = many opportunities to instantly 
    incapacitate the survivors. A Boomer's horde here can spell death for 
    the entire team if a Tank can close the gap.
    Inside the parking structure, the survivors will head upwards and 
    eventually reach a stairwell that connects them to the sky walk. The 
    skywalk is long enough to prevent you from spawning, and the only place 
    to spawn and make yourself useful is a small room off to the left just 
    before the safe room.
    There is a rooftop that overlooks the skywalk. The glass CAN be broken, 
    but you cannot drag a survivor over the metal railing. It provides you 
    a last ditch effort opportunity to dish out a little extra damage 
    before the survivors reach the safe room.
    If the survivors make it this far, odds are they'll reach the safe 
    room. The storage room just before the safe room is your last chance 
    ambush location. Dish out as much damage as you can here to lower their 
    health score.
    -------The Terminal------- [L4DAIRd]
    Immediately out of the safe room, the survivors will cross a side path 
    blocked by rocks. Infected players can spawn behind these rocks in an 
    attempt to ambush the survivors. Hunters can spawn behind them, and 
    angle a pounce over the rocks to land on a survivor. Because this is 
    such a common strategy, many survivor players will hug the left side - 
    along the railing. You may not be able to reach the survivors if they 
    stick to the left side.
    A little further up ahead, there is a hole in the ceiling which is a 
    common place for Boomers to try vomiting on the survivors. Many 
    survivor teams expect this, so it may be in your best interest to NOT 
    spawn up there. I've also seen plenty of Smoker players try to use that 
    location, but I don't understand why. Why would anyone want to pull the 
    survivor team forward?
    Many players expect a Boomer to spawn in one of two locations. Around 
    the corner of the side path blocked by rocks, and up above. Instead, a 
    possible better location may be for you to set up behind the pillar 
    across from the hole in the ceiling. Survivor players will hear you, 
    but may start spamming bullets up in to the hole in the ceiling 
    thinking you're there. If you hear a break in the gunfire, that's your 
    time to move in. Reload times are always a Boomer's best friend!
    DO NOT spawn in that hole in the ceiling. I know...it's tempting, but 
    there are better alternatives! Keep in mind that most survivor teams 
    fearing an ambush from Hunters as they cross the side path, will stay 
    alongside the railing to the left. A better location for you may be to 
    jump down into the wide open area, then climb one of the pillars up to 
    the top. Run along the top until you are parallel with the safe room 
    and use your tongue attack from there to drag one of them back.
    The survivors will go through a double door and into an office section. 
    There are plenty of walls here that can be broken, and are great 
    locations for Boomers to vomit on the survivors. The problem with this 
    section is that it's a long and narrow hallway. Hordes die rather 
    quickly. If you plan on vomiting on a survivor as a Boomer here, advise 
    your teammates to join in as soon as possible because the window of 
    opportunity can be rather small, especially if all 4 survivors grabbed 
    Auto-Shotguns at the beginning.
    *TANK TIP*
    Sometimes, a Tank comes early on this map. The narrow hallways don't 
    offer much room for the survivors to run...but they also don't allow 
    you much of a chance to dodge their bullets. A Boomer's horde here can 
    spell death for the survivor team if a Tank spawns this early in the 
    map. Odds are the survivors won't have any molotovs and will be forced 
    to gun you down. There aren't any movable objects you can smash into 
    the survivors, and you won't be able to get much distance out of your 
    rock throw ability, so good ol' fashioned boxing is going to have to be 
    the way you go! Work with your teammates, and tell them what you need 
    them to do. A good infected ambush here along with a Tank can be all 
    she wrote for the survivor team.
    If you're behind the survivors, the narrow hallway can allow you a very 
    quick method of travel if you're good at wall pouncing. This is one of 
    those rare occasions where it may actually be beneficial to spawn 
    behind the survivors. You can pounce at a wall, pounce off the wall, 
    then pounce off the opposite wall - all while moving forward. Doing 
    this, you can travel roughly 300% faster than a survivor can run! Plus 
    it's fun to do! Alternatively, you can try wall pouncing towards a 
    survivor from the front. Because you're constantly changing direction, 
    it may be difficult for the survivor to target you before you land your 
    The survivors, after traversing the first narrow hallway will make a 
    left turn and head down another long narrow hallway. The same Hunter 
    strategy applies here. If you're proficient with wall pouncing, you can 
    actually round the corner without ever touching the ground! It requires 
    a bit of dexterity on your part, but it's possible to do, and it's like 
    riding a bike. Once you learn how, you'll never forget.
    The survivors will go through another double door to reach the 
    crescendo event room. It's a wide open area where 20+ damage pounces 
    can be attained by Hunters. The survivors need to start up the van in 
    the area to crash through a barricade. This will start the event. You 
    must be ready to act both before, and after they start the event.
    You can climb above the landing the survivors enter the room on. As the 
    survivors go down the escalator, get ready to act. It can be difficult 
    gauging when you need to pounce to snag a survivor who is running away 
    from you, but with some practice, you can land some monsters here.
    Everybody and their mother expects a Boomer to be up above, waiting to 
    vomit on the survivors down below. Instead, this is one of those rare 
    occasions where a Boomer can be more effective spawning behind the 
    The crescendo event can be rushed past by the survivors, and many teams 
    opt to handle the situation this way. ALWAYS expect them to use this 
    strategy, because then you'll be ahead of them to set up an ambush. If 
    the survivors decide to camp out in one of the side rooms just past the 
    gate that was destroyed, you can move in and try to get some claw 
    swipes on the survivors. This is a 2 wave horde - and it's rather 
    large, so if the survivors decide not to rush it, they'll be here for a 
    If the survivors DO decide to rush it...a Boomer up ahead can stop them 
    long enough for Hunters and the Smoker to move in and try to cause even 
    more of a disruption. The zombies from the event will swarm in from the 
    opposite side of the fence in the wide open room - but they don't 
    disappear just because the survivors rushed through. Holding up the 
    survivors in the baggage handling area may allow the previous horde to 
    catch up and complicate things.
    *TANK TIP*
    Sometimes a Tank will spawn as the survivors reach the terminal. 
    Because Tanks usually spawn a good distance ahead of the survivors, the 
    gate will be blocking you from charging at them. Truth be told, I've 
    yet to find a good round about path to attack the survivors from that's 
    time-efficient, and unpredictable. You *can* crouch over the fence to 
    gain access to the wide open room, but usually the survivors will be 
    taking pot shots at you while you crawl about as fast as a paraplegic 
    baby. You will *need* your infected teammates to stall the survivors 
    while you make your way over the fence and into the terminal. Once in 
    the terminal, the survivors will likely backtrack into the hallways. A 
    Boomer's horde here can slow them down greatly, and if you can land a 
    punch on one of the survivors, odds are they won't fly far, allowing 
    you to punch them again.
    Past the event, the survivors will enter the baggage processing area. 
    There are a lot of ups and downs here, though the path is pretty 
    straightforward. Smokers have the opportunity of dragging a survivor 
    down after they go up the first staircase. A Boomer working in 
    conjunction with that Smoker can severely slow the team down. Hunters 
    may find it a little easier to run up - take a swipe - then run away 
    amidst the chaos.
    There are a few rooms off to the side in the baggage processing room 
    that can contain goodies for the survivors. A lot of survivor teams 
    will neglect to check these rooms, but if they enter one of these side 
    rooms, a Boomer can try to start a "grind" cycle with them.
    Past the baggage room, the survivors will enter the airport security 
    checkpoint room. There is a metal detector that will alarm if a 
    survivor runs through it.
    It's difficult to do, but if you can pull somebody back through the 
    metal detector, the survivor will activate it and draw a horde.
    *TANK TIP* 
    The statue holding the globe can be destroyed and the globe itself can 
    be used to instantly incap a survivor. Due to a bit of a glitch if you 
    want to call it that...the globe still rolling even a tiny bit can 
    incap a survivor that comes into contact with it. If you can hit the 
    globe and then try to herd the survivors into it. If you're lucky, you 
    won't even need to hit the globe again, the survivors will do the work 
    for you!
    Past the security checkpoint, the survivors will head up an escalator 
    and then finally see the runway. The safe room is a ways down this area 
    on the right side. There's plenty of cover for Boomers and Smokers to 
    hide behind before spawning, and Hunters can also take advantage of the 
    many obstacles slowing the survivors down by simply pouncing over them. 
    Unless the survivors are really hurting by this point, odds are they'll 
    make it to the safe room without much more hassle. Just try to get 
    whatever damage you can out of the time you have left.
    -------Runway Finale------- [L4DAIRe]
    The Dead Air finale doesn't have a long path leading up to the trigger 
    that starts the event. Rather, it's one HUGE wide open area dotted with 
    objects that can allow Smokers and Boomers to hide and spawn behind.
    Run to the end of the ramp and climb up the pillar after dropping down 
    to the left. You can get up top and walk along the wall to get directly 
    above the survivors. As they leave the safe room, you can vomit on them 
    as they run out. This should keep the survivor team on the ramp, and 
    while the horde drawn by the vomit attack may not accomplish anything, 
    your teammates can take advantage of the slowdown.
    Follow the same strategy for setting up in the Boomer Tip. From up 
    there, you can arc a pounce and land on a survivor as they run out of 
    the safe room. Expect a pounce anywhere from 10-16 damage from this 
    There is a hill off to the left after dropping down off the ramp. It's 
    a fairly common place for Smokers to spawn, but it allows you a bit of 
    cover should your tongue be broken. There is a broken section at the 
    end of the ramp that you can use to try pulling one of the survivors 
    down. If the survivors got vomited on earlier, this can cause some 
    extra damage. If you dragged someone who was vomited on, the horde will 
    go after your victim. If you dragged someone who wasn't vomited on, 
    his/her teammates may be slow in coming to the rescue.
    The finale map is very large. Truth be told, the survivors typically 
    only explore roughly 40-45% of it during the duration of the time they 
    spend here. There are goodies scattered against the airport building's 
    walls but survivor teams hardly ever check over there. The main supply 
    stockpile is near the fuel truck that's needed to start the event. Even 
    so, the most common place for the survivors to camp out is against the 
    yellow tape way out in the open.
    The survivors must put themselves in big pounce territory in order to 
    start the event. There are two good places in which to get 15+ damage 
    pounces. The first location is on top of the plane. Arc a pounce over 
    the wing if needs be, and a 15-17 damage pounce is likely. The second 
    location is atop another broken lamp to the left of the mounted machine 
    gun. You can achieve 20+ damage pounces from here, though you leave 
    yourself more exposed while setting up.
    This finale event is a Boomer's nightmare. If you are a Boomer and you 
    have the chance to choose where to spawn (the event hasn't started yet) 
    save your spawn until the first Tank comes in the event. Boomers are 
    too fragile, too easily spotted, too slow, and too valuable during this 
    event to waste.
    The finale events always follow a set pattern.
    1) Horde
    2) Tank
    3) Horde
    4) Tank
    5) Last ditch effort Horde + Tank
    *TANK TIP* 
    There are plenty of movable containers that you can smash into the 
    survivors. The problem with this is that because it's such a wide open 
    area, the survivors will probably spread out and try shredding you down 
    at long range. This is why saving the Boomer spawn is so important.
    If you or one of your teammates saved the Boomer spawn, a horde 
    surrounding a survivor here can spell an instant incap as it allows the 
    Tank to take a shot at a stationary target. I know that it's more fun 
    to get in on the action...but you know the saying "Good things come to 
    those who wait." What you need to do is spawn behind some cover and 
    then quickly vomit on at least one of them. The horde will swarm in, 
    and the Tank on your team will have a MUCH easier time destroying the 
    After the first Tank, the survivors may head back to the supplies to 
    restock on ammo and/or change guns, not to mention grab a few health 
    packs if needs be. Hunters need to get ready to score big pounces 
    during this short opportunity, the Smoker needs to be ready to snag a 
    straggler, and a Boomer now has some extra cover to spawn behind and 
    try to delay them from getting back to their camping spot.
    It's common for at least one of the survivors to grab a Hunting Rifle 
    on this finale, and for good reason. It's a very wide open map with 
    nothing to hide behind out in the open. As a minor distraction, Hunters 
    can try pouncing in long arcs across their field of vision at long 
    range. It may distract the team long enough for a Smoker to get a good 
    pull and cause some extra damage.
    Molotovs are rather rare on this map from what I've noticed. If the 
    survivors found one, that's pretty generous from the AI Director. That 
    being said, if they used a molotov against the first Tank, odds are 
    they won't have another one for the 2nd.
    After the 2nd Tank, the plane will start up and the back hatch will 
    open to allow the survivors on. This takes a little longer than you may 
    think, and it may give your last ditch effort Tank a chance to pummel 
    the survivors away from the plane resulting in a huge loss of points. 
    Remember, if a teammate is incapicitated while the others are on the 
    rescue vehicle, the map ends, and they lose a survivor multiplier 
    greatly reducing their point total.
    -------Blood Harvest Overview------- [L4DHARVEST]
    Blood Harvest from what I've seen in my online experiences is the 
    outright LEAST played campaign in Left 4 Dead's VS mode. There have 
    been many times where I tried to join a Blood Harvest game in progress 
    or in lobby, only to have it create a lobby with me as the leader...
    I remember seeing a chart with the following information, but I can't 
    for the life of me remember where I saw it. If it was your website that 
    had this information, then kudos to you for coming up with these 
    Percentage of VS matches played per map:
    No Mercy - 36%
    Death Toll - 20%
    Dead Air - 38%
    Blood Harvest - 6%
    Blood Harvest takes place in the afternoon on an overcast day in a 
    rural area. Because of this, Hunters put out a very noticable 
    silhouette against the sky, however Blood Harvest still offers many 
    locations where 25 damage pounces can be achieved from. The maps are 
    actually quite expansive, with more areas for the survivors to go than 
    expected off the beaten path, but in spite of it's size, it actually 
    feels a bit claustrophobic in many of the outdoor areas and the 
    survivors will stick to the main path most of the time.
    Blood Harvest has tons of thick foliage for Smokers to hide behind and 
    offset their visual cue - especially on the first map. Though you 
    should keep in mind that the thick leaves and branches only block a 
    survivor from seeing you. Technically they are still alert to your 
    presence because you're "out in the open." You will need to find 
    additional cover in order to spawn and attack. The thick foliage also 
    helps Boomers and Hunters use the element of surprise to perform quick, 
    unexpected attacks.
    The Blood Harvest campaign has only 2 major crescendo events, both of 
    which can be rushed past. This can really hamper the infected team's 
    chances of dishing out damage should the survivors decide to try and 
    power through the events. Perhaps this is why the campaign seems so 
    Blood Harvest is arguably the shortest campaign, and therefore the most 
    survivor-friendly. It doesn't have more than a couple of choke points 
    throughout the entire campaign, and on most of the maps, it can be 
    difficult to separate the survivors. The campaign isn't necessarily bad 
    for the infected team, though. There ARE locations to disrupt and 
    disorientate the survivors. There ARE locations to attack unexpectedly 
    from. It's just that they may be a bit more difficult to point out. 
    That's where this guide comes in!
    Unlike No Mercy, Death Toll, and Dead Air, there aren't many obvious 
    areas where the VS mode differs from the campaign mode. The farmhouse 
    in the finale map doesn't have some small rooms off to the side and 
    some more walls can be broken upstairs, but aside from that, it's 
    largely unchanged from the normal campaign.
    Blood Harvest isn't really a dark campaign - it just seems that way. 
    Indoor areas can be rather dark, but all of the outdoor areas are 
    actually pretty well illuminated. The inability for the survivors to 
    see what's coming at them adds to a creepiness factor - but you should 
    still never assume that the survivor team will make mistakes just 
    because of the environments' appearance.
    -------The Woods------- [L4DHARVESTa]
    Starting off, the survivors will walk down a trail with a thick tree 
    line on both sides. Most infected players will set up on the right as 
    it offers more room to move around in. There is a hill that Hunters can 
    use to pounce from for some additional damage, and a Boomer's horde 
    here can potentially cause some major damage to the survivor team as 
    the blinding effect combined with the trees and bushes can drastically 
    slow a survivor's reaction time - not being able to act until the 
    zombies are literally right in their face!
    If you don't die after vomiting on the survivors in the very beginning 
    of this map, it may be wise to wait until the survivors are no longer 
    blinded (as indicated by their silhouettes changing back to green, 
    yellow, or red) and then simply running into the fray and hopefully 
    blowing up all over them. This can help to keep the pressure on the 
    team - and since a spawning time is generally shorter than the recharge 
    time on the vomit attack, it can be beneficial. Another benefit to 
    simply going kamikaze on this map is because in the beginning, the 
    survivors may have a difficult time seeing you until you're pretty much 
    in their faces!
    The thick brush here can be helpful in psyching out particularly 
    curious survivor players. Since the Smoker's tongue attack makes a 
    distinct noise that the survivors can hear, if you intentionally miss 
    with your tongue attack, one of the survivors may come your way in an 
    effort to kill you. Drop down the cliff, and if one of them peeks over, 
    try dragging them down. I believe it was patched dragging them to their 
    deaths - they'll just hang onto the side of the cliff now, but even if 
    you only get the instant incap, it allows your other teammates a great 
    opportunity to attack. Boomers especially.
    Following the path, the survivors will reach a picnic table that may 
    contain goodies, and there are often molotovs or pipe bombs on the 
    ground nearby. The survivors will have to cross a narrow bridge over a 
    ravine and will come upon a house that usually contains some goodies 
    and an ammo stockpile.
    I'm not sure why this works...but there is a steep cliff to the right 
    after crossing the bridge. You can get behind it, then either pounce up 
    to the top, or crouch and crawl up. There are actually a surprising 
    number of places where a Hunter can crawl up a cliffside without 
    actually "climbing" it. From atop that cliff, you can land big pounces 
    on the survivors as they cross the bridge. Or, from atop that cliff, 
    you can try pouncing onto the nearby telephone pole. From the top of 
    that, you can land a pounce all the way to the house's door and window 
    for big damage.
    *TANK TIP* 
    The car parked outside the house can NOT be used to smash into the 
    survivors. Don't bother. There are no movable objects on this map to my 
    knowledge. If a Tank spawns before the survivors reach the bridge, it 
    may be wise to try and hang back and toss rocks at them while you wait 
    for a Boomer on your team to respawn and try distracting them.
    Just outside of the house, near the picnic table, pipe bombs and 
    molotovs commonly appear. Monitor which survivors are carrying what 
    items so that you can formulate a more effective attack plan.
    It doesn't always happen, but for some reason, I have noticed a Witch 
    spawning near the small shack VERY often as the survivors just leave 
    the house past the bridge. Beware of molotovs here, and in spite of the 
    location, having the Hunters crouch in front of her actually isn't the 
    best strategy here. There are numerous locations for Hunters to land 
    big pounces as the survivors make their way past the witch - or try to 
    cr0wn her. Boomers can spawn behind the shack and try to get a quick 
    vomit attack off that may add to the chaos, and of course, Smokers can 
    do their part to separate the team. If the survivors look as though 
    they may try to "pull" the Witch, this is one of those extremely rare 
    areas where a Smoker may want to spawn in front of the survivor. 
    Pulling the Witch generally results in the rest of the team 
    backtracking. You just want to create as much distance between the 
    survivors as you can. If you're a Smoker, you may be able to get 
    additional damage off by dragging one of the survivors forward while 
    the rest of the team deals with the more immediate threat.
    Down the path, the survivors will reach a small shack that may or may 
    not contain pills or a med pack. Most survivor teams will just skip it 
    as the map is rather short and they're pretty close to the safe room. 
    All along this stretch, the survivors are very vulnerable to huge 
    pounces from Hunters, the terrain allows for maximum backtracking by 
    Smokers, and Boomers still have adequate foliage cover to hide behind.
    From the top of the section of the building that spans over the path 
    below, you can land huge pounces as the survivors first enter this 
    "valley." For some additional range at the expense of noticeability, 
    you can pounce to the top of the telephone pole. If a Witch is nearby, 
    this is a great place to perch atop as their attention will most likely 
    be on the Witch and any ambush close by. You can also pounce onto some 
    of the thicker trees - but be warned that only SOME of the branches 
    from your perch can be passed through. It may affect the trajectory of 
    your pounce. The benefit of these locations is additional cover. You're 
    less noticeable. Just be sure you'll be able to act effectively when 
    you need to.
    The survivors will make a left turn and head into the home stretch of 
    the map. Hunters and Boomers can attack from. Smokers will obviously 
    want to drag the survivors back. There is room off to the right of the 
    path (facing the safe room) that any infected can take advantage of, 
    however. The problem is, it's difficult for Boomers to attack from as 
    the survivors will likely be hugging the wall on the left. Hunters can 
    try pouncing from the right side, and the angle may be better, but 
    don't expect any big damage pounces anymore from this map.
    If the survivors make it to the "home stretch" of the map in decent 
    health, odds are they'll make it to the safe room with decent health. 
    Just do what you can to lower their health score. Co-ordinated attacks 
    usually take a little time to plan, and if the survivors are this close 
    already, odds are attacking solo will generally dish out more damage 
    than a quick plan will.
    -------The Tunnel------- [L4DHARVESTb]
    From the beginning of the map, the survivors can go either left or 
    right. In order to progress, they must head right, but many survivor 
    teams will check to the left for goodies or a 2nd pistol before 
    venturing forth. They'll run down a staircase and enter a hallway with 
    two rooms branching off to the left that continue their route. Either 
    one of these rooms may contain tier 2 weapons for the survivors.
    In the hallway, the first room off to the left has a smaller room off 
    to the side with a stack of boxes in it. You can use this as a decent 
    ambush location. OR, if every survivor crams into one of the rooms, the 
    wall between the two is breakable, so you can also use that to your 
    If the survivors enter the first room on their left after entering the 
    hallway, odds are they'll exit through the windows onto the catwalk. 
    There is no railing there, and Smokers can drag survivors off of it 
    causing falling damage.
    After finding their way down to the lower level, the survivors will 
    approach an emergency door. The table just outside of that room is a 
    common place for tier 2 weapons, and the small room with the emergency 
    door contains a medical cabinet stocked with either pills, med packs, 
    or both.
    *TANK TIP*
    If a Tank spawns here, it will most likely be on the other side of the 
    emergency door. Tanks cannot break it down. In order to get at the 
    survivors, go up the nearby staircase and enter the vent. You can drop 
    down in the emergency door room to attack the survivors. There is a 
    forklift you can use to try and smash into the survivors here as well.
    Upon opening the door, an alarm will sound and the crescendo event will 
    start. There are 3 common survivor team strategies employed here.
    1) Rush it. Open the door and haul ass towards the exit, fighting 
    through the ensuing horde. If you see the survivors employing this 
    strategy, you can try to take advantage of the chaos. Boomers here are 
    especially helpful as the blinding effect hinders direction, and it 
    ANOTHER horde will be summoned on top of the event's horde.
    2) Stay in the room with the emergency door. The survivors will just 
    dig in and weather the storm without moving about. This is a much safer 
    strategy than rushing it as the infected have only 2 doorways from 
    which to enter the room, and a vent to drop down from. All 3 entrances 
    can be easily covered by the survivors. Hunters may find it more 
    beneficial to try and blend in with the hordes that enter the room and 
    try to get a melee swipe or two off. After the event and the survivors 
    begin to move on, Boomers can try to keep them in that room and start a 
    "grind" cycle with them to potentially dish out more damage.
    3) Go through the door, head up the staircase, and camp out in the room 
    with the vent. This is generally the safest strategy for survivor 
    teams. Now, the infected only 1 direction from which to attack the 
    survivors. From the staircase. I haven't seen infected climbing through 
    the vent. There is, however, a small room blocked off by a door off to 
    the side that from what I've noticed, many survivor teams simply 
    ignore! Break the door and try taking melee swipes at the survivors. 
    Good survivor teams will probably send someone to cover that side room, 
    and therefore block you from spawning. This can be very frustrating for 
    the infected team as there is really nothing you can do about it, and 
    no good way to attack. You can *try* running in and taking a quick 
    swipe at the survivors, but because the room is narrow and long with 
    only 1 viable entrance, you probably won't get to dish out any damage. 
    Best to just set up for an ambush after the survivors move on if they 
    use this strategy.
    After the event, the survivors can either head upstairs onto a balcony 
    to exit through the large windows or stay on the ground level and exit 
    the building through a doorway. Regardless of which exit they take, 
    there are several great places for Hunters to set up for huge pounces 
    here. Outside, there is a table that is a common place for tier 2 
    Great locations for 25 damage pounces are all over the place here. You 
    can make it to the top of the building, and even on top of a pipe 
    overlooking the table that may contain tier 2 weapons for the 
    survivors. If they exit through the windows up top, you have a much 
    better chance at landing a big pounce - simply because they leave 
    themselves in an open area for longer. But either way, most survivor 
    teams will stop by that table for at least a short time, allowing you 
    to try and land a monster pounce! You may also want to try above the 
    tunnel the survivors will be entering. This is a great ambush location 
    for when the survivors look like they'll start advancing.
    Because huge pounces here are so common from Hunters, if you're a 
    Smoker, alert your team that you'll try dragging a survivor out into 
    the open. There isn't much a Smoker can do here damage-wise anyway, so 
    a co-ordinated attack between you pulling a survivor into an area with 
    a clear line of sight to a Hunter on your team can result in massive 
    damage to one of the survivors, OR...if a rescuing survivor comes to 
    their teammate, it can result in two of them (though probably only 
    briefly) being rendered helpless.
    Upon entering the tunnel, the survivors will bob and weave their ways 
    around train cars. There are several sections here where they can 
    choose to head left or right. The right paths are generally less 
    crowded with zombies, and most teams prefer to take those for that 
    reason. The first choice to go right brings the survivors atop a train 
    car. Smokers can try dragging the last survivor up top back and force 
    his/her teammates to backtrack to rescue the ensnared victim. This can 
    be a great setup to a very damaging ambush. If a Smoker pulls a victim 
    back, alert your teammates to pounce or vomit on any other survivor 
    coming to the rescue.
    *TANK TIP* 
    There are no movable objects here. On the plus side, the area is rather 
    enclosed for you, and if a Boomer on your team can vomit on one or more 
    of the survivors, they'll likely be slowed down long enough for you to 
    catch up and start wailing on them!
    Through the tunnel, most survivor teams will continue straight forward 
    and climb a ladder on the side of an oil tanker. This can be used as a 
    good choke point for Hunters and Boomers. Survivor teams can, however, 
    walk along the pipes to the left and cross that stretch without having 
    to take the ladder. Smokers here, though can be great to separate the 
    team for a Boomer to get a good shot at causing some chaos.
    Past the oil tanker, the safe room is just around the corner. If the 
    survivors make it here in good health, odds are they'll just waltz 
    right into the safe room. Do what you can to lower their health score, 
    but all probability says they'll make it no problem.
    -------The Bridge------- [L4DHARVESTc]
    The survivors start out with a decision to make. Left or right. 
    Regardless of which path they take initially, the ambush location is 
    always the same. The room in the middle of this tunnel. I'd say that 
    99% of survivor teams check this room for goodies, and this is where 
    you can start some havoc.
    No matter which way the survivors start off, they'll more than likely 
    head into the room between the two paths. They *have* to go left to 
    proceed, but this room is more often than not stocked with goodies. A 
    Boomer here to force a horde on the survivors is a great way to get the 
    Smoker to drag one away while the Hunters go after anyone who looks 
    particularly vulnerable. You can dish out more damage here than you'd 
    expect with a co-ordinated attack. Just make sure that if you're a 
    Boomer, you don't spawn until you're ready to attack. Survivors expect 
    this, and therefore you should try to be at least a little 
    The survivors will eventually come to the exit of the tunnel they're in 
    and because it's a wide open area, a lot of survivor teams hesitate to 
    just burst out into the open fearing Hunter pounces... Don't worry, 
    those are coming later! In spite of survivor hesitation, Boomers should 
    NOT spawn behind the team. Odds are the survivors will be close to the 
    exit of the tunnel, and spawning behind the survivors will result in 
    the Boomer having to make a longer than desired run towards the 
    survivors from around the corner and risk being detonated at a safe 
    Instead, spawn in front of the survivors just outside the tunnel, and 
    try to puke on a few of them immediately after spawning and running in 
    front of them. You'll likely die, but now you may be able to start a 
    "grind" with your teammates. Going in and dishing out damage, dying, 
    and then by that time you may have a chance to respawn and start the 
    process over again.
    The survivors expect big pounces as they exit the tunnel. This open 
    area is very likely to see a pounce over 20 damage. Some survivor teams 
    will try sticking to the left wall leaving them vulnerable from the 
    right. Some survivor teams will try sticking to the right wall leaving 
    them vulnerable from the left. And some survivor teams will just run 
    straight up the middle making them prime targets from both directions! 
    And no matter which way the survivors intend to run, they're ALWAYS 
    vulnerable from the rear.
    From the rear, you can pounce up and over the fence just above the exit 
    from the tunnel. With the right timing and aim, you can manage a 15+ 
    damage pounce. Also note the trees and the rocks behind and to the left 
    of the tunnel's exit. These can provide great perches for Hunters to 
    make huge pounces from. If you set up on the rocks, however, make sure 
    to aim a bit more to the right than you might want. Otherwise, you 
    stand a good chance at pouncing into an invisible wall and really 
    messing up the trajectory of your pounce. Hunters can also set up on 
    the hill to the right just outside the tunnel. As with any big pounce 
    opportunity, aiming and timing is important, but with enough practice, 
    you can start consistently managing large pounces in this area. If the 
    survivors decide to run up the middle, they're the most vulnerable.
    *TANK TIP* 
    If a Tank spawns as the survivors are leaving the tunnel, you can make 
    use of a large log outside. The common survivor strategy here when a 
    Tank shows up is to actually run back into the tunnel and try to deal 
    with you there. Instead, you can use that big log to temporarily trap 
    the survivors in the tunnel and allow your teammates who haven't 
    spawned to go in for cheap quick attacks. You'll eventually lose 
    control of the Tank if you trap the survivors back in the tunnel, but 
    if the log disappears after you give control of the Tank to another 
    teammate, think of all the extra cheap damage you got out of this 
    Outside of the tunnel, the survivors will follow a linear path around 
    the cliff to their right and up a slope leading to the top of it. After 
    moving up the slope, there is a large tree at the top of the hill that 
    may have a med pack behind it. The survivors can now either enter the 
    building in front of them, or head off to their right to check a 
    camping site for weapons, pills, med packs, or other goodies. Even 
    further past the campsite, along the rocks past the fence there may be 
    another med pack or pills pickup for the survivors.
    If the survivor team decides to check out the far area past the fence 
    and one of them ventures a little too close to the ledge, you can drag 
    one of the back down and force him/her to remake the trip around the 
    cliff again. After making that drag, you'll likely be promptly killed. 
    If no other teammate drops down as well to escort, a Hunter on your 
    team can dish out amazing damage as that survivor makes his/her way 
    back up the path.
    Inside the building, the survivors may find molotovs, pills, and/or 
    pipe bombs. They must descend a large zig-zag staircase and enter a 
    hallway. There is a table here that may contain tier 2 weapons. They'll 
    go through a doorway and have the option of simply pushing forward or 
    checking 2 rooms off to the right. Most teams do, as these side rooms 
    more often than not are stocked full of goodies of all sorts.
    *TANK TIP* 
    If a Tank spawns here, beware of simply charging into that narrow 
    hallway, as tempting as it may be. Right by the doors, there are 
    usually propane tanks or gas cans that will stagger you - meaning free 
    shots the survivors can take and really tear you to shreds while you 
    recover, OR, being lit on fire with no way to put it out. Wait for at 
    least a Boomer's attack before charging in. Hunters and Smokers may be 
    able to create a short distraction, but a Boomer is the most valuable 
    teammate here as hordes may block them as they try to backtrack.
    Outside this building, the survivors will be near several train cars. 
    Just outside the door is a common place for gas cans, propane tanks, 
    and a table that may contain tier 2 weapons. After exiting the tunnel, 
    the survivors will enter a wide open area, though train cars for the 
    most part force the survivors to take a straight path. There is a large 
    metal shack the survivors will more than likely check that will contain 
    an ammo stockpile, and is a common place for molotov and pipe bomb 
    See that really tall tower off in the distance? You can make it to the 
    top of it, you know. It's true! If you're proficient at doing wall 
    pounces straight up, you can use this perch for amazing distance and 
    guaranteed 25 damage pounces should you land one. You're going to want 
    to wall pounce up the side with the ladder (Not sure why you can't just 
    pounce up and CLIMB it...). Hold back the entire time ("s" key by 
    default), aim straight up, and pounce. While in midair and still 
    holding back, tilt forward about 10 degrees or so and wall pounce. Keep 
    it up until after you make 4 to 5 straight up wall pounces. You should 
    be on the landing just below the cone on top of the tower. From here, 
    you can pounce up to the top of the cone and voila! Your perch. The 
    haze on this stage can actually make you pretty tough to pick out, 
    though you may still want to stay crouched on the back side of the cone 
    just to make sure you don't get picked off. From up here, you can 
    pounce all the way to the large metal shack, and you can pounce over 
    the bridge and land at the door to the small house in the middle of 
    this area. Land a pounce here and you're more than likely going to get 
    something in the 25 damage range...
    The survivors will more than likely check out the small house in the 
    middle of this map. It has an ammo stockpile, tier 2 weapons, and a 
    medical cabinet. They'll have to leave that house eventually in order 
    to start a crescendo event and make their way to the nearby safe room, 
    however, Boomers can start a "grind" here.
    Do whatever you can to keep the survivors in that house. There are 
    numerous entrances you can use. Windows in the front, and there are 2 
    doors you can enter through. If you live after you vomit on them, wait 
    for their silhouettes to turn back to green, yellow, or red, then waltz 
    on in and try to blow up on them. It'll summon another horde and give 
    your teammates who should go in and try to score quick pounces or claw 
    swipes a good chance to respawn before the survivors start the event.
    After making their pit stop in the house, the survivors will need to 
    start a crescendo event that involves destroying a bridge and giving 
    them a path up the cliff. This event can be skipped, and is commonly 
    done so, with most teams tossing a molotov at the base of the bridge 
    and having their survivor teammates simply run through the fire. A 
    Smoker here to drag one of them back can be extremely helpful as it 
    leaves the survivor and any other rescuing teammate out in the wide 
    open with a horde on them. Remember, Hunters love stationary targets...
    Past the bridge, the survivors will enter into the home stretch of the 
    map. There aren't too many good places to spawn here, but there is some 
    thick foliage for Boomers and Smokers to hide behind in case they 
    spawned earlier. Hunters can perch up in the large tree just outside 
    the safe room, and Boomers can spawn behind the tree as the survivors 
    make their way to the finish line. It provides a last-ditch effort 
    ambush, and that's probably all you'll get before the survivors make it 
    to the end of this map.
    -------The Train Station------- [L4DHARVESTd]
    Most teams employ a rushing strategy for this entire map, believe it or 
    not. Tier 2 weapons are available from the start, there's no crescendo 
    event, the actual length of the map is surprisingly short, and it 
    contains a lengthy home stretch at the end that blocks infected players 
    from spawning. If you're going to stop the survivor team on this map, 
    you have to do it before they reach the 2 story house near the end 
    because after that, it's smooth sailing down a long train bridge with 
    no cover to spawn behind other than on top of the train car they'll use 
    as their safe room and end the level in.
    There's a pretty thick tree line here in the beginning for Boomers and 
    Smokers to take advantage of to the right out of the safe room, but 
    beware of survivor teams hugging the right side in an attempt to save 
    some time. It's not really common for survivor teams to employ this 
    strategy right out of the chute, as the thick brush will hinder their 
    vision. It *is* a safer route, but most players would prefer a little 
    more danger instead of hindering their vision. That being said, most 
    survivor teams like to stay right in the middle.
    For whatever reason, Hunters can crawl up the steep cliff just to the 
    right out of the safe room. You can jump over the fence alongside it 
    and then crawl up the back side. From up here, you have a few trees you 
    must avoid when trying for a big pounce, but a successful one here will 
    net you over 18 damage easily.
    The thick treeline here offers adequate cover to attack from once you 
    spawn. The problem is, spawning while still technically "in view" of 
    the survivors. You can use the trees to try and spawn in, or you can 
    try spawning behind the boulder near the barn at the end of the initial 
    The survivors may do one of two things as they approach the barn.
    1) Check it for supplies. This, I think is kind of a waste in my 
    personal opinion unless there was a nasty infected ambush at the very 
    beginning of the map. Molotovs and pipe bombs CAN spawn in the barn, 
    but more often than not, all the survivors will get is a gas can or a 
    propane tank. There may be a 2nd pistol as well...but seeing as how 
    tier 2 weapons are available at the start of the map, odds are they'll 
    just be sticking to those weapons instead. Coming into the barn, 
    however, keeps the survivors in the field of play a little longer, and 
    may provide Hunters with some extra time to get into big pounce 
    territory as they leave. A Boomer successful in vomiting on the 
    survivors as they approach the barn may cause the survivors to huddle 
    up inside and wait until the horde has been finished off.
    2) Skip it. Remember, this is a rush map, and you have to be sure you 
    can keep up with the survivors should they haul ass the entire time. If 
    the survivors look as though they're going to skip past the barn, there 
    is a particularly nasty tactic that can be used against hasty teams 
    that I'll detail later.
    As the survivors leave their shelter, most everyone expects a huge 
    pounce from a Hunter coming from off the barn. But did you notice those 
    silos past the barn? They're in the infected field of play, and Hunters 
    using wall jumps can reach the tops of them. I find it the easiest to 
    actually run behind the silos and try wall pouncing upwards from there. 
    And you won't get shot at, either. A successful pounce from here that 
    gets less than 20 damage on contact is embarrassing.
    So the survivors look like they're rushing it, huh? There's a ledge 
    they must jump down. This is your cue to try and pull the last survivor 
    back. If the other 3 have descended to the ground below and aren't 
    still on the white awning, it'll take more time than they're 
    comfortable spending to go and rescue their teammate. Survivors CAN get 
    back up to where you pulled the survivor, but something like this may 
    alter the team's mentality of rushing through the map, and that can be 
    good as they'll likely be more cautious, slow down, and stay in the 
    game longer for you and your teammates. And, a successful Smoker pull 
    here can drag a survivor back into range for a huge Hunter pounce from 
    the top of the silos as listed in the previous Hunter Tip.
    *TANK TIP* 
    There is a large log you can use to bash into the survivors close to 
    the ledge past the barn. This is a rather wide open area, so a Boomer 
    here to assist you is your greatest ally.
    After descending, there are a few ways the survivors can go. They can 
    enter the large building and check for supplies. Odds are they'll find 
    pipe bombs or molotovs here. Out the front entrance of the building is 
    an alarmed car that Smokers can try to pull survivors into and summon a 
    The survivors can decide stay outside and run to the right side of the 
    train cars - there is a small house here as well that may contain 
    supplies. It always contains an ammo stockpile as well. Hunters can 
    land decent pounces from atop the train cars as the survivors make 
    their way to the 2 story house.
    Or the survivors can decide to stay outside and run to the left side of 
    the train cars. This is the most straightforward path, but is empty on 
    the supplies, and it allows for Hunters to make big pounces from behind 
    the survivors.
    *TANK TIP*
    This is a rather wide open area, and while the only movable object you 
    have at your disposal is the alarmed car, know that the landscape 
    slopes downward pretty sharp and there's only a low fence as a railing 
    to a cliff. If you can manage to get beside a survivor who may be 
    trapped by a horde, or slowed down enough by a few common infected 
    hits, you can punch a survivor from the train tracks down that slope 
    and skip them off the fence and down the cliff for a home run! Remember 
    that common infected will block a survivor's path, so it may not work 
    if a zombie is standing where you want to hit the survivor...and the 
    trees down below may block the survivor from sailing off into the wild 
    blue yonder, but either way, if you can attack here, expect to get some 
    decent damage out of the Tank spawn. With sufficient support from 
    infected teammates, this section of the map can be treacherous.
    The survivors will approach a 2 story house and there are 2 ways they 
    can go about this obstacle. The first is the most straightforward. Go 
    through the house! Up the stairs and out the window. The other way is 
    to actually jump over the fence to the right of the entrance door and 
    follow a path behind the house along the cliffside and under the bridge 
    before emerging on the other side.
    If the survivors are taking the house route, try to drag a straggling 
    survivor. If the team wants to help their ensnared friend, they may 
    have to jump over the pile of rubble, re-enter the house, and then deal 
    with you. This can cause a substantial amount of damage if you can pull 
    it off. And if the survivor team decides to hop the fence and take the 
    roundabout way along the cliffside, again, you can try dragging the 
    last survivor back. This will force the others to either abandon their 
    teammate, or run around the path, jump over the pile of rubble, then 
    kill you which can result in some pretty hefty damage.
    *TANK TIP*
    If the survivors think they can juke you by taking the roundabout path 
    behind the house, meet them there! There's no railing to help them if 
    they get punched. Home run!
    Upon exiting the house or coming up the hill from the back path, the 
    survivors enter the dreaded home stretch of this map. It's extremely 
    frustrating for the infected team. It's wide open with NO cover at all 
    to hide behind other than on top of the train car that'll be used for 
    their safe room. Hunters can try to play catch up by pounce up above on 
    the bridge and making headway towards the survivors, but odds are 
    you'll be shot down shortly after pouncing on a victim...if you even 
    get that far. Smokers have no hope here, and Boomers are completely out 
    of the question. You can *try* to go in for some extra damage, but even 
    if the survivors are all limping towards the safe room, odds are 
    they'll make it - that's how broken this area of the map is, 
    Do what you can to lower their score, but don't expect much once they 
    reach the train bridge.
    -------Farmhouse Finale------- [L4DHARVESTe]
    Blood Harvest's finale map is rather interesting. It's the biggest 
    finale map in the game, believe it or not, and has several obstacles 
    the survivors must navigate both physical and visual-only. Along the 
    path towards the farmhouse, Hunters can manage big pounces, and right 
    from the get-go, there is a kinda-sorta glitchy instant kill spot for 
    Smokers to take advantage of.
    After leaving the safe room, head to your left and stand just behind 
    the rocks on the edge of the cliff. If you can manage to pull someone 
    back here, you run a very good chance of pulling them over the edge and 
    since survivors cannot hang onto the rocks, they'll plummet to their 
    death. Doesn't always work and it's been called to be patched to no 
    avail as of yet, but it's beautiful for the infected team when it 
    You can crawl (or pounce) up the steep cliffside along the left side of 
    the path. Landing big pounces here is pretty common, just make sure 
    that a Boomer is able to vomit on at least one of the survivors. 
    Getting to the farmhouse is the biggest priority, and there are no side 
    rooms for survivors to check along the way, so odds are they'll be 
    moving quickly.
    As the survivors leave the safe room, expect them to immediately turn 
    around and spam bullets above the train car, to the left in the bushes 
    and to the right on the rocks. Getting an effective infected ambush 
    here off is difficult, but if you co-ordinate it right, you can cause 
    some serious havoc amongst the survivor team.
    As the survivors make their way forward, they'll eventually reach a 
    train car with a ladder on the side they must climb up. This is a good 
    choke point and possible "grind" location for Boomers to take advantage 
    of. While it is a pretty wide open area, repeatedly pulling survivors 
    down off the ladder can keep them here and whittle them down little by 
    little. Also remember that Boomers that blow up in close proximity to 
    survivors stagger them back...possibly off the train car forcing them 
    to reclimb the ladder. Hunters can achieve that knockback effect by 
    pouncing on a survivor with another survivor standing close by. With a 
    horde blocking the ladder, this can open up a great opportunity for 
    extra damage.
    Up the ladder, the survivors will continue on their path that will wind 
    around to the left. I haven't been able to find a good perch for 
    Hunters to take advantage of here, but you can use the cliffsides (as 
    far up as you can go) to get some extra distance and damage out of your 
    pounces. There is an amazing opportunity here for Smokers to take 
    advantage of, though it can be extremely difficult to pull off 
    Once the survivors jump down into the corn field, there's no coming 
    back. Which means if you can manage to pull the last straggling 
    survivor back after the other 3 have descended, it results in a 
    guaranteed kill for you! Good luck!
    Next, the survivors will jump down a short cliff and into a large corn 
    field. Hunters and take great advantage of the visual cover provided 
    for them, and Smokers may be able to get extra damage should a Boomer 
    connect with his vomit attack. Spawning in this area can be rather 
    difficult since there is very little "physical" cover, but if you CAN 
    spawn, take advantage of the survivors' hampered situation.
    In spite of the visual cover you have in the corn field, technically 
    you can still "be seen" by the survivors. Unfortunately, there isn't 
    much solid cover for you to spawn behind. But...if you CAN spawn 
    somewhat close to the survivors, the corn stalks may allow you to get 
    rather close to the survivors. AND, because this is a very wide open 
    area, the ensuing horde may surround one or more of the survivors and 
    allow great stationary targets for Hunters to take advantage of. You 
    can try spawning behind the tractor in the middle of the field, which 
    works doubly well because 99.999% of survivor teams will navigate 
    through the field by passing by that tractor.
    The vast...and I mean vast majority of survivor teams will get through 
    the corn field by running straight ahead, and once they reach the 
    tractor, cutting to the right and hopping over the fence near the 
    farmhouse. Once every other few blue moons...a survivor team will hug 
    the left after descending into the field and take the longer and more 
    dangerous path to the farmhouse. If by chance the survivor team takes 
    this path, know that Hunters have a HUGE damage pounce possibility from 
    the top of the hay filled shed.
    Assuming the survivor team is going to take the shortest path through 
    the corn field (which most do) look off in the distance behind the 
    small shack near the farmhouse. See those silos? You can get up there, 
    you know! And believe me, a pounce from up there hurts! Using wall 
    jumps to ascend to the top, after reaching this perch, you can pounce 
    freely without hitting a ceiling or invisible wall resulting in some 
    magnificent distance for you.
    There is a barn near the farmhouse that can contain supplies and will 
    always have an ammo stockpile. In VS mode, this is a pretty uncommon 
    place to see the survivors camp out, but if they at least go into the 
    barn to check for med packs or whatnot, it may allow you an extra quick 
    attack to get off on them before they start the event.
    If you're a Boomer here and the event hasn't been started yet, DO NOT 
    SPAWN. The survivors will likely huddle into a corner or camp out 
    upstairs resulting in pretty much a useless horde drawn by your vomit 
    attack. Instead, save your spawn until the Tank comes. Since most 
    survivor teams like to run outside for the Tank, getting your vomit 
    attack off on the survivors as they head out into the wide open area 
    can be devastating!
    Like all of the other finale events in Left 4 Dead, a flow chart is 
    followed to progress through the event.
    1) Horde
    2) Tank
    3) Horde
    4) Tank
    5) Last ditch effort Horde + Tank
    There are 2 very common strategies for the survivor team to employ 
    The first strategy (and the outright most common) is for the survivors 
    to huddle up in the corner next to the gun rack in the room with the 
    supplies. From here, the infected need to more or less come at them 
    from one direction, though the occasional zombie will jump onto the 
    table that contains the med packs and land a hit...
    A breakable wall across from the corner the survivors are camping in 
    can allow you to try and separate one from the team. You can also try 
    pulling one of the survivors from outside the kitchen windows.
    Unfortunately, Hunters here are rather useless and worthwhile pounces 
    are few and far between. Instead, it may be more beneficial to try and 
    go in for a quick claw swipe. Remember, claw swipes can hit multiple 
    targets. Pounces cannot! If the Boomer on your team has already 
    spawned, he can use the same strategy as the Hunter or try and stay 
    alive long enough to vomit on the survivors as they run outside to deal 
    with the Tank.
    The second strategy is for the survivors to run upstairs and cover the 
    4 entrances from that hallway. 3 survivors will cover a bedroom each, 
    while the 4th covers the staircase. From below, Smokers may be able to 
    pull that survivor down the staircase where a Boomer can use his vomit 
    attack or a Hunter can try for additional damage. Otherwise, if a 
    survivor gets pulled, a Boomer may be able to vomit on one of the OTHER 
    survivors as the pulled survivor needs assistance and one of them must 
    temporarily leave his/her post.
    *TANK TIP* 
    When it's Tank time, there are hay bails and large logs that can be 
    used to smash into the survivors. This is a very wide open area, so 
    it's not Tank friendly, and should you get set on fire, you cannot 
    extinguish it. If you can, make good use of your rock throw ability, 
    and remember that there's no shame in passing the Tank to someone else 
    if you need your teammates to respawn. Boomers especially.
    When it's Tank time, perching atop the house and landing a big one on a 
    survivor as they scatter is amazing. A Boomer's horde here to slow them 
    down can provide you easier targets. From atop the house, you should be 
    ashamed of yourself if you manage a pounce of less than 15 damage!
    When the rescue vehicle arrives, know that the back hatch of the truck 
    takes a while to open up and allow the survivors entry. Also, the 
    truck's ramp is rather narrow and has a tendency to push survivors off 
    to either side forcing them to try and make it back up the small ramp. 
    With a horde in the way, it can get messy. Smokers here are wonderful 
    as they can drag a survivor back...possibly past a horde. An incap here 
    will pretty much guarantee a loss of a survival multiplier. Tanks can 
    also take advantage of the truck's ramp. If the Tank player can reach 
    the truck before the survivors can, have him stand in the doorway to 
    deny the survivors entrance to the rescue vehicle! This will keep the 
    survivors in play a little longer and can provide a great opportunity 
    for Hunters to land massive pounces from atop the barn or the 
    Blood Harvest's "last ditch" horde and Tank is one of the most 
    effective and easy to use in Left 4 Dead, and I've been in plenty of VS 
    matches where even though the rescue vehicle has arrived, nobody has 
    made it because of good planning on the infected team. 
    Good luck!
    -------Legal Stuff------- [L4DMYFAQ]
    This is the part of the FAQ where I must state that this guide was 
    written by me, Eric VanErt (Raistlyn on www.gamefaqs.com) for the sole 
    intent to help others who happen upon it at www.gamefaqs.com. All 
    content contained within this guide was written by me, unless otherwise 
    specified. You may print out this guide for your own personal 
    use...matter of fact, I encourage it!
    This FAQ is copyright (c) 2009 Eric VanErt
    Other websites may use this guide, but only with my expressed written 
    permission, and must give credit to me. The latest version will always 
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    This FAQ may not be reproduced in any way that will result in financial 
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    Websites that are authorized to post this FAQ:
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    If I catch you using this guide illegally, you will be prosecuted to 
    the full extent of the law and the full extent of my foot up your ass.
    -------Credits------- [L4DENDFAQ]
    I'd like to thank:
    Valve for making such an addictive game. Without the game, there would 
    be no guide.
    GameFAQs.com for allowing me to post this piece of trash...err...I mean 
    magnificent guide on the site.
    Myself for writing this FAQ. I mean...it wouldn't exist without me, 
    after all. I mean...well, I suppose you could put a million monkeys in 
    a room with a million typewriters and they'd eventually come up with 
    this FAQ, but odds are you don't have a million monkeys and a million 
    typewriters. But if by chance you do, the odds are still in my favor!
    I'd like to give a shoutout to a lot of my friends on Left 4 Dead who 
    helped me in my tedious work on this FAQ that include, but are not 
    limited to:
    [SKG] Magic
    takes skill to kill
    [WRFF] R@ndy
    [FoS] Jesus
    If you helped me to work on this FAQ and I didn't include you, 
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    Thanks for reading, and as the generic dad encouragement line goes...
    "Go get 'em, tiger!"

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