Review by AkariBlossoms

Reviewed: 06/26/12

Great idea but bad execution

And Yet It Moves was a game I got from a Humble bundle a while ago. It was a game that I that I looked forward to and tried to enjoy but couldn't I had beaten this game once and have played it again and both times I have dislike this game due to it's design. The game was a great idea but the execution of it was bad. I will try to objectively as possible tell you why it's just bad game to avoid.

Game play:

The game is played as a 2D platformer with a twist where you can rotate the world. This changes how you navigate the worlds as you take into account of gravity and fall speed. It is a great idea but it isn't done well enough. In the first chapter and the first half of the second chapter, it works good as the game slowly introduces new elements. These levels are not frustrating and are fun. It's after the second half of chapter two is were it goes downhill. Levels become for frustrating where you need to do multiple rotations quickly along with avoiding death traps and bottomless pits. This is due to how gravity and fall speed affects your character. Once your character begins to flail, this means you will go splat after landing and it easy to do it as rotating speeds this up. Now you may think that as long as you take your time and not marathon this game then it should be enjoyable but this is not the case.

It requires a lot of precision and there is a noticeable lag. Key presses can be ignored by the game if you rotate too quickly. You can easily notice this in time trial mode were your times can wildly vary from 3-7 seconds on one checkpoint along even when just about the same thing. I one got seven minutes when I felt I did worse getting to the checkpoint then the last one. Unfortunately I can't officially verify it as bad programing but it was frustrating. Later levels spread their check points out quite far where you have to re-due plenty of frustrating sections again. Now if your a completionist like I am and want to complete time trial mode then prepared to be frustrated. The third level speed run demonstrates this and I would hate to play the fourth one and navigate bats through the level. The ending is not worth it as it's just a simple thanks for playing message. I hated this game once I had beaten it.


The graphics are paper cut outlines of real world images. It basically a Paper Mario style except it doesn't blend well. It stands out a lot in not a good way. Only the last chapter looks good with it's trippy look. There are very few animations except for a few and the character's is the best. He looks like a very detailed stop motion animation that is very complete looking. Sound in the game is also lacking with only a few sound effects and one song that sounds like sound effects. It's gives the game a lonely and boring feel.


This game is bad. The level design is okay in the first half of the game but the later half is frustrating due to the precision required. Add time trial mode and the levels are just plain frustrating to play. That is not fun. It's graphically and audibly dull thought the game. Only the final chapter as some good art design. I can't recommend this game to anyone and would suggest avoiding it.

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Product Release: And Yet It Moves (US, 04/02/09)

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