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    FAQ/Walkthrough by odino

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 06/10/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                      SO BLONDE
    PC 2008
    Version:        1.0     released on the 9th of June 2009
    Author:         odino   http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/47976.html
    This guide is EXCLUSIVELY available at GameFAQs.
    | .========================================================================. |
    | |                           TABLE OF CONTENTS                            | |
    | '========================================================================' |
    | 01.) Introduction                                              |   G0100   |
    | 02.) Basics                                                    |   G0200   |
    | 03.) Walkthrough                                               |   G0300   |
    |       Chapter #1                                               |   G0310   |
    |       Chapter #2                                               |   G0320   |
    |       Chapter #3                                               |   G0330   |
    |       Chapter #4                                               |   G0340   |
    | XX.) FAQ                                                       |   GXX00   |
    | YY.) Version History                                           |   GYY00   |
    | ZZ.) Credits & Thanks                                          |   GZZ00   |
    01.)                    INTRODUCTION                                 G0100
    Welcome to 'So Blonde' for the PC, released by Wizarbox in 2008. The game was
    only released in Europe, although I would not be surprised if digital versions
    are also available for retail in other regions such as North America.
    Suggestions, comments or errors - tell me about it. Enjoy!
    02.)                    BASICS                                       G0200
    Most of the things I should be writing about in this section are described in
    the manual already. Additionally, it is amazingly easy to get the hang of this
    game's controls.
    The walkthrough cuts a lot of corners. If you really want to enjoy the game to
    the fullest, talk to every person, investigate everything, and try many item
    combinations. You cannot get stuck in the game unless you encounter a glitch I
    did not, and you cannot die. In the few mini-games where you can die you simply
    retry it.
    Once in a while you will be given a Mini-Game to solve a situation. These may
    look like nice additions but I find them rather dull and I think the developer
    knows this and has thus given the option to AUTO-WIN each one. The only
    downside is that you miss out on one specific item that way which is only
    vital for the secret ending.
    03.)                    WALKTHROUGH                                  G0300
                            CHAPTER #1
    The Beach:
    After the introduction you will find yourself at the beach. Pick up the
    seashell in front of you and the coconuts on the left. Check out the puddle of
    water and use the coconuts on it. This will start the first mini-game.
    <<Coconut Adventures>>
    As you can Autowin these I will never give you any strategy. For fun you should
    check them out at least once before skipping. Check out the rubble near the
    water to get a tube. Walk north to the next part of the beach.
    The Beach (Wreck):
    Collect the tropical fruit and check out the raft to get some food rations.
    Combine the food rations with the coconuts and mix it with the tropical fruit
    to get some pet food. Use this pet food with the animal in the trees to
    retrieve your purse. Open it to get your items back. Return to the beach on the
    The Beach:
    Use your makeup kit on the puddle of water to get some styling done. This is
    enough for Sunny to be able to interact with people. Otherwise she would be too
    The Beach (Wreck):
    Talk to the kid about everything to get some basic understand of your
    situation. Leave the screen to the north.
    You will come by here often enough but for now simply walk right to the jetty.
    Talk to both the painter and the writer. Pick up the cork the writer was
    sitting on and the funnel near the bucket. Also check out the paint equipment
    but the painter may need it for now.
    Enter the small hut in the back.
    Throw the cork at the round weight up on the shelf. This will drop the contents
    to the floor. Pick up rope ladder.
    Use the rope ladder on the animal (now called Max) and chuck this combination
    on the boat, the Winsome Maid. Climb the ladder.
    Winsome Maid - Deck:
    (For now I'm splitting up the ship into sections but later I will just say
     'Winsome Maid' and give a location in the description)
    Go up the steps on the right and interact with the wheel. A silver skull will
    drop out, pick that up. Enter the Crew's Quarters in the center of the deck.
    Winsome Maid - Crew's Quarters:
    Take the leather purse hanging on the side and talk to the pirates to start
    another mini-game.
    <<Strip Arm Wrestling>>
    For this you may want to play instead of auto-winning since your reward is a
    lucky charm, the first of four items you needo for the secret ending.
    Afterwards talk to Captain Morgane. She will unfortunately throw you into a
    Winsome Maid - Hold:
    Use the only item you have, a nailfile, on the jail door (not the lock). This
    will prompt Max to appear and you get to control it for now.
     Run into the corridor and check out the hanging bag. Pick up the bottle of rum
     and run up to deck. A man is fishing at the left side. Add the bottle of rum
     to the stash of empty bottles. The man will leave. Grab the fishing pole and
     use this pole in the wooden grille at the center of the deck.
    <<Hook the Keys>>
     Finish the mini- game for they jail key and run back right to the corridor and
     hold. This will switch control back to Sunny.
    Pick up the jail key and use it on the jail hole. Open the jail door. You are
    forced into a short conversation with the other prisoner. Pick up your bag of
    items on the left side. Use the leather purse to get some gunpowder, then use
    the body oil on the fuse a little further right. With both of these in
    possession, exit the way you did with Max earlier.
    Winsome Maid - Corridor:
    Grab the cookies on the left in-between the barrels. As you attempt to leave
    Captain Morgane will challenge you to a duel - in joke telling.
    The jokes are quite easy to spot, but here are the correct answers anyway:
    Q: Why are blonde jokes so short?
    A: So brunettes can remember them.
    Q: What's the difference between a ghost and a smart brunette?
    A: Some people claim to have seen a ghost.
    Q: Why are brunettes so proud of their hair?
    A: Because it's perfectly matches their moustache.
    Q: What's the best way for a brunette to make friends?
    A: Dye her hair blonde.
    Q: Why do brunettes always want to become Captain?
    A: Because it's the only way men would listen to them.
    Afterwards you find yourself in the Crew's Quarter talking to the crew. Return
    to the main deck.
    Winsome Maid - Deck:
    Go up the left side of the ship and take the square peg lying on the floor.
    Clean the dirty funnel in the bucket of water nearby as well. Leave the ship
    to return to the pier, then walk north to the next area.
    Place the funnel into the door lock, fill it with gunpowder from the pouch,
    then place the fuse into this. You can not light the charge but a man will
    approach you from behind. After talking to him (Diablo) for a while, hit him.
    Look at him and then "hit" him again to get the matches. Use the matches on the
    door lock to solve two problems in one go. Pick up the funnel again before
    heading into town.
    This place is quite big and has three different sections all in the same
    screen. You are currently in the central area.
    Talk to the islander in the southern part and what looks like Enrico will walk
    in. Talk to him for a scene. Speak with Sancha the islander again before
    entering the nearby Inn.
    Talk to the barkeeper, Vasco, about a room. Talk to Nacho sitting at the table
    about money. You now have a doubloon to pay for the room so talk to Vasco about
    it. Use the guest room key on the bedroom door in the back for a short scene.
    Afterwards give the guest room key back to Vasco in exchange for the doubloon.
    You can also use the dartboard to play <<Knife Throwing Contest>>.
    Leave the Inn and walk right to the Downtown section. Continue all the way
    right into the Colonial Park.
    Talk to the gardener, Percy. When finished, look at the rose bush underneath
    the windows. There are some flies here. Talk to Percy again and Sunny will
    mention the flies. Percy will walk over to work on the problem and catch Juan's
    attention. When Sunny is done talking to him you can leave the park and enter
    the Town Hall from the front entrance.
    The receptionist, Mrs Brown, will notify about going through to the office.
    Thus enter the Mayor's Office up the stairs. Talk to Juan about everything and
    pick up the cogwheel before leaving. Your next destination is outside of town,
    going right at the crossroads.
    Golden Glade:
    Speak with the lady doing exercises near the cliff (Maria). She is Enrico's
    mother. It is time to return all the way back to the Winsome Maid at the pier.
    Winsome Maid:
    As you enter the ship Sunny should talk about planning a sleep-over. This is an
    indication that so far everything is going all right. Else there is still
    something left to do. There will also be a notification that Morgane's cabin
    seems quiet as you enter the corridor.
    Insert the silver skull into the hole and use the mechanism to open Morgane's
    cabin. Enter it.
    Attempt to open the desk drawer - locked. Leave for the hold.
    Walk right and talk to what looks like Angelo. After all the conversation is
    exhausted you should have offered a trade for an awl. This only comes up if you
    checked the drawer in the cabin. Leave the ship.
    The painter is gone now so take the polish from the painting equipment bucket.
    Winsome Maid:
    In the hold, give Amadeo the polish in exchange for the awl.
    In Morgane's cabin, open the drawer with the awl and look at both the drawings
    and the sheets of paper. When you are done you can finally use the bed to
    sleep, this only works if all the vital tasks are done at this point, thus
    finishing Chapter 1.
                            CHAPTER #2
    Winsome Maid:
    When you get up Morgane will automatically talk to you before kicking Sunny out
    of the room. Go to the front of the shop and take an empty bottle from the
    Talk to Miss Brown at the Inn, then talk to Vasco about coffee. Your next task
    is to make a cappuccino. Pick up the bellows from next to the fireplace.
    At the bank, talk to Alfonso behind the desk. Use the pliers on the window on
    the right side to make him get up. Grab the chocolate box behind where was
    Go to Downtown and enter the fabric store on the left side. Inside, pull the
    curtain on the right and take the spool. Talk to Olivia about a filter and she
    will give you a piece of calico.
    Golden Glade:
    Talk to Maria.
    <<Maria's Training>>
    Win the mini-game. Take some sugar from the sugar box.
    Upper town is a small place, only Sancha hangs around here. Talk to her.
    Talk to Alfonso at the bank about his son.
    Attempt to enter the Bajari camp. You will first be stopped but then you can
    Bajari Camp:
    Pick up a yellow flower near a guard, then go right and fill up the bottle with
    the cow on the right side.
    At the inn, talk to Vasco about that cappuccino. Your task is still making it.
    Combine the clean funnel with the calico and use the funnel filter on the empty
    cup. Pick up the coffee from the bar and pour the contents into the empty cup.
    Hand over the milk to Vasco for him to heat up, then combine the bellows with
    the plastic tube and use it on the hot milk you receive. Pour this frothy milk
    on the coffee and add crystal sugar. After using the chocolate on the nailfile
    you can add the chocolate gratings to the coffee. Give this cappuccino to Miss
    Brown to receive a map and some rum.
    Bajari Camp:
    Talk to the guard about the chief's headache, then talk to the drummer.
    Talk to Angelo about a 'magical artefact'. Go to the inn and talk to Sancha
    about it.
    The jungle is reached by going north from the Golden Glade. In it, pick up the
    red wild plants (there is an iron plate nearby). Continue north to the Voodoo
    Voodoo Village:
    Enter the temple. Talk to the voodoo chief about the 'artefact'. Pick up the
    MP3 player but place it back on the altar. You cannot leave with it anyway.
    Give the rare rum to the voodoo chief in exchange for an ancient ring (this is
    the second item for the ending). Exit the temple and sit on a stone in the
    center of the village. The game will switch to Max. Dash through the bushes on
    the right where Max came from. Take the branch and use it on the opening. Go
    into the temple.
    <<Temple Invaders>
    Win another mini-game to return the MP3 player to Sunny.
    Bajari Camp:
    Hand over the MP3 player to the drummer to improve his skills.
    <<Blonde Blonde Revolution>>
    Win the mini-game first of course. Enter the chief's hut and sit down on the
    chair. After talking to the chief, also talk to Tana about everything. Enter
    the prison stockade and talk to the lone guy on the right. When you leave the
    area towards the Golden Glade, you will automatically be captured.
    Using some searching, interact with the carved relief nearby. Take the glass
    and use it on the door to hear the conversation. Talk to both people. When you
    are back in the cell, use the credit card to open up the door. Walk towards the
    dark beach south, then continue going (ignoring the dog) until you reach the
    crossroads again.
    Talk to Juan who appears. You will receive the mayor's keys.
    The Beach (Wreck):
    Pick up the turtle.
    <<Turtles Smasher>>
    Win the mini-game.
    Enter the office in the Town Hall and take the pencil (it looks like a quill)
    off the desk.
    At the inn, take a concert poster next to the Elvis impersonator.
    Bajari Camp:
    Talk to the chief who is now outside his tent. Ask for permission to see Miguel
    again. Inside the stockade, give the turtle to the group of prisoners and give
    the pencil and poster to Miguel. Read the two notes he gives you.
    At the bank, give the note to Alfonso for your reward. After an event you will
    find yourself at the volcano.
    Talk to the islanders. Speak with Chemi'n regarding a fair trial.
    Q: Can you tell me who I am?
    A: One of the triplets.
    Q: What will you see when I raise my closed hand for everyone to witness?
    A: A palm.
    Q: Why is the sky blue?
    A: The sea is blue.
    Q: Why are some people black and some people white?
    A: Skin pigmentation.
    Q: What am I thinking at this moment?
    A: I wish I was taller?
                            CHAPTER #3
    Pick up the saltcellar off the table. Leave and go to Olivia's clothes store.
    Give her money. Enter the town hall and talk to Juan who will give you a key
    for his manor. To get there, go south from the upper town square and then the
    top west path in the jungle to reach the Forgotten Cloister. Ignore this place
    for now and continue to the manor.
    Mayor's Manor:
    Grab a log from the pile on the right. On the right side of the river is a
    bamboo tube. Pick this up as well as the iron bar on the left side of the hut.
    Combine the log with the axe in front of the house which will result in a
    chopped log.
    <<Log Chopper>>
    Autowin this game if you want. Throw the chopped log into the boiler. Place the
    bamboo tube on the pump to complete it, grab the stick from the hut's window
    and combine that with the pump, use the bamboo tube on the pump, then the spool
    on the bamboo pipe, and finally use the iron bar on the pump to fix that whole
    thing. Use the pump three times to get enough water.
    Use the key Juan gave you to enter the manor. He will arrive too but leave
    once you talk to him. Pick up the sheet of paper from the desk and use this
    on the boiler outside. Using the matches will light the boiler and complete
    your bath. Go inside to take a bath and then return to town.
    Enter Olivia's store and talk to her about the dress. Angelo will show up in
    town so go talk to him. Your next destination is The Pit. To get there, go
    south into the jungle and take the right path in the center of the screen (not
    the souther one, it leads to nowhere and gives you an "Oops" comment). You
    will first get to the Dark Crossroads you have been to earlier, but continuing
    right from here leads to The Pit.
    The Pit:
    Walk towards the gate and investigate the lock. You need to actually get down
    there to look. Talk to both pirates before returning to town.
    Talk to Angelo again and the enter the Colonial Park behind the town hall. Talk
    to Carmen and give her the note (for Carmen).
    Bajari's Camp:
    On the way here you will see a scene at the Crossroads. In the camp, talk to
    the Chief (who is still outside his tent) about Miguel, the Pit and so on.
    Talk to Juan in his office who will issue a license. A scene follows leading to
    a trial.
    Tree Trial:
    Check out the small trees on the right and talk to Bajari about them. Enter
    the jungle north and walk to the Forgotten Cloister.
    Throw the gravel at the seagull on the roof. Also use the pliers on the flying
    machine to get piano strings. Enter the house and go up in the back to reach
    the telescope on the roof. Look through it to notice what Javier has been
    checking out. Before heading back down, pick up the coil of rope which is on
    the right side of the tower but extremely hard to spot.
    Talk to Javier, then take the hat on the left and use the pliers on the hook
    that is revealed. Use the bookshelf on the left side to find a book about
    Back at the trial, give the book to the chief to continue.
    Return to the Forgotten Cloister and pick up the bucket on the well. Combine
    the hat with this bucket to fix it. Use it on the well to lose it again.
    Combine the coil of rope with the hook and fish out the bucket with this.
    <<Bucket Wells Taquin>>
    Autowin if desired. Use the bucket on the well to get water.
    Use the water bucket with the small trees and the trial will end.
    Enter the bank and talk to Guzman about the marriage. Talk to Olivia in her
    shop about the dress. Inside the Inn, talk to Dulce about the marriage and ask
    Vasco where Elvis is.
    Beach (Wreck):
    Talk to Elvis and give him the piano strings. Also trade the salt-cellar with
    him to receive a semi-previous stone, the third item for the ending.
    Forgotten Cloister:
    Inside, check out the "graffiti" on the wall. Talk to Javier who will explain
    they are carvings. Look at all the carvings in the house, which are six in
    total: three on the left wall and three on the right. Once you have all six
    passages, look at the bible in the center and Sunny will read them all.
    Interact with the painting to the right of Javier and attempt to open the safe.
    You have the combination from the bible, which is 11, 52, 20, 01. The cogwheels
    have these combinations, with the missing on in your inventory. Turn all the
    placed ones so that once you place the last one the rotation will also
    correctly align the existing ones. Harder to explain that is really is. Inside
    is a portrait and a small key. The small key unlocks the chain holding the
    bible enabling you to take it. Optionally you can pick up a blue book from the
    shelf on the right side which is a musical book.
    Beach (Wreck):
    Give Elvis the bible. You can give Elvis the musical book and he will give you
    the semi-previous stone if you have not traded the salt-cellar earlier.
    The game will shift to the town hall.
    Town Hall:
    Talk to Juan for a scene.
    Bajari Camp:
    Talk to Carmen, then Miguel and finally Juan.
    You now place as Juan. Leave the stockade and Juan will automatically run to
    his manor. Take the iron bar off the pump and pick up a log on the right. Use
    the log on the door, then the iron bar, and this should make Juan use both to
    open up the door. You may need to try both again before he does it. Use the
    key in your inventory to open up the small cabinet to the left of the bath.
    Take out the razor and soap set. Grab some clothes from upstairs and leave.
    Give the clothes to Miguel to return the controls to Sunny. Walk over to the
    hut Miguel and Juan entered to check what is going on. After the scene you will
    be on One-Eye's Galleon.
    One-Eye's Galleon:
    Talk to One-Eye, and once Max shows up, talk to One-Eye again to be allowed to
    Enter the Colonial Park. Use the bamboo trees on the left to climb up and talk
    to Juan in his office.
    <<Midnight Bamboo>>
    Grab the poem on his desk to complete the chapter.
                            CHAPTER #4                                   G0340
    At the square there are some new posters on the wall. Read the one about taxes.
    Leave town for the crossroads.
    Grab the hammer on the right of the door and collect some fireflies.
    <<Fireflies Catcher>>
    Win the mini-game.
    Winsome Maid:
    Use said fireflies with the skull above the door Amadeo is guarding. When you
    talk to him he will definitely notice. Enter Morgan's cabin, open the drawer of
    her desk and place the poem into the sheet of paper. Select 'One-Eye' and then
    take the drawings too. If you combine the tax notice with the threatening note
    you collected from the drawer, you will get evidence of your choice. Exit to
    the deck and show this evidence to Amadeo.
    Bajari Camp:
    Show the evidence to the chief, making sure he helps you.
    Talk to Nacho, Vasco and Sancha at the inn. The latter will tell you about the
    voodoo priest. Exit for a scene.
    Voodoo Village:
    Talk to Chemi'n. He will tell you about the ruins. To get there, go to the
    jungle, take south ? path which will lead to the bottom right corner. If you
    gone here earlier you will get an "oops" by Sunny. This time you will end up
    at the ruins.
    Old Ruins of Ku:
    Take the wild plant to get a blue leaf. Use said leaf on the small shrine and
    add the red leaf. Use the matches on the shrine to open up the gate. When you
    look at the volcanic boulder the Mabuya spirits will show up. Talk to them for
    a while until they tell you to find a sacred bone.
    Bajari Camp:
    Look at the drummer to notice he is drumming with a bone. Talk to him about it
    and he will only exchange for something.
    Voodoo Village:
    Attempt to take the spoon Chemi'n is using for this cooking. Talk to him when
    he stops you. Give him the cookies and you are free to take the wooden spoon.
    Bajari Camp:
    Give the wooden spoon to the drummer in exchange for the sacred bone.
    Old Ruins of Ku:
    Place the sacred bone into the grave behind the spirit. Talk to them again. To
    complete the new task, place your makeup kit onto the sacrificial shrine in the
    center of the screen. When you talk to the spirits again they will give you a
    puzzle. Approach the huge stonewall blocking the path to get it started.
    The riddle should tell you that the symbols to line up are Man, Comb, Moon, and
    Woman. They should be in a top-down line without any other symbols interrupting
    them. The order is not important, but the correct order is easy to do as well.
    The important thing to remember is that this line you are building is from the
    top edge to the bottom edge, not to the middle as some similar puzzles may want
    you to do. If you get it wrong the symbols will reshuffle else you can
    Pick up the metal disc on the ledge and use it on the stone eye.
    Winsome Maid:
    Hand over the metal disc to Amadeo for polishing.
    Old Ruins of Ku:
    Use the polished metal disc on the stone eye and walk along the path. On the
    other end you have to click on the path for another puzzle.
    You need to step on the stones in the order like the riddle (Man, Comb, Moon,
    Woman). This is pretty easy, just try not to go the obvious way. You can work
    this out before starting as standing on a tile for too long will make it break.
    Here is a solution:
      11 12 xx
     xx 10 09 08
    xx xx xx 06 07
     xx 02 03 05
      xx 01 04
    Enter the Ancient Tree. Grab the makeup kit as well as the floating eyeball.
    Use the poem on Max. Talk to Max before leaving.
    Talk to Sancha at the posters.
    Bajari Camp:
    Show the eye you found to the chief.
    Voodoo Village:
    Show the eye to Chemi'n. He suggests going to the see the Hermit at the Evil
    Marsh. To get there, go to the Dark Crossroads and take the upper left path
    to the marsh.
    Evil Marsh:
    Pick up a seashell and piece of bamboo near the fire. Walk right in the center
    to find some vines hanging down from the tree. Using a combination of the
    bamboo and seashell to cut the vines. Add the vine with the pliers. Use this on
    the branch further right. After the scene, walk over to the right to find a
    branch. Walk left, back south and then turn right to the large boulder. Use the
    branch on the boulder. The path to the Hermit's Cave is not free.
    Hermit's Cave:
    Talk to Jibaro. Give him the portrait from the safe and he will tell you a
    story as well as give you a carved wooden cross, the final item for the bonus
    Give him the eye. You now have to find five items for the spell. You can do the
    first four in any order but I suggest you follow this way:
    * Use the shell knife on the plant in the northwest corner of the Evil Marsh to
      get the White Marsh Lily.
    * Return to Town and talk to Nacho at the Colonial Park. Go to Upper town and
      take the fountain water to retrieve the Strand of Hair.
    * At the Winsome Maid, find the empty wine bottle in Morgan's cabin. Use it on
      the sea when on the jetty to fill it with Few Drops of Sea Water.
    * Go to the Old Ruins of Ku and use the hammer on the volcanic boulder to
      retrieve a Black Volcanic Rock.
    * For the last item, return to Jibaro at the Hermit's Cave. Go to see Chemi'n
      as suggested who will tell you the phrase. Return to the Old Ruins of Ku and
      look at the grave to find the spirits. Walk into the Hall of light and find
      a bark sample in the back, just before the entrance to the tree.
    With all five items, return to the Hermit's cave. Add all of the items into the
    pestle prepared for you. Pick up the mortar and put it on the fire on the left
    side. Use the pestle to grind it into powder and then ask Jibaro for a
    container. You will automatically go to sleep until daytime and wake up at the
    Mayor's Manor.
    Look at the poster. Do it again to find what the fuss is all about. Go to the
    Town Hall to talk to Juan.
    Winsome Maid:
    Talk to Morgan in her cabin. Talk to Sancha outside on the jetty. Give her the
    eyeball in exchange for the glass eye. When you get to the Crossroads a scene
    will take over.
    Playing as Juan:
    You can only enter certain areas as Juan, he will often automatically go to a
    new area or skip locations (also check out the portrait in the office to get a
    comment by Sunny, a glitch I suppose). First, talk to Amadeo, then with Maria
    at the Golden Glade. Enter the jungle to see a scene with Sunny and Diablo.
    At Diablo's Cave, take the bandana and waistcoat hanging on the right. Enter
    Olivia's store and interact with the beads on the counter to make them drop
    down. While Olivia is picking them up you can take the earrings off the
    Leave town to arrive at the Crossroads. When Dulce is washing her clothes,
    quickly grab the blouse hanging on the rope. If she catches you during this
    you will have to talk to her for her to continue washing. Return to town to
    arrive at the Volcano Rim. Combine the wet blouse with the clothes peg and
    place the blouse on the rope. Interact with the shrine to dry the blouse. Talk
    to Maria at the Golden Gale. Use one of the clothes you have gathered on Juan
    to change.
    When you get control of Juan again, step on the tree trunk on the right to
    interact with One-Eye. Talk to both pirates to gain access to the prison.
    Talk to Maria for her to take out the guard. Talk to the guard afterwards for
    Maria to continue her task. You will return control back to Sunny.
    Pick up the coil of rope nearby and use it on the guard. Pick up the metal pipe
    in the background. Use the hammer on this metal pipe and use this flattened
    pipe on the door. Talk to Maria to be freed.
    Enter the downtown area, then continue to the old town. If you went here
    earlier you might have noticed the dog stopping you half-way. Give it the
    freeze-dried food ratio and pick up the blue collar while it is chewing.
    Dark Beach:
    Find Cerberus and use the blue collar on it. Take the coil of rope you have
    uncovered with this and use it on the sleeping pirates on the other side of the
    <<Bound Pirates>>
    Win this final mini-game.
    Bajari Camp:
    Inside the prison stockade, enter the hut which is occupied by Carmen and
    Miguel. They will lend you her dress.
    Inside the inn, talk to Elvis about the dye.
    Mayor's Mansion:
    Use the dye on the soap in the bath. You will automatically go to the wedding.
    Wedding Ceremony:
    When you regain control, use the spell powder on One-Eye. You are now given
    the choice of
    *Island People
    If you choose Sunny you also have the choice to keep or lift the curse. It is
    up to you what to do here. If you have all four items to unlock the bonus
    ending then you also get this option now. See the FAQ for more info on this.
    XX.)                    FAQ                                          GXX00
    Q: How many endings are there? *SPOILERS*
    A: Official there are three endings, and one more secret ending, but in a way
       they are all the same just with different dialogue and one extra scene. If
       you choose Sunny and lift the curse, or choose Adabey, you get a scene with
       Adabey. The other choices just have a short conversation and then the final
       moments are always going to be the same. Only the secret ending will have
       more scenes.
    Q: How do I get the secret ending?
    A: If you find four specific items that are not used within the game itself,
       you will see an additional ending. Those items are described in the
       walkthrough but here is a short run-down:
       1. Lucky Charm - Winning the arm wrestling mini-game (no autowin!)
       2. Ancient Ring - Trade rare rum for it with Chemi'n
       3. Semi-precious stone - Trade salt-cellar or musical book with Elvis
       4. Carved Wooden Cross - Use the portrait from the safe with Jibaro
    Q: Will there be a sequel?
    A: Yes, at least it looks like it. At the time of writing they have announced a
       DS and Wii game which appear to be taking place on the same island. They
       announced this as a completely new game but it is unclear how it relates to
       this one.
    Q: Is the DS and Wii game the same?
    A: No, apparently they are a totally new game but it looks like the two
       versions will be the same story on both platforms.
    Q: When do those scenes happen in the loading screens?
    A: Those are just out-of-context situations. We never actually see Sunny take
       a dive in a bikini, have the pirates go on a treasure dig and Morgane does
       not take a bath. I think you get the point.
    Q: Is this available in the U.S.?
    A: Not that I know, but several digital retailers might offer this for North
       American gamers. I would not know.
    Q: What is the map function?
    A: There is no map function; a huge flaw in the game. You have to wade through
       all the locations yourself.
    Q: Why do you not provide hints for the mini-games?
    A: Because for one I do not like mini-games cluttering up an adventure game.
       Second, those are pretty easy and straightforward. Lastly, you can autowin
       them all in order to move on, which saves the game from having a huge flaw.
    Q: Is it possible to get stuck in the game, or die (Game Over)?
    A: No, never. If you do die in the game (yes it happens) you simply get
       another try. This is for certain puzzles only.
    Q: What happened to the boat at the jetty?
    A: It sinks at one point at the end of Chapter 1 I think.
    YY.)                    VERSION HISTORY                              GYY00
    v1.0     Complete (June 9th 2009)
    ZZ.)                    CREDITS & THANKS                             GZZ00
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    Wizarbox for the game.
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