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    Glitch Guide by grinzeeva

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    Hello, I am Grinzeeva, and this is my faq for Left 4 Dead one and two. I 
    first got the original game when I was fourteen years old, and to this very 
    day, I find it pretty amusing. Not as much as Left 4 Dead 2 though, which
    I bought about two years later, and have rated one of my favorite 360 games.
    L4D2 is simply amazing. However, there are allot of glitches in each game,
    and so I've written this guide so people will know how to use these glitches
    to their advantage, or simply just for laughs. I will continue to find more
    glitches for these games. I know there's plenty more to find. Anyway, I hope
    this guide proves useful to you, and if you find any glitches yourself, have
    a question or comment, then you can contact me on E-Mail. My address is 
    treefrogs97@aol.com. I'll see to it that your given all the credit for 
    anything you find out.
    (Left 4 Dead)
    Common Glitches
    No Mercy Glitches
    Death Toll Glitches
    Dead Air Glitches
    Blood Harvest Glitches
    Versus Mode Glitches
    Weird Things
    (Left 4 Dead 2)
    Common Glitches
    Dead Center Glitches
    Dark Carnival Glitches
    Swamp Fever Glitches
    Hard Rain Glitches
    The Parish Glitches
    Versus Mode Glitches
    Weird Things
    Left 4 Dead
    You could just read all about the zombies on the booklet that comes with
    the game, but if you don't yet own this game then this section will give
    you all the info you need so that you don't get confused when a certain
    type of zombie is mentioned. If you already know about the zombies, then 
    this section is a waste of time.
    The Horde - They are simply the regular zombies. They are weak, but often
    in large numbers, and very quick. They, like all zombies in this game can
    climb up or down nearly anything in the game to get to you. They are 
    attracted by load noises, and boomer bile. They will also attack you at
    random times. You'll know this is about to happen when you hear strange
    My opinion - These are the only zombies that aren't silly in some way,
    because they are simply zombies, nothing more. The game probably would be
    better if these were the only zombies in the game. They make some cool
    sounds, and all seem to have their own personalities. Some lie around,
    some fight with each other, and other just wander around. Pretty cool,
    but you can't play as the horde.
    The Boomer - You'll know one's around when you hear these strange barf
    sounds. They are fat mutated zombies that will puke on you to blind you.
    The puke will also attract the horde, as it says up above. The boomer will
    also explode when shot, covering any nearby survivors in bile.
    My opinion - These zombies are just annoying, though they make more sense
    than any of the other special zombies. They look pretty cool, make good
    sounds, and can cause allot problems for survivors. The vomit attack
    makes this my favorite zombie to play as on versus.
    The Smoker - These zombies are tall, and surrounded with smoke. They make
    weird cough like sounds. If they see you they'll shoot there tongue out at
    you, wrap you up, and drag you toward them, making you helpless. When 
    killed they release a cloud of smoke that makes it difficult to see.
    My opinion - When a little younger, these were my favorite zombies, but
    then I found out they were just the zombie version of a licker from
    resident evil. So there's nothing original about the smoker accept for
    that it's full of smoke, which is a silly idea. Playing as the smoker
    proves fun though, but it can be tough constricting a survivor for very
    The Hunter - They move on all fours, where coats, and their distinctive
    scream will warn you that they are near. They are very quick, and 
    can leap good distances. If they see you, then they'll jump on top of 
    you, and repeatedly claw you.
    My opinion: My favorite class, but I still don't know how they can
    suddenly leap around. They have a cool scream though, and look pretty
    creepy. I don't like playing as the hunter too well. It's very difficult
    to pin a survivor without getting shot down seconds later by another
    The Tank - The tank is both quick and strong. They look much like The Hulk,
    only with normal skin color, and are so large that the ground shakes when
    they travel. They are able to pick up heavy objects and throw them at you.
    My opinion: I never cared for this class. People became zombies because of 
    infection, not radiation or something like that. Perhaps the tank was a
    regular zombie at first, and then fell into a vat of chemicals or 
    something. I don't know, the whole idea's just a little weird. Playing as
    the tank is pretty fun though, but you have to stay near the survivors or
    else your patience meter will go down and you'll die.
    The Witch - The witch will always be seen sitting down, crying. If you get
    too close to her, or shoot her, she'll come straight for you, and knock you
    down in a single scratch. She's very quick, and can never be killed easily.
    My opinion: I don't like the idea of witches in a zombie game. It would be
    okay if the witch was the cause of the zombie apocalypse, but she isn't. 
    The witch has kind of a creepy appearance, and the music it plays for her
    is cool, but still, the witch is a bad idea, and in my opinion, shouldn't
    have been in the game. You cannot be them on versus mode.
    There's no reason to explain the four survivors on this faq. They are all
    basically the same character, they just look different and say different
    things. The same glitches and tips can be used/seen no matter what
    character you're playing as.
    Note: If the following glitches and weird things aren't explained in the
    improvement section for Left 4 Dead, telling that they are not in the
    second game, then it means they may be in L4D2 as well, and that I am
    still trying to figure it out. If a glitch or weird thing in the first
    game happens in a specific level or campaign, then it can't happen in
    left 4 Dead 2.
    (Glitches that are, as far as I know, not in L4D2, are the top glitches, 
    and are separated from the bottom ones by ---.)
    Common Glitches
    My favorite Glitch in the game involves the hunter. Sometimes when it
    pounces on you, and is knocked off of you by another survivor, you'll stand
    back up, and you'll see blood spewing out of thin air near the ground, as 
    if you're still pinned and the hunter is still clawing you.
    Sometimes when a smoker grabs you with its tongue, it will pull you off an
    edge, and if high enough you'll take damage. Sometimes though, if there are
    enough zombies below, they'll act as ground, and stop you from taking as 
    much damage, or any at all.
    If there are double doors keeping the zombies away from you, they will 
    break down the doors one by one before going after you, when they could 
    just enter after breaking down the first door.
    Even if you've cleared a room, a horde could still come out from it after
    the warning music has played.
    The common infected will sometimes try to break down doors even if no one
    is behind them. I guess maybe they're just curious.
    A tank will sometimes try going through a tight spot like a window, and
    have allot of trouble getting out. This is a good opportunity to kill the
    When a survivor is incapacitated, his/her blood will start running. When
    revived, the blood will still be running in the same spot they were lying,
    as if they are still incapacitated.
    You can revive/heal a survivor even if they're on the other side of 
    a door.
    The zombies limbs and heads sometimes go through the walls and doors,
    and you're able to shoot them when this happens.
    While healing, look down, and your survivor will freeze, but the healing
    meter will still go up, even though he/she is no longer patching
    him/herself up. Sometimes you need to turn the camera for this to happen.
    If you climb up a ladder, and stop near the top, the zombies that try to
    climb down will be stuck above you, making it impossible to go any higher.
    But, if you go down, the zombies will freeze, and do their falling
    animation for a moment. They won't be able to attack you or anything. If 
    you're high enough off the ground then the ones climbing up to you won't
    be able to harm you either, even though their just inches below you. This 
    is pretty much a safe zone. Of course, it won't stop the special infected.
    (The zombies will only get stuck in above you on L4D2. Read Improvements
    for more information.)
    No matter what number of zombies, 10, or 100, they can all put their arms
    through the steel bars of the red doors at once.
    If common infected are on fire, dead or alive, the fire can't hurt 
    Even if you're not facing a boomer when it vomits on you, you'll still be
    If you attempt to open a steel door while a bunch of zombies are trying to
    breaking it down, the zombies will get all twitchy and the door won't open.
    No Mercy Glitches
    On The Sub Way level, a tank will sometimes attack near the train, and when
    it does, it will often try to climb up on top of the train, rather than
    just enter the train to attack you. Even when it does enter the train, it
    will jump around for no reason.
    When rescued by the chopper, the zombies will still try following you, and 
    in doing so, they will run straight off the sky scraper.
    Death Toll Glitches
    Nothing has been found yet. Read the Contact section below on how to
    contact me if you find something.
    Dead Air Glitches
    If you jump into the propellers of the air plane, you won't get hurt.
    Blood Harvest Glitches
    Nothing has been found yet. Read the Contact section below on how to
    contact me if you find something.
    Versus Mode Glitches
    Once when playing as the tank, I fell off the building on the hospital
    level, and when I hit the ground, I was still alive. I could then
    wonder around the area, until my patience meter went down. Also, the
    ground isn't ground at all. You're still a good way above the ground.
    After the tank died, I spawned off the building as a smoker I believe,
    and once again, survived the fall.
    When playing as the infected on the final level on Dead Air, you can
    run up to where a plane is about to crash, and it will hit you, doing
    some damage. You are then able to walk straight through the remains of
    the plan as if they aren't even there. As a survivor, it's impossible
    to come near the crash site area.
    On any campaign, when playing as the infected, you're able to get inside
    the rescue vehicle with the survivors, but you'll fall out of the
    vehicle once it takes off, sometimes even through the bottom of the
    If in a tight room with survivors while playing as a boomer, the
    survivors will shove you around without ever shooting you so that they
    don't get covered in bile, and you sometimes won't have time to attack.
    This can go on a while.
    If playing as the infected, you can die before even spawning. Just run 
    off of a high area without choosing an area to spawn in.
    Weird Things
    Note: The following weird things that are, as far as I know, not in Left
    4 Dead 2, are the top ones, which are separated from the bottom ones 
    by ---.
    If a survivor startles the witch, and gets into the safe room before she
    can get them, she will just run away with her hands over her ears, and
    push away any survivor in her way. You won't find her after this happens.
    When rescued on any campaign, you'll see the rescue vehicle take off, with
    all the zombies left behind. If there is a tank in the zombie crowd, then
    the tank will suddenly die. This may seem weird, but this is supposed to
    happen. The tank's patience meter simply runs out.
    If you stand on top of a fire, you'll eventually be incapacitated, and a
    survivor will revive you, and attempt to heal you, which disables you to
    move, and so the fire will incapacitate you again before you can be healed.
    This will happen over and over again until you finally die.
    If a horde of zombies is attacking you, your fellow survivors will still
    sometimes hand you items, or try to heal you, which can make you more
    Even if you remove the bar from the steel door in a safe room, the zombies
    still can't get in as long as the door is shut.
    When incapacitated, you can only use pistols.
    The horde is attracted to boomer bile and will attack you if it gets on you,
    but for some reason they don't just kill the boomer for the bile.
    Smokers tongues reach farther than 90 feet, yet their bodies are really thin.
    How can they fit so much tongue inside themselves?
    Witches are in this game, but diseases don't create witches!
    If a survivor dies, he/she is with you on the next level.
    Before going to the main menu, or starting your game, it shows two loading 
    No matter what difficulty, you can't hurt a survivor by hitting him/her
    with a weapon. Yet, with the assault rifle, you can hit a zombie's limbs 
    and head off.
    When incapacitated enough times, you'll see only black and white. While
    seeing like this, you'll see things more clearly when vomited on by a
    boomer than you would with normal vision.
    When seeing in black and white, you can still see the colors around
    objects and survivors that are behind things.
    When on a helicopter, survivor or infected, you can attack the pilot, 
    but he won't die.
    On older Valve games such as Half-Life, you were able to destroy certain
    things or kill certain people and ruin the whole game. But on these games,
    important objects like the radio are impossible to destroy. No matter how
    many bullet wholes you put into it, it all works fine.
    If you hear the music for the sudden horde attack, then immediately head
    back into the safe room if nearby. You'll be safe, and can simply shoot
    each zombie between the steel bars of the door.
    Using turrets isn't always a good idea, because you'll only be able to
    shoot the zombies in front of you, making you vulnerable from behind.
    Close all doors in the building before summoning a rescue.
    Always aim for the head.
    Pipe bombs are useful for when a rescue has arrived, because allot of
    zombies come at that point. This will give you some time to reach
    the rescue vehicle.
    Don't light a hunter on fire, for if he pounces on you this way, he'll
    do far more damage. The same thing probably goes for most special
    Never startle the witch, always sneak around her.
    Keep your distance from the boomer before shooting it.
    When the tank has arrived, do not run out on your own. Stick together
    and you'll take the tank down without too much trouble.
    Keep away from high places when a smoker is around, or else it may
    pull you off a high place and cause damage.
    The safe room won't keep you safe from the tank.
    Note: There sure are allot of things wrong with this game, but it's still
    fun in my opinion. If all these flaws have discouraged you from
    playing the game, then I recommend Left 4 Dead 2. I've played it, and it
    is a real improvement over this one.
    Left 4 Dead 2
    Old Zombies - The old enemies haven't changed much. Accept for the 
    regular zombies which can be seen wearing all sorts of costumes. Also, 
    sometimes their are female boomers wondering around occasionally. The
    witches also walk around on this one, and the witch music is different.
    That's about it.
    The Spitter - Kind of a female version of the boomer, but a bit deadlier,
    for the spitter will spit acid onto you, which can do considerable damage.
    When they are killed, acid pours out of them, so keep your distance.
    My Opinion - This class makes more sense than most of the new zombies, but
    is still kind of strange. It's pretty cool to play as a spitter though,
    and it's even my favorite new class of zombie, mainly because its allot
    like playing as the boomer.
    The Jockey - Small, quick, and annoying, the jockey is able to grab a
    survivor, and pull him/her anywhere it wants, mainly into spitter acid or
    just anywhere that equals danger.
    My Opinion - Probably the silliest new zombie you face. It laughs like a
    psycho, which no zombie should be able to do, and when it leaps onto you,
    its worse than when the hunter does it. It can be a challenge to actually
    do anything useful as the jockey without getting killed by a survivor.
    The Charger - Basically a mini version of the tank. It is muscular, accept
    for one of its arms, and has a deadly charge attack, which will knock sur-
    vivors down, allowing the charger to grab them, and slam them into things,
    causing great damage.
    My Opinion - Pretty fun to play as the charger, but the idea is no sillier
    than the idea of the tank. Not much more to say.
    Just as before, the new four survivor characters are all similar, and so
    there's no need to explain them.
    The music is a real improvement in this game. It's way creepier than on
    the first one.
    The zombies wear different clothes depending on the setting, which makes
    this game more realistic.
    The extra gore makes this game more fun to play, but if you would be more
    comfortable without it, you can turn it off on options.
    More weapons, including melee weapons and new items. 
    This time, there are more campaigns, so it takes longer to beat it all,
    and even when that's done, its still fun to replay.
    More challenging objectives.
    The weather conditions and invironments sometimes make surviving more 
    Extra features such as realism make the game even MORE challenging.
    Zombies no longer get stuck under you when you're on a ladder. They'll
    actually force you up the ladder if below you. However, they still get
    stuck if above you.
    Common Glitches
    In certain areas, survivors won't bleed when they're killed.
    If you kill a fellow survivor while on an elevator when it's going up
    or down, the corpses of the survivors will float up, sometimes going 
    through the elevator's cieling, and sometimes the floor. The blood 
    will even float, but eventually disappear.
    Sometimes you're arm will do a reaching motion, and occationally
    freeze that way. You can do things like reload and you're arm will
    Dead Center Glitches
    When the elevator has stopped, you'll see a gas can just outside the
    elevator, and you're able to shoot it. If this is down, you can go to
    the back of the elevator, on either corner, and the fire will appear
    to be going through the elevator depending on the angle. This glitch
    is more noticable when on the left corner, for the fire can be seen
    trapped inside the elevator panel. Weird.
    On the last stage of Dead Center, when you're filling the car with
    gas, even if it shows you've poured most of the gas out of a gas
    can, if you stop, and then continue, the can will be full of
    gas again.
    Dark Carnaval Glitches
    Nothing has been found yet. Read the contact section below on how to
    contact me if you find anything.
    Swamp Fever Glitches
    Nothing has been found yet. Read the contact section below on how to
    contact me if you find anything.
    Hard Rain Glitches
    The gas cans that the survivors are holding won't explode when shot.
    The Parish Glitches
    Nothing has been found yet. Read the contact section below on how to
    contact me if you find anything.
    Verus Mode Glitches
    Nothing has been found yet. Read the contact section below on how to
    contact me if you find anything.
    Weird Things
    Anytime you summon a rescue, it will say on the screen, "Rescue is
    coming! Defend yourselves! But on the Dead Center campaign, there
    is no rescue coming, so you have to save yourselves, but it still
    gives you the rescue notification.
    The defibulator can revive a fallen survivor even if he/she has been
    dead for more than five minutes. Also, if the very survivor that was
    killed is later in a room nearby waiting for rescue, he will disappear 
    if his other body is revived.
    Throwing a tube of bile only attracts zombies if it hits another
    zombie, and not a fellow survivor.
    Why would the survivors waste time filling the car up with gas all
    the way? Half way should be more than enough to get far away,
    and it would seem like a good idea when zombies are constantly
    chasing you while you look for the gas.
    Their are allot of melee weapons lying around, which is good,
    but what are the chances of finding a weapon like a kitana 
    lying around the streets?
    The gas tanks on the final level of Dead Center will respawn if
    shot, but they won't went used to fill up the car.
    When you begin Dark Carnaval, you have to leave the car you
    were driving, and continue on foot, because of all the trucks 
    blocking the road up ahead, but if you look behind you, there's 
    a fence that's keeping you from going this direction. This 
    fence doesn't even have a door, so if the car you were driving
    is past this fence (which it is), the fence should be flattened 
    from the car driving over it, unless the fence just magically
    appeared behind the car.
    This weird thing can happen often in the game. Depending on the
    character you play as, you'll ask for ideas on survival in
    certain areas, and get ideas from only certain people. For
    example, on the elevator at the end of Dead Center, if you play
    as Coach, you'll only be given ideas by Ellis. If he's dead
    when you ask, the other two won't talk.
    Also, your character will ask survivors these questions even if 
    all the other survivors are dead. I found this out on the 
    elevator at the end of Dead Center.
    In certain stages, you'll find jukeboxes, which will play both
    Midnight Rider songs from the concert on Dark Carnaval, a jazz
    song, and then some weird, random zombie song.
    If you fall into the water, you'll die when you hit the bottom, 
    when you should be able to just swim out.
    If you walk out into the water, it's the same thing as walking 
    off a cliff. You'll hang down and wait for someone to pull you 
    up, so I guess there's a cliff in the water. Weird!
    Spitter acid doesn't harm other infected.
    All the tips from the first game apply here.
    The thing about keeping your distance from the boomer also applies with
    the spitter.
    The weird zombie song on the juke box will attract zombies if it goes 
    on for too long. Probably better not to play it.
    With my permission, this guide may be used on other sites. Also, with my
    permission, you may take something from this guide to use in your own. 
    Contact me and ask specifically what you'd like to use, then await my 
    answer. Taking this guide without permission is a vialation of Copyright.
    And also, no one may use this faq for profit. Personal use only.
    First, I give credit to my parents for buying the first game for me.
    Family members for helping me find some of these problems.
    Valve, for making these game.
    Gamefaqs for posting my guide.
    And you for reading my guide.
    Copyright, 2013, Jarrel Ditmer

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